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July 17, 2018

Some news from France CXCV

Back starting the week and already cooler weather with a nice breeze in my neck of the woods , the Morbihan Breton.  and Temps are 22C or about 72F  with periods of cloudy to semi cloudy skies. Inland Paris is at 77F or 25C but cloudy too.

Let me bring you up to the news of my belle France.

By now you should know, France is the World Champion in football/soccer ,yes! A very young rich team won it with great team spirit and minimum ball possession a change from past winners. As their glorious elders-among whom was the coach Didier nDeschamps-, they descended the emblematic Avenue des Champs-Elysées on an imperial bus in front of about 300,000 people, according to a Police source. Overflow by the French patrol air acrobatic team, the itinerary had been marked with barriers to contain the impressive crowd coming to cheer its Champions, winners on the eve of Croatia (4-2) at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.  French Football Federation or FFF in French :

Another great , this time French institution, the Tour de France continues its rounds around the country (see my previous post on this years tour in my blog).   It will be going by Croix-Fry, Glières, Romme,  and Colombière as the tour tackles the first Alpine passes on today, in the 10th stage between Annecy and Le Grand-Bornand (158.5 km). Departure from Annecy at 13h15 (actual departure in 13h35), arrival at Grand-Bornand towards 17h57 (forecast at 36 km/h average). More here: .

The ranking so far :

Some bubblies to entice your summer, anywhere but better in France.  Of course, as always these are only my personal choices, no prices is needed…..It’s Champagne!

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte 2008 , this is a great vintage. This champagne is nervous with its pinot noir base. Chardonnay brings the elegance of white flowers and honey in a balanced field. The miller comes to complete the whole with a sweet fruity.

Champagne Veuve Clicquot Rosé , this is unique by adding red wine to its white wine to obtain a rosy colour and an affirmed structure. Madame Clicquot was still ahead of her time when she created it. If a word had to define it, it would be gluttony. It was born to arouse pleasure with a fleshy mouth dominated by red fruits and brioche.

Champagne Gosset  Grand Blancs de Blancs it has a clean style that it owes in part to the fact never to carry out, during the elaboration of the wines, malolactic fermentation. The wines are therefore always more acidic and keep well. The nose of this 100% Chardonnay is floral. Its flowers exude a sweet scent lemon worthy of those found in Sicily with, in their flesh, bursts of honey. In the mouth, vivacity dominates without obscuring delicacy.

Champagne Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial  this one ,thus comes out of its codes to be consumed with ice cubes, fresh, in a large glass with why not citrus zests. It’s very aromatic. Let’s go. And it’s so good!

Champagne Ruinart Rosé Chardonnay, one of the three main grape varieties of champagne with Pinot noir and Pinot Meunier, is his spine. For this rosé, the cellar chief has added Pinot noir. The wine has energy with a wide aromatic palette dominated by red berries and spices. In the mouth, the bubble is lively, the matter greedy on a final dominated by the freshness of the grapefruit.

Champagne Counts of Champagne Taittinger Rosé 2005 It is one of those rare vials where fullness has settled almost naturally over time. This champagne is now coming to its perfect maturity with its aromas of wood strawberries. In the mouth, it is a remarkable balance. We are hypnotized, glass after glass, by its crunchy, its measured gluttony while developing a remarkable acidity.

Champagne Laurent-Perrier, Grand Siécle  this prestige bottle, made up of an assemblage of Chardonnay (55%) and Pinot Noir (45%), is the fruit of three exceptional vintages. It is for this reason that the concept of vintage, dear to all the iconic bottles, is not on the label. This champagne has intensity and delicacy. It offers notes of citrus fruits, brioches and even Acacia honey. In the mouth, it is straight with a balanced mouth touch. Do not serve it too cold because it would not express all its qualities.

Champagne Mumm RSRV Blancs de Blancs 2012 , exclusively chardonnay, come from a single grape harvest. It’s a reflection at some point. This photograph projects in the palate notes of white flowers, citrus fruits with a hint of orange blossom. The mouth is lively but without aggression. The floral mixes with Acacia honey for a thirst-quenching finale.

Enjoy it fully from now is great, Champagne. Salut!

Another Paris innovation and where else!  Take a nap or sleep at the museum every day at 14h, the Museum Quay Branly-Jacques Chirac makes an appointment to the lazy, sleepers and other strollers for an unusual moment of pause: In the calm in its garden, sunbeds and parasols invite you to an hour of sleep . Through the sound backgrounds of the museum’s collections. Tuesday to Sunday.  More on the museum here:

A wonderful gorgeous event in my area near me at Lorient. A must to see.  The Inter Celtic Festival of Lorient touches all forms of music from the Celtic countries, but also cinema, visual arts, dance, history, literature… Its 48th edition will take place from August 3 to 12, 2018. In the course of the editions the concept of “intercelticism” has been imposed with the promotion of a single region, but of all the nations of the establishment of the Celtic populations throughout history. Artists from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, Australia and even northern Spain were invited to participate in the festivities. Wales as a guest of honor this year. This great event mixes millennial songs, rock, folk, jazz and symphonic works. It even tends to transcend disciplines by including in its programming creations of dance, cinema, visual arts, literature.. The kickoff will be given by the Grand Parade, broadcast on France 3 TV. The 2018 edition will display a selection of artists handpicked. The program with date , site, and performer is below:

Friday  3 August  : – Port de Peche Keroman : COTRIADE / NORDET ;- Salle Carnot : DUO L’HARIDON / NEDELEC / RUZ REOR ;Saturday 4 August   – Palais des Congrès : PEPE VAAMONDE / THE MURPHY SISTERS ;- Quai de la Bretagne : RONAN PELLEN / ANNIE EBREL / SPONTUS / SKOLVAN / E LEIZH ; – Stade du Moustoir : NEW ROSS PIPE BAND ;- Théâtre de Lorient : CALAN / ROBIN HUW BOWEN / ALAW ; Espace Marine : LE VENT DU NORD / DE TEMPS ANTAN / VISHTEN ;  Sunday  5 August  : – Espace Marine : EOSTIGED AR STANGALA / KERLENN PONDI / YANN TIERSEN ; – Théâtre de Lorient : ALAIN GENTY ; – Quai de la Bretagne : KEJAJ ;  Monday 6 August: – Espace Marine : BAGAD DE LORIENT / MABON / CALAN / ALAW ;  – Théâtre de Lorient : GILLES SERVAT ; – Quai de la Bretagne : STARTIJENN / NOON / THE MURPHY SISTERS ;Tuesday  7 August  : – Théâtre de Lorient : JACKY MOLARD / TEJEDOR ; – Palais des Congrès : KIEZ AR BED ;- Eglise Saint Louis : ROBIN HUW BOWEN ;- Quai de la Bretagne : LES FRERES GUICHEN / ANXO LORENZO ; – Espace Marine : DENEZ PRIGENT / ORCHESTRE SYMPHONIQUE DE BRETAGNE (OSB) / RHIANNON GIDDENS ; Wednesday  8 August : – Quai de la Bretagne : DEUS’TA / SILABENN TRIO ;- Espace Marine : BAGAD DE LORIENT / OUTSIDE DUO ; – Palais des Congrès : ALAIN PENNEC / PADDY KEENAN / ANXO LORENZO ;Thursday 9 August : – Quai de la Bretagne : ZONJ / LES FRERES LANDREAU / SOIG SIBERIL / TRIO ROBLIN EVAIN BADEAU ; – Théâtre de Lorient : TRIO EMPREINTES / JULIE FOWLIS ; – Eglise Saint Louis : MICKAEL GABORIEAU / FABRICE LOTHODE ;- Palais des Congrès : RAG FOUNDATION / BERTRAN OBREE ;- Espace Marine : HAT FITZ & CARA ROBINSON ;Friday 10 August : – Quai de la Bretagne : TANGI JOSSET / WILLY PICHARD / ARNAUD ROYER / ORIAZ ;- Stade du Moustoir : THE SASSY SWINGERS ;- Palais des Congrès : REGIS HUIBAN ;- Espace Marine : ORCHESTRE SYMPHONIQUE DE BRETAGNE (OSB) / SECKOU KEITA / CATRIN FINCH ; Saturday 11 August : – Quai de la Bretagne : LES OURS DU SCORFF / ’NDIAZ / AMPOUAILH ;- Palais des Congrès : ROBIN HUW BOWEN / RODRIGO ROMANI ;- Espace Marine : MANIC STREET PREACHERS / NOLWENN KORBELL; Sunday 12 August: – Quai de la Bretagne : RED CARDELL / STEVAN VINCENDEAU / LE BOUR / BODROS / DJIBOUDJEP / SYLVAIN GIRAULT / GWENFOL / WIPIDOUP / THOMAS FELDER / UKAN / BODENES HAMON QUINTET.

