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October 27, 2020

Cap Fréhel and its lighthouse!

Another wonderful monument to see riding along the D34 in Côtes d’Armor dept 22 of my beautiful Bretagne. This is at Cap Fréhel or some would say Plévenon. A wonderful cape at the end of the lands of Brittany facing the English anglo normand islands.

The town of Fréhel is known that started when text tells us that an abbey existed on the mound where the New Bourg was built in 1870. Under the name of Glayo abbey, it was cited in 1159 as a dependent of the Saint-Aubin des Bois abbey by cession of the Saint-Jacut abbey

In the town the main place and wonderful place to be is the seaside resort of Sables-d’Or-les-Pins ( see post)  created in the 1920s on the dunes along the great Minieu bay between Pléhérel Plage and Plurien. On August 14, 1944, a task force of the 28th American Infantry Division was tasked with attacking the nazis forces occupying Cap Fréhel. They arrived in Plévenon in the evening. The next day, August 15, with the help of FFI resistance fighters, it attacked the Frosh aerial reconnaissance station. The nazis surrendered around noon.

The Cap Fréhel or cape is a point of pink sandstone with a tormented relief that separates the bay of Saint-Brieuc to the east from the Bay of Saint-Malo, on the Channel coast. It is located in the town of Plévenon and not on the adjacent one of Fréhel, as the name of the latter might suggest. This cape is one of the most impressive in Brittany: the cliff dominates the sea from around 70 meters. The spectacular red cliffs show red sandstone dipping shallowly to the west and which is sometimes cut by large veins of diorite which rise almost vertically. Located 8.5 km from the center of Fréhel and 4 km from the center of Plévenon, access is via a coastal road D34, either from the east, passing near Fort La Latte ( see post), or from Sables- d’Or-les-Pins, (see post) to the west On a clear day you can see the Channel Island of Jersey. The wonderful beaches here are several such as the cove of Sévignés (at the foot of the cliffs of the cape), the Fosse (accessible by going down the dunes), or even the Grèves d’en Bas a recognized surf spot.

The old lighthouse or Vauban tower, in granite, was built under Louis XIV in 1701 by one of Vauban’s disciples, Jean-Siméon Garangeau. A more modern and taller lighthouse was built between 1845 and 1847, in place of the current one. It was electrified in 1886. Nazis troops destroyed it in August 1944. The current lighthouse, rebuilt in 1946, was inaugurated in 1950; with 32 meters high, its lantern dominates the sea from 103 meters. On a clear day, its light is visible more than 100 kilometers away.


In May 1694, Vauban inspected the northern coasts of Brittany and proposed the construction of a tower to warn of attacks by the English fleet. Around 1840, Léonce Reynaud, in front of the state of the building, plans to build a new octagonal tower 22 meters high that can support a Fresnel lens. Range of fire increases to 25 miles.

frehel phare old oct20

During WWII, the lighthouse served as an observation post for the Nazis army which dynamited the lighthouse on August 11, 1944. Only the old Vauban tower remained standing and supported a temporary fire until 1950. Begun in 1946, the construction of the current lighthouse is completed by the lighting of the fire on July 1, 1950. The electrification by the network is done simultaneously.


A small building is also built at the end of the cape, it is the mist siren.


The town of Plévenon in French:

The dept 22 Côtes d’Armor on the Cap Fréhel area:

The tourist office of Bretagne on cap Fréhel and Fort de Latte:

The DIRM Ministry of the Seas, on lighthouses such as this Cap Fréhel in French:

The lighthouses of France on Cap Fréhel in French:

And there you go a wonderful spot on my Bretagne and a beautiful lighthouse or phare! A nice place to visit me think, and beautiful views over the cliffs! Hope you enjoy the the tour.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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October 27, 2020

Glorious ride on the Côtes d’Armor, the D34!

Ok so we were in our best road warrior mode as was able to drive out and visit other areas. Sometimes we held back as even if can go many places are closed or in limited schedules in my belle France. Not the case in the dept 22 of the Côtes d’Armor in my beautiful Bretagne.

We set out from home but stop for lunch in Pontivy (see post) and from there continue to Cap Fréhel and surroundings! Beautiful area that had just bypassed rather quickly in the past. The lovely trip took us to the department road D34 along the ocean wonderful ride free soul, glorious road warrior trip, the best.

frehel cliffs behind phare oct20

OF course, we stop, saw smell and took pictures that had not done before. However, the best was the car ride, the very best to go where others can’t fast and comfortable and again the D34 is gorgeous my pictures do not give full credit to it.

Let me share what the official tourist sites shows and my own points here on the scenic D34 department road.

frehel cliffs to phare oct20

From Fort-la-Latte,(see next post)  it is possible to reach the tip of the cape via the hiking trail along the Anse des Sévignés. Fantastic beach at low tide with difficult to access. This can be seen from the D34 department road. But before arriving at Fort-la-Latte, you will have bypassed the Baie de la Fresnaye, it borders the east coast of the cape, after Saint-Cast-le-Guildo. You can drive along its left bank, the small road will join the main route to the cape a little further. Before entering this road on the bank along the cape, you can turn left towards the small river of Frémur and its beautiful Chapel of Saint-Sébastien, Gothic, dating from 1536. The Château de Varouault, nearby, is worth the glance in passing. By road or by the sentier des douaniers path along the coast for about 5 km, you will arrive at one of the ends of the Emerald Coast. Cap Fréhel via the D34, here nature reigns supreme. No human construction. We are along , we breathe pure air. The pink of the cliffs is supported by the pink of lavender. The end of the cape being covered with a thick moor, the whole forming a very typical Breton landscape and conducive to legends! Cap Fréhel offers one of the most magnificent natural landscapes of the Côtes d’Armor ; that of a tongue of land tanned by the winds and covered with a low moor, which seems as if suspended seventy meters above the mountains. With its large pink cliffs, Cap Fréhel forms an essential natural and historical ensemble during a visit to northern Brittany.

