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December 4, 2021

Ramparts of Vannes: Porte de Calmont et Tour du Connétable!!!

So you know Vannes is my capital city and administrative center for us. It was as well for 9 years my place of work, just outside city limits, and we go there every week at least once! Therefore, I have written plenty about Vannes in my blog; but as often the case there are some missing parts.. I like to remedy that in addition of writing on the ramparts of the old town , do a bit more on the gates and towers that make up this rampart of Vannes.

So, then, le me tell you a bit more on the Porte de Calmont and the tour du Connétable or Calmont gate and Constable tower of Vannes!

The  tour du Connétable or Constable tower was built in the first half of the 15C, is a building integrated into the ramparts of Vannes in Morbihan. Despite its fortified appearance, resolutely turned towards the defense of the city, and although the tower has artillery casemates in the lower room, the initial destination of the Constable’s tower was to house the chief of the Duke of Brittany’s armies. . Its name therefore comes from its function, the most illustrious representative of which was Arthur III of Brittany known as “the Constable of Richemont”, Constable of France and Duke of Brittany. (see hôtel de ville post on his equestrian statue), The tower is located on the eastern side of the second enclosure of Vannes, south of the gun Powder Tower (see post) and north of the Garenne spur. At its feet is the Garenne public garden (see post) which stretches along the ramparts, a garden itself bordered by the Marle river.

Vannes Tour du Connetable from Pl des LIces mar21
The construction of the Constable’s tower dates from the extension of the enclosure towards the south undertaken during the reign of Duke Jean IV. The tower was sharpened in 1676 following the disappearance of the military interest of the fortifications. The town once again became the owner of the building in 1786 and used it for the confinement of mentally unstable people and girls of bad life. During the French revolution and the Chouannerie (rebel farmers vs revolution), like other monuments of the city, the tower was converted into a prison, in particular for the Breton nobles arrested in the affair of the landing of Quiberon (see post landing from England to fight vs revolution).

vannes connetable tower remparts et cathedral st pierre dec19

The Tour du Connétable has five levels as well as a poultry yard at street level on the intramural side. Part of this farmyard still exists. This is made up of several parts. The tower is rounded outwards and has canted sides inwards. An outgrowth of the inner face of the ramparts houses a spiral staircase. The entrances to the tower from inside the city (ground floor – first floor) are protected by machicolations. Access to the south curtain wall, which previously led to the Château de l’Hermine (see post), is from the exterior of the building’s first floor via a wooden platform; the second and third levels are lit by large windows.


The spiral staircase serves the last three levels with a double vertical circulation. From the rue des Remparts, a straight staircase and a door give access to the bottom of the stairwell. The two lower levels are independent of the last three. The first level is a vaulted vault, pierced with casemates for the artillery. Access to the two gunboats is via a narrow spiral staircase on which three polygonal rooms are the living quarters. On the west side of the tower, the second and third levels have a single flue fireplace the third level room is the most beautiful, notably with a monumental fireplace , Under the eaves, the fifth level has its own fireplace in the opposite the main fireplace. The roof of the tower, pointed, is dominated by the high chimney and flanked by the turret of the staircase and two dormers.

The city of Vannes on the Tour du Connétable

The new enclosure undertaken at the end of the 14C by Jean IV includes two new gates to the south towards the port district one of these was the Porte de Calmont. The gate takes the name of the suburb it serves and which is the starting point towards the Rhuys peninsula following the coastal route via Séné and the passage of Saint-Armel.

Vannes porte calmont and tour jan14

This Calmont gate retains the traces of the closing system comprising two swing drawbridges: high grooves in the wall, above each door which retains the bridge arrows once raised. At the base of the two passages, we can see the holes that received the axes of the drawbridges. The development of this gate also includes on its left the construction of a tower which rose on three levels. Today it is clipped from its last level where, under the roof, was an upper room surrounded by a covered walkway resting on the consoles of the machicolation. The tower has a lower room (today backfilled) pierced a gunboat facing the port and a guard room with a fireplace and open from a second gunboat facing the castle of Hermine (see post). Two separate doors located in the alley give access to to these rooms. On the top of the curtain, on the right, we can still see the corbelets which, in the 16C, supported the guardhouse, in wood, built in corbel above the moat. Between 1616 and 1619, the gate received an advanced protection of which we can still distinguish some bases supporting the garden on the rue Alexandre Le Pontois side. It was condemned in 1625 in favor of the new Porte Saint-Vincent gate which opened on the harbor. The Porte de Calmont underwent a restoration in 1992 which allows  pedestrians to take it again on a footbridge which spans the Marle river, and which joins, thanks to the release of an alley, the rue Saint-Vincent. And right into old town of Vannes!

The city of Vannes on the porte de Calmont

There you go folks, two wonderful gates/towers along the beautiful ramparts of Vannes a must to visit when in town. Hope you enjoy this more detail post on the ramparts marvelous architectural/historical gems.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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December 4, 2021

Ramparts of Vannes: Porte St Jean et Tour Poudriére!!!

So you know Vannes is my capital city and administrative center for us. It was as well for 9 years my place of work, just outside city limits, and we go there every week at least once! Therefore, I have written plenty about Vannes in my blog; but as often the case there are some missing parts.. I like to remedy that in addition of writing on the ramparts of the old town , do a bit more on the gates and towers that make up this rampart of Vannes.

So, then, le me tell you a bit more on the Porte St Jean and the tour Poudriére or St John gate and gun powder tower of Vannes!

