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October 16, 2018

A jewel of Morbihan: Hennebont!

And once again in my Morbihan cher et bien aimé , like to give you another visage or look of this wonderful town of Hennebont near me. I have written several posts on it before but not so much into history, I will remedy this now.

Hennebont of Morbihan in Brittany; only 10 km from Lorient and 45 km from Vannes, and 24 km from my town.  Hennebont is referred to as the “gateway to the Blavet” river valley because of its geographical location. To the south the river joins the ocean. Its waters at the mouth are thrown into the bay of Lorient mingling with those of the Scorff and the Atlantic. The coastline is located about 15 kms.

The name of the town is attested in the form Hanebont in 1114 , it is a Breton compound formed of the elements Hen-“old,” ancient Celtic from  Seno and bont mutated form of bridge.It was in fact at Hennebont that the first bridge was built to allow the crossing of the Blavet river  and this fact explains the development of the city. It is said Henbont in Breton. Born of the Blavet and its bridges, Hen Bont means indeed old bridge, according to the etymologists. From the time of the Iron Age, a Gaulish oppidum is installed on the site of Polvern, along the Blavet river.

History has mainly retained the siege of 1342, during the war of succession of the Duchy of Brittany which pitted the supporters of Charles of Blois and Jean de Monfort, the two contenders to the succession of Duke John III. Charles of Blois besieged the city’s ramparts. In the absence of her husband, Jean de Montfort, a prisoner of the French, Jeanne of Flanders victoriously organizes the resistance and takes refuge behind the walls of Hennebont. The stronghold, on the verge of surrender, was delivered in extrémis by the English fleet, which came to the rescue of the besieged after retraced the course of the Blavet river . During this siege, Jeanne de Flandre will gain her nickname of Jeanne La Flamme (flame)for her fearlessness in combat. During the wars of the League, in 1590, René Arradon, after welcoming the Spanish troops landed in Saint-Nazaire in from the city of Vannes, begins the siege of Hennebont with his company of  soldiers and three hundred Archers, aided by Spanish troops; Hennebont capitulates on December 22, 1590.

On 7 August 1944, a large part of the city center was destroyed by the bombardment of the Nazi troops entrenched in Lorient’s famous pocket by the  Allied troops.

Some of the nice things to see here are the Bro-Erec’h towers and the medieval enclosure (ramparts and enclosed city).The Church of Notre-Dame-de-Paradis, built in Gothic style from 1514 and finished in 1530. The Hennebont National Stud farm. The nice district of Saint-Caradec and the old town as well as the Abbey of  Notre-Dame-de-la-Joie.





Just to give you a hint to visit one of the most picturesques and historical towns of the Morbihan dept 56 of Brittany and France. I lived about 24 km or 12 miles from it!

You can browse my blog to find more on Hennebont , but for now leave you with some webpages to additionally help you plan your trip here. And remember if the woods cry out for me ok

City of Hennebont on heritage

Tourist office of the South of Brittany on Hennebont

Tourist office of Brittany on Hennebont

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


October 16, 2018

My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XXVIIII

And here I am on a Fall week of October at home and thinking where I am in the world map. So many places visited already 81 countries, and lived in 5, and citizen of 4, and several languages like 4 so why this small town of Pluvigner in the Morbihan breton of Brittany, France.


Well it goes without saying, my best living as yet and enjoying it fully. This is history and love it, quaint streets building of historical value right in the cross roads of the Morbihan equidistance almost from good size cities like Lorient and Vannes and Pontivy; along major roads and close by TGV available train stations, local and departamental bus lines and all the amenities of a small town with all the trimmings. The city center is at 31 km from Lorient and 27 km from Vannes

So , this is Pluvigner, and what is it? Well I have written on many of its sites before, but this is about history after I am an amateur of history . I have membership in the local heritage association that tries to preserve and enhance history and architecture. Their webpage is here: Heritage association of Pluvigner

The town city hall page on history/heritage in French is here: City of Pluvigner on heritage

A bit of the very old history.

Pluvigner comes from the Breton “Ploe” (parish) and “Guigner “, a Breton Saint. The story of Pluvigner begins in the 5C with the installation at the place called “the Moustoir ” by Guigner, son of an Irish king named Clyton. Saint Patrick converted him to Christianity despite the opposition of his parents. Hunted by his father, he left for the Armoric where King Audren offered him a place to establish his hermitage. On the death of his father, King of Ireland, he went to his native country. Guigner, still known as Prince Fingar, had his head cut off in the year 455 by a man named Hengist, King of the Angles.

Pluvigner is a primitive parish which included Pluvigner and its truce Bieuzy-Lanvaux, the territories of Landaul and Landévant, as well as part of the territory of Camors (the southern third). The parish of Pluvigner is attested in 1259 in the form “Ple Guinner ” and in 1325, 1337 in the form “Pleu-Vingner “. A community of the Sisters of Wisdom settled in the city center on January 27, 1774, following an epidemic.

Pluvigner belongs first to the jurisdiction of the barony of Lanvaux until 1238, then is awarded to the Cistercian abbey of Lanvaux and finally to the Collegiate Church of St. Michael. Pluvigner was erected in a town in 1790. The following appellations are found: Pleuvigner (1427), Pluvigné (1448), Plevigner ( 1464, 1477, 1481), Ploevignier (1536).

In the 5C, lived Saint Guigner, son of one of the many kings of the Hibernie. Converted by Saint Patrick, he came to settle, with several compatriots, in the Armoric (name given to this area by the other side of Brittany or British). Back in his homeland, he renounced the throne left vacant by his father, and went into the insular Cornouaille, to work on the conversion of the infidels; There he gathered the palm of martyrdom around the year 455. The Bretons, who came to settle here in the 6C, adopted him as patron, either in remembrance of his sojourn in the country or for another cause. If they did not bring with them, from the very beginning, relics of the Saint, they obtained it later, because in the 18C one still possessed two femurs and two arms of the Holy man.

When the districts were abolished in 1800, Pluvigner passed through the arrondissement of Lorient; At the reshuffle of the cantons, in 1801, he retained its title as chief-jurisdiction and acquired Landaul and Landévant. One of the beautiful feasts of the parish is the Baniélo, where the numerous relics and banners that are preserved there are in procession. In 1887, Pluvigner was enriched with a young girls ‘ orphanage founded in Bieuzy; A Chapel was built dedicated to Notre-Dame-des-Pins (1891).

The feudal jurisdiction of Pluvigner belonged almost entirely to the barons of Lanvaux. After the confiscation of 1238, she passed to the Duke of Brittany. This one gave a part to the abbey of Lanvaux around 1250, and a larger part to the collegiate Church of St. Michael in 1383. Later, in 1563, the monks of Saint-Michel alienated their fief from Pluvigner ,and was offered to Mr. René de Malestroit, Lord of Ker and Kerambourg. The latter, soon finding his market unfavourable, sued the sellers and teased the monks of Lanvaux for their share of jurisdiction in Pluvigner. One of his successors, Andre de Robien, RMS. De Kerambourg, formally contested, from 1684, the jurisdiction of the Abbey of Lanvaux in Pluvigner, and began against the religious an unfair trial, which extended for a century, before Parliament and before the Council of the King. Mr. De Robien claimed to be the only lord of Pluvigner, and he had the audacity to remove from the parish church the arms of the King, successor of the dukes, and to substitute his own; But a ruling of the Council of State put it in order in 1731. Besides the small fief of Lanvaux-Pluvigner, the monks of the abbey still had that of Broel since 1516, and they also saw it challenged by the family of Robien.