In good weather, the eye looks from this promontory to the Channel Islands. Bird sanctuary, Cap Fréhel is a delight for lovers of iodized walks thanks to the path that goes around it. There are two lighthouses at the end of Cap Fréhel. Vauban at the end of the 18C, and the new one in 1950 built the old fortified lighthouse. Its lamp spins 103 meters above the sea, and is visible 110 km away. Great view from the top of the lighthouse, especially on a clear day. Many painters have let themselves be won over by these bewitching landscapes, both by the sunsets and the morning mists. The cape ,and its islands is an important ornithological reserve, and from the hiking trails, you can even see penguins (rare in France). West of Cap Fréhel, towards Saint-Brieuc (see post) by the D34, the Emerald Coast road with its capes, beaches, sensational coves, and hiking trails, is incredibly beautiful, especially in the summer after 16h, when the colors turn orange-red. The plage du Croc beach in Pleherel and its beautiful dunes is very beautiful. The church of the Old Town, next door, is worth a stop. Pass the Sables d’Or les Pins beach, or Grande Plage, the site was already inhabited in the 2C, since the remains of Gallo-Roman thermal baths can be visited there. Very beautiful seaside resort with its large beach, this village was built for tourism between 1922 and 1924. Large villas in Anglo-Norman style, and others more art-deco line the coast. The city grew very quickly during the Roaring Twenties and its growth stopped dead at the time of the 1929 crisis, which explains the feeling of unfinished business in Sables-d’Or. The magnificent Saint-Michel islet and its 1881 chapel are accessible at low tide.

frehel beach to cap oct20

Find the D786 then the D34 towards Erquy this port is the first for scallop and prairie fishing. Erquy offers the architectural charms of its many pink sandstone houses. Jointly, the Erquy and Fréhel capes have joined the network of major sites in France. Erquy offers some very beautiful walks, and first and foremost at Cap d’Erquy with colors a little similar to those of Cap Fréhel. One can also see on the cape the ruins of a fort, and a ball oven. Admire the Château de Bienassis, built in 1400 but was partly destroyed during the wars of the League. It was confiscated during the French revolution then transformed into a prison, then acquired by the family who still own it since 1876. Inhabited, the castle can nevertheless be visited. The castle’s pink granite mass is surprising. The interior was renovated in the 19C.

A trip by car that I recommend to all lovers of the free road! The D34 we will be back for more time and already one of our best pretty areas of my beautiful Bretagne. Hope you enjoy the ride and walks, and bike rides.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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October 27, 2020

Sables-d’Or-les-Pins at Fréhel!

So we went after Pontivy to Cap Fréhel and found this, Sables-d’Or-les-Pins , a wonderful beautiful place we should be back for more! We were amaze of the scenery and the beach Grande Plage or big beach there and the typical anglo normand architecture.

frehel Grande Plage by casino hills oct20

Sables-d’Or-les-Pins is a seaside resort located in the Côte de Penthièvre, in the towns of Fréhel and Plurien. It is mainly built on dunes leveled when the resort was created. , on a coastal spit at the mouth of the Islet river. It extends on a hill rising towards the plateau on which a golf course has been established. If the beach is so beautiful, you should know that it has formed an immense dune space, sculpted by the wind and the weather … As you walk along the beach, you will see that it continues in a surprising point of sand ! Locals will tell you that here it is nicknamed “the dune spit”.

Frehel grande plage sand beach oct20

Large family beach of fine sand of 3 km with a view of the Saint-Michel d’Erquy islet. At the end of the beach on the left, the Pointe de la Flèche Dunaire opens onto the small beach facing south towards the Sables d’Or les Pins marsh. This marsh fluctuates according to the tides. At low tide, a nice playground for children, sand as far as the eye can see. At high tide, children can splash around in the water. This beach is sheltered from the wind.

frehel Grande Plage by casino long oct20

At the end of the day, escape into the alleys surrounded by beautiful and old villas built in 1922. These Anglo-Norman houses were designed to attract English customers and to compete with the Deauville resort. Today you can still admire the architecture and splendor of these large buildings, which date back to the Belle Epoque period.

frehel architecture belles epoque stores oct20

frehel architecture anglo normande shops oct20

A tourism guide to Sables-d’Or-les-Pins:

The tourist office of dept 22 Côtes d’Armor:

The tourist office of Bretagne on Cap Fréhel, and al.

The town of Fréhel is in the Côtes-d’Armor department 22 of the region of Bretagne. It is known that started when text tells us that an abbey existed on the mound where the New Bourg was built in 1870. Under the name of Glayo abbey, it was cited in 1159 as a dependent of the Saint-Aubin des Bois abbey by cession of the Saint-Jacut abbey

In the town the main place and wonderful place to be is the seaside resort of Sables-d’Or-les-Pins: created in the 1920s on the dunes along the great Minieu bay between Pléhérel Plage and Plurien. On August 14, 1944, a task force of the 28th American Infantry Division was tasked with attacking the nazis forces occupying Cap Fréhel. They arrived in Plévenon in the evening. The next day, August 15, with the help of FFI resistance fighters, it attacked the Frosh aerial reconnaissance station. The nazis surrendered around noon.

This is a wonderful beautiful area which you can tell we like a lot and will be back with more time. It always amaze me the beauty of my belle France and especially beautiful Bretagne and its coast. Hope you enjoy the tour.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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October 26, 2020

A Casino and a Chapel at Fréhel!

So how about my post title unique yes, how about mixing in one post a casino and a chapel! Both are within meters of each other facing the ocean at Fréhel especially at Sables-d’Or-les-Pins resort! I need to tell you about these two.

This one was nice looking after we saw the casino but will tell you first. 

The Chapelle Notre Dame des Sables started with a  temporary wooden chapel was built between the large and small arches, a wooden chapel was nevertheless built on the site of the current chapel on land bequeathed to the bishopric of St Brieuc and Tréguier by Mme Fourel, widow of ‘an architect and resident of Sables d’Or. July 29, 1956, the chapel was inaugurated.


Above the high altar, a very beautiful Madonna and Child, very evocative of maternal love. To the left of the choir, a fresco of Notre Dame des Sables ( Our Lady of the Sands) . At the back of the chapel, an unsigned painting of the martyr of Saint Sebastian represented in an unusual posture which does not lack originality.  The very luminous stained-glass windows They represent the different sacraments (baptism, order, Eucharist, extreme unction) as well as very symbolic reminders of the passion of Christ. The setting and its view of the sea at the end of the putting green, the sobriety of the chapel, everything contributes to serenity and meditation.


The webpage at Fréhel for the Chapelle Notre Dame des Sables in French:

The Kasino of Fréhel or actually at Sables d’Or Les Pins resort. It has Black Jack, slot machines, electronic blackjack, and electronic table games. The Restaurant open every day of the week including Saturdays. The bar is located in the center of the casino, come and discover this Italian place setting from 10h and until 03h or 04h on Saturday evening and the day before a public holidays.

frehel casino ent oct20

Official webpage of the Fréhel kasino:

frehel casino closeup oct20

You arrive here on the D786 and then towards the ocean on the D34 road. A wonderful entry to this beautiful area , we like it very much and will be back. Hope you enjoy this brief ride into beautiful Côtes d’Armor in my lovely Bretagne. There is more a lot more here.

This is a general webpage on tourism information about the Cap Fréhel , Erquy and Fréhel town in English:

Hope you enjoy the tour and do visit, recommended. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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October 26, 2020

Pontivy and L’Aiglon!

Well guest what I found out!lol! We went out enjoying that we are still able to go out anytime and went to the north of Brittany (more later). As we were going to arrive at a time when restaurants are closed here, I decided to eat lunch on the way. Most smaller towns the choices were limited so I entered Pontivy, a town that we have visited several times as less than an hour from us. Of course, in the Morbihan dept 56!

