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May 31, 2023

More of the Château de Goulaine !!!

My oldest son grab a brochure from the last place we were, Vignobles Marchais (see post), and saw a castle knowing that I love castles !!! So it was close by and we headed for it. This is a follow up post as again found me older pictures not in my blog that should be My belle France is amazing and each day it grows on you. Let me tell you more of the Château de Goulaine !!! Hope you enjoy it as I.

The Château de Goulaine is located in the town of Haute-Goulaine in the immediate vicinity of the marshes of Goulaine, in the department 44 Loire-Atlantique and in the region of Pays de la Loire of my belle France.

There are wonderful rooms and gardens to see here some of these are the Red room or Salon Rouge 17C, to the big room or Grand Salon 16C, the kitchen 15C,  curiosity room or cabinet des curiosités, The King’s bedroom or chambre du roi in Louis XIV style, the French gardens  the tour des Archives, and cour du Grand logis inner courtyard, are all magnificent.

chateau goulaine tour yolande side aug18

The King’s Room was established in the pavilion dating from the 17C, this room closed to the public since 1958, would have welcomed Louis XIV when he came to Nantes in 1661, for the arrest of his Superintendent of Finances, Nicolas Fouquet. This unique piece is the result of successive decorations, over time styles have changed, generations have succeeded each other in this bright living space where beauty is timeless. The Cabinet of Curiosities is from the 16C, some of the owners began to collect and exhibit in specific places rare, scientific, exotic and precious objects, which they brought back from travels. The desire was really to show as many spectacular and curious objects as possible.
Les Cuisines or kitchens from the 15C ,whether in free or guided tours, observe the exhibition of fruits and vegetables evoking the market gardening tradition, in the authentic setting of the old kitchens. Have fun around workshops-games on the theme of cereals or around a medieval quiz.

chateau goulaine bedroom 2 aug18

chateau goulaine living room aug18

chateau goulaine working room aug18

You have a large one-km driveway lined with lime trees leads to the castle and an esplanade planted with hundred-year-old trees of great variety. The two-hectares French-style garden was redesigned and landscaped in 1969, and during the same period 14,000 box trees were planted.

chateau goulaine gardens ground center aug18

In a way sad, but hoping for the best, the Goulainais’ owners had put the 3,500 m2 castle and its 7 ha of park and French-style garden up for sale since 2014, a heritage put up for sale at 4.5 million euros. After a thousand years in the same family, the Château de Goulaine has changed hands !!! The transition was done early in 2023 , and now belongs to Hervé Lecesne, a wealthy Parisian industrialist, president of Nactis, a group specializing in aromatic ingredients. Already owner of a castle in Normandy and a private mansion in the city center of Nantes. A catering offer is also being studied. But “no hotel business”. As for communication, it will be reinforced with a “new website” and a “tourist guide”. Thirty generations of Goulaine have succeeded in this property. The last of the Goulaine will be the one who sold the castle. It’s a page that turns. « It was not easy to find a buyer for this type of property. But I think we managed to find someone who will preserve it, » said Christophe de Goulaine. I read the new owner will keep it open to the public and will renovate the butterflies pavilion as well !

The Official Château de Goulaine

The Nantes tourist office on the castle

There you have it folks, another jewel in the Loire in my belle France , and only a couple hours from me. The Château de Goulaine is a must to visit !! Again, hope you enjoy this post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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May 30, 2023

More of the Château de Chenonceau interiors !!!

And again, taking you down the Loire valley of my belle France. I am taking you down to the fairy tale castle of the ladies! The town and castle has a peculiarity of the name but that is just history (see post). The place of course visited often, and need to tell you a bit more on it,  Ahh, I am talking about the Château de Chenonceau interiors !!! Hope you enjoy the post as I 

This is a fairy tale castle in the castle rich Loire Valley area of France. It is most known for its connection to the many woman who nourish it,and improve it over the years.  I went to the area often as used to purchase my goodies there and helped the Lion Club International in the Touraine region. This is in the village of Chenonceaux, dept 37 of the Indre et Loire of the Centre Val de Loire region of my belle France.

The Château de Chenonceau  is here since the 12C, with a fortified windwill from 1230. It goes thru many changes of hands and a legal battle to gain title to the property by heirs of Thomas Bohier, he finally marries a one Catherine Briçonnet (the first lady of the story of the castle) , which does lots of work on the property until her death in 1526. Due to bad finances and no taxes paid, the king François I takes the property in 1535.  Later king Henri II gives it to his favorite lady Diane de Poitiers (see post on Anet) ,she ,also, does lots of work on the castle. After the death of Henri II in a duel in 1559, the crown finds a way again to take the property back, this time is Catherine de Medicis. You have a continuation history of woman relating to the castle such as  Louise de Lorraine wife of king Henri III where the bedroom in the 2nd floor shows on the door the deuil of her assassinated husband in 1589. She lived here until her death surrounded by religious sisters that took domicile at the castle, turning it into some form of convent after the death of Catherine. Not to forget the other women, Gabrielle d’Estrées.

Located on the first floor, you have an impressive gallery (see post) in the Château de Chenonceau. Built in 1576 on the bridge over the Cher, the gallery is 60 meters long, 6 wide, has 18 windows with a lovely panorama of the gardens and the Cher river, and is equipped with pretty chimneys at both ends. Note that the gallery served as an infirmary and a hospital during WWII, when the Cher river was the dividing line between the occupied zone and the free zone of France, More than 2,000 officers were treated here, I give you the beginning and the end of the gallery below.

