November 16, 2019

Shopping at Claye Souilly , lunch at Meaux!

So again as many demonstrations in Paris especially by the Halles I took the opposite direction to my dear Seine-et-Marne dept 77. If you have read my blog you know the significant of this region of my belle France for me.

I took my new car a VW Tiguan automatic for a test run at the shopping and lunch and family visits in dept 77. So I went to Claye-Souilly and Meaux.

I took the old reliable N3 road to reach Claye-Souilly and the wonderful shopping center there.  !The Les Sentiers de Claye-Souilly anchor by a big Carrafour hypermarket but plenty of other stores too

Many of my favorite stores are there too including Armand Thiery ,Micromania, Darty, Orange, Carrefour, and Jeff de Brugges. OF course, Columbus Cafe, Subway, and Brioche Dorée!

The Sentiers of Claye Souilly webpage: Official sentiers of Claye Souilly shopping center

Easy parking at park 5 and easy to find your car afterward! Also, easy on off from the national road N3 . From here after some shopping I continue my trip to Meaux

Now, Meaux is very sentimental as it is the native town of my dear late wife Martine and know the city as my own. Many memories but a must to stop when in the area. I had the great pleasure to eat at the same pizzeria that I ate when came to live in France permanently in 2003, and still with same owners!!

This was at the Pizzeria Villa Roma at Avenue Salvador Allende webpage is here: Pizzeria Villa Roma Meaux

Here had my lunch with an Oriental pizza of merquez etc and a Corona beer with expresso coffee all for 16€ All still very friendly serve and good, with the owner talking with me as told was there first in 2003 when he opened the pizzeria in 2002!

From here I went to see some real estate agencies as would like to have a furnished apartment in the area to continue my work assignment from the current hotel stay at CDG. The company is helping me find the place. In fact, I saw one at Claye-Souilly that is  by a private individual that is very nice hopefully the company I am working would approve!

And been at Meaux, could not escape visiting the mother of my dear late wife Martine but she is sick in the hospital well had a chat with my father in law and one of the sister in law at the house on a village just outside Meaux.

It was time to get back to the temporary home at the hotel by CDG T1 and ready for tomorrow run to Paris hopefully with less demonstrations; will need to avoid them. IF you are planning to visit Paris at least until Dec 5th read the news check the areas that are not good to be by and or ask me ::)

Hope you like my new runs away from my lovely Bretagne, which will be back for the weekend of Nov 22-24 and have a Thanksgiving dinner even if a bit late.

For now, remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

ps. Again the photos will have to wait to get to my real home as pictures seems not to take here from jfif.. and not jpeg unless someone show me how to turn them into jpeg::)

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November 15, 2019

How about CDG terminal 1!

Well this is Friday night and before i do anything else let me tell you a bit more on the transports at Paris airports. I have written plenty in my blog and if you need help just browse the blog or ask me.

This time will touch base on my nearest terminal at CDG Charles de Gaulle Paris airport, that is terminal 1. Did you know the terminals 1,2,3 and parking R and X are all link by the wonderful free train monorail type CDGVAL? This is a great service and even the road warrior like it.

There is a space on the airports of Paris official page on the CDGVAL here: Airports of Paris on the CDGVAL train

There is also a private site that is very helpful to many so I am posting it here too. Easy CDG on RER and CDGVAL trains

I have travel by Terminal 1 but has been my least travel terminal at CDG over the years. Nevertheless, I am very close to it now and needed to drop off my rental car as the company gave me a corporate loaner VW… So therefore, I easily left my job on my Europcar rental Nissan Micra and drove to their counters at Terminal 1. Wow!

Getting there was very easy and well posted and on the ground a nice men just took a look and ask for the keys and off I went, simple as that, tops. Then, I walk back to my hotel hehehe! Well walking is good allows you see different things like there is an elevator for the car rental and arrival/Departures and another for the CDGVAL train !

Once on the CDGVAL monorail train type whatever I just needed one stop to get off at the parking R long term and from there walk about 700 meters to the Hotels complex of  the Holiday inn Express, Mercure, Innside by Mélia, and Moxy. All very convenience not only to terminal 1 but with the CDGVAL to terminals 2 and 3 as well. IF coming by car, the car park R and X are link as well!