Once in city center I remember a restaurant by the castle of the Rohan and decided to have lunch there. This is the L’Aiglon restaurant. Looking back in my blog I had briefly mentioned in post of Nov 26 2017 best restos in Bretagne)!!! Oh oh my , well we were back! I told you the choices are too many here and you are bound to take time between one and the other. We were glad to be back!

pontivy l aiglon resto facing castle oct20

This beautiful restaurant will offer you creative traditional cuisine, homemade, fresh and gourmet with a menu that is revised every three months, according to the seasons. These are varied and original dishes that this Maître Restaurateur offers, in a very contemporary decor, with natural sources that are mentioned on a board as you enter ,so you know where the ingredients comes from!. L’Aiglon has been run by the Morvant family for more than 10 years.

pontivy l aiglon resto side arriving oct20

We, of course, had no reservation but the seating was fast on a high table for 5 as took my Dad as well. He usually likes beef but in his condition I gave him fish and he ated well! The setting of course is contemporary with impeccable cleanniness and nice friendly attention by servers. Even the chef owner comes around to ask you on the meal. Very traditional indeed!

And we started with an old familiar a bottle of red côt or malbec red wine from Poiron-Dabin of Château Thebaud! Funny we have visited the winery and are a frequent buyer of these wines, we have them at home too! Of course very good quality/price wines. Here is the wine from the source:

pontivy l aiglon resto dining room oct20

We follow with the entrée which was a frosty egg soup type, very innovative light and good! the main dish was roast codfish with white butter and risotto rice, very nice. And the finish was the dessert fig pudding in red wine flambée! delicious. I finish with a coffee expresso, my sons skip the dessert and had the café gourmand coffee expresso and small desserts. All for about 27€ per person, nice and easy.

pontivy l aiglon resto cave a vins oct20

The official webpage of the L’Aiglon Pontivy:

pontivy l aiglon resto facing the castle oct20

We spent quite a bit of time here and had a look at the castle of the Rohan across the street! We continue our route towards the coasts of the Côtes d’Armor of my Bretagne. Hope you enjoy the resto trip and story.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

October 23, 2020

France: Christmas and New Year’s!!!

Ok so this is a nice subject and the best part of the year for many including us.  I have several posts on the festivities over the years, but in some older years I like to condense them in this post. Anyway, today everything starts earlier lol! And of course, the text has been modified and update with current information.

This was 2012, Happy New Year to all my readers and friends. Walking Versailles is always glorious and seeing its vibrant streets again is super, now at Christmas time,the lights, the ambiance is great. The ice skating ring at the Hôtel de Ville for the kids is nice too. The city seems full, lots of folks to catch the last days hours of the wonderful castle museum. It was a wonderful visit back to our old home!!

Well just arrived from a wonderful trip to Brussels and its almost 21H or 9pm here in Brec’h Morbihan Bretagne France!!! rainy all way and all week but we didn’t feel it lol!!! Just want to write a post without a picture to say thank you all for following my humble blog and wishing you the best for 2013 to you and yours. And wait until i get those photos loaded for more posts from Brussels.

This is a wonderful period anywhere we were. Mine for the last 9.5 years have been held in the Paris/Versailles region with exception years in Madrid, Brussels, Trier(Germany), and now Pluvigner in the Morbihan breton. The Christmas dinner or the menu de Noêl is a wonderful family dinner that many can recreate in many restaurant all over France just with a special menu for the occassion.  Here we eat oysters, salmon, rooster, leg of ham, roast pork as the main dish, depending on the region; with the famous Bûche de Noêl dessert , or Christmas yule log as best translation can find in English.

Some of the places to be part of it in Paris that we have particularly enjoyed were:

Chez Françoise, Esplanade des Invalides  Aérogare Air France,  rue Robert-Esnault-Pelterie if you come on foot or rue Paul et Jean Lerolle if you come by automobile, 75007. webpage:

Cuba Compagnie Cafe,48 blvd Beaumarchais ,75011. Webpage:

Restaurant La Gare,19 Chaussée de la Muette  75016 .webpage:

For a New Year’s meal and party I love the memories on these ones:

The Revéillon at New Morning club is fantastic, 7-9, Rue des Petites Ecuries, 75010. webpage:

In addition to those above, I had like the Blue Elephant thai food par excellent in Paris. at 43-45 Rue de la Roquette Paris 75011. webpage:

I love this one and in the news for the sad events of terrorism in Paris, it has come back. The best events in my opinion, was held at the Bataclan, 50 bd Voltaire, 75011. All starts from 21h45 until 06H, several packs available. DJ sexy show, dancers, lights, confettis,dance floor of 1000 sq meters, with giant screens all over. Wonderful place for many years .webpage:

Le Ciel de Paris, 33 Avenue du Maine, 75015.  at the 56th floor  Tour Montparnasse with wonderful views of Paris! webpage:

If you prefer the compounds of a hotel surrounded by history of France, then I suggest the Westin Paris Hotel, 3 Rue de Castiglione, 75001. metro Concorde or Tuileries lines 1,8,12. Here servers were dressed in grand Siécle or century style with dresses from the times of the 17C and 18C accompanying each dish, and music of the times. This was the old Intercontinental hotel I was based there to cover all of France for IHG. It is now name the Westin Paris Vendôme part of the Marriott chain. webpage here:

At the other property , we had the Le Grand Intercontinental and the Café de la Paix, unique, wonderful, still is. For the New Year’s Day or January , the Cafe de la Paix (decorated by Charles Garnier... ) offer an exceptionally great buffet brunch from 11h to 17h call brunch gargantuesque. Rose champagne and small dishes tapas style created by the Chef. For the kids a special place will be reserved with accordingly portions. Of course, read it is under renovation and open early 2021. webpage:

Another memorable spot was the Les Pavillons des étangs, 50 rue de l’Etoile, 75016. From 20h to 05h. Les deux étangs will open the door exceptionally  in a monument historic of Paris with a majestic park,  400 m² of dancefloor, 300m² of winter garden, 600m² of green garden heated area,a decorated chalet, 2 bars, space VIP  ,and a vast free parking. webpage:

And of course why not talk about my beloved Versailles, where the great ice skating ring was always an event and still does. Next to the Hôtel de Ville , it was opened  from November 23 to January 6 2013 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays,and Fridays from 14H to 19H and on wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10h-12h and 14h- 19h. During school vacation it was opened every day from  10h-12h and 14h-20h.

There were many events from chocolate making to theater playing at Monpensier theater, and the town is fully light up for the season, magical indeed. The district or neighborhoods will be the events of Noël aux Carrés Saint-Louis (Cathedral St Louis side) usually from  December 15 and 16 from  10h to 19h,  the merchants will have a real Christmas market or marché de Noël  with oysters, food and entertainement.

And yes! my district had the Noël  in  Notre-Dame (my old home!!) events at  place Charost , December 15 and 22, musical entertainment outdoors by the rue de la Paroisse on Dec  22 and 24 .  Noël in the district of  Montreuil : music of Noêl by rue de Montreuil with customs dresses and snow man as well as Noêl arriving in carriage on the 22 December.

