January 13, 2017

Driving in Paris, the new and the ugly!

Well just before leaving on an Asian tour, I read in the Le Parisien newspaper about the new driving laws for Paris.

I used to worked in Paris and did it for 10 years. At first ,I took the suburban trains to Gare Saint Lazare and the Metro Concorde. As time went on , was really tired of the sardines ambiance underground and sad long passageways and people pushing around just to get in first. I ask for a way to walk, and surprise find out it took me 18 minutes on the metro rides and underground walks and the same time just walking straight out of Saint Lazare.

And of course, what better way to go to work than passing by the Grand Magasins and the church of the Madeleine and going around it and forward into rue Faubourg Sainte Honoré /rue Sainte Honoré ! and into  rue Cambron and then ,rue de Mont-Thabor and into rue Castiglione ,just glorious route on foot; never again underground.

The, had to come to Paris for meeting friends and others zombies of the night scene and darn those public transport quit at 12h47 so how to get back home!!!  The car, always the old reliable car, and a friend remind me about we are use to drive coming from America. So tried the car to Chatelet to meet some friends at a brasserie; and that was the last time came on public transport to Paris, almost 5 years of car driving. And now visiting by car and love it as well.

The mayor of Paris, Anne (Ana) Hidalgo a native of Cadiz Spain is trying to overhaul all that is Paris with these laws supported by the Eco terrorists  in France and Europe. First came the fines that I reported on the last post on Some News from France, and I am ok with the much older cars but to give someone a sticker and ask to pay 4,18€ to determine which day they can come to Paris is ridiculous .

These stickers or vignettes you can purchase it by internet from the government here: https://www.certificat-air.gouv.fr/

Any day in weekday or working days from 8h to 20h you have to see the year of your car and when can you come to Paris. This rules start on January 15, and are part of the Zone de circulation restreinte (ZCR). Or restrained driving zones including the boulevard périphérique. And it will be tougher later on from July 1st 2017,  the vignettes or sticker No 5 (diesel vehicles registered before Dec 31 2000) will not be able to drive in Paris at all on weekdays.

For now the vignettes will be only given a verbal warning when driving with the wrong number in Paris while 2016 ended . however, in 2017, it will have a fine for  68€  for cars and up to 135€  for trucks driving inside Paris between the hours of 8h and 20H during the weekday without been eligible for a sticker or  vignette.

And if the city designate a day with high pollution even vehicles with sticker may not be allowed to come in , the police prefectural will have the final word on who can come in inside Paris, from inside the A86 in not including the expressway, of course.

I am a member of this organization ,40millionsdautomobilistes ,that is trying to make sense of the traffic laws here and helping a bit the automobile user, it is 40 millions because that is roughly the amount of autos license individuals in France; their webpage is here: http://www.40millionsdautomobilistes.com/

And the Paris tourist office tells you of all means of transport including the car with the usual exclamation that is difficult to drive and find parking in Paris,nonsense. Where did you learn to drive?


Of course, this will not have much of a different to visitors who use public transport most of the time, it will  just diminish eventually the activity of locals around Paris and will just move to other more friendlier cities. The exodus has begun to cities like Bordeaux and the countryside like around my area ,more and more Parisiens around here lol!

I am a diehard so will probably find me a way to get in and limit my days with the car there and go to Versailles instead taking the REC C into Paris. You stay tune as Paris is changing in many ways hopefully not to be destroyed by politicians. See the picture table of vignettes by categories and the map on speed zones now allow in Paris.

Enjoy your weekend, I will be busy getting ready for my trip so see you in a while. Stay healthy and be good ::)

Paris Paris


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January 11, 2017

Some news from France , CXLVI

So this is again the routine in the world of France. Here is cold then mild nice only 9C or about 49F and no rain so far. Not as well did the East where they had even some snow already. Paris about the same now 50F and cloudy  but tomorrow rain as best as the weather folks can tell.

I will be out next week on a trip to Asia for a week, so stay dry and good….I will be hot and cool ::)

For now here is what is cooking in the Belle France.

The école nationale supérieure des Beaux-Art in the rue Bonaparte (6eme) is celebrating their 200 birthday,and many works on renovation is going on.  A museum will be open to the public soon this year. It will showcase a roadmap on the alumni of the school and the entrance will be on the quai Malaquais. The visitor can walk by the Salle Melpomène, the Church of Petits-Augustins and the adjoining cloister, as well as the stained glass cover courtyard of the Palais des études and Amphithéatre d’honneur. The school was founded in January 1817 with heritage collection such as 450 000 works of paintings, molds, sculptures ,designs, photos, and stamps . You can see the whole program here  http://www.beauxartsparis.com/en/about-us

Two exotic places to eat in Paris with a Latin flair are the Uruguayan  Comptoir Montevideo, 44, rue Coquillière, Paris (Ier). Réservations required Tel +33 https://www.lafourchette.com/restaurant/comptoir-montevideo/270027

And the Venezuelan  Bululu Arepera, 20, rue de la Fontaine-du-But à Paris (18eme). Wednesdays to Sundays lunch and dinner ,info  Tél. +33 https://www.lafourchette.com/restaurant/bululu-arepera/79689

Le rap  is in Paris, at the Scred Festival, more than 30 groups are in show here such as the locals  Bastard Prod, with Furax , and ,also,  La Classic. Will be this weekend Fri, Sat,Sun. concerts admission 23€ or 65€ for the three days.  You can participate at La Place 10, passage de la Canopée (1eme), Théatre de Dix-Heures, 36 boulevard de Clichy (18eme) or the Le New Morning , rue des Petites Ecuries (10eme). More info here: https://scredconnexion.com/news/le-scred-festival

And of course, the fines will go up , what do you think they put all those electronic radars? get more money because the death on the road continue to  rise. Starting January 1, 2018 the idea of not paying a parking fine in Paris will go up from 17€ to 50€ n the  arrondissement or districts of zone I in the 1er to the 10me and 35€ in the suburbs in zone II from the 13me to the 20eme.  Of course, they tell you that in cities like London it is 96€ , and Barcelona is 55,50€ , to soften the blow  but its here that matters. And that is not enough the parking meter will go up too from 4€ per hour in zone 1 but the more you stay the more you pay like  8€  for the third hour, 10€  for the fourth hour, 12€ on the fifth and to reach 6 hours will cost 24€  now to 50€,  so a rise of 108 % !  In the suburbs of zone II the rate will be 2,40€ , the first hour to about 9,60€  starting from the fifth hour. Almost nothing, it’s an all out war on the car. And to add the Mayor of Paris Anne (Ana) Hidalgo is Spanish born from Cadiz lol!