Well before getting to my hotel I stop by now a favorite spot the Aéroville shopping center which is huge and nice and had my chow at the Johnny B Goode burger place with a nice grolsch beer!!  And the resto is right here:  Johnny B Goode at Aeroville shopping center

And voilà to my hotel and a good night sleep lol! I am back in the Paris region and it shows !!! Tomorrow will go to my family at Seine-et-Marne dept 77 near Disneyland and then on Sunday will be in Paris! A very good laid out schedule n’est pas ok mon cher lecteurs a bientôt sur ma belle France!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

ps. there is lots of demonstrations schedule from now up to december 5th so be prepare and get the latest online. Also, my new computer has a different jiff something on the pictures so cannot load them now, will have to do so later from home end Nov19.

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November 14, 2019

Notre Dame Cathedral , Update Nov19!

Well here is another take on the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral. I guess from reading and hearing , it will be longer than told. Too many politics in the middle as often the case.

I have done at least two previous update on the disaster and the efforts to rebuilt and feels its about time for an update. Therefore, here it goes folks, Notre Dame Cathedral, Update Nov19 and this time direct from Paris!!!

The sequence did not go unnoticed. Invited to the commission of cultural affairs of the National Assembly,(house of representatives of France) yesterday Wednesday, November 13, the special representative of President Emmanuel Macron, General Jean-Louis Georgelin for the reconstruction of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris had words unfriendly with regard to the Chief Architect of Historical Monuments.  When asked about the reconstruction (identical or not) of the arrow, Jean-Louis Georgelin asked Philippe Villeneuve Chief Architect of Historical Monuments (who was not present in the room) to shut up!  The General (former Chief of Staff of the French Army)  said. “I have already explained to him several times (…), that he closes his mouth and that we advance in wisdom so that we can serenely make the best choice for Notre-Dame, for Paris, for the World!

The arrow of the discord: drawn by Viollet-le-Duc, it disappeared in the fire of the Notre-Dame Cathedral of April 2019. But must we rebuild it identically? For Philippe Villeneuve, Chief Architect of Historical Monuments and responsible for the restoration of the cathedral, there is no doubt. On the other hand, for General Jean-Louis Gorgelin, who is leading the work, it is a bit premature. He told the members of the Committee on Cultural Affairs. Time is running out: the cathedral must be rebuilt for 2024 !

Nearly seven months after the disaster, the Total Foundation  (part of the big French oil company total) concretized on Thursday, November 7th its pledge of 100 million euros for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral, by signing an agreement with the Heritage Foundation (FdP). Three foundations – FdP, Fondation Notre-Dame, Fondation de France – and the National Monuments Center (CMN) were responsible for raising funds as part of the national subscription launched for the reconstruction of this Gothic gem. Six months after the fire, some 922 million euros in donations and pledges have already been made to rebuild the cathedral, said last month the Minister of Culture Franck Riester.

Some new elements as to why the vast fire and the response is coming out !

Three different employers for three security guards !!! The organization of fire safety at Notre-Dame de Paris was divided between three actors. On the one hand, a private company, Elytis; one of its agents is responsible for monitoring the alarm management unit located at the security PC. In the event of an alarm, he alerts a second agent who is an employee of the diocese. But if the alarm is triggered in the towers of the forecourt, it is a third agent, an employee of the Ministry of Culture, who is then responsible for conducting a verification of doubt.  Not only these three people responsible for working together have three different employers but the contract signed from 2016 provides that there is more than one agent of the private company on site, against two before, as confirmed by this company. According to Elytis agents, well before the fire, the alarm management unit was often triggered for no reason !

It is in this context that a new agent of the company Elytis takes office just days before the fire broke out. When the alarm went off on Monday, April 15, 2019 at 18h16, he is stuck in the security PC. Unfamiliar with the scene, he reportedly said that the fire was in the attic of the sacristy. In fact, it started in the attics under the arrow: firefighters were called more than half an hour after the outbreak of the first alarm, while the fire had already spread widely !!!

The other problem, lead !

It was not until July 18th that the regional health agency (ARS) of Ile-de-France region finally made public the mapping of the presence of lead dust in the district of Notre-Dame. They discovered exceptionally high rates, especially on the forecourt: while the quantity does not generally exceed 5,000 micrograms (μg) of lead dust per square meter, the forecourt had between 540,000 and 1,300,000 μg / m² , according to the records.  The multiple cleanings have still not allowed to lower these rates to acceptable thresholds. That’s why the forecourt is always closed to the public.