The Tour Poudrière is closer to the end of the ramparts. The gun Powder Tower was redeveloped in the second half of the 15C on the basis of an old 12C tower. This tower equipped with artillery casemates was used at the end of the Middle Ages as a reserve of gun powder, which earned it its name of Poudrière. Part of the curtain wall between the Joliette and Poudrière towers is the only section to be permanently accessible to the public, the entrance being on rue des Vierges by the Place Lucien Laroche.

vannes Tour Poudriere ramparts apr21

To the north of the walled town there was a door in the Middle Ages called the “Porte du Mené” which gave access to this suburb. Some remains of this ancient passage, condemned in 1358 during the War of the Succession in Brittany , can still be seen in a private garden.  The story goes that to facilitate the access of carts of goods from Rennes and Nantes in the intramural and avoid the great embarrassment of the Prison gate (see post), it was decided to open two gates in the enclosure, the Poterne gate (today you can come to the old town by here with a car! ) to the east and the Saint-Jean gate to the north but a little lower than the old so-called Mené gate. This new access was opened in 1688, following the principle of gates with large wooden leaves. The gate replaces here a large staircase mentioned in the report of the work drawn up in 1685. It is preceded by a bridge which spans the moat of the wall. Its name “Porte Saint-Jean” comes from a chapel destroyed in 1856 which was located at the top of the rue Brizeux adjoining the cathedral.  We can see by this gate St Jean the defensive system of the ramparts in the 15C by corbelled machicolation on the curtain. These overhanging orifices made it possible to drop stones on the attackers. The base of the wall is profiled in an inverted Y at the same time to reinforce the stability in the event of actions of undermining, but also so that the projectiles released from the machicolations rebound towards the enemies. The top of the St Jean gate has a stone plaque placed in 1912, according to an old desire of the States of Brittany to see the coat of arms of France placed above this gate, surrounded by coat of arms of the Duke of Chaulnes, Governor of Brittany, of Lavardin de Beaumanoir, Lieutenant General in Rennes, of the Count of Lannion, Governor of Vannes, and finally, that of the city of Vannes.

vannes porte st jean rue brizeux ramparts jul18

The city of Vannes on its ramparts with detail map picture

There you go folks a dandy of old wonderful architecture, monuments to protect and leave for future generations, wonderful Vannes. These have little information as single entity but needed to tell you more of them as they are an integral part of the ramparts of Vannes. Hope you enjoy the post and do visit my Vannes.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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December 4, 2021

The Haussmann Burton of Vannes!!!

So going over my picture vault and realising some are missing from my blog and they should be in it. My trips to our capital city and former job place Vannes are many and so are my posts. However, feel this wonderful building in the old town deserves a post of its own. Therefore, let me tell you a bit more on the Haussmann Burton of Vannes!!!

First, a bit of history I like

Before the construction of the Progrès building (now Burton), stood a Château de la Motte which was ceded in 1286 to the bishop. It became the episcopal mansion and was then rebuilt in 1654. In 1790, when Vannes became the capital of Morbihan,(during the French revolution), the building became the residence of the prefects for 60 years.

The Burton building , it is hard not to notice at the corner of Burgault and Billault streets this magnificent Haussmann-style building, The store “Au progress” then “Saint-Rémy” and today Burton are the successive signs of the commercial buildings installed on the ground floor and on the mezzanine of the building. The name of the first sign is carried at the top of the dome in the symbolic representation of progress, Begun in 1914, it will not be completed until 1923 due to the Great War.(WWI). My boys walking by it below pic lol!

vannes Burton store building oct18

Symbol of the birth of department stores, it originally bears the name “Au Progrès” evoking the idea that we had of these stores before becoming Saint-Rémy, then Burton. The building now houses the Burton store and several apartments. Its flagship symbol is the 400 kg zinc dome, remade identically, by a company specializing in roof ornamentation, The spiral part had to be hoisted to the top of the dome 45 meters m) in two stages. The base 2.80 meters wide and nearly 3 meters high then the pine cone of 50 kg which overhangs it.

The Burton store is classic style ready-to-wear chain for women and men also offering shoes and accessories, Official webpage :

There you go folks, a classic building indeed with a nice change of pace in old town nearby are wooden houses going back to the 14C! Of course, we had tried the Burton store but not our favorite we told you in several posts in my blog its AT…Worth stopping by for its architecture contrast with the neighborhood.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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December 3, 2021

The Gendarmerie of Vannes!!

Another emblematic building of my capital city of Vannes in my beautiful Morbihan and my lovely Bretagne. I am relieving these buildings for their history and meaning even today. This is the case of the caserne Guillaudot barracks of the gendarmerie of Vannes! or military police. Hope you enjoy it as I.

The Gendarmerie de Vannes will leave the Place de la Liberation. From now on, public reception will be in Saint-Avé (see posts) since December 1, 2020, There will be still a small detachment in Vannes.  This barrack has the name of caserne Guillaudot in honor of General Maurice Guillaudot. However, the building is from 1850 that it was at the old Place du Champ de Foire for the placement of the administration. The square also took a new name as of now, Place de la Libération, It is a bus terminal for the departmental bus lines and the first one my boys took to come from our home to the city, On the side there is car parking which we have used as well.


The new HQ will be base in rue Baudelaire , Saint Avé and will cover the towns of Arradon, Plescop, Ploeren and the Gulf Islands. But also 15 other towns thanks to joint action with the Grand-Champ brigade. The new building, located between the Bois de Kerozer and rue Baudelaire, will be in the immediate vicinity of shops, services, public facilities and public transport. Close to the means of communication, its location, strategic for the missions of the gendarmerie, is also for its urban, natural and landscape qualities. 26 families live inside the barracks,

At the Vannes building known as caserne Guillaudot there is a small museum inside , the General Guillaudot museum which traces the history of General Guillaudot, former commander of the Morbihan gendarmes and hero of the liberation, who gave his name to the barracks. It is a whole set of unusual objects that are present. As early as 1940, General Guillaudot refused to submit to the occupier. His personal commitment to this mission resulted in him being transferred, as a disciplinary sanction from Rennes to Vannes, for refusing to carry out an order from the prefect. He decides to create a resistance network which will, in particular, organize the parachuting of weapons, the rescue of Anglo-Saxon airmen, train future guerrillas, protect the refractory in the service of compulsory labor …etc.