The Church of Saint-Guigner (16C). Our Lady of Nettles, (Notre Dame des Oties) in the village, touches the parish church and communicates with her through the sacristy. It has the form of a Latin cross; The transepts are shallow and seem older than the rest of the monument. The choir is square; On each side, two arched arcades, now clogged, imply the primitive existence of two collateral. The square of the transept is separated from the nave by three arches, one large and two small, in warhead, worn on polygonal pillars. The windows are ogival, and the fire and trilobed mullions. A chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Nettles (1426 ) it is now ruins of arches left of this Church next the town’ s Church of Saint Guigner.



Other Chapels in the city are

The Chapelle Saint-Adrien (15C) Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Fatima-aux-Granges (1895), Chapelle Saint-Colomban or Saint-Colombier (1453) ,Chapelle Saint-Mériadec (11C), Chapelle Saint-Guy or Guyon (circa 1600) , Chapelle Sainte-Brigitte (16-17C),Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-la-Miséricorde or Mercy (17C). Chapel of the Trinity (end of the 15C), Chapelle de Saint-Bihui (1593) The Chapel of Saint-Goal (17C),Chapel of Saint-Fiacre, in ruins in 1888, and rebuilt in the 19C. The ancient Chapel of St. Guénaël, rebuilt at the end of the 19C in an isolated place and mentioned in 1930, nearest to me.



Also, the Fontaine Saint-Guigner (1526). The set includes a three-basin wash house ,the Fontaine Notre-Dame-de-la-Misericorde or Mercy. And the Château de Rimaison (before 18C), rebuilt with stones from an older château (now a restaurant creperie but the chapel still intact). The Chateau of Keronic (1426). Siege of an ancient lordship called Queronic or Keronic ; Château de Kerlois (15C), located on the Sainte-Anne road and transformed in the 17C. The old castle of Tancarville (located in the former spawning of Trelecan). The lordship belonged to the family of Lanvaux. The private chapel which was enlarged in the 15C, then restored in 1640, is dedicated to Saint-Fiacre and seems dated from the 12C. You can see a 15C altarpiece; The Manoir du Guern (circa 18C), which served as a presbytery. It is made up of a large body of dwelling. There is a small oratory with an 18C wooden altar surmounted by the statues of Saint Yves and Saint Vincent Ferrier; The steles of Pluvigner and Cosquéric (Iron Age). A dozen stones have been listed on the territory of the town of Pluvigner.





As you might be able to tell the town Of Pluvigner is full of historic monuments and rich architecture even if it is a small town of just over 7K folks! Enjoy as I do!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!




October 15, 2018

My travels in Lorient, events!

Well I could have done another My travels in the  Morbihan but realised all the info was from Lorient or nearby so for lack of a better creativity i am just doing the My travels in Lorient bit,::)

Lorient is a sub regional government city for the department of Morbihan 56 in Brittany and very close to me, in fact is about equal distance to Vannes as well and even thus we come to Lorient often, the habit is to go to Vannes most of the time. However, there are lots of happening here and nice areas too, even if the town is much newer, square thanks to WWII.

This is some of the happenings I like

The Salon du Chocolat is coming back again to Lorient October 26-28 at the Palais des Congrés;Brittany is heavens on chocolates and one of the best masters are from the region where have presence in my blog! More on this extravaganza here:

The Palais des Congrés site and map to the above event is here:

At the Cité de la Voile in Lorient you see a great event on corals of our world, Tara Pacific on Saturday October 27 2018. More details in English here:

And moving right along at Lorient, we have the Salon de l’Auto October 19-22 2018 at the palais des Congrés as above event. Great brands present including my glorious Ford; Come in by bus ,car, or train is easy even from Paris. More info here in French:

Jazz anyone? Love it, and Kyle Eastwood (the son of Clint) will be here November 20 2018 at the Les Arcs of Quéven (near west of Lorient) for a show at 20h30. He had already composed many of the songs for his father’s movies including Invictus and letters from Iwo Jima. You can come by car of course on the N165 or by train from Paris Montparnasse direct to Lorient and then bus 51 to Quéven , stops  Quéven-Mairie or Place de la ville de Toulouse More info here:

Musical encounters at the Domaine de kerguehennec in Bignan October 20-21 2018 with ateliers to learn music as well as contemporary arts exhibitions. Only drawback you need a car about 30 minutes from Vannes; worth it just to see the castle. We walk our dog there in the park lovely. More in French here:

The Casino at Larmor-Plage will have Spanish nights October 19-20 , admission 28€ includes entrance, sangria and tapas, paella , catalan cream with orange dessert and the show of flamenco music and gypsies with the group Sanfuego, Another car trip 24 bd port maria very easy from Vannes or Lorient train stations with direct Paris Montparnasse. More here

The Cineville (cinema) of Lorient propose several opera plays such as   Samson and Delila (Saint-Saêns) October 20th 18h55, and La fille du Far West (Pucchini) October 27th 18h55 . The performances were done in the Met of New York and now showing in film version here. Also, Ballets from the Bolchoi of Moscow and Theater from the Comédie Française; more info here:

Do not go to Lorient without tasting some delicious wines and tapas type offering at Bibovino (a chain) 6 rue Charles de Clairabault great selection of bottles with finds by the sommelier such as Cave de Clairmont 2014 Crozes Hermitage. You can taste, eat and take home as well, a whole meal can be arrange around a bottle or more..midday menu of 10€ open Mondays to Saturdays from 10h30 to 23h closed Sundays. More here:

For the quintenssional French present of a baguette or a pastry heads here to our favorite Jean-Baptiste Simon 5 Rue du Maréchal Foch, Lorient with personalise cakes, delicious muffins, special orders, and a take out section for all tastes and pockets. There are ,also formulas menu for a bit over 6€, open Tuesdays to Saturdays 6h30 to 19h45 Sundays from 7h to 13h. no web tel contact +33 (0) 2 97 64 18 99.

