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September 27, 2016

Vannes, has it’s days but ,also, it’s nights

Ok so yesterday was time off from work and decided to take a walk in Vannes to some of the places we like to shop,eat,and play .

The city is the capital of the department 56 Morbihan but only has about 55K inhabitants and about 13K university students.

Some of the nightlife is shown here: (in French) ,,0,0.html

and this one in French too,

Well , we started out the day going to Jardiland , the garden store to get some plants ::) the one in Vannes is very friendly and helpful no need to know anything about plants , they tell you all lol!

Then, you go over the market days by place du Poids Public and place des Lices in old town; the best one in the region on Saturday morning but good to stop by even on weekdays for the local merchants around the squares. More on markets here :

Here we went for our lunch at Tablapizza ,this is a chain of pizzerias here, but the one in Vannes is super friendly and good food, they already know us lol!!!  They do burger wraps that are sublime and also chicken, honey and goat cheese wraps, and of course chorizo pizzas ::)  and good wine we had a bottle of Rosé from Tavel Beaurevoir by Michel Chapoutier. Like this one;,beaurevoir-2015,wine,31.html

And the resto site is here!

And to show you some of the nice night haunts of the city, you go to Chicago private club after hours,  and before have a nice dinner at Restaurant Oscar  with great food and good company ; decorated in an American prohibition era design, very stylish, more here:

And of course for late late night after 23h (11PM) to 5h (5AM) ,Fridays andn Saturdays, you go next door to Chicago Music Hall, great cozy place indeed, just giving you a taste, more here:

The Chicago used to be the La Bodeguita ;now a bit of video from Vimeo , glad I am not there lol! Enjoy it and do come to Vannes ::)

 Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes






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September 18, 2016

Josselin, the Rohan and beautiful inland Morbihan.

Ok so yesterday I was sitting at home and as usual late deciders ,last minute travelers, we remember Josselin, a nice town not far from us about 60 kms that we enjoy it’s medieval look city center. So there we went for the afternoon.

Josselin has a nice castle,  puppet/doll  museum , nice basilica and wonderful lovely inner street with wooden houses of old. A perfect getaway for a day any time. I have written before so won’t go so deep into it; these are the last posts I did on Josselin.

We took the car went up the D768 to hook up with the N24 and away we went direction Rennes to Josselin nord exit, on the way back we took the same exit out into the N24 but we took the D767 exit at Locminé so we do our groceries shopping at Moréac Intermarché supermarket; here:

So now we are all settle at home relax, and in family time.

Today, was European Heritage days Sept 17 and 18, so the admission to all these places like the castle was either free or discounted.At the chateau de Josselin normal admission is 9euros today it was 5€. The combination with the Puppet/Doll  museum kept by the same family as the castle was discounted also, and offered a 2×1 deal for 10€ when normally it is 14€ per person. As you should know this is a historical castle for the Bretons and still in private hands: Josselin, 14th Duke of Rohan, and his wife, Antoinette, own and manage the property

The castle /museum site is here:

Next imposing building to see is the Basilique Notre Dame du Roncier, in 808D leyend has it, a farmer who worked the land finds a statue of the Virgin and takes it home, however, the Virgin always comes back to the place where he found it ,and several times as well. The bishop ask him to rend a cult in her memory ; the daughter of the farmer who was blind recovered her sight and people flock to the place until finally a Church is ordered built.  More here:

Another interesting pleasant promenade and river boat ride can be had in the Nantes-Brest Canal that passes by the city and just on the back of the Castle along the river Oust. The walks behind the castle are sublime and the boat rides magnificents, also plenty of canoe and kayak activites here; more in English:

The walks on the city center are marvelous and you can see the oldest wooden house there from 1538 (maison Pouille now the tourist office)  . The district of Sainte-Croix has wonderful homes along the river Oust; the wonderful cinema Beaumanoir is great architecturally and a change from the modern look of cinemas today; see a movie here is gorgeous. Movie info here in French:  and further from the tourist office:!/cinema-le-beaumanoir-796474

Every Saturday at Place Notre Dame by the Basilica ,you have the market day from 7h30 very colorful and good produce.  Josselin is also, a Petite Cités de Caractére (small town of charm).  It is, also, a village fleurie de France with 4 flowers out of five possible; as well as a town of stage or village d’étape.  More on following links:

Village d’étapes offering great service to the visitor label from French government entity, here:

Villes et Villages Fleuris , show respect for the environment and great gardens and parks criteria. here:

Petite Cités de Caractére, small towns with charm label, more here:

There, is also, a Chapelle Sainte Croix small chapel facing the castle, and the chapelle de la Congrégation now use for expositions etc. There is a laundry behind the castle by the parking on the boat rides in rue du canal. It is label the Lavanderie.