His group prepared in May and June 1943, file 2223, better known under the code name “basket of cherries”, consists of numerous documents. Twenty-three sketches made by hand by the gendarmes of the territorial brigades are, in most cases, accompanied by an explanatory commentary, often very detailed. These sketches highlight the Nazis defenses, installations and garrisons in certain sensitive areas of the MorbihanThese documents were dispersed as follows : one is placed in a container, then sealed and buried in Gendarme Hulot’s garden, within the Vannes gendarmerie barracks. It was then recovered intact by Squadron Leader Guillaudot upon his return from deportation.  The other is hidden by Adjutant Louarn, in Josselin’s brigade, while awaiting shipment to the authorities of Free France. It is then placed in a specially designed box in London for transport. This is equipped with a double bottom and a destruction device. The complete file is transported to the Auxerre region (89) by a commando group of four men from the St Marcel resistance group (Morbihan see post) Guy Lenfant, Honoré Chamaillard, Julien Leport and Jean Garin. On the night of July 18-19, 1943, Guy Lenfant embarked in a Lysander with the “basket of cherries”, which he handed over to the BCRA officers in London. On the evening of July 20, Commandant Guillaudot heard the long awaited message on BBC Radio: “The basket of cherries has arrived. The fruits are remarkable. We would like to receive more. Congratulations and thanks to Yodi, for his action and his excellent work. “

The gendarmerie of Vannes

Translated above by yours truly from the Gendarmerie association :

A bit on General Maurice Guillaudot, He took part in the Great War or WWI where he was knighted in the Legion of Honor in August 1918 , He then followed training at the Gendarmerie School of Application in Versailles. He was raised to the rank of captain in 1928, then to that of squadron leader (equivalent to commander) in 1936. He was assigned to Vitré (Ille-et-Vilaine 35) in 1940, at the head of the 2nd group of the 4th Mobile Republican Guard Legion. This branch of the Gendarmerie being dissolved in the French occupied zone, he was placed at the head of the gendarmerie in Rennes. Following his refusal to charge the many Rennais who came on June 17, 1941 to flower the graves of the victims of the Nazis bombing of June 17, 1940, he was transferred to Vannes.  Arrested on December 10, 1943, he was deported to Neuengamme in Germany from where he returned in May 1945. He was appointed general in October 1945, before being accused of conspiring against the French Republic in the context of the Blue Plan affair (a group trying to revert the left leaning ways of the French Republic in those days) . at the end of the 1940s the general of the gendarmerie Maurice Guillaudot, will be arrested. They will be exonerated and released without any follow-up after six months in prison.

There you go folks, a nice piece of history and a gallant building in Place de la Liberation in Vannes. The Gendarmerie is there, will see what is the future as for now, it is a nice building full of history. Hope you enjoy this historical post.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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December 3, 2021

The other cinemas of Vannes!!!

Ok so we like movies, and go often, not as much as we want to but do go. And my boys go more than I as well…. I have written before on the Cinéville cinema parc lann of Vannes the one we go most often. However, there are other we go too and a couple no longer open but worth mention for the history of them and in Vannes. Hope you enjoy this cinema tour of the other cinemas of Vannes!!!

The other one we have been and has a great location overlooking the old ramparts of the fortified old town of Vannes is the Cinéville Garenne. This cinema is located at 12 bis, Rue Alexandre le Pontois. You have choices of parking by the ramparts, by Le Port area or the underground garage in Le Port. Of course, once parked in town we walk to the cinema.  In addition to national and international movie releases, or special programs, the cinema broadcasts the Metropolitan Opera season every year, with live performances. Not technical but is dotted with the 4K image, of a definition of about 4000 points out of 2000 is 4 times more than the HD image, and 20 times more than “standard video”. Immersive 3D sound with the Dolby ATMOS® sound experience: unique sound. More precise. More impressive! It sounds good indeed, this is as well as in the Cinéville parc lann.

vannes cineville garenne aug17

A bit of history I like from the old timers in Vannes. Already at the beginning of the century, Father Guillaume offered cinematographic performances in the premises of the patronage of Saint François. It was in 1925 that Abbé Guillaume had the La Garenne cinema built (1,000 seats). The walls of the room were then decorated with panels representing sites and monuments of Morbihan . In 1951, the room underwent redevelopment as street entrances. Before 1970, the Soredic became the owner of the cinema La Garenne (capacity 759 seats ). Already in 1976, another owner manages the Cinema La Garenne. Like many of its colleagues, La Garenne became a 3-room complex (between 1984 & 1976: 354 seats ,190 seats, and 82 seats).  Today the Cinéville La Garenne has 5 rooms with 316 to 75 seats. Soredic has entered into an agreement between the city/town hall of Vannes and the Cin’écran association (created in 1998) in order to promote the “Art and Essay, quality and original version” programming. In return, the city of Vannes will provide financial and fiscal assistance to the Cin’écran association in the organization of events.

The official Cinéville cinemas on the Garenne :

The official Cinéville Garenne of Vannes:

The Eden was at 7 rue Pasteur is no longer a cinema but I passed in front several times on my trips to Vannes. The story goes that in 1911, a skating room was built on this site. It was in 1922 that Robert Damilot (painter and decorator specializing in theatrical sets, decoration of cinemas, theaters and shows) bought the “Roller Skating” hall. Under his direction, a new Art Deco facade was created. The 900 to 700-seat room offers an orchestra, a balcony and a promenade. The facade represents floral and plant motifs. In the center, stands out an oriel intended for the projection booth. Bought in 1966, the cinema was renamed Comedia et Universal. In 1976, the Universal was announced for a capacity of 850 spectators. In 1981, Eden changed hands and became the property of the Holley Company of Brest. The building was extended in height and from the rear. It now has 3 rooms with 225, 156 and 128 seats. In December 2003, Eden draws the curtain definitively despite the creation of an association for the defense of the site “West of Eden”. In the summer of 2009; the work of the apartment building which replaces the cinema has just been completed. All that remains of Eden is the repainted and maintained facade. It has a nice facade too bad could not continue as a cinema.

Now this one was a surprise as not heard about it until the old timers in Vannes told reflecting on these souvenirs. Le Royal was at 19 rue Joseph le Brix. Going up towards the Hôtel de Ville in Vannes, we discover what was the Le Royal cinema. It was in 1934 that Fernand Leonce, owner of the Molière cinema in Douarnenez(29), decided, once it was not customary, to build a cinema room on the site of a garage. The Royal opened in 1936. The facade is narrow. The entrance is topped by an oriel (sort of bow window) on two levels. Access to the room is via the corridor. The Royal has kept its unique hall with around 500 seats, including an orchestra and a balcony, until it closed on October 23, 2001, the room was restructured and now houses a large store of books, records and DVDs. This store is Cheminart, and looking at its facade it does resembled an entrance to the old cinema! Cheminart webpage:

There you go folks a nice historical perspective on the other cinemas of Vannes , of which as you can read, there is only one left. As the other cinéville parc lann is on the new section of town past the expressway N165 ,Rue Aristide Boucicaut (see post). Hope you enjoy this artsy trivia of my capital city of Vannes.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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December 2, 2021

Some news from France, CCCLII

Well, hello winter early, and the Christmas spirit again. Yes, this is December 2021!! And we are planning Paris, Madrid, and/or the Loire! Unless of course, the politicians screw it up again with the virus mutations! Anyway, we are on our way, and I have complete new sewer installation in my street and that means manouvers to get in and out of the house! Life can only be challenging! or my line, La vie est belle! Life is beautiful , la vida es chula!! Now let’s get into the some news from France shall we!