Main Location for info at  11 Espace Nayel – 56100 Lorient (city center by the marina pleasure boats inside the shopping center same name) Opening hours of the Celtic village are Friday : 19h – 23h , Saturday : 12h – 14h / 19h – 0h , Sunday : 12h – 15h / 19h – 23h , Monday to Friday : 12h – 14h / 19h – 23h More info in French here:

And back to Paris for a new park opening up today!   Like if Paris needed another park well here it is all redone and nice.  The highly anticipated Jardin Truillot (11éme) opens to the public after a year of work. This green space of 5 600 m2 long connects the Church of Saint-Ambroise to Boulevard Voltaire, and Richard-Lenoir. On the Voltaire side or  Côté Voltaire, first access to a large lawn of 570 m2, framed by vine plants (Chasselas grapes), where the public can relax and picnic. On the right, a shared garden open to all inhabitants, one arrives on a central plot of clear concrete, also accessible by the third entrance of the garden side Impasse Truillot (street); on the square, a wall of expression was reserved for street artists. And the cast-iron fountain promises to be stormed in the summer. It will be completed in August by a fountain of sparkling water on the side Boulevard Voltaire. Benches and games carved in tree trunks recovered from the Parisian trees complete the ensemble. Finally, a wetland for harvesting runoff takes place next to Richard-Lenoir. It will be completed by a pond after the demolition of a bar brasserie and its hotel La Grosse Bouteille  in the summer of 2019 which will also allow to enlarge the garden. And allow entrance from the garden Truillot side of  Boulevard Richard-Lenoir (11éme). In August, the reproduction in 4 meters by 4 meters of a photograph of Robert Doisneau taken in 1959 and representing the bar of La Grosse Bouteille will be hung at the top of the wall of a building overlooking the garden as consolation for the demolition. The city of Paris has it in French on the future opening but I got them ahead it is open today lol! City of Paris, Jardin Truillot

A site on gardens has more in French: jardinons, garden together on Truillot

Another Paris innovation, we rock for Summer. The Generali balloon or dirigible or zeppeling , located at Parc André-Citroën (15éme)  proposes until 1 September 2018 night flights over Paris every Friday and Saturday from 21h  to 23h. You can fly aboard the Generali balloon  to enjoy an exceptional view of the capital. The balloon  rises to 150 meters above the Parc André-Citroën, in the 15éme arrondissement of Paris for about fifteen magical minutes, the adult rate is 12€, Children under 12 yrs 6€ and it is free for Parisians under 12 years! The balloon can only fly in times of good weather conditions. Feel free to consult them before you come on; more info here:

Something nice worth remembering and support. The museum of the world wars in France.  This one is small done by a lover of these old war memories. Real treasure rooms for history buffs. The house is on three levels with the first dedicated to the city of Saint-Maximin (Oise dept 60), the second to the Nazis, and the Resistance fighters, the last to the Allies. You can find pieces of planes, of course. But also old clothes of soldiers, dishes of the third Reich, fuel depots, pavements of concentration camps, feeding cards… Over the years, the relics of that time piled up in his garage. It was not until May 8, 2016 to see the inauguration of the Saint-Maximin bombing museum, the museum is open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon from  14h to 18h. Price: 4€ (adults), 2.50€ (children). Information: Cellular/mobile tel +33 (0) More info on a site in French about WWII: Picardie Bombing Museum Saint Maximin

Last, but never the least a nostalgia point for me, or maybe useful to some visitor who dares leave Paris to the suburbs. This was part of my going and coming to work for my initial year in France, and believe me is ok for a visitor to do it a couple of days but you have to do it everyday to work is not fun ,public transports.  The Cergy-le-Haut  train station closes its doors this Saturday and lasts for a month and a half! All users will have to reorganize for the months of July and August. The RER A will be terminated in Cergy-Saint-Christophe until September 2, and then find your own or buses.  The work closing is due to the creation of a fourth track in the station of Cergy-le-Haut. By hosting both the terminus of the RER A and the peak times, the trains of the North Branch of the line L of Transilien from Paris Saint Lazare, (line taken in those early days of Paris) ,the station of Cergy-le-Haut is today the most busy of the network of the Île-de-France . The bus route  45 , which normally does not serve the Cergy-le-Haut train station, will be changed. The bus will stop in front of the 3 stations of Cergy. Plan to lengthen your travel time by the order of 20 minutes….or more!  At the end of the month, from 28 July to 26 August, the RER A will also be interrupted between La Defénse and Nation, making it much more difficult for those working (or visiting this part of the city) in Paris. The RER A in French from the Transilien ïle de France regional train RER transports: RER A Transilien Ile de France region

Their site in English, less info me think. Transilien Ile de France region transports

There you go , up to date. Enjoy France, Paris ,ïle de France region ,the Morbihan and Brittany region, all mines!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

July 14, 2018

Vannes a medieval intact in the Morbihan!

Well let get a pictorial on Vannes, this is a medieval jewel of France really, all intact ,no wars have done damage here ,all original with some repairs needed for upkeeps. There are even people living in these old wooden houses going back to the 14C, where nothing can be change by law of preservation of the heritage. Vannes is my capital city and where I work for the last 7 years!

Looking over my blog, last time wrote on Vannes alone was back on Februay 25 2018!! and bits of it in my series of My Travels in the Morbihan and Some news from France posts. This is needed to have some new photos in so today was the day of errands in the capital.

We got up early and went for the Japanim mangas store in the old town section of Vannes, at 14 bis rue Emilie Burgault; parking for free by Place du Maréchal Lyautey as National Holiday, or National Day July 14 (what visitors still call Bastille Day,no longer use in France). They have a page in Facebook here: Japanim

Vannes Vannes

From there we walk to the market around Place des Lices, Place du Poids Public and rue Saint Vincent, Rue de Le Hellec, one of the best I have seen around France. It is big and has everything, we get our fruits, vegetables, and cheeses here and nice to be recognize by the vendors already.


Then it was time to do my car wash at the automatics at the Leclerc shopping center, had lunch at Flunch , a supermarket chain restaurants typical of the all you can eat phenomenon reminded me always of my Piccadilly’s in Florida way back. The best here is the salads and the sweets , ice cream and wines all at reasonable prices, who said France is expensive! Here is the contact info, great for the families coming over for the beach this time of the year: Flunch Vannes

Vannes Vannes Vannes

Of course, we stop by Castorama our home building store and gather more garden and barbecue goodies, at their store in Vannes just around the corner from all the above places. And finally we crossed over to E Leclerc hypermarket to do our groceries with the boys.  And we got back home as now it’s been played the 3rd game match of the World Cup Russia 2018 between Belgium vs England; two dear countries so we are neutral ::) As I write and looking, the final score is 2×0  for Belgium, well done , England was out from minute one.

Vannes Vannes Vannes

And here are some pictures I took of beautiful medieval Vannes as we walked its streets just before preparation for their Fêtes Historiques today and getting ready for a wide screen TV to see the France vs Croatia World Cup final tomorrow 17H French time from Moscow. We will be in our town watching it with the locals.

Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes

Again some repeat webpages but for the sake of searching here they are

Tourism Morbihan on Vannes

Tourism Brittany on Vannes

Gulf of Morbihan on tourist trails

Tourist office of Vannes in English

Hope it helps your trip on medieval wonderful Vannes, in dept 56 Morbihan, region of Brittany.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!





