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October 20, 2016

The wines of Bordeaux

I am a wine aficionado since had my first taste of it by my grandmother at the tender age of 8. Traveling allow me to visit many wine estates in many countries from Chile to Germany passing by France, of course my favorite. And amongst the favorites areas Bordeaux reign supreme. Many tried to imitate and even think of surpassing it but never never never; Bordeaux is it. UNESCO calls on France as the World Heritage Intangible site on Gastronomy and Wines for a reason. The first way back in 2010:

I have written before on Bordeaux and its wines here:

And Bordeaux does not disappoint us again this year with a 19% increase in production. The official governing body or the  Conseil interprofessionnel du vin de Bordeaux (CIVB) predicts at least 5,5 millions hectoliters, or a volume even higher than last year. Considering that only Alsace and Bordeaux had a 19% progression in comparison with last year; and the only vineyard area in France to held head high in a tough year that saw France as a whole come down by 12% in its wine production in 2016 with a total production of 42,2 hectoliters.

The Bordeaux region is located on the Atlantic ocean and on the left and right banks of the Gironde river. With its 119 000 hectares and its 60 appellations, the Bordeaux region represents the largest French AOC vineyard. Divided into five sub-regions are the Medoc, the Graves, Entre-Deux-Mers, rive droit and Sauternes, the region has a temperate oceanic climate. Its soils are rather argilo-limestone, Sands and gravel are found in the area of Graves.  The main red grape of the region are merlot, cabernet-sauvignon and cabernet franc. The three white grapes are Sémillon, sauvignon and muscadelle. The Bordeaux region produces 90% of red wines, and is the largest exporter of  AOC wines. All major wine regions of the world, Bordeaux produces the highest level of quality with regularity. It is perhaps for this reason that Bordeaux is still today one of the most beautiful displays of French wineThe Bordeaux region has different rankings, which reward both the quality of the soil and the work done. The most well-known in-between are the classification of 1855, classification of Graves, Saint-Emilion ranking and the ranking of the Crus Bourgeois of the Médoc.
The Entre-Deux-Mers  is a vast region located some 80 kms southeast of the city of Bordeaux. As its name suggests, this geographical area is wedged between two large rivers: the Dordogne to the North, and the Garonne River to the South. The Entre-Deux-Mers form the AOC wine-growing zone the more extensive of Francer with a size of about  7000 hectares,and a production of about 335 000 hectoliters.  Some of the known areas are the  Côtes de Bordeaux,  Cadillac, Loupiac, Sainte-Croix-du-Mont, Sainte-Foy-Bordeaux,and Bordeaux-Haut-Benauge. Most use the appellation name of  Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur. 
The Graves region is located south of the Médoc on the left bank of the Gironde river between the city of Bordeaux and Langon in about 60 kms. This region represent about  4.4% of the vineyard land in Bordeaux producing about  240 000 hectoliters per year.  It is about 73 % in red wines and  27 % for whites and sweet wines.  The main areas are the Graves, Graves Supérieurs (only for sweet or moelleux wines) ,and Pessac-Léognan. At Pessac-Léognan created in 1987, there is the only and one Château Haut-Brion the only one here designated as First Grand Cru in 1855 classification
The Médoc  is located in the left bank of the Gironde river and extends over 60 kms north to south and 10 kms wide covering 10 600 hectares of vineyards. The production is all red wines with about 300 000 hectolitersIt has several appellations of great renown and my favorite of all such as Haut Médoc, Médoc, Saint-Estèphe, Pauillac, Saint Julien, Listrac-Médoc, Moulis-en-médoc ,and Margaux as the main ones. The sub region is divided into 60 grand crus from the 1855 classification or about 20% of the area production and the main ones are Château Lafite Rothschild (Pauillac) Château Latour (Pauillac), Château Margaux (Margaux), Château Mouton Rothschild (promoted in 1973) ,and Château Haut-Brion (Pessac-Leognan  région of the Graves).
The Right Bank (rive droite) region, on the right bank of the Gironde and Dordogne river north of the Bordeaux area. It encompasses the sub regions of Bourg and Blayes, on the middle of the Libourne with Saint-Emilion, Pomerol,Fronsac, and Castillon.  The land is argile calcaire (Fronsac, Saint-Emilion) and stones (Pomerol).  The wines are mostly red.
The area of the Sauternais or Sauternes is located about 50 kms southwest of Bordeaux on the left bank of the Garonne river.  The vineyards of  Barsac and Sauternes are in this area. It  has a production area of 900 hectares for Barsac and 1 400 hectares for Sauternes with an average output of 35 000 hectoliters per year. The appellation encompasses five towns such as Sauternes, Fargues, Preignac, Bommes ,and Barsac.  Well noted Barsac has its own appellation and on certain years it can choose it or Sauternes. The area is cross by the Ciron river and the wines are about 80% whites with the main ones as  Château d’Yquem (only 1er Grand Crue from the 1855 classication) . However, many others are premiers crus such as Château Rieussec, Château La Tour Blanche, Château Caillou, and Château Lamothe.
Some of the places that I purchase wines here all good, when not visiting the properties here are
Nicolas (my favorite) :
and of course many hypermarkets as well.
In vinos veritas ,enjoy it fully ::)
October 19, 2016

