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September 27, 2022

Curiosities of Saint Avé !

Well this is nostalgic town in that for about 9 years I passed by its city center/downtown on my way to my job! It has been a while not by here after my retirement and today was the day to go back to my road warrior rides in my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne. Therefore, let me tell you about my curiosities of Saint Avé !

I have written before on the town , so will save you reading my long oops historical blah blah on these towns and tell you about the nice mix old modern Hôtel de Ville or mayor’s office of Saint Avé. Government building sometimes are worth to have a picture of and on this time is unique mixing parts of an old Breton building with modern look. Nice !

Saint Avé hotel de ville front sep22

I will tell you about two old work lunch spots with collegues that came in just for a picture and nostalgia.

The first is the La Table de Florine, which we came each time our CFO wanted to cheers us up lol! A bit of nice French food and wine will do indeed. It is run by a couple with nice culinary hands. If by Saint Avé worth a detour to sit down for a  meal.  La Table de Florine, Place de Hôtel de Ville. webpage:

Saint Avé La Table de Florine resto work lunch sep22

The RestaurantGuru reviews on La Table de Florine

Whenever, the collegues wanted to go out they recommended this place. I came in groups many times and even invited others later on. Always spot on traditional Breton food. There is new ownership since 2021 with a couple of partner guys who seems to have redone the resto. I remember my entrance was on the side now is closed and the entrance is done on the front of the longere or Breton house resto La P’tite Ferme or small farm restaurant in Saint Avé. If in the area you ought to yourselves and me to stop by. La P’tite Ferme offers a workers menu at noon, and a traditional cuisine with fresh produce of quality à la carte at noon and evening. La P’tite Ferme, 1 Route de Saint-Thébaud.  Their Facebook site 

Saint Avé la petit ferme resto lunch work sep22

Saint Avé La Petit Ferme resto side old entr lunch work sep22

The RestaurantGuru reviews on La P’tite Ferme

There you go folks, a nice nostalgic run into nice friendly Saint Avé , very near Vannes, and uses the same public transport network for buses. Hope you enjoy the post and do stop by these places, good stuff indeed; and very friendly country town folks.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

September 27, 2022

The étang de la Forêt of Brandivy ! 

Again, hanging around my neighborhood of small towns near me this is another gem in the off the beaten path of my beautiful Morbihan. It is great pleasure to tell you about this little known places that offer a nice half day tour of wonderful historical places. This is just 6 km from my house ! Hope you enjoy my bit of introduction to the étang de la Forêt of Brandivy !


The barony of Lanvaux, whose castle fortress was on the banks of the étang de la Forêt or pond of the forest, was one of the oldest in Bretagne. The Lords of Lanvaux sat in the States General of Brittany (old parliament). The barony was ceded by Duke Jean IV in 1383 to the Collegiate Church of Saint-Michel of Brech , except the ruins of the castle, the park, the forest and the pond of the forest, which the Duke of Brittany reserved. In 1464, this part was given by Duke François II to André de Laval, Lord of Lohéac, Marshal of France, who resumed the title of Baron de Lanvaux. Louis II of Rohan-Guémené, Lord of Guémené, made the same in 1485, as well as his successors Louis IV in 1508 and Louis V in 1527, who, along with his heirs, neglected this title thereafter.

I have mentioned the town of Brandivy on a previous post on its heritage. The artificial lake of the étang de la forêt of Brandivy is nature heavens with free access to the playground, outdoor fitness center, climbing, fishing, hiking. Also, a supervised section for sailing, kayaking, pedalo, climbing, archery, orienteering, and mountain biking. The refreshment bar, rental of pedal boats and kayaks from July 1 to August 31: Monday to Friday from 13h45 to 18h30 , and from Saturday to Sunday from 13h45 to 18h45.  You have the artificial lake or étang de la fôret, a large lake with oars and pedal boats fishing allowed ,picnic tables and scale walls of 6-8 meters as well as playground for kiddies. There is a snack bar open from 14h30 to 19h . A great family outing in nature; the boats are on fees of 6-8 euros per hour.Last check.