For the serious side of Christmas there were a Christmas Mass held at Eglise Notre-Dame (the collegiale) Dec 24 at 18h, 20h, 22h. Dec 25 at  10h30, 18h30. Inside the chateau at the Chapelle Royale, Dec 24 at 22h ,and at the Cathédrale Saint-Louis, Dec 24 at 19h, 22h15  awaiting and mass at  23h, and December 25 at 11h.

My favorites restaurants such as Au chien qui fume, 72 Rue de la Paroisse 78000; always had  a special menu . Webpage:

And our all time favorite Christmas, New Year’s or otherwise was the Le Boeuf à la Mode ,4 rue au Pain 78000; webpage:

For the comfort of visitors and Parisiens alikethe public transport system was always opened for extended hours and FREE!! this was usually from Friday December 31 at 17h to Saturday january 1 at 12h (12 midday).  This includes all bus, trains, trams, or RER in all of the Ile de France region not just the city of Paris but all its region.  Most metro stations will remain open until 02h15 (2:15 am), and some like the lines 1,2,4,6,9,and 14  will remain open all night until 05h30 (5:30am) . The Noctilien night transport service will be adapted to go in extra renforcement of needed areas of the SNCF/RATP system all night from 0h30 (12:30 am) to 05h30 (5:30am). Check for this year, schedules at official webpage:

In my new area the festivities are less, at Auray , at the historical Chapelle St Esprit ,Place du Four Mollet,  they had a Christmas market or Marché de Noêl , for several years. Usually, Friday December 14 from  10h -19h, Saturday December 15 and Sunday December 16 from  10h -19h. Many artisans artist will show their work with gourmet ,food,and gifts displays for the season. Webpage:

And there you go a sampler, historical but repetitive, looking forward to 2020, and hope things will be better than now with the virus. The period is special and hope it continues to be this year. Best wishes for all

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

October 22, 2020

Some news from France, CCCXVIIII

And things are moving right along with the new trend covid19 and the fears eminating from governments without telling you the real story. I have contracts but will tell you briefly as some information is already surfacing. Oh yes the weather is cloudy, cool in my neck of the woods and looming colder now at 12C or about 54F. In our eternal Paris;;;; it is 16C or about 61F.

On this past Wednesday October 14,2020; the government of France had taken a new step by imposing a curfew in Île-de-France region and in eight metropolitan cities . The measure, implemented since this past Saturday, then concerned the Paris Ïle de France region but also Grenoble, Lyon, Aix-Marseille, Montpellier, Lille, Saint-Etienne, Rouen and Toulouse. From Ile-de-France and eight cities since last Saturday, we go to 54 departments this Saturday. The other departments that are on this constraints are the

Seine-Maritime, Hérault, Haute-Garonne, Bouches-du-Rhône, Nord, Rhône, Loire, and Isère. In particular, there are Ain,   Alpes-Maritimes, Ardèche, Ardennes Ariège, Aube, Aveyron, Bas-Rhin Calvados, the Sud Corsica, the Côte d ‘Or., Drôme, Gard, Haute-Corse, Haute-Loire, Haute-Savoie, Haute-Vienne, Hautes-Alpes, Hautes-Pyrénées, Ille-et-Vilaine, Indre- et-Loire, Jura, Loiret, Lozère, Maine-et-Loire, Marne, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Oise, Pas-de-Calais, Puy-de-Dôme, Pyrenees -Atlantiques, Pyrénées-Orientales, Saône-et-Loire, Savoie, Tarn, Tarn-et-Garonne, Var, Vaucluse. Added to this list is an overseas territory, Polynesia.

The rules are the same, all should be close between 21h and 6h for 4 weeks, maybe 6: Only certain reasons are exempt like coming home from work, arriving from a long trip, taking your dog out can be waived, provided that you have a correctly completed derogatory certificate. The “rule of six”, sucha as not to meet with more than six persons for private events (dinner with friends, birthday party, etc.). The news is that across France, the occupancy rate of Covid patients in intensive care is 44%. Nevertheless, 50% of intensive care patients are under 50 yrs old. Regarding screening, there is a rise from 1.1 million tests to 1.6 million tests per week in 15 days,these according to the current government figures.

You know it all started in Wuhan China? yes it seems many has already forgotten this small detail… The first news was that it came from an animal etc, and we /I saw the Chinese army forcing people into their homes there as well as initial doctors who spoked were taken off the radar never to be heard again. Well there is a biological warfare laboratory there P4 maximum security, it is said to be done with French technical help in 2015. There was a leak and the rest is the Wuhan virus oh no it was called coronavirus and then to be more politically correct its the covid19 now. Well one virologist from Qingdao (see my post ) did escape thru Hong Kong and now in the USA. Her name is Li-Meng Yan. More info:

I know this is not travel news but the situation is so critical now we need to speak up the truth. Hope it helps you understand.

In more travel related and back to my blog there are some news in France to tell you all.

Where can you find exceptional chocolates, high quality smoked salmon, rare spices, spirits or artisanal aperitif biscuits? Very often, they are sold exclusively in the 4000 or so delicatessens in France (yes indeed!!). To promote these passionate merchants and producers, the professional magazine “Le Monde de l’Épicerie fine” has created the “Epicures”, the equivalent of the César, an event which is in its 7th edition. The winners and picking just some at random are for the grocers, Mademoiselle Amande, in Vincennes (Val-de-Marne 94) was awarded the Epicure of the Year 2020. Another award-winning brand, born from a joke between friends: the “French Federation of the aperitif ». With its points of sale in Paris and Lille and its online store. This federation for laughs offers wines, beers, cold meats, spreads and other chips made in France, everything for a successful aperitif. In terms of artisans, among those who won gold, we can cite Lissip, a Parisian producer of fruit syrups without additives, distinguished for its syrup with ginger, apple and hibiscus; the Saint-Christophe cannery, in the Bay of Somme, for its delicious mackerel rillettes with bitter beer; Café Pfaff, a Parisian roaster, for its “house blend”; or the Biscuiterie du Fort Bloque, Ploemeur , Morbihan, for its buckwheat and spirulina shortbread.

The residents of the avenue de Breteuil go to war against the Wall for Peace memorial. Deconstructed from the Champ-de-Mars to make way for the ephemeral Grand Palais, the controversial monument must be located on avenue de Breteuil 15éme arrondissement. On the spot, petitions, appeals and criticisms fuse to stop this move. Paris of today!

When the city/town hall calls on Parisians to give their idea on the transformation of parking spaces, the head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry wants to make the voice of the business world heard. The President of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), launches an appeal to economic players. He invites on Twitter business leaders, traders, artisans and all those who bring Paris to life “to make concrete proposals on professional mobility in a changing world”. It should not be that only Parisians who do not have a car and represent 50% of the population answer the questionnaire launched by the city/town hall of Paris. Economic actors who need to travel by car must also provide their opinion on the issue. Bien sùr Paris!