July 13, 2018

Some news from France CXCIIII

And why not something on the latest happening in France and especially Paris from my angle of view or is it point? Maybe straigth line direct ,here it is folks

Track game or jeu de piste at the Louvre museum now starting their  own “adventure game” at the Jardin des Tuileries. After registering online, go to Diane’s kiosk for the beginning of the riddle. What does André Le Nôtre  testament reveal? The answer is hidden somewhere in the largest Parisian garden. Until August 26th. Free game, duration 1 h 30 More  in French

The french fries or La Frite a new monomaniacal spot opened 5, rue de la Fidelité in the 10éme arrondissement. Pont Neuf  is the first Parisian fries shop. In the tray, golden Normandy potatoes in high quality beef fat. It nibbles with chiffonade ham, pastrami or fish fritters. More at

After the Château de Chambord, the Conciergerie, and the Palais des Papes d’Avignon, it’s the turn of the Château of Blois to adopt the Histopad, the tablet of reality augmented by the young French sprout Histovery. From July 12th, visitors of the Château de Blois will be able to point this tablet in the places to see them reappear at 360 degrees as they existed in the Renaissance, with their furniture and decorations. More at

And the National Day or for many abroad still the Bastille Day ;  the fireworks of July 14th are coming with 30 minutes of show! The July 14th parade troops in the spotlight! Free Concert in the Champs de Mars; with classical music in the spotlight! Firefighters ‘ ball of 13 and 14 July; the feast and the good humour of the firefighters! The Champs de Mars will be closed for concert and fireworks.  A second perimeter of protection will be activated from 14h (2 p.m.) on Saturday, around the Eiffel Tower  to host the traditional concert of July 14th at 21h (9:30 p.m.) followed by the pyrotechnic show (23h or 11pm). The Champ-de-Mars and the Place du Trocadéro will be surrounded by barriers whose accesses will be protected, filtered and controlled. In this area, police officers will be able to carry out identity checks, bags, baggage and vehicle searches. 2 200 members of the security forces will be mobilized. More on the festivities from the tourist office here:


traffic restrictions and parkings for the 13-14 July festivities in Paris

Accustomed to flying in the sky of Paris, the soldiers of the Air Base (BA) 107 of Vélizy-Villacoublay (Yvelines 78) off the A86 highway, will participate in the parade on foot of 14 July on the Champs-Elysées this Saturday. This is a first since 2011! See them in the parade in Paris.

At Poissy (Yvelines 78) There will be a dance party with DJ, at  Place de la République, from 20h to  02h (2am). By 23h (11pm)  on the banks of the Seine river , there will be  fireworks, on the theme of Le Corbusier. From  19h!30 (7:30 pm), The traditional  firefighters ‘s  ball with concert at 21h (9 pm)  and DJ from 23h (11:30 pm) , entrance fee 10€  with a consumption. More info from the city of Poissy:

At Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines 78) . From  19h30 (7:30 p.m), the inhabitants are invited to gather around a parade, then around many animations before the fireworks fired at 23h (11pm), from the lawn of the Boulingrin, in the park of the castle.

At Versailles (Yvelines 78) TheFirefighters ‘ ball from 20h to 03h (8pm to 3am) at the barracks (4bis Avenue de Paris) with the  group Los Képitos Txaranga and the H2O Troupe, as well as Nick Stevanson.  Price 10€ with  consumption.

At the theater or Theatre in  Vésinet (Yvelines 78) the Amaranthus company presents the play “Mon Isménie” in the Discovery Garden. The city/town hall of Vésinet organizes theatrical performances in the Open Air. It is Eugene Biche who is put in the spotlight with a staging of Pierre-Sébastien Kuntzmann. Free and open-entry performances on Saturday at 20h30 (8:30 p.m). and Sunday at 17h (5:00 p.m). More information at

From the vestibule of the Royal Chapel, to the Galerie des Glaces, through the Salon of Hercules, the Royal serenade of the Château de Versailles accompanies visitors for 40 minutes of visit. In the large apartments, they will stroll, at sunset, in the company of the musicians of Folies Françoises and the dance company L’Eventail. This Saturday at 18h30 (6:30 p.m.),  7h30 (7:30am), 19h30 (7:30pm)  and  19h50 (7:50pm). Rates: 24€  in full price, €21 in reduced price. More information on the website of the Château de Versailles. Info here:

Closer to me in my town we will have the usual Breton Fest Noz party and Fireworks Saturday, July 14 official ceremonies in the morning by 11h15 (11:15am). in front of the City/Town Hall (memorial wreaths Depot – Parade) July 14th Festival from  21h (9pm) at the  Goh Lanno Sports Complex Parade at the lanterns, departing from the barracks , hosted by the Bagad of Landaul  and popularly  animated by Koskerien and Ambiance 56 groups. Small snacks and bar on site. More info in City of Pluvigner (this is my town now). More info here:

The Historique of Vannes are back with show, a parade ,and firework, participants and spectators occupy the city center of Vannes. If you wish to attend or participate in the historic festivals 2018, go on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 July 2018 in Vannes. The event brings together many spectators in a period atmosphere. After the Belle epoque, Napoleon or Anne of Brittany, the historic feasts of Vannes 2018 will honour the Renaissance and Henriette of England. Extras and artists will come back to animate the streets and revive the coming of Henriette from England in the “Renaissance” atmosphere. More here:

More from the city of Vannes :

At historical Auray there will be July 13 and 14  from  19h (7pm) in the Place du Loch, a popular  Bal with DJ Arnaud.  Onsite dining organized by Auray Football Club (fried mussels-sausages merguez-crepes) opening at  22h (10pm) the stadium doors visual control and search of the bags at the entrance to the stadium. Glass bottles and alcoholic beverages will be banned in the stadium enclosure.  By 23h (11pm) fireworks at the Loch Stadium of a singular pyrotechnic spectacle provided by the company HTP-Hubert Thézé pyrotechnics Guichen 35. By 23h30 (11:30pm) dance party with Dj Arnaud ;free admission
. More here:

And as usual we will try to participate in our town as it is not far from our house. For the football World Cup Russia final between France vs Croacia, there will be giant screen TV from 17h in the espace Athena in Auray (this has been cancelled by the mayor’s office due to security concerns). In Vannes it will be in the college Jules Simon next to the city hall with a maximum permitted of 4500 persons.

Also, in Paris, a giant screen will be installed on the Champ-de-Mars, near the Eiffel Tower. Giant screens will also be installed in Bordeaux, in the Chaban-Delmas Stadium. In Rennes, the giant screen installed on the Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle remains operational for the final. In Nantes, a giant screen will be installed in the XXL Hall of the exhibition Center, at the Beaujoire. This just in the World Cup final will also be shown in large wide screen TV at the faboulous Place du Marché Notre-Dame in Versailles. 

Catch the fever it will July 15 from Moscow Russia ;more on the World Cup here:

And I leave you with expectation, it is a huge weekend in France, all stop the National Day of July 14 and the World Cup final of July 15, too much partying lol!!! cheers

And of course, remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


July 13, 2018

This is Morlaix up in Finistére!

I have come to see most of Brittany, I say most because we can never see everything, but most I say. I have the great opportunity to live in the region now and take advantage of knowing this historical wonderful region of France. Brittany/Bretagne/Breizh. I have come north to the Finistére department 29 to encounter the sea and the historical nice city of Morlaix. My dear late wife Martine liked it too.

Let me tell you a bit on it from all angles in a brief way ,starting with my previous blog post on it. Morlaix in the Finistere

Morlaix is in the north of department Finistère, No. 29 in the region of Brittany. In the background of a Ria, this city is often the victim of floods because it is at the confluence of two rivers, the Queffleuth and the Jadhav, which form the Dosenn (or river of Morlaix) that flows into the channel, in the Bay of Morlaix. On average we observe two to three storms each year exceeding 110 km/h . In Finistère,  it is part of the Trégor and Leon, both being delimited by the Dosenn. They are separated even in the city as evidenced by the quay of Trégor and the quay of Leon.  The city is famous for its viaduct built in the 19C in the city center/downtown  which is given the nickname of the “City of Viaduct”.There is a train station SNCF on the TGV Paris-Brest and by the TER Bretagne local trains. See link on transports at end.