A pleasant stroll to do on foot in unspoiled nature , and children can also cycle around the pond. The walk is also accessible to strollers, only the footbridge to cross the pond is a little more difficult, but doable. You need a car to get here the Etang de la Fôret, Brandivy , road D779   just before arriving Bieuzy Lanvaux; a village of Pluvigner. However, if in the area and with small children, early teens this is a nice detour to do me think.




The town of Brandivy on the Etang de la Forêt

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist board on the étang de la Forêt:

There you go folks, another off the beaten path site in my beautiful Morbihan near me and always plenty to do and see around my neck of the woods. Hope you enjoy the étang de la Forêt of Brandivy as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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September 26, 2022

Curiosities of Campénéac !!!

I was on my road warrior mode going all over my beautiful department 56 of Morbihan in my lovely Bretagne and my belle France. I was able to visit this new spot at the time and we reach Campénéac. The town is located 9 km from Ploërmel , approximately between Vannes and Rennes, not far from the Brocéliande forest. I found me some pictures not in my blog yet and to complement the other posts here is a bit more on the town’s monuments in curiosities of Campénéac !!!

I have a post already but let me tell you a bit more on the Church of the Nativity-of-the-Most-Holy Virgin or église de la Nativité-de-la-Très-Sainte-Vierge was rebuilt from 1851 to 1860 at the site of the old church. The parish church is dedicated to the Nativity of the Most Holy Virgin. The church has three bays, separated by cylindrical granite posts. The oak pulpit from the second half of the 19C is 7 meters high. The pulpit tank has the particularity of being supported by a kneeling demon. It is dominated by a statue of the Archangel Michael slaying the dragon. The soundboard supports four angels symbolizing the four evangelists. Another special feature is that access to the pulpit is via a double staircase. The church has an exhibition of the Holy Face dating from the second half of the 19C, 2.60 meters high, it is made of turned, carved, polychrome wood. The Holy Face and exposed in the center, it is surrounded by the instruments of the Passion. Above, the crown of thorns, on the right the pliers and the hammer, below the nails and on the left the whip. See the town pdf files for more info in French on this church, which me think ,should be seen.




The Château de Trecesson was sold on 27 avril, 2022 to a new French family to continue the tradition, I have a long post on it but left out the pigeon tower that is just across main door outside the castle ! The local Brocéliande tourist office on the castle :


The Abbey Notre Dame de la Joie have , also written a post but here is more on this Cistercian abbey on the edge of the Brocéliande forest. It was built in 1953! , thanks to the generosity of the brothers of Timadeuc, then taking the name of the former Cistercian Abbey of Hennebont, dispersed during the French revolution, La Joie Notre-Dame.Today, they are about thirty sisters at the Abbey La Joy of Our Lady in Campénéac. The Eucharist and the seven monastic offices, from vigils at 04h to Compline at 19h30, as well as lectio divina and prayer, frame their days. They follow the Rule of Saint Benedict. It has made available a 25-room hotel, renovated in 2013, allowing to welcome those who wish to share their prayer. The economic activity is based on a dairy farm and biscuit and chocolate workshops. The official Abbey Notre Dame de la Joie



The town of Campénéac on its heritage in pdf files :

There you go folks , I say is worth the detour indeed. Campénéac is real country and has some very nice jewels to show in the castle, church, and abbey as above, Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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September 26, 2022

The Church Saint Adrien of Persquen !!!

The town of Persquen is located in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely region of Bretagne, It is my first time by it as was on my road warrior trip mode to other towns and passed by it gladly, The town has less than 400 inhabitants and only 38 km from my house ! Therefore, enjoy this introduction and main monument; I will be back !!!

The town of Persquen is cited as a parish in 1387 and is placed under the title of Saint Adrien , In feudal times and under the Ancien Régime (monarchy) , the parish of Persquen falls under the lordship of Guémené, erected into a principality in September 1570 by King Charles IX , and the Seneschal of Hennebont.