A companion cathedral builder will be your guide through the history of Notre-Dame de Paris. The project is a dream. Today, it’s made possible through immersive tours. And the offer will be offered in a few months to Parisians and tourists, even if it means entering the basement of the forecourt designed to welcome the public, open your eyes in a virtual reality headset and stroll through a church made of computer-generated images. In the files presented, that of Kléber-Rossillon had great advantages. Used to managing heritage sites and in particular the Montmartre museum in Paris, for 16 euros entry, visitors would discover the reconstructed rue Neuve Notre-Dame, leading to the old square with a sound & light show. The other part of the visit, for three types of virtual experiences between 25 and 30 euros, would have allowed virtual reality to discover the construction of the monument. Mid 2022, if the elected officials of Paris vote in this direction, “Eternelle Notre-Dame”, the name given to the visit by Amaclio Productions, will allow 50 people to carry out a total immersion every hour, helmet on the face, by following a virtual companion builder. Webpage Amaclio :

Webpage Kléber Rossillon :

What is as essential to Parisian identity as the Eiffel Tower, the zinc roofs or the wings of the Moulin Rouge? The answer lies in a plate: gastronomy! The first restaurant in the world? This is the discovery of a man named Mathurin Roze de Chantoiseau, who, in 1765 towards what is now rue du Louvre (2éme arrondissement), served his customers coarse-salted poultry on a marble pedestal table. The first star of the kitchen? Another Parisian, Antonin Carême. Born into a poor family in the rue du Bac (6éme arrondissement), abandoned at the age of 8, he was the first to wear a chef’s hat and became the “Chef”, the word is his. Eminent personalities like the Tsar from Russia or Talleyrand, lover of good food took part with him, Oh yes the food, the better gastronomy,and the wines, France! When the kings returned in 1815 ,under the aptly named “Restauration” (monarchy), the city was already the gastronomic capital of the world, for two reasons: we eat much better there than elsewhere … and we question it! This is the French art par excellence: talking about what we have eaten, what we are eating, what we will eat … Comments without hunger, sometimes accompanied by arguments. In fact, it was on this pretty shortcoming that the Michelin Guide and its countless descendants later speculated. We give it to you in a thousand words, Grimod de la Reynière, the first “critic” (his “almanac dates from 1803), was rampant in Paris.

Now, I get lots of question on how to stay, eat , see ,and go around in Paris by friends , relatives and fellow bloggers over the years, I gladly help and my blog is part of the initiation of many, as I have three friends (one solo and one couple) coming this month to Paris from the USA. However, if I am not around, the best ,and the only one have use ever is the Le Petit Parisien L’Indispensable guide ; you won’t get lost with it, guarantee ! Get the latest copy of the guide upon landing in Paris or from home many places I get mine at the FNAC stores but you can even ordered it in Amazon.

Opposed to the City of Paris project, the president of the region, Valérie Pécresse launched this vote online on November 10, 2021. Nearly 79,000 Internet users participated and expressed their rejection of the removal of a general traffic lane, which is supposed to come into force during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This is a score at first glance without appeal. The result of the online consultation organized by the president of the region, Valérie Pécresse (Libres!), On the future of the ring road, just came out on Wednesday. 90% of voters against the reserved lane for buses and carpooling ! Yeah you know I had to put this up here, Cheers !

See at the Marmottan-Monet Museum, in Paris, the three lives of Julie Manet, The exhibition devoted to her life sheds light on the particular, affluent sociology of one part of Impressionism. Telling the life of Julie Manet soon means getting lost in a swarm of famous names and works. Julie is the only daughter of the artist Berthe Morisot and Eugène Manet , brother of Edouard Manet , who does not seem necessary to present , This story is takes place in the upper middle class of the 16éme arrondissement of Paris, webpage :

Painting apart from the world”, in the Cernuschi museum. The mountain, a source of inspiration for Chinese scholars, The Parisian museum presents for the first time in Europe the Chih Lo Lou collection which brings together masterpieces of Chinese art from the 15C to the 18C. Evidenced by the exhibition presented at the Cernuschi Museum, The other Parisian establishment specializing in Asian arts, which offers the opportunity to discover several works by three 17C Chinese painters, Hongren (1610-1664), Mei Qing (1624-1697 ) and Shitao (1642-1707), representing, each with their own personal touch, these dreamlike landscapes, The exhibition presented at Cernuschi, entitled “Painting apart from the world”, plunges visitors from the entrance into a soothing celadon green, conducive to contemplation. Webpage :

At the Théâtre de la Bastille, Nicolas Bouchaud revisits Claude Lanzmann! By adapting “Un vivant qui passe”, the director and actor questions the responsibility of major international organizations and Swiss governing bodies in their blindness to the Shoah. Yes we know, an excellent work !! A bit more : He is the man who saw nothing in Auschwitz, seen nothing in Theresienstadt. Maurice Rossel became a historical figure when, in 1997, Claude Lanzmann devoted a film to him, Un vivant qui passe, on the sidelines of his great work, Shoah. Today, the actor Nicolas Bouchaud, who traces a path like no other in French theater, brings to the theater the material that is the basis of the film. In 1942, Maurice Rossel, a young Swiss doctor of 25, was hired as a delegate to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Berlin. For two years, his task was to inspect prisoner of war camps. In 1944, his hierarchy sent him, quite unofficially, to visit concentration camps ,no one used the term extermination at that time , to try to obtain information. Maurice Rossel will be the first international civil servant to enter the Theresienstadt and Auschwitz camps. But he will remain blind to what is going on !! On June 23, 1944, his visit to Theresienstadt was completely organized by the Nazis, who put on a macabre staging intended to present this extermination camp as a model ghetto. The ICRC delegate saw nothing but fire. At the end of September of that same year 1944, he went to Auschwitz, where he was received by the camp commander or supposed to be a very elegant, very distinguished, very amiable young man. This time, no staging has been orchestrated but Maurice Rossel will not see the crematoria, nor the smoke or lights that could escape from them, nor the trains. However, he will cross the road of prisoners, “walking skeletons” in whom “there were only living eyes. They were very, very intense looks. ” We still see this human error in many places of our world, fear of speaking out, in time ! Wish can be there to see it, go if you are. Webpage :