Lovely day indeed, hopefully took some new photos for this post ….You are all welcome to the Morbihan of Brittany. degemer mat ::)

 Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin Moreac Moreac


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September 12, 2016

And on my day off, it’s Birthday time!

Well we usually do not like birthdays too much, even if many are excited about it. It just means you are getting older and closer to your human time on Earth. Nevertheless , we seems to continue celebrating our Birthday.

My birthday hands says I am very honest with a natural presence and talk direct . I ma very kind and in tune with nature; I am very handyman and like to help people.  Great to get alone and down to earth partner. Always there when they need me. Well ,not bad, it looks good , I take it ::)

Wikipedia has it that there is a difference between birthday and birthdate: The former, other than February 29, occurs each year (e.g. June 12), while the latter is the exact date a person was born (e.g., June 12, 1993). I always said birthday lol!!

And I have a very important biblical name to celebrate the Saint’s day.  There is no mention of Birthdays in the Bible but only of a Pharaoh of Egypt..!  We came to know about birthdays from Ptolemy V onwards.

The New Testament gives one example of Birthday mentioned, that of apostate king Herod, one of the worst butchers who ever lived!!! scary indeed. The fact is, the Bible is totally SILENT on the date of the birth of every single servant of God, including Abraham, Noah, Moses, Samuel, David, the apostles, and most important of all, Jesus Christ Himself!!!

The World Book — Childcraft International says regarding “Holidays and Birthdays,” “For thousands of years people all over the world have thought of a birthday as a very special day. Long ago, people believed that on a birthday a person could be helped by good spirits, or hurt by evil spirits. So, when a person had a birthday, friends and relatives gathered to protect him or her. And that’s how birthday parties began.” The idea of putting candles on birthday cakes goes back to ancient Greece. The Greeks worshipped many gods and goddesses. Among them was one called Artemis. Of course, this is all religiously inclined discussion….

The truth is we go back and forth celebrating birthdays as a happy moment we all wait to party.  Some of the famous names who has their birthday today are:

King Francis I of France ,Henry Hudson (English navigator for the Hudson River betweend NY and NJ USA); and many more here;

We set out to have lunch in our humble simple country French restaurant Les Trois Soleils, in Plescop just outside Vannes. This is a workers lunch place and real local foods and customs. We love it for the friendly country service, the good food and the good family ambiance. There is a menu formule set of second dish and dessert or first dish and second dish for 11,50€ including drink of beer, wine, sodas or water. Or the full whammy of entrée (first dish), plat (second dish), dessert ,and drink (beer, wine, sodas, water) all for 13,30€ which we split as each tastes in the family. I had the full swing !!!

it is, also, the center of sports news in the area and you can know all the scores of football/soccer, rugby in all divisions from national and local teams on a board by the bar area.  There is no webpage of course, and the best outside source can find is this one from the sports association organization ANCV here :

On our way out , we stop by the nearby L’Etoile des Pains bakery to gathered our baguettes and a local bread call the baguette d’etoiles. Of course very local no webpage but here is from a bakeries’ site on it:

As we had gathered our wines at the Nicolas Vannes store (see previous post on the foires aux vins), we went for our boys to buy me a couple pairs of shoes in our favorite store for it, Besson Chaussures in Vannes.  Many local brands from leading shoe leather countries such as France, Italy, Portugal ,and Spain. More here:

And going away I took a picture of our home  ,with lots of labor of love and euros it is coming alone nicely;next remodeled all the bathrooms (2) this week, plumber on call and time confirm lol!

Happy B-day to those celebrating today ,and have you all a great week ahead. Nice times here now 24C or about 77F and sunny; in Paris the news says cloudy and 89F or about 32C! Cheers

Pluvigner Plescop Plescop Plescop  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes





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September 11, 2016

Foire aux vins or wine fairs are on in France!!!

This is the moment we wait to buy wines in quantity and good prices; these are the Foire aux Vins going on all over France now. It will be going on from end August to mid October 2016 depending on the store and the region. A wonderful time of the year indeed ::)

There are over 30 fairs of wine in France just between September and October 2016 in France, offering real bargains as we can vouch for it.  More here on fairs of any kind  I have it for wines in France in English:

All the leading hypermarkets here like E Leclerc, Giant Casino, Carrefour, Intermarché, Monoprix and Auchan have fairs on similar dates. The Sommeliers expert advice is to look for years 2005,2010,and 2015 as best years. Be careful of low prices from industrial wine growers, search well for prices, and the medal wine bottles as commercially manipulated. IN brief, you need to know who you buy from, both in store and from producers. I always have counted on producers if they are good their years will be good ,sure buy. Be aware that even if this is a national event, each regions has its choices so need to move about to find the best as a whole. One great wine in Provence may not be available in Bretagne and vice versa.