The main thing I saw passing by Persquen was the Church Saint Adrien. A find it was !!!

The Saint Adrien Church (15C), restored in the 17C and 19C. The church was largely rebuilt between 1500 and 1523 , on the site and the ruins of a Romanesque church. The southern porch, square, opens to the outside by a broken arch molded with a large torus resting on small columns, and communicates with the nave by a door whose semicircular arch is also molded with a torus. on columns. This porch predates the 16C church. In 1876, the rector Lopin undertook to rebuild the bell tower, which was falling into ruins. The statues of Saint Adrian and Notre-Dame de Pénéty rise above the buttresses located on either side of the tower. A bell dated 1523 and an octagonal granite baptismal font are preserved in the church. The altarpiece at the chevet of the church is decorated with statues of Saint Paul and Saint Peter.
Persquen ch Saint Adrien belltower sep22

Persquen ch Saint Adrien front sep22

Persquen ch Saint Adrien nave to altar sep22

Persquen ch Saint Adrien altar closeup sep22

A sacristy was added in 1769 and several alterations took place in the 19C. The bell-tower-porch opens with a very high ogival arcade. Windows of the same shape illuminate the tower. Built in the 15C, the square southern porch is one of the elements of the old church that has been preserved. The church houses fifteen statues, including one in polychrome wood of the nursing Virgin and another of Saint Adrien.

Persquen ch Saint Adrien chapel virgin left sep22

Persquen ch Saint Adrien chapel St Adrien right sep22

Persquen ch Saint Adrien altar to back sep22

Persquen ch Saint Adrien chapel bapteme font sep22

Some other things to see in Persquen briefly as they are in private hands are:

The Penvern Castle nlocated about 3.4 km from the town center, A first manor house was erected on the grounds of Penvern in the 15C, After the French revolution passed to several families then to the Marais family in 1913, It has nice terraced gardens, a few paths, a pond and a wash house to complete the immediate surroundings of the castle,

The Kerohel Castle (15-16C, then18-19C) In 1633, this castle seems to have replaced an 11C mansion. Duke Hoël III, who reigned in Brittany from 1066 to 1084, would have come in 1080 to visit the lord of the place, who would subsequently have baptized the place with the duke’s name. The current castle was built in the 18C and 19C with the square tower completed in 1902, The castle was rebuilt in the middle of the 18C on the site of a primitive building of the 14C. The original building was sold in 1377 to the Viscount of Rohan.

The town of Persquen on its heritage :

The local Pays du Roi Morvan tourist office on Persquen

There you folks, you never know what to find on the road warrior thrills of my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne and more so of my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my belle France, This was a nice find and sure will be back eventually to pretty quant Persquen, Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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September 26, 2022

Back to the Chapelle Notre Dame des Fleurs of Languidic !!

I like to take you around into the town of Languidic about 14 km from my house, and came upon some familiar monuments that needed to see more closely. This picturesque town of the Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne.  The town of Languidic by its surface, the most extensive town of the Morbihan. It is located 35 km from Vannes, department prefecture (capital city), 30 km from Pontivy and 18.5 km from Lorient, sub-prefectures. This time was not meant to visit but passed by so stop in for another look, always nice indeed. 

The Chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Fleurs, of Flamboyant Gothic style, was built in the 15C (begun in 1451 and restored in the 18-19C) . A Calvary, dating from the 17C, stands at the entrance. It is located at the corner of the Rue des Fleurs and rue Saint-Aubin, and a few meters from the presbytery. The blue flower means at the same time the Mother and the Virgin. The area is surrounded by private Catholic schools , elementary and middle schools.

