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September 24, 2019

Journées du Patrimoine or Heritage Days in France!

This is a quick reminder that I missed it!! I have participated in several of the Heritage Days of France or Journées du Patrimoine as it allows you to go into places usually or never allowed by the general public, and even some with little time for those like me member friends of many of them. I came back from a nice vacation in Madrid and taking over the job backup and the house really so sad to tell you no time to see any this year. However , for the memory to allow planning for next year here is some of the highlights for me .Hope you enjoy it and plan ahead too ::)

Sometimes I post something that has passed already because of its impact for a future visit. This time will post a whole series of event that happened every year in my belle France. It is the big celebration of heritage, or Journées du Patrimoine that were held this past Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22,2019. Despite the disturbances of strikes and politics as usual. The Palais du Luxembourg (where the Senate of France is located at the Jardin du Luxembourg)  is the building that attracted the most visitors this year. Overall, in these two days, 12 million visits were recorded on 17,000 different places!

The “Golden Palm” of attendance goes to the Senate(Palais du Luxembourg), with 22,499 visitors. The Palais de l’Elysée palace (home of the President of France), for its part, welcomed 20,000 visitors. The President  had gone the day before with Brigitte Macron (his wife) and Stéphane Bern (great promoter of heritage in France) in the house workshop of Rosa Bonheur,  12 Rue Rosa Bonheur, 77810 Thomery in Seine et Marne (dept. 77) ,but the President did not appear on the steps and in the gardens, Saturday. No doubt he judged that the social situation did not allow this moment of conviviality. Indeed.

According to a partial assessment of the Ministry of Culture, the Journée du Patrimoine or Heritage Days was, as every year, pulled it out well. The abbey of Mont Saint Michel (12,600 visitors), the Sainte Chapelle  and the Conciergerie (23,000) Château de Vincennes (10,100), the Banque de France (15,500), the Château de Ducs de Bretagne in Nantes (6,500), the university library of Strasbourg (8,500) or the Grand Theater of Bordeaux (6,500) . The Ministry of Culture, building at rue de Valois ,Paris, seduced 4,000 persons by exposing several fragments of Notre Dame Cathedral, including the rooster, formerly located at the top of the missing arrow. During the fire, the rooster dropped and was found in the rubble two days later!!.

Many middle schools, high schools, and universities were opened  their doors to the general public. Walk in the corridors of the Sorbonne. Founded in 1257, the Sorbonne now houses a part of the activities of several universities, including Paris 1, Paris 3 and Paris 4. This year, a new space, the gallery of 7 portraits of famous women requested by the rectorate to the artist Christian Guémy, aka C215, famous stencil artist, is added to the tour. Also, given the theme of this year, the Sorbonne will open its spaces for the first time to the students of the Academy of Paris, who will deliver various artistic performances. 5-47 rue des Ecoles, 5éme. Metro: Cluny-La Sorbonne

Located behind the Pantheon, the Lycée Henri IV occupies the former abbey of Sainte Geneviève, which overlooks the mountain of the same name. The establishment is considered one of the best high schools in France according to several rankings.  Located at 23 rue Clovis, 5éme. Metro: Cardinal Lemoine

Since 1809, the former Royal Abbey of Saint-Denis, which adjoins the famous Basilica, houses the House of Education of the Legion of Honor. Common point of the students: they are girls, granddaughters or great granddaughters of members of the Legion of Honor, the military medal or the National Order of Merit. Located at 1 rue de la République, 93000, Saint-Denis. Metro: Basilica de Saint-Denis

The National School of Fine Arts, under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and member of the Paris University Sciences and Letters (PSL), is in the district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Its 650 students occupy two hectares of buildings built between the 17C and 20C. Located at 14 rue Bonaparte,6éme. Metro: Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Paris attracts students from all over the world. To verify this, go to the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (Ciup). The campus, similar to those of American universities, welcomes 12,000 students of 140 nationalities. Forty of them have their own pavilion. Built between 1925 and 1969, they reflect the different architectural trends of the 20C. Located at 17 boulevard Jourdan, 14éme. RER: Cité Universitaire

It is here that was created in 1929 the first national vocational school (ENP) of young girls. Its vocation?  To lead them towards emancipation by providing them with training in the field of domestic arts, sewing or secretarial work. The historic building built in the 19C belongs to the neoclassical style. Located at 108 rue Baffier, 18000 Bourges

The Hôtel Vendôme , which houses the Mines ParisTech engineering school, was built in 1707 by architect Le Blond for the Carthusians. It is one of the few engineering schools still located in Paris intramural. Visitors will have access to its gardens, home to one of the most beautiful mineralogy museums in the world, and a library, whose décor reflects the different architectural trends of the 19C. The École des Mines ParisTech is still one of the top three engineering schools in France. It is located at  60, boulevard Saint Michel 6éme Paris/Metro Notre Dame des Champs or RER B

The école militaire built under the rule of king Louis XV and located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, brings together all organizations of higher military education in France. Among them: the School of War, the Institute of Advanced National Defense Studies (IHEDN) or the National Institute of Higher Studies of Security and Justice (INHESJ). Equestrian demonstrations, recitals, armored displays  were on the program. Located at 1 place Joffre, 7éme Paris. Metro: école militaire.

Max Linder Panorama;a cinema. Venetian stucco balconies and nearly 500 velvet armchairs overlook the immense hall of this exceptional cinema. Acquired in 1919 by the burlesque actor Max Linder before being recovered by the Pathé cinema in 1932, the institution is one of the last places to be moved by a panoramic screen of 107 m². Located at 24, bd Poissonnière 9éme.

The Grand Rex; a cinema. It is one of the largest halls in Europe, with 2,700 seats. Its Art Deco façade from 1932 that can be seen from afar on the Grands Boulevards. Inside, a starry vault and Baroque or Mediterranean decorations make it a place apart, a sort of palace of the cinema. Its museum, Les Étoiles du Rex, which revolves around the cinema and its history. Archive images, reconstructed sets, projection booth, transparent panoramic elevator behind the big screen, special effects … 1, bd Poissonnière 2éme. Paris.

The Cinémathèque Française. Located in the gardens of Bercy, it preserves the cinematographic heritage. The building was designed by the American-Canadian architect Frank Gehry, also a designer of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (Spain). Curves and counter-curves dress this mastodon of concrete. Do not miss it. Here, everything is related to the 7th art: objects, documents, films. Great names of cinema to (re) discover and architecture of the site to admire.  Located at  51, rue de Bercy 12éme.

And of course the Château de Versailles : visit the most beautiful spaces of the north wing of Versailles in music  ,the Palais de marbre, salles des Croisades, salles Louis XIV, Chapelle Royale . Free admission by the cour de l’Opéra Royal!!!

The Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte in Mauncy, Seine-et-Marne dept 77 ;  opens the doors of its 7 artistic domains with the program, a treasure hunt and unpublished visits on the garden of Le Nôtre, guided tours behind the scenes of filming Marie-Antoinette to James Bond through the man in the mask of iron, concerts-readings with representations mixing the texts of Jean de La Fontaine with the baroque music and an immersive soundtrack plunging the visitor in the History of France with an adult course “The affair Fouquet” and a youth course “The fabulous history of Vaux”!

The Musée de la Grande Guerre at Meaux, Seine et Marne dept 77 .Offers tours of the museum’s reserves , flash tours of the permanent collections and the temporary exhibition “Behind the Scenes of Peace”!!!

There you these are just a sample of those dear to me that I would have love to visit some myself, but they are so many. Do plan ahead, and be here on those days usually are about the same end of September. Enjoy the post and keep it for the future!!