Some news from France CXLV

Here I am again, so fast  ::) yes there are things going on even the All Saints’ day in France, Toussaint.

The Tour de France of cycling will start from Düsseldorf, on July 1, 2017 . It will be hit’s 20th starting from abroad and its fourth from Germany. The riders of the ‘Grande Boucle’ were indeed  in  1965 Cologne, Frankfurt in 1980, and West Berlin in 1987. After Germany, the peloton of the Tour, which will take a total of 3.516 km, will also make a foray in Belgium and then in the Luxembourg. In France, the beautiful part will be made in the mountain stages, with five massive crossed: the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Massif central, Vosges and the Jura . The race ends with a time trial in Marseille, before a last step to the departure of Montgeron,  in the Essonne department 91 (city that welcomed, in 1903, the first start of the Tour de France) and arrival , as per usual, on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Previously, the 198 riders will cross, the nave of the Grand palais in its full length which will be impressive indeed; simple the best on bikes.
The history of Paris is jealously guarded at the Musée Carnavalet. A rich collection of about 613,000 works that goes from the Mesolithic to the present day. For the first time since its opening in 1880, the Museum Carnavalet, located in the heart of the Marais, in the 4éme arrondissement or district, will have a full move as it has known extensions, renovations, or the union in 1989 with the hotel Peletier of Saint – Fargeau. The Museum, which spans some 14,000 m2, will be completely empty, and the works stored north of Paris in temporary offices . The closure of the Museum to the public, on October 2, and will continue until the beginning of 2017.
The first vacation of the year indeed begin on Thursday and end two weeks later, on Thursday, November 2. “the school year has thirty-six weeks in the less divided into five periods of work, of comparable length, separated by four holiday periods. Or periods of work about seven weeks, separated from two weeks of vacation on average. Respecting this rule, holidays should begin on 14 October and students home on 31 October. On the eve of 1 November. “exceptional holiday toussaint this year.” Vacation heavens of France. I will be off Oct 31 and Nov 1 which will make a four day weekend Vive la France!
One that I have been with my kids is still going strong at Les Ferme de Gally à Saint-Cyr-l’École ; From 26 to 31 October, young and old can thus have fun digging a pumpkin. Before or after, they will go to meet the animals, will walk and visit buildings decorated in the colours of autumn. And each will leave with his masterpiece. More here :
Ludwig van“, the Beethoven myth . The expo is made fun with an audio guide and a booklet for children from 7 years old. Extracts of letters of Beethoven, excerpts of the composer‘s work, the sound the tone shifted course staged a Ludwig parachuted in the 21st century. Possibility to start family with a workshop that addresses the major themes of Beethoven with a variety of musical instruments. Until January 29 2017. More here :
And on June 17 2017 we have the exposition Espèces d’Ours or the  world of bears in the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution, jardin des plantes, more here;
“Doctor Strange in preview (age 10 and up); Fans of the Marvel Universe have appointment on 25 October at the Grand Rex  for exceptional projection of the adventures of doctor Stephen Strange, Scott Derrickson. More here :
Cinekids (age 7 and up) , Be not afraid! Costumes in order to participate in the Halloween special screening on October 30 at the Forum of images (1éme). On the screen, the mouse of Gore Verbinski (Rango, 2011): a House haunted by a small mouse ready to do anything to scare off newcomers… A funny and hilarious movie. More here;
Where else but France and Paris in particular. Enjoy it. Oh yes temps is 61F or about 15C afternoon. Cloudy cool yes ,yes it is la vie est belle! Cheers


October 18, 2016

Some news from France CXLIIII

Well been busy and a bit behind on my blog, but will catch up. Today more of the Fall season and the days becoming shorter or darker, temps about 15C or 62F and cloudy cool humid, real Breton ambiance!

Check out the food for cold days and cloudy nights, at Les Fondus de la Raclette, a wonderful resto in Paris where to try the great Raclette, a dish we do at home often and even more in Fall/Winter time like now.