Languidic Chapelle Notre Dame des Fleurs front sep22

Languidic Chapelle Notre Dame des Fleurs back chevet sep22

The construction dates back to a few years before 1451 as evidenced by a document from Pope Nicolas V dated September 28, 1451. The Chapelle Notre Dame des Fleurs was restored in 1741. It includes a nave of two bays, a transept with very overflowing crosses and a choir with a flat apse , covered with ribbed vaults reinforced with liernes. The transverse arches of the nave and the choir broken and molded fall on high and thin columns, with capitals decorated with foliage. They form two bays, and opens onto the square by two arcades falling in the center on a column, a base decorated with foliage. The chapel is lit by large windows with a flamboyant network: that of the bedside was redone in the 19C. The portal is made up of two basket-handle openings under a large accolade with an openwork tympanum. The tower, raised on a cornice projecting from the western gable, is flanked by a staircase turret and was redone at the end of the 19C in the style of the 15C. A stone gallery, made up of four decorated panels, bearing on small ribbed vaults and three square pillars, surmounted by pinnacles with hooks, occupies the entire width of the back of the nave. A beautiful statue of the Virgin dated from the end of the 16C is still preserved in the chapel,

Languidic Chapelle Notre Dame des Fleurs altar sep22

Languidic Chapelle Notre Dame des Fleurs altar to nave back sep22

Languidic Chapelle Notre Dame des Fleurs chapel right sep22

Languidic Chapelle Notre Dame des Fleurs chapel virgin sep22

Languidic Chapelle Notre Dame des Fleurs pulpit sep22

There is a nice statue of the Virgin and Child outside the presbytère across from the Chapelle Notre Dame des Fleurs.

Languidic statue by Chapelle Notre Dame des Fleurs sep22

The city of Languidic on the Chapelle Notre Dame des Fleurs

The Lorient South Brittany tourist office on Languidic

There you go folks, another nice gem of my beautiful Morbihan that does not stop to amaze me for its beauty whether by the coast or inland. Languidic is very near me and worth the detour I said just to see this nice Chapelle Notre Dame des Fleurs. Hope you have enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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September 25, 2022

The Chapelle de Vrai-Secours of Plouay !

As said the choices are endless and the thrill of visiting them again is always there. Take a look to my corner of the world and you too will know why I am so enthusiastic about my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne. Let me tell you about a new find on the road D102, the Chapelle de Vrai-Secours of Plouay !! Hope you enjoy it as I.

Plouay Ty Henri Chapelle Vrai Secours front sep22

As doing my road warrior rides into inland Morbihan I have passed by several towns, but the unique thing is passing by these towns and finding new monuments to see and enjoy. This was the case on my latest rides last week coming from Plouay to Lanvaudan on road D102 ,and passing the the True Mercy Chapel !

Plouay Ty Henri Chapelle Vrai Secours entr sep22

The village of Ty-Henry is now part of Plouay. It has its own cemetery, its own presbytery and two chapels: Saint-Laurent and Vrai-Secours, the one I passed by it.  It had been destroyed during the French revolution in retaliation because a priest of the time said Mass there despite the ban . It also evokes Saint-Cornély, patron saint of animals and plowing tools. The building has a rectangular plan and a single nave with the addition of a sacristy. The rectangular chapel was blessed on September 8, 1625. It was rebuilt in 1729. It was again rebuilt towards the end of the 18C. The Virgin and Child outside front is made of granite, the Virgin is holding a Child in her arms. Nice.


The town of Plouay on its religious heritage including above chapel:

The Lorient south Brittany tourist board on Plouay

There you go folks another nice town ,Plouay in my beautiful Morbihan. It has been a thrill to be here, thanks to my dear late wife Martine. One more reason to remember her. Do hope you enjoy the post on the Chapel of the true mercy as I,

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

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September 25, 2022

Back to the Church Saint Ouen of Plouay !!

As said the choices are endless and the thrill of visiting them again is always there. Take a look to my corner of the world and you too will know why I am so enthusiastic about my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne. Let me tell again a bit more on the Church Saint Ouen of Plouay !! Hope you enjoy it as I.