Official Ministry of Culture of France. Translation to English upper right hand FR turn to English :

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



September 23, 2019

Some news from France, CCXLVI

So cannot be too far from my belle France and so much to tell always something in the Hexagone! Today is Fall well already in it, and it shows. Cloudy , rainy a bit windy temps in 16C or about 60F, in Paris a bit warmer at 70F. Let me get in right into the matter at hands; some news from France!

It is all over the news here so a perennial travel site is now gone. I remember when used them in America many neons ago. Thomas Cook, the oldest tour operator in the world, created in 1841, had no choice but to enter “liquidation with immediate effect” in total, some 600,000 tourists would be concerned. In the immediate future, the authorities will have to organize massive repatriations of their nationals on holiday with Thomas Cook: 150 000 British, 10 000 French … the British Aviation Authority (CAA), stating that special telephone lines had  opened to help travelers (0300 303 2800 in Great Britain and Ireland, + 44 1753 330 330 from abroad). For the 9,842 French travelers currently on holiday, an emergency number has been set up on +33 (0)1 45 05 40 81. More info in France:

After the RATP, the SNCF, and the beat goes on, don’t you love it in France lol! Train traffic will be disrupted  tomorrow Tuesday 24 September across the country due to a day of strike. For Intercités, two out of five trains will run on day trips, and one train on four at night. There will also be three TER out of five. On the TGV side, traffic should be almost normal, with the exception of the Atlantic and North routes (four trains out of five). It will be perfectly normal for international journeys (Eurostar, Thalys, Lyria, France-Spain, France-Germany and France-Italy routes). In Ile-de-France, RER traffic will also be disrupted. Two out of five trains on the RER E and the northern part of the RER B (with an interconnection break at the Gare du Nord), two trains out of five also on the RER D, no traffic between Châtelet and the Gare de Lyon. There will be one train on two on the RER C but normal traffic on the RER A. For the Transilien, one train out of two will be in circulation on average, but the R line (to Montereau and Montargis) will be more affected by the strike, with only one in four trains in circulation. More here in French to follow the strike news:

If the day of last Friday, September 13 was called a black Friday for all Parisians embarrassed by the strike of the RATP, the month of December may be worse. Five unions are calling for an indefinite strike from 5 December 2019. It is the pension reforms that are pushing the RATP unions to reiterate the social movement. Unsa-RATP, CFE CCG RATP, South RATP, Solidaires RATP and FO RATP all will be on strike. Take alternative routes if visiting or working in Paris especially on these days, and welcome to France!  Same for the RATP on strikes:

Day without a car, or without the metro and without the sun sums up a sullen note. Not to mention if they get their way the day without a horse!  This past Sunday Sept 22nd, the fifth edition of this operation organized by the City of Paris between 11h and  18h has turned short in the center and west of Paris. Of course, it will backfire in time. The announce event which turn out very limited on the city page here:

And for better news: Next Saturday, October 5 will be held the 18th edition of the Nuit Blanche (or white night) organized by the City of Paris. Nuit Blanche in Paris will be a metropolitan event this time. Starting at 19h  time is already at the party, with the departure from the Place de la Concorde from twelve monumental works accompanied by musicians and DJs to the Place de la Bastille. Tin-Tin’s big-tattooed tank, the Zerep company, “muchos kilometros” and his crazy squad populated by camels and Cadillacs or Daniel Buren’s, composed of authentic mirrors of buildings . In the perspective of the  Olympic games of 2024, the portion of the periphery of the Porte des Lilas at the Porte de la Villette is transformed into a velodrome, accessible by bike and vélib ‘. Do not miss Copacabana Machine Sex in Aubervilliers, a mobile nightclub in which robots wank sensually on electro. The most athletic ones will join the Grande Traversée, two races crossing some forty institutions, from the Invalides to the Grand Palais, passing by Beaubourg, the Louvre, etc it will be a blast so if available be there or be square! More info here:

And at last, this is nice for Paris, I love them!  The old “1900” style kiosks will come alive again in the streets of Paris. Four Haussmann style kiosks dedicated to the sale of flowers. They will be located on  Square d’Estienne d’Orves 9éme, 21 Avenue General Sarrail 16éme, 30 Avenue Corentin Cariou 19éme,  and 6, Boulevard de Charonne  20éme.. Eventually, other old kiosks will reopen to offer further sales activities: 25 in total. Newsstands there are about  220 kiosks in Paris installed. At the end of December, 300 will be established.  And will have about thirty to install during the first quarter of 2020! A bit more from the city of Paris on the press kiosks here:

Something its becoming rampant and we are annoyed a bit. By the end of 2019, the management of the Louvre Museum will impose the reservation for the purchase of tickets. , the Louvre requires to book in advance its ticket! . It would now be impossible for Parisian to forage his heritage at the lunch break!  Or to improvise a trip, like one goes out  to the fields!  All this so that boisterous magmas, who follow a flag hour, could grin their uncultured by immortalizing themselves before the Mona Lisa! Especially since these herrings come only for that, not even knowing that the museum has something else!! More seriously, why not adopt the system of India, which have an entry for tourists and another for locals? Or circumscribe the Mona Lisa to a single room, charging double? The calves would only see fire and the Parisians would find the Louvre of Belphégor. Exactly too crowded and too many flashes indeed lol! Even online they recommend you to buy online! More here:

I will throw in a bit of fashion for the coming season , after all Paris is it. Born at the beginning of the 20C, the harem skirts, a fusion of skirts and panties – the long underpants worn by men under their clothes – allow women to circumvent the ban on trousers. Under the influence of the Ballets Russes and Orient, it is the fashion designer Paul Poiret who launched, in the 1910s, these loose and flowing baggy trousers that he called harem skirts. It will be necessary to wait until the end of the 1960’s so that the trousers are essential in the female locker room. And the culottes is one of the first forms, thanks in particular to Saint Laurent Rive gauche, who presents it in a tailor’s suit with men’s wool jackets or sheepskin coats. This winter, it seems to be part of the conquest of women. One example of many here:

In addition to their restaurants, chefs are increasingly likely to source products in their garden but also to engage in breeding or food business. An approach that allows them to rise in quality. The Bouchérie Grégoire is one of them. This new address by chef Antonin Bonnet opened this summer in the 6éme arrondissement of Paris, just two issues of Quinsou, his one-star restaurant. In this pocket shop, which is betting on the “beautiful, good and ethical”, veal, cow, lamb or pork meat are bought by whole carcasses, in short circuit and from small French producers, before being debited on place, to the rhythm of the seasons and arrivals. All wholesome food à la Française!. A bit more here in French:

How about an old dandy that still rocks ,dinner at Minim’s, the little Maxim’s.  A place completely out of time,so linked to Pierre Cardin. Once a month, on Friday, there is the cabaret of Blanca Li, a show that mixes flamenco and humor, in a joyful delirium! La Brasserie Minim at 7, rue Royale , 1éme.. Tel +33 (0) 1 42 65 91 77.More info here:

The Champagne Ruinart launches the countdown of events that will mark its 300 years. Every year, until September 1st, 2029, which will mark the 300th anniversary of the House, an artistic, technological or architectural project telling how the wines are made, will be revealed in Reims, in parallel with annual white cards given to creators. as different as Piet Hein Eek, Erwin Olaf, Liu Bolin or this year Vik Muniz.  The commissioned duo of artists Mouawad Laurier present a work combining innovation, creativity and sustainability. Presented in the chalk houses of the Ruinart, classified as World Heritage by Unesco. Performance open to the public,  visits in small groups of 12 people maximum. More in French here:

What are the main stages of the new classification of the Crus Bourgeois.  It was decided to make a major change to the grading system of the crus bourgeois. Things are changing in Bordeaux stay tune with France!