Another one for take out we enjoy there is the La Grande Poissonnerie de Keroman, 5 rue B Fachon, rondpoint des sous-marins, Lorient tel +33 (0) 2 97 64 40 37. A whole world of fresh fish and seafood right from the ocean off Brittany’s coast as well as down to Oléron. Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 8h30 to 13h and then 15h to 19h closed Sundays. A presence in Facebook here:

And as we are heading for Halloween, what better way to stock up for the kids here at Ouest Féte with 3 locations from Guidel ,Séné, and Quimper. The one in Séné is at the park Zone de Poulfanc , 14 rue d’Alsace, tel +33 (0) 2 97 01 31 15. Everything for the adult and child to look super even rental of accessories such as tables games etc for an event with the family and or friends. More here in French:

And where it can be celebrated safe… well at the La Compagnie des commerces (an association of merchants) organizes an afternoon of animations on October 31st at several locations in Lorient. At 15h : concert place Paul Bert. 17-18h : cries of Klak and candy distribution at rue de Liège, rue Paul Bert, rue de la Patrie , and  rue du Port. 18h : reading of a Halloween stories at the shopping center in city center Espace Nayel. All looks like fun. The shopping center here: direction Espace Nayel in Lorient

Other activities for Halloween in the big capital city of the Morbihan of Vannes are

Halloween at the Aquarium on October 31st!
For the occasion, children (12-year-olds) who come disguised will have the free offer! And since there is no age for fun, the 12-year-olds will also be able to disguise themselves.

Halloween in Speedpark, from October 21st to November 5th… Speedpark welcomes you in a Halloween atmosphere! Come in disguised and you will have the laser session at only €5! Http://

Halloween Party at Patinium’s ice rink on Tuesday, October 31st! Day and evening in disguise from 2pm to 10.30 pm.  6 rue Georges Caldray in Vannes.

And there you go ready for the fun days of October at least at Lorient, even if need to go back to work yikes! trick or treat not for meee, enjoy the post.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!
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October 14, 2018

My travels in the Morbihan, LXXI

So here I am on a busy Saturday just back and tired  the running around is awesome but with a few beers is even better: oh I said tired not in the proper sense but only tired of not been able to stay more out lol! And on my 1 672 post!!!!

The weather around here is fully Autumn and leaves fallens and turning yellowish not to mention the temperature is crazy from 15C in the morning to 25C in the afternoon! Anyway we did went out to do our errands

We started at the bank in Auray, ho ho ho of course, we need to get those moneys in the right account. Then, we continue to do my son’s moto enthusiast deal at Morbihan Moto or Dafy accessories for a nice bag from yamaha. The store is an often trip for us lately since he purchase a scooter Mash from this dealer, and loves the freedom of it. It is at nearby Ploeren. See it here: Morbihan Moto

Once arriving in Vannes, we parked as always nice and easy at the Parking Republique next to the post office and the department government building. This and other parkings here: Parkings of Vannes



Then , we move on to FNAC oh yes definitively they needed to load up on guide books and mangas here, this is in Vannes. I have told you about this store before several times, one of our favorites for many things; the local webpage is here: FNAC at Vannes


From there we went deep into old town Vannes to seek out another of my boys favorite the Japanese mangas store Japanim; again mentioned before, this is one of their favorite store and more here: Japanim store at Vannes


From here been around, we just headed for the Saturday morning market day in Vannes, just super and one of favorite activities in the area for years, where the merchants are now very well known to us and they recognise us immediately with many tastings delights. More info on this one the best and others here: City of Vannes on market days






We did go into our favorite wine store Nicolas for a load of 6 bottles of Château Cavalier provence rose wine by one of my son’s as roses are his favorites and this property is very good. The store here: Nicolas at Vannes

More on the wine here: Château Cavalier


By now we were loaded and hungry. We had tried this restaurant in Honfleur Calvados Normandy a while back and posted, however, saw they had a property near us lol! (so much to see everywhere!!!) So we decided that we will try it locally, and this was the day. We headed direction Lorient on the N165 expressway to the town of Lanester ,which is loaded with stores, shops, restaurants you name it all alongside the expressway. There we found our Oncle  Scott.

Oncle Scott (Uncle Scott) is an American Western inspired chain of 6 by a Frenchman who fell in love with the concepts while visiting the USA. The restaurant is nicely decorated with western, indian artifacts and the service is prompt and friendly. The food is awesome American style with lots of quantity for the plate , loads of it. I thought will be blown like a balloon lol!




I had the big double stack of beef Cadillac burger with green salads, baked potatoes and French fries, down the hatch with good cold Sol Mexican beers , and a nice Pecan Addict dessert with you name it pecans and brownies in a vanilla caramel ice cream! A bit extra on the beers and the bill came out to 31,75€ per person. A great deal for lots of food on the table big quantities in fact you can easily share one burger!  We are planning to celebrate my twins bday next month here so if in the area drop me a note!





The restaurant is at  Rue Gustave Zédé, Parc d’activité de Malebos; 56600 Lanester
Tél +33 (0) 2 90 61 24 91. General webpage here: Oncle Scott


Now with full bellies and happy campers , we headed back into the expressway N165 heading back to Vannes to do our groceries at our favorite E Leclerc hypermarket and Cultural center for more books by my boys as well. The grocery shopping here is fun and the folks especially by the butcher shop love us and we do them too!!! There is a centre commercial or shopping center here with other smaller stores and even underground parking which we love. More here: E Leclerc hypermarket at Vannes



While there ,the gendarmerie or national police type here was holding demonstration on security as well as the volunteer sea rescue org SNSM of which I am a donor, great job helping folks at sea and on the beaches as lifeguards. There was also some cars on display including a beautiful Caravelle in the USA market by Renault and call in France the Floride (Florida).




We did our usual walking around before heading back home to rest and get on the news , blog and friends and family contacts afar. Also, a nice football /soccer game Holland vs Germany! You stay well



And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

October 12, 2018

Some news from France CXCXIIII

It’s about time catch up with my belle France! Times are in Autumn for sure, leaves are changing colors and falling as well as cool breezes and temps that go from cold to warm like 20C now. It’s a wonderful season and we are thinking Christmas already.

To catch up with the latest news here are some of interest to many ::)

Should the Grand Paris be confined to Paris and the small Parisian crown, should it be extended to the poles of activity such as Roissy and Orsay, should it extend over all the Parisian urban agglomeration thus overflowing to the former cities of Cergy , Evry or Marne-La-Vallée or should it grow to the limits of the Ile-de-France region?… Big questions arising and still not decided, most do not think will start before 2020 or nothing due to internal politics.  Grand Paris

Pink book, Fawn book in the Menagerie of the Jardin des Plantes (5éme), where this week, two young males snow panthers came out of their den for 17 years in the menagerie, and a nice double for the parents. Esha the mother, born at the zoo in Helsinki (Finland) in June 2012, arrived 5 years ago at the menagerie, and the father of the little ones, Makalu, born in the Basel Zoo (Switzerland) 3 years ago, lived in the jardin des Plantes for two years. It is advisable to choose instead the ends of morning and late afternoon. And to book his weekend of October 20 and 21: The Menagerie organizes a weekend event “meeting with the Snow Panthers”. Jardin des Plantes snow panthers  