Some good events coming up that I have participated in the past are the Fête des Vendage de Montmartre Paris ,October 5-9,2016. This is going on since 1934!!! the best in Paris, More official page here:

The other is the Salon des Vins des Vignerons Indépendants , in porte de Versailles, Paris November 24-28 2016, a fantastic place from all over France. More info here:

Salon des Vins d’Abbayes , is another jewel that this year has passed by but mark in your calendars for next year at Saint-Germain-des-Prés; Palais Abbatial 3 bis rue de l’Abbaye Paris 6éme. The wine began with the abbeys so come here to taste the ones still made today in them. You see others in France coming up here their official site that ,also, tells you about these wonderful abbeys such as see the site here:

The wines events are here :

Salon de la revue du vin de France is a magazine I have in my blogroll below posts and one that I have followed for many many years;the magazine and since their first event in Paris. They hold and event at the wonderful Palais de Brongniart or bourse every May with over 200 vignerons from all over France in a wonderful chic place.  Next one is the 11th edition on May 19-20 2017; more info here:

At the Carrousel du Louvre, November 25-26 2016 they will hold the Le Grand Tasting Under a great tasting team of France ,Bettane+Desseauve (they publish a wine guide )  ;over 300 producers and a cooking MasterChef class as well. More info here:

One newspaper I follow and best for comparisons is the Le Figaro . It provides available wines by region and store as well as prices so you are well arm when stepping into the stores. Is a must to read before going out shopping. It’s in French of course; The site not only gives you supermarkets but also specialize wine stores with a nice tri to look up prices and wine labels  régions etc; more here:

One smaller wine tasting I went for several years before moving to Bretagne is held by the Port de Suffren in Paris, at the Le Maxim’s boat own by Pierre Cardin; Saveurs et Vins , the next one will be November 18-20 2016, and we have made many friends we now follow all over France from the Loire to the Dordogne. More here in French:

And one that the organiser told me could not be held in July 2016 and waiting further for the 2017 but it has been fabulous in the Touraine-Amboise region of the loire, Centre region this is just north of Amboise.  Promenade Gourmande. A walk in the vineyards with local music, food and local wine tasting while while walking amongst the grapes. Of course, there are kiosks at 1 km intervals for you to eat and taste and keep walking, all fun to raise funds for the Lion International assoc of the Loire. More here:

See a youtube video here of the 2015 event;

Other favorite stores of mine are Lavinia Paris (origin of Spain), Rue de la Madeleine by the Church same name.

Nicolas  (our top favorite) all over France and the main one in Paris same area of the Madeleine;

Millesima Bordeaux,:

Denis Perret, Beaune:

We just came from visiting Nicolas Vannes where we load u a couple cases of wine to stock up ‘beefup’ our cellar at home. Very good wines at discounted prices, the way to go and Monday is my Birthday ::) so off from work and took Tuesday off too. La belle France is generous and we love it.

Enjoy the wines in moderation and keep up a tradition of centuries ,wine is good for you. France came down a bit on wine production last year at 42+ millions hl short of the 47 it did year before that. The quality so far is not good due to weather so  keep an eye out on the producers they wont get you wrong. The 2015 is very good thought.

In Vino Veritas ,enjoy your Sunday. Weather is cloudy cooler by 66F or 13C but no rain in our Bretagne. Need to put some photos so here are some personal ones on the roads of wines of France. Cheers.

Gan Bergerac Saint Julien Pauillac Pauillace




September 10, 2016

Vannes, the tunnel and the Gulf of Morbihan

As you know if reading my posts, I work in Vannes just outside in a castle from 1504 ::) So the city is like a second home to me.. It is the capital of the Morbihan departément 56 in Brittany and one city left intact from the ravages of wars. The tourist office again is here:

The city is rich in history and architecture as well as a great maritime tradition. The canal into the pleasure marina in Le  Port can hold 3000 boats and falls into the Gulf of Morbihan and the Gare Maritime passenger boat terminal to the islands. The Gulf is an Unesco World Heritage site.

May 22-28 2017 is the Semaine du Golfe here or the Gulf’s week, full of sea sailing activities , more here:

Water activities and info on the cruises to the island  ,you find them here:

This is local site in French but complete on the islands in the Gulf of Morbihan:

This is an interactive map from the regional Council on the Gulf of Morbihan play with the dots and see island détails;you need flash.