Chenonceau castle entr hall inside jan22

Chenonceau castle grande galerie end jan22

The chambre César de Vendôme’s room surprises with the richness of its decor. Adorned with tapestries, the room features a window framed by two 17C wooden caryatids.

Chenonceau chateau bedroom of Cesar de Vendome jun08

This room of the five queens is a tribute to the 2 daughters and 3 daughters-in-law of Catherine de Medici: Queen Margot, Elisabeth of France, Maire-Stuart, Elisabeth of Austria and Louise of Lorraine. The coats of ,arms of these 5 queens are embedded in the sumptuous 16C coffered ceiling.

Chenonceau castle bedroom five queens salon jan22

The salle François I room pays homage to François I who was welcomed by Catherine Briçonnet, the owner of the premises. The curious can admire one of the most beautiful fireplaces of the Renaissance as well as a portrait of Diane de Poitiers, represented in the manner of the huntress goddess.

Chenonceau castle salle drawing room of francois I jan22

The Cabinet Vert was the study of Catherine de Medici, who became regent of the kingdom on the death of her husband Henry II. She governed France from this room. On the ceiling of the 16C in its original state, there are 2 intertwined Cs.

Chenonceau castle cabinet verte chimney jan22

The Galerie Médicis gallery, located on the first floor of the castle, brings together a unique collection of paintings, tapestries, furniture and works of art: “Le château de Chenonceau“, oil painting by Pierre-Justin Ouvrié , “Le Cher“ Neuilly tapestry of 1883, Haute Époque two-part sideboard, original furniture from the Château de Chenonceau, the “Venus of the Medici“… Not forgetting a precious Cabinet of Curiosities. You will see Rubens, Primaticcio, Tintoretto, Correggio, Van Loo, Murillo, Clouet, Sassoferrato, Andrea del Sarto, Ribalta, Nattier, Veronese, Poussin, Van Dyck, Bassano, Zurbaran etc, as well as the 15C Florentine sculptor Mino da Fiesole… These masterpieces painted by the greatest European masters of the 16-18C echo the history of the castle and the leading role played by women there.

Chenonceau castle galerie medici back jan22

The kitchens of the castle are installed in a vaulted room on ribbed vaults. Between the sparkling brass, visitors admire the bread oven and the most imposing chimney in the building. Next to the kitchens are the butcher’s shop and the pantry. These pieces are set in the gallery’s hollow pillars built into the river bed.

Chenonceau chateau kitchen jun08

chenonceau chateau kitchen wide apr07

The official Château de Chenonceau:

The local Touraine Loire Valley tourist office on the castle :

There you go folks, a dandy in the marvelous Loire Valley ,a must to see in my belle France. The castle of the ladies, Château de Chenonceau is awesome ! Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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May 30, 2023

The Château de Chenonceau, the exteriors !!!

I like to tell you more of this magnificent castle ; therefore, I have split the post into interior, and exterior for your reading pleasure and mine, There is plenty written on it but always more is great me think on the Château de Chenonceauthe exteriors !!! Yes love castles and lucky to be in prime region just less than 4 hrs from my house. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Chenonceau castle front jan22

The history of the Château de Chenonceau is marked by an almost uninterrupted succession of women who built, embellished, protected, restored and saved it. The first castle is a medieval castle from the 12C and 13C, of which only the keep remains: the Tour des Marques. The builders of the current monument are from 1513 to 1517, Thomas Bohier and especially his wife, Catherine Briçonnet…The forecourt is a copy of the former medieval fortress surrounded by moats. Still standing is the well decorated with a chimera and eagle, emblem of the Marques family. You walk the front coming to the impressive main door. Dating back to François I , made of sculpted wood and painted, it bears on the left the arms of Thomas Bohier and on the right those of Katherine Briçonnet, and at the top the salamander of François I.

chenonceau castle going in apr07

The main alley leading to the castle is planted with plane trees for almost 1 km. On each side of the main aisle: the 16C farm on the right, the Labyrinth and the Caryatids on the left. The bridge of Diane authorized in 1517 by letters patent of François I, and unexecuted, to connect by a bridge the castle to the left bank of the Cher in 1555. a bridge of five semicircular arches, narrower and offset towards the downstream by compared to the facade of the original castle. The construction of the bridge takes place from 1556 to 1559.

Chenonceau castle ent parvis jan22

The pair of 18C sphinxes framing the main aisle, After taking the large avenue lined with plane trees and past the two sphinxes at the entrance to the castle, here is the forecourt of the estate. On the right and bordering the forecourt, the Domes building and the Cires museum. In the center, in front of the castle, the Cour d’Honneur with the Tour des Marques. On the left, the Chancellery built in the 16C which leads to the Garden of Diana. On the side, you can still see the well, adorned on the coping with a chimera and a double-headed eagle, emblem of the Marques family. This tower, which for a time housed the souvenir shop, is no longer accessible to the public.

Chenonceau castle tour marques apart front castle jan22

The Château de Chenonceau actually has two parts: A medieval keep high on the right bank of the Cher river which was remodeled in the 16C. A Renaissance main building built on the river itself, constituting the main part of the castle. The Marques tower is the only visible vestige of the old medieval castle of the Marques family, razed by Thomas Bohier in 1515. It corresponds to the keep of the old building, consisting of a round tower, as well as a turret housing the cage of ‘stairs.  The Renaissance dwelling consists of an almost square main building 22 by 23 meters with two floors plus a basement flanked by corner turrets, built on the powerful stone foundations of the old mill once bordering the bank. This is extended by a two-story main building and an attic which rests on the south facade of the dwelling, built in 1560 in an already almost classical style, and resting on a bridge of five arches spanning the Cher river. The lower floor is notably occupied by a gallery. Access to the ground floor of the main building is via a staircase followed by a small bridge.