The impunity of cyclists is over (its about time to enforce the law). This past Thursday, the police were specifically targeted during road control operations carried out in the Hauts-de-Seine in Saint-Cloud, Rueil-Malmaison, La Garenne-Colombes, Courbevoie, Nanterre and Neuilly. In the latter city, the police of the territorial traffic and Road Safety Company (CTCSR) of dept 92 were stationed in the Winston-Churchill square for a good part of the morning. With the aim of stopping those who, by bicycle, pass the red lights, calling from  the handlebars, listen to music on the headphones while pedaling or driving on the sidewalks; So many offences sanctioned by a fine of 90 euros. Those who do not have the required light equipment-front and rear lights and reflective plates were fine  45 euros.  Le Parisien fines on cyclists in dept 92

The town of Provins (dept 77 Seine-et-Marne)  continues the restoration of its ramparts; The goal: to safeguard the ramparts constituting the enclosure of the high city, the total length of which is 16 km. The city intends to make it accessible to the public the round road, secured by an interior guardrail. In addition to the ramparts, it will also be the restoration of the dome of the Church of Saint-Quiriace and the Church of St. Croix in the lower town.Provins on things to see

Provins on the ramparts

Passed but… Rambouillet has decided to pay homage to its Napoleonic past. The City, Castle and National Bergerie (Shepherd)  together organize a great weekend of historical revival, with 250 enthusiasts in costume of the period, Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 October 2018. The emperor loved to come and rejuvenate himself in this residence in the heart of the forest, far from the capital and its protocol. Castle, National Shepherd and Palace of the King of Rome, in Rambouillet (78). A small free train connects the sites. From 7.50-18€  . Chateau Rambouillet

Le festival international du cirque (circus international ) is showing 11 acts by international troops from October 13-14  2018. The jury is presided by Eugène Chaplin, son of Charlie Chaplin. Event at Les Mureaux (Yvelines dept 78).  Festival du Cirque Les Mureaux

Born from the merger of the tourist offices of Roissy-en-France, Ecouen and Luzarches, the entity “Roissy, clé de France” has just developed a new roadmap. Objective? Become an indispensable place for business tourism.  Roissy Cle de France

Musée en Herbe or  Budding museum. The museum hosts an unprecedented exhibition until January 20 2019 which honors the famous Monsieur Madame. It is in trying to explain to his son what a tickle was that Roger Hargreaves created the first character of the collection,  “Mr Tickle ” in 1971. Since then, the same son has taken over the torch and the collection counts 91 different characters. 23 contemporary artists had carte blanche to give their own interpretation of the Monsieur Madame. Exhibition Monsieur Madame at the Herb Museum 23, rue de Arbre-Sec  1éme, until  January 20, 2018; Open Monday to Sunday from 10h to 19h,  Nights on Thursdays until 21h; Rate 6€.   More info: Musée en Herbe museum

The rental cost per RER station is the study carried out by the company Cushman & Wakefield, which gives you all the rental values in euros, per m², over one year. The study shows that in the Parisian suburbs, on average, the rental value is 215 €/m²/year on the 249 stations of the RER network against 365 €/m²/year for the 302 stations of the Parisian metro. Therefore, it seems near an RER is cheaper to rent than near a metro station. The rents vary from €380/m²/year on average for zone 1 (city of Paris) to 130 €/m²/year for zone 5(farthest zone from Paris). On the same line, the disparities are very important: for example on the RER C line, there is the highest rental value at 580 €/m²/year, at the Musée-d’Orsay station and on the reverse one of the lowest with the Dourdan station at 90 €/m²/year. The line C covering Pontoise, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Dourdan and Saint-Martin-d’Étampes is according to the study, the most expensive line on average. On the other hand, line D is the cheapest on average with 200 €/m²/year. Line A, the busiest of Île-de-France and Europe, displays an average value of 210 €/m²/year.  See photo map

RER loger values WK

The Spanish soul in Paris some favorites :

The authentic ambiance of a Spanish bodega and tapas as we can only find in Spain, is what you will find at La Abuela,(grandmother) the Gourmet den of the 9éme.  La Abuela, 43, rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette Open. Mon-Sat: 12h-15h then from 19h to 02h00 Tel. +33 (0) 6 59 12 20 40;  Find the Abuela on Facebook and Instagram.

If the proposed kitchen transports us to Spain, the road was inspired by traditional and family recipes. You will find great classics like the tortilla or the Patatas Bravas. Boca Dos, 41, rue des trois-Frères 18éme. Tel. +33 (0) 1 83 06 45 02;From  Tuesday-Saturday: 17h to 02h; Find Boca Dos on Facebook & Instagram.

A small, ultra-intimate tapas bar, this 11éme Spanish restaurant is renowned for its warm welcome and the personality of its patron. Here, Zero Head Start and family atmosphere, we can speak loudly and express clearly this joy of living, as in the streets of Madrid in fact.  Bodega Potxolo  7, rue de la Forge-Royale.   More info on Facebook.

It’s Spanish folklore in a subway hit. Direction the 12éme arrondissement to taste tapas, paella, Sangria, zarzuela, Arroz Negro (Iberian charcuterie).  Casa De Espana  72, avenue Ledru-Rollin   Casa de Espana

Add a layer, come and revive the Spanish music to your ears thanks to the concerts organized at the Bodega Cambronne every weekend. We also eat very well ; and indeed great ambiance my favorite of all listed here now. La Bodega Cambronne  37, rue Cambronne 15éme : La Bodega Cambronne

It is absolutely necessary that you taste the paella of El Sol, restaurant of the 8éme arrondissement as family as intimate. And if you’re lazy to chat or stay at the restaurant, they also make it to share and take away El Sol  22, rue de Ponthieu  :More here: El Sol

New menus, best quality-price ratios, room and service rethink… A time soap opera with the bistronomy, the histories regain colors . The Le Procope was putting the package to celebrate its renaissance. Certainly it never really passed the gun to the left, but it was just like. Founded in 1927 in the Montparnasse district, the Parisian brewery and its Art deco decor.  Le Procope

The transformation began softly about ten years ago, with the group Joulie, collector of  dormant beauties, which took over emblematic Parisian addresses such as the Bouillon Chartier, the European or the Wepler. But the real quake is the takeover by Olivier Bertrand of the groups Fréres Blanc (2016) and Flo (2017), who each owned about fifteen breweries very badly in shape. The patron of a restoration empire that can rely on the success of Burger King France has the intention and the means to restore them to the taste of the day.

The Bertrand group started with cosmetic measures, to find the chandelier of yesteryear: Opening of the terrace – previously glazed, it was as engaging as an old coral train. The creation of a well-visible scale bench in the room also highlights the fish turn of the new map where the good old sea sauerkraut has reappeared. Prices went down so that the average ticket goes from 60 to 50 euros. The brasseries (breweries) is not an has been. It’s more of a safe value.  More here: Groupe Bertrand

See at Compiègne an impressive bunker, an open-air museum along the front line, the famous clearing of the Armistice… On the eve of the centenary of 1918, visit memory around this town of the Oise (dept 60), in the heart of the Great War.(WWI).

Clearing of the Armistice of Rethondes, in the forest of Compiègne. This is where the festivities of the centenary of the end of the Great War will begin, with, in the culmination, a ceremony to be attended by Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel on the afternoon of 10 November. Also Trump!