Inside the Drapeau de la Fidélité or Fidelity Flag, it smells of a reassuring mixture of sugar and fried food. Few tables, small, and books, a lot, Why the Fidelity Flag? “Because I am loyal to the humanitarian capitalist flag, It is“ the sun, against communism, the star, the night! ”Mr. Quan has written five books. He develops the concept of humanitarian capitalism in a work of the same name and in A Better World, Ask if he has ever returned to Vietnam. “If I go back there, it is not to live there, it is to make the revolution!” He exclaims with a big smile free of a few teeth. Mr. Quan studied philosophy in Saigon, (HCMC) until in 1975 the Communists came to power and drove out foreigners. Then his wife, who had French nationality, had to leave the country: he left with her. For five years, he saved until he bought his first restaurant in Pierrefitte. Then he resold it, and stumbled upon this address around the corner of the 15éme arrondissement. It was 1984, when he planted the Drapeau de la Fidelité at 21 rue Copreaux, Another good story and good Vietnamese food with lots of story telling, recommended, The Facebook page :

Two steps from the Cité de la mode and the Wanderlust, the teams of several associations are busy at Les Amarres, a daytime reception that turns into a festive and united place of life once the evening comes, managed by the former team of Great Neighbors. opening to the public next December 9 2021. Within this 4000 m2 place which belongs to the autonomous ports of Paris , the associations Yes We Camp, Aurore and many others work actively to welcome people in a precarious situation in a beautiful and warm place, to mix the public, and create links between workers in the social and solidarity economy, the public and the general public, On December 9, Yes We Camp and Aurore are organizing the very first opening night of Les Amarres: drink at the refreshment bar solidarity, guided tours of the place, concert and DJ set on the program. And also, Christmas Market of Amarres Wednesday December 15, Les Amarres, 24 quai d’Austerlitz – 13éme Facebook Webpage :

My second update so be alert is coming to the big one, Paris, In 2022, Paris will host the largest immersive escape game in France with the justice of Gotham superhero, I named Batman, in the spotlight. The game will immerse fans around the world in the unique settings and ambience of Gotham City, all in an undisclosed 3,000 m2 location. With 3 immersive escape game rooms of 350 m2 each, you can become actors in your own adventure. Walk the dark alleys as a team, solve many puzzles and interact with the actors present throughout the game. To participate you will still have to wait a few months since the room will open in 2022. The countdown has started !!

The Rosa Bonheur team is opening a new 4500 m2 barge with swimming pool at the port of Javel bas, in the 15éme arrondissement of Paris. Guinguette, swimming pool, solarium and sports areas, all moored in front of the André Citroën park, If the opening is scheduled for spring 2022 on the port of Javel bas, not sure that the Seine will be swimmable by then,, anyway check it out !! Rosa is good ! Webpage :

The best pastry chef of the year is in Paris! Maxime Frédéric chef at Cheval Blanc has just been voted best pastry chef of the year by Gault & Millau ! He went through the kitchens of Meurice before becoming pastry chef there. His talent later guided him to the Orangerie, before he did much to the George V, and then eventually moved to the kitchen of Cheval Blanc. More on the chef webpage :

Les Habits de Lumière, from December 10 to 12 2021 in Epernay (51), On the program, video-mappings, events and illuminations on Avenue de Champagne, champagne bars, gourmet workshops and many other festive events! The most sparkling of the events of this end of the year revolves around three highlights: the festive evenings on Friday evening and Saturday evening on the avenue de Champagne , the day of Saturday placed under the sign of gastronomy with Habits de Saveurs and finally, the legendary Sunday automobile parade to close these three days of festivities around the Champagne art of living. Great town great Champagne, webpage :

No surprises here, I told you so, better visit or work and live outside, enjoy the best of both worlds, recommended,,,, ! Paris voted second most expensive city in the world in 2021 according to The Economist, just behind Tel Aviv in Israel. It lost the first place, which it occupied tied with Zurich and Hong Kong in 2020. To develop this ranking, the British weekly refers to the “world index of the cost of living”, drawn up from a basket of 200 products and services in 173 cities around the world. The Economist webpage :

And I give you the spirit of the season with Christmas markets and illuminations all over France. We have our nice shares in the Morbihan dept 56 my home, (see posts), However, I have to agree , Paris is tops, I will see as have friends coming and we had planned for the Loire. In the meantime, here are my choices for year 2021!!

Breathtaking Christmas decorations and staged each year by the greatest visual artists, it is a tradition at Bercy Village, the Portuguese artist Patricia Cunha, who makes a sky of white umbrellas dance this year (until Sunday January 16) above the paving stones of the Cour Saint-Émilion. As night falls, the 1,200 umbrellas are enveloped in sparkling light, immersing visitors in a halo of sweetness and poetry. The highlight of this magical installation, an 11-meter-high Christmas tree, also decorated with white umbrellas, sits majestically at the end of the central alley. Webpage :

The illuminations of the Champs-Élysées await you from November 21, 2021 until January 9, 2022! This year, Clara Luciani inaugurated the festivities, to make the most beautiful avenue in the world even more resplendent! Webpage :

The Vendôme Committee offers us illuminations on Place Vendôme. The appointment is set for November 18, to see light up four large trees 10 meters high, and 160 other smaller specimens placed in front of shops Info webpage :

For Christmas 2021, the City of Paris is once again setting up a Christmas village on the forecourt of the Hôtel de Ville or City/Town Hall, with a mini Christmas market and free rides from December 2021 to January 2022 webpage :