Chenonceau castle gardens to castle galerie over cher river jan22

I cannot complete this post without mentioning a fabolous lady who we owe saving the castle for eternity to enjoy, Madame Dupin. It was refurnished and decorated by this daughter of the wealthy banker of Louis XIV and then of Louis XV, a charming and spiritual young woman, bearer of the spirit of the Enlightenment. Each summer, she received the elite of celebrities of the time, writers, philosophers, artists and scholars, from Marivaux to Fontenelle and Buffon, without omitting Montesquieu or d’Alembert, linked to the prodigious adventure of The Encyclopedia, To organize her enlightened meetings, Madame Dupin had a secretary, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who is also the tutor of her son, a spoiled and difficult child. ‘She saved the castle by telling the mad revolutionaries of the French revolution that by destroying the castle, they would remove the only bridge linking Montrichard to Bléré, which would go against the interests of the people. This consideration was retained as the revolution needs roads and bridges and passages from one bank to the other of the Cher are rare with a Castle-bridge, So Chenonceau was therefore useful, and saved ! Thanks to Mrs. Dupin, the chapel was saved because it was transformed into a woodburning reserve. All religious signs have been concealed. Madame Dupin died in 1799, aged 93, surrounded by the affection of the villagers. She was the wowan of Lettres de Chenonceau. She is buried in the park of the castle. Her estate is difficult without a direct heir, she had transferred her affection to her son-in-law, who had remarried the daughter of the Marshal of Saxe and a dancer, herself the widow of a bastard of Louis XV ! From their union, was born François Maurice Dupin, father of the future George Sand, whose real name was Aurore Dupin. And I say thank you Mrs Dupin !

Chenonceau castle tour marques front castle jan22

Some of the best movies ever filmed in the castle that I like and follow in my life were the 1913 film La Dame de Montsoreau of Emile Chautard.  The 1921 film of the original Les Trois Mousquetaires of Henri Diamant-Berger (1st part), and the 1932  film Les Trois Mousquetaires of Henri Diamant-Berger (2nd part), Also, the 1963 film Scaramouche of Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi, Watch them in all their versions always,

Chenonceau castle front side along cher river jan22

As an added anecdote on this post as love the history of it . In 1891 Crédit Foncier (a bank) sold the entire estate to José Emilio Terry, (family of Cuban origin, born and died in Paris) son of Tomas Terry (of Irish paternal descent, Terry was born in Caracas Venezuela died in Paris) and by Teresa Dorticos (born in Cienfuegos Cuba died in Rome Italy). The estate will remain in this family until 1913.

The official Château de Chenonceau:

The local Touraine Loire Valley tourist office on the castle:

There you go folks, a dandy in the marvelous Loire Valley of my belle France. You need to come to the castle of the ladies, Château de Chenonceau! It is a must me think, Hope you have enjoy this post as I
And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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May 29, 2023

My curiosities of Vannes !!! Part II

And out we went again yesterday to see our glorious capital City of Vannes ! Always an adventure back in time full of architecture and history I like, We had to do some errands and in the area with time we did our walk again, and would like to tell you again about some of the beautiful spots in Vannes that have written before but these are pictures from this week, For reference, this is the capital City of the beautiful dept 56 Morbihan, and in my lovely region of Bretagne of my belle France ! Let’s go into my curiosities of Vannes !!! Part II .Hope you enjoy it as I

Vannes Parc Garenne to garden remparts view of Cat et St Patern may23

The Tour Connetable or Constable’s Tower,was built in the first half of the 15C, is a building integrated into the ramparts of Vannes. Despite its fortified aspect, resolutely turned towards the defense of the city, and although the tower has artillery casemates in the lower room, the initial purpose of the Constable’s tower was to house the commander of the armies of the Duke of Brittany . His name therefore comes from his function, the most illustrious representative of which was Arthur III of Brittany, known as “the Constable of Richemont”, Constable of France and Duke of Brittany.

Vannes tour Connetable ramparts may23

The Tour Poudriére or Powder Tower was refitted in the second half of the 15C on the foundations of an old 12C tower. This tower with artillery casemates (two gunboats served by a straight staircase and a return) was used at the end of the Middle Ages as a powder reserve, which earned it its name powder magazine. Part of the curtain wall between the Joliette and Poudrière towers is the only section to be permanently accessible to the public, the entrance being on rue des Vierges.

Vannes tour Poudriere et cat st pierre afar may23

The Château de l’Hermine was a small fortified castle integrated into the ramparts of the city of Vannes. The castle was the main residence of the Dukes of Brittany between the end of the 14C and the 15C. Ruined then dismantled in the 17C, it was replaced during the 18C by a private mansion , the Hôtel Lagorce, The current building as the hotel dates from 1785 , Acquired by the State in 1876 to house the Artillery School of the XIth Army Corps, the building underwent modifications. From 1960 to 1974, the hotel housed the General Treasury of the department of Morbihan. In 1976, it became the property of the city of Vannes, which assigned it to the Law School of Morbihan and then to various associative and cultural activities, including the Cultural Institute of Brittany. A few years ago, the Law School joined the campus and the City/town hall set up two large exhibition halls on the ground floor of the hotel.This cultural orientation continues today awaiting other duties.