There are many wonderful art expo center, one that always catches my eye passing by often is the Hotel de Limur on 31, Rue Thiers just near Le Port and not far from the Hotel de Ville/city hall.  It has three floors and a French garden in the back; inside it has a grand white marble stairs style Louis XIII built by 1685 , and it was here that the Breton émigrés or immigrant from England who came back to fight for monarchy and sentence to death all remaining 795 of them were judge revolutionary style (the remains are in the Chartreuse d’Auray) .  The Limur family takes over in 1820 and held on to the building until 1947; when it becomes prôperty of the city and the fine arts museum is housed here from 1955 to 1968 ,and even today is in charge of its upkeep. Many temporary exhibitions are held here; like the one going on now until September 25th, “Chateaux et Manoirs de Vannes” 14h to 18h free admission. In French from the city of Vannes page, history on the Limur:

The real thrill today was finally see the tunnel Under the Gulf of Morbihan that connects both end of the bay from Vannes to Séné is now open. Before it was a bridge (pont de Kerino) that had to be raise and lower for boats now no more and the traffic is much smoother.

This page from the city tells you on public transports in the Vannes metro area in English:

This one tells you down the line a bit more on the Kérino bridge in English:

And even thus the tourist and city officials are a bit slow on the update on the bridge in the above links, the TV France 3 of the region has the  news and a small video on it, that I rode and told you here!!! In French of course, but the video is worldly lol!

The old bridge will be dismantled phase out and all will be on the new tunnel allowing 20000 vehicules to past by it nicely with cycling and pedestrians passageways as well! Of course, the view on the bay will be lost oh well we cannot have it all. For the road warrior in me ,the tunnel is great and tested wonderfully.

So I am happy to have try the tunnel and been one of the first one, and ahead of the local authorities on their webpages yahuuoo ::) Now enjoy it when in the area and if by let me know , the Morbihan is tops and the only department in France without a French name , you know it, Breton all the way, Mor=sea bihan=small or petite mer or small sea or Morbihan.

Oh yes forgot , did when to the market in Vannes by place du poids public and visit my Nicolas wine store, it’s the Foire aux vins or wine fair going on and we load up, walking the cartons back to the car parked for 40cents in Place de la Libération ::)

Have a great weekend.

Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes





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September 3, 2016

Some news from France CXXXX

Well back in the routine in my lovely Morbihan Breton, and so back to the board for many activities coming up ni my belle France.

First the annual wonderful event on this year from September 17 -18 is Heritage days in France again, many buildings of historical value will be open when usually they are closed to the general public.  Not knowing the wide public’s taste, the best site to see all that is happening is in the student publication here and you can use the drop down Windows to choose the events;

For instance the great department store BHV Marais will celebrate it’s 160 years with shops in the basement and exhibition on the history of the store on Saturday the 17th september from  10h to 19h ,free admission.

The mythical room Elysée Montmartre built in 1807 will opens its door after renovation on September 15th at blvd de Rochechouart. This is the birth of French cancan and will have 1000 seated seats and 1400 standing.

And how about September 10 and 11 a Festival on sheeps and wool !!! , do we have diversity lol! at Bray sur Seine. more info  at email or here :

At my beloved Versailles 2 Rue Jean Houdon you have the Royal Factory theater, only Five minutes from the palace up ave de Paris; wonderful for an alternative see in the royal town.

Moving right alone to catch on the scene in France.

At the Porte Dauphiné, you see the renovated Pavillon Dauphiné, this is the old Chinese pavillion for the Universal Exposition of 1878.  It has 7 reception meetings rooms with private terraces giving to a nice garden capable of hosting 60 to 1000 persons and even double that for cocktails. Nice building indeed on the Paris skyline once again. More here from the traiteur in charge:

Less than a million tourist and occupancy down in Paris after the terrorists actions and the folks go away, do not understand why , Paris is Paris. This is as of July 2016 according to article in a Professional journal of tourist htat I followed. Nevertheless, the most coming are from UK, Spain, USA,Germany, and Italy in that order.