Morlaix was originally a Gaulish oppidum, then transformed into a Roman castrum, located on the hill of the “Parc-au-Duc”, which dominates the Ria du Dossen and located southwest of the center of the present city, in the western part of the peninsula , formed By the Jadhav and the Queffleuth  rivers. It was around the year 1000 that a lord of Leon built a castle on the present site of Morlaix, between the rivers of Queffleuth and Jadhav. There, in the peninsula, is born a village sheltered from the fortress living mainly from fishing-related activities. From the 11C, monks from three abbeys, those of Saint-Mathieu de Fine-Terre, Saint-Melaine de Rennes and the Abbey of Marmoutier, founded the first religious settlements of the city, the Priorys, which gave birth to the three . The respective suburbs of Saint-Mathieu (in the southeast, then on the territory of Plourin), of Saint-Melaine (in the northeast, then on the territory of Ploujean) and of Saint-Martin (in the west, then on the territory of Pleyber-Christ.

When Duchess Anne has just acceded to the duchy, she sees herself isolated in her own court, which in her vast majority does not trust her. Contrary to the provisions of the Treaty of the Orchard signed in August 1488 by his father Louis XI and the Duke of Brittany Francis II (the father of Anne), the king of France Charles VIII invaded Brittany in January 1489. Aid from King Henry VII of England landed in Morlaix to help Queen Anne in 1489, as she married Maximilian of Austria in December 1490 in Rennes (formation of an England-Habsburg-Aragon-Castile-France axis). Finally, Anne will be Queen of France twice by marrying Charles VIII in December 1491 and then Louis XII in January 1499. During a tour of Brittany , the Duchess-queen of France Anne stops in Morlaix and descends to the convent of the Jacobins in the summer of 1505 . Queen Anne makes a solemn entrance that all cheer, she lodges at the convent because the castle must be  repaired.  The Duchess is offered a ermine with a pearl necklace. A sudden movement of the animal frightens the Queen. Pierre de Rohan speaks to the Queen in these words:  “What are you afraid of, Madame? These are your weapons!  ” Coat of Arms of Brittany still today.

King Francis I, son-in-law of the Duchess Queen Anne, will also visit the city on September 15, 1518 .After a bitter battle and great losses due to the English ,they find, the latter offering little resistance because of the libations of the previous night. Following this event, it was decided to build the castle of Taureau in the Bay of Morlaix in 1544.

The Morlaisiens merchants built, on the main street, houses with narrow facades, due to a parcel lanièré due to the plan of subdivision established for the reconstruction after the fire of 1522, including the House of 9, Grand-Rue (which serves as a museum) and the so-called Duchess Anne, built around 1530, are beautiful examples of these houses called “Pondalez”.  After the wars of religion, Morlaix takes full advantage of the apogee of the trade of the linen in the 17C, the apogee being about 1680. However, from 1620, the noble merchants of Morlaix no longer build houses in Pondalez, but houses In stone with curtain facade such as those in the  rue Longue-de-cramt and Place des Otages, as well as private hotels totally stone like the Maison Pénanault and the Hotel François du Parc built in blue schist and granite.   The arrival on Monday 10 November 1624 of the Duke of Vendôme, son of king Henri IV and Gabrielle of d’Estrées visiting Morlaix.

Morlaix is a city of goldsmiths; in 1754, it was the most important community of goldsmiths in Brittany.  Many having fabricated coins in the Treasury of Saint-Jean-du-Doigt or Locam’s Treasure

At the beginning of the French Revolution, popular societies of the Friends of the Constitution are created everywhere. The first Jacobin Club of Brittany was foounded in  1790. The nave and the bedside of the Church of Notre-Dame-du-Mur, which had been transformed into a temple of reason during the French revolution  were sold in 1805 in order to serve as a stone quarry. There is a nice facade in the Cour d’honneur of the tobacco factory of Morlaix.  The tobacco factory in Morlaix is one of the oldest in France, it already existed in 1689.  The third company (Morlaix) of the 4th Battalion of Mobiles Guards of Finistère participated on 29 November 1870 in the Battle of the L’Haÿ during the siege of Paris during the war of 1870.


There is a WWI  commemorative painting placed in the Church of Saint-Mélaine. Morlaix was bombarded many times during  WWII by the British and the Americans, the main objective was the railway viaduct, in order to cut the rail communications with Brest. Morlaix was free on 8 August 1944 by American troops from the north coast to the Ponthou where Marquis resistance fighters had strafed Nazi troops on 4 and 5 August 1944 on the road N12 to facilitate the advance of the Allied army.

Things to see in this quaint nice town of the north of Brittany.

The former convent of the Jacobins, whose Church founded in 1230, is the oldest in the city. The convent was built in the 13C, the rose of the bedside dates from the  15C.  It was confiscated in the French revolution, then served as barracks, and finally siege the Archaeological Society of Finistère. Since 1887, it houses the Museum of Fine Arts of the city,


The Viaduc of Morlaix sees its first stone laid in 1861. Its construction ends in 1864. The demolition of the houses required for its construction resulted in the erasing  of most of the houses in Pondalez and porches (stilt houses and three or four-storey buildings along the harbour) in the remaining  houses demolished between 1880 and 1907, the last in 1969. The 19C Granite Viaduct (1861) for the Paris-Brest railway line. Majestic piece of granite from the ile Grande  was built from 1861 to 1864 during the construction of the Paris-Brest line.  The result is prodigious: 292 meters long, 58 meters high, 14 arches and 9 poles, 11 000 m3 of stones… The Rennes-Brest line was inaugurated in 1865.  There is a nice Italian Theater from 1888 and fully restored.


The  Church of Saint-Mélaine, of flamboyant Gothic style (15C) dedicated to Melaine de Rennes. The Priory of Saint-Mélaine  was founded between 1149 and 1157 following a donation of Guyomarc’h III, Lord of Morlaix. The Church was built at the end of the 15C. In 1879, the Church lantern was replaced by a zinc-coated wooden arrow. The Church houses beautiful paintings and scultptures from the 15C to 19C, as well as a Dallam organ restored in 1971.


The Church of Saint-Mathieu, the tower is one of the first Renaissance buildings in the area. It houses an opening statue of gilded wood from the late 14C. When opened it offers a carved trinity and painted scenes from the new Testament. This statue from the Cologne (Germany) region was commissioned by the Brotherhood of Weavers of Morlaix. The Church also houses a beautiful organ, the late 17C buffet containing an instrument of Heyer (1873).


The quaint historical nice house at  9 Grande-Rue welcomes the works and objects of the collection of the Museum of Morlaix relating to the architecture and the history of the city – and the so-called Duchess Anne (16C), Rue du Mur.  The booth of the Place des Otages, offered in 1903 by Auguste Ropars. The Carmelite fountain, dating from the 15C, at the foot of the former  Church of Notre-Dame de Fontaines. The Château de Suscinio (House of the privateer Charles Cornic) and its botanical park, located in Ploujean, former commune annexed by Morlaix.


In the Bay of Morlaix, the castle of Taureau, erected in the 16C to defend the bay, was reworked by Vauban from 1689, but he died in 1707 before his completion. The stone ship then takes its current dimensions: 60 meters long, 12 meters wide and 12 meters high for a built up surface of 1 450 m2. In addition to eleven bunkers that can each receive a cannon, the Fort houses housings, two dungeons, a canteen, a kitchen and a chapel. In the 20C, it is the second residence of the family of Vilmorin, then houses, from 1960 to 1980, a sailing school having counted up to 250 trainees, of which 150 housed in the castle. This fort to the sea, a national property managed by the ICC, can now be visited.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are (first know the helpful tourist office in town is at  historical Maison Penanault 10 place Charles de Gaulle +33 (0)2 98 62 14 94 –

City of Morlaix on monuments in French :

Tourist office of the Bay of Morlaix in French:

Tourist office Finistére dept 29 Tourism in English:

Tourist office of region of Brittany in English:

The harbor ,ports of Morlaix in French:

For moving about in public transports this is good for all of Brittany; used to be called Breizhgo and now change to MobiBreizh:

There you go ,you are all set for an enjoyable trip to the north of Brittany and Finistére. Enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

July 10, 2018

Closer to home ,Lorient!