In the Théatre du Palais Royal see the exibition until January 8 2017 of Edmond Rostang; a new work to see,that was not written yet but eventually only had a name,Cyrano de Bergerac more here

Some things to do in Marseille, more than the usual sites  , a city have been and love the vieux port area. See the Vieille Charité built in 1640 to care for the poor people.

See the Grotte Cosquer  by the cap Morgiou in the Calanques between Marseille and Cassis . It was discovered in 1991 by Henri Cosquer, at 37 meters above sea level ; it has three rooms with only one decorated see more here: in French;

Visit the Calanques is a must. All in French here:

At the Picasso Museum, until February 5 ,2017 you see an exhibition of two great masters Picasso and Giacometti , Picasso of the giant protean work , violent and voluptuous and Giacometti known for his three dimensional distant and elongated style. More here:
Discover immediately at the Théatre du Rond-Point and the play  “The cry of the potato of Connecticut”, the poem absurd and hilarious by comic traveler Patrick Robine, staged by Jean-Michel Ribes affectionately done. Until October 30th , last one hour.  More here in French:
Museum promenade of Marly-Louveciennes.  According to management, at least 300 works of art on the 3,000 that the Museum would have suffered from the sudden flood that occurred Saturday night in the basement, following a burst pipe the historical collection is intact. The affected objects are from  the graphic arts supply. Fortunately, none seems unrecoverable for the time being”the Museum closed to the public”until further notice “. It evokes a minimum duration of six weeks. This is a beautiful site off the beaten path you all should plan on visiting, it is near where I used to live in Versailles; more here :
The association of the friends of the organ of Senlis to restore the great organ of the Cathedral. The rehabilitation is expected to be completed by 2020 the city of Senlis expends on  average 1 M€ annually for the maintenance of its rich historical heritage. In near future, the walls of the city, the West portal of the Cathedral or the hotel of the Vermandois could benefit from the same patronage.  More on the organs here:
Michel Colucci or the great comedian Coluche will have an exhibition of his life and belonging in the hotel de ville de Paris until January 7 2017. More on the city of Paris webpage here in French:
Until October 23rd on 19 train stations in France;Chefs de Gare ,  such as  Amiens, Agen, Avignon TGV, Dijon,Limoges Bénédictins, Lille Flandres, Lyon Part Dieu, Marseille Saint Charles, Metz Ville, Nantes, Paris gare du Nord, Paris Est, Paris Saint Lazare, Paris Bercy Bourgogne-Pays d’Auvergne, Paris gare de Lyon, Paris Montparnasse, Reims, Strasbourg, and Tours  you will have a chance to taste the gastronomy Française with local chefs, more in French here:
The Opéra de Paris honored the choreographer George Balanchine, gone in 1983, with four ballets programme from October 22nd to November 15 2016; these are Mozartiana, that gave him a start, Sonatine, created in 1975  with sharing on Maurice Ravel, Brahms-Schönberg Quartet  and the Violin Concerto. The decoration will be by Karl Lagerfeld. More here:
And until next time, stay safe, be good and enjoy travel a nice way of life indeed;Cheers
ps oh yes we work less and enjoy it more see picture lol!!!
October 13, 2016

And Dublin is a lot more than just green!

Well for many  years heard of Dublin  ,in fact used to lived near a neighborhood that was call Dublin for the many Irish immigrants there. Now finally, I made it to Dublin, Ireland. The tourist office is here:

I came over as usual doing a round trip, flying this time from Rennes St Jacques airport to Paris CDG T2E ,change to T2G for the flight from CDG to Dublin terminal 1. Easy nice connections and good parking at Rennes; if only I arrived very early by 5h15 (5:15am) to open the airport lol! The Rennes airport site is here:

And this is Dublin airport site:

Once in Dublin, took the tourist way (not the taxi) but the airlink express bus to city center; 6€ one way or 10€ roundtrip purchase. Easy and convenient as it drops you off in the main areas of Dublin central.  Took bus 747 here is the site and schedule:

I headed straight to my hotel for check in, this was the historically wonderful The Gresham Hotel at O ‘Connell street; third floor and very nice service indeed.  The site here:

Once in the room, took a right turn out the door to see the city the best way walking both ends of O’Connell St. I went passed the wonderful Ambassador Theatre at Upper O’Connell Street; this is a like a roman amphitheater shape really nice even if no time to see a show, looks promising for next time. Webpage here:

Right pass it you see a wonderful church, Abbey Presbyterian Church at Parnell Square, beautiful architecture indeed and worth a look inside which no time this trip. Webpage is here:

I continue my walks , across the hotel almost, you see the General Post Office ; done in 1818, also, the building where the free Irish Republic took HQ here in 1916. It is now a museum post office, more here:

Up the O’Connell street by the abbey church you have the Garden of Remembrance Irish Freedom park; a lovely place full of history and nice architecture statues; more here:|-6.264127|16

You can see the wonderful Epic Ireland showing the heritage of Ireland for more than 70 million people; a glowing show, and a must to see:  more here:

How about a walk to Temple Bar, well it is more than a bar which it has one, but also a district full of life best at night, just perfect, I could stay here for years!!! Just over the river Liffey passing thru Dublin. See the wonderful Samuel Beckett bridge that can be moved ! or the O’Connell bridge my passing bridge. More on the bridges here:

Of course, I did stop to eat and drink a must in Dublin ::) Look at this friendly bar the Parnell Heritage Pub off the ambassador theatre, and the service and food was great, the best fish and chips I ever had with the Clonmel 1650 Irish lager beer just wonderful for 21€. More on parnell here:

Continue into my walks you see the Spire of Dublin a needle type tower 121 meters high just be ready to bend your head this is high indeed right on O’Connell Street; more on it here:|-6.260294|16

You see around here the Charles Stewart Parnell statue; he was the leader founder of the Irish Parlamentary party.  A nice place to stop from a historical point of view. More on him and the statue here:

You can see the O’Connell Monument, the memorial toDaniel O’Connell, a 19C nationalist leader of which the main artery street is name after.  See more on him here:

I came across a nice building that is the Gate Theatre, founded in 1928; another wonderful architecturally done place of fun right on by the city center and O’Connell Street and Parnell Square . More on this one here:

I did passed by the Dublin Writers museum showcasing the history of Irish great storytellers, a quaint old building that is the perfect place to go in and read books and plays; more here:|-6.263985|16

I ate and drank at the hotel and again came back for drinks at the Parnell Heritage Pub, great place. However, for dinner headed to the Winding Stair resto by the temple bar district. It is, also, kept the tradition of the bookstore it was. Now the restaurant is a lot of fun, great friendly service and good food.  My food here was the McLoughlin’s pressed corned brisket terrine with pickled shallots, capers, dalkey mustard and sourdough toast €12.95 as entrée and the Char-grilled 28 day dry-age Irish beef strip-loin steak with sticky onions, roasted garlic truffle butter and homemade chips €28.00 as main dish. Plenty of Languedoc of France red wine had a bottle as this Domaine de la Provenquiére 2014 Merlot Languedoc 26€: ; with coffee to end it all. Classy place see more of it here:

Of course walking around Temple Bar district, and so many choices, did not go to the Temple Bar bar, as such, here:

I will just have to be back, and soon to Dublin, great trip even if a short one. It’s now on my list of places to visit with the family. Wonderful Dublin. Enjoy it and cheers around Temple Bar.

Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Dublin Rennes Rennes Rennes

October 8, 2016

Vannes and just getting around town again !!!

Ok so just a cool day ,it seems Fall is here and now we get 16C or about 62F and tomorrow rain announced. My father was visited this morning and now ok to go out Monday so that is good news and doing just great; my son will get him at the hospital. I am on my way to Dublin and need to get up at 3h or 3am to get to the airport at Rennes! of course will be in Dublin before midday tomorrow!!!

Here in Vannes we had a normal day. First, the post office to send out those letters; then the bank to drop off the slip my sons got their new debit cards, and then we headed for Vannes giving time to visit my father.

All around the Le Port or pleasure marina harbor today there were music group presentation and exhibition of local crafts, very lively indeed. The harbor or Le Port is the heart of all that is going on here: more info in French from the city page here:

We parked on the other side of the canal by rue du commerce , for free, right by the canal that leads into the harbor and the out into the Gulf of Morbihan. A great fantastic medium of relaxations, boats, people, and just plain fun.

We had our apero lunch at le P’tit Belon (previous from early in the 20C it was called the Café de Manu) oyster bar right behind the covered fish market, Halles aux Poissons, and on a market day like today even better. The market covers many streets but primarily the squares of place des lices and place du poids public.  Here we had our Fischer beers (2)(Alsace), saussison sec bellota ham , 6 oysters, and sandwiches of bellota hams and cheese all for about 8€ per person.  no webpage but easy to find, at 3 place de la Poissonnerie.