Because of the lead, the Notre-Dame perimeter slump was noted. One of the balconies is breaking up, stones having split. To avoid collapse, the whole was strapped to hold until the consolidation works. Finally, traces of moisture persist in the left hole  by the arrow. With each new rain, the soil is tempered again, causing the joints and the structure to collapse, on the order of a few millimeters. It will be necessary to wait for the complete disassembly of the current scaffolding, welded under the effect of the heat, to be able to cover this hole by means of a huge tarpaulin called an umbrella. This operation requires first mounting another scaffold around the first. This is already up.

While the first project, much less important, was planned to last about 15 years, President Emmanuel Macron set a five-year course to restore the Notre Dame Cathedral. A delay that seems unrealistic to many experts. Just drying, securing and diagnosis should take almost two years. The building stakeholders are therefore skeptical about the feasibility of the operation. Nothing prevents the Ministry of Culture and the diocese from partially reopening the cathedral to the public, in order to officially hold this five-year period, without all being finished. In any case, this is the solution that seems to be emerging.

It seems to me the rebuilding will last more than 5 years, in the meantime temporary services will be held! I saw on French TV the chief architect take a tour of it and it is in rubbles all patch up and with columns holding arches with steel rods! It looks sad and when you start reading above you notice some negligence in its upkeep and fire security measures; its all a pity really. Hope for the best.

With the lead insecurity I know many visitors walking by it to take pictures but I would advice not to get near it, you can take pictures from across the Seine river. I will be again there this weekend but by Pl Saint Michel!

Stay tune, there is more always in my blog; thank you again for reading it. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


November 10, 2019

My early life in my blog!

So on the Armistice weekend (celebrated Monday November 11) in Europe (the end of the Great War or WWI)  and Veteran’s Day in the USA (for all combine) ,I come to end my nice weekend with the family in my Pluvigner, Morbihan , Bretagne and head back to the CDG Paris area to continue my job mission. These will be many weekends back and forth until May 2020 at the latest.

Just the re start of my finance consultant life into retirement and thereafter. Life on the road is nice but sometimes missed the boys back home even if we also celebrated early this weekend my twin boys 26 yrs old birthday. We went to eat out at favorite family restaurant Tablapizza , then shopping in the Armand Thiery store and others , doing the groceries at Carrefour with them and next day like today went to the cinema Cineville to see the Maléfique : Le Pouvoir du Mal or Maleficent: Mistress of Evil   movie and then more gifts to them and eat out at the old Burger King lol! they love it.

Now reminicent in a sentimental way of my life travels and efforts starting with my dear late mother Gladys and continue with my dear late wife Martine , still going strong out of faith with my 3 boys and Dad. I have to tell you a bit of my early post when I started this blog out of inspiration of many in the famous travel forums and friend in Madrid. Most if not all these early posts have no pictures as used elsewhere but they tell my early steps in life in a chronological manner. Hope you enjoy reading it as I did/do.

So these were my entry into my first blog posts ever!!! It all started back in November 2010!!! wow already 9 years time flies when having fun. Thank you all!!

Well I am finally into a blog after many years posting elsewhere. Hopefully this will allow me to share with my friends and family my travels and favorites pastimes over the years,and to hear back from folks similar stories. It will grow with us,looking forward to it. Posted: November 26 2010

Havana/La Habana it was once the Paris of the Americas, the Pearl of the Antilles, the most chic city of Latin America until the revolution destroyed everything;streets names were changed, city names were change, people left in hordes, and more poverty than ever sets in all under the glorious revolution still there.  Posted: November 28 2010

Madrid .I arrived from Havana, Cuba on December 30th 1971 in a lonely long flight of 16 hours aboard a Britannia four propellers aircraft with a fueling stop in Santa Maria, Azores islands of Portugal. After much political pressure and the help of the Spanish government as Spanish citizens to leave the island dictatorship. I end up in another one Lol! Posted: November 28 2010

Where it all began for me and my family finally arriving in freedom at Perth Amboy , New Jersey ,USA on may 10, 1974. From Madrid ,Spain. After successful avoiding two dictatorships of the left and right, freedom sets in. Posted: November 28 2010