Very schematically, there are two parts. The first: the blind tasting. For a Bourgeois level application, the castles present five vintages to choose between 2008 and 2016; those who have had the recognition at least five times in the same period are not subject to tasting and those who can prove that they do not have five vintages available only present 2015 and 2016. The castles that compete for the mention additional “exceptionnel” or “supérieur ” must also present five other vintages selected between 2008 and 2016, also tasted blind (only vintages are indicated). From the second ranking in 2025, everyone will present the same vintages for tasting. The second part: it concerns only the candidates to a complementary mention and which constituted a specific file. The three criteria on which they are evaluated are the good cultural and environmental practices, the management of the exploitation, the development of the vintage. Mention will be awarded based on the overall level of performance of the vintage for each of the three criteria and whether the tasting result has reached the required level.

They are evaluated on the management of the vineyard and winemaking operations, on the plot traceability in winemaking, on the winemaking, rearing and packaging conditions in order to optimize the quality and typicity of the wine,  according to five themes. Finally, the development of the vintage is appreciated with regard to the general presentation of the exploitation, in particular the quality of the reception of the professional visitors or the tourists, the national and international valuation of the vintage, its individual and collective promotion , of its distribution methods (also according to five themes). In short, everything is sifted, vineyard, terroir, plantation density, castle, development of the vine at the end of the cellar, history, hospitality (wine tourism or not, each his philosophy), distribution, selling price. The file is sent by the Alliance to the Quali-Bordeaux verification body, which conducts tastings and inspection visits. The Alliance does not intervene in the ranking. Everyone needs to be sure that they are treated exactly the same from beginning to end. The ten themes are noted from A to D, and these notes are then converted into points. The Alliance will release the ranking in February 2020. More on the Crus Bourgeois here:

The site Wikipedia gives you a better look on the current classification of Crus Bourgeois me think; here is the link:

And last but not least, how about those wines!!

Mankind has learned to make wine well before inventing writing. The first traces of vines date back to 8000 BC, in Anatolia. As grapes are the most easily fermenting fruit, it is not absurd to think that our ancestors soon understood the value of storing them in pots. Moreover, in Iran and Georgia, wine deposits inside vases have been discovered, between 7,000 and 9,000 years old. In Armenia, excavations have even unveiled a space devoted to winemaking 6,100 years old. Besides, the writing is a young thing, she has only 5 300. Our time will be no exception. When there is nothing left, there remains the wine. Because, after all, it’s quite simple to create, and the vine has adapted to almost every climate: wine is produced in Canada, Ethiopia, Chile, Switzerland, South Africa, Japan, in Morocco, Mexico, Cape Verde, Brazil. And even in Tahiti  where it is possible to do two harvests a year if you let the vine run. Of course , wine is in us part of our culture and we need to drink it, in moderation of course , with a meal is better or an apéro in a terrace in Paris or elsewhere! Enjoy it!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!




September 19, 2019

Some news from France, CCXLV

So even thus not done with my beloved Madrid on my wonderfully enormous vacation back in August 2019; I need to switch gears and tell you something about my belle France! yes of course, we are all citizens of Planet Earth and Humans first of all! My weather here is sunny windy at 70F or about 21C while in my eternal Paris is sunny at 67F or about 18C. For kicks in my beloved Madrid is 87F or about 27C and cloudy right now.

Now let me tell you some bits of news from my belle France ok. Why not start with a bang on the 130th anniversary of the Eiffel tower!

The Tour Eiffel icone and symbol of Paris was built in two years, from 1887 to 1889,but it keeps a lot of secrets some will detail here briefly.

It could never have been born without the World Expo ; but the expiry of the 1889 World Expo, an exceptional showcase for all the discoveries of the time, forced the engineers to work twice as hard to built it.  Gustave Eiffel was not at the origin. It was two of his collaborators, Emile Nouguier and Maurice Koechlin, who imagine and designed the Tower. Once convinced, Eiffel will take a patent, with his two engineers.  The artists of the time were opposed to the project published in the newspaper Le Temps, in February 1887. It is signed by Charles Gounod, Guy de Maupassant, Charles Garnier, Victorien Sardou or Alexandre Dumas ,son. There was no death on the construction site, except … a worker, mounted outside working hours, to impress his girlfriend.  It must have been ephemeral. Eiffel first obtains a concession for twenty years. But in 1909, the engineer cannot bring himself to see his tower destroyed. It finances the first weather stations, installed at the top, makes tests with clocks and radio transmissions for the military authorities . Bet won. He obtained an extension of the concession until 1979.  It made it possible to foil a German attack in 1918. In the middle of World War I, the radio antennas of the Eiffel Tower capture an encrypted German message. It reveals that the imperial army is preparing to attack the French in the forest of Compiegne (Oise). The General Staff is warned and the assault foiled, in March 1918. It was from its summit that the first television programs were broadcast. In 1942, it broadcast live entertainment programs for troops, especially in hospitals where are treated wounded. There were then only a few hundred television sets throughout the country.  It is covered with 17 layers of paint. To protect the tower from corrosion, it must be painted. But painting is eroding and you have to go back every seven years on average. Problem: all this painting weighs 50 tons. A construction site should soon completely strip the monument, before repainting it with a lighter layer.Again!  It was assembled partly in Levallois-Perret. The Eiffel workshops were located in the city of dept 92 Hauts-de-Seine. The pieces were then placed on carts that crossed Paris to the Champ de Mars. A giant wind tunnel on the forecourt. Eiffel had a passion for aviation. He installs this device at the foot of the tower to test the resistance of aircraft structures. All the pioneers of the air force passed through this wind tunnel, transferred in 1912, in the 16éme of Paris.And voilà another angle on the lady of Paris, the Eiffel! More info here:

As mention briefly in previous post of a great discovered by luck, this painting of the 17C has been restored and now sits in the middle of the dresses of the first Parisian boutique of Oscar de la Renta, at 4, rue Marignan, just steps from the Champs-Elysees  8éme, which has just opened the first Parisian boutique Oscar de la Renta. On the floor of this luxury fashion house, where the welcome is particularly warm, you will discover in the living room of the wedding dresses the painting, dating from the 17C, one of the painters of the school of Charles-Le -Brun, close to the Sun King. A work of 6 meters long and 3 meters high, forgotten for a century behind a partition and found, by chance, on the site of restructuring of the premises.  The painting depicts Charles Marie François Olier, Marquis de Nointel, ambassador to Constantinople for Louis XIV. He had started a tour of the Middle East in 1673. He was then shown with his escort in front of Jerusalem. Riders are dressed in the fashion of the Grand Siècle. The walls, the mosque of Omar and the Wailing Wall are very distinctly visible in the distance. The spirit is orientalist and lush vegetation. The painter remains a scientific uncertainty. The mansion of 4, rue de Marignan would have belonged in 1850 to the banker Mosselman who installed the canvas in his living room. With time, the painting was walled up. But not miraculously destroyed. Today, it is visible to all … without any obligation to purchase one of Oscar de la Renta’s creations.! The store locator here:

The Opera Garnier ,9éme arrondissement has used the finest crafts to restore its original luster to the prestigious lodge. The Emperor’s lodge, built for Napoleon III, the patron of the prestigious Palais Garnier, located on the left of the stage and opposite that of the Empress, has regained its original brilliance. While “La Traviata” triumphs on the stage of the Paris Opera, the monumental lodge served by a staircase and preceded by a guard room, antechamber and lounges, proudly displays its magnificence. It was Mac Mahon who inaugurated it in 1875, Napoleon III had to go into exile five years before the end of the construction of the Palais Garnier. The project launched as part of a partnership for the 350th anniversary of the Opéra national de Paris. The original material chosen by Charles Garnier – in brocatelle, more precious than the damask reserved for other boxes – was reproduced identically by the Manufacture Prelle, silkers in Lyon since 1752. The curtains were sewn entirely by hand and the beech benches have been cleared, repaired and upholstered. The trimmings will be done in early 2020. To be seen next to my previous work office! More on the Opéra Garnier here:

Robbery at the Château Vaux-le-Vicomte where Patrice and Cristina de Vogüé, a couple who restored the luster of the castle. The 91-year-old count has owned the place since 1967. With his wife Cristina, they opened the site to the public a year later. The perpetrators acted before dawn. This morning, shortly after 4h (4AM), six burglars, hooded and gloved, have entered the castle of Vaux-Le Vicomte, Seine-et-Marne dept 77  through a window. The thugs surprised in their sleep the couple, tied them up before forcing them to give them the code of the safe. They seized jewelry and cash. The damage, being consolidated, would be around two million euros The Castle, meanwhile, remains open despite the robbery having taken place in a private wing. The wonderfully gorgeous official site here:

In total, there are 23 sites in Ile-de-France that will received this past Wednesday the label Heritage of Regional Interest. A  Selection  of my favorite places.

Built in 1920 on the plans of Clamart train station in the Hauts-de-Seine (92), Villennes-sur-Seine  (78) train station is known for its decoration and its large glass roof. It is also one of the rare examples of Art Nouveau train station in Île-de-France. I have taken this line several time and the town is very nice indeed not just the station. Official Transilien here:

This small train station located on line H of the Transilien network ,built in 1926, the train station of Saint-Leu-la-Forêt  (95) has been the subject of major restoration projects for 4 years. The exterior facades have been restored, as are the exterior carpentry and the Marquise. Another good looking transportation site. Official Transilien here:

A secret Chapel in Taverny (95).  Built in the mid-19C on the site of a former priory, this hidden chapel shelters 16 burials two meters below ground. Hidden in the middle of the fir trees. See the Chapelle de  Rohan-Chabot Chapel ,9, rue Jean-XXIII ,  Taverny ,Val d’Oise dept  95. A bit more in French at the dept site here:

The city of artists of the 15éme arrondissement of Paris built in 1902 by the famous sculptor Alfred Boucher, La Ruche is the only unknown place in Paris to benefit from the Heritage of Interest label. Today, the city of artists on the southern edge of Paris has become the passage de Dantzig.  A private place in which no visit is organized. It will be necessary to count on the kindness of a inhabitant to be able to penetrate there. Worth the try and the walk is very nice indeed. La Ruche , Passage de Dantzig 2, 15éme arrondissement of Paris. Official La Ruche here :

A brand new food festival arrives. In the program ? The best specialties straight from the Philippines. And as had the opportunity to visit this nice country  several times (see my posts) it is a great idea to do a food festival. Which will be on  October 6th,at the Point Ephémère. This day will celebrate the culinary specialties of the Philippines for a food festival of the most original. The association La Petite Manille  (Little Manila association) decided to remedy this, by creating the first event of its kind. This big festival will be centered around the Philippine cuisine but also around its culture. There will be tastings and something to delight all gourmands, but also shows, creative workshops and discovery, as well as DJ sets to dance until the end of the night. The festival is free for all. Food Festival Philippines, Point Ephémère, 200, quai de Valmy , 10éme On  Sunday, October 6, 2019 from 12h to 23h. Free admission . Official Point Ephemere site here:

A nice combination idea me think.  At the entrance of the store you have a second-hand clothings. From 80s sequined jackets to polka dot dresses from the 60s to classics from the’ 90s, all the epochs go on to dress up the most nostalgic. In the middle, a mini-hair salon, straight out of a movie, for those who would indulge in a scissors, neither seen nor known. In the background, surprise: a kitchen transformed into a canine-like tea room. The student canteen, the little ones come to buy second-hand clothes while drinking tea after school. L’Atypique, Friperie et Cantine, 46, rue Chanzy, 11éme Tel. : 06 36 97 53 79; Open  Monday – Friday from 11h30 to 19h, Saturday from 14h30 to 18h30. Facebook page on it:

And last but not least my town is in the news!! A Belgian air force F16 airplane crash off the d16 road between Landaul and Pluvigner on a wheat field of the village of Le Guernic chopping some section of a roof with people in the house! The two pilots were save even if one landed on high tension electrical cables of 250K volts! The F16 was on a routine training flight un armed from Florennes , Belgium to the naval base of Lann-Bihoué near Lorient (which also serves as a commercial airport). There is a security perimeter under investigation and the road D16 direction Landevant is closed. Well I live in the other direction so we are safe and sound and ready lol! More in French with pictures here: F16 Belgian Air Force plane crash near Pluvigner

Hope you enjoy the Some news from France posts, and thank you for reading. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

September 16, 2019

Notre Dame Cathedral , Update Sep19!

And again on our national treasure of the Cathédrale de Notre Dame de Paris! It is an ongoing effort by many people some not so well known but all working to make it happened as soon as possible. Still guided by the President Macron promise to do so in five years! A big effort indeed! And we count on you visitors to help too

This is an official Notre Dame Cathedral fund raiser site for foreigners: Friends of Notre Dame Cathedral donation site

On the health issues that have been printed on the media be calm all is under control now.

Health authorities announced  last Thursday, September 12, that there is “no warning signal” for children detected. The provisional assessment of lead measurements made among about 750 children attending school near the Notre-Dame Cathedral “does not issue a health warning signal” at this stage, they are indeed estimated. proportion of children exceeding the mandatory threshold for lead poisoning (50 micrograms of lead per liter of blood) remains “slightly lower” than the national average measured during a survey in 2009, according to the analysis conducted by the regional unit of Public Health France.

The huge rebuilding effort is cautiously ongoing but moving in the right direction me think

The Mikado of all dangers … The 300 tons of scaffolding built in 2018 on the roof of Notre Dame were the essential element for the restoration of the spire of the cathedral of Paris. Since the dramatic fire of April 15, this ephemeral built of 50,000 steel tubes has become a threat to the cathedral. One of the most complex aspects of the current construction site is the dismantling of this scaffold heated to more than 800 degrees, as recognize the architects responsible for this perilous operation. While this steel structure was to rise 95 meters above the ground to reach the top of the spire, the carcass that we see today above the cathedral rises to only 50 meters. A protocol of action has just been defined to remove one by one the tubes using rope access.

The prefect of the region applied the precautionary principle. But it is not sure that the lead found in all Paris comes from Notre-Dame. This imposes additional constraints on the work while they are still in an imperious phase of urgency. In these conditions, it is sometimes difficult to reconcile the work to be done because of the fragility of the monument and the optimum protection rules of the teams. Today, blood tests are done every month on workers for blood lead and they are never above average. The same is true for breathing air tests. The results are still well below the dangerous thresholds.

It is difficult to consider an end date of this consolidation period of the Notre Dame Cathedral. They will not be really reassured until mid-2020. It’s always worrying. The monument remains in danger on two levels: that of the vaults that can always fall and that of the scaffolding, which can collapse. There are nearly 200 to 300 tons of  scrap metal. As a result, during the fire, the scaffolding did not fall. But the tubes welded to each other, and were deformed. Only the side on which the arrow fell was deformed. All this makes the structure fragile. It is even miraculous that it still holds.