On our way out near the Porte Saint Vincent coming out into the place Gambetta you have the bakery Saveurs du Port, delicious sweets and even better breads of chorizo, lardon, and champagne tradition as well as the usual baguette. We grab them all! and will be part of our dinner tonite.  More in English from Vannes tourist office here:

Finally, to end our day in the Capital city, we did our groceries or courses at the Carrefour hypermarket near the road N165. And we saw an interesting wallpicture of the Chateau de l’Hermine of such fame here, the original is right by the ramparts. Doing groceries is not my cup of tea and insist on doing it fast, not an easy task with so many individuals in the family but that is part of the fun of shopping together. Carrefour is nice indeed at least in Vannes. It has several stores and restaurants inside for a mini shopping center as well more here:

And now it’s time to pack and have some dinner snacks , get some sleep and be ready for tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday in Dublin. More to come , enjoy it; have a great Sunday and back writing again, smile on my face! Thanks to all well wishes for my father, really appreciated. Cheers

Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes




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October 8, 2016

Some news from France CXLIII

Ok so another weekend and here I am before my next trip. Nostalgia of leaving on business trip and my father still in hospital ,doing better, but still for a few days more. Hard to go by his room and not there, eerie feeling of things that hope will give me a few more years.  Yesterday in Vannes temp was about 15C or 62F aprox. cloudy and it looks as Fall is here to stay.

Some of the latest news from France and Paris in particular dear to me are as follows:

The extension work of the tennis Stadium Roland Garros of the porte d’ Auteuil, where stands the second lifting of the Grand Slam of the year, can resume construction pending the judgment planned before the end of the year.

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900). Born in Dublin; the almost universal celebrity of the author of The Portrait of Dorian Gray, translated in all languages and illustrated one hundred times, will have an exhibition “Oscar Wilde, the absolute impertinent”, – so informative that it would be enjoyed longer at the Petit Palais . A first in Paris, although Wilde has often stayed there, he is buried in the cemetery of Père Lachaise in a monumental Tomb in sphinx androgynous figures. Wilde was a rabid celebrity and entertainment idol.

Marc Chagall in particular: violinists, the lovers on their cloud, the Red roosters and donkeys Green Apple, very little for us… And yet! When the former Director of the Foundation Maeght in St. Paul-de-Vence (Alpes-Maritimes), Jean-Louis Prat, designed an exhibition in Landerneau (Finistère) on this strange artist, we say it must be seen. some 300 works of art – paintings, sculptures (these are less well-known), drawings or prints – from the exhibition. We discover a friends Chagall of writers of his time, but also familiar with the maestro such as Malraux (which binds a beautiful friendship which will culminate with the command of the ceiling of the Paris Opera, including the model shown), but also the Don Quixote of Cervantes. Louis Aragon, but also Nicolas Gogol; Jean Paulhan and Jean Fontaine; the Decameron of Boccaccio, as the Bible… When the imagination of Chagall confronts the words, his painting frequents anyone. “Chagall, from poetry to painting”. Fund Helene & Edouard Leclerc for the culture, the Capuchins, Landerneau (Finistère). Tel.: 02-29-62-47-78. Every day from 10 to 18 hours. Until November 1. €35.

And more here :

Manuel Falla at his best in Volver Amar with Olivia Ruiz playing at the Théatre Chaillot, more here;

The July column(colonne de juillet) , which stands in the middle of the place de Bastille since 1840. An injustice soon repaired  in the spring of 2018, the lower parts of the  column , containing the tombs of 700 revolutionaries in 1830 and 1848, will reopen to the public after more than 30 years of closure. But the real revolution will take place with the redevelopment of the place by the city by 2018-2019. It plans to create a vast pedestrian median meeting the monument to the basin of the Arsenal.  19. This is the number of maximum visitors who will visit the July column at the same time from its opening to the public in the spring of 2018 it will be also impossible to climb to the top of the 50 meters high column “it would be much too dangerous because, at the top, the platform is extremely  tight.  Source Le Figaro

the site of the Versailles Tourist Office,, which support approximately 90% of requests for information to tourists, gets a makeover. In the coming weeks, a new version in English and Spanish will be developed.

The Samaritaine very big renovation which should be done by the end of 2018,New areas with shops, a hotel of luxury, offices, a hundred social housing and a crib. The 4,000 tons of debris will be transported by barge to the Paprec group processing center on the banks of the Seine in Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine). The equivalent of no less than 850 trucks on the road. Before be loaded onto a barge, they must travel six kilometers, from the pont Neuf to Ivry

The Nacre hotel should open its doors in March or April 2017. Housed in a building of the former factory Desmarest, it has 22 rooms, including two suites, and a 64-seat restaurant. . In the middle of the building will be the main entrance, with the lobby and the check-in counter. On the side, to the left, the restaurant that will have a terrace for sunny days. At the rear, kitchen, reserves, the offices and the staff room. To access both floors, where are located the rooms, a grand staircase or an elevator. On the first floor spacious and bright rooms await guests. Some overlook the nearby Museum of Pearl through large windows. Second, the rooms are attic, but larger. They will accommodate families. The hotel will be entrusted to a Management company still to be chosen

The hotel site is in the works, here is the newspaper article in French:

For great dog and even cat grooming come to the Ho Doc Chic 26 rue Vavin.