The Avenue Montaigne will be lit up with a thousand lights from November 17, 2021 to celebrate the Christmas holidays! Sparkling Christmas trees, magical decor and shops open every Sunday, December is going to be festive on Avenue Montaigne! This year, the Comité Montaigne unveils a new program called Christmas Montaigne . webpage :

The Faubourg Saint-Honoré lights up as Christmas approaches. Do not miss this bright and magical show from November 18, 2021 to January 30, 2022 with, the icing on the cake, the return of the Christmas raffle, in favor this year of the association Imagine for Margo. Webpage :

The Forum des Halles is launching the start of its festive illuminations and decorations with its giant tree 22 meters high. See you this November 20, 2021 for the inauguration in a festive atmosphere in the presence of the singer-songwriter and dancer, Bilal Hassani! Webpage :

There you go folks, a dandy season ahead, and another great news from my belle France, me think. There is still time to get ready, we need to do our shopping for my gifts to the! I like to wish from the bottom of my heart, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all those celebrating and encourage others to do so. The season to be merrier is here!! Of course, we will be remembering my cherish Mom and dear Wife too, they will always be with me.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

December 2, 2021

Church Notre Dame de l’Assomption of Port Louis!!

On a rare Tuesday afternoon, at home, we decided to visit Port Louis again. In my beautiful Morbihan of my lovely Bretagne and belle France. This is just 35 minutes from my house and we have been here several times, well maybe three times.   

The Port Louis is easily reach from my house on road D781 coming from the Hennebont exit on the N165. Parking was done by the Grande rue or as today we parked next to it at Avenue du Fort de l’Aigle. I have come here several times but found the church closed, today had my day, it was open!!! Let me tell you a bit more on the Church Notre Dame de l’Assomption of Port Louis!!

Port Louis ch ND de l'assomption front nov21

The Church  Notre Dame de l’Assomption,at Place Notre Dame, done between 1660-1670, was designed as a Latin cross style, very ample: long over 40 meters, wide of 12 meters in the nave and 30 meters in the transept. Outside, this church remained very austere. The frame was simply panelled, and on the cross of the transept stood a steeple covered with slate, 15-16 meters high. The church was renovated in 1835. The Church was burned by the wild crowds in 1910 and rebuilt later. The reconstruction work of the Church were undertaken as early as 1921. From the old Church you can see the facade from the renaissance pseudo classic , it has a square belltower pierce by bays decorated with pilasters. The bell tower dates from 1853 and replaces an old bell tower, located on the crossing of the transept, dating from 1665 and which was framed with a dome surmounted by a pyramid. The old bell tower was destroyed in 1820 and in 1851, the town of Pont-Croix ceded the land necessary for the construction of the new bell tower in front of the facade of the 17C church.

Port Louis ch ND de l'assomption right chapel nov21

On the wall of the bedside is shown a large portrait of the Assumption by Titian. Another composition was highlighted in the north wing of the transept. It is a triptyque, model after Rubens, with in the middle a descent of the Cross and on the sides, the Visitation and the presentation to the temple. On the other hand, the Annunciation model after Leonardo da Vinci, hardly noticeable, at the bottom of the nave, under the rostrum. In this church, furnished with rich marble altars and decorated with painted stained glass, works of art attract particularly the attention of the many foreigners who visit it during the summer season. And off season is calmer , and our best time to visit it.

Port Louis ch ND de l'assomption nave to altar nov21

The Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, the first stone of which was laid in 1657, was officially inaugurated March 8, 2015 , After finishing the last renovation work that began in 2011, On the exterior, restoration of the masonry, repair of the framework, roofs , vaults, carpentry, clock face, bells and lightning rod , Inside work on carpentry, masonry, stained glass, electrical installation and heating,

Port Louis ch ND de l'assomption left chapel nov21

The Notre-Dame Fountain adjoins the Notre-Dame de l’Assomption Church. The esplanade bordering the side of the church is partly paved and has a fountain. Built in 1861, it is in a neo-Gothic style. It was executed in Guern granite. In order to obtain the water, the drawing mechanism had to be activated by turning the large handwheel installed on the side of the fountain. The water then came out of the mouth fitted with a disgorger, a metal devil’s head. Formerly this fountain was surrounded by wrought iron gates but today is open,

Port Louis ch ND de l'assomption left side and ND fountain nov21

The City of Port Louis on its heritage

The Bretagne region tourist office on Port Louis heritage

There you go folks, a nice town, architecturally and historical stunning. The harbor by the bay, Port Louis in honor of king Louis XIII, and still going strong. Hope you enjoy the Church Notre Dame de l’Assomption,nice with a view of the Citadel!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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December 2, 2021

Back to Port Louis!!

On a rare Tuesday afternoon, at home, we decided to visit Port Louis again. In my beautiful Morbihan of my lovely Bretagne and belle France. This is just 35 minutes from my house and we have been here several times, well maybe three times.  Let me tell you a bit more on Port Louis!

I start my having my bad luck each time either skip it for some reason or the museums citadelle were close as was the case today. Anyway, some new picture I like to keep in my blog, and we ,of course, will be back. I have new information so hopefully once in will be able to detail the visit. Hope you enjoy as I.

The Port Louis is easily reach from my house on road D781 coming from the Hennebont exit on the N165. Parking was done by the Grande rue or as today we parked next to it at Avenue du Fort de l’Aigle. It is an impressive fortress and must visit if in the area with better luck…going renovations but still open…

Port Louis citadelle front entr nov21

Port Louis citadelle side entr renovations nov21

A bit more on Port Louis tell us that on the old Blavet was born in the Gallo-Roman era and has quietly developed over the centuries. Occupied by the Spaniards from the end of the 16C, the Breton city saw its invaders leave a century later. At the beginning of the 16C, it took its current name in honor of Louis XIII who made it a fortified city and a key element in the defense of the harbor. It experienced significant growth in the 19C thanks to its important sardine fishing activity. Today, the Breton city is mainly known for its charm and its tourist appeal.

The citadel of Port-Louis is an impressive building, marked by the Breton history of the 16-17C. It was built by the Spanish and modified in the 17C by the French. Inside, part of the collection is devoted to rescue at sea. From the first sailing boats and oars to ocean-going tugs and helicopter transport, it tells about maritime fraternity, the courage of men and the evolution of rescue techniques. The ocean treasures space invites you on a journey into the depths of the seas, into the abyssal universe … The visit takes you through the exhibitions or permanent collections, or in the recesses of the citadel.