Yes indeed ,let’s come home shall we! This is just around my alley in the beautiful Morbihan 56 of Brittany. For those new to my blog, Morbihan is the only French department adminstrative division that is not in French ,but rather in native Breton language. Mor=sea bihan=small or small sea or petite mer in French. Lorient is from the Orient for a history. Lorient in the Morbihan 56 of Brittany/Bretagne/Breizh . Still an active port city and maritime arsenal at the bottom of the Bay of Lorient.  It is located at the mouth of the Blavet and Scorff rivers , which flows into the Bay of Lorient, then into the Atlantic Ocean. The town is located 503 km from Paris, 153 km from Rennes and 158 km from Nantes. The capital of the Morbihan, Vannes is only 57 km.

This year will be the stage 5 of the Tour de France bicycle race starting point to Quimper finish point. All about the race already mentioned in a previous post, this is all you need for the stage around Lorient. Tour de France at Lorient

Brief history of the tour de France passing by Lorient with year , stage, and route:

1956 6 Saint-Malo Lorient 7 Lorient Angers ; 1960 6 Saint-Malo  Lorient 7 Lorient  Angers ;  1968 6 Dinard  Lorient ; 7 Lorient Nantes ; 1977 8 Angers Lorient ; 9 Lorient Rennes ;  1982 9  Lorient Plumelec ;  1985 2 Lorient  Vitré ; 1998 3 Roscoff  Lorient ; 2002 9 Lanester  Lorient ; 2006 8 St-Méen-le-Grand Lorient ; 2011 4 Lorient Mûr-de-Bretagne ;  and 2018 5 Lorient  Quimper.

A bit of history I like will follow my previous blog posts on this nice city with great suffering during WWII. My posts below:

How to get here is important as the car is still king for most parts except cities like Lorient. You can come on the N165 national road. Also, there are  departmental TIM bus lines such as line: 15 (Lorient-Plouay-Le Faouët-Gourin), Line 16 (Lorient-Étel) and Line 17 (Lorient-Baud-Pontivy) ,the later one my boys have tried it. There is a train station SNCF  with direct connection to Montparnasse in TGV . There is a local airport with summer and some flights to nearby places ,the airport  Lorient South Brittany  offers several daily domestic flights to Paris-Orly as well as seasonal flights (March to end of October) to London or annual to Porto (Portugal). You have sea cruise companies such as  Oceane offering crossings throughout the year to the island of Groix.  The main area transport network is CTRL  responsible for the Transrade, with Batobus to connect Lorient, Port-Louis, Gâvres and Locmiquélic. Finally, the boat-taxi ensures the Lorient-island of Groix and visits to the harbor.

Lorient was created in 1666 in a field called “the enclosure” and develops outside of it. The whole is closed by walls erected in 1744 the ramparts and the gates of Morbihan and Ploemeur were destroyed in 1906. The Royal Navy was here in 1690. At the same time in 1709, the parish of Lorient is created from that of Ploemeur.  John Law of Lauriston created the Perpetual India Company by acquiring several other commercial companies, and chose Lorient as the basis for its operations. In 1732, the company decided to transfer from Nantes to Lorient the seat of all its sales, and  build a new buildings in stones to accommodate its activities, and to beautify the space . Sales are made there from 1734, and are processed up to 25 million pounds. The monopoly of the company is however abolished at the same time as this in 1769 under the influence of the Physiocrats.

The American War of Independence led to an increase in activity from 1775, and several Corsairs used the city as their home port. At the end of the war, several transatlantic lines were opened to the United States, and from 1785, a new commercial company was created, the company of Callone, and settled in Lorient.

The French revolution and the ensuing wars against England put an end to the commercial activities in Lorient for nearly two decades. Thanks to its support for the  French revolution, the city acquired the title of  mayor of the Canton in 1790, the chief-place of borough and the Chief-place of Maritime borough in 1800.

The arrival of the steam engine in the second half of the 19C enabled the ports to revive their activities. A first ,locomotive crossed the Scorff in 1865 on a viaduct built for the Savenay line at Landerneau, the first railway line serving south Brittany. A second  opened in 1861. In the same year, the armored frigate the Crown came out of the Arsenal followed in 1876 and 1879 of the battleships the Devastation and the Redoutable.

The fishery business began to develop at that time following the creation of the municipal auction in 1889, and the arrival of the first steam trawler in 1900. From 1909, the Lorient traffic equals that of the three ports of Douarnenez, Pont Aven, and Concarneau combined. The fishing port developped after WWI (1914-1918) , the appearance of the engine on fishing boats makes Lorient as competitive as Groix and Étel. The fishing port of Kéroman is created from 1920.

During WWII,  It is decided to erect the largest of the Nazis submarine bases of the war, where the second and tenth fleets will be set up. Admiral Dönitz is setting up his staff at Kernevel Castle.  Lorient will be almost entirely demolished between 1943-1944 by Allied bombardments that fail with the objective of destroying the base of the submarines, despite the spill of 4 000 tons of bombs. The nazi  garrison will not surrended  the weapons until May 10, 1945, with the Bay of Lorient  . The city of Lorient, received condecoration from France as Died for France, the Legion of Honor in 1949 and the Croix de Guerre 1939-1945(War Cross).

Some of the things to see here are

Fishing port of Keroman; second fishing port of France in tonnage behind Boulogne-sur-Mer and first in value added. Port of Commerce of Kergroise (first port of the region Brittany) . Marina with numerous pontoon places spread over the ports of Lorient (370), Kernevel (1 000), Port-Louis (450), Gâvres (57) and Guidel (102). At these five sites are added the 880 meters of pontoons of the offshore racing pole recently arranged on the site of the former base of submarines of Kéroman, and reserved for racing boats, rental and passenger boats.  Passenger Port towards the islands of Groix and Belle-Ile-en-Mer.  Military Port between the Arsenal and Lann Bihoué.


Other places are the Saint-Christophe Chapel . The  Hotel Gabriel (former Maritime prefecture of Lorient) from the 18C. The base of the submarines of Keroman, built between 1941 and 1944 by the organization Todt, the Tower of the Discovery, watchtower to signal the approach of the ships and to monitor possible smuggling manoeuvres on the coasts of the island of Groix. Built for the first time in 1737, the discovery Tower was destroyed on two occasions by lightning in 1751 and 1784. In 1786, it was rebuilt on the hill of Faouëdic.  Les Moulins du Faouëdic, the Company of India built two windmills on the hill of Faouëdic; the first in 1677, the second in 1719. Constructed of rubble and slate-covered, they each measure 25 meters high and have an interior staircase serving the various levels.  Cité du Voile or the city of sailing Éric Tabarly which opened its doors in May 2008 (great place) ,The underwater Museum of the Pays de Lorient, presenting the underwater heritage of  WWII within the oldest rescue center for submariners built in 1942 by the Kriegsmarine, then reused for 42 years by the National Navy. The submarine “La Flore” S645, the former submarine of the French Army ,with an interactive museum ending with a visit of the submarine.  The Church of Notre-Dame-de-Victoire, known as St. Louis Church, in reference to the pre-war church, built in 1954-56 (place Alsace Lorraine) ,and  Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Nouvelle Church (Kerentrech-Place de l’Yser).

Lorient Lorient Lorient

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here in lovely Morbihan are

City of Lorient webpage :

Tourist office of Lorient:

Dept 56 Morbihan tourism on Lorient:

There you go a nice city with plenty of boats in city center/Downtown, and great ambiance good for a family day out.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

July 8, 2018

My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XXVI

And here we are ending our Sunday in the heat almost 21h or 9pm and it is 28C or about 82F, sunny with a bit of a breeze. We finished another week in wonderful Morbihan.

A bit sad as we are without our dear late wife/mom Martine in our first Summer alone since 1989. We had so much planned and we came to realise one late, the barbecue. We had set up stones in the back to create one from scratch ,the old fashioned way.  Procrastination and a lot of other projects put it in the lower end of the to do list.  We finally decided with the boys to get a simple Weber on charcoal.