This year is the coming out of a movie on the life of the late singer Dalida , very much in love by all Parisiens. It comes out today. At the place Dalida (18eme), there is a bust of Dalida on a throne in the butte Montmartre she made it home and lived for 25 years, from 1962  until suicide on May 3 ,1987.  Her house was at 11, bis rue d’Orchampt ,that she purchased in 1962. Upon her death, the place was sold and made into apartments sadly. She went often to eat at the Moulin de la Galette, just steps from the house and had her usual table by the window, and on her last years she went here almost every day usually with friends.  After her death , it is at the cementary of Montmartre that was put in the 18eme division, Dalida or Yolanda Gigliotti. RIP. More here on her page and movie about to come out: http://dalida.com/actualite/film-dalida-2017.html

A new skyscraper will be build at La Défense, at the Jardins de l’Arche ,with about 200 meters high. It will be next to the U Arena , show hall and home of the Racing 92 rugby team that will open next October  with a view of the terraces of Nanterre.  It will have superficie of  65 000 m², where 45 500 m²  will be dedicated to hotels such as the group Intercontinental Hotels Group, presenting hotels of the gamme of  Crowne Plaza,  Holiday Inn , Staybridge Suites. The remaining 19 500 m²  will have offices, business center, spaces for co-working ,and fab-lab, a gym and shops.  All to be done by 2022.

More on La Défense, the hotel Melià, opened in February 2015 facing the pont de Neuilly, with a panoramic restaurant .  The Esplanade de la Défense will have a Sofitel and the Cnit will house a Hilton.  This year facing the  U Arena, a hotel  CitizenM  will open with 170 rooms.  In 2021, behind the Cnit in the place du Pouce de César, you will see the towers of Sisters, where one will be entirely occupied by a hotel. And my company world headquarters will move in this year too ::)

And the RER E train will go out further from Paris reaching Mantes-la-Jolie and Poissy, two royal towns of France with wonderful Cathedrals, see search and key in these names for my post on them. This will be from La Défense and do for opening by 2024, you heard it here first.

You come in 2017 to Paris do not miss Rodin at the Grand Palais , the Louvre with Rembrandt and Pissaro at Luxembourg.




Some of my favorites around Les Halles à Paris , never wrong here: Au Pied de Cochon 6, rue Coquillière,  more here http://www.pieddecochon.com/

and for a splurge inside the Halles,  Champeaux, the latest from Ducasse ,Forum des Halles , La Canopée, Porte Rambuteau; more here: https://www.restaurant-champeaux.com/fr 

Stay healthy and happy travels ;Cheersrer-e-mantes-et-poissy


January 8, 2017

Chambord ,the king last stand

I will expand on a previous post on Chambord, back in 2015, here


A wonderful huge castle in the Loire region Centre-Val de Loire. Departmet Loire-et-Cher no. 41. It is only 14 km east of Blois, 47 kms southwest of Orleans, and 164 km south of Paris (about 101 miles). Exit or sortie 16 of the expressway A10 (on the road to Bordeaux)  will put you at 14 km from the castle.  With its 5 550 hectares and 32 kms of walls, Chambord is the largest enclosed park in Europe.  It has not less than 426 rooms and  282 chimneys!

The tourist office of the region is at http://www.bloischambord.com/decouvrir/nos-chateaux-de-la-loire/domaine-national-de-chambord

The castle , town of Chambord page is at http://www.chambord.org/

The department tourist page is at http://holidays-loire-valley.com/

In 1519, François I started not far from Blois in the middle of a desert with trees and marshes on a semi abandoned village a huge project. Victor of the battle of Marignan, the young king intends to seduce by stones as he seduce by arms. It’s time to dazzle the world by a new and perfect work. Chambord was the first castle of François I entirely done from scratch.  As I am writing this , a new program on French TV channel ARTE is going on about the castle.

On the northern front you see what a looks like a military fortress surrounded by towers. During its construction François I visited 14 times!!! The towers give a impregnable view over the gardens and forest, great for the second vocation that of hunting. Coming out of the staircase to the top you see a lantern that is not inhabited but serve as lookout and has a fleur de lys the symbol of French royalty.

On the southern front you see a lower cercle base where to see the garden at eye level.  Here you see the donjon tower coming to the royal wing as a refuge and passing into the forest by the king. It has 156 meters (about 515 feet) of façade and inside a wonderful staircase.

You should not miss from the visit the audiovisual room (film presentation), the double revolution staircase, the apartments of François I and Louis XIV, the carved arches of the second floor, the terraces, and the North parterre garden at minimum.

Chambord is originally dedicated to the arts. The Moliére’s Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme was played for the first time before Louis XIV in 1670! It, also, offers many nature activities in the park, like horse show, carriage ride, visit of reserves in a 4X4 vehicule , visit on foot or by bike etc

François I died in 1547, with finally only passing 72 nights in the castle in 32 years of reign. Work continue under Henri II but he ,also, died in 1559, consolidation work is still done in 1566  under Charles IX. Far from the court, Henri III and Henri IV do not lived in the castle. Louis XIII only spent two nights in the castle, and from 1639, the castle is only occupied by the brother of the exile king Gaston d’Orléans. We need to wait until the coming of Louis XIV to finished the project of François I;giving the work to famous architect Jules Hardouin-Mansard. Louis XIV lived only 9 times here , first in 1650 and then lastly in 1685 (company of Madame de Maintenon) ; coming each time on the occasion of the play by Moliére, Monsieur de Pourceaugnac and le Bourgeois gentilhomme.

The king Louix XV used the castle to welcome host the father-in-law Stanislas Leszczynski, king of Poland in exile between 1725 and 1733. By then, the king of Poland leaves for its final place in Nancy. The castle stays uninhabited for many years until 1745, Louis XV gives it as donation to the Maréchal de Saxe that becomes governor for life and lives there permanently since 1748 until his death in 1750.  After, the later passing, the castle is lived by the governors like his nephew Von Friesen died there in 1755, then the marquis de saumery until 1779, and the marquis de Polignac chase out by the French revolution in 1790. After much destruction by the revolutionaries, the castle is in very bad shape by 1796 but still intact.