Port Louis citadelle bridge main entr nov21

Port Louis citadelle bridge over moat nov21

This is still a military compound, but you can enter the two wonderful museums in waiting… These are the National Maritime Museum or musée de la Marine and the other the East Indies Company museum or the Musée de la Compagnie des Indies.

Briefly this time; the National Maritime Museum traces several centuries of naval history. The collections of the Naval Museum extend in part of the rooms bordering the Place d’Armes. The first part is devoted to the epic of rescue at sea. It tells the daily life of seafarers who risk their lives to save the lives of others, with the help of a unique collection of old objects, models of ships. and audio and video testimonials. Philippe de Kerhallet’s canoe, built in the 19C in Le Havre and restored at the end of the 1970s, is an example of this exceptional heritage. The second part takes visitors along the sea routes of the Far East. The tour begins with the evocation of trade routes through old navigation instruments and part of the models from the collection of Admiral François-Edmond Pâris, then underwater archeology is approached through objects from the excavations of the Mauritius wreck, a Dutch ship that was wrecked off Gabon in 1609.

The Musée de la Marine  is a wonderful recollection of the seafaring French/Breton and its seafaring skills. webpage:

The Company of the Indies museum retraces the history and epics of this exotic international trade in Lorient through magnificent period pieces and reconstructions. The East India Company, created by Colbert in 1664, it settled in the harbor of Port-Louis and in the locality of Faouëdic in 1666. Through diversified collections, the museum presents a route allowing to understand the history of the trading companies, the development of the city of Lorient and its port. You will also discover the life of the crews and navigation aboard the vessels of the Compagnie des Indes. The activity of the various counters as well as the goods transported are also presented.

The musée de la compagnie des Indies covering épisodes to far régions such as Africa, Asia, and the Americas. webpage:

Again, you have a small but wonderful white soft sand beach next to the Citadelle! In fact, you cross the walls of it to enter the beach! This is the Grande Plage. This is an artificial beach made by king Louis-Philippe’s wife . This is why it is frequently nicknamed the royal beach. Before that, the beach existed with less sand and was nicknamed Grand Sablon. This long 200 meters ‘beach has a restaurant directly situated on the sand and a row of 116 bathing cabins., Access is through a door built in the fortifications.

Port Louis grande plage sands nov21

The port of Port-Louis pleasure marina offers 450 berths on pontoons, including 50 visitor berths. Located at the entrance to the harbor, it is a port full of charm and authentic character, located a stone’s throw from the Compagnie des Indes Museum and the Marine Museum. Both inside the Citadel, see above. In addition to its architectural and historical interest, the port of Port-Louis offers all the necessary comfort for boaters! Yachtsmen on a stopover can now benefit from a comfortable welcome and adapted services. Open on the port by large bay windows, the new harbor master’s office has a friendly reception point as well as a panoramic terrace with a magnificent view over the harbor of Lorient. Official webpage:

Port Louis pleasure marina harbormaster house et taxi boat nov21

Port Louis pleasure marina harbor boats nov21

During WWII, the Citadel of Port-Louis served as a prison, torture center and place of execution for resistance fighters. This of Port-Louis pronounced, without the accused being heard, 69 death sentences. The victims, many of whom had their hands and feet surrounded by wire and blindfolded, were shot at the edge of the pit and received the final blow from a burst of submachine guns. On May 18, 1945, a mass grave was discovered in the Citadel of Port-Louis, containing 69 corpses, among which six bodies could not be identified (three of them were subsequently identified), including that of a woman. A 70th body was discovered in 1995 inside the Citadel. A memorial in memory of the resistance fighters executed in front of the Citadel of Port-Louis was inaugurated on October 30, 1960.  The executioners were found but none serve sentences due to the amnesty negotiated from the nations involved after the war! A webpage on the memorials in France on the one in Port Louis

port louis mon to deportées et resistants in citadel nov21

The Saint-Pierre Chapel , located Place Saint-Pierre and built to replace the old Gothic church in the town of Loc-Péran of 1553, which was demolished in 1859. The altar and the altarpiece, in marble and wood, date from 1863 and seem to be the work of sculptor Le Brun. In the left niche, stands John and the eagle which is his emblem. In the niche on the right stands Paul and the sword that evokes his martyrdom. There are two wooden statues from the 16C. The paving, located on Place Saint-Pierre and contiguous to the new chapel of 1859, includes a tombstone of 1578, the only vestige of the old church of 1553, The chapel was finished in 1861.

Port Louis chapelle St Pierre back from parking nov21

The city of Port Louis on its heritage

The Lorient South Brittany local tourist office on Port Louis

The Bretagne region tourist office on Port Louis :

There you go folks, ,another beautiful dandy citadel in glorious Port Louis. Remember, two museums in one fortification, unique but that is my belle France. Hope you enjoy the post as I visiting again this coastal harbor town of my beautiful Morbihan.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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December 1, 2021

Pro sports in Vannes!!!

Ok so need to tell you about the pro sports in Vannes!!! Yes we have football/soccer and rugby , the intensity is a bit low with the rugby been the more popular. My company was a sponsor of the Vannes rugby club playing in Pro 2 or second division (tops is call Top 14), and it allows me to go to a couple games. Therefore, need to tell you about this in my capital city of Vannes. Maybe you want to taste the experience ….Hope it helps.

The Stade de La Rabine stadium is the main stadium in the city of Vannes. Located on the right bank of the Vannes marina, the stadium takes its name from the Rabine promenade, a long alley planted with trees that stretches nearly 800 meters between the port esplanade to the north and the quays of the commercial port to the south. The term “Rabine” is of Breton origin, it means “alley planted with trees. “

vannes stade de la rabine tribune est rugby oct18

This stadium is used jointly by the Rugby club from Vannes or RCV, which plays Pro D2, and by the Vannes Olympique Club, or VOC, which currently plays in National 2 (4th division).