Vannes Chateau de l'Hermine front may23

The Cathédrale Saint Pierre or St Peter’s Cathedral is the seat of the diocese of Vannes, it also bears the title of minor basilica. Gothic in style, it stands on the site of the former Romanesque cathedral. Its construction spanned five centuries, from the 15C to the 19C, and if we include the lifespan of the Romanesque bell tower preserved from the old church, we arrive at a construction period of seven centuries. As a whole, the cathedral remains, despite everything, faithful to the old Romanesque and includes a nave accompanied by ten side chapels, a transept with unequal arms, a choir wrapped in an ambulatory and two axial chapels in a row. Official webpage:

Vannes tour Poudriere et Cat st Pierre may23

The église Saint Patern or St Patern’s Church is located at rue de la Fontaine and rue Saint-Patern. The church was built on the existing foundations of a much older church, which held the relics of Saint Patern (the first bishop of Vannes). The original church had been built in the 11C and had replaced the another church which had suffered damage at the hands of Norman invaders at the turn of the 9-10C. Given the presence in the church of some bone fragments of Saint Patern, a visit to the church was one of the seven stages of this pilgrimage so popular in the Middle Ages, the task for the pilgrim was to visit the tombs of the seven founding saints of Brittany, the ancient bishops Brieuc, Malo, Samson, Corentin, Pol, Tugwal and Patern in Vannes, The “Tro Breiz” has recently regained some popularity and pilgrims, hikers and enthusiasts of Breton history are again seeking out the old pilgrim pathways. See belltower in below picture. Official webpage:

The préfecture of Morbihan is the capital of the department of Morbihan (56). It houses the prefect and the services of the prefecture. Inaugurated in 1865 under Napoleon III, the new prefecture of Morbihan is built on the site of the former Jacobin convent very close to the Saint-Patern district. This building, built on a U-shaped plan, is similar to the Louis XIII style with its body 30 meters wide. The decor of the pediment refers to the Empire (imperial eagle) and Breton history with representations of Nominoë, Count of Vannes, and Alain Barbetorte, two heroes of Breton independence. The Hôtel de la Préfecture as officially known is surrounded by a five-hectare park. Most of it is made up of an English garden designed in 1862 by Louis-Sulpice Varé, landscape architect from Paris, author of the Bois de Boulogne. Placed below the archives wing, a French garden of 5,000 m2 was redesigned in 1975. And we metered parked here easy !

Vannes préfecture et belltower ch St Patern may23

Le parc de la Garenne or jardin de la Garenne or the Garenne’ gardens is considered the oldest in the city. In the 12C, the land of the park became the property of the Saint-Gildas de Rhuys Abbey (see post) , which endowed it with the Saint-Guen priory. Thanks to an exchange of land, it became the property of Duke Jean IV in the 1380s. After the union of Brittany with France (1532) , it became the property of the kings of France, who then left its use to the captains and governors of the city. After having ceded, in 1569, a portion to the Saint-Nicolas hospital, then in 1635, the northern lands (today occupied by the Hôtel de Préfecture and its gardens, see above) to the Dominicans to establish a convent there, only the top of the Garenne and its slopes towards the city remain in the royal domain. The western boundary walls and monumental staircase were erected in 1749, The work thus ensured ended on December 3, 1753 when the park was completed, Here is a sad episode in the history of Brittany (see posts) The Breton immigrants coming from England to fight the French revolution were captured around Quiberon and sentenced at Auray, some of the leaders of the Quiberon landing were shot in the park on July 28, 1795, The war memorial to the fallen was inaugurated in the center of the park in 1923 as the city’s war memorial. It is composed of a large column surmounted by a winged victory. Four lion heads flank the corners. The tomb of an anonymous resistant was dug at the foot of this column in 1945 and four stelae bearing the names of the victims of WWII were inaugurated there in 1947.

Vannes parc garenne mon to fallen may23

Below the above you have the Jardin des Remparts or Ramparts’ garden at the foot of the ramparts wall of Vannes, It is a must during a visit to Vannes. Indeed, this French-style garden open since the 1950s, Over the seasons, the garden of the ramparts evolves and is adorned with magnificent colors for our greatest pleasure. The garden is bounded to the west by the ramparts of the old town, to the south by rue de la Porte-Poterne and to the east by la Marle iver ,and rue Francis-Decker. The garden covers an area of approximately 15,000 m2 and requires the planting and maintenance of 30,000 flowers every year. A playground covers the northern part of it, on the side of the Portr Prison gate (see post),The ramparts of Vannes are fortifications erected between the 3C and 17C to protect the city.

Vannes jardin des remparts to lavoir may23

The Lavoir de la Garenne or Garenne washhouses are a former public washhouse, very close to the ramparts. Originally dating from the 17-18C, these washhouses were actually built between 1797 and 1807. To cope with the influx of washerwomen, they were enlarged twenty years later, between 1827 and 1831, It became private property, and were acquired by the City/town hall of Vannes in 1928. Laundry in the dirty waters of the Marle river was prohibited by the city in 1951. The washing machines then fell back on other washhouses located upstream, close to the prefecture in washhouses opened between 1923 and 19652, or at the Etang au Duc, or lake of dukes until 1962, The Le Marle, “the river of Vannes” ensured its water supply before mixing with the Gulf waters. In the heyday, the washerwomen used to come here to do their laundry.