Plenty of shops here dedicated to the horse , at the Village Suisse.

A wonderful library of literary greats has been renovated and reopen.

The great Musée Jacquemart-Andre has the exhibition “Rembrandt Intime”.



October 3, 2016

Away from blogging for a reason.

It’s been a while not on my blog for a reason. My father is ill and in the hospital. I spent Friday night last in the emergency service of Chubert Hospital in Vannes with him. A very personal side.

He is there and improving and just today got a call will be transfer to the Hematology service. He is diabetic and apparently had an infection due to low white cells so now trying to bring this up. I will be there every night this week at least.

Chubert Hospital is very good, he has been there before and always great service and friendly staff. They all enjoying him with his English and Spanish verses and asking and talking a lot. The French escapes him too old to learn another language he is 81 now.

The hospital main page is here :

It has a nice boutique store and Cafeteria restaurant inside and plenty of spaces in the rooms. Main entrance is at 20 Boulevard du Général Maurice Guillaudot . City line buses stopping there are  4 : Le Poteau / Arradon ,6 : Fourchêne / CCIM , 8 : Plescop / Saint Nolff Mairie.  Also, the city inter urban bus lines stop by 200 meters of the hospital such as line 20 : Elven / Vannes ,line21 : Plougoumelen / Le Bono / Baden / Vannes,line 22 : Surzur / Vannes, line 23 : Lamor-baden / Port Blanc / Le Moustoir / Vannes, line24 : Monterblanc / Vannes ,line  7 TIM : Le Hézo / Noyalo / Vannes ,Line 8 TIM : La Trinité Surzur / Vannes, Line 9 TIM : Sulniac / Treffléan / Vannes ;and the departément 56 line buses stops nearby at about 200 meters; Line1 : Quiberon / Auray / Vannes ,line 2 : Grand-Champ / Vannes,line  3 : Pontivy / Vannes, line  3b : Saint-Jean-Brévelay / Vannes, line 4 : Ploërmel / Vannes, line 5 : Baud / Pluvigner / Auray / Vannes, line 7 : Arzon / Vannes, line 8 : Damgan / Muzillac / Vannes, line 9 : Rochefort en Terre / Questembert / Vannes. The train station is ,also, by 200 meters from the hospital.

Vannes bus lines city and intercity KICEO:

Dept Morbihan 56 TIM bus lines :

Train station Vannes: (Gare de Vannes) :

pdf file of the hospital layout and its parkings is here:

It will be my home for the next week at least. Even if next Sunday need to fly out to Dublin will be back Tuesday. Hoping by then my father will be home with me. So excuse my writings for a while ; I WILL BE BACK.


Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes




September 28, 2016

Some news from France ,CXLII

This is mid week and already at the blog, lol! this is a virus of enormous proportion , when I started in 2010 I never thought it would be this fun, and it has been. Now here it’s cloudy with 20C or about 62F bit humid cool it feels but no rains, oh here is Vannes, Morbihan, Brittany, France.

I like to dwell on some things happening in France in general and Paris in particular.

at the Centre Pompidou, you have the exhibit “René Magritte, la Trahison des images” until Jan 23rd 2017.  More here in English :

The pedestrian only Paris this year (past sept 26th but will be practice every year)  has been enlarge from 11h to 18h and 45% more space intra-muros that is inside Paris proper. Many activities and shops will be showcase along the routes. More here :

Soul Train of old !!! remember the show, now the Mona Bismarck American Center comes back to the source with a program November 12 on films and presentations such as  Shabba Doo, and  Jean-Paul Goude. More here:

You can see « Faust »  in the Théâtre du Châtelet, open door with performers with rock of Robert Wilson going on until tomorrow (sorry for late reporting); more here:

Anybody tried the wine apps out there? well not a techie myself but plenty to choose from and more coming up. Wine Ring is one but do not score high with the experts. Delectable and Banquet, works in tandem and they score very high.  A tad below is Vivino, and bit further down Wine Searcher . Not good at all were Snooth, Drync, Corkz, Hello Vino, and Cellar Tracker. The newest one is Omnipair that according to the experts looks promising. I will be far from all of them, but hey you can read it here too ::) More at Bloomberg here:

You heard here on the CDG Express or the Charles-de-Gaulle Express. This is a straight line from Roissy CDG airport to the Gare de l’Est in Paris for 2023. It will have a price of about 24€ and get you in within 20 minutes. Now, the closest one is the RER B in about 50 minutes and 10€ but going thru some of the worse areas of outer Paris. The new CDG Express will use about 24 kms of the 32K route using as well the line K (Paris-Crépy-en-Valois line) and even the RER B in case of accidents. There is talk of a new tax to help pay for this of 1€ on the airplane tickets with work Schedule to start in 2018. The runway 2 of CDG is already doing preparatory work on it including an underground tunnel to host the CDG Express train. More in French at the  Le Parisien here :

The survivor from the Colonial Exposition of 1878, the old aquarium of Trocadéro needed to closed in 1985. It opened again built underground in 2006.  This year it has 17000 fishes and 4 million liters of water to celebrate its 10th anniversary .Aquarium au jardin du Trocadéro, Admission is 19,90 € adults . Open every day from 10h to 19h. On Saturday October 1st each senior paying will give the chance to enter for free two persons between 1-59 yrs of age. More here

The concession for the Jardin d’Acclimatation has been extended for an additional 25 yrs to a group which includes 80% LVMH and 20% by Compagnie des Alpes (also handles Astérix). The gardens were opened by Napoléon III in 1860 and has 60 hectares along the Bois de Boulogne. 18 new attractions will be created including 9 free and 26 existing attractions will be renovated. The goal is to reach 2,5 million visitors per year. One of my family favorite parks in Paris for years…

king Charles X rests since 1836 in the convent of  Kostanjevica, present day Slovenia. The last king of the Second Restauration ruling from 1824 to 1830 before taking exile.  There is a group trying to bring the rests back to his native France and to the Basilica of Saint Denis, Charles X, the last of the Bourbon kings ,but also his son  Louis de France and niece Marie-Thérèse (oldest daughter of king  Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette) to be alongside at Saint Denis royal necropolis.  Webpage in French here:

The others that were brought back from  outside of France are those of emperor  Napoléon Ier, died in island of Saint-Hélène (south Atlantic) in  1821,to joined the  Invalides during an official ceremony in 1 840. Those of king  Louis-Philippe Ier, called the king of the French or « roi des Français » in 1 830 (under a constitutional monarchy), died in 1850 at Claremont (UK), and transferred to the chapel of Saint-Louis of Dreux in 1876.

The opera of the  Fantôme de l’Opéra  will now be shown in by before November at the Théâtre Mogador… This after a fire on last Sunday morning at the theater touching the main salon as well as the decorations.  More here :

There will be a new exchange on the autoroute linking the A86 to the N118 at Vélizy. In this axe that will be in service by 2019 closing passing the shopping center centre commercial Vélizy 2  ,and will connected to the street rue du Général Valérie-André. Badly needed as when we lived nearby it was always traffic jams there so imagine now it’s worse. More here in French :

How to get around Paris within 3 hrs away , well come to my department 56 Morbihan, Le Figaro says so! And more on Chartres, Reims, Orleans, Dijon ,Saint-Malo, La Grande-Motte, Cheverny,  Biarritz, Le Havre, Sophia-Antipolis(Biot), Dinard, Montgaudry, Marseille, Lyon, Pyla-sur-Mer, Strasbourg,Roquebrune-Cap-Martin,Pommard, La Rochelle, and Les Sables d’Olonne. Of course, all these in several weeks lol! Come to think as people ask what to see around Paris, well the whole of France ::)

And coming up is the Nuit Blanche or white night in France. From October 1 to the 2nd overnight that is 19h to 7h. The transformation is the theme this year and the place tops will be the berges de Seine or along the river Seine. The love theme of course will be here as there will be a walk starting from rue Lobau, just behind the Hôtel de Ville all the way to the island or ile Saint-Germain, at Issy-les-Moulineaux. Many institutions participate on this year themes such as the Musée du Quai Branly, Pavillon de l’Arsenal,  Petit Palais,  Théâtre du Châtelet, Monnaie de Paris, or the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts.


and tourist office:

Enjoy it all;until next time Cheers!!! And tomorrow another day off lol!!!

September 27, 2016

Vannes, has it’s days but ,also, it’s nights

Ok so yesterday was time off from work and decided to take a walk in Vannes to some of the places we like to shop,eat,and play .

The city is the capital of the department 56 Morbihan but only has about 55K inhabitants and about 13K university students.