Starting by the Armistice Memorial is the best way to immerse yourself in this past has benefited from a renovation and a new scenography, as well as an extension of more than 500 m2 of the exhibition area. The famous wagon – at least one identical car, the original having been destroyed – in which the Armistice was signed, is still there. A chronological presentation that evokes in particular the highlights of the conflict. A visit in a dozen steps that makes the beautiful part of the 3D: the period with the pictures on glass plate According to the old process steréoscopique which gives a striking effect-a technique that consisted of taking a picture with a device to two objects thus recreates the conditions of the terrain – and that of today, generated by computer, in a new projection room. At the exit of the museum, take a walk in the clearing to discover moving monuments, including this sacred slab on which one can read, engraved in the same granite of Vire as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the Arc de Triomphe: “Here on November 11th succumbed the criminal pride of the German Empire defeated by the free peoples it intended to enslave”

Some webpages to help you plan your trip and know more about this important lesson in history. World War I or as we call it in Europe ,the Great War.

Tourist office of Oise dept 60 on WWI

Tourist office of Compiégne on Centennial

City of Compiénge on tourism

official Armistice museum

Hope you enjoy the reading, a bit late as was traveling lol!! but remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!! AND TGIF =thanks God is Friday the weekend is here!!!





September 20, 2018

The Statue of Liberty in France!

On a mundane Thursday, I started writing this post on a famous statue that believe it or not many come searching for it in Paris especially. However, is in a few other places in France. I welcome all comments to tell me if there are any others.

Oh yes, of course, it is the Statue of Liberty by Bertholdi. The nicest one in my opinion is in Paris.

The Statue of Liberty is just to the south, smack in the middle of the Seine river, the quarter-scale replica sits on the southern end of Île aux Cygnes,(swan island) an artificial island built in the Seine in 1827 to separate river traffic from the busy port of Grenelle. Over time, a tree-lined walkway was built that runs the full 850-meter length of the island, and three bridges were built across the island to connect the 15th and 16th arrondissements. Île aux Cygnes is the third-largest island in Paris.

The statue itself was given to the city of Paris in 1889 by the American community in Paris to commemorate the centennial of the French Revolution. This Pont de Grenelle Statue of Liberty was installed some three years after the New York Statue of Liberty, and in fact was originally one of the working models made whilst preparing to construct the “real thing.” The statue can be accessed via either the Pont de Grenelle or the Pont de Bir-Hakeim, both of which cross the Île aux Cygnes. While this is not the only Statue of Liberty replica in Paris, both the Musée d’Orsay and the Musée des Arts et Métiers house their own; this is the only Statue of Liberty replica in Paris that was featured in National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

A bit more on the Île aux Cygnes is a small artificial island on the Seine river, in the 15éme arrondissement . It was created in 1827 to protect the bridge named the Pont de Grenelle. The uninhabited island is 850 meters (2,789 ft) long and 11 meters (36 ft) at its widest point, making it the third-largest island in Paris. A tree-lined walkway, named L’Allée des Cygnes (Path of Swans), runs the length of the island. The island is crossed by three bridges: the Pont de Grenelle, the Pont Rouelle and the Pont de Bir-Hakeim. The Statue of Liberty  here is  22 meters tall and facing west in the direction of its larger sibling in New York City. Inaugurated by President Marie-François Sadi Carnot on 4 July 1889, nearly three years after its US counterpart, it was donated to the city by the American expatriate community in Paris to mark the Centennial  of the French revolution. Get closer walking to it or by metro Javel line 10 and Bir Hakeim line 6.


Much smaller  at 2, 85 meters, the bronze reduction installed in the Palais du Luxembourg, then in its garden in 1906, was moved into the nave of the Musée d’Orsay in 2012. A copy was placed in its place shortly thereafter.  The museum of Orsay is at   1, rue de la Légion d’honneur 7éme arrondissement with  Métro: Solferino line 12 or RER C station Musée d’Orsay, You go in by the rue Guynemer Métro : Saint-Placide line 4.


Fully realized in plaster, the construction model that rests in the Museum of Arts and Crafts (musée d’Arts et Métiers)  makes no less than 14 tons. It is she that Auguste Bartholdi will use to achieve, by enlarging it, the New York Statue of Liberty. The museum also hosts a reproduction, also in plaster, scale 1/16, of 1876. This model was also used to make the bronze statue that stands, since 2010, outside the museum.  292, rue Saint-Martin  3éme arrondissement , métro : Arts et Métiers  lines 3 and 11.

The replica of the flame of the statue, the flame of freedom, offered by the United States in Paris, is located in Alma since 1989. It became known worldwide by becoming the place of recollection in memory of Princess Diana, who died in August 1997, in the Tunnel of the Alma which passes under the monument. Pont de Alma  8éme arrondissement. Metro: Alma-Marceau line 9.


There is a very small reproduction of the Statue of liberty in the beard of Caesar’s Centaur, place Michel-Debré, in the 6éme arrondissement. A miniature is part of the elements composing the Centaur. It’s a small size. It’s up to you to find it.

Near me, I see it every day is another replica. In Ploeren, a statue of Liberty greets motorists along the Nantes-Brest Expressway (voie express N165). Installed in the business park of Coëtdigo, it still measures 7, 20 meters high.


Others I come across are:

In Blérancourt, at the National Museum of Franco-American cooperation has a small scale version in terracotta. In  Nice, on the Quai des Etats Unis (United States wharf), a small copy  of  1.35 meters  weighing 80 kg has been installed since February 1, 2014.  In Bordeaux, place Picard, in memory of the victims of 11 September 2001, re-edition in the form of a resin casting made by the workshops of the Reunion of National Museums of France, the original statue having been melted in 1941 by the Nazis in the framework of the recovery of non-ferrous metals.

There you go some nice statue reminds me always how lucky I have been after all. Enjoy it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!





September 16, 2018

The wines of Muscadet and more!

So, how are you? this is a nice cool sunny Sunday. We had done some cleaning lots of it. All well done. Now we had a good meal with Belgian and American beers and we are wondering, where we were yesterday another world, in wine country of the Loire!

The wines of muscadet are less known me think  unfortunately they deserve more credit. I will do my five cents here. It covers a large area and amazingly, not only are the muscadet grapes allowed but others too.

This area is less than 2 hours drive from my house so I have been a lot ,just hard to pick areas to show you in my belle France we are loaded ::) Here is a bit on the  Muscadet and my latest road warrior trip.

The Muscadet is a dry white wine of AOC (appellation d’Origine Controllée) mainly in the Loire-Atlantique dept 44, south of Nantes, and partially overflowing on the Maine-et-Loire dept 49 and the Vendée dept 85 ,all in Pays de la Loire region. This wine from the Loire Valley vineyards comes from a unique grape variety, the melon of Burgundy (Melon de Bourgogne) . This appellation has been classified AOC since 1936.  The Muscadet vineyards has several appellations: the Muscadet-Sèvre-et-Maine, the Muscadet -côtes-de-Grandlieu, the Muscadet-coteaux-de-la-Loire and the Muscadet without any particular denomination.