The finish on the laying of the floor that rests on the walls drips It already exists above the choir and above the two transepts. They will then encircle on three levels the weakened scaffolding. Then ,they will build a new scaffolding that will culminate at 50 meters and on which will rest a set of beams. This is where cord trappists can go down and cut all the tubes, one by one, from top to bottom. This operation could be completed in January 2020. That is the goal. Once past this delicate phase of dismantling the scaffolding, they  will put a first umbrella and a large umbrella higher than the existing roof before to rebuild the structures of the future frame, regardless of the chosen technique, wood , concrete or other.

And the fund raising is moving by many famous and unknown alike including yours truly!!!

In an on going effort to fund the reconstruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral forty-two works of art were auctioned this past Sunday  at Château de Chambord for a total of more than 43,000 euros for the benefit of Notre-Dame Cathedral. Among them, two manuscripts by Alain Souchon. The first of sentimental crowd, released in 1993, and the second of Hello mom, bobo in 1977, were awarded 2,200 euros. A painting by the painter Grégory Cortecero, On the road to reconstruction made using the sumi-e technique, a traditional Japanese painting movement in ink and water, was awarded 2,600 euros. In total, 21,690 euros were collected, matched at the same height by the County Council of Loir-et-Cher. The works were donated by thirty or so artists from the Val-de-Loire. This sum will enable Goudji to produce the evangelical of Notre-Dame Cathedral , a cover in which it is place the liturgical book of Christianity which contains the totality of or part of the Gospels read during the celebrations!

Louis Philippe’s carpet saved from the waters. When the huge richly woven carpet inaugurated under Louis-Philippe for the Cathédrale de Notre-Dame de Paris was evacuated a few days after the fire, the fear of the Mobilier National was a rapid decay by the water. But delicate operations have saved it, before a restoration that will restore its luster .So another item saved!!!

In all, again huge effort but all worth it for a National treasure of world proportions that goes beyond faith, all are giving! And I thank you. merci de fond de mon coeur à tous!

Be there, see it feel it, share it Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris, eternal as the city of lights. And remember, happy travels good health, and many cheers to all!!!

September 15, 2019

Some news from France, CCXLIIII

So just back from Madrid and need to get back to my current living location for the last almost 17 years now, wow time flies when you are having fun lol! It’s time to write about my belle France, and it is a hot sunny day today with temps up to 25C or about 77F. I need to get back in the routine so while keep posting on my recent trip to my beloved Madrid will put the latest tidbits on France ok.

All have just tasted, stars in the eyes, some bottles of poulsard (or ploussard), savagnin or chardonnay, products without chemical weed killers. They also served as a source of inspiration for a generation of Jura winemakers who dusted the homeland of yellow wine and revitalized the smallest vineyard in France (less than 2,000 hectares). The general public is still unaware of it, but a new wave of connoisseurs is praising these wines, often with autochthonous grapes, marked by the strong identity of a terroir and the personalities of eco-friendly winemakers. In France and abroad, there are few trendy wine bars that today do not have Made in Jura on their menu. General look search for these towns on the bottles Lons-le-Saunier, Château Chalon (best); Poligny, Arbois (good too), and Salins-les-Bains. Enjoy the ocean of French winemaking at its best! More info here:

Lapérouse. This mythical address, which covered the secrets of Victor Hugo to Orson Welles via Michel Houellebecq, Serge Gainsbourg and François Mitterrand, benefits from a renovation as discreet as recent. The front door is small, you must bend to avoid rubbing the ceiling with the top of your skull. You learn by the way that the expression “to hit the bell” comes from the very low architectural configuration of the lounges of this old inn opened in 1766. The men bumped their heads regularly going from one room to another. When you enter the bar, on the ground floor, you have the distinct feeling of entering history. We like the idea of his second youth offered at the restaurant that saw the great Escoffier practice his art. The door that communicates with the kitchen remains open so that he can see the guests enter.You go upstairs; fortunately, the hostess’s blue, rustling tulle guides you through the maze of stairs stretched with velvet. You go past the private rooms, envious, before discovering the restaurant room. The ceiling is low, as expected, but covered with a celestial fresco that carries you away. Lapérouse, 51, quai des Grands-Augustins, 6éme. Open Tuesday to Friday from 12h30 to 14h and 19h to 22h, Saturday from 19h to 22h. tel +33 (0)1-43-26-68-04. Webpage:

Rochefort, in the Charente-Maritime, a wonderful town to visit away from Paris. At about 3h30 time from Paris deserves more than a pause on the road to ïle d’Oleron.You go for the Corderie Royal, the International Center for the Sea, located in the heart of the arsenal of Rochefort. You can spend the whole day there, thanks to a single ticket. Start with the visit of the famous Hermione, identical replica of the frigate of the Marquis of  La Fayette that took him to the USA. More info here :

The word “camping” puts you in a state of deep depression while your children dream of sleeping under a tent? Well we have done quite a few but in a mobile home! .The Escale des chateaux de la Loire, near Tours, offers nights in a perched hut, trailer, pod, or in very pretty lodges way Out of Africa with the advantage of being only fifteen minutes away from the Château de   Chenonceau, one of the most beautiful in the Loire Valley. Built on the Cher river, the gallery of Catherine de Medici always amazesus before running into Diane’s gardens, getting lost in the labyrinth, then discovering the donkey park, the flower garden and the educational hive. To visit also around, the garden of Château de Chaumont-on-Loire, its international festival of the gardens, and a string of other pretty castles . More info here :

Something wonderful for the whole family we have enjoyed over the years with the boys in younger age. Now a new house haunted catacombs way, populated by corpses, crossed by a cold wind, where the walls collapse and the lights darken … An initiatory course led by Dr. Cérébrus, littered with vampires and undead … If your children are already thinking about Halloween, they should love “Fear on the Park”, the flagship event of All Saints day in Parc Asterix, from October 5 to November 3. There are also 47 attractions to put your head upside down and forget that tomorrow … there is school!! . More info here :

Off-season, any season south of me just wonderful the huge beach of Carnac or Grande Plage in my Morbihan is even more beautiful .. For a bowl of iodized air, in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan, you spend the weekend at the Best Western Hotel, (not stayed there of course but visited the property and its very good with great location) 5 minutes walk from the sea. You can enjoy Carnac without tourists, or, if the weather is good, opt for one of the bike / picnic tours offered by the hotel: the choice of the beautiful islands of Groix, Houat or Belle-Ile or a getaway in the salt marshes. Hotel just off the main blvd from the beach at 17 avenue De Kermario. More info here:

Heritage Days or Journées du patrimoine are coming up, September 21 and 22. So one suggestion is to go to the Eden Theater a survivor. It owes its title of the oldest cinema of the world still in activity to the private projections of the Lumière brothers, that it accomodates since 1895, and still more to the 250 spectators of its first paid session, in 1899, with the program Lancement d’un navire or launching of a ship. In La Ciotat. More info here :

The Yves Saint Laurent fashion house will inaugurate its first coffee shop. called Café Saint Laurent, this new canteen will be open today! September 15th, in time for Paris Fashion Week. Nestled in the heart of the first arrondissement, and just a stone’s throw from the Saint Laurent boutique, this new café will immerse you in the fancy and minimalist world of the famous house with sweets all more enticing than the others. Café Saint Laurent Rive Droite at the corner of rue du 29 Juillet and 213, rue Saint-Honoré .Not yet a webpage more here : Fashion Network on the Cafe Saint Laurent