Unveiled with great fanfare last week, the new metro line 14 train has not carried passengers since. This new metro only carried passengers once, the time of an inaugural return trip between Olympiades and Saint-Lazare. Since then, its commissioning has been delayed. Oh yes public transport like this and roads are closed !!

And not enough the train users between Oise (dept 60) and Paris are “on edge”.  TER train users deplore a continuous deterioration of the service, in particular on the “Picard Y” line where the regularity of trains is deteriorating. Trains late, canceled … The daily life of train users between Oise and Paris can be painful. It’s been like this for a long time but nothing is done, for public transports!!

In Paris ,the museums, online booking is gaining ground. The success of the exhibitions devoted to Danish painting at the Petit Palais (8éme) and Coco Chanel at the Galliera Palace (16éme) is such that these two institutions – whose capacity is limited to 200 people – now require online reservations.  Currently, the Petit Palais and Galliera are exceptions to the rule in force at Paris-musées (an entity bringing together the 14 museums of the City of Paris: museum of modern art, Balzac house, etc.). In order not to exclude people who do not have Internet access, they do not impose online booking but recommend it. Visitors who do not reserve in advance should expect to queue, possibly not being able to enter if the gauge is full. Of course, you are better off buying ahead to all these places of tourist interest in France.

A giant solar power plant will be built in the visitor parking lot of Disneyland Paris.  It will be one of the largest sites in Europe using solar panels, on 17 hectares above the parking spaces. When complete in 2023, part of the installation will even feature a Mickey Mouse head visible from the sky. By 2023, the project will have 17 hectares of photovoltaic shade houses and 67,500 solar panels. That will look good to the local politicians lol!

The museums no longer let their funds sleep in their basements, they are devoting more and more exhibitions to these previously invisible works. This is good because I can tell plenty is there! The Pont-Aven Museum has during the lockdown, Internet users were able to draw around thirty works online out of the 2,000 stored. This joyfully participatory operation gave rise to the exhibition “Reserve, open up!” , Which opens on October 17. until   January 3, 2021. Indeed a very nice museum see post in my blog.

And this is it for now folks a short one and a hot one. Hope you enjoy your travels whenever and wherever you can. Keep Safe !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

October 19, 2020

My travels in the Morbihan, LXXX!

And here I am back on my miscellaneus tipbits of my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of lovely Bretagne, and in my belle France. The days are grayer as Fall is here for good, and the temps played the game of cold mornings and late night and pleasant during the day. Currently we have 17C overcast with no rain with this morning been 5C! What is all this to folks not on the metric system , well easy by now for me thinking in both worlds; now 63F and this morning was 41F. And yes time flies fast when having fun, LXXX is my 80th post on my Morbihan! Thanks for reading me!!!

Let me give you some of the latest from my travels or news….of Morbihan.

Vannes Photo Festival until November 1 2020 free festival ; more here :

Salon Habitat 240 expositions about furniture, renovation, energy, decoration ecohabitat and gardens/pools . All November 14-16 2020 at Le Chorus expo center of Vannes.

Musée de la Cohue, pl St Pierre Vannes, until November 15 showing Terres et Landes showing work from 1850 to 1950 And now all museums in Vannes are free for 18-25 yrs old!

At Océanopolis , port de plaisance du Moulin blanc Brest, showing until November 1 2020 the 20th edition of the Festival du Film de l’Aventure Océanographique!

Alrékids, 4 avenue Roland Garros, Auray, 800 m2 games park for kids up to 12 yrs old. Mini karting, escaling wall giant toboggans, tyrollenne, trampolins, monkey bridge, football field and many shows for kids.

Ti Hanok cinema Auray Porte Oceane III Place de l’Europe showing the wonderful French film L’enfant rêvé! On October 28th With Jalil Lespert, Louise Bourgoin, and Mélanie Doutey. Story of folks giving their life to the forest especially those in the Jura and romance of course.

A new place Awen Brew Pub is now open as a micro artisanal brewery with unique beers such as the Awen Blonde, Triple with an North American inspiration all with meals locally produce, a big meeting room and events like concerts and sporting TV showing. Open 7/7 9h to 01h 1 rue Gilles Gahinet, Parc du Golfe, Vannes.

Casino de Carnac, 41 avenue des Salines Carnac showing October 23 Hommage à Johnny (Holliday) and on November 8, Olivier Lejeune with his show Mieux vaut en rire, comedy. weppage here:

The Grand West Festival in Quiberon. 1st edition – Cinema & Literature Meetings sponsored by François Busnel. Weekend organized by Le Paradis Cinema, the City of Quiberon and the Port Maria Bookstore. To accompany the Grand West festival, the Quiberon media library honors its American authors and Gallmeister editions. The exhibition Impressions of America designed by Gallmeister editions presents ten illustrations of his novel covers: how does the illustrator conceive of an original work that resonates with a text? What vision of America is thus conveyed by the creator? Cinema Le Paradis, Rue du Phare Quiberon 56170.

And the tourist office of the Bay of Quiberon on the Festival:

La Sorcière du Château or sorcerer of the castle presents … Hello little and big monsters, The Witch is organizing a creative week to celebrate Halloween during the following dates: Wednesday October 28: creation of Halloween card with scary seals and waxes (5 €) Thursday October 29: Terrifying Halloween Origami (2 €). Friday October 30: Bookmark in Calligraphy (€ 5) Saturday October 31: Disgusting snack and horrifying Halloween makeup (€ 2). It is preferable to reserve your schedule for the workshops in order to respect our health protocol in the face of CoVid. 24 place St Michel Rochefort en Terre 56220. More here:

A Castle, a Museum, a full moon, pumpkins … Or the curious ingredients of a visit like no other! From Baudelaire to witches, from the Queen of Swords to pagan celebrations, come and rediscover the origins of Jack 0’Lantern by letting yourself be sprinkled with magic and esotericism. Come celebrate Halloween at the Naïa Museum, for a unique event between myths and reality, art and thrills. October 29, 30, 31 and November 1. Visiting times: 14h to 15h and   15h30. to 17h30 . Prices (guided tour + entrance to the museum): 12€ Full prices, 10€ Reduced prices. Guided tour intended for an audience aged 7 to 77, and beyond! Groups will be made up of a maximum of 10 people per visit. Online reservations only.  14 rue du château Rochefort en Terre 56220. More here:

The diversity of Brittany, a land of inspiration for many artists in the 19C and 20C, is still unknown to this day by many of us. Through this exhibition, you will discover the interest shown by some painters both inland and along the coast.  The proposed trip from Faouët to Concarneau will be marked by several stops passing through Scaër and Rosporden, or Bannalec and Pont-Aven, but also through Quimperlé before going along the south coast and reaching the city of Ville-Close. The exhibition will highlight the artists’ artistic and ethnographic view of these people of the sea and land and their world through the seascapes and rural landscapes, as well as the scenes of collective life, animated on festive and market days, or the more intimate scenes of life in the marine and peasant interiors, not to mention the work of their daily lives. Bringing together numerous works from public and private collections, this presentation will also include several paintings from the Faouët Museum’s permanent collection and will be accompanied by a richly documented and illustrated catalogue. 1 rue de Quimper Musée 56320 Le Faouët. More here:

Halloween under the theme “it’s raining, it’s wet it’s the pumpkin party”. This season for the All Saints’ Day holidays, from Saturday October 17 to Sunday November 1, the Ferme du Monde is once again offering Halloween entertainment under the theme “it’s raining, it’s wet it’s the pumpkin party”. On the program, sheltered games for families: guessing games, angling in dark water, spider races, story time, and a haunted house. Not to mention the unconditional ghost train. 2 “flagship” days to note: Wednesday October 21: dog sled animation (demonstrations and petting sessions) and Wednesday October 28: make-up workshop for children from 14h30. Children bringing a Halloween-themed drawing will participate in the draw to win a birthday package for 6 people at the Ferme du Monde (valid for the 2021 season). Finally, to thank the disguised children (up to 12 years old), their entry will be offered to them. La Ferme du monde Carentoir, 56910. More here:

And there you go folks, short and sassy as the old saying goes;;; nothing to start you off on my Morbihan department fall/winter season. Plenty of things to come, stay tune ok. Thanks for reading me and best wishes for the season ahead.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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October 16, 2020

Some news from France, CCCXVIII

So here I am again in my belle France, never far from it. The time has change we are fully into Fall season and the weather is changing with temps going down to 5C or about 41F and now afternoon day almost over is 14C or about 58F and cloudy gray in my neck of the woods. In lovely lonely Paris is the same conditions.

I like to take a breakt to thank all those loyal readers over these years ;looking back I realised started this series of Some news from France back on December 9; 2010!! Already in its 318th edition. Thank you!!!!

Now this is my latests on what is going on in my belle France!

Since 2017, the project to redevelop Place de la Bastille has been launched. Only two months left before its complete , with the highlight being the new staircase which descends on one of the quays of the Port de l’Arsenal.

The leaning house, symbol of the effects of global warming, will leave the forecourt of the Gare du Nord 10éme arrondissement. The “Maison fond”, a work by Leandro Erlich symbolizing climate change, will be removed. It would be in bad shape. Ahh mother nature!

The Sacré-Cœur soon to be classified as a historic monument! A little more than a century after the end of the construction of the Basilica of Montmartre, the process is finally launched. Another deserving effort, do not understand why not before if only does not belong to Paris but the archdiocese!!

One-way street, cycle paths: in a few weeks, access to Paris via the Porte de la Chapelle will be transformed. The goal is to calm a very dense area, but some fear congestion. Porte de la Chapelle 18éme. On November 9, the entry of vehicles into Paris will be profoundly changed. Local residents are afraid of the big traffic jam and deplore the lack of communication. Of course, they needed to do this years ago, but now will be another traffic hell in socialist Paris.

Always a hassle to get around in Paris, the one-way street of the rue d’Alésia is annoying. Rue d’Alésia 14éme arrondissement is now one-way. If this choice makes cyclists happy, residents and shoppers are divided. Of course, free flow and no cash , Paris of the future!

A prehistoric Neanderthal site discovered at the gates of Paris. This is the first Neanderthal site discovered so close to Paris in two centuries. The site has been updated on the banks of Clichy-la-Garenne (Hauts de Seine 92).

In Seine-Saint-Denis technical incidents, exasperated travelers , is the T4 tramway cursed? A series of technical incidents paralyzed the line for several days, the last station of the extension to Montfermeil (Seine Saint Denis 93) being commissioned at the end of last August. And of course, new delay of metro line 12 and the inhabitants of Aubervilliers (Seine Saint Denis 93) annoyed. RATP announced a third delay in the delivery of the extension of line 12 to Aubervilliers. The stations should be inaugurated in the spring of 2022. Oh yes cut off the roads for more transports that do not work and are not enough, Paris of the future!

The remains of a Gallo-Roman village discovered in the Val-d’Oise (95) Traces of dwellings dating from Antiquity have been unearthed in the heart of Louvres. A first, which comes as Archéa, the museum dedicated to archeology, is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The current excavation site is taking place at 95, rue de Paris.

Take-away meals, advanced service or outright closure … The curfew requires the managers of the 1004 restaurants in the department 77 Seine et Marne to find an organization to combine the need to work, respect for health protocol and customer expectations. The restaurant La Bodega Don Felipe in Melun (77) will offer take-away meals between 18h30 and 20h30 during the curfew. An innovative idea of many to survive the wuhan virus.

Take your precautions if you are leaving the area for the start of the holidays this weekend of October 16-18. Friday is classified orange in the direction of departures. In addition, several RER and Transiliens train lines are closed this weekend for works. The toll of Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines (78) of the A10 should be loaded this weekend in the direction of departures going out especially south! Always happened, they should know by now, take alternative routes but the folks continue the habits.

In Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines 78), PSG (Paris Saint Germain) is on every street corner. A photo exhibition is organized for the 50 years of the club. It honors everyone who made PSG from the founding in 1970 to the present day. The photos reminds all that the history of PSG has largely been written on the side of the Camp des Loges here. You got it merger of a football/soccer team from Paris and from Saint Germain (en laye) Yvelines 78!

In Versailles, street art makes the popular tourist district. This coming Saturday, tourists will be guided to the popular Bernard-de-Jussieu district (furthest near Hauts de Seine dept92) where giant frescoes have just been installed. The ten giant frescoes were painted on the gables of buildings!!

The Compiègne Memorial has a bookshop!. It is one of a kind, dedicated to history and especially to WWII. A bookshop is the result of a public-private partnership between the Memorial and the Librairie des Signes.

Well not tourist oriented but , Amazon is inaugurating a unique distribution center in France. This gigantic warehouse supplies the brand’s other sites from Senlis (Oise 60). It will eventually be able to process up to 11.5 million items per week. 342 permanent jobs have already been signed. For the Christmas period, up to 1,500 people will work at the distribution center

And finally, Matisse and his “ Intérieur aux aubergines ” or eggplants interior: an itinerary of a little-known masterpiece. The painting by the French painter, owned by the Musée de Grenoble since 1922, will finally be exhibited at the Centre Pompidou in Paris from October 21. In the fourth room of the exhibition “ Matisse, comme un roman” or like a novel.

The gallery owner Emmanuel Perrotin took another rabbit out of his hat: on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 October, he is organizing a treasure hunt at the Grand Palais with, as a result, twenty works donated by the artists he represents. They will be hidden by his teams in the 16,500 m2 of the nave, which should have hosted the International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC) – canceled due to the virus.