A bit of history I like

In the 17C, under pressure from Dutch brokers, looking for small wines for the still wine market .The vineyard will experience a great development: until the French Revolution . Brittany/Bretagne was one of the reputed foreign provinces (with the Guyenne , Saintonge, Languedoc, Provence, Dauphiné, Lyon, Flanders and Artois) so that the trade (taxes on goods) is lifted at its borders, in particular at the Ingrand barrier on the Loire river. Thus, the wines of the wealthy country are mainly converted into spirits, which are exported from the port of Nantes to the countries of northern Europe. Until the French revolution, the majority of the grape varieties of the wealthy country is therefore the Gros Plant, a grape well adapted to this production .

In 1635, the word ,Muscadet is attested in another document from the village of Gorges for the first time. It is claimed that this grape, now known as the Melon of Burgundy because of its origin, would have better resisted the terrible winter of 1709 than the other grape varieties including the Gros Plant and that, as a result, it would then become widespread in the countryside of Nantes

The late 19C saw the affluent vineyard (Muscadet and Gros-Plant) touched by the phylloxera like most of the French vineyards. This aphid accidentally imported from America in 1864 bites the roots of the vine and causes the death of the plant. At this time that the melon of Burgundy (Muscadet) will impose itself as a majority grape in the vineyards of Nantes.  This vineyard in AOC comprises 13 000 hectares, exclusively used in white wine. It is located mainly in the southern part of the Loire-Atlantique, and in some communes of Vendée and Maine-et-Loire. The Muscadet-Sèvre-and-Maine appellation is the most notable and most productive of the Muscadet vineyards, generating just over two-thirds of the total production of Muscadet. It takes its name from the two rivers, the Sèvre Nantes and Maine which water this territory forming essentially the Nantes vineyard.

It is comprise as such with only my favorite towns (highlighted the tops) vineyards (there are a lot more): The Muscadet-Sévre-et-Maine denomination that is.

In the  Loire-Atlantique department 44  are:  Aigrefeuille-sur-Maine, Basse-Goulaine, the Chapelle-Basse-Mer, La Chapelle-Heulin, Chateau-Thébaud, Clisson, Gorges, the L’Haie-Fouassière, Haute-Goulaine, the Landreau, the Loroux-Bottereau, Maisdon-sur-Sèvre, Monnières, Mouzillon, the Pallet, the Regrippière, Saint-Friacre-sur-Maine, Saint-Julien-de-Concelles, Saint-Lumine-de-Clisson, Vallet, and Vertou. As well as two towns in Maine-et-Loire department 49: Saint-Crespin-sur-Monk and Tillières. It is, also, available as the dénomination Clisson  in the towns of the Loire-Atlantique dept 44 in : Aigrefeuille-sur-Maine, Château-Thébaud, Clisson, Gorges, Maisdon- sur-Sèvre, Saint-Lumine-de-Clisson,and one town in Maine-et-Loire dept 49: Saint-Crespin-sur-Moine. Also, as dénomination Gorges  in the Loire-Atlantique dept 44 at   Clisson, Gorges, Monnières, Mouzillon ; and dénomination Le Pallet in two towns of the Loire-Atlantique dept 44 such as La Chapelle-Heulin, and Le Pallet.

The Muscadet-côtes-de-Grandlieu: this vineyard derives its originality from the microclimate of Lake Grandlieu. It is in 17 towns of the Loire-Atlantique dept 44 such as   Bouguenais, La Chevrolière,Legé, La Limouzinière, Pont-Saint-Martin, Port-Saint-Pere, Saint-Aignan-de-Grand-place, Saint-Colomban, Saint-Léger-les-Vignes, Saint-Philbert-de-Grand-Lieu, and Touvois. As well as two towns in the Vendée dept 85 such as Rocheservière ,and Saint-Philbert-de-Bouaine.

The Muscadet-Coteaux-de-la-Loire is in 16 –towns of the Loire-Atlantique dept 44 again my favorites are only in Ancenis, Anetz, lingné, Mauves-sur-Loire, Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire, Thouaré-sur-Loire and Varades; as well as 8 towns in Maine-et-Loire dept 49 such as my favorites only Bouzillé, Champtoceaux, La Chapelle-Saint-Florent, Liré, Saint-Florent-le-Veil and La Varenne.

The Muscadet without denomination or simply Muscadet on the bottle is in 74 towns of the Loire Atlantique dept 44 ,however, my favorites here are only in Ancenis, Basse-Goulaine, Carquefou, La Chapelle-Heulin, Château-Thebaud, Clisson, Haute-Goulaine, Ligné, Le Loroux-Bottereau, Mauves-sur-Loire, Le Pallet, Saint-Fiacre-sur-Maine, Saint-Aignan-Grandlieu, Saint –Colomban, Saint-Hillaire-de-Clisson, Saint-Léger-les-Vignes, and Saint-Philbert-de-Grand-Lieu. And these towns from Maine-et-Loire dept 49 such as Champtoceaux, La Chapelle-Saint-Florent, Liré, Saint-Florent-le-Veil, and La Varenne. Also, from the Vendée dept 85 we have Saint-Hillaire-de-Loulay.

Some of the other grapes you may find wines here are the Folle Blanche, Cabernet Franc, Gamay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Gris, Grolleau, Negrette. As well as some more genuinely locals such as the Berligou, Egiodola, etc.

Some webpages to help you visit these wonderful denominations and towns are

Assoc Vignobles Nantais wines

Wines of the Loire pdf map see Nantes

I have been coming and going to the Vignobles Marchais lately, this is at La Blandiniére hamlet in the town of Thouare-sur-Loire, and it has been a pleasant find. We first met at the village vignerons of Guérande a couple months back and since been to their property twice.

thouare sur loire

thouare sur loire

This time was to celebrate the harvest for 2018 in which with the heritage days going on in France this weekend, they did a vineyards festival or fête des Vendanges in their property , very nice. We were only a small group of 13 which was ideal. We arrive punctual at 11h while they were getting ready to host a wedding at 15h lol!

Our event started shortly after the owner Philippe Marchais arrived. He is trying to export more and I am helping out with some information on the USA market. First, was a brieg explanation on the terroir, Philippe is a firm believer in this , and so am I. All sort of information on the land and stones on the soil was given in a brief format. The stones here have lots of schist. We went on to the vineyards!