Through videos filmed in 360 °, projected in an immersive space of 9m2, you will be transported directly in a beautiful setting. Travel to two of the most extraordinary places in the Pays de Fontainebleau: its forest and its emblematic castle. Between its 22 000 hectares of preserved nature (twice the surface of Paris!), Its exceptional landscapes, its gorges and breathtaking views you will have something to do. Follow in the footsteps of the kings of France by visiting the “true home of kings”, the Château de Fontainebleau. Throughout its galleries, its fully furnished rooms and the throne room of Napoleon I you will find yourself dreaming of being a true emperor. A true immersion in another era, the castle being the most furnished in Europe. The exhibition Reveal your true Nature: the immersive experience in the forest and the castle of Fontainebleau ,from September 18 to September 22 at the Gare de Lyon Paris .More info here :

One of the better establishments of Paris is transformed, for a weekend, into a temple of gastronomy. The idea? Bring together ambassadors of the bistronomy, emerging and promising talents or tasters artisans and caterers, for an unparalleled culinary journey . The Food Temple at the Carreau du Temple 4, rue Eugène-Spuller, 3eme. From September 20 to 22. More info here:

On the terrace of a cafe rue Saint-Martin in the fourth arrondissement, nothing seems to indicate -except the discreet shells on the shoulder of a statue of Saint-Merry Church , but the path from (Camino) Compostela pass here on this narrow pedestrian walkway. So an association wants to seal a shell every 25 to 30 meters in Paris, to materialize the path that crosses the city from north to south for 9 km!. The   association Compostela 2000 has submitted projects for which Parisians can vote until September 22 so to do the same in the fourth and fourteenth arrondissements. Paris is indeed the starting point of Via Turonensis, one of the four main routes leading to the Camino Francés,(French way)   the final stretch in Spain. At dawn, often in May and September, pilgrims begin their journey at the foot of the Saint-Jacques tower. For those coming from the North, the Porte de la Villette is the entry point to an almost straight line crossing the capital. More info here :

A century-old place that hosts a media library at the forefront of modernity. The Royal Charity, founded by Anne of Austria in 1645 for older women, and library of Fontainebleau since 1936, reopens this past Saturday, in premises of 1500 m2 whose surface has been doubled, the media library will draw between 19,000 books, 73 titles for young and old, 500 DVDs and 200 audio books. See the Médiathèque de Fontainebleau, 15, rue Royale. More info here:

And my grand finale! of course, another of my love, Versailles!

It’s a bit like the auto show of the 19C! Opposite the Château/museum of Versailles, the Galerie des Carrosses or gallery of coaches exposes a procession of state cars, all more impressive than the others. Installed under the majestic vaults of the Grande Ecurie or Great Stable. Soft lighting, solid oak walkway, everywhere, luxurious fabrics, bronze and gold. One glance is enough to understand: the pieces visible here are an invaluable treasure. Under king Louis XIV, nearly 1,500 men work in this temple of French riding. The racks date from this time. As a remarried Napoleon freshly divorced from Josephine, the Emperor requires forty sedans of the greatest luxury to parade with Marie-Louise of Austria. Upholsterers, wheelwrights, carpenters, gilders, miroitiers all came here. To achieve such wonders, fifty craftsmen are solicited., each coach is a feat. How to keep marble in front of the coronation coach of king Charles X drawn by eight horses, it has as much gilt bronze as wood, bringing its weight from 1.5 to 5.5 tons. The wheels are imitated from antique floats, the benches of silk velvet embroidered with gold threads. the little carriage of the dolphin Louis Charles of France, pulled by two goats. A little further, a surprising collection of fairy sledges in which the nobility was racing on the snowy paths of the castle park. Leopards, dragons, mermaids adorn these fancy vehicles that offer visitors the most fantastic dream trips. Galerie des Carrosses, in the GrandEcurie, facing the Château/museum of Versailles ( Yvelines dept 78). Open fromTuesday to Sunday from 12h30 to 18h30 (17h30 from November to March). Free admission!. More info here :

There you go a wonderful time as Fall is in the air and we are still with Summer weather here!!! And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!







September 5, 2019

Some news from France, CCXLIII

Well wait! You cannot believe will leave my belle France away for long do you? Here I am with some latest tidbits of my country and sharing with the world. The weather has become cooler now and cloudier with the sun trying to come out, now at we have 16C and only will go up to 18C in the day. This is about 62F  with about the same 64F in Paris.

So therefore, let me get right into the matter shall we!

The Saint-Lazare train station, a must-see for users of the L and J lines, has finally been equipped with validation gates. With one main objective: to fight against the fraud, which represents 63 M € of loss in gain in Ile-de-France region each year. 140 new generation porticos were therefore installed, cordoning off the station on all these accesses: under the arcades, on the transversal platform, the undergrounds and the street access to Rome. It was the last of the big Parisian stations not to be equipped with it. The installation of anti-fraud gates continues in Ile-de-France. Thirty-three other Île-de-France stations will benefit from this new equipment by 2021, ie 1,800 turnstiles replaced in total. Saint Lazare here: Transilien on Saint Lazare

The Théâtre de la Ville is moving to the Place d’Italie. The mythical theater of the Place du Châtelet (1éme) is installed in the 13éme art room, in the basement of the centre commercial Italie-2. (shopping center)More on the theater here:

Real estate: at more than 10,000 € per m2 in Paris, families are fleeing the heart of the capital. Nearly 60,000 Parisians left Paris between 2011 and 2016. Mostly families pushed to the periphery by soaring property prices. And not only Paris ,also at + 61% in Bordeaux, + 55% in Lyon, + 39% in Nantes, + 34% in Lille and Toulouse, + 31% in Rennes … According to,  And this is due to less available spaces due to restrictions on rentals bureaucracy. More here :

In Hauts de Seine 92 , Courbevoie, the generalized “turn to the right” for cyclists. Are on in the city.  The authorized crossing of the red light to turn right was successfully tested rue Jean-Pierre-Timbaud. Other traffic lights will be equipped with this sign in the coming months . More on the city of Courbevoie next to La Défense :

In Val de Maine  94 : With Heineken, Gallia craft beer will also be brewed in Sucy-en-Brie. The Dutch behemoth will invest several million euros to offer a second site in Gallia, Sucy-en-Brie (Val-de-Marne). Beer production will be multiplied by five . And more on who is Gallia here in English :

In Val d’Oise 95 at Garges-lès-Gonesse, the future of  Fort du Stains is in question. The former military base offers the city its main green space. Slightly landscaped, the fort has potential that the mayor wishes to explore. Great ideas bump into a dilapidated reality. You can enjoy the Fort du Stains for its nature but would like it more secure. The fortification dating from 1874 that was created for the protection of Paris. It was built in Garges-lès-Gonesse. The construction was completed in 1878. More in French here :

In Seine et Marne  77 at my beloved Meaux  Julien Rappeneau,  the director of “Fourmi” (Ant) who was released yesterday Wednesday  including  actor François Damiens, presented the day before the UGC feature film shot in part in the town. Julien Rappeneau, director of the cinema Mathieu Nicolas and the president of the film club Jérôme Tisserand, premiered his film “Fourmi” at the UGC Majestic. The cinema here that I came first with my dear late wife Martine on her native town !