Plouay ch Saint Ouen side entr sep22

Plouay ch Saint Ouen belltower sep22

The Church of Saint-Ouen built circa 1400 was restored in 1876. The Church was done in the Latin Cross style and had originally has a main nave and two aisles. The present Church comprises a nave of four bays with aisles, a transept and a collated choir completed by a flat bedside. The Interior of the Church, it seems, dates from the 14C. The nave communicates with the aisles by large, broken, double arches resting on square pillars flanked by columns. The nave and structure of the 16C are preserved. The Choir, more recent, communicates with the collateral by arcades. In the large niches we can see the statues of Saint Barbe (Santa Barbara) and Saint Eloi who seem contemporary, while in the niche above, the statue of Saint Ouen is older.

Plouay ch Saint Ouen nave to altar sep22

Plouay ch Saint Ouen altar sep22

The parish Church of Saint Ouen , placed under the patronage of Saint Ouen, Archbishop of Rouen, has the shape of a Latin cross, with two low sides. There are six architectural spans, formed by ogival arcades, resting on square pillars and engaged columns; the pillars are replaced near the choir by cylindrical columns. In 1876, the church was renewed. The altars of the church are dedicated to the Rosary, to St Isidore, to St Joseph and to the Sacred Heart. A large part of the church, in particular the nave and its framework, dates from the 16C.

Plouay ch Saint Ouen chapel Virgin right sep22

Plouay ch Saint Ouen chapel sacre coeur right sep22

The Church of Saint Ouen is oriented and follows an elongated single-nave plan ending in a five-sided apse. A square-based bell tower is located at the level of the nave. It has two rectangular openings with louvers on each of its faces plus a round clock on its south face. It is capped with a polygonal arrow. The choir dates from the middle of the 13C. The north wall of the nave dates from the 17C. The western facade, the first bay of the nave and the bell tower date from the first quarter of the 20C. The altarpiece of the high altar, in marble and freestone, dates from the 16-17C ; the painting in the center is entitled “The Lamentation of Christ” and dates from the 17C. The organ gallery dates from the 19C. The communion grid, in wrought iron, dates from the 18C.

Plouay ch Saint Ouen chapel virgin et child left sep22

Plouay ch Saint Ouen chapel resurrection sep22

Plouay ch Saint Ouen back jube wall sep22

The town of Plouay on its religious heritage including above church :

The  Lorient south Brittany  tourist  board on Plouay:

There you go folks another nice town ,Plouay in my beautiful Morbihan. It has been a thrill to be here, thanks to my dear late wife Martine. One more reason to remember her. Do hope you enjoy the post on the Church of Saint Ouen of Plouay as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

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September 24, 2022

The Palladium of Prague !

I have been several times to Prague , and the Czech Republic and enjoyed it very much. However, after seeing so much monuments , and especially in the main square saw this building and it is the Palladium mall so went in as curiosity struck, Glad I did , it is a wonderful building very modern with all amenities and did some shopping too ! Let me update this older post for you and me.

Well not the crazy shopping guy, and which guy is it? However, I do like to go to the quant stores as well as the big shopping center/Malls in the cities I visit and see the difference in display, store names, and prices. This was no difference once into Prague daytime.  I came by chance as was close to my hotel, the Palladium shopping center and was pleasantly surprise. Immediately set in to my territory and explore it all on a couple of visits.  Palladium as said is a shopping mall in Prague. Opened in 2007, at the site of the former barracks, the site where Palladium stands was under control of the Army for more than two hundred years (1780s — 1996). until being sold in 1996.

The Palladium that mixes ancient and modern architecture with five-level center, which houses 180 shops and 20 restaurants, is located in the Nové Město district at Namesti Republiky. The Metro station Náměstí Republiky (Republic square) on line B  or the tram stop Náměstí Republiky for overground public transport. I did not came by car but good to know! The 24-hour Palladium parking garage, the largest parking garage in Prague (district center 1), is located under the popular shopping mall. This safe and pleasant parking garage boasts 900 parking spaces on three underground floors; the parking garage is conveniently accessed by ramp from Revoluční Street.