Well it was a harvest time the next day so we were the first one to pick up grapes of the Melon of Burgundy(melon de Bourgogne) great to be able to use our cutter and get the nice chunks of grapes off into a bucket first and then a huge wooden cart!!! Very nice and on a friendly fun group of people. Once we finish , we came in to the chai or cellars to taste the grapes and determine their acidity, taste, and aromas as well as the maturity of them. We try three different plot of land from same grape and all taste and smell different, that is the terroir…

thouare sur loire

thouare sur loire

After, of course, we taste the real wines from the previous year 2017, and were nicely impressed with the Grand Clos du moulin de Pé muscadet of course. And the refreshing Domaine de Bois Biot white. This was accompagny by salmon and sardines cold meat or paté, terrines, and pork paté from Brittany! Very liberal serving and nice conversation around my favorite subject lifewise!

thouare sur loire

thouare sur loire

We were ready for the lunch, a bit late as we were surprise by  a visit by radio chain France Bleu and the owner Philippe was interviewed right in front of us. I was one of the ones chosen to be spoken to and hopefully will be on the air soon!!!  radio chain here: France Bleu Océan

thouare sur loire

All during the interview , we were at the table and then we all join the visitor for a chat on wines and good food of the Loire, and the Nantes vineyards! The food oh my God, well we got a huge chunk of baby milk pork and a large slab of dauphiné potatoes all going down with a nice surprise wine Egiodola red wine a grape originally from the Basque country but now planted here and producing a fruity pleasant red wine with lots of blackberry !! delicious we purchase a carton of  6 bottles! afterward.

Thouare sur loire

thouare sur loire

The ending was an apple tart homemade with grape fermented juice done on premises! Which we got 4 bottles for free!!! We indeed continue chatting with the owner and his wife Violette that joined us at the table sitting next to me so lots of conversation.  At the end we did something nice.

They have a very nice building; the basement is the production site for bottling about 200K bottles of their own production. The street level is the cellar, tastings and boutique, and the first floor (2nd US) is a reception area (where the wedding was held) also good for business meetings and other events, all hook up with video equipment and large screens. The have about 9 persons working mostly family members. What they do is they have other families cousins etc who are also winemakers in other regions of France. They bring their wines to the cellar boutique and sells them ,so therefore we purchase a Morgon from the Beaujolais, and two Margaux from Bordeaux region from 2011 at good prices,not a good vintage year but the producers are guaranteed good and that is the main point here.

Thouare sur loire

Thouare sur loire

In all, it was a wonderful experience. Next month they are hooking up on a project with a local brewery to do a beer with wine grapes that we will be tasting in October !!! Stay tune.

The property webpage in English is here: Vignobles Marchais

Enjoy it nothing better than a good wine and if French much better, simply the best! Remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


Ps wait!!! as we are multi talented, on our way back in full control, we found a memorable hypermarket from our times in the Versailles, The Auchan hypermarket of Saint Sebastian sur Loire was on our way on the N844 so we stopped and did our groceries!!! Cheers ::) Oh webpage of store is here: Auchan at St Sebastian sur Loire

St Sebastian sur Loire

st sebastian sur loire






September 12, 2018

Let’s go a bit north to Pontivy! and the Castle!!!

And in my quest to showcase not only the best of France ,which is a lot, but my new region of Brittany, and especially my home department 56 of Morbihan , let me take you back to the north. Again, to remark, my Morbihan is the only department in France that is not a French word or meaning! It is completely Breton language, mor=sea bihan=small or small sea in French would be petite mer. ok

I have come to Pontivy a few times and even one of my son had a job there for a while so we visit him as needed to stay in an apartment there.  It is a nice town very much with the imperial family in fact for a while it was called Napeleonville ::)

My previous blog posts on it for reference are

Nice Pontivy deep in the woods

Pontivy or Napoleonville

Another visit to inland Pontivy

However, as many things to see and written, the main thing here and indeed worth a detour is the Castle of Pontivy by the Blavet river. Let me tell you a bit more on it.

The Château de Pontivy , called Château des Rohan, was built in the 15C and 16C by the family of Rohan.


An ancient feudal castle that belongs to the family of Porhoët, as mentioned in the 12C along the Blavet river, below the current castle. This Castle of the Halls was besieged in November 1342 by the English troops of William of Bohain, Lieutenant of King Edward III, during the war of Succession. Probably ruined by the assaults it had to support, the castle is abandoned. After this war of Succession, the Viscounts of Rohan decided to make Pontivy the chief place of their quasi-principality. In 1456, the site was given to the Cordeliers who built their monastery there. Viscount John II of Rohan (Count of Porhoët, son-in-law of Duke Francis I of Brittany, who opposed Duke Francis II and governor of Brittany for Charles VIII), wanted to build a new fortress through the drudgery regime (free labor). He built the present castle between 1479 and 1485 on a new site easterly which probably encompasses that of John I of Rohan, his great-grandfather: He made to dig a large trench on the flanks of a hill controlling the main access to the village, indented of the Blavet river, and which dominates the city to the east.

In 2014, following heavy rainfall due to the Petra storm, a part of the south curtain ramparts and tower collapses . While restoration continue and doing some preventive archaeology operations , it was reveal in particular two former furnaces in the courtyard; one the Great Oven which could match a bread oven while the small oven could have been used as a baking oven.


Architecture that I like

The irregular quadrangular plane of about 90 meters by 75 meters of the castle, flanked by four circular corner towers connected by a 20 meters high curtain, remains traditional. The thickness of the walls reached in places more than 5 meters wide, in order to withstand the progress of the artillery and the firing of the cannons. The apparatus is shale up to the height of the Breton machicolations carved in granite. On the floor of the crenulated and covered round road were added at the beginning of the 16C of skylights with acute pediments. Access to the inner courtyard is through a sleeping bridge that replaced the two drawbridges thrown on the moats never filled with water. The counterscarp was levelled at the beginning of the 20C, the land thus recovered having served to bridge the gap.


Only two bodies of dwelling remain, west and north sides. The residential wing at the western façade is flanked by two large towers in machicolations, topped with peppers, of the four that probably included the enclosure. Several statues of Saints such as the Virgin to heavens, Saint Maurice on horseback, St. Catherine, Saint Germain, Sainte Marguerite, Saint Isidore, Saint Louis and Saint John the Baptist, originating in the Chapel of Saint-Laurent in Moustoir-Remungol , are displayed in this gallery. This Gallery the lordships residence in the north is reworked in the 18C. It is adorned with sedentary pediments and a double Louis XV style staircase and a wrought iron ramp. A niche under this staircase of honor houses the statue of Saint-Mériadec (favorite Saint of the Dukes of Rohan) which was carried out in the 3rd quarter of the 20C in the east, the original housing body was transformed into an artillery terrace in the 18C, then a pleasure garden. You can visit the Guard room, the rooms on the first floor overlooking the round road, the ducal room with the beautiful ceiling and the chapel. Especially notice the two stone chimneys in polychrome and armor, from the 16C, from the castle of Coët-Candec in Locmaria-Grand-Champ. (even closer to me).