Quai de Branly, a new Church this time Russian Orthodox takes shape. See the dome 5 in total already shaping up:

The so call CDG Express to build a direct train line from CDG airport to the Gare de l’Est in Paris will cause a  potential raise of an euro in transports to help pay for it. This tax is to begin in 2017 unless revoked by the Council and will cover the cost of building the line by 2023 lol!!! The site on this construction in French is here:

One of my boys pleasures  was ,when living in Versailles go to the  Val-de-Seine aqua park at Verneuil-sur-Seine. It’s a wonderful park for all the family, that we found superb. From Paris to get there;  take the train at Gare Saint Lazare direction Mantes la Jolie but stop at the station in Verneuil-Vernouillet. Get out taken the secondary exit ,turn left along the lake of the park on the cycling path walking for about 35 minutes or you can take a taxi.:more here in French :

Take a look at a less known castle that of Pierrefonds , the flag blason traces it back to 1309. The castle was built end of 14C by the duke Louis d’Orléans,and was demolished in the 17C. Napoléon III see in ruins and asked for its reconstruction to the architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc , that made it into an ideal castle as it was in the middle ages. The flowers of lys on a blue background that we see in the flags of arms of France since the reign of king Louiw VII and the symbol of the French royals today. A wonderful property to visit, see more here:

After two years of work on renovation the national school of decoratives arts of Aubusson turns into the Cité internationale de la tapisserie, (international city of tapestries) and at the same time a museum and training center. The building is in a cross style of architecture with a nave of 7 meters, and strings of designs emblematic of the 16C Aubusson production, and many tapestries from the 20C signed by Lurçat, and his followers such as Le Corbusier or Braque. More in English here:

The musée maison Victor Hugo of Paris is transforming into a house as in the times of the writer  and family until September 18. Wonderful stories, more here in English :

There is a huge hangar converted into an arts gallery in Paris , this is the Reserve Malakoff.  To showcase the talents of those on the other side of the river Seine, about 50 street artists have done a work named Le Grand 8, visible here until October 30th. You get there from Paris,  La Réserve, 7 rue Paul Bert, 92240 Malakoff, metro line 13 plateau de Vanves up by rue Etienne Dolet.More in French here:

See Hergé on Grand, the great cartoonist(real name George Remi of Belgium)  no longer with us but his wonderful work continues on . For four months at the Grand Palais rediscover the adventures of Tintin and many more.  From September 28th to January 15 2017; admission will be 13€.  More info in English here:

And see Indiana Jones at the Grand Rex ! pack two days on September 17 and 18 2016. Doors open at 15H and cost for the entire day each is 45€.  And for those born in 1981 yikes! you are offered a package of 35€ including t shirt, popcorn, poster, and soft drinks. More in French here:

And not to go all out dry, you can stop at the La Cave à Bulles to taste about 150 different beers from 4€ each including French, Belges, and others Great deal this is at 45, rue Quincampoix (4éme).  Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10h-14h  and 16h-20h. Just what we call here the apéritif or apéro or app ::) more on the beers here do not be misled by the wines ::)

The jardin de l’Observatoire (14C) has reopen its doors!!! From September 5th. open Mondays to Fridays from 16h15 to 19h, and you go in by 98 boulevard Arago. more from the city of Paris page :

More closer to my heart ,the Château de Versailles and the city of Arras (nord 62) will showcase an exposition on the life of Napoléon. It will be held at the museum or Musée des Beaux Arts of Arras between October 2017 and November 2018. In order to spread the works all over France, this initiative has already permitted about 400K visitors to the museum of Arras to see the expositions of « Roulez Carrosses »  ride the carriages and « Le château de Versailles en 100 chefs-d’œuvre » the castle of Versailles and its 100 main works. The museum at Arras is house a wonderful old abbey of  Saint Vaaste. See it plan it you read it here.

Talks about opening gaming houses in Paris has the Casino d’Enghien-les-Bains a bit worry as it is nearby. This is the only town in the region of  Ile-de-France authorised to have a casino and profit from a spa thermale.  More on the casino here:  ;even thus you have some already for a long time ::)

The musée de la Nacre at Méru (Val d’Oise 60) is proposing creators of knitting work to come forth and showcase their talent for a prize.  You have  until September 30 to submit your works on a piece 20 x 20 cm, contacts : 51 rue Roger Salengro, 60110 Méru.

At Perpignan Visa pour l’image is the biggest photojournalism festival that gives credit to the profession. We will see the great reporting of Brent Stirton on the dismal luck of the elephants of Africa, Catalina Martin-Chico on the last nomads of Iran or Valerio Bispuri on the drug traffic in Argentina. This is ongoing until September 11th. More here:

At Rochefort, they are celebrating 350 years of the Arsenal. Created by king Louis XIV in 1666. I know was late on this one as it is happening now see if Rochefort tells you a story with historic recontructions , parades in costumes ,equestrian shows , baroque val dance,  picnic and many more. Jotted down for next year  ,it is wonderful. More here :