An exhibition on Genghis Khan at the Nantes History Museum censored by China!! Oh those Chinese again, like not calling it the wuhan virus!!. This exhibition dedicated to the Mongol Empire had to be canceled after interventions from Beijing. It will be presented in another form in 2024. This was to be the event of the Nantes History Museum in the first half of 2021 it will ultimately not take place in its initial form due to acts of “censorship by the central Chinese authorities “, deplores Bertrand Guillet, director of the Château des Ducs de Bretagne-Nantes History Museum. Beijing’s interventions to change the content of the exhibition are an illustration, according to the director, of the “hardening of the position of the Chinese government against the Mongolian minority.” Located in northern China, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is populated by 4.2 million Mongols, who make up 17 percent of the region’s population. Demonstrations were held in September to protest against Beijing’s desire to impose Mandarin in school curricula. Hopefully the museum will not allow drastic changes to the original presentation!!!

In Bretagne, the islands want to regulate the great human tides. Oh yes we are popular, tourists welcome, but now running from the avalanche of the beauty we have here !! An increase of 10.22% in Ouessant and Molène, + 17.90% in Sein, + 6.65% in Groix; etc. This summer, the number of visitors to the Breton islands – already very high has increased almost everywhere, according to figures from the region. There is hardly any other than in Belle-Île, in the Morbihan, where it is down slightly (- 2.05%). The Île de Bréhat, between 350 and 400 inhabitants per year, welcomed more than 350,000 visitors in two months!, with peaks of more than 5,000 per day. “By day it was Mont-Saint-Michel and at night it was Ibiza,” sighs Stephan Morlevat, president of the tourist office. In Hoëdic, off the Gulf of Morbihan, the water supply was even interrupted for one afternoon, in mid-July, to prevent stocks from running out! Well little islands you better be ready because they know where you are now and you are gorgeous!

For the second time, the Jardins du Trocadéro and its sublime terrace-bar of the Paris Aquarium will host an ephemeral ice rink with the added bonus of a view of the Iron Lady. 500 m2 of sliding space and pure happiness! From November 15, 2020 to January 31, 2021, the ice rink will give all aspiring athletes time to step on the ice between two shopping sessions. Christmas music, carols and decorations, skating, tobogganing … and even a gourmet village to enjoy delicious homemade hot chocolate, sweets or spicy hot wines! Patinoire des Jardins du Trocadéro ice rink, 5, avenue Albert de Mun 16éme arrondissement 14€ for adults and 9€ for children. From November 15, 2020 to January 31, 2021. Great event one that I missed the Paris region still.

Basilic & Co. , with around 30 locations in France, has finally opened in Paris, a stone’s throw from the Bataclan. fine and gourmet dough, flavors from all over France: the Basilic & Co pizza has arrived with great fanfare. The secret? It is made in front of your eyes and has a very specific feature, it is made from semolina and not flour: The dough pushing system is very long, explains David the owner. We exploit our dough after at least two days, which gives a light and crispy dough. In addition, all the pizzas and focaccias are homemade ”. Basilic & Co. 58, Bd Voltaire 11éme arrondissement. Welcome and best of luck

The famous Bo & Mie bakery, renowned for its fruit tarts and XXL puff pastry pastries, is going to open a third Parisian address, and not the least since it will be 400 m2 opposite the Louvre museum, the new Bo & Mie bakery will be the largest in Paris. This new setting will be inaugurated on next Saturday, October 24 and will be spread over three floors for a total of 400 m2. It will be spread over three floors for a total of 400 m2 . Bo & Mie , 91, rue de Rivoli 1éme arrondissement. Welcome and best of luck.

And you may have seen, heard, the news in France , from our glorious government of patch up gang of incompetents in my opinion. There will be starting this Saturday October 17, a curfew from 21h to 06h or 9pm to 6am, for a period of four maybe six weeks. Every week, a supposedly Defense Council on Covid-19 (out of Wuhan China) is organized to put in place new measures to limit the pandemic. And they keep putting out crazy arguments that are not clear and makes sense to most in my entourage. This past Wednesday, October 14 at 20h., the head of state (very well orchestrated by Macron) took the floor to announce new restrictions as well as the re-establishment of the state of health emergency from this Saturday, October 17. A certificate will be available directly on the phone via a mobile application for professional reasons, health reasons, transport reasons – train or plane -, take out your pet or to help a loved one in a situation of dependency. On the other hand, if individuals travel without a certificate, they risk a fine of 135 €. To enforce the measures, “12,000 police officers and gendarmes will be, every night between 21h. and 06h, specially responsible for actually verifying the prohibitions mentioned. Wow an army, we got bucks when money can be made easily. “Companies, and especially those in areas where the curfew applies, are now asked to define a minimum number of days of tele working per week for positions which allow it”, declares Elisabeth Borne, the Minister of Labor, Employment and Integration (which means less jobs). Direct state loans will be granted to the most troubled companies and extended until June 30, 2021. Right; welfare won’t solve the problems never has and never will. For clarification this curfew is only for the Ïle de France region (Paris, Versailles, Fontainebleau etc) , and the big cities of Lille, Grenoble, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Rouen, Saint Etienne, Montpellier, and Toulouse. Therefore, my beloved Bretagne is spare come on over!!!

So there you go folks some news and some of my enlighter rants on current events; again thank you for reading and be safe.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

October 10, 2020

Some news from France, CCCXVII

Hello world from my belle France! Not to be away too long from my some news from France, here are the latest with some sad news due to the virus. The temp was nice today sunny and we did some gardening, now it projects to be colder next few days. Have a great time wherever you are and stay safe.

The large contemporary art center of the Bourse de Commerce will open to the public on January 23 2021 (see post). Under the 35-meter-high canopy, which is the heart of the building, the architect Ando erected a concrete cylinder 29 meters in diameter and 9.30 meters high, cutting a second circle out of the initial circle. The side floors have been reconfigured into exhibition spaces of different sizes depending on whether they will receive photography or painting – for example. The total surface open to the visitors will be 6,800 m2 divided into ten spaces distributed over the different levels.

The blues of Montmartre, deprived of the Fête des Vendages or harvest festival. The 87th edition, which was to be held this weekend, will not take place due to Covid. So sad indeed!

The 850th Saint-Martin fair is canceled in Pontoise (Val d’Oise 95). Due to the worrying spread of Covid-19, the event will not mark the start of November. A new blow for the fairgrounds already in great difficulty. Again only sad stories these days!

Due to Covid-19, it is estimated that more than 30,000 bars and restaurants could permanently close; following the new restrictions which were recently announced, the majority of bars and restaurants have had to partially close their doors in France. A decision which, on an economic level, could cause the bankruptcy and the final closure of 15% of establishments in France by the end of the year. The hotel and catering sector is one of the largest in France, comprising 168,000 restaurants and 38,800 bars and cafes. The famous Chef Etchebest alerted the authorities that around 40% of establishments could close in France. The Union of Trades and Hospitality Industries (Umih) considers that 15% of these establishments could file for bankruptcy … before the end of the year. That is more than 30,000 bars and restaurants in France!! Incompetent Macron!!! And this is not all, the virus will still be there at least until next summer 2021 , warns Professor Jean-François Delfraissy, Chairman of the Scientific Council!!!