Vannes lavoir garenne garden may23

The history of Vannes cinema begins with a first fixed cinema as we know them today, created two years before WWI or Great War in France It was in 1919 that the cinema of La Garenne opened, founded by Father Jean-Marie Guillaume, The cinema opened as such in 1925, The father was a drawing teacher at the Collége Saint-François-Xavier or middle school in a former patronage room called the Saint-François room belonging to the Saint-François Xavier middle school. The school is still in Vannes today ! As the cinema quant historical nice and beautiful facing the Château de l’Hermine !

Vannes Cinema Garenne may23

There you go folks, a wonderful walk around a beautiful City that needs to be visit more by tourist to my belle France, Vannes or Gwened in the local Breton langauge is a must to visit me think, Again, hope you have enjoy this latest forays into the City by yours truly and my curiosities of Vannes !!! Part II as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

May 29, 2023

My curiosities of Vannes !!! Part I

We come by here always, we eat here , enjoy it here ,ride boats here, and do shopping galore on many items yet I need to tell you more, I have come back in my road warrior mode and new picture taking and always a good idea to tell you about my capital City of Vannes or Gwened (Breton) in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56, in my lovely Bretagne,and my belle France. I like to tell you more of my curiosities of Vannes , awesome, a must to visit , wonderful indeed, Hope you enjoy this post as I

The Le Port is a lively and urban district of Vannes, covering an area of 1.5 km². It has many corners of greenery such as the Parc de la Garenne, the Butte de Kérino and the Jardin de Limur.(see posts). The place Gambetta, of hemispherical plan, marks the end of the port of Vannes and puts it in contact with the historic old town by the Porte Saint-Vincent.

This is a building you should not go by without coming in. Loads of information and good one is inside with a helpful staff. This is the Golfe du Morbihan Vannes Tourism -office of Vannes at the Quai Eric Tabarly.

Vannes le port tourist office may23

You have at Le Port also, the nice Le Kiosque at the Esplanade Simone Veil – Right bank of the port.  Free admission open every day from 10h to 13h and from 14h to  18h. Now presenting the expo  Landscapes of the coasts of Brittany by Erwan le Cornec.  The city of Vannes is presenting in the Estran an exhibition by Erwan Le Cornec. Since 2006, Erwan Le Cornec, a geographer by training, has been photographing the coasts of Brittany at low tide. By plane or helicopter, he travels the sky to witness the singularities of the foreshore, his favorite subject of study. An exhibition produced in partnership with the Conservatoire du littoral. Until june 11 2023

Vannes Estran expo center le port may23

The carrousel or merry-go-round of wooden horses is enjoying happy days at the port, it is at 1 Avenue de Lattre de Tassigny,  You have right there the music kiosk or bandstand , The bandstand appeared in 1889 on Place Théodore Decker. It is now located on a lively promenade after the carrousel , and is widely used by all the musical groups in Vannes which, like the National School of Music, often have their headquarters nearby. The wonderful Conservatory of Music of Vannes was founded in 1908, The Conservatory offers courses in music, early, traditional, current music, as well as in theater and plastic arts. It also offers early learning workshops in music, theater and plastic arts from the age of 5. The history I like tells us that the land was given at the beginning of the 17C to the Discalced Carmelites. The monks had a first church built there in 1629, then, the following year, the first conventual buildings, including the monks’ outbuildings and a cloister. A second construction, completed in 1737, with the choir being also rebuilt in 1865, As usual it was seized during the French revolution, when it was only occupied by 12 religious, Later, passing through several hands, it ended up being acquired by the city of Vannes. The city set up a museum there (until 1945), then a college. It changed its destination one last time, when the National School of Music moved there in 1981.

Vannes carrousel and conservatory of music may23

Vannes conservatory of music and music kiosk le port may23

There are many things going on in the Le Port of Vannes, one of these next to the Capitainerie or harbormaster building is a cafe style open building for artists, Here you will find on the building with whales painted on its facade the B.R.E.F Rive Gauche – Bar, makes available to artists in the process of professionalization and those established workshop on the 1st floor, the ground floor is a place of life with exchanges, and the 1st floor artists from all horizons experience their creative process, Then, you have the mailbox or La Boîte à Lettres on painter in letters with painting in old letters. Realization of signs by hand, durable or ephemeral, on various supports: frame, truck etc. Less plastic, more characters, avant garde.


The city of Vannes on its heritage:

The local Gulf of Morbihan tourist office on the heritage of Vannes:

The Brittany region tourist office on Vannes :

There you go folks, something nice around boats, history, architecture, the sea what else do you want ! I am always around here just sublime ! Again, hope you enjoy this post on my curiosities of Vannes ,part I as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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May 29, 2023

More of the beautiful Le Port of Vannes !!!

We come by here always, we eat here , enjoy it here ,ride boats here, and do shopping galore on many items yet I need to tell you more, I have come back in my road warrior mode and new picture taking and always a good idea to tell you about my capital City of Vannes or Gwened (Breton) in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56, in my lovely Bretagne,and my belle France. I like to tell you more of the beautiful Le Port of Vannes !!! , awesome, a must to visit , wonderful indeed,to the left below pic our favorite parking for free!  Hope you enjoy this post as I.