Until September 20th,the national tapestry of France is showcasing the “Le maître de la tapisserie” or the master of the tapestries. 50 years of his passing the Galerie des Gobelins du Mobilier National is given a big exposition on Jean Lurçat, painter, designer, ceramist, known as the renovator of the contemporary tapestry.  The expo is call in French « Au seul bruit du soleil » On until September  18.  by metro Gobelins line 13 at 42 Avenue des Gobelins. More info here ;

And right around my old place and even if usually closed in Summers, the new shows wll be on from September 17. Now going on the Académie équestre nationale de Versailles can be visited this weekend too  (bit late but if around and read this ..) with the show « La Voie de l’Ecuyer », created by the great one  Bartabas.  you can visit the stables and the gallery of carriages until Sunday  from 14h to 18h. More info here:

The folks from Fooding organise the « Plats de résistance », a banquet on September 24th at the La Générale, in the 11éme  arrondissement or district of Paris. This is done with the cooperation of about 10 chefs who are active in this humanistic social event the public is invited. Some of the chefs are  Kamal Mouzawak  ,Lebanon, Jessamyn Rodriguez from New York, and  Aman Jaspal from India. The menus is offered to many present and a way to see how to live together all in our world. Reservation needs to be done here:

Okeerokee, now enjoy your weekend. We benefit from the sales and did some shopping on furniture and bathroom we are completely remodeling and new fixtures lol! Lucky we have some good inexpensive plombers around here ::) Cheers











August 4, 2016

My travels in the Morbihan X

It is a breezy rainy day today temps in the 15C and cloudy as well. This did not stop the visitors coming to our area, already voted the preferred vacation region by the French, that is Brittany or Bretagne or Breizh. We are in the Morbihan or small sea or petite mer or Mor=sea bihan=small in Breton language. Departément 56, the only one in France that does not have a French name!

We were no different even if on our last day before our summer vacation in the mountains of Spain.  The Morbihan tourist site is here:

We took a ride again to the simple village town of Theix near Vannes along the road N165. Upon entering the town the first thing we head out was the Chapelle Notre Dame la Blanche, built in 1239 and rebuilt in 1536.  Constructed in a rectangular fashion,it has two entrance door one on the southside dates from 1742 and the other one from the 16C with a key door adorn with a figurine in stone. It has a cadran  on top of a bull dating from 1782. A nice back or chevet finished at the same time as the choir in 1698. Inside there are like 18 statues from the 15C and onwards, as it is summer time the Chapelle was closed. The town is about 45 minutes from our house so we should be back ::) More on the city page in French here:

Next , we walked over the Church Sainte Cécile ; dating from the gothic period and gone over many rénovations in the 17C and 18C ; rebuilt between 1852-55 ,and many interior renovation from 1880 to 1900.  Done in the style of a Latin Cross ,the stained glass dates from 1883.  Dedicated to Sainte Cécile the patron Saint of Musicians, it has a statue of Her in the tower niche dating from 1895.  Inside it has many relics from the Sainte, as in August it was closed, but near us so will be back eventually again. More in French in the town’s page here :

We continue our journey on the road D7 along nice country into the picturesque village of Le Gorvello ,part of Sulniac, and a re visit to the Café owns by Americans from Chicago who is also a chambre d’hôte rental hotel.  Here, we first went to take a look at the Church St Jean Baptiste or St John the Baptist.  It is the work of the hospitaliers of St John the Baptist of Jérusalem as the current Church replaces a primitive Chapel in the 16C. Many additions since and for the reason of the chapels that comes out from the main body as seen from the exterior. Inside it has the Statues of St Marc and St Isidore, the patron Saints of laborers;nice again closed in summer vacation crazy France. More in French here from a religious site:  , and from the tourist office in general:

It was time for lunch so we went to visit the Americans at Le Gorvello Café. We had our two rounds of Thor draft beers, platters of cold cuts and cheeses with bread and butter, chocolate cake in a raspberry sauce and expresso coffees all for 15.40€ per person. There is a miniature pool table and we had a couple of rounds, Dad winning of course ::)  This is the tourist office take on it in French:  ; and the cafe official site that can be read in English of course, and Spanish !