Daytona Beach/Ormond Beach /North Miami/ Hialeah/ Miramar. My first contact with the State of Florida took place in 1973 when I went from New Jersey to visit my Aunt in Miami Lakes; it didnt seem that great, I guess I was already used to the cold weather from Spain and New Jersey. Then in August of 1977 I went to pursue my university studies there, and settled at Daytona Beach. It was instant love, the city was warm, sunny but also cool in winter, nice folks and the beach and the girls was awesome. Posted:  November 29 2010

Versailles. Coming around my life, as a family we decided way back that one day we might end up in France. Being married to a French woman, and all French citizens, the time was just any minute. Life in South Florida has been great, and we were visiting France every year since 1990 together,even sometimes with my parents. The decision was made to come to live in France permanently in August 2003. Posted: November 30 2010

Auray/Brech . Well here I am back and with new photos to share the wonderful world of  France. Today, I will talk a bit about my new area the Pays ‘Auray. Its a agglomaration of several towns into a metropolitan system of cities. The capital and main city is Auray or An Alre in Breton language.  I arrived here in May 30 2011. Posted: June 26 2011

Pluvigner. The town we are now is call Pluvigner, same department of Morbihan 56, in fact only about 11 kms from where we were, but a much bigger home. 255 sq meters of home and 1000 m2 of land!!! The house is great, we will do some adjustment to our convenience but no major works needed. I arrived here on July 2013. Posted: September 8 2013.

Now you know a bit more of me for those new to my blog in a nutshell!!! Again thank you very much for keeping with me these last few years (9) and hopefully many more to come on our roads of our world.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!




November 10, 2019

Place Vendôme and Opéra Garnier, Paris of course!

Again the tour continues taking advantage of my new role by CDG airport, with a car! So Paris here I come again, watch out the road warrior is out there. However, once parked please walk, walk Paris until you drop, its awesome! the best way to see a city in my opinion and that goes for several major medium small cities in our world you name it.

Once parked by the wonderful Indigo underground parking at Place de la Concorde , I set out on foot to see my beautiful Paris. Of course, written on these spots before in my blog ,but this are new pictures and my favorites areas even if by now taken over by the world and they are welcome!


I went out of the jardin des Tuileries into rue de Castiglione one of my old work spots and took a peek at the Westin Vendôme Paris hotel. If you read my posts, you know I worked here in management accounting when it was call the Intercontinental Hotel yes part of that chain and we lovingly called it the L’Inter!






There went past the wonderful Place Vendôme again written on it before so will spare you my love for it, you can tell right? this is classic chic the very best and no need money to indulge yourselves in the best money can buy. Walking along the Avenue de l’Opéra was awesome to see my Opéra Garnier when was at managing the Le Grand Hotel Intercontinental (still with the group IHG) my office window was looking at the left side of the Opéra! This house is beautiful, architecturally stunning in a must to see even if not into the plays of opera is a must I say! I missed some friends not there but saw a couple still there from my times wonderful memories always.



The Obelisk at the center of the Place Vendôme has a wonderful history and still can see the emperor Napoleon on top. There is lots of construction going on all around it but still the obelisk was intact clean beautiful.

paris pl vendome obelisk nov19

The walk over to the Opéra Garnier was sentimental for the above, and seeing next to it my favorite lunch spot the Café de la Paix historical spot where I never pay the bill lol!!! And many of friends have been invited to see the wonderful work inside by Mr Charles Garnier who did the Opéra Garnier as well!!!


Hope you enjoy the pictures, granted taken with my samsung mobile telephone but heck I am not a photographer I enjoy views and memories deep in my mind! A never ending thrill to be back in Paris and able to walk these spots of so much time and so much cheers spent on them. Again hope you enjoy it. Paris is a movable feast indeed!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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November 9, 2019

Again Place de la Concorde,Paris!

And just great took advantage of a job mission by my CDG and of course took a jump into my eternal Paris! Just to know ,have written on this subject before in my blog but these are new pictures, and I can never be tired of writing talking about the Place de la Concorde, or before Place Royale or after Place de la Revolution, and then peace, concordia Place de la Concorde!