Vannes le port marina arriving old free parking by the canal may23

There are a couple worth mentioning as the ports of Vannes: There is the Commercial port located just upstream of the old Kerino swing bridge, infrastructure that allows vehicles to reach the east of the city towards the innovation park, any and the city of Séné and this in order to relieve congestion traffic in the city center, the quays of the commercial port welcome the goods which arrive in Vannes after crossing the Gulf of Morbihan. This has now converted to a promenade as motor vehicules must pass under the Kerino tunnel, The pleasure boats marina which houses of course pleasure boats and at the exit of the marina, the Gulf Park is the starting point for boat trips to the islands of the Gulf of Morbihan and off the continental shelf in the Atlantic ocean,

Vannes le port marina looking to old town may23

Another nice area is the Place Gambetta square, of hemispherical layout, marks the end of the port of Vannes and puts it in contact with the historic center by the Porte Saint-Vincent (see post) ,It divides the canal marina into two sections which are the Rive Droite or Right Bank – Faubourg de Kaër neighborhood which has the impecable Promenade de la Rabine located on the right bank of the port, the Promenade de la Rabine is made up of a long alley of trees that stretches for nearly 800 meters between the port esplanade and the north and the quays of the commercial port to the south. The term rabine is of Breton origin, it means “alley planted with trees”. And the Rive Gauche or Left Bank – Faubourg de Calmont neighborhood, Much older as from the Middle Ages, along the road linking Séné to Vannes (current road D199 and rue Monseigneur Tréhiou), Calmont was an extra-muros suburb occupied in particular by bargemen and fishermen. Calmont included the city’s quarries, lime and tile kilns. You can access the walled city through the Porte de Calmont ; located after the Port Authority (capitainerie or harbormaster), the Left Bank is the subject of an ongoing redevelopment project.

Vannes le port marina to old town sailings boats may23

The Le Port is a lively and urban district of Vannes, covering an area of 1.5 km². It has many corners of greenery such as the Parc de la Garenne, the Butte de Kérino and the Jardin de Limur.(see posts). The port of Vannes is a commercial port, a passenger port and a marina located north of the Gulf of Morbihan along a 1,200 meters channel in a south-north direction, which leads the boats from the commercial port of Pont-Vert in the floating basin, at the foot of the Porte de Saint-Vincent gate (see post), gateway to the old town section of Vannes.

Vannes le port marina looking to old town boats may23

The Marina has a capacity to host 280 boats on pontoons. It can accommodate 34 boats on dead body. The captaincy of the marina welcomes you: From January to mid-April and from mid-October to December and from 9h to 12h and from 15h to 17h, Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays). Mid-April to end of June and September to mid-October 8h to 12h and 15h to 18h, Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays). And In July and August From 8h to 12h and from 15h to 19h, 7 days a week.

Vannes le port canal to gulf of morbihan may23

The port of Vannes has a visitor area for your stopovers with 60 places available. Popular with locals and visitors alike boaters and tourists thanks to its location in the heart of the city, the Marina is equipped with many facilities: harbormaster cultural kiosk, tourist office, green area  and underground parking le Port. Lovely areas indeed. And one of our favorite parking spots is up this promenade! for free!! 

Vannes le port canal to old town city center may23

The port of Vannes is a wet basin, maintained at a minimum depth of 2.10 meters by a lock gate, whose opening beaches follow the tide times. Furthermore, access to the port is also constrained by crossing the old Kérino bridge built over the channel, downstream from the lock gate. This opens only at the times indicated, and only if boats are ready to cross it. It is therefore imperative, for each ship, to anticipate its movements to enter and leave the port of Vannes.

Vannes le port ecluse kerino on canal may23

The Pont de Kérino is a swing bridge crossing the channel of the port of Vannes downstream of a lock gate done in 1988. The city of Vannes decided to replace it with a tunnel; the Tunnel de Kérino done in 2016.

Vannes le port canal by old control tower of old bridge may23

A bit of history I like tells us that in Antiquity and the Middle Ages, Vannes was located in the middle of an agricultural wealth which played in favor of its port. In 1604, a new quay was built on the right bank. At the time when the Parliament of Brittany went into exile in Vannes, the flow of the river was slowed down by the accumulation of mud. To solve the problem, a hunting lock was built upstream from Porte Calmont. In 1754, new problems forced the city to build a new hunting lock. To facilitate the docking of boats, new quays were built at the same time. Since 1977, a tide gate has guaranteed a deep water basin and can accommodate up to 230 boats.

The city of Vannes on the place Gambetta and Le Port

The local Gulf of Morbihan tourist office on the port marina of Vannes

The Brittany region tourist office on Vannes :

There you go folks, something nice around boats, history, architecture, the sea what else do you want ! I am always around here just sublime ! Again, hope you enjoy this post on my beautiful Le Port of Vannes as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

May 28, 2023

My favorite places to eat in the Le Port marina of Vannes !!!

We come by here always, we eat here , enjoy it here ,ride boats here, and do shopping galore on many items yet I need to tell you more, I have come back in my road warrior mode and new picture taking and always a good idea to tell you about my capital City of Vannes or Gwened (Breton) in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56, in my lovely Bretagne,and my belle France. I like to tell you more of my favorite places to eat in the Le Port Marina of Vannes , awesome, a must to visit , wonderful indeed, Hope you enjoy this post as I

The place Gambetta, of hemispherical plan, marks the end of the port of Vannes and puts it in contact with the historic center by the Porte Saint-Vincent. The place was created in 1835 in order to clean up a low zone corresponding to the old ditches of the city, in which the sewage accumulated. The Marle river then threw itself into the channel leading to the Gulf of Morbihan, between two mudflats. The construction of the houses of the place du Morbihan(current Pl Gambetta) was completed in 1843.  The square was restored in 1976, which gave rise to the destruction of the surviving arches of the old St. Vincent bridge. New road works, in 2005, brought to light a last ark still in condition. The free space is almost entirely used by the terraces of cafes and restaurants. Very nice indeed !!!