We went to the groceries bearing in mind to try it this weekend. After so many errands ,we finally did it this afternoon.

Saturday, well is now our battle ground. We went to Castorama for the Weber barbecue and supplies as well some pebbles for our driveway. I was there with my oldest boy as my twin boys were in a competition on video games in Cinéville, the cinema complex in Vannes, where one of them got second place and many giveaways!

Continuing with my oldest, we passed by V&B beer place in Auray to get our load of beers from Germany. And of course, we continue zig zagging to Nicolas in Vannes for our wines load. Passing by the market (marché de Vannes) to get some real cheese from the cheesemaker stand.

We went to Animalis animal store to get the sign for our house, Beware of Dogs ,just to be in regulation as we do have a big 7 months old borador (mix border collier and labrador) male. Right around we went to Norauto auto store to get me my new car charger for my mobile telephone Samsung.

We had lunch at the McDonalds in Auray for lunch as my oldest crave about these still…. even in lovely France lol! yes.I know.

We finally went to E Leclerc in Vannes to do our groceries and get the goods for the barbecue. wow, that was a lot of moving in one day. We were doing it during the week to leave our weekends free, but now we really have not decided our next adventures, even my vacation at work for 3 summer weeks in August are approved, not yet chosen where we are going. I know we will need some days to finished the work in the basement of our house that was purchase a while back with the Mother. So stay tuned for the vacation.

At home Sunday, we started the new Weber barbecue and as amateurs the darn thing was not starting, the fire died out three times and we were exhausted with the same. Then my dear old father came in and told us the bottom holes had to be open so the air circulate and the fire takes off.Oh well, we did and the fire did caught up ok. The cooking was on!!! Steaks first and then sausages and chorizos and of course the German cold beers.

Pluvigner Pluvigner Pluvigner Pluvigner Pluvigner

All for a nice simple French family Sunday; everybody now got the idea of the barbecue passing by our outdoor terrace, we should see some competition by next weekend. A big one here as it will be National Day July 14 (bette know outside of France as Bastille day) ,the French revolution.

Until then, and other posts, stay fresh, dry and remember; happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!



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July 2, 2018

Some news from France CXCIII

And to catch up on that is wonderful of my belle France, here I am again. Today for a change we have rain , pouring rain and some lighting forecast with temps in the 30C  or about 85F very sticky hot. Now it is really raining lol! Paris is the same but a bit hotter!

Let me tell you what is going on in the Hexagone ::)

Well lots of work going on in our wonderful….sihh public transport system for the Summer.    The A86 and Line 11, the summer site. And it promises to be impressive. To allow the extension of line 11 to the east of Mairie des Lilas in Rosny-Bois-Perrier, the A86 motorway will be cut between Nogent-sur-Marne (94) and Rosny-sous-Bois (93) from 8 to 14 August.  RER C in the central section, traffic is interrupted from 15 July to 25 August between Austerlitz and Javel to allow the work of asbestos de Saint-Michel, the replacement of 6 km of rail between Pont de Alma and Invalides and between Musée d’orsay and Michel. The Alma Bridge station must also be accessible. In the west, in Saint-Quentin en Yvelines (78), 5 switches must be replaced and 3 deleted, as well as 1.2 km of renewed track. Not to mention the north. A Gennevilliers (92) in particular where the Pont de l’etoile will be replaced. RER B and D, occasional work. The K line cut off there will be no closing during the day, but the trains will stop punctually earlier. On the North Line B, 46 km of Catenary and 45 transformers will be replaced between Le Bourget (93) and the Sous-Bois (93). On the RER D, 7 km of tracks will be changed between Creil (60) and Villiers (95), as well as 12 km between Villiers-le-Bel (95) and Saint-Denis (93).

Line L, a new viaduct. Between Garches and Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche, there will be no train between 7 July and 26 August, in order to finalize the replacement of Marly Viaduct. The one that will allow the new trains, the Ile, to circulate.  Line H, a bridge to pass over the A16. The line will be cut from 14 July to 12 August between Montsoult and Luzarches in order to lay a rail bridge on the A16. Indeed, a new motorway section of 3 km will be born on the road between L’Isle-Adam (95) and the Francilienne. It will bypass the municipalities of Maffliers (95) and Montsoult (95) from the north. The Paris Luzarches line will have to pass over the highway.  Eole to the programme, in particular, wharf arrangements, creation of a new underpass and widening of the rail bridge in Poissy (78), arrival of the pieces of the Tunneler during August in Courbevoie (92), end of the assembly of the metal frame of the Footbridge of the future station of Nanterre-la-Folie (92) or construction of the bridge over the Seine in Nanterre-Bezons (92/95) to connect the line E to the J. No summer T4. The tram will not circulate between Bondy (93) and (93) from July 6 to September 3 to allow the installation of a new signalling system, with training of the drivers and realization of the white steps.

SNCF and RATP set up alternative buses. Each time, alternate buses are set up or alternative lines will be reinforced (1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10, 13, 14). The travel times remain however longer. Source Le Parisien newspaper of Paris of course! And forgot their map here it is

Le Parisien credit

For those daredevils driving hahaha! A remnant of the Renault era, the blue metal bridge that connects the banks of Meudon to Seguin Island (dept 92) will disappear at the beginning of the year.  The historic Pont Seibert, which connects the banks of Meudon with Seguin Island, will disappear.  It dates from 1931 and was built by Seibert. It was decommissioned in 1992 following the closure of the Renault factory and reopened to traffic in May 2011 in favour of the urban development of Seguin Island. It extends through the Daydé Bridge, which joins the right bank of the Seine . You can see a map location of the bridge here :

The Seine-et-Marne Heritage Festival puts in another stage in Brie-Comte-Robert for concerts, archaeological visits, track play. Throughout the month of July, proposing to discover 4 remarkable sites of Seine-et-Marne (dept 77). The historic town of Brie-Comte-Robert (with a nice castle), the village of Larchant and its church of Saint-Mathurin, the castle of Jossigny and the astonishing depot of locomotives of Longueville  until July 29 program in French here

A wonderful event always a regular there too bad far now in the west.  At Saint-Germain-en-Laye,(dept 78)  this past Saturday. The 366th edition of the famous carnival La fête des Loges is been  held until August 19. The feast of the lodges brings together nearly 200 attractions spread over 8 hectares of terrains and forest. The festival of the lodges is one of the oldest carnival fairs of France which has been held every summer since 1652!!,yes. More info here in French :

A wonderful deed all French are proud of, saving historical beautiful places for all the world to marvel at.  The Logis des Moins de La Maladrerie Saint-Lazare was chosen among the heritages to be renovated by the Stéphane Bern (a famous presenter of history architecture and just France )  mission . The work will begin in October the Maladrerie Saint-Lazare de Beauvais the building dating from the 13C, the Logis Des Moines, this 35 meters long heritage and an area of 450 m2 .  The Maladrerie Saint-Lazare is a former hospital institution dating from the 12C, located in Beauvais, this site is today a cultural and tourist center that welcomes the public all year round.  First known act concerning the Maladrerie Saint-Lazare de Beauvais is an act of donation of a house of a bourgeois of Beauvais to the Church of Saint-Lazare. This act is dated 1131. This document does not mean in itself that a maladrerie existed as such around the church of Saint-Lazare but suggests that a community of lepers is organized at this time, on the instigation of the bishop of Beauvais. The Maladrerie Saint-Lazare is the only one of these eleven leprosarium that has survived. It is an exceptional heritage and to date represents one of the best preserved maladreries in northern Europe. At the French revolution, the Maladrerie Saint-Lazare is sold as national property. Divided into three batches, the Maladrerie becomes a farm. During WWI, the Maladrerie served as a headquarters for various Army Corps, with Beauvais being a rear base for the front located further north.