Our journey took us to briefly visit the Château Le Plessis-Josso just up the road D7, and then D183.  This is a well preserved castle and still partially inhabited by the descendants.  It tells the history of Brittany in the middle ages and thereafter. Built in the 15C by the Josso family attach to the house of the Dukes of Brittany. The family Rosmadec comes into it in the 17C and enlarged it giving it the current look. It has ,also, serve as the residence of many Bishops of Vannes. You have guided visits only for 6€ from July 14 to August 31st this year and from 14h to 19h. For visits you can contact Mme Salmon-Legagneur at email  More here

Finally, we on the road looking for goodies found a new one and we will be back! this is the nearby Distillerie du Gorvello just before reaching the above castle off the road to your left and then left again.  From the expressway N165 take exit 22 Le Gorvello/Surzur at traffic circle follow direction Le Gorvello and follow the arrows to the Distillery. A wonderful place making cider, apple juice, liquors from apples such as pommeau de Bretagne, Fine de Bretagne, vinager of cider, etc as well as cold cuts canned goods. It has won many medals in the region and a family business. It is better to call ahead for tours as they change all the time; we did not go on it as we already visited the making of cider here, but did tasted the apple juice gullivec and tradition and gullivec ciders as well as pig canned good terrines, all purchased as well for home and the road trip!!!  Prices are great from 3 euros the bottles and up. More here in French ;  ;and the tourist office :

And we came home ,all planned ready to go for our long vacation in Spain, so will be out of internet for quite a while and won’t be writing on my blog again until late end August. Enjoy your summer and happy traveling y’all.

 LE Gorvello  LE Gorvello  LE Gorvello  LE Gorvello  LE Gorvello  LE Gorvello  LE Gorvello  Sulniac  Sulniac  Sulniac  Sulniac  Sulniac  Theix  Theix  Theix  Theix  Theix  Theix  Theix  Theix  Theix  Theix  Theix  Theix




August 3, 2016

My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton X

Well finishing off the last minute errands and taking care of my father doctors appointments for our return , busy as always even if officially on vacation. Today was no different.

We sat out to get our car look over even if new it’s a long trip so it is with the dealer for a checkup and I have a replacement Fiesta lol!!! very small compare to our Kuga(Escape).

We had last minute shopping at Gamm Vert garden store, and Brico Marché housing Tools, and on Leroy Merlin for bathroom small fixtures before returning home for our local bakery in city center/downtown at Tual festival des pains boulangerie.

As always (any place in France)n when away for several days we stop by our town Gendarmerie police to make our declaration of empty home owners away or Operation tranquillité-Vacances. They will make rounds to your house every couple of days and check on it so ,it’s better than nothing and will help declaration if indeed something happened with our homeowners insurance.

Back at home we had our meal of the day ,and nice Belgian/German beers that I will try to post the photos here.  The Leclerc where we did our last shop and the place V&B where we got our last beers.

The roads on the beach areas are packed with visitors from everywhere, and Bretagne was just name the most visited region of France by the French !!! I know why!!!!!

However on my inland side there is hardly anything already. The temps are 21C about 70F and cloudy breezy but no rain yet. Tomorrow I will get back my car at the Ford Mustiére dealer in Vannes, and they are pretty big here in our region;

At last got my car back all shining new ready for the trip to Spain. On our way back we had our breads at the Boulangerie centre ville in Grand Champ on the road D779 ,nice baguettes for a nice soft landing yesterday. Enjoy your week y’all. Cheers!!Grand Champ

Auray Auray Auray Auray Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner



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July 31, 2016

My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton VIIII

Well in my continuing saga to present my home town and following up on several posts lately this one;

I will like to show you a bit more if i may please.

Yesterday we heard of a new concept in grocery store or supermarket that we knew about from our previous home in Versailles’s area. The place is call Grand Frais and it’s a bit far to go often but we decided to give a try Saturday. The store in the town of Cesson-Sevigné just outside Rennes on the Le Mans side about an 1h30 from us by car along the N24 and the N137 and finally go around the messy Rennes traffic at this time of the year on the D34 to Cesson-Sevigné and the store.

The store is not a huge one nor it has all items but what it has is super produce, meats,cheeses and world food very fresh and good prices! The store link is here:

We load up on the best items at best prices and had a wonderful shopping experience with the family, some of which exotic finds are been prepare today like Yucca (French)  or Yuca (Spanish) with mojo a Cuban traditional dish. That is like this:

Of course,been on the American swing we did our sin of the week and ate at the McDonald’s in the town of Bruz off the road  N137 to connect with the N136 beltway of Rennes and onwards to the N24 and home… Our American boys love it and don’t panic France has the most McDonalds of any country more than 3200 of them.  Here we won a Florida blue mug and a CocaCola plastic cooler bag that are very nice and the boys were happy ,well we call them boys but they are in their 20’s ::) The restaurant is this one :

As today Sunday is full of sunshine, and we are preparing for our summer trip , we decided to stay home do some home cooking and gather planning and strengh for our trip. The first thing ,the Car Wash! At home, with our karcher power machine and all the right liquids and creams and sponges and most of all everybody participating we did a good job on my car and my father’s car too.