By July 1802 the first consul Napoléon Bonaparte gives the castle to the legionnaire that after two years finally comes to lived here ,general Augereau. Finding the castle totally deliberated and begins a period of renovation. Under the emperor Napoléon I, it was decided to use it as a school for girls of the legion of honor guard in 1805 but the decision was not followed. The castle comes into the legion of honor guards and rename the principality of Wagram and given in 1809 to the maréchal Louis-Alexandre Berthier, prince of Neuchâtel and Wagram; he comes only one time to the castle! in 1810. Upon his death in 1815, the castle was put up for sale by his widow not able to keep up with the costs.

In 1821, the castle is acquired by national subscription sale to the young Henri d’Artois, duke of Bordeaux, upon the death of Charles X, the prince is the chief of the senior branch of the house of  Bourbons and takes in exile the courtesy title of Count of Chambord. He continues from afar to invest money for the renovation of the castle. During his period , the castle is open to the public. During the Franco-Prussian war of 1870, the castle served as a hospital and in 1871 the Count of Chambord lived briefly. He calls upon the French to bring the monarchy back under the white flag of the French monarchy; (bad decision the representatives wanted a constitutional monarchy similar to that of the UK). Upon his death in 1883, the castle passes to the descendants prince Bourbon Parma and nephews Robert I of Parma, Duke of Parma and Plaisance, and his brother Henri de Bourbon-Parma count of Bardi. Upon the death of the latter in 1907, it passes to his son Elie de Bourbon duke of Parma and Plaisance.

With financial situation the castle passes to the French State on April 13, 1930 after been used during WWI by the government.  From the beginning of WWII the castle becomes the center of tri of the treasures of the national museums of Paris and the north of France to be evacuated and protected from the bombings of the Nazis. After the war, the objects of arts are re send back to their original places most of it to the Louvre museum.  Work of restoration and renovation follows.

today still open to the public the castle or domaine national de Chambord  covers 5 440 hectares of which 1 000 hectares are open to the public, also, the biggest forest enclosed park of Europe. A marvel of our times and much needed to be visited while in France.

The castle practical information can be translated to several languages, time and prices can change so check the official site Chambord.org above. parking is 6€ per day the closest to the castle. Food inside at the Café d’Orléans is very nice for simple sandwiches snacks etc and soft drinks. The Café des écuries outside is very nice and can see the castle with good views. On the Village square approaching the castle you have several eateries as well and shops.  There is a nice boutique inside by the entrance with all the trimmings including food local product, and there is the La maison des vins de Cheverny, very good for tasting and buying the local wines that are good and good prices.  You can ,also, rent cottages just inside and at the door of the castle very nice; not use them but they look good.

Here are some photos, bear with me if repeated from the first entry, try to put up new ones.  Chambord  Chambord  Chambord  Chambord  Chambord  Chambord  Chambord  Chambord  Chambord See the portrait room with pictures of Louis XVI !!! Enjoy the Sunday, I am off tomorrow lol! but lots of errands to catch up the new year. Happy New Year and best wishes for 2017!

 Chambord  Chambord  Chambord  Chambord



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January 6, 2017

Some news from Spain XXXIIII

And the days are getting colder and foggier as today was 1C or about 33F with fog very dense in the country coming home. However, let’s bring some news on Spain, everything under the sun ::)

Some concerts coming up in Spain worth going too even if the price is high.

Aerosmith. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer, Brad Whitford had been seven years without dropping by Spain and Madrid it has been 20 years , but Aero Vederci Baby tour with an air of farewell is well deserves a visit  . The Boston boys have extended their end (originally planned for July 5 Zurich) to finish it on July 8 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. June 29 in Madrid (Rivas auditorium) July 2 in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona (Parque Can Zam Rock Fest Barcelona) and July 8 Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Estadio Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez). From 79,30€.

Bruno Mars World Tour, April 3 in Madrid (WiZink Center) and 7 April in Barcelona (Palau Sant Jordi). Tickets sold out (except the VIP, to 275 euros).

David Bisbal Hijos del Mar tour, after the concert of Almeria (june 2) have been confirmed, at the moment, performances in Valencia, Murcia, Barcelona, Tarragona, Alicante, Malaga, Puerto de Santa Maria, Sevilla, Madrid, and Bilbao (the latter, October 7). From 29,50 €.

Deep Purple. Considered a legend of the hard rock, the British band says goodbye to the scenarios after nearly a half-century of existence (formed in 1968). Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ian Paice (the only remaining original picture),  Steve Morse and Don Airey will come to Spain in midsummer  on their album tour , inFinite. It will come out by the beginning of 2017 (the first single will be released on 20 January)   The Long Goodbye Tour, June 30 in Barakaldo, Bilbao (Bizkaia Arena BEC), 1 July in Barcelona (Rock Fest) and 3 July in Madrid (WiZink Center). From 50€.

Guns N’ Roses. Axel Rose, Slash and Duff, founding members of the legendary rock band, returned to the stage in mid-2016. Not In This Lifetime Tour  comes to Spain. Tickets for Madrid flew in just seven hours, but it still available at San Mamés, Bilbao ; the first big rock band to play at Athletic Bilbao stadium. May 30 Bilbao (San Mames Stadium) and June 4 Madrid (Vicente Calderon stadium), From 108€.

Sting. Three years after the release of The Last Ship, the former leader of The Police , published 57th & 9th streets , which owes its name to the crossing of the streets of Manhattan that crossed on the way to the study, a more rock album. the British will only offer a performance in Spain, in Barcelona, for which entries have flown.  March 21 in Barcelona (Sant Jordi Club). Tickets sold out (except the VIP, a 292€).

And something that just passed but good to keep in mind when in town to purchase toys, the stores I like are:

Circus Kids | Argensola, 2 | Metro Alonso Martínez | Tel.+34 91 052 12 74 with webpage at  www.circokids.es.

Disney Store | Avda Monforte de Lemos, 36 (CC La Vaguada) / ave de Gran Bretaña/n (CC Parque Sur-Leganés) /, 2 Moreras  (CC centro oeste-Majadahonda) | Tel +34  91 481 15 23 / 91 634 41 04 , webpage http://www.disneystore.es

Juguetronica | Alberto Aguilera, 1 | Metro Bilbao | Tel +34 91 447 88 08 webpage at juguetronica.es

Horta Bazaar | Conde de Peñalver, 25 | Metro Goya | tel 91 402 43 68 Weppage http://www.hortabazaar.com, house founded in 1931 ,this store of life follows the special charm that only 85 years of history can explained.