Vannes la gambetta resto pl gambetta marina may23

Right here you have the nice Le Gambetta resto on pl Gambetta with great views over the marina and great cold beers, We have come here several times mostly on a quick eating and drinking mode so continue our journey, For a basking in the sun ambiance and good cheers do stop at the Le Gambetta. Ideally located opposite the port of Vannes, next to Porte Saint-Vincent, the Gambetta is very popular. First merit to note: the service all day long:

Vannes la gambetta resto pl gambetta may23

The A l’Aise Breizh Café, right on top of the capitainerie or harbormaster in the Le Port marina area of Vannes. This is the pleasure marina with berths for 3000 boats!!! You eat on top of the capitainerie and see the canal with all those boats. It is a very prize location so reservations are a must here, the views worth the coming. Food is good and seafoof is delicious! 

Vannes le port capitanerie et l'aise de breizh resto on top right cafe expo may23

Vannes le port capitanerie et l'aise de breizh resto on top right cafe expo side may23

Le Tarmac in rue Ferdinand le Dressay on the other side of the pleasure boats marina canal that takes out to the Gulf of Morbihan and eventually to the Atlantic Ocean! We have come back several times more.  They have a terrace right on the sidewalk facing the canals, and then a street level room and a very cozy first level or 2nd floor US. The service is friendly and prompt, the prices very reasonable and the food is good. Many times here with the family and the place to be to hangout with collegues from work.

Vannes le Tarmac resto across marina may23

The city of Vannes on the place Gambetta and Le Port

The local Gulf of Morbihan tourist office on the port marina of Vannes

The Brittany region tourist office on Vannes:

There you go folks, something nice around boats, history, architecture, the sea what else do you want ! I am always around here just sublime ! Again, hope you enjoy this post on my favorite places to eat in the Le Port Marina of Vannes as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

May 28, 2023

One good chain, La Boucherie restaurants !!!

I have written on several restaurants in my blog, many times in individual posts in my road warrior trips in my belle France and elsewhere, Sometimes, I indulge myself in telling you about a particular restaurant on a post of its own, This took my latest visit to one of them while with my sons and our dog Rex, to do this post about La Boucherie. Hope you enjoy the post as I

Vannes La Boucherie resto front may23

La Boucherie restaurant steakhouse that we have visited are in Auray and Vannes, all in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France, Let me tell you a bit on this wonderful restaurant ,and hope you enjoy me telling you about it as I.

Vannes La Boucherie resto dining room may23

La Boucherie, that we have patronized are at Rue du Gay Lussac, Zone du Parc lann, Vannes ,we had lunch and dinner here , lunch today, and ,also at their location in the zone Océane 3 rue de Danemark, Auray.

The Groupe la Boucherie is a chain of more than 150 grill restaurants, under the La Boucherie, Bistrot du Bouchet and Assiette au Bœuf brands in metropolitan France, in the DOM-TOMs (Martinique, Réunion) but also internationally (Luxembourg , Switzerland, Thailand, Russia, Colombia, Morocco, Ivory Coast, United States). La Boucherie restaurants offer butcher’s pieces, refined and cut in its own workshop, which has been part of the group since 1999 located in Brive-la-Gaillarde in the dept 19 of Corrèze and the old area of  Limousin today part of Nouvelle Aquitaine region.

The story goes that in 1974, Jacques Salmon, a butcher by trade, transformed his restaurant Le Refuge in Megève into a meat restaurant. Bertrand Baudaire joined forces with him in 1983 to develop the La Boucherie concept. In 1996, La Boucherie restaurants were developed as franchises. In July 2019, the La Boucherie group announces the acquisition of Poivre Rouge (another resto we had visited and had one in Vannes today call Le Rest’o ,and not visited yet) ,and its 78 points of sale across France.

In May 10, 2023, information from Le Figaro newspaper mentions La Boucherie’s interest in taking over nine Courtepaille restaurants (another chain we have visited) and maintaining the brand and contracts of the 72 franchisees in the network, while Courtepaille is in receivership, This is expected to happened for the Boucherie , and as well some Courtepaille had change name to Choppe & Compagnie ! (not try the new name yet)  In addition, another branch Buffalo Grills (which we have visited and had one in Versailles now closed) are also under debt restructuring with the new owner Napaqaro , this group holder of the brand Popeyes (tried them once in Fla) in France is hoping to open 20 restaurants in 2023.

Back to the La Boucherie, you can have here all kinds of meat such as beef: rib, rib steak, tenderloin, steak, roast beef, minced meat… veal: roast, chop, escalope, blanquette, sautéed, minced… pork: tenderloin, rib, roast, homemade sausages, half-salt… poultry: chicken breast, leg, wing, whole free-range chicken, turkey, duck (fillet or leg), quail, pigeon, etc. lamb: leg, crown, shoulder, rib, fillet, lamb shank… and offal: beef heart, beef or veal liver, kidney, tongue, tripe…As well as a wide choice of charcuterie such as pies, rillettes, individual or sliced sausage, white and dry ham, andouille sausage, smoked sausages, from Strasbourg, from Frankfurt, from Morteau, etc.