The St Louis island or Île Saint-Louis will celebrate its Patron Saint. A solemn Mass, procession with its relics, and an exhibition will be held. The 750th anniversary of the death of Saint-Louis will be celebrated this Sunday at the Church of Saint-Louis-En-L’Île where a solemn mass in homage to Saint-Louis will be held.

Paris saffron is harvested!! on the roofs! Since 2018, the Bien Élevées company has installed five urban safranières in the region of  Ile-de-France. The 2020 harvest started this week. nearly 2,000 m2 cultivated, in Paris, Ivry (Val-de-Marne 94 ) and Montrouge (Hauts-de-Seine 92 ).

Despite the sling, there was no question of stopping work on the ponds of Corot, Ville d’Avray (Yvelines 78) see post. The Hauts-de-Seine prefecture has responded to strong criticism leveled against the proposed dam at the Corot ponds in Ville-d’Avray. And unveiled its crisis management plan, in the event of a flood. These dikes of the Corot ponds will be transformed into dams.

Gardeners get away from it all at the Chantilly Plant Days. Fans of greenery have access until Sunday to the treasures of the best nurseries in the Domaine de Chantilly on the theme “The world in my garden”. Succulents, cacti, orchids, shrubs, trees, bulb, etc. The 160 exhibitors of the Plant Days offer a huge choice for gardeners. A wonderful event I got to go with my dear late wife Martine!

Electric scooters (Trottinettes) in Paris: the price war is declared. The Parisian market now has only three operators selected by the City: Lime, Dott and TIER. Each can deploy 5,000 self-service scooters. And they are fighting over the proposed rates. An invasion of Paris!

Ile-de-France Mobilités (regional transport org) will finance an additional daily stop in Seine-et-Marne 77 and Yvelines 78 train stations of three TERs, coming from neighboring regions. A helping hand to avoid the frustration of suburban residents who see sometimes empty trains passing by. Line P trains are often loaded in the morning. A TER from the Grand-Est region will make an additional stop in La Ferté-sous-Jouarre (Seine-et-Marne 77) train station in 2021. Overloaded dear!

The Musée de l’Armée or Army Museum looks back on the gigantic shock of 1940. Through extracts from films, newspapers and other documents, sometimes unpublished, an exhibition traces the period that was lived, from May 10 to June 25, 1940, life of the French change. France experienced military defeat, foreign invasion, deaths and injuries from bombardments and battles, more fierce than one might think , the exodus of millions of civilians, the sending 1.8 million soldiers into captivity, submitting to arbitrariness of the Nazi occupier over 55% of its territory, submitting the remaining 45% to a neo fascist regime (Vichy), and finally the plundering of its resources , resulting in food rationing and daily difficulties. These are the different dimensions of this gigantic shock that retraces the exhibition « Comme en 40… » or as in 40, presented at the Army Museum, through a museography certainly classic, but pedagogically effective.

I am often wondered what are those arts in the many museums especially the Louvre or central museum of France. Half of the cases of the theft of Jewish property in France remain unfollowed to this day .The thousands of Jewish artisans and small traders dispossessed in France under the Occupation risk being overlooked by the policy of compensating anti-Semitic thefts. According to historians.

The powerful American gallery Lévy Gorvy settles in Paris, its co-founder explains her ambitions in a difficult context for the art market. Specializing in works by Calder, Fontana, Kooning or Soulages, the powerful New York gallery Lévy Gorvy moves to Paris on October 22,2020 and opens its space with an exhibition of the latest works by the 90-year-old German artist Günther Uecker. The gallery is located at 4, passage Sainte-Avoye, quartier or neighborhood of the Marais in the 3rd arrondissement or district of Paris central.

A Breton flag, the “Gwenn ha Du”, on the pediment of Nantes city/town hall, is what associations meeting this weekend want to achieve. A prelude to a possible attachment of the Loire-Atlantique department 44 to the now region of Bretagne? Yes its about time!! Almost two years after the delivery to the Loire-Atlantique departmental council of a petition signed by more than 100,000 persons asking for the organization of a referendum on “reunification”, supporters of Brittany in five departments are mobilizing; they will meet, on October 10, at the city/town hall of Nantes, to reflect on the “modalities” of installing the Breton flag on the pediment of the city/town hall. Quite a symbol indeed as most feel Breton there anyway!. And the Breton flag now flies to the gates of Nantes as it can be seen in the city/town halls of Saint-Herblain or Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire, on the outskirts of the city, where it is seen as a quiet affirmation of attachment to the Breton identity. Imagined at the beginning of the 1920s by an activist of the Breton movement and inspired by the Greek and American standards, the Gwenn ha Du was never the flag of administrative Brittany. It takes up the old ducal flag, to which nine bands were added. The bands representing the historic provinces of Bretagne; including the country of Nantes! Or the Loire-Atlantique dept 44 of now pay de la loire but taken away from Bretagne due to administrative mishandling of history and Vichy and the Coty and the rest of them politicians.

The lapin Chasseur or rabbit in the hunter , recipe of chef Antoine Gerbelle on Le Monde newspaper. One of my favorite dishes in France and we did this one at home too!

Ingredients for 4 to 6 people: 1 rabbit of about 1.8 kg (about 4 lbs) cut into pieces, 4 large peeled shallots, 4 peeled garlic cloves, 100 g of smoked bacon cut into small pieces, 20 g of flour, 250 g of button mushrooms, 3 blanched tomatoes, 3 peeled and sliced carrots, ½ peeled quince and cut into large cubes, 30 ml of young, tangy and slightly sweet white wine (such as late harvest riesling), 15 cl of organic poultry broth , 1 small bunch of wild thyme (or fresh thyme), salt, pepper, olive oil, butter, polenta (raw or precooked).

Preparation: In a large cast iron casserole dish, pour 1 tablespoon of oil and 1 piece of butter and brown the shallots and coarsely chopped garlic cloves. Add the pieces of rabbit and the bacon, brown over high heat. When the rabbit begins to brown, sand it with the flour. Cut the mushrooms and tomatoes into large pieces, sweat them in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil. When the vegetables have melted, pour them into the casserole dish. Add the sliced carrots and the diced quince. Wet everything with wine and broth. Add the wild thyme, salt and pepper. Close the casserole dish and place it in an oven preheated to 160 ° C (about 325 F) . Simmer for 2 hours or 2:30. Serve with very soft polenta and a plain, dry and lively white wine, Marsanne or Chenin. Bon appétit!

Measurement: 1 kg =2.204 lbs.  1 gram = .035 ounces. 1 ML = .03 fluid ounces.  Now do the calculations folks lol!!!

Thanks for reading, and remember,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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