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January 21, 2021

Grande plage and Plage St Colomban, Carnac!

Ok here is to finish my latest live tour of my coastal area in this miserable time in our lives with most closed or limited. I told you been to Carnac several times as it is the closes beach to our house and a very good one as well as many nice monuments to see (see my posts). And of course, I have written about the beaches blue pavillion great for swimming! However, on this trip took some new pictures like to share in this new post on Carnac plage. Remember, there is a Carnac Bourg or town same but 2 km away!

Let me tell you a bit maybe repeated text and links sorry. Today was a rainy day but who cares in Bretagne we say something like it only rains on the idiots ….and it goes, the smart ones stayed in the bars lol!!! Amén to that!

The Grande Plage or big beach, this is absolutely wonderful and our favorite for hangouts and swimming. You must come here in Summer; it can beat any in the world me think.


you have clear water, fine sand and 2 km long, the Grande Plage de Carnac is a treat for bathers and sunbathers. The Grande Plage is the largest of the five beaches in the city. In summer, swimming is supervised and water sports can be practiced safely. Two beach clubs set up there each summer. A few steps away, you will find many restaurants and shops. La Grande Plage is also accessible to people with motor disabilities thanks to adapted equipment, all this with the presence of qualified staff with bathing assistance, cloakroom, adapted shower and WC (toilets). The reception point is open from the 1st weekend in July to the last weekend in August inclusive, every day from 13h to 19h. The Grande Plage site has been certified tourism and disabled since 2007. Possibility of parking along the Grande Plage on bd de la plage. No dogs allowed.


The Carnac tourist office on the Grande plage

My fav beach webpage in France, plages tv on the Grande plage of Carnac

If of the five a second favorite has to be choose , I will opt for plage St Colomban in the village of same name and all along the ocean from the Grande plage along bd de la plage ,bd de Légenése, and bd de l’Océan. All same road.


The plage de Saint Colomban beach is the most west of Carnac. all year round, the windsurfing spot in St Colomban is the recognized meeting place for the best windsurfers. Possibility of parking bd de l’Océan facing the beach. No dogs allowed. To the extreme right of the beach you will see the bunker, this is a remnant from WWII, and still there rusting away but still there.  We again saw the kids activities early on with learning to swim and all in an inflatable pool! The rocks or reefs onto the beach is a sight to see, and the white sandy beach was a delight.

carnac plage st colomban to sea jan21

The Carnac tourist office on the plage Saint Colomban

My fav beach webpage in France , plages tv, on the plage Saint Colomban

So, there you go folks;another round on the wonderful beaches of Carnac. My favorites Grande Plage, and plage Saint Colomban. Of course, not the season to do them, but a heads up planning for next summer where hopefully we will be able to enjoy them again. Hope you enjoy this bit of tour by the road warrior, yours truly in virus prime time!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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January 21, 2021

The other Carnac!

Well hard to come up with titles in my minimum creative writings, but I have said on several posts that the town is famous for its megaliths stones, Unesco World Heritage Site; and the wonderful beaches etc. However, there is another Carnac, for visitors and locals alike we seldom see. As was out and about my coastal area near my house took a trip to town or bourg and plages or beaches,and would like to tell you about the other Carnac! Hope you enjoy as I.

First, there is a big exhibition/expo center in the city center or bourg right behind the pre history museum and city hall of Carnac. It is a rather futuristic building which contrast with the old buildings around it. Right around Place St-Fiacre where the two weekly Wednesday and Sunday markets take place, equipped with picture rails and hooks, it regularly hosts artists’ exhibitions over a period of 10 to 15 days minimum. It benefits from the frequentation of the market. Normally , there are artsy events here to look out for them when possible.

The city of Carnac on the exhibits/expo center:

carnac expo center behind arch mus jan21

There is of course a wonderful independant casino here facing the old salt marshes. It is right at the entrance to the town or bourg and the megaliths lines. At the Circus Casino of Carnac , you can enjoy it with 96 Slot machines, 2 electronic English roulettes, 13 stations from 0.50 €, 3 table games including Ultimate Poker and Black Jack from 2 €. Also discover the restaurant with a breathtaking view of the Saltworks. The Circus Casino of Carnac enjoys a breathtaking view of the ancient salt marshes. Open from 10h to 02h. from Sunday to Thursday, until 03h. on Fridays and Saturdays.