A bit of history I like

In 1920, the first Rabine stadium was built by the city of Vannes. It was a velodrome with no grandstand and a football pitch in its center. In 1925, changing rooms were built. In 1932, the first stadium stand was built, it is a covered stand with 7 rows of seats

On July 14, 1954, the end of the 7th stage of the Tour de France between Brest and Vannes took place in the stadium, in front of a large crowd, Jacques Vivier won the stage ahead of François Mahé.

In 2000, the original stadium was destroyed and a new stadium suitable for football was built. In 2000, the ground was excavated and then the honor stand was built. The stadium is equipped with a grass field and a 1,600-seat grandstand with yellow and green seats. It contains six changing rooms, an infirmary, rooms for delegates and referees. The total capacity of the stadium is 6,500 places, including 1,600 seats.

In 2008, after an excellent season, the VOC was promoted to Ligue 2. For this, the Rabine stadium must be brought up to standard to comply with the LFP standards for Ligue 2. The north stand of the stadium is built, This is a 2358-seat grandstand with white VOC-colored seats. Another stand is built opposite the main stand, it is the “music school” stand with 1,166 white seats, this stand was inaugurated on May 8, 2009. In 2016, the RCV was promoted to Pro D2. For its first season in Pro D2, the RCV welcomes an average of 6,600 spectators in each match, a stadium record.

The stadium has hosted matches for the 2013 Rugby Union Junior World Championship, During the month of August 2018, the stadium was requisitioned by FIFA to host the football/soccer U20 women World Cup, of which it hosted 12 matches, including the final between Japan and Spain in front of 5,409 spectators. Japan won 3X1…..

In the future, there is talk of the music conservatory be destroyed and replaced by a larger stand, increasing the capacity to 1,344 seats, it will have a capacity of 2,510 seats. This new stand will increase the capacity of the stadium to 10,100 seats against 9,600 currently.

The city of Vannes on sports

The official RCV rugby club:

The official VOC football/soccer club

There you go folks, a bit of sports in my capital city of Vannes. Maybe an off the beaten path for some of you while in the area. The Rabine stadium is surrounded by old chapels, and conservatory of music in a spledid walkable area along the canal marina that goes into the Gulf of Morbihan, very nice area. Hope it convince you for a visit ……

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!!

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December 1, 2021

Palais des Arts/theater Anne de Bretagne of Vannes!

Well how can I left this out of my blog so far,well… Glad taking a closer look these days of lovely retirement. … How can I left this Palais des Arts/Theater Anne de Bretagne of Vannes out!! My company did all managerial events here! and of course I was there all over for several years. We have a world hq in Paris so for the world we went to Paris usually the Palais Brongniart (see post) but here in Vannes we had the world hq for our division, and the meetings were held at the Palais des Arts! I need to give credit when credit is due and tell you and me a bit more about this place.

The Palais des Arts et des Congrès, often referred to as the Palais des Arts, is a complex in the capital city of Vannes , dept 56 of my beautiful Morbihan in my lovely Bretagne. It combines a large performance hall and a conference venue. It is located 300 meters from the historic city center, on the Place de Bretagne. its construction began in the 1960s. The building was inaugurated in 1971 by Raymond Marcellin, mayor of Vannes.


In 2011, the theater, which until then had been a municipal theater, left the city’s bosom and became a public administrative establishment. But it was in 2007 that the appellation Théâtre Anne de Bretagne was given to the season’s programming. The performance hall of the Palais des Arts underwent a complete renovation in 2007, which provided it with greatly improved acoustics. The Palais des Arts et des Congrès has an 850-seat performance hall, with a 19.40 meters wide and 15 meters deep stage: the Lesage room. This amphitheater hosts various artistic performances, mainly focused on theater and dance, but also music, French song, circus and humor. These events are managed by Scènes du Golfe. Congresses and associative events are hosted in a set of smaller rooms, the main one being the Ropartz room, a 314-seat amphitheater. The Palais des Arts also houses the central municipal media library.

It is true that this formidable Palais des Arts has rooms of different sizes: Lesage, of 1,100 m² for 800 places; its large dimensions (19 meters opening and 15 meters deep, ie 300 m² of stage) make it possible to accommodate large stage devices. It is one of the largest “plateaux” in Brittany!  Ropartz, 400 m² for 288 seats + 26 folding seats; its dimensions (10 meters of opening and 9 meters of depth, that is to say 100 m ² of stage) allow more proximity with the artists. Other rooms are the  Corvette, 99 seats; Schooner, 90 seats; Dundee, 90 places; Ketch and Cotre, 50 seats; Espace du Golfe, 400 people in cocktail format; Gateway, 300 people in cocktail format. The large room’s plateau has impressive dimensions as told above which can accommodate large stage devices. Thus, the stage can support 650 kg per m2, which has made it possible to host an elephant, a swimming pool, an ice rink during shows, etc. But also much more basic installations such as a simple chair. At 13.50 meters high, one can access via a narrow openwork walkway with the second arch, the part above the stage allowing the spotlights to be hidden on forty-seven poles.  Already equipped with two amphitheatres and five rooms, the Palais des Arts was able to count on a new place in 2018. Nothing to do with a possible extension. It is, in fact, a room that had never been fitted out for thirteen years. This additional room, in a cozy spirit, has a capacity of 108 seats and is used for conferences, screenings, small shows, meetings, congresses… To this day, it still does not bear a name.

It was in 2000 that the three golden columns were erected on the forecourt of the Palais des arts et des congrès, which also houses the Anne-de-Bretagne theater. This global work called, “The hard desire to last” was produced by the Sarthe sculptor Jean-Bernard Métais. These 7 meters high metal columns with a diameter of 1.20 meters are perforated with the names of 1089 artists, thinkers, cooks … who have marked the artist’s history for 25 years. At night, the artistic work takes on its full dimension because the interior lighting brings out these names !

The paid car park located in front of the Palais des Arts will be removed in January 2022. The City plans to create a total green space there, with benches, trees, in the heart of the city, including breathing spaces The six PMR places ( People with reduced mobility) will be repositioned next to rue Nominoë.

The official Scénes du Golf on the theater webpage:

The official Palais des Arts et Congrés webpage:

There you go folks, now I feel better another wonderful memorable spot is in my blog. The Palais des Arts/théatre Anne de Bretagne has many funny anecdotes but professionally kept out.. Hope you enjoy the place and do visit as is has a wonderful programming as well. This is in my capital city of Vannes!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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