The castle belongs to the family of Rohan who stayed there irregularly until the end of the 18C. Thereafter, the castle is successively occupied by: the sub-prefecture and the courtroom of the civil court of Pontivy (1800-1839); General Bernadotte, commander-in-chief of the Western Army in charge of combating the Chouans (local farmers who fought against the French revolution for the king and region), installed his headquarters (May-June 1801); The Sisters of Kermaria, who created a school and a boarding schools for girls (1841-1884); A Breton museum founded by Jérôme Le Brigand in the late 19C; La Garde Saint-Ivy (sports Club of the city), the Scouts of France, some local families were housed in the west gallery, then severed in several rooms in the 1st half of the 20C with interruption in 1939-1940; During WWII, the Polish troops and then Autonomists Breton (June-September 1940). In 1953, Madame de Rohan rented it to the town of Pontivy by a lease of 99 years for a symbolic French Franc ,assuming all the charges of the owner. The town of Pontivy is then responsible for the maintenance, restoration and valorisation of the castle. In December 2014, in view of the particular context associated with the collapse of the courtship ramparts towers (due to Petra storm)  and the amount of restorations supported by the municipality would have to endure, Duke Josselin of Rohan agreed to cede his property to the city which became its owner on 16 October 2015. It still has some private rooms ,but most is open to the public.


Some webpages to help your plan your visit here in addition to my blog posts are

Tourist office of the Pontivy community

City of Pontivy on the castle and al.

Tourist office of Brittany on Pontivy

And for the Rohan family and history of Brittany in French only ,and if you like history like me this site is for you on the Château des Rohan or  Pontivy  Historical on the Rohan and the Castle

And one more thing to know about my area ,and a lot more about France than on the travel books. Or rather, a bit more on Bretagne/Brittany or Breizh

The castle is the place of the aborted declaration of independence of Brittany during the creation of the Breton National Committee by the members of the Breton National Party in July 1940. The Breton National Council, a representative body of the Bretons, concerned with the collective good and the honor of their people, would act at the time chosen by it to endow Brittany with a national state, in its natural setting and in the spirit of its tradition, in order that it could finally live in an organized nation, free of its aspirations and owner of its interests   and that the international status of the Breton state, the nature of its relations with France and Germany would be defined by agreements, freely discussed in the the possibilities offered by the new general Conditions. The Castle was the headquarters of Lu Brezhon, the embryo of the Breton National Army created by Breton nationalist Celestine Laine in the wake of the creation of the Breton National Committee in 1940.

I hope you enjoy this trip north of Brittany full of history ,architecture, customs and thrills and of course the very good Breton cuisine.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



September 9, 2018

Domaine de Kerguéhennec at Bignan! part 2

Again, I have written on the town of Bignan and its Domaine de Kerguéhennec already in my blog. However, it is less than half an hour from me and we go often, even to just to walk our dog Rex. It really gets him exercise and us too.

This morning we were doing some of the chores of our house and decided to have a late lunch/brunch and take Rex to the Domaine de Kerguéhennec to walk him there. The trip was short and the time spent there too but the outing was well and Rex really enjoyed it.

The place is managed by the department Morbihan no 56 in Brittany and it a place for arts, and exhibitions now . Fortunately for us its a huge domaine and dogs are allowed in with  a leash.  Parking is free too so great for families with domestic animals.  The official webpage is here in French:

As have many posts on it and pictures, here will just have a pictorial of the best shots from this morning. Enjoy them as we do

bignan bignan bignan bignan bignan bignan bignan bignan bignan bignan bignan


Enjoy the photos, and the place is great for picnic with families too as well as many enjoyable events. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


September 9, 2018

The Passage Pommeraye of Nantes!

And what about going out west! We love it in Nantes , and this is one chic nice architecturally historical place to do the shopping in Nantes in or around it . Let me tell you a bit more on the passage Pommeraye of Nantes.

It is a magical place taking you into times past surrounded by chic boutiques and the area outside just magical as well. For me the best part of Nantes. We have come here often with the family, will see now our next time. See in search my other blog posts on Nantes.  I like to tell you a bit more about the passage here.

The passage Pommeraye is a shopping mall in the city center of Nantes, built from the end of 1840, it is put into service on July 3, 1843 drawing its peculiarity to be built on a land with a steep gradient. It extends on three levels distributed by a central staircase. If its construction resulted in the ruin of its promoter, Louis Pommeraye, the passage, considered an architectural success, remained a flourishing place of commerce. It has benefited from a renovation completed in 2015.


It connects the Rue de la Fosse to the Rue Santeuil and the Rue du Puits-d’Argent, putting a hyphen between the district of the Place du Commerce and that of the place Graslin.  It has a difference of nine meters, and is organized on three levels, around a monumental central staircase: at the lower level, the Galerie de la Fosse opening onto the rue de la Fosse.  At the intermediate level, the  Galerie Regnier a mezzanine connected on its north side to the Rue du Puits-d’Argent by a lateral gallery. On its southern side, leads to the Passage Coeur de Nantes. At the upper level, the Galerie Santeuil opens onto the rue de Santeuil.  The Pommeraye passage is a private space, closed to the public during the night by wrough iron grill doors.

nantes nantes nantes

A bit of history I like

In Nantes the first passage dates only from 1827: It is the passage of Orléans, still existing, of a modest length of about 20 meters, connecting the rue d’Orléans to the place Félix-Fournier.

In the first half of the 19C, the rue de la Fosse, rue Santeuil and rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau framed an islet of dilapidated buildings, which was only traversed by the Rue du Puits-d’Argent and the place du Commerce. The study of the development of a restaurant at rue Santeuil by the restaurateur Charles Guilloux, takes up the idea of building a covered passage in the neighborhood. Guilloux acquirer as of August 1837 of a portion of the building at 18, rue de La Fosse joins an ambitious notary public, Louis Pommeraye, who submits to the mayor of Nantes the idea of building a covered passage in this ignored neighborhood, according to his own terms. It is a matter of creating a new link between the business district (Bourse Palace, Place du Commerce) and the Culture District (place Graslin), and, to a lesser extent, between the Bourse palace (stock exchange) and the main post office then located on Rue Santeuil.

However, five years later, the operation was a failure linked to the economic crisis of 1848. The company is liquidated in 1849. Baron Henri Baillardel de Lareinty, principal creditor, bought the passage in 1851. In 1852 the new owner is allowed to connect the passage, by the Galerie Reignier, to Rue du Puits-d’Argent, to facilitate access to rue Crébillon via the rue Régnier, but with the arrival of the department stores in the last third of the 19C, the covered passages fall into desuetude. IT was then used as student housing, the Santeuil University Residence, is installed in 1949 closing in 2008. The maintenance work now is financed by a co-ownership of some sixty members, supported by the State and the Region governments.


From the original 31 shops in operation now are opened on the Galerie de la Fosse, Galerie Réignier, Rue du Puits-d’Argent, and Galerie Santeuil , 26 shops. The most famous showing of the passage Pommeraye was shown in the cinema with the movie Lola (1961) and Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (the umbrella of Cherbourg) in 1964.

As an extension of these covered passes way there is another Passage annex called Passage Coeur-de-Nantes located southwest of the historic passage built at the site of the building of the commercial printing store, long occupied by Presse Océan, and demolished in October 2013. It officially opened its doors in 2016. The entrance is located on rue Santeuil , facing the outlet on rue Rameau about 50 meters south of one of the two main entrances of the passage Pommeraye.

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