It is one of the biggest shopping centers in the Czech Republic. It is directly opposite another shopping center, the Kotva Department Store. It also has a market right in front in Republic square.


It is also possible to make a lunch break at the Palladium; the top floor of the shopping center is entirely dedicated to catering. A wide choice is available: juice bars, fast food, traditional Czech cuisine, Italian cuisine, Asian cuisine… There are also many banks and telephone operators. Some of my favorites when stopping by are the Costa Coffee shop and Pizza Hut !  as well as for the boys JRC Gamecentrum and Comics Point, and my Samsung. As to clothing I go for Lacoste, Hugo Boss, C&A, Bata shoes, and Adidas. All in very nice surroundings.


All in a glamorous Republic square or Náměstí Republiky in nice Prague. A different visit from the loaded places to see there,see my previous posts on Prague, and the Czech Republic.

The official Palladium mall:

The Prague tourist office on the Palladium:

The Yelp reviews on the Palladium:

There you go folks, another surprise nice reprive from the sightseeings in Prague and good for the whole family. Hope you enjoy the post and shopping as I in the Palladium of Prague !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

September 24, 2022

The Liebfrauenkirche or Notre Dame Church of Koblenz !

As said many posts on it but usually went like the road warrior that I am and feel not given credit to some of the monuments enough. So, I am back for the details of the many beautiful things to see in Koblenz. This one escaped me do not know why but only had briefly mentioned in my previous posts on the city. Therefore, let me tell you a bit more on the Notre Dame Church of Koblenz or the Liebfrauenkirche. Koblenz is a pretty 2,000-year-old German town located in the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine area with much to see. We like the city and came back for more!


The Notre Dame Church is the oldest church in Koblenz, and always been the parish church as well. The origins of the Notre Dame Church (Our Lady), go back to a Late Antique hall church from the time of the Roman Emperor Valerian approx. 350 AD.  Although what’s seen today dates from the 12C with later 15C additions, evidence concludes that a Roman 5C place of worship stood on this spot. Initial construction lasted from 1180 to approximately 1250; the Gothic chancel began in 1401 and the Baroque onion towers with four bells, famous for tolling the Reveler’s Bell at 22h each night, date from 1693.


In the late Gothic period, the Liebfrauenkirche underwent significant changes and expansions. At the beginning of the 15C, the main apse was laid down and from 1404 to 1430, today’s late Gothic long choir was added to the Romanesque choir. Between 1463 and 1466 the gallery floor between the two towers was raised by one floor and the Romanesque rose window in the facade was replaced by a very large late Gothic tracery window. In 1486/1487 the Romanesque vault in the nave was removed and replaced by a rich star vault with decorated keystones. At the same time, the upper story windows were replaced by today’s late Gothic windows with fish bubble tracery.


The lower part of the large facade window was bricked up in 1702 in order to be able to place the large niche figure of Our Lady above the portal. The portal itself was replaced in 1765 by today’s pointed arch gate. A baroque sacristy was built behind the choir in 1776.  From 1852, the church was restored in the neo-Romanesque style. For example, the raised floors of the 18C were lowered, a new stone west gallery was installed and wall breakthroughs in the choir were carried out. Most of the baroque furnishings in the church disappeared, as they were replaced by stylish pieces in the neo-Romanesque style, which in turn were largely eliminated after WWII.


During the exterior renovation from 1971 to 1974, the choir and nave were given a color version based on the medieval model. The sanctuary was redesigned from 1976 to 1980. The new main altar made of Savonnières limestone was created . The back of the panels of the altarpiece was painted as a fasting image with the Arma Christi, the tools of Christ’s suffering. In 1992 the church received new figural choir windows, and which replaced simpler glazing from the time of the reconstruction. Two attractive new stain glass windows portraying the theme “Women in the history of salvation” were added in 1992. The interior, in which the Romanesque part and the Gothic. From 2005 to November 2007 the choir was restored, on the outside of which the Gothic ornamentation and the masonry had shown major damage. From March to September 2007 the church organ was overhauled and rebuilt. Since 1999 the Catholic parishes of Liebfrauen (Notre Dame) and Herz-Jesu (Jesuists) have formed a parish community and have a common pastor. In 2005 the parish of St. Kastor was added to this community.