For the record, I had the new Stefano burger with goat cheese, fries, pays d’Oc red wine in garafe, the instant gourmand with coffee plate and a bottle of water. all for 25 euros. Just about average price for us on a meal in France.

The official La Boucherie restaurant on locations

The RestaurantGuru reviews on the Vannes resto

The RestaurantGuru reviews on the Auray resto

There you go folks, yes we have been out a lot ,and of course now with more vivid memories than ever as my dear late wife Martine was the motor that got me going to these places. I think you would love this chain of La Boucherie always with a smile friendly service good quality/price ratio and domestic animals are welcome ! Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

May 28, 2023

More of my Parc Goh Lanno of Pluvigner !!!

This is ,me think ,the best sports complex in my beautiful Morbihan 56 , and just lucky to have it in my town and just literally across from the house. I have written several posts on Pluvigner, my town as why not write about your own town ! And of course, done a previous post on Parc Goh Lanno, but need to tell you more of it, Therefore, let me tell you again about the sports complex of Goh Lanno park !!! Hope you enjoy the post as I

I actually was convice by my sons for walking with our dog Rex to the Clinique Vétérinaire de Chêne vet clinic for his annual vaccin, and this time his European Union passport !!! It is a leisurally 10 minutes walk from the house so pieca of cake walk, Rex love to see me and he is a good boy indeed already 5 years old and always with us, They usually do this task but on a sunny nice day,I decided to take the walk with them. It was very nice and my boy dog Rex, a mix border collier/labrador or Borador is just marvelous. We have it since he was 4 months old taken from a dairy farm nearby and it has been a joy. I had dogs always and finally convince my wife to have one, unfortunately for her my dear Martine passed away April 30 2018 due to cancer… and the dog means a lot to me now. Even more , it is a link with the glorious nice family past.Too bad not many writes about the town they live in but I do and plenty of posts in my blog under the town’s name or some news from Bretagne or Morbihan etc. It is a town with about 7,6 K folks very wide spread out in superficie. In fact , the brother of the former mayor told me it has the same surface as Marseille !!!

Plu Clinique de Chene Rex with NF for vaccines may23

Rex clinique de chene Rex side passport may23

Plu clinique de chene boys with Rex in consultation may23

The Goh Lanno sports complex is huge. The park has been renovated with seated stands for 2000 folks,  It also, host the local basketball and volleyball teams in the nice fieldhouse. The Rugby and Tennis parts are improved as well, and there is even a rugby clubhouse on site. The chapter here is associated with the Auray rugby club.

Plu Goh Lanno park clubhouse et basket may23

Plu Goh Lanno park rugby clubhouse and tennis courts may23

Plu Goh Lanno park walk trails may23

The city of Pluvigner on the parks and Goh Lanno:

And we even have a tourist office right by the mayor’s office or City/town hall or mairie at Place Saint Michel:  It is the local Baie de Quiberon tourist office on Pluvigner Email contact:

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Pluvigner :

There you go folks, a dandy in quiet quant friendly countryside town of Pluvigner but only 30 km from the beautiful beaches of Morbihan and the great Gulf of Morbihan, sublime, Therefore, if you are ready for the off the beaten path of my lovely Bretagne, then stop by and do let me know iok. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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May 27, 2023

The La Barcarella of my Pluvigner !!

My town ,my loving Pluvigner, time flies when having fun already 10 years here !!I have decided this year to patronize the local businesses first and then head out in my road warrior mode, It has been a nice experience indeed.  Most write about far away lands we visit but seldom about the one we live in, Needless, to say the meaning of Pluvigner is big on my family. I had written several post on our lives here but left inside general posts our experiences of the local businesses such as the wonderful La Bacarella pizzeria resto brasserie , and its time given credit where credit is due. This is my take on the La Barcarella of my Pluvigner !! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Pluvigner La Barcarella resto arriv ch St Guigner back may23

Pluvigner La Barcarella resto out to back of ch St Guigner may23

The Barcarella restaurant is located at 4 place du marché , even if the real market is held at pl St Michel nowdays, The resto is very friendly with local folks always attentive and talkative which I like ,and good price/quality ratio, It is open every day from Monday to Sunday at noon for lunch, and from Friday to Sunday at night for dinner.

PLuvigner place du marché parking may23

La Barcarella, brasserie, pizzeria and créperie all into one behind the Church St Guigner (see posts) . All decorated with pirates and corsairs portraits trinkets and memorabilia that the owner has collected over time and purchase in flea markets! You have a dining room with the bar area and kitchen and then to the right as you entered another dining room. Our dog Rex once again fantastic even with other dogs in the dining room! 

Pluvigner La Barcarella resto back inside pistolets may23

Pluvigner La Barcarella resto dining room pirates may23

Pluvigner La Barcarella resto and Rex may23

The anecdote here is that while eating we heard English on a near table, we asked and the lady was from Los Angeles Calif and living in Pluvigner ! Unfortunately, she is selling her home to go back to LA, she is missing something. However, proof we do have many here and we need to be in town more lol!!!

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on the La Barcarella :

The RestaurantGuru reviews on the Barcarella :

There you go folks, my town of Pluvigner, Another memorable town for us , of the many in my life, and now more empty than ever missing our love ones, Life goes on and the town has been good, hard to tell the future but I believe this will be my last town, from here to the sea at Honfleur Normandie as our family has. Again, hope you enjoy this kind of post, and do get to know me more. Do read my many posts on Pluvigner in my blog !

And remember, happy travels, good health , and many cheers to all !!!

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