At the Yvelines 78 in Poissy  ,the reconstruction of the Maison Eiffel (house) to be  completed in December 2019. The reconstruction of the Maison Eiffel is entering its last phase. The metal house or iron house of Poissy or Maison Eiffel, is one of the ten iron houses listed in France and built according to the process of stamped sheets made in 1889 by the Belgian engineer Joseph Dauby according to the same methods of assembly than Gustave Eiffel for the famous Parisian tower. It was abandoned in the 1980s and suffered major damage before being damaged by the storm of 1999. It was dismantled in 2016 by the technical services of the city of Poissy for a reassembly in the park Meissonier to the horizon end of 2019 and the installation of an interpretation center for architecture and heritage within its. More info in French here :

Also, in the Yvelines 78:  the A13 viaduct in Guerville is open to motorists. The commissioning was carried out this past Tuesday morning, in the direction Province-Paris. The construction site continues in the other  traffic direction Paris-Provence . More in French here :

In the Oise 6O at Compiègne  to celebrate its 40th birthday, the Espace Jean-Legendre is putting out all the guns. The end of the cultural year in the Oise dept 60  will be marked by a lively week for the largest theater in the department. It hosts an extraordinary show to celebrate its 40 years . More in French here :

Conceived as a series of explorations of a day, the walks will allow to visit the cultural places that make the Greater Paris. So put on your sneakers, and go! The Grand Paris Express rides are: (for better interpretation will put the French names afterward)

Saturday, September 7th: In the East, new cities. Pedestrian exploration (À l’Est, des villes nouvelles. Exploration pédestre)

Saturday, September 14: Between lake and river, drift through an architectural utopia (Entre lac et fleuve, dérive à travers une utopie architecturale)

Saturday, September 21: Banks of the Seine to the ghost of the Bievre (Des berges de la Seine au fantôme de la Bièvre)

Saturday, September 28: A balcony on the Seine. Ascension in the south-west of Paris (Un balcon sur la Seine. Ascension dans le sud-ouest parisien)

Saturday, October 12: The walk from line 14 north (La Balade de la ligne 14 nord)

Wednesday, October 23: The Pedestrians of Greater Paris. Walking in the metropolis (Les Piétons du Grand Paris. Marcher dans la métropole)

More info in French here :

To celebrate the TV show Friends’ 25th anniversary, USA Today has announced exclusively that the Central Park Orange Sofa will be coming to cities across the United States, Canada and Europe, including Paris! True symbol of Friends, the famous sofa in orange velvet has known many mythical scenes and cult replicas. So to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the cult series, what better than to install it directly in Paris? In total, thirty sofas made of waterproof fabric will be presented in the cult places of every major city in the world. Regarding Paris, you can find it  September 12  2019 in … the garden of the Royal Palace!  The Palais Royal web here in English :

And to show all in Paris is not glitter here is one example of changing plans on the restaurant scene

In the tranquility of the neighborhood  of Auteuil,district 16 of Paris, it is impossible to miss this double electric blue door from which music escapes. This is the entrance to Daroco, the new temple of Italian cuisine that opened on September 1st. In a decor that manages to be both chic and warm.  The story goes that In the summer of 2018, at the same location, the same entrepreneurs inaugurated Zebra with a new investor. A completely different concept of restaurant, since it was a traditional French brasserie , turn the aging brasserie into a chic and trendy place, all in marble and velvet. So what has happened to make Zebra a failure, so much so that one year after the opening, everything has to change? As the products of Zebra are provided by the cream of the producers (the meat comes from Terroirs d’Avenir, the coffee of Coutume, the salmon carries the Red label …), the prices are felt there. The average ticket is around 50 euros. In the summer of 2019, the team that originally had about fifty employees was reduced to about twenty. And the accounts are still in the red. After a market study, the three entrepreneurs note that the 16éme arrondissement is desperately short of good pizzerias. They decide to replay their trattoria on rue Vivienne to put a paint job, green plants and a pizza oven.

Webpages :

There you go France is always in my mind/ enjoy the latests and see you around soon ok. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

August 23, 2019

And one more time in Auray!

As said, come here often and never tired of seeing this lovely town of Auray in the Morbihan breton of my Bretagne. The town itself is smallish and all can be done on foot, but it is full of wonderful architecture and history of three countries France, Canada ,and the USA. Just need to read my post on Auray to realise this.

This week is my last week here as will be going to my beloved and dear Madrid so no more posts for a while. Once back will be the rentrée or the re-entry period for French summer vacation to end and we all go back to the regular routine in September. One more year and will be retirement time in France for me yuppééé!!!

In my last walk around Auray before leaving I like to post some pictures taken this week on a beautiful small city with a huge history of the world that needs to be known better.


les halles covered market Auray


early inside covered market Auray


ciyt/town hall Auray


place de la République Auray


Place aux Roues Auray


rue jean marie barre to Keriolet parking! Auray


Rue du Belzic arts ménagers du Belzic Breton architecture


rue du Belzic quincaillerie or hardware store our favorite in town


Rue du Pére Eternel and the toilets can’t be far from them lol!

And there you go , another nice walking adventure in the lovely city of Auray in my Morbihan breton dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne! You can easily spent a day here walking, shopping and eating good ! Love it!! Hope you enjoy it! Until soon on my blog , thank you for visiting.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!





August 22, 2019

The streets of Nantes!

So  ,after writing so much on the monuments of the city of Nantes, need to tell you a bit about its streets all a natural architecture delight for the eyes. This is my departure city with an airport out west and friends there and so much to see , several posts in my blog.

Nantes is in the department Loire-Atlantique No 44, and the region of Pays de la Loire , its a wonderful airy and open city. The air here is that they like to belongs to Bretagne region and not Pays de la Loire, a debate is ongoing. The Breton language is taught in schools since 2007.

There is an airport Nantes-Atlantique of growing use of passengers, and my base airport. The webpage is at


I have taken the local train here TER Pays de la Loire as well as Bretagne especially to come to the airport with an express bus service. The schedules for the region TER is at   TER Pays de la Loire Nantes . The train station in Nantes is at Blvd Stalingrad,very close to the castle. From Nantes you can take the TER to Rennes and then connect with the TGV to Paris Montparnasse in about 2h25. And if going further into Paris to Denfert-Rochereau take the train to Massy TGV, and there take the RER B direction CDG airport and descend at Denfert-Rochereau in 3h or continue to the airport CDG Roissy in 3h24 total trip.  Of course, you can do the same in the opposite direction.


The navette bus or airport shuttle runs from the train station in Nantes to the airport Nantes-Atlantique and vice versa almost every 20 minutes I take it regularly and is very punctual and nice ride; more here: Airport shuttle bus Nantes


In Nantes have taken a couple times the tramway and bus just for the gôut or taste of it because I walk if not drive into it on pleasure trip. The above train/shuttle bus is when going on business trips.  Use bus 54 or tramway 1 for a nice ride on major points of interests. The local network is TAN, more info go here to itinéraires :  Nantes bus tram network TAN

Driving you know me by now its heavens for the road warrior ,and Nantes is great if at rush hours of work time can be hectic with traffic jams. It has a boulevard periphérique or beltway just like Paris or Bordeaux, but its the second biggest with 43 kms only behind Bordeaux. This is due to the estatuaries of the river Loire which has a huge port and the traffic had to be directed around it. It has given two numbers to this road in the north it is the A844 and on the south portion is the N844, you take autoroute A811 that connects with the bigger autoroute A11 at exit/sortie 22 with the exit/sortie 42 of the linking road A811. It really is lot easier than explained as I always drive around. Plenty of parkings under and over ground, my is by the castle of the dukes of Bretagne or Gasclin or the train station. My best rides into the region of Pays de la Loire is to connect with the boulevard periphérique into the countryside, quick and easy. This Fandom is in French but gives you a good map and exit/portes information: Beltway around Nantes information

I leave the history and monuments to my other posts , which can be found by doing search Nantes on the right hand column in my blog front page.