I took some additional pictures of our house on open areas to show to all my readers and friends here in WordPress and beyond.  Today at 14h or 2pm is still sunny very clear nice,and temps at 21C (about 70F).  Tomorrow we expects more of the same, time to focus on our trip as we are going by car to Spain.

Yes, going back home to my Madrid ,however will be base on a rural house 1400 meters high in the Serrania de Cuenca mountains near Cuenca Unesco site and about half distance between Madrid and Valencia. Going by car stopping resting in Bordeaux both ways for a night. Done it so many times not leaving nothing undone we always planned everything. We will have no internet and not planning on posting until end of August upon our return. However, sure to take hundreds of pictures for later posts.

We will leave in weekday very early to have time to see Bordeaux and do our groceries shopping there so when arriving to the house on Saturday evening we will have to eat for the weekend without needing to go hungry or worrying about finding food. Of course, where the supermarkets are including our old favorite Auchan whereby there are call AlCampo (the literally translation of Auchan).

I will be around to Watch the SuperCup of Europe between Real Madrid and Sevilla from Norway on local bars with a lot more ambiance than here. …. And,also, the 37th Torneo Bernabeu in Madrid on August 16 vs Stade de Reims of France commemorating the first European Cup in 1956 of Real Madrid beating the same Stade de Reims. The Spanish Liga now call Santander for the sponsoring bank will begin August 21st vs Real Sociedad for our club. It will end on May 21 2017; Schedule official here in Spanish: pdf file:

And for now a rest, maybe one more post before leaving Wednesday ::) Enjoy your vacations and happy summer! Cheers

Bruz Bruz Bruz Cesson Sevigné Cesson Sevigné Cesson Sevigné  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner




July 27, 2016

My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton VIII

Well we have been here already five years and even thus we missed Versailles (and who wouldn’t) the area has been fantastic and it has taken its roots on all of us already. Of course, this is my town now Pluvigner, in the departément 56 =Morbihan of the region of Bretagne or Brittany or Breizh.

I have written some on the town before, just will put up a couple post for the newbies to my blog here

One thing thus , even with some pictures on the town itself ,done very little of our house, and will like to post some photos not so personal here.

In fact, we are only about 30 kms from the coast, that is about 18 miles, and at the crossroads of national and departementals roads with a bus line (wow!) and the train station in Auray at about 15 minutes from us linking us to the world and Paris in 3h20. The closest airport is in Lorient but very few flights there so we go to Nantes at about 1h30 from us by car. The city is part of the district of Lorient and member of the metropolitan area of Pays d’Auray.

Our city mayor’s office is here :

And it has tourist info in French. The metro area webpage is here :

And even thus we have a tourist office in town , it is govern by the one in Auray, here in English :

The name of the town comes from the roots of Plou =parrish and Guigner or Saint Guigner ;one of the Kings of Ireland converted to Catholicism by Saint Patrick; left him and came over to this area to create a monastery. He died killed by a Breton prince  Théodoric.  The main Church that bears his name was built in 1781 and later renovated last in 1932; Inside you will see the relics of Saint  Guiguer and a statue of him.

We live more or less…about 500 meters from the city center or downtown that is about five blocks. So still very close in a nice home of 255 M2 (about 2745 SF) and a land space of 1000 M2 (about 10 760 SF). 4 brms, 2 baths, office space, game room, attic complete, covered garage for 3 cars; and an enclosed veranda as well as an open air terrace. Also, full basement. All the land is fence in and wonderful Neighbors especially the ones on our left and back.

There is a school like a middle school and a huge sports complex Goh Lanno near us. It has two handball courts, basketball court,  two Tennis courts  and roller blade circuit. Five football :soccer fields and a rugby field as well as an track and field stadium;wonderful and a huge place for flea markets and events in town;

As we are near downtown or city center or centre ville, all amenities are nearby too. Even a Super U supêrmarket in about one kilometer, less than a mile.

A historic feat was in January 23  1943,an American B-17 bomber plane already damaged by fire fell in town nearby Kéronic forest . Seven aviators were killed and 3 survived. Two stone monument were done in November 5 1994 in the presence of one of the survivors  Charles Roth.

In all is a very nice country town of about 7500 folks and once you go into  a business, they remember you. The laborers artisans already know us (from the work on the house) and we just call once and they come, even one tomorrow coming to help my kids finished putting up a roof cover to the entrance of our garage.  Just the kind of world I always look forward to.

If you ever in this area, let us know , we will love to entertain you with the Pluvignoise hospitality. Cheers

 pluvigner  pluvigner pluvigner  pluvigner  pluvigner  pluvigner  pluvigner  pluvigner  pluvigner




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