The official Circus Casino of Carnac webpage:

The city of Carnac on the Circus Casino

The Carnac tourist office on the Circus Casino:

carnac circus casino jan21

And a must stop on Carnac plage or beach area and we love to walked by it and great picture taking even if not use their facilities is the Yacht Club de Carnac.

A wonderful set up in a great beach spot on the bd de l’océan of Carnac. You have the Yacht Club de Carnac. A bit of history tells us that already in the summer of 1960, on the main beach, a few families, more grouped together in the center of the beach , had beyond a dinghy Rascal especially, little guy, boy. The boats were pulled over the sand, past the tents or access passages. In the spring of 1961 it was rumored that a group of users “in all kinds of gear” was going to be formed on the eastern part of the Grande Plage or large beach under the name “Club n ° 1” at the initiative of Mr. Chupot. The rest is history as the saying goes. The Carnac Yacht Club invites you to come and sail on the magnificent lake of the Baie de Quiberon. Protected from the winds and the ocean swell, a wide choice of activities awaits you such as sailing course, rental, private lessons, discovery outing, activity for children, coastal license training, kayaking, paddle and rowing, year-round activity. The Sailing at the Yacht Club of Carnac was elected French Sailing School of the year 2018.

The official webpage of the Yacht Club of Carnac

carnac yacht club far jan21

The anecdote and story of the Thalasso Azur of Carnac  is that I had discount from work to come here and asked my wife ; she been a traditional woman decline and the story ended there. Each time we passed by I reminded her but never took the initiative again to come here to stay, just browse the inside and it is terrific. Carnac is the only thalassotherapy center in France to offer all its 100% organic treatment programs thanks to a range of Ecocert certified treatments, anchored in the marine world. Whether it is about recharging your batteries, resting or refocusing, relieving your pain, refining your figure or even opening up to new technologies to meditate and get to know you better, your stays are adapted to your desires and their experts are at your disposal to respond in a personalized way to your needs. Translated from their site.

The official Thalasso Azur of Carnac webpage:

The Carnac tourist office on the Thalasso Azur

carnac thalassa hotel near beach jan21

Finally, a nice historical monument, right in the middle of residential area. You need to walk a bit from the Church of Saint Cornély (see post) to see this wonderful fountain. Here is my take on it

The fountain or La fontaine St Cornely  at Rue de la fontaine, just closed of the Church of Saint Cornély . The fountain was built in 1661.  The story of it tells us that peasants came there to bless the herds after Mass. Remember that St Cornély is the protector of horned animals. The animals were then taken to the Ménec meadow (next to where the rows of menhirs are:see post) to be sold at auction. For being blessed, these animals were more valuable because they protected the flock. The week before the service, the peasants came with their flocks in the evening to make their way between the church and the fountain, reciting the rosary.

The fountain of St Cornély is presented as a square aedicule, open on its four sides by a Doric arcade. Its roof is surmounted by an arrow reminiscent of an obelisk. Inside, a niche shelters the statue of Saint Cornély, which takes place in the center of a square, about 11 meters on each side, located in the lower elevation of the square. Access is via four staircases in the middle of each side. No webpage.

carnac fountain by menec area jan21

Hope you enjoy the tour which can be done on foot as far as being in Carnac bourg or plage (beared in mind both are 2 km apart) I am concerned. A real eye opener for a beach town which we have come to love and visit often even for a road warrior, walker’s delight ride like yesterday in Carnac.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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January 20, 2021

Pre historic Carnac!!!

Again, was able to bring the courage to go out into my coastal beaches and took aim again at wonderful Carnac. This town of course is world famous for its megaliths stones, Unesco World Heritage Site! and it ,also, has a wonderful renown pre history museum in Carnac bourg! As you know if read my blog, there is Carnac Bourg or city center admin and then Carnac plage or beachside at about 2 km. The town of Carnac is at about 25 km from my house ,and we go there often even during this virus period.

I past again with new pictures by the alignment of Ménec and the official Maison des Megaliths where a museum sort and boutique tells you all about these strange historical stones very much revered in Celtic Bretagne. I have other posts and pictures on these subjects in my blog. The below pic it was raining lol!

carnac maison de megaliths jan21

The alignment of Ménec is located north of Carnac bourg, along the D196 road between the hamlets of Ménec and Croix-Audran. The whole is separated into two parts by the road which connects the village of Runell to Carnac bourg. The alignment is made up of more than 1170 menhirs (stones) distributed in 11 rows, over an area of about 950 m2 and a width of about 70 meters (in the east) to 100 meters (in the west). These 1,170 menhirs are divided into a hemicycle 1075 in 11 lines long and 150 meters wide and 25 stand alone of an eastern hemicycle. The western hemicycle corresponds to a cromlech. This megalithic complex has long been interpreted as an astronomical temple.

carnac menec alignment jan21

The Carnac tourist office on the alignements

A Morbihan dept on the meaning of the megaliths webpage in English:

A very good private webpage incredible places on the alignements of Carnac in French with pictures :

Together with the above and a great instroduction to them is the Pre History museum in Carnac Bourg. Simply call the musée de Carnac, is a must to see. I recommend see the museum and then go to the alignments. See my other post on it in my blog.

carnac archeo mus front jan21

The first museum in the world for megalithism, the Prehistory Museum of Carnac is the essential prelude to the visit of the dolmens and standing stones around. Do not miss the large alpine jade axes, the polished ornaments imported from Spain… so many prestigious objects, witnesses of the time when Carnac was a great European center of power and wealth, at the beginning of the 5th millennium BC.

carnac archeo mus side jan21

The museum is also known as the musée archéologique James Miln, Zacharie Le Rouzic for his contributions and donations to it. The Association Paysages de mégalithes de Carnac et du sud Morbihan, who is in charge of preparing and carry the candidature of the museum to the inscription of Unesco World Heritage site, also, has its home office in the museum.

The official webpage of the pre history museum of Carnac

The city of Carnac on the pre history museum in French:

The Carnac tourist office on the pre history museum in English:

You will do well to include the above two with a florique on the beach , which is great see my posts. Carnac is an all around tourist stop on your ways of my Morbihan, and Bretagne! Hope you enjoy the tour and thanks for reading me over the  years!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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January 20, 2021

The Church of Saint-Cornély at Carnac bourg!

So this is an unique post me think. If reading my blog , you know Carnac is an Unesco site on its megaliths stones and very close to me ,in fact the closest beach at about 25 km or 13 miles from my house. There are several posts on its sigths in my blog. One of them, deals with the main church in city center and written before. So what I have done here not to repeat is to redo the post with updated links , revised text and the new pictures I took yesterday of which the town was empty! due to the virus. Therefore, here is the new post on the Church of Saint Cornély of Carnac bourg!

As you entered the town from the expressway N165 direction Carnac on the D768, and then entered the town on the D119, the first thing you see its the bell tower of this Church, you know you have reach Carnac bourg!

Now again, explanation. If reading my blog you know that Carnac is divided into two section ,one is Carnac bourg or the town of which the church is part,and Carnac plage or beach which is the beach side at about 2 km from each other.  The beach is move laidback and grand houses commerce directed at tourism. The bourg or city center is more residential except around the center where the Church of Saint-Cornély and the museum are. Now the Church of Saint Cornély!

carnac ch st cornely front afar jan21

The Church of Saint-Cornély dates from the 17-18C , and done in the Renaissance style. It is located in Carnac bourg, city center in the dept 56 of Morbihan, region of Bretagne.  The Church celebrates the patronage of Cornelius, Pope martyr, became Cornély, the patron of the breeders of horned beasts. The Church of Saint-Cornély is built on a rectangular plane with three naves. The pediment of the west façade is equipped with a niche housing a statue of Saint Cornély. The porch of the north façade is carved and dates from 1792; it is a Doric architecture with columns in cut panels, is topped by a canopy with ailerons, a crown and a cross.  The Bell tower, 40 meters high, dates from 1639. It consists of a square tower with a platform with railing and pinnacles at the corners, topped by a long arrow in the shape of a pyramid.

carnac ch st cornely back jan21

A detail description of the interior of the Church of Saint Cornély taken from historical brochures inside the church and translated by yours truly!

The sacristy dates from 1659. The church is covered with a paneled frame decorated with paintings. The paneling paintings date from 1729 to 1732 restored in 1872 and 1962-1965. The central vault presents the life of Saint Cornély, 18C Statue of Saint Cornély  and painting of 1731 representing the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin ;south vault that of Saint John the Baptist as well as the mysteries of the Rosary, the north vault contains passages from the life of Christ. The first stained-glass windows date from the middle of the 19C, one of them presents Saint Cornély as protector of animals, and the other presents the martyrdom of Saint Cornély (a soldier, sword raised, will cut off his head). The stained-glass windows (beginning of the second half of the 19C) which adorn the top of the North and South naves, in the North nave we see Saint Cornély protecting a boat caught in the storm, and Saint Cornély refusing the Papal Tiara, in the South nave we see Saint Cornély condemned to death by the emperor, and Saint Cornély on the march towards execution, baptizing a Roman officer and soldiers. The stained-glass windows (1878), framed by wide borders of medallions and coats of arms, are a gift from the Wolbock family: one represents Charles de Blois who attends mass, and the other Saint Cado disembarking in Brittany to evangelize the region. Towards the back of the church, there are stained-glass windows (end of the 19C). In the chapel (dated 1685) of the baptismal font, one can see paintings dated 1690: the paintings represent the birth of Jesus, the Adoration of the Magi, the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, Jesus in the midst of the doctors of the Law done in 1891 and gift of the family of Perrien, represents the Baptism of the Lord at the Jordan). The high altar,, dates from 1782. The altarpiece of the high altar, which dates from 1659, and its center presents a painting “The Assumption of the Virgin”, in 1731. In the south aisle, one can see an altarpiece from 1710, and a painting of the Rosary from 1715 painted by a monk from the Chartreuse d’Auray (the Virgin and Child are represented giving a rosary to Saint Dominic and Saint Catherine of Siena, framed by statues of Saint Anne with Mary and Saint Joachim,  and the small medallions describe the 15 mysteries of the Rosary). In the north aisle, we can see an altarpiece dedicated to Saint Isidore (Spanish saint), built between 1670 and 1680, with in its center a painting of the Ascension dated 1793 (restored in 1988): on the sides are the statues of Saint Louis (holding the scepter and, in the left hand, the crown of thorns), of Saint Leo the Great, and of a Pope. The altar of the Blessed Sacrament is dedicated to the Holy Trinity and to the Blessed Sacrament: the altarpiece (1710); the painting (1713), celebrates the God the Father adored by the angels; two large wooden statues (Saint Peter and Saint Paul) are on the sides. Another altarpiece dedicated to Saint John the Baptist was built around 1670: the two statues, period, in wood, are those of Saint Dominic and Saint Catherine of Siena holding a heart to God, and the painting entitled “Descent of Croix “, date of 1730. The pulpit to preach, date of 1783. The fence or gate of the choir (1806) also the trunks, the lectern, the communion gate and the gate in front of the statue-reliquary of Saint-Cornély, dated from 1819.

carnac ch st cornely altar jan21

carnac ch st cornely chapel right side jan21

carnac ch st cornely chapels left side jan21

carnac ch st cornely chapel side jan21

carnac ch st cornely organ back jan21

The pardon, (repentance forgiveness) which takes place on the second Sunday of September, is very popular since 1909, it is still organized nowadays, with in particular the blessing of horses! It’s all in the bourg where you have the museum, the city/town hall, the tourist office, and many shops and restaurants all around it. Enjoy Carnac and the Church of Saint Cornély.

A bit on the leyend of Saint Cornély:

Patron of the parish of Carnac, Saint Cornély is the best known of the patron saints of cattle and especially of horned beasts. Its cult is mainly located in the south of Brittany, curiously coinciding with the location of megalithic monuments, as in Languidic and Plouhinec, also once provided with large megalithic ensembles. Its name is the Breton form of Corneille or Cornelius in Latin. According to legend, St. Cornelius, pope in Rome and pursued by an army of pagans, found himself facing the sea and hid in the ear of one of the two oxen that accompanied him. He turned the troop of his pursuers to stone. Thus were born the alignments of Carnac by the transformation of this army into petrified soldiers, around the 3C. Saint Cornelius, surrounded by horned beasts, is said to be a resurgence of a Celtic and horned totemic god, Kernunnos or Cernunnos, related to fertility and animals. He would be both the master of animals and the intermediary between the world of the living and the world of the dead. One can even imagine quite easily that the medieval imagery of the Devil with horns and tail owes him a great deal.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip are

The city of Carnac on the Church of Saint Cornély in French:

The tourist office of Carnac on the Church of Saint Cornély in English:

There you go a nice monument to visit while in the area, and different from the beachside. The Church of Saint Cornély of Carnac is very nicely done on its decoration and architecture especially inside. Hope you enjoy the post.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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January 20, 2021

The sights of Dinard!

So here we go again, doing updates and revision of older posts which have been a blast!! Thanks for reading me over the years!!! And as usually the case, once going over realise they are pictures and sights not mentioned before or briefly mentioned in my blog. This is the best time to remedy this issue ::) Enjoy the tour of Dinard.

As I have told you,  Dinard  is in the department 35 of Ille et Vilaine in the region of Bretagne ; it is a beach town and well visited by British and Americans for its wonderful villas of the belle époque period and the British Film Festival held here since 1990.

As you get closer to the city center, the covered way becomes less wild. We walk along the plage de la Prieuré beach then the Clair de Lune promenade with its lush vegetation. The view over Saint-Malo is breathtaking. But what catches our eyes is especially the Pointe du Moulinet and its Belle-Epoque villas (see post).

We continue our walk on the chemin de ronde walk that runs along the sea. Here we are on the plage de l’ecluse, with extremely fine sand. In the middle of the afternoon, this beach is crowded. We love the little beach huts, very elegant with their blue and white stripes and the seawater swimming pool. It’s a little too cool to risk a dip, so we continue towards Pointe de la Malouine. And there it is: the villas are all more beautiful than the others.


From the Pointe de la Vicomté, it is possible to walk to Saint-Malo, but the idea of crossing the dam on the Rance on foot, right next to the cars, did not appeal to us.

On one side Saint-Malo and the tidal power plant on the Rance, on the other the town center of Dinard. Between the two, the Pointe de la Vicomté, a small shaded area where life is good, depending on the tides. It is the ideal place to admire the sunset over the city, to trudge among the rocks at low tide or to admire the ballet of the ferries returning to the port of Saint-Malo.


The Cale du Bec de la Vallée has long served as a loading dock for the steamers that made the connection between Saint-Malo and Dinard. After the opening of the Rance dam in 1966 and a much faster road link, the slipway lost much of its economic importance. The place indeed has nevertheless retained a lot of charm.


The plage du Port-Riou beach access is from downtown Dinard by taking Boulevard de la Mer. There are stairs that lead to the beach. You can also leave from plage de St Enogat beach by going to the right. A concrete path allows you to reach it!


Some further webpages to help you plan your trip here:

The city of Dinard history/heritage and more pictures

The tourist office of the Emerald coast/ Dinard:

The tourist office of Ille et Vilaine dept 35 on Dinard

The Region of Brittany tourist office on Dinard:

Hoping this will cover Dinard better and together with my other posts will give you the overall view of this wonderful city of the Ille et Vilaine dept 35 in my lovely Bretagne.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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January 19, 2021

The Villa city by the sea , this is Dinard!

So coming all over my lovely Bretagne or Brittany or Breizh, we came to Dinard.It was an enjoyable visit we cherish a lot in my family. Therefore, I am updating with new links and text same pictures my post from April 2015. See my other posts with pictures on sights.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

What a name, hard to come up with titles for the uncreative mind lol! In this wonderful Easter holiday, off today and day off tomorrow !! We decided to go up again and visit Dinard. We have been to the ones nearby and always missed it even thus we heard about its wonderful villas houses. Dinard is gorgeous and the best for us were the beaches, even in off period! Oh by the way, this city is in Ille et Vilaine dept 35!

As usual we went by car, it is less than 2 hrs from us! Not bad we should come more often lol! We took going there the D768 up from us to Loudéac linking with the N164 to Saint Méen le Grand, here hook up with the D125 briefly to connect with the D166/D766  direction Saint Malo and Dinan. By Dinan we took the N176 direction Saint Malo, link up again with the D766 direction Saint Malo/Dinard, which becomes the D266 pass the airport of Dinard-Pleurtuit-Saint Lunaire; take right briefly on the D168 and again on the D266 direction Dinard, off the D266 entering the town we turn left into rue Henri Maulion then continue on  rue Saint Enogat to park free by the beach or plage de Saint Enogat, pretty district guide you by the sign for the Church of Saint Enogat, from which we walk all over the place! All done in 163,7 kms and 1h40m !

We went straight for the beach at plage Saint Enogat, wonderful stretch of sandy beach with great bath changing rooms and a mini golf. The restos were just up the street at 100 meters right by the fontaine Jules Verne, and wonderful water spout of 10 meters high. Then we went to the Church of Saint Enogat ,previous church from the 17C  only the belltower from 1761 is standing original, the new church was built in 1874 with many furniture and paintings from the 19C and 20C. The church sits in a peaceful corner right behind the buzzle and hussle of the beach area.


We continue our walk all thru curving ,narrow, steep streets along the coast by the promenade de clair du lune created in 1930,  and the rue albert lacroix zigzagging into the little streets and some private chemin passageways between homes to reach closer to the ocean. The views are fantastic and the houses if we can call them that , more like mansions or small castles of the belle époque period are superb; can’t wait to get my hand on one of them ::)  You go by the parc de Port Riou with a panoramic view of the ocean and a villa port riou built in 1882 that has a lighthouse building in the front!!!


The pointe de la Malouine is a beautiful lookout of gorgeous homes and great ocean views  all plumbing into the beach or plage de l’écluse, inmense at low tide you seems to go right into the ocean with a pool, huge front property, a beach to return. Here interesting there is a statue to Alfred Hitchcock who loves to come here! You have wonderful villa reine Hortense, (queen of Holland) who vacationed here built by the Russian lover prince Nicolas Vlassov who was passionate of the life of the mother of Napoléon III.  The mansion continue too numerous all wonderful such as the villa Cézembre with a stair bringing you down to the beach and the villa Greystones of art deco style.




We continue on the Pointe du Moulinet, rocky place on the border of the Rance on the city of Saint Malo, here more villas such as Saint Germain built in 1870, the pont d’emeraude with great views of the ocean and the villa La Garde tudor style construction. You will see a huge pool on the bridge or pont de l’émeraude that is use in summers ;gorgeous pool.



The plage de l’écluse or levies beach is one favorite to return having the Malouine on the west and the Moulinet on the east, with bath changing cabins since 1859. An aristocratic beach with the famous from Europe with casino Barriére (built 1902) , the palais des arts et du festival exhibition hall, go  up on blvd Féart and see the villa Montplaisir very so British style, and the wonderful tourist office. Here we had lunch.


Finally, that time to eat, and we were in the beach area of the Ecluse so we choose the one active place Brasserie le Bar du Soleil, great choice ,fantastic service, very funny/friendly waiters, the food was good with a bottle of muscadet white wine and American tuna sandwhiches, mussels ,and burgers ,café or thé gourmand dishes which are coffee or tea with small pastries and all for under 22€ per person, can’t beat it with the view, the location and the servings big. Just due for a return.



Already some family members becoming tired,not me ::) of walking lol! We arrived at the  beach or plage de la prieuré, this is a port harbor with you see a pool open, and you see the Church Notre Dame, built in 1858, with stained glass done by Max Ingrand. It is a bigger church but less popular, and has a wonderful nave with memorial to the fallen inside as well as in front of the Church. The across the street Christ cross overlooking the Prieuré beach is wonderful.


We stopped short of the last district La Vicomté, because it has been a long day of walking, the city is long with district far apart and hilly so it takes it tolls, next time we will park closer to this district to finish our journey of the city. From the Church Notre Dame on the side we took the rue des français libres to return to Saint Enogat and pickup our car not before getting some baguettes at the corner boulangerie Romain, and some drinks at the near boulangerie Aux délices Enogatais at place du calvaire. Ready to take our car back home.


The tourist office of Dinard-Côte d’Emeraude:

The Brittany tourist office on Dinard and the Côte d’Emeraude:

The tourist office of dept 35 South Brittany on the Côte d’Emeraude/Dinard:

We took the same road back and made in about the same time and km. Another city of Brittany review and counting, the region is beautiful with many more to see, explore, admire, and visit by the road warriors!! Indeed we came back and several posts in my blog. Hope you enjoy this brief introduction to pretty Dinard.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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January 18, 2021

Quimperlé after the floods still looks wonderful!!!

Let me update the links and refresh the text on this old post from 2015 on something interesting that can happen here often, especially in winter. For lack of snow, we have water !!! Let me tell you a bit about Quimperlé!

I was here before the floods, even thus is only 50 minutes from me by car, decided to go back and check out the city of Quimperlé,in the Finistére 29 département of  Bretagne. This is a town of floods at least since the 1600’s and until recently as early as Feb 2014. One year later is as if nothing had been done, the city center was flooded with 1,50 meters of water from the rivers Ellé,Isole, and Laita. You can come here by train ,direct to Paris Montparnasse in TGV ,bus or car on the expressway N165, we do it by car. Today, we chose the back roads of the D102, D22,D724,D765 to get there in about one hour.

We walk the city center after free parking by Place Charles de Gaulle,right next to the  Laita river. All along to the city we past by wonderful towns such as Malachappe, a commune part of Pluvigner on the D102, then Languidic, Plouay, Arzano, and Quimperlé. Some of the most impressive buildings are the churches here, see posts. We did walk Quimperlé around the river banks, and into the old town, around our favorite Church Sainte Croix and over the small bridge pont fleuri where our favorite restaurant créperie du pont fleuri is located , was ready for us for lunch as it was opened on Sundays from 12-14h! Not anymore closed Sundays and Mondays.(see post)


We went nearby the church and parking to the covered market halles right next to the Church Sainte Croix , where we had some intense coffee special blend, and we got our baguettes and pastries for this evening at the bakery open on Sundays until 19h30! Au Palet d’Or, 3 Rue Brémond d’Ars. After tries and démolitions from the first one in 1886, the Halles or covered market is redone in 2002 at Place Hevo near the above places. There still the impressive facade of the old convent now a cinema Le Bobine.  (see posts) .The library of les mots des voyageurs on place Hevo is great for travel books all over and good service and selection, just behind the halles or covered market.




One of the advantages of living in history and monument rich Bretagne/Breizh, and just for info passed by two chapel churches and a private castle that will have to wait for next time in my region lol! So much to see and little time….! Until next time on the Breton roads.

The city of Quimperlé on its history and heritage:

The tourist office of Quimperlé-Terre Océane on Quimperlé:

The tourist office of Bretagne on Quimperlé :

Hope you have enjoy this bit of post on wonderful fortified Quimperlé and do stop by when possible ok. And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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January 17, 2021

The trip: Poland and Brazil, Europe and America!

Now this was a round trip ! times were tight and needed to make the run Poland to Brazil and back to France! I like to update this post from 2017 in my blog with updated links and text same pictures. Hope you enjoy it as I did.

To say the least, it has been my worse logistically incredible trip ever. To say, been traveling for over 40 years since very young, and to all kinds of continents and countries, cities etc.  This one tops it all. Ok, I have read of others similar situations and maybe mine is not too bad after all, but for me, individual experience it was horrible.

The going was easy, my father took me to the train station in Auray and took there the TER train to Nantes changing trains in Redon for Nantes. At the train station of Nantes took the navette airport bus to the airport of Nantes.  This service I have to say taken it many times and it is wonderful at only 8,50€ the transfer (now is 9€). Arriving a day earlier to catch my very early flight to Krakow, Poland, I stayed in a familiar hotel the Escales Oceania hotel at Nantes airport ,very good deal and done it before nice place. It just across from airport nice easy walking.


At Nantes Atlantique airport (NTE) took an Air France flight to Roissy CDG (Paris). The connection at CDG was done ok,and took my flight on Easyjet to Krakow Poland; all ok. This taking the easy CDGVAL train that goes from T1 to T3 at CDG and parking spaces as Roissypole train/bus  hub. Once in Krakow took a taxi to my hotel the Sheraton Grand Krakow.(part of the Marriott group)

For reference the Krakow airport

And the Sheraton Grand Hotel Krakow


As needed to go on towards Brazil, the flight at Krakow on an  Easyjet flight back to Roissy CDG ok. Then, took the LATAM airline flight to Sao Paulo airport at Guarulhos in Brazil. All ok so far.

The rides in familiar territory like Sao Paulo State was wonderful and the visit to some old and new places great again in pretty Brazil in country better indeed. The people,the food ,the natural sites are wonderful and even a lake beach; very popular with locals. I did venture again into the Minas Gerais State as well and the same wonderful experiences in old territories. See my many posts in the blog.

The problem was on the return home from Brazil.  I was to take a flight on LATAM from Sao Paulo Guarulhos airport to Roissy CDG (Paris) at 22h35 or 10:35 pm. This flight for operational reasons not well explained was postponed to leaving from 03h00 or 3am!!! I needed to wait at the Sao Paulo airport for 6 hrs!! too long for my tastes.

As this initial flight was delayed operationally as said, all other flights had to be postponed as well. I arrive at Roissy CDG airport at Saturday 19h10 or 7:10 pm; here had change of flights from the original leaving of 17h to one leaving at 21h35 or 9:35pm arriving at Nantes on Air France by 22h45 or 10:45pm.

A car rental on Europcar was to be waited for me with the keys at the train station of Nantes Mercure centre gare hotel as the normal hours of Europcar closed at 18h15!! A great service for a train station car rental agency!!! The hotel is next door literally attach to the train station!

Once all the paperwork was done with my travel agency.  Still at the Roissy CDG airport trying to get the flight to Nantes I received a call from an Europcar agent that they did not received a copy of my driving license for the car , therefore, could not be protected!!! Apparently, my travel agency did not confirm the copy of my driving license was sent or Europcar decided to rent out the car more profitably to someone else!!!

At that time, already almost 23h or 11 pm, calling the night service of my travel agency FMC, got a hold of an agent who told me all cars were taken as it was the Ascension weekend in France as well as Sunday been Mother’s Day here!!! (Sunday May 28th) lol!  The very same scenario tried to beat out on my taken earlier flights!

I took upon myself to stayed the night in Nantes and asked for a train ride back home on Sunday! So I booked myself the Hotel du Grand Monarque in Nantes right across from the Church of Saint Clément. Written several post on Nantes and its monument on my blog.

I took the hotel because saw it quant and small cozy in a nice good ambiance street of rue Maréchal Joffre. However it has not AC, no elevators/lifts and the room available was in the 4th floor which actually was the attic of the hotel! small don’t ask!!! Not recommended! The hotel has change ownership and is now the Hotel The Originals du Grand Monarque; webpage:

At least, I had time in the morning to go for lunch to my fix hub across the train station of Nantes in the Café des Plantes for a nice Andouille steak, café gourmand and nice cold grimbergen blonde beer. This is a busy place at lunch always but never a problem sitting down for lunch, see my post: and as many are closed now due to the virus the webpage is not working well, give you their Facebook page:


My return home was finally booked at the next available train Sunday 15h20 or 3:20pm from the train station of Nantes to Auray where again my old reliable father was waiting with my oldest son. I arrive at Auray at 16h44 and home by 17h30 Sunday May 28th!!! Mother’s Day restaurant had to wait for Monday….!

So there you have the adventures of  pedmar10 one of a kind for me; as the consolation, there is always a first lol!!! And then more! Enjoy the trip me tomorrow back to work ; but then another 3 day weekend forthcoming…..on my belle France!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

January 16, 2021

Vannes, the gateway to the Gulf of Morbihan!!!

Indeed, it is the gateway to the Gulf of Morbihan and more! Vannes is our capital city and I need to update this post from 2013 with links and text on my black and white series as sights and pictures are elsewhere in my blog already. Hope you enjoy the reading and do stop by when possible. 

It was another excuse to go where I work, and have it as a holiday lol! I am really on vacation but always the last minute road warrior.  Yesterday, we needed to do some errands and shop, so I gather my father and boys and drag along the streets and stores of Vannes.  Its a magical city full of shops and restos all over, and yesterday it was vibrantly full. A nice summer day with temps in the 28°C and sunny. We drove by car of course, and went thru the back door on blvd de la paix, got on rue de la fontaine and found parking on the street payable but for 2 euros spent 6 hrs! And as everything is nearby on foot is heaven.

Again, Vannes means Gwened if use the Breton language as Morbihan is small sea, mor=sea bihan=small, in French, petite mer; and you are welcome to my region, Degemer Mat !!

We went to the Church of