Spared by the bombardments that destroyed the city at 80% during  WWII, the Maladrerie Saint-Lazare did not leave unscathed, however, since in 1939, following heavy rains, the bell tower of the Chapelle Saint-Lazare collapsed, then a few years later, it was the choir’s turn. Overall, it is in a remarkable state of conservation making it one of the most beautiful medieval barns in the north of France. Its frame, entirely of period, is composed of oaks dated by dendrochronology of the winter 1219-1220. The interior consists of three naves of nine bays separated by two rows of large arcades composed of sixteen pillars with square base.  On the walls of stone, many graffiti testify to the intense occupation of the site for eight centuries. Sometimes simply decorative, these also serve as a marking to indicate the filling height of straw or hay from one year to the next. The oldest building on the site, the Chapelle Saint-Lazare is a remarkable testament to Romanesque architecture in the region. The decor of a great sobriety and the very clean lines are characteristic of this Romanesque style of the 12C.  More in French here :

News all over the French news here and well deserving another resident of the Panthéon.   The fourth woman to receive this honour, Simone Veil, accompanied by her husband Antoine Veil, made their entrance this past Sunday at the Panthéon of Paris. Panthéon de Paris

Three years after the opening of the Plisson House in the Marais, the adventure continues to market place Saint-Honoré. Notice to the gourmets: bigger, the fresh market, which also makes cellar-grocery and tables, adds a restaurant parisien, a lounge of snacks, takeaways and a corner dedicated to utensils of all kinds. More info here:

The immersive theater arrives in France with the opening of the Secret, a new room dedicated to this Anglo-Saxon concept where spectators are free to evolve in the heart of the action. First programming from this past Friday at 21h with Helsingor, the adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet .

A bit more on Arles and the spirit of Provence. Vincent Van Gogh lost an ear and surely the reason in Arles. But there were no paintings left. After living there for more than a year, he left in bad terms with the inhabitants, tired of the turbulence of this Dutchman a little too much on absinthe. The artist committed suicide shortly after leaving the Camargue. The New York Times even propelled Arles to the 28th place of world destinations to visit and renamed it “New Cultural Cradle of Provence”.

Its historical heart still bubbles with an intense cultural life. Near the banks of the Rhone, here is the fief of Actes Sud. In the world of publishing, it is an exception, with the major publishers having their seat in Paris instead. The manuscripts are studied on the floor of the building. The ground floor is a place of life. We stroll between the stalls of books, in search of literary nuggets. Then we make a stopover at the café located in the center of the bookstore until the beginning of a session at the cinema Actes Sud, where we can see the novelties like the classics of the seventh art. More here: Actes Sud

Some great cultural shopping in Arles.

Boutique-Gallery, Dou Bochi esthétise the Art of living  in Arles. A matter of Style signed by Eric Berger and Antoine Rambourg. The place offers summer clothes, bag-bags in linen and leather, ceramics of the Atelier Buffile and wax subjects of the candles makers of Prémontes . All in a chic and timeless palette. 16 rue Réattu  Tél. : 09 82 31 07 60. Webpage in Facebook

La Marchande des 4 Saisons passed by the Ecole du Louvre, Anne Carpentier settles in her office, signed Jeanneret, in Arles. Under two arches and Gothic vaults, its gallery-casket brings together modernist furniture and antique busts, contrasting photo prints and pieces by young designers from the Ecole d’art de Lausanne (Ecal). A nice mini-wax replica of the ancient obelisk, made with the workshops Luma was a nice gift. 12, rue de la Rotonde  Tél. : 06 84 86 81 42. More info here:

And of course, back to Paris for the coming Summer. Great places to mingle and shine after all Paris is eternal but we are not ::)

It is the occasion to discover the Bois de Boulogne in its best day, that of its landscaped green spaces, its lake and its birds. There are for an hour of oars (after, each one’s rhythm) to go around the lake, passing through the main island and its kiosk of the Emperor Napoleon III in 1852. Lake of Bois de Boulogne 14, chemin du lac Inférieur  16éme open daily from February 15 to October 30, 10h to 19H €8 for thirty minutes, €12 for one hour, €21 for two hours,  bail €50 , 5 people max per boat. More here: Bois de Boulogne

Five minutes from the Porte Dorée on Lake Daumesnil. All the details are thought. It’s like the Trianon of Marie Antoinette. A waterfall, a cave, bridges, an island with a magnificent rotunda that overlooks the whole, and on which you can stop… Lake Daumesnil   route de ceinture du lac Daumesnil  12 éme  open  from mid-February to mid-November every day from 10h to 01h  before Nightfall  €13 hour (1 to 2 persons) or €14 hour (3 to 4 persons) deposit of €20 without reservation. More here: Boating lac Daumesnil

It is called “The Pearl of the Bois de Vincennes”, just that. The lake hosts many species of birds that make you forget what city you are in, the time of the ride: Swans, grey herons, goose geese these boats can accommodate up to five people. As for the more athletic, the lake also offers canoes for rent. Lac des Minimes  Avenue de Nogent – 12éme  open daily from 13h30  during the school holidays open from 13h30 to 19h30 on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 11h to 19h30 on Sundays from March to end of November €10 Hour (1 to 2 persons) or €12 hour (3 to 5 persons)  Deposit of €10 or ID (passport etc) More here: Lac des Minimes Vincennes

There is a invincible attraction in the Jardin d’Acclimatation that the smartest Parisians have known since its inauguration, in 1928 . Another lazy thing! Effortlessly, you let yourself be carried by the wild and enchanted river, in full green flora, Jardin d’Acclimatation,  Mahatma Gandhi Avenue 16éme  open daily from Monday to Friday from 10h to 19h on weekends, school holidays and public holidays between 10h to 20h.More here: Enchante River Jardin d’Acclimatation

Were you talking about electric boats and the possibility of being led in a boat without effort? Well, it’s happening in the north-east of Paris, at the marina of La Villette. We reassure you, it is without license and hyper easy to take in hand. The captaincy of Marins d’Eau Douce or freshwater sailors will explain everything. For the craziest, there are 20 km of stroll in all, with three longer courses: to the Grands Moulins de Pantin (two hours), to the parc de la Bergére (half a day), or to the lock of Sevran (one day). Meeting place at the  basin of La Villette  37, quai de la Seine  19éme open daily from 9h30 to 22h 5 people max per boat €20 1/2 hour, €40 half hour rate on Wednesday. More here: Villette boating

Stay shaded in Paris for the Summer!

In the Petit Pré a (very) large garden to entertain the jaded Parisians of crowded micro-terraces. To access it, direction Longchamp Racecourse. On the menu: barbecues at times, cocktails of egg, nap at the foot of a tree or even petanque between buddies. Just a few steps from the Bagatelle gardens, this new garden is intended to be the new rendezvous food of the west Parisian Le Petit Pré Grille d’Honneur 2 route des Tribunes 16éme. more info here: Le Petit Prés

This House on the water  OFF Paris moored at the foot of Austerlitz station in the 13éme arrondissement, we sip a cocktail, we eat tapas and above all we take advantage of the swimming pool next to the Seine (and its emblematic buoy) lulled by the Games of light and the reflections of the water  OFF Paris Seine  86, quai d’Austerlitz – 13éme

It is on the roof of the Grand Boulevards hotel, halfway between the bourgeois neighborhoods and the popular suburbs, that has just settled the cocoon green ,The Shed. After crossing the hotel lobby, a walk in the elevator, you will discover a guinguette and its hidden, suspended and protected garden. There is a strong doubt that there is better setting to come and drink at the hour of aperitif (happy hour/after work) . The Shed   17, boulevard Poissonnière – 2e

Nestled in the heart of the Jardin des Plantes, the beautiful plants is all that one loves the most in the countryside: a real family house in the country decoration where you can stop for tea, drink a cocktail or eat a piece . Les Belles Plantes  47, rue Cuvié – 5e

There you go Paris and France have a lot going for this coming Summer or is it already ! lol! yes hot and rainy so be prepare or be square lol!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



June 30, 2018

My travels in the Morbihan, LXIII

So on a very hot Saturday with temps up to 32C or about 90F and intense sun, and many things to do and tell you in my lovely Morbihan department 56 of Brittany.