Not going into details and history as have written that in my previous posts; just new pictures and the feel of walking all around it again! I came in by car of course!!! lol! and coming in by the Arc de Triomphe into the Avenue des Champs-Elysées and into the indigo underground parking at the Place de la Concorde. From here went walking into my eternal Paris!


I started by the gate statue in front of the Hôtel Crillon and de la Marine walking into the wonderful Obelisk of Egyptian origins and right into the wonderful sublime sentimental Jardin des Tuileries. Here came by the museum of the Orangerie and Jeu de Paume as well as the pond; looking straight into the Arc du Carrousel and far to the Louvre.



I took a peek at the wonderful architecture of the Assamblée Nationale or house of representatives of the French Republic or France! There were great shots me think of the Grand Palais roofs and the far away Tour Eiffel and even took a shot at the US Embassy complex at Avenue Gabriel!



A wonderful walk that in between had the sublime sensation of having lunch at my old work hangouts Café l’Imperial at rue de Rivoli corner with Rue Roget de Lisle! A wonderful group of people still there with the frame old saying by Gustave Flaubert in 1913 Imperialists are wonderful people, very honest plausible and intelligents! Well I help that out with a wonderful stuff quail with petit pois with a nice glass of Red Médoc house wine, water and expresso coffee, bread all for 21 euros! while looking the world pass at rue de Rivoli and the gorgeous Jardin des Tuileries across!


I came back to my underground parking at the end of the day but first did a few more walking , next post, stay tune, Paris is always there! oh yes the traffic from CDG along the usual roads took me 2 hrs when should be 50 minutes, so much for the car politics, the solution is better roads and more parking parks.


Stay tune for more of my eternal Paris and my hangouts back in the ïle de France region of my belle France.  And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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November 9, 2019

The great CDG near Paris!

Ok my dear readers I have some time now in my nice looking hotel room overlooking the great CDG in Tremblay en France/Roissy en France dept 93 Seine Saint Denis and 95 Val d’Oise commonly call the main Paris airport…. but not in Paris!!! These pictures are from last week.

roissy en france

I am hook to my blog as a way of pastime and it feels great to be able to write a piece even in the hectic new job start up away from home! I am in Tremblay en France dept 93 of Seine Saint Denis and the region of Ïle de France! near Paris!

roissy en france

roissy en france

So far mostly around my hotel Holiday Inn and the Aeroville shopping center which finally try it and its super and really enjoyed the Big Ben pub there see pics. I have also venture into Paris Nord II shopping center too a huge spread out place.

roissy en france

roissy en france

roissy en france

Very busy with the setup of the new position, getting my computer and still waiting for my cellular/mobile telephone! A nice Europcar rental car and a nice hotel. Of course all these hotels were made to use the public transports really if by car you need a GPS lol!! mine street is not even on it lol!

Anyway tomorrow into Paris and see my old areas, then next weekend Armistice Day monday 11 November  back in the USA Veteran’s Day off and will go home for the 3 days of course by car!!! Then next week more time in my eternal Paris and beginning to meet all friends!

Anyway, the startup has begun beautiful and looking forward to more. I will need to be prepare for a hectic Christmas and a good start in 2020! Looking forward to that day with no more jobs lol!!!

Stay tune be good, thanks for reading me all these years and hopefully many more to share as some already mentioned, thank you! Have a wonderful long weekend for most and remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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November 2, 2019

Saint Nolff, memories, souvenirs!!!

Well nostalgia sets in now. I have written pieces of it in previous posts without giving out too much of it. However, this is the end, sadly. I came to this little community to work for a worldwide big company of 1,6B euros and now it has been sold! I was planning my retirement next October 2020 but I decided to do it as we say here retraite anticipée or early retirement. I will still be base in the Morbihan , precious Pluvigner but will be a consultant all over the world; first stop CDG Paris. Of course, this is when i say i work near Vannes in a 1504 castle ruin property the town is Saint Nolff. As the run of the jobs will be all over and sometimes without internet, post will be fewer and more space out but the blog will continue and eventually even more busy than ever! Stay tune please. Thank you for been such avids readers of my posts over the years.

While working in Paris and living in Versailles my dear late wife Martine asked me to slow down on my journeys around the world to stay closer to the family. Of course, I obliged and found me the management job here in Saint Nolff, the Morbihan dept 56 of the region of Bretagne/Brittany. It has been a wonderful rollercoaster ride indeed!!!