The Koblenz tourist office on the Notre Dame Church:

There you go folks, now I feel better telling you about Koblenz and the Notre Dame Church. Hope you have enjoyed the post and do visit it ,is worth it me think.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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September 23, 2022

Mariacki is Krakow !

I need to update this older post of a wonderful experience. It was a surprise visit not planned but end up in Krakow, Poland. I had the opportunity to walk all over the center and of course have other posts on the city. However, I think should give more credit to St Mary’s square or Mariacki and the basilica  and nice buildings there. Therefore here is my brief story on Mariacki is Krakow !

Mariacki Square is in the Old Town adjacent to the Main Square. In the center of the square is the St. Mary’s Church. The square was created after 1802 on the site of the liquidated parish cemetery at St. Mary’s Church. The area of the former cemetery is now lined with white cubes. The southern part of the square is decorated with a “pigeon well” with a bronze figure. The well and the figure is an enlarged replica of one of the sculptures of the prophets from the frame of the central wardrobe of the altar of the Church.. It is a gift of Krakow craftsmen for the city made in 1958. The Mariacki square (St Mary) which adjoins the Notre-Dame (St Mary) Church was from the Middle Ages to the last years of the 18C, the burial place of many generations of Kracovians (local residents).



The main monument here and a must to see stand alone is the St Mary’s Basilica.  The St. Mary’s Basilica ,(see post), also Our Lady (Notre Dame) Basilica built in the 14C in the former capital of Poland; Krakow.  The official St Mary’s Basilica

There are several other prominent buildings at the Plac Mariacki; will tell my favorites.

At No. 2 – tenement of St. Mary’s penitentiary priests, was built at the end of the 14C. In 1637, penitents purchased this tenement house from the Ryniewicz family. The final appearance of the building was given in the second half of the 19C.

No. 3 Hipolitów house – a burgher’s tenement house. Many old architectural details have been preserved: stone Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque portals, beam ceilings, rich stuccoes, paintings from the 18C. Once the facade was decorated with graffito decoration. The name of the house comes from its former owners – an Italian merchant family.

No. 4 at corner with Szpitalna str is the Prałatówka residence – built in the 17C for the archbishops of the basilica; the only example of an early Baroque-style residence in Krakow that has not undergone any changes: its portal is adorned with the Latin phrase Pateat amicis and miseris, meaning that this house is open to friends and the poor   Inside the house there are chambers, wooden ceilings, and antique stuccos in the hall.

The square also accommodates a second, smaller house of worship: the gothic Ste Barbara Church, dating back to the 14C and sitting atop the remains of Jakub Wujek, a 16C Jesuit priest who was the first person to translate the Bible to Polish. Behind the Church Ste. Barbara’s facade actually faces Maly Rynek no. 9 is the Ogrojec, a Late Gothic annex once serving the function of a cemetery chapel.

No. 8 – Dom Pod Ogrojcem, formerly it was decorated by the statue of Veit Stoss “Christ in the Garden”. Before WWI, the owner of the house, a well-known Krakow merchant and social activist, offered it to the National Museum, and replaced it with a copy that stands today.

No. 9 – at the corner of Mariacki Square and the Main Square stands the house of Cielcie, where Stanisław Wyspiański lived and wrote before the reconstruction . This fact is commemorated with a plaque . The house standing here is currently treated as an example of Art Nouveau architecture.

The official Krakow tourist office

The official Poland tourist board on Krakow

There you go folks, a nice wonderful walks full of architecture and history of Poland all around you. Hope you enjoy the tour of St Mary’s square in Krakow!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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