Some of the nightlife is shown here: (in French) ,,0,0.html

and this one in French too,

Well , we started out the day going to Jardiland , the garden store to get some plants ::) the one in Vannes is very friendly and helpful no need to know anything about plants , they tell you all lol!

Then, you go over the market days by place du Poids Public and place des Lices in old town; the best one in the region on Saturday morning but good to stop by even on weekdays for the local merchants around the squares. More on markets here :

Here we went for our lunch at Tablapizza ,this is a chain of pizzerias here, but the one in Vannes is super friendly and good food, they already know us lol!!!  They do burger wraps that are sublime and also chicken, honey and goat cheese wraps, and of course chorizo pizzas ::)  and good wine we had a bottle of Rosé from Tavel Beaurevoir by Michel Chapoutier. Like this one;,beaurevoir-2015,wine,31.html

And the resto site is here!

And to show you some of the nice night haunts of the city, you go to Chicago private club after hours,  and before have a nice dinner at Restaurant Oscar  with great food and good company ; decorated in an American prohibition era design, very stylish, more here:

And of course for late late night after 23h (11PM) to 5h (5AM) ,Fridays andn Saturdays, you go next door to Chicago Music Hall, great cozy place indeed, just giving you a taste, more here:

The Chicago used to be the La Bodeguita ;now a bit of video from Vimeo , glad I am not there lol! Enjoy it and do come to Vannes ::)

 Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes






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September 18, 2016

Josselin, the Rohan and beautiful inland Morbihan.

Ok so yesterday I was sitting at home and as usual late deciders ,last minute travelers, we remember Josselin, a nice town not far from us about 60 kms that we enjoy it’s medieval look city center. So there we went for the afternoon.

Josselin has a nice castle,  puppet/doll  museum , nice basilica and wonderful lovely inner street with wooden houses of old. A perfect getaway for a day any time. I have written before so won’t go so deep into it; these are the last posts I did on Josselin.

We took the car went up the D768 to hook up with the N24 and away we went direction Rennes to Josselin nord exit, on the way back we took the same exit out into the N24 but we took the D767 exit at Locminé so we do our groceries shopping at Moréac Intermarché supermarket; here:

So now we are all settle at home relax, and in family time.

Today, was European Heritage days Sept 17 and 18, so the admission to all these places like the castle was either free or discounted.At the chateau de Josselin normal admission is 9euros today it was 5€. The combination with the Puppet/Doll  museum kept by the same family as the castle was discounted also, and offered a 2×1 deal for 10€ when normally it is 14€ per person. As you should know this is a historical castle for the Bretons and still in private hands: Josselin, 14th Duke of Rohan, and his wife, Antoinette, own and manage the property

The castle /museum site is here:

Next imposing building to see is the Basilique Notre Dame du Roncier, in 808D leyend has it, a farmer who worked the land finds a statue of the Virgin and takes it home, however, the Virgin always comes back to the place where he found it ,and several times as well. The bishop ask him to rend a cult in her memory ; the daughter of the farmer who was blind recovered her sight and people flock to the place until finally a Church is ordered built.  More here:

Another interesting pleasant promenade and river boat ride can be had in the Nantes-Brest Canal that passes by the city and just on the back of the Castle along the river Oust. The walks behind the castle are sublime and the boat rides magnificents, also plenty of canoe and kayak activites here; more in English:

The walks on the city center are marvelous and you can see the oldest wooden house there from 1538 (maison Pouille now the tourist office)  . The district of Sainte-Croix has wonderful homes along the river Oust; the wonderful cinema Beaumanoir is great architecturally and a change from the modern look of cinemas today; see a movie here is gorgeous. Movie info here in French:  and further from the tourist office:!/cinema-le-beaumanoir-796474

Every Saturday at Place Notre Dame by the Basilica ,you have the market day from 7h30 very colorful and good produce.  Josselin is also, a Petite Cités de Caractére (small town of charm).  It is, also, a village fleurie de France with 4 flowers out of five possible; as well as a town of stage or village d’étape.  More on following links:

Village d’étapes offering great service to the visitor label from French government entity, here:

Villes et Villages Fleuris , show respect for the environment and great gardens and parks criteria. here:

Petite Cités de Caractére, small towns with charm label, more here:

There, is also, a Chapelle Sainte Croix small chapel facing the castle, and the chapelle de la Congrégation now use for expositions etc. There is a laundry behind the castle by the parking on the boat rides in rue du canal. It is label the Lavanderie.

Lovely day indeed, hopefully took some new photos for this post ….You are all welcome to the Morbihan of Brittany. degemer mat ::)

 Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin  Josselin Moreac Moreac


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