We had as usual our breakfast, took our dog Rex out and feed him as well. Then, he was put in the Veranda with door half open and plenty of water in his water bowl.

We set out to do our usual errands in our family life now with the boys and me as my father stays home as usual watching TV and most of the time Spanish TV in cable like TVE.

I had to take the boys to Micromania for some orders pending as usual from them, they just don’t stop, the most popular customers in the store, everybody knows them and even the store manager had come to our house for lunch! This store is in the shopping center Carrefour in Vannes.

We went to try a store we have been before but closer to home just to re check prices on animal food, dogs of course as we  have one now 7 months old Borador (mix border collier mom and Labrador dad). This is Animalis in Ploeren just outside Vannes; and it was confirmed the prices are higher so we move on.

Vannes Vannes VAnnes

We went by our favorite animal store Maxi Zoo at the near town of Séné next to Vannes going along the inner city streets easily as our expressway N165 is beginning to be full of traffic with visitors especially from the British isles. Estimates this year put Brittany in the top 3 of favorite French destinations for vacation by the French, of course we know ::) Here we did purchase our usual dog food 15 kg bag and again nice and cheaper. So we continue here.


As we got there in the shopping plaza les quais de Séné, we saw that a popular shoe store chain here Chaussea had summer sales of up to 70% on most of their stock. So we went in to take a look,and as usual things remaining from her mother’s time , we got out with one pair of sandals for my oldest, and two pairs (one sporty and one dressy) for me; both pairs for 52€! (who says France is expensive!). There are some nice names here including one of our favorite resto chain Au Bureau an English style bar restaurant ,and Chausséa, MaxiZoo, Sport 2000, Gifi , and CrocBook.


We had to eat and believe or not again, my boys insisted on going to Burger King! Well ,can’t really blame them , born in Florida they grew up with BK, and here is a connection to the old country. So we went for lunch at the BK in Ploeren, just outside Vannes. We tried the new whopper chorizo menu lol!! and blueberry muffins dessert ! A nice boys lunch , always missing our dear late wife Martine and heck of a mother. She will always be on our side on the tables.

Vannes Vannes

After this lunch, we went for our groceries as we needed to be ready for the big football/soccer game coming up.  Our groceries are done in a couple hypermarkets here and this time it was E Leclerc in Ploeren, Vannes. We loaded up for the game here too with the boys leading the way.

Vannes VAnnes

WE rush home by side roads to reach home just five minutes before game match. The match well the Russia World Cup 2018 8th finals between France and Argentina. We won 4×3 (that is France) with the young Mbappe netting two goals.  It is big here, there are celebrations all over as if we won the World Cup and now a new best is born in Mbappe; all part of the hyper media of our days.  There still a lot to run in this World Cup. Tonight is the game from which our next rival will come, Uruguay vs Portugal. Photo below is from my TFI TV channel !!!!


Now cruising at home waiting for the next game and all loaded up. The temps are still higher with Paris getting around 36C (97F) and by us around 33C!! (91F) Another heat wave for the next couple of days.

In we are staying in the shade lol! Hope you enjoy our every day life in the belle France. The real living in France.

Remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!








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June 27, 2018

An hommage to Paris,Martine and us!!!

We have a nice sunny day today high will be by 31C or about 87F just gorgeous outside and the beaches are full. I like to look back in my blog just to see Paris, well Paris is everywhere. Paris is eternal why tell more. It is time to post all (I think…) my previous posts about Paris in my blog. I let you do the searching  ,there is something for everyone in it.


Gare de l’Est Paris, our first trip by train the route to her office in Paris 11

It reminds me that almost 8 years ago (November 26 2010) , a group of friends from an online travel forum VT now part of TA, asked me to write a book or a blog on my travel experiences. Well, it was nice, but me a book lol!! My writing is rambling all over, just could not be done. However,  a blog well maybe. Have an American friend living in Madrid for over 20 yrs already who is into these blogs thingy and recommended to me WordPress  because it was easy to set up me not tech oriented. So it was done came about with the name of Paris as my first year visited the city while living in Madrid. The year of Versailles is from when came to live in France permanently at that Royal city of France.  The blog have been entertaining thanks to all those readers “like” and comments ; I really enjoy it.  As my  Frenchie from Meaux, Martine, passed away last April 30th from the dreadful cancer, I have come to appreciate more the fact that I am French and live in this wonderful country. I thank her for that,  and will continue to showcase my love for France (if anything to honor her) ,and my roots of Spain in my blog.


The episcopal palace gardens behind the Cathedral at Meaux

Enjoy Paris, the most beautiful city in the world, and for reason the most visited too…From oldest to newest posts me think…

There you go enjoy Paris, my beloved dear Paris and my belle France (thanks Martine). And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

June 24, 2018

Metropole Nantes!

I was going to see some World Cup games with a friend near Nantes city, and as usually go by there on my trips out by plane at Nantes Atlantique airport the trip was on usual territory. One of my best friends just moved there, and we went to visit and share some pints with the football/soccer games of the World Cup.


The games were so so on the first game Belgium beat Tunisia 5×2 a really lopsided game. The following one was a bit better as Mexico doing an excellent World Cup beat South Korea 2×1, and finally the best matchup of the day saw Germany beat Sweden 2×1 on a last minute free kick from Real Madrid ‘ player Toni Kroos , superb shot and kept Germany with chances of continue and avoiding catastrophy at home. More on official webpage:

All with plenty of pints from Germany, Belgium, and Brittany and munchies food plancha style. And with good company. the town is Orvault and it is one of 24 comprising the metropole of Nantes as well as the 5th biggest town in it.

A bit of info in French from the city of Orvault with a map of what is the Metropole of Nantes:

The site in French of the Nantes Metropole on Orvault is here:

Of course ,Orvault is today in dept 44 Loire-Atlantique, région of Pays de la Loire ; and was on the historic territory of Brittany. Dense traffic around here even if on weekends is ok; The national road N165 (known as route de Vannes because it goes my way there) is actually starts here by the beltway or boulevard périphérique of Nantes. This one crosses Orvault,and it has two exits/sorties or call here gates or Portes these are the porte de Rennes at No 37,and porte d’Orvault at no 36. There are no train station because it uses that of Nantes. The tramway is connected on line 2 which goes around the area we were (even if we went by car lol!) this line has the departure and terminus at Orvault-Grand Val, it goes by Le Cardo, and reaches Nantes city, and line 3 by the districts of Beauséjour , Plaisance, and Petit Chantilly. There is also a bus line 86.


We really went to see friends as locals, but it has some interesting spots to see as always in these territories worth coming back for the tourist look. Some of these are:

The Château de La Tour built in the 12C, and renovated in the 16C and again after 1900. It was done of granite stone in the neo gothic style of the 20C. The Chapel of the castle was built in the 15C ; it has a stained glass showing the founders of it done in the 16C shown also the Calvary and the deposition of the Cross. There is also, the Château de la Morlière a manoir or big mansion house of the 18C. As well as the newer Château de la Gobinière built in 1872. In 1923, the castle was given to a Catholic congregation of the Dominican Sisters of Comptenplacies, that in turn in 1951 left it to another congregation of the Sisters of Retirements. The Diocese of Nantes sold the castle to the city of Orvault in 1976. The Castle is surrounded by a park, named today as parc Michel-Baudry (that was the mayor when it was sold to the city). There is a municipal theater call the théâtre de la Gobinière in the property. There is a Church of Saint-Léger from the end of the 19C.

Well as said, not a tourist visit but a personal one, and we went by the route de Vannes and Rennes; and of  course we went to get some goodies at the wonderful E Leclerc hypermarché just walking distance from the house. Webpage here:

Nantes Nantes Nantes

And the most important the beers, no time to stay ,just came to purchase and take home for the games at the Bistrot Houblon also at walking distance from the house. Their webpage is at Facebook here:

Nantes Nantes Nantes Nantes

At the end we stayed on untl 3h or 3am or a very nice party ambiance amongst friends really nice these days to have a stop like this, especially in my situation. I just wanted to make it part of my blog so the memories can lingered more. And now for more games at the World Cup today!!!

Enjoy your Sunday , and remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all!!!

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