Ciudad Real province was appointed in 2012 world heritage site by Unesco, El Almadén , which has the largest (and oldest) mercury mines in the world, the activity of the mining Park of Almadén concluded in 2002, but now it is possible to visit its installations and descend by the San Teodoro Pozo until the first floor located to 50 meters deep to discover the way that worked on them in the past and know how is It was  quarried the mercury in the 16C and 17C althrough this mine has been exploded for more than 2000 years. The surface has trains to transported visitors and continues the visit to the furnaces of Audeles from the 17C by the Puerta San Carlos IV. And the Museum of Mercury which explained the geology and history of this chemical element.

La Real Prision was the prison in Almaden in the 16C and they were required to work the mines to do their sentence.  Being the building directly connected to the mine. The prisioners did not even have to go outside. The sentence to them was to work in teh mine of Almaden until the year 1799 when the sentences ended and now houses the famous school of Engineering and Industry of Almaden. The town have the unique hexagonal square in the world. This square was built in the 1752, and was one of the first squares built in Spain. It has the peculiarity of accommodating 24 houses on its façade, and its contruction can in order to afford the Real Hospital of miners of San Rafael (Which today is the historical archive of Minas de Almaden) with its bullfights. Currenly these homes have become the only hotel in the world located in a bullring. Morehere: http://www.almaden.es/turismo.html

The good things about Cordoba:

Jardines de la Victoria or Victory Gardens , a Beautiful park designed in the 18C amongt roman mauseleums. By 2013, the market of la Victoria, Andalusia gastronomic market was opened.  It is the perfect place to start tasting delicacies s the exotic salmorejos created by Juanjo Ruiz in his Salmoreteca, the 100 Flamenkitos flamenquines or the Iberian ham from los Pedroches of Covap. Nearby, Albeniz 16, Aldo Cabrera made the best pizzas of Córdoba and all with names of celebrities like Mick Jagger or Banksy.

By Puerta de Almodovar come to meet another world in another era of narrow streetswhere good restaurants are concentrated. As Casa Pepe de la Juderia, at Romero, 1, a classic to prove good popular Cordoba cuisine, including the rabo de toro, and with superb views from its rooftop. There are other equally great as El Churrasco,Romero 16, famous for its lamb dishes. Or Casa Mazal, Tomás Conde, 3,    epecializing in Shephardic cuisine. The district has since 2014 its own gastronomic market Los Patios de la Marquesa,calle Manríquez.

In front,the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos hiding excellent local restaurants as Puerta de Sevilla, in calle  postrera-, 51. A good place to test the almodrote of Eggplant with mint or andafina, a stew of lamb. Another good alternative, with almost 100 years of history, is Taberna la Viuda (San Basilio, 52), which offers innovative varieties of native dishes such as oxtail flamenquín. And for you who like the salmorejo, Juan Peña(Doctor Fleming, 1) offers 20 varieties.

Near the Mezquita cathedral Bodegas Mezquita wineries , are Corregidor Luis de la Cerda, 73, who has restaurant, but above all with a great pantry where Cordoba quality products purchased. Also adjoining Casa of Pedro Ximénez, where you can learn first hand the product. Moreover, Sojo grupo transformed the Horno deLuis at Cardenal Gonzalez , 3.  And those who prefer to combine gastronomy with flamenco, El Burlaero Calleja  de fuego 5, is perfect.

Paseo de la ribera wineries  Bodega Campos(Lineros, 32), a gastronomic institution since 1908.  Tapas , a good place with views is the tavern of the River (E. Romero de Torres, 7 or garum 21, in San Fernando, 120, the Bistronomic Tapas Bar of Jose Luis Santiago. The porridge of pistachio is unique. To finish the day few places are as pleasant as Fusion Sojo, fine seasonal cuisine. La  Copa  with views, on the terrace of the Sojo Ribera in the same ride.

Plaza Corredera, this 17C square hides the Penadonde Sanchez market before it was a hat factory. The most advisable is to the Taberna Salinas (Tundidores, 3), a century-old local where try spinach with chickpeas, pork and a pastel cordobés trotters for scrumptious.

Plaza de las Tendillas, considered the heart of the Centre of Cordoba, are the bars and taverns of tapas. From the classic El Correo Jesús Maria, 2, or the Casa del pisto, in Plaza San Miguel, 1, passing through Aguaceros in the  same square, or A Cuatro Manos, San Felipe 13 . To eat in more serious plans, the El Blazon, José Zorrilla, 1, or tavern La Montillana, in San Álvaro, 5. And in Barqueros, 2 there is the main store of Covap (Cooperativa Ganadera del Valle de los Pedroches) where you can acquire hams and other products from the area.

Where do you left me with France in Madrid. You heard of José I Bonaparte (Joseph) or Pepe Botella oldest brother of Napoleon I. Despite the fact some experts argue that he did not even taste a drop of alcohol. The nickname of ‘King of squares or Rey de Plazuelas.Since his arrival in the summer of 1808. He found a sealed city with an intricate urban layout that was stifling for the French.  Orders went out  to open spaces,  demolishing churches, convents and  complete housing blocks, resulted in squares hence his nickname ,well known as the  Oriente, opposite the Royal Palace. The squares of San Miguel, Santa Ana, Mostenses or San Martin is also the Gallic King heritage.

Palacio de Linares, originally named Palacio de Murga – by their owners, José de Murga y Osorio Raimunda; Worked started in 1877  following the style of Adolf  Ombrecht French. It is located in the plaza de Cibeles, one of the essential for every lover of architecture, because it is home to the Palacio de Buenavista . José I (Joseph) chose it as headquarters of the Museum josefino , seed of the Museum of the Prado – and the Banco de Españathat, despite the Venetian Renaissance style responds to the European model that was intended by the French monarch to Madrid. The Calle  Alcalá Street stop at corners as  spectacular as the building of the Instituto Cervantes. The old Banco Espanol del Rio de la Plata located right in front of two palaces that could perfectly be located in a city like Paris. They are the mansions of Urquijo and Fontagud 47 Alcalá and Barquillo 5, streets respectively; nowadays are seat of the National Commission of markets and competition, occupying practically the entire block until Plaza del Rey square.

The Gallic traces on the capital in one of the perfect places to learn more about France: Oh Délice!. This ’boutique  gourmet’, in plaza de Chueca, is famous for its peculiar-tasting cheeses and wines.  A temple of the craft products from the neighboring country, talks the types of how many grapes ,delicacies of French regions etc Not  rare that science, philosophy or history end up linking this kind of informal meetings. More here: http://www.ohdelice.es/

Enjoy Spain and Madrid especially, just wonderful to celebrate the 3 Wise Kings parade or Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos, those that came from different corners of the world to provide gifts of their regions to the new born Child in Bethlehem , Jesus. Thereafter, sort of, traditions hold we give our kids the toys/gifts on Epiphany day.

Enjoy Spain, we are planning to be back in summer 2017. Cheers!





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January 3, 2017

Some news from France , CXLV

Hi there, and welcome to 2017 on my blog Paris1972-Versailles2003. For those new, I name my blog back in November 2010 after my very first encounter with the most beautiful city in the world, PARIS; coming on the heels of the great movie The Last Tango in Paris with Marlon Brandon, and Maria Schneider. Thereafter, added my year of permanent resident citizen in France on August 2003 in royal Versailles.

Ahh for my own sake, the CXLV is post No 145 in the series.::)

Some happenings and anecdotes from France and Paris in particular.

Between 2009 and 2014, the number of Parisian went from 2 234 105 to 2 220 445. Or a loss of  13 660 inhabitants in less than five years.  14 out of 20 districts are concerned.  Only four peripheral districts escape this trend and see their population increase between 2009 and 2014: the 12th, 14th, 17th and 19th. The reasons according to the mayor’s office is the lower birth rate affecting cities and an increase in the number of second homes in Paris. Now the next Council of Paris (30, 31 January and 1 February)a tax on second homes will be increased and will multiply the devices to encourage homeowners to put their apartment with the devices ‘multiloc’ or ‘ rent solidarity” Just to fight against Airbnb. Big battle on renters in Paris trying to make some additional income because not only they escape paying some taxes, but the homes remain off hands for permanent renters. They make more money on the tourists! Source: INSEE

After the BHV, Galeries Lafayette ,and Le Bon Marché ;the Au Printemps will finally be allowed to open its doors Sundays. Employees working occasionally on Sunday in addition to their working time, can make up to 12 maximum Sundays per year and will benefit by Sunday worked 100% of the salary increase, a compensatory rest day  due to work on a day not worked and 60€  child care assistance.  And further, ,employees normally scheduled Sunday as a day of work will enjoy the same benefits with the exception of the compensatory ceilings of 12 Sundays. Great idea, finally catching up here in la Belle France.

This small structure created in 1960 in a beautiful 17C  house surrounded by gardens, in the rue Cortot, and a high place in the history of art, where successive painters Auguste Renoir, Raoul Dufy, Suzanne Valadon and Maurice  Utrillo came to paint and lived. Yet for four years the Museum of Montmartre is fighting for its entry into the fold of the Inter Museum Association which about 56 cultural venues in Paris and the and Ile-de-France region and proposes the Paris Museum Pass, which allows visitors free access to museums. Only here, Montmartre is excluded from the Pass. http://www.museedemontmartre.fr/

Well surprise right? Not really if you live here. Parisians rarely visit the monuments of their beautiful city. Even when they walk in the streets of the capital on the weekend. They don’t know the history of their neighborhood. Given this situation, a start-up embarked on market tours specifically designed for Parisians . For a year, “My Beautiful Paris” offers to help discovered the secrets of the city of light. Visits take place in small groups max 15 persons and last for 2 hours, renewed every month. To find out the full program, the dates to visits and buy a box online or an individual visit the webpage  www.redecouvrirparis.fr.  For info a gift giving card for two cost 39€, for 4 cost 74€ and for 6 places cost 99€ and 12 it is 199€.

something interesting and part of the French everyday life is the baguette well here is one of the best and most historical flour makers.  The Bourgeois Mills settled in Verdelot, if not there by chance 25 kms west of the commune of  La Ferté-under-Jouarres in the Seine and Marne, dept 77. Stones were  made,for several centuries to grind the seeds.

“The global benchmark of the wheel was there”, says David Bourgeois.  The last Mills closed in the 19C. “The Millers tradition  continues: it was the best stone to crush the grain.  There are millstones of La Ferté  to Asia and South America as early as the 16C, the know-how of the millers of La Ferté who made these circular stones was recognized worldwide.  Milling was good from the siliceous rock, stone as it is very porous. The stones  was, also, used to build the houses of  île-de-France region for the millers. The French Revolution at the end of the 18C 3000 people lived directly from this activity at  La Ferté. Bourgeois Mills  by the numbers:

200 million. The number of baguettes made annually by the Bourgeois flour.   40M€ The annual turnover of the Bourgeois mills.50 000 tons. The amount of flour per year. 1,000. The number of customers bakers, within a radius of 300 km. 95 the number of employees; 22 the number of company  delivery led trucks.

One museum I passed by on my last visit to Paris is the musée Jeu de Paume at the Jardin des Tuileries. Showing now Soulévements, L’histoire de la geste populaire. Until January 15 2017. 282 works coming from 105 lenders on 1000 sq meters of space with 210 enlevements seen by 21 partner institutions. It gives the space to the philosopher and art historian Georges Didi-Huberman. 

Talking about Montmartre do not missed the seafood of La Mascotte, 52 rue des Abbesses ;webpage here http://www.la-mascotte-montmartre.com/

For something down, get the roasted chicken of Le Coq Rico at 98 ,rue Lepic, webpage here: http://www.lecoqrico.com/

And for the ladies you find those wonderful Parisian creations at Spree , 16 rue la Vieuville; webpage here : http://www.spree.fr/en/ 

The activities of Versailles are great with this extravaganza going on until March 26, 2017. An exhibition showing varieties and ingenuity of entertainment provided by the court, making Versailles simply monumental, extraordinary and fantastic to show off its parties and shows. More in English here: http://en.chateauversailles.fr/news-/events/expositions/fetes-et-divertissements-a-la-cour-en

And to end with a bit of nostalgia for the Circus with CirkaCuba by Circus Phénix in the Pelouse de Reuilly, 75012 until January 15 in Paris and then on tour in France. These are Cubans artists doing their best which is dancing and acrobatic dancing acts, more info here: www.cirquephenix.com/ and the show info CirkaCuba is here: http://cirkacuba.cirquephenix.com/


Last minute on the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi, The Louvre Abu Dhabi – annex of the famous Paris Museum in the Emirates – open end of 2017, on the island of Saadiyat, with two years behind the original schedule.The building housing the future Museum, in the form of rose of the sands and capped by a huge dome inspired by the traditional Arab architecture, was designed by the french architect Jean Nouvel. Its construction, which started in January 2013, cost 582 million euros, according to AFP. A collection of 600 works of arts. The Louvre Abu Dhabi will bring together 8600 m2 of space, not to mention the outdoor areas , works of all civilizations and all periods, including contemporary arts unlike its French home . It has already built up a collection of more than 600 pieces including 300 loaned b French partner museums for the opening.

January 2, 2017

Something I like, wines,and for 2017

Ok so let’s talk about wine shall we; this is one of my favorite topics and the entry point for me into all things French many many years ago. If you read my old posts, worked at a liquor store in Florida when a lot younger and was responsible for the wine orders, sales of it to a upper class majority in Ormond Beach.  The wine thing began way back with my maternal grandmother and the Spanish wines, and then it grew into French wines. I still drink both but France wins….::)

What we will have for 2017, well many gurus have their opinions and from different sources; I like to pick my own views tergiversate with theirs.

There is wine from many regions of the world and many new to wine popularity, more to show wine is in always will be; it is the blood of our maker if you go way into religion.

The so called scientists call 2016 the hottest year in history helping the pinot noir grapes in Canada, and Germany (bear in mind it is a French grape….).  The craft beer boutique style is up 14,1% according to Beverage Information group, and cider is up 10%, and now flavored whiskey  wine will still be going strong in 2017.  So how is the world for 2017?

Sparkling wine is going up with Prosecco the Italian newcomer but Champagne the master is up 10% in the USA! Italy’s Franciacorta to Tasmania have begun to crack the Champagne code. Last year, the English fizz went global and now has nine brands in the U.S.  Two upcoming areas are Lambrusco from Italy and Spanish cava from the Catalunia region especially with their upscale denomination Cava de Paraje Calificado .

The Loire region, my house wine, went up 10% in sales in the US last year.  The wonderful cabernet franc and the popular gamay as well as stylish, complex, dry and sweet whites from chenin blanc and lively, zingy sauvignon blanc. You may know Chinon, but lesser-known Loire areas Touraine (my favorite), Anjou, Saumur, and Vouvray are set to shine. And a better quality price ratio than Burgundy or Rhone valley regions.

Rosés were good and still are, but the light cool reds are coming strong; see the above in the Loire region. Also, look for lively frappato from Sicily, tangy schiava and lagrein from northern Italy’s Alto Adige, pinot noir from Alsace, and zweigelt from Austria to hit by-the-glass lists in restaurants in the USA ,and soon the trend will follow elsewhere.

There is a trend upward on canned wines, but this is not for me sorry, the wine is in the bottle or nothing. Also ,there are wine fountain or jugs of wines from many regions and especially from Italy and Spain ,but again these are not for me.

Next, we will have salon Vinisud  from January 29-31 2017 and already 475 producers signed up for it, with the Languedoc-Roussillon region accounting for 180 of them. http://www.vinisud.com/en

Even in popular Facebook the pages the most research are Bordeaux, Vins d’Alsace, Beaujolais Nouveau, vins du Val de Loire, AOC Fitou, Bourgueil, Crozes-Hermitage wineries, Armagnac, Floc de Gascogne, and Côstiéres de Nîmes.

Meanwhile ,another wine guide is coming out this year Let Petit Ballon by Jean-Michel Deluc , former chef of the Ritz hotel, place Vendome ,Paris. http://www.lepetitballon.com/concept/

Milleniums drink wine 28% more ,and more folks are drinking wine at home, Portuguese wines are up 25% as well as Austrian and South African reds are getting popularity. So 2017 will be a year of getting to know some other parts of the world while staying close to the old traditional ones. Glad my Loire is right up there and Bordeaux still going strong!

Cheers and enjoy wines in 2017. I just had a bottle of old reliable Paul Jaboulet Ainé Côte de Rhone Parallel 45 red.60% Grenache ; 40% Syrah. And home made chorizo pizza with Il Piccante Italian genuine pizza sauce ! In vino veritas ::)



January 1, 2017

Happy New Year ,Bonne Année, Feliz Año Nuevo! 2017.

A very special brief post on wishing you all a very very Happy New Year and best wishes for 2017. May all your hopes and dreams come true in good health. We stay home as in the last few years, with the kids grown and far from family we do not want to go out into the crowds of end of year.

We decided to cook a nice roast duck in orange sauce all home made by the expert French cook in the family, my wife. Then, we added mashed sweet potatoes, and combine it with Moro rice ( a Cuban dish of old Andalucía Spain, consisting of black bean painted rice so its black and call Moros y Cristianos or Moors and Christians, that goes way back in history). All wash down with Cava Freixenet, yes from Spain oops sorry France ….

We started with some Catalan sausages and Porto Ramos Pinto Adriano from Portugal. The end came with a home made chocolate mousse.  A grand total of 6 persons, my father took part and had the duck , yippee a first for him!!!

All the while we switch TV from the celebration in the Champs-Elysées news flash but end up with the ones at Puerta del Sol in Madrid shown on TVE television of Spain. It was wonderful, I had a cam camera of it and was great indeed! Just for a bit of ambiance as best we can.

The town was quiet and very cold 1C or about 33F, and if fell even lower ,but we managed with a good heating system now lol!

Another year goes by, and I to begin work tomorrow afternoon, then ready for the routine of meeting and preparing for a trip to Asia in mid January.  We are setting up our goals to go back to Spain in summer long vacation and looking into the Segovia or Madrid province to rent a house, which we have some indications already. So business wise and personal wise we are ready for 2017; health permitting and God willing.

Will have some personal photos here ,not a fan but for the special day it is worth it me think. Again happy travels and best wishes for all followers and readers of my blog in 2017. Cheers

 Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner


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December 31, 2016

Happy New Year, Feliz Año Nuevo, Bonne Année, all from Vannes

Ok so this is the last day of 2016, and what a year it has been, ,more posts than ever, more likes and comments than ever, and just great to finish it.  Thank you to all my followers and readers!!! We took one last ride in our capital city and work city of Vannes today. Breton language we call it Gwened!

We got early to take one of our son to the Cinéville Parc Lann to meet some friends and we took advantage to do some errands in town. The movie was Assasin’s Creed, and the cinema page is here: http://vannes.cineville.fr/programmes?salle=vannes_parc

The day have been blurry foggy and cold at 2C or about 36F. The Cinéville is in an area we do a lot of shopping from groceries at E Leclerc to Decathlon, and several restaurants like Pizza del Arte, La Boucherie, Tablapizza, Brooklyn Café etc etc. So it is very central to us, a great place to meet if passing by y’all ::)

This is where the V&B bar concept store is located and we do get a lot of beers here domestic and imported mostly from Germany and Belgium. Across it ,is our Castorama home building store and we got the last of the 3 electric radiators for our heating ,up to the latest technology and now the house is fully modernized!!! We have change everything including the insulation in the laundry room in the basement and attic!

We are now having goals for 2017 to do the changeover of all front door windows and paint the entire basement which is 125 M2(about 1345 SF)….The roof windows velux have been all change to modern ones. Getting ready for retirement and easy nice life even if still about 3 years to go.

Having purchase and return home, we found out another of our sons had taken the bus to go to city center so decided to go back to Vannes and pickup both to be quicker for the end of year cooking. Of course, the went to one of their favorite store Japanim for all Japanese style manga and figurines etc. in the old town of Vannes.  More on the store here: https://beenaps.com/japanim-vannes-vannes/

We could not leave the city without the ever presence baguette bread so just behind the Cathedral St Pierre in the Place Brulée there is this wonderful bakery, boulangerie Crabot at rue Guénhaêl. We got our wonderful staple à la française here, bien sûr. no webpage, their telephone number is +33 (0) 2 97 69 12 54.

We found parking incredible as it may sound (if you drive around here) by the post next to the prefecture building or regional government building across from the ramparts; which is a rare opportunity. Doing all the above walks, which led us to some of the old part of town and photos here as well including the gardens of the préfecture, the ramparts, the Porte Prison, Musée la Cohue (across from Cathedral St Pierre) , and right on the parking shot the wonderful tour connetable or constable tower on the background! Lovely Vannes always.

In all a nice goodbye to 2016 from Vannes, and now home, ready to drop the clicking for the cooking help and of course the Réveillon!!! Bonne Année à tout le monde, Happy New Year to all, Feliz Año Nuevo para todos, Feliz Ano Nuovo para todos!!!

Cheers and see you in 2017 around the blog.

 Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes




December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016 in Paris !the marché de Noêl

Following my trips to some Christmas markets I could not be away from Paris even if now live 6 hrs away by car (not paying tolls). I used to worked in the city for 10 years before moving out west to Brittany about 6 years ago. You can read more in my blog and do search on the front page to seek other places and to know me more. Love to travel and share experiences.

Paris is a big word, awesome, unbelievable, amazing, a truly world city and why not the most beautiful city in the World. 32 millions people attest to this  every year since the WTO -UN decided to keep tabs of tourists visits back in 1949.

I took a car drive on the N12 getting to Versailles first (where I lived for 10 years), and then got to Paris on the A13 getting by the Porte Dauphiné into Avenue Foch ,around the Arc de Triomphe (yes!!!) and into my parking garage at the Etoile-Wagram in avenue de Wagram. From there took the walks of Paris you all should take and not the metro/subway , better see the beauty above ground. Here is the parking: http://www.interparking-france.com/fr-FR/find-parking/WagramArcdeTriomphe/

For information on the Christmas market or marché de Noêl , read here: http://en.parisinfo.com/paris-show-exhibition/142388/christmas-market-on-the-champs-Elysées

And here official site on markets in French ,Champs Elysées not the only one in Paris but over the years since the first I was and really honestly thought would never made it as it was almost empty has grown to a really nice good Christmas market; here is more: http://www.marches-noel.org/marches-de-noel-a-paris/#

We walked down the Avenue des Champs Elysées from the Arc de Triomphe all the way to the metro Roosevelt square rond-point des Champs-Elysées and into the Place de la Concorde and the big wheel in front of the entrance to the jardin des Tuileries.

In between, there was a plethora of chalets, kiosks, bank ATM, rides and food stalls even full restaurants serving season’s fare and trinkets from as far away as Brazil. The ambiance was very nice and locals mingle with tourists alike in a wonderful holiday spirit.

We love the season and sharing it with the world is great way to spend good strong family time. Nothing better than the Christmas market at the avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris. Most comments came in at 4 out of 5 rating which is very good.

The market will continue until January 8 2017, all from 12h to about 21h but we were there from 10h and many chalets were already open . You have about 180 chalets and two paying attractions, the Grande Roué or big wheel taking you 70 meters high (about 231 feet) and the ice skating or patinoire all of 1600 m2 or about 17,2K ft2.

By the Rond-point des Champs-Elysées, about 20 chalets will be dedicated to creators from fashion clothing to wood makers, glass blowers, jewelry makers and potters. Further, towards the Concorde you will see a village of artists coming from all the regions of France showcasing their creation. There will be a Food court or food village that will have from hot wine to pretzels (great we try it) to many other goodies.

Organizers are expecting from the opening on November 11st to January 8 closing almost 16 million visitors will show up! I think they will surpass it.

Other than the wonderful food court do not miss the Thriller ride with spooky characters and if with kids the petit train at the gare de Paris,and the cerfs flying train; also the petting area or pony rides.

All in all, the best Christmas market we have seen this year in the West of France.  Other markets going on were held at Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Gare de l’Est, Gare Saint Lazare, Abbesses-Montmartre, Eiffel on ice, mail de Branly(near pont d’Iena) , Pont de Suffren, around tour Montparnasse, quai Branly( Pont de l’Alma to Pont Bir Hakeim), and just outside Paris at La Défense.

Over the years we have been to all of them and other than La Défense that started strong, the one at the Champs-Elysées has surpassed it as the best of all in our opinion.

Now looking forward to the New Year 2017 and wishing all my followers and readers the very best in 2017. Happy New Year, Bonne Année et meilleurs voeux 2017!!!

 Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris




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December 29, 2016

Another visit to Paris, after all it’s worth a visit again and again and again!

Ok so long title but Paris has so many on it, and not just written but photograph that by now it’s everybody’s capital city, beloved city, love city, and nostalgia sets in with me as met my wife there on the Champs-Elysées and at the Bistro Romain resto near the Arc de Triomphe lol! That was 26 years ago !!!!

Since then, visited umpteen times, and eventually came to worked in the city for 10 years, leave again and visit again now several times a year. Paris, we will always have Paris.

This time came to see my beloved Versailles where I lived while working in Paris, and why not take advantage of the Christmas market (Marché de Noêl); next post stay tune . Let me tell you, it started out as a tiny thing , never in my wildest dream believe it would turn out like it has, but then again, this is Paris. The festivities, the chalets and rides, the food on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées is awesome.

You can see still some until January 8th 2017 here: http://en.parisinfo.com/discovering-paris/major-events/christmas-in-paris/christmas-markets-in-paris/christmas-markets-in-paris

We rode our car into Paris, yes nothing to it even with the so call alternate driving dates and the ecolos trying to diminished Paris, and the terrorists doing their usual crap, well Paris is Paris ; it was saved from WWII destruction and nothing will stop it.

We came in by our usual entry on the Porte Dauphiné and into Avenue Foch to the Arc de Triomphe and get on Avenue de Wagram parking Etoile-Wagram; where we got in right from Wagram or you can come in on the side street rue de l’étoile. More on it here: http://www.interparking-france.com/fr-FR/find-parking/WagramArcdeTriomphe/?utm_source=My%20Business&utm_medium=Lien&utm_campaign=Wagram

We ,then, set out to walk Paris. Coming right at the Arc de Triomphe, the emblematic arch on the grand Avenue des Champs-Elysées. This was again a walk thru as we have been to the sights ,and now walking like a local is the thing to do; always gratifying to come here. The official Paris tourist office is here in English: http://en.parisinfo.com/

We do like to report (as we are big eaters on anything lol!) there is a new burger joint at the Avenue, this is the American chain Five Guys at 49-51 Avenue des Champs-Elysées. serving burgers from 9€ and smaller ones from 7€, fries medium for 5€, beef hot dogs from 5,50€, grilled cheese sandwich for 5€, sodas from 3,50€ milkshakes for 6,50€ with already good reviews and a huge line to get in outside and across the sidewalk! No wonder it arrived in France and this is their second one ,more here: https://www.fiveguys.fr/location

We had good views on a sort of cloudy day to the Assamblée Nationale, Invalides, Ecole Militaire, Eiffel tower, and passing the glorious Grand and  Petit Palais was awesome.  I went to see my old job for several years there now the Westin I was in the transition from the Intercontinental hotel (the L’Inter as we called it) and had my lunch breaks out at the Café l’Imperiale on rue Rouget de Lisle where the employees entrance to the hotel is still today.

The famous Lido cabaret is right here with a new show Paris Merveilles. However a whole lineup of dinner spectacle and champagne are in order for the New Year from 100€ to 630€ dinner show combination. More here just because it was one of the two favorites of mine, (other is lapin agile in Montmartre) ; http://www.lido.fr/en.html

The wonderful stores on the CE of historical significance after all the tourists walked by, are the Arcades des Champs-Elysées there since 1927; deco is Paris turn of the century inside, worth a detour from walking the avenue.  You continue onwards to the Concorde and pass the Galeries des Champs, more here: http://en.parisinfo.com/shopping-paris/73807/Galerie-des-Champs-Elysees

Moving right alone you reach on the same side of the street towards Concorde, the Galerie du Claridge; well for us was a fixture as there is the FNAC store and our boys went crazy for games, dvd,cd accessories when in town lol! still now !!!http://www.fnac.com/Paris-Champs-Elysees/Fnac-Champs-Elysees/cl76/w-4

There is even a committee of merchants and citizens that looks after the avenue and has a ton of information even if in French; http://www.comite-champs-elysees.com/

The activities official site of the avenue is here: http://www.champselysees-paris.com/

But we continue, into the great Jardin des Tuileries, this my boys played when young and me work just across it so it was my time off relaxation place and what a place with our great gardener André le Nôtre! The short story goes that Catherine de Médicis who was the queen regent at the time passed by and saw a dirty terrain with a tile factory (most now still covered the Louvre fortress museum); and she saw a very small plot of land well lawn and trim tree. Curious she ask who did it and they went to get the young men, admitting that it was him who did it she ask if he can do the whole terrain like that, and he said yes. Well ,the young boy was born there in a shackle, his name André Le Nôtre who later became the grand gardener of France from here to Versailles and onwards.  In French, the city of Paris page on the garden here: http://equipement.paris.fr/jardin-des-tuileries-1795

From the garden and my job there was an easy 5 minutes walk to the place Vendôme another jewel of Paris and a pleasure to walk it again.  However, right in the garden are two of the best museums of Paris. The  Museum of Jeu de  Paume, great contemporary modern museum and more on the tourist page in English here: http://en.parisinfo.com/paris-museum-monument/71258/Jeu-de-Paume-Paris

The other closer to me is the Museum of the Orangerie, right alone the Seine river; here you see the great work of Claude Monet ,Nymphéas.  Right there is a great show on the American painters of the 1930’s; more here in English: http://www.musee-orangerie.fr/en/article/history-water-lilies-cycle

Do take a look at the obelisk of Luxor in the place de la Concorde a gift from Egypt, and the wonderful fountains of the rivers and the seas or fontaines des fleuves et des mers as in the photos. I could not help it but passed by Pizza Pino resto on the avenue, a regular meeting place for business lunch in town, and the best look from the Pont de la Concorde to the Pont Alexander III and the gorgeous Seine river. Paris is eternal!

And something for the curious we have the Palais de l’Elysée for our home President home right off the Avenue and here you will see a picture of the front entrance.  More on it’s history in French here: http://www.elysee.fr/la-presidence/le-palais-de-l-elysee-et-son-histoire-2/

Of course, we could not leave Paris without eating and sampling the Parisian way of life in a cozy place just by our parking and perfect for our way out of the city. I have passed by it and been on business lunch before but this time told the family on our way home we will eat here before leaving the city and so we did. A pleasant dining experience as any in Paris!

We step into the La Flamme 6 avenue de Wagram, tel +33 (0) 1 42 27 85 25. It has a colorful ambiance in purple and red, with terrace and French traditional dishes. The baroque period frames are bordering the TV screen showing for this afternoon the NBA basketball game. The service was very good and the place very cozy indeed even for a family to be quiet having an excellent French dish of Fricassée des poisons or fishes 3 kinds tuna, snapper, and turbot. all wash down with a pelforth brune beer and to finish expresso coffee. The rest of the gang had different dishes all good and the price is just right ! no webpage of course, this you need to come and see it, taste it right down from the Arc de Triomphe on Avenue de Wagram right hand side. Bon appetite !

I will close out the year with the post on the Christmas market of the Ave des Champs-Elysées next, stay tune. Cheers and Happy New Year 2017 to all my followers and readers ,Bonne Année! Meilleurs voeux! !!!

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