It’s a very nice job,or was as of November 4 2019 it will be another one. It provided me  with plenty of travel opportunity as we have branches in 28 countries, and my job requires a lot of travel. One of the hidden benefits of the job! The people are/were very friendly and nice, and we are allowed to work pretty much independant. We are next to Vannes in quiet, small, cozy country heaven, a big change from my previous post near and in Paris. Yes a loving job if I can call it that.

I live about 35 minutes from the job by car on the road N165 or can take a semi detour and come into the country road D19 or even better the D779 . Traffic is minimum, and so far so good. Even thus notice traffic and people are picking up!  The job is/was in an old castle originally built in 1504 ,now only the ruins of its walls remains, and the face of the manoir or mansion call Chateau, where the main administrative office is (so far) ,and where I had my office.  For a while now ,the memories kept coming in as next year is my legal age retirement limit here so thinking already of the consultancy route to stay busy and more time to enjoy my belle France! ,and lovely Brittany !! Well it has happened earlier!

There will be many memories here, nice souvenirs after 8,5 years many new friends, but as the old saying life keeps on trucking and we must move along with it. Always looking forward to the future as long as our minds allow it. My first consultant work setting up finance procedures and some travel will be by Tremblay-en-France (Seine Saint Denis dept 93 just over the border with Roissy en France dept 95 Val d’Oise what most call Paris airport but not in Paris limits! ) the cargo zone of the Paris airport CDG. It’s a job on the subject of my university degree and same finance function as now in addition to been about 34 km from my in-laws and wife’s sisters houses in Seine-et-Marne dept 77

For the nostalgia, let me tell you a bit more on the town of Saint Nolff.

The town of Saint-Nolff comes from Saint Mayeul, Abbot of Cluny. The oldest document concerning Saint-Nolff dates from 1375, evoking a fact dating back to the second quarter of the 13C. It is unclear whether the parish actually existed before 1230. In the middle ages, the lordship of Gourvinec was one of the most powerful in Saint-Nolff. In 1790, the parish of Saint-Nolff was erected in town during the French revolution. The town, located at the bottom of a valley, where flows the Condat brook and where the railroad passes, it is only 19 km (about 12 miles) from Vannes.

The main thing to see here and it is very nice my stopping point for lunch many times next to the bakery and small resto around the mayor’s office is the Church of Saint-Mayeul b. 15-16C, renovated in the 17-19C. A cross-shaped Church, the two transept arms are formed by two juxtaposed bays having each gable and window with mullets on the sides.The bedside is square and pierced by a canopy. It originally included a nave without a aisle, a transept and a flat bedside choir. From this old church there remains only the choir whose bedside is pierced by a window with flamboyant lattice and a door of the south brace. The north cross brace dates from 1677.  At the end of the 19C the two cross-braces were extended to the western façade to form aisles and the Church was vaulted, which made a carved sand-pit structure disappear. The bell tower dates from 1783. A small side door dates from the 16C. The pulpit and the confessional date back to the 19C. The stained glass windows of the choir and transepts are in a broken arch with flamboyant filling and the stained glass is from 1882 to 1886. The confessional and the pulpit date from the 19C. A statue of Saint Mayeul, patron Saint of St. Nolff, is visible in the Church.

st nolff

st nolff

The Chapelle of Sainte-Anne was built in 1493 in the immediate vicinity of the Saint-Mayeul Church. You can see a statue of St. Anne of the 16C preserved in the presbytery and the unusual presence of lily flowers in the mullions windows and stained glass, at a time when Brittany was still independent (union of Brittany with France was in 1532).

st nolff

Other significant chapels here are the Chapel Saint-Aman or Saint-Amand. This chapel was built in 1528. The Chapel of Saint-Colomban was probably built at the beginning of the 16C and then deeply reworked in the 17C. The Moulin du Gourvinec, this mill was built by the family of Gourvinec, lords of Bézit. The first mention of this mill dates from 1503. Three wheels are driven by the Condat River, in order to turn wheat into flour. In 1930, it will be transformed into a sawmill, activity that will end in 1951. A time used as breeding poultry, it will be bought by the town in 1989, which ensured the restoration.

The town is famous for its festivals that are very much in demand so in this little town we rock!! The Festivals are: The Festival of hard heavy metal music Motocultor Festival, since 2013 during the month of August. It host more than 40 Groups local national and international, starting this year  2019,held over four days !.More info :

Mamm Douar, since  2013, this is a festive and militant festival the name is Breton meaning the motherland  or in French terre mère.  It was created in 2009 in Brittany and since  2013, it is held in Saint-Nolff. More info :

The Festival of noise or La Fête du Bruit, a rock contemporary music festival in St Nolff ! More here:

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here and why not, authentive Brittany or Breizh !!!

City of Saint Nolff on heritage in French

flower cities and towns of France on St Nolff

And there you go in a way my hommage to Saint Nolff, a town very small but by now very much attach to my world globe of wonderful places to be in . Not saying will not stop by but this is the end of the fix attachement. I still will be base in the Morbihan which we love it so much by now, and I will do my missions all over from here. Once in full retirement than my activities will be even less and spend more time in the area, hopefully start of 2021, adg. Thank you for reading this post.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!






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November 2, 2019

La Turballe, Loire Atlantique!!!

So now in my continuing road warrior trips in my beautiful area of the west of France, and after visiting some new places I came to another one where we had a meal. This is very nice coastal La Turballe.

The town of La Turballe is located in the department of Loire-Atlantique 44, in Pays de la Loire region. It is historically part of Bretagne/Brittany. It is only 7 km from Guérande and 20 km from Saint-Nazaire. The town was created in 1865, but its history dates back to 854. From 1837, the opening of sardine canneries directly in La Turballe boosted fishing activities and led to an increase in population. The port of La Turballe is the first fishing port in the Pays de la Loire, with eighty-one trawlers, and the eighth largest in France. It is the first port of the Atlantic coast for anchovies and sardines, which are usually celebrated in mid-July on the occasion of the sardine festival.!!

La Turballe

Despite health concerns, the Emperor Napoleon III began a second trip to Algeria in 1865, confiding in his absence the regency to his wife Empress Eugénie. It is therefore she who cosigns, on May 17, 1865, with the minister Eugène Rouher, the decree raising La Turballe to the rank of a town.

La Turballe

Some of the wonderful things to see here are

Built in the middle of the 18C, the Moulin or windmill of Kerbroué was one of the banal windmills of the Lordship of Lauvergnac which itself depended on the Barony of Campzillon. Since 1810, date of the first leasing before notary there has been several owners until 1971. It was equipped with an electric crusher installed in the windmill in 1977. Today, it is known under the name of Moulin à Fernand (windmill Fernand), name of the last miller, Fernand Nogues. The town bought it in 2000 and has spent 5 years renovating it to make it operational. The windmill of Kerbroué is located on the road of Saint-Molf, D139 at a place called the Four Routes and can be visited directly to the windmill or to the association “Au Gré des Vents” which manages it tel +33   (0) 2.40 .11.71.31.  More in the area tourist office in French: Tourit office La Baule Guérande on La Tourballe mouliln de Kerbroué

La Turballe

A bit on the Church Notre Dame de Miséricorde. In 1505, Anne de Bretagne (Ann of Brittany) made a gracious gift by offering three crowns in the same pattern of fleurs-de-lis, which for centuries had caped the brides of the countryside. Guérande was endowed with a crown of gold, Saillé of a silver and Trescalan of a gilded copper. The first two disappeared during the French revolution, but that of Trescalan still exists. History tells us that this 15C crown was restored in the 19C. In 1698, the villagers of Trescalan made a petition to build a chapel at the top of the hill; this chapel was erected and dedicated to Notre-Dame de Miséricorde or Our Lady of Mercy. In 1852, the present church was erected on the site of the old chapel. The bell tower has a height of 33 meters from the ground of the Church. At the beginning of the construction, the tower was finished at its upper part by a domed roof. From the platform, one can admire in a complete horizon all the landscape extending from the mouth of the Loire river to that of the Vilaine river, towards the wide and towards the big Brière. For access to this platform, you need to climb 110 steps and after a first landing you will discover the vault of the frame of the Church. Visitable only in season (July and August).