Nantes is very nice around the Loire river and main sights streets which has an abundance of beautiful architecture on many buildings and a pleasant walk me think. Streets such as the quai de la Fosse, cours Saint Pierre, and Saint André including the Castle, Cathedral area , and the district of Bouffay, the island Ile Feydeau, and the district Graslin. The district of Bouffay is the old quarters around the Cathedral that includes a wonderful Théatre around the Place Graslin; the Place Royale where the fountain represent the Loire river, the palais de la Bourse where it is now the tourist office, at the place St Pierre you will find the Cathedrale Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul,  You cannot miss the Passage Pommeraye a commercial gallery of exquisite architecture inside.


The cours Cambronne is wonderful with about 180 meters long by 50 meters wide and many mansions. as is the cours des 50 Otages, with about 800 meters long and 65 meters wide, where you can see the wonderful Hôtel de la Pelouse and the the tour de haut pas ,what’s left of the gate or Porte Sauvetout. And do walk across the Pont Anne de Bretagne a bridge with two piers spanning the arm of the Madeleine, and arm of the Loire separating the city center of Nantes from the island of Nantes. The Anne-de-Bretagne bridge has 4 lanes entirely dedicated to vehicles as well as two bike paths and two sidewalks. There is talk of redoing it with an esplanade.




On the wonderful Rue Voltaire started in 1777 , you have the wonderful History and Debrée museums. A bit more off the beaten path comes to see Haussmannien architecture at Place du Général Millinet located in the neighborhood Dervallières – Zola. It is since 1894 name in honor of General Émile Mellinet, a Nantes officer who distinguished himself notably during the conquest of Algeria. It was built on the site of the castle of Launay-Godetière and its park, which received the Siam’s Ambassadors in 1686. The Count of Artois ;future King Charles X welcomed the Emperor of Austria Joseph II in 1777.


The  rue de la Barillerie around the market ,pedestrian street in the district of Bouffay. The street connects the allées Jean-Bart and Penthièvre to the Place du Change. It is joined by the rue Haute-Casserie and by the rue de la Bléterie. It is rectilinear, paved, and is part of the pedestrian area of Bouffay. It is name Barillerie because coopers have established their activity there. The Rue de la Barillerie resumes the layout of the Gallo-Roman roadway of Antiquity . See the reliefs of the Enfants Nantais at the corner with rue de la Paix.


The rue de Verdun, almost rectilinear, it connects the place de Pilori to the Place St. Pierre and is about  210 meters long, it crosses the rue de Strasbourg half way. See the half-timbered house at No 15.  The rue St Denis is a paved road, open to vehicular traffic. Rectilinear, it connects rue de Verdun to Place Dumoustier, a little west of the cathedral. It crosses rue du Général-Leclerc-de-Hauteclocque.The street is cut in two after the opening of the rue de Châteaudun, renamed rue du General-Leclerc-de-Hauteclocque, around 1870.The church Saint-Denis is probably built in the 7C, and rebuilt in the 18C. It was a 20-by-18-meter on the No. 9 of the current street. The church was sold as national property during the French revolution, and converted into a dwelling and business house. The inner courtyard retains certain elements of the church such as the bedside leaning on three columns, a staircase leaning on another column, and the cellars that are ancient crypts.



Hope you enjoy the walks it is a large territory but we are used to walking here, you might need to adjust your timing. Nevertheless, it is wonderful to walk Nantes, city of Dukes of Bretagne today in another region but historically and sentimentally still in Bretagne. Walking is great!!! Nantes too!!!

The tourist office of Nantes in English: Tourist office of Nantes in English

Tourist office of Loire Atlantique dept 44 on Nantes in English: Tourist office of dept 44 Loire Atlantique on Nantes

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August 21, 2019

Once again Auray !

Once again Auray! yes this is a former home when first entered Brittany and still only 14 km from my house so many times here and huge times passing by it on my way to Vannes. It is a historical town and lovely architecture, just browse in my previous posts on Auray in my blog.

You know for the newbies, Auray is in the Morbihan dept 56 of Bretagne ,right on the ria of Auray river that continues flowing into the Gulf of Morbihan and then into the Atlantic Ocean! It has a wonderful port in St Goustan or lower town of Auray.

I happened to be there again with my oldest son and took some additional pictures would like to share it with you all. Hope you enjoy it.

I like to tell you a pictorial of Auray.


market day on pl de la Republique , city hall afar


rue du chateau going from upper town to lower town St Goustan


upper town to lower town st Goustan. Pl St Sauveur below


lower town St Goustan by quai Franklin in honor of Benjamin Franklin


ruins of castle in St Goustan port from the war of succession of Brittany


St Goustan port coming down rue du chateau to pl St Sauveur

I hope you enjoy it and come to see this marvelous historical town with stunning architecture by the Auray river at the mouth of the Gulf of Morbihan!

Some webpages as usual maybe repeat but handy on this post on Auray

Tourist office of the region Bay of Quiberon on Auray in English

Tourist office of Brittany on Auray in English

The town was packed today due to cloudy weather the beach folks comes to town in addition to be market day in Auray. We enjoy it anyway, fun Auray you will like it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


August 21, 2019

Beuzec-Conq now Concarneau!

Ok so while visiting a castle of Keriolet in the old village of Beuzec-Conq now part of Concarneau since 1945, we came by a Church, so as a monument and little time we did some scoop and will return for more as the area is full of these gems off the beaten path we love.

I will briefly tell the history of the Church of Saint Budoc.  The Church of Saint-Budoc is located in Beuzec-Conq now part of Concarneau since 1945. in the dept 29 of Finistére in the region of Bretagne. Now the best way to get here is by car coming off the express way N165 and taken direction centre ville Concarneau connect right on the D783 , and turn right at Rue de Stang ar Lin straight into the city center of Beuzec-Conq where the church is located at place de l’église.

The Church of Saint Budoc is built in the 17C by the lords of Coatconq on the heights of Beuzec-Conq and the Moros river. At the end of the 18C, it lost its steeple which served as a landmark for sailors to locate the port entrance. The church continues to deteriorate during the 19C and it was not until 1890 that the restoration work began.


Only a few elements of the original structure remain, such as the holy water font. The church is dedicated to Saint Budoc but has never been officially consecrated.   Saint Budoc is the son of Azenor, who has a statue in the church; he is represented accompanied by a barrel in which, according to legend, he was thrown into the sea.

The Church of Saint Budoc is built of granite on the basis of a three-naves in a Latin Cross   style. It comprises, preceded by a steeple to a room without a gallery, a nave of five spans with aisles and a choir of a span with aisles and right chevet. At the right of the fourth and fifth bays of the nave, there are double aisles forming two small side chapels. The font dates from the 17C. The baptismal font dates from the 17C. The high altar of Toularc’hoat dates from 1892. The altarpiece of Ste. Anne,dates from 1917-1921. An old sepulchre of Our Lord was placed formerly in the arm of the transept forming a chapel dedicated to Saint John the Baptist: it was framed in a 15C crib, having columns with large capitals which served as supports for the statues of Saint Roch and Saint Sebastian. On the altar was a statue of the Forerunner, with two pretty Renaissance panels. There are the statues of Saint Budoc, Saint John the Baptist, the Virgin Mother and Saint Azenor inside.



Not much written on it as the information above was from a panel in the Church entrance for the most part. However, it is mention in these webpages

City of Concarneau on the Church Saint Budoc

See the walking tour of Le Moros (5,8 km) at the tourist office of Concarneau:

Indeed the village is very quant and not only has this Church but the castle (see my post on it) , great history and architecture above from the Close Ville of Concarneau, however, this is really Beuzec-Conq as its Breton best. Enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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