Other things to see here which we will need to return are the Château de Lauvergnac a manor house seen from the road it looks meticously kept. The Chapel Notre-Dame is located at the tip of the Pen-Bron peninsula. It is part of the old marine center of Pen-Bron. From north to south, the beaches of La Turballe bear the following names from Piriac-sur-Mer to the port of La Turballe;  Belmont beach , Port Creux, Ker Elisabeth, Bastille; and the port at the Pointe de Pen Bron (very nice we were there!) Bretons beach, Croix de l’Anse beach, Grande Falaise beach, Pen Bron beach. The pristine Pointe de Pen-Bron is classify a natural area of ecological interest, fauna and flora (ZNIEFF) category 1 under the name Pointe de Pen-Bron, salt marshes and hillsides of Guérande ( about 38+ km2) since 1991 The dunes Pen bron are classified sensitive natural area and integrate the Natura 2000 network with Le Croisic and the salt marshes of Guérande (about 44 km2).

La Turballe

The beach of BretonsPlages tv beach webpage on the Breton beach at La Turballe

The beach at Pen BroPlages tv on pen bro beach at La Turballe

La Turballe

La Turballe

And we had our meal here and just guessing pick this place, as almost always was right on. The La Marie Galante pizzeria restaurant at 24 quai Saint Paul .Facing the fishing port, Pizzas (on the spot or take away), fish and grilled meats. great welcome. Excellent cuisine. Mussels fries, a pizza all nicely serve with a friendly smile a great meal for 4 overlooking the port . A very nice discovery this afternoon. Super menu from A to Z. Super attentive staff, polite and available. We will be returning soon and more often. The tourist office has something on them here: Tourist office La Baule Guérande on La Marie Galante resto

Also, they have a Facebook page here: Facebook page of La Marie Galante

La Turballe

La Turballe

La Turballe

Some additional webpage to help you enjoy this wonderful town by the sea a must while passing by the region.

The pleasure boat port of La Turballe

City of La Turballe on heritage sites

Tourist office La Baule Guérande on things to see at La Turballe

And there you go another jewel about an hour from my house as said so much to see will need a lifetime and maybe not enough, France is a movable feast! For now enjoy La Turballe in the neighboring Loire Atlantique dept 44!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

November 1, 2019

Piriac sur Mer and St Sébastien!

Ok this one briefly, needed to put into a new post as even thus the bourg or village is part of the town of Piriac sur Mer has an interesting history and beautiful little chapel I like to tell you all about it.

The town of Piriac-sur-Mer in the Loire Atlantique dept 44 of the new region of Pays de la Loire...  This is just neighboring Morbihan dept 56 and old Bretagne! The town of Piriac-sur-Mer is only 11 km from Guérande and 25 km from Saint-Nazaire. The closest major cities.

The foundation of the village of Saint Sébastien dates back to the 13-14C. It is originally an extension and dependence of the important neighboring village of Kéroudigué, founded by the monks of the abbey of Saint-Sauveur Redon to house their sharecroppers. It is today a bourg or annex to the town of Piriac-sur-Mer.

The Chapelle de Saint-Sébastien is located here. It is founded and endowed in 1543. It is dedicated to Saint Sébastien, a Roman officer killed in 288AD, who became the protector from the plague and epidemics. Inside are a stone statue of the Madonna and Child of the 18C, a polychrome wood statue dating from the 17C representing St. Sebastian, to whom the chapel is dedicated, two wooden statues of worshiping angels dating from the 18C from the church of Piriac, a Christ on the cross above the east gate, the altar, the neo-Byzantine tiled mosaic of the choir and the stained glass window of Saint Sébastien are set up in 1904. The Way of the Cross dates from 1937. Inside, a common curiosity in Brittany is found as far as Saintonge: a stone bench runs along the walls of the nave to the choir.

Piriac sur mer

Piriac sur mer

Piriac sur mer

It was open and quant so we stop by and it was a pleasant surprise to see this little chapel on a main road , old and so well kept. Love it’s architecture and history. Enjoy it at St Sébastien before entering Piriac sur Mer on the road D333.

The tourist office for the area is the La Baule Guérande on Piriac sur Mer but unfortunatley not much info on the chapel. I need to go inside to find a bit more on it. Anyway this is the tourist office webpage: Tourit office La Baule Guerande on Piriac sur Mer

If you ever by this area, which is nice to be, do get a detour to see this small quant well kept historical Chapel of St Sebastian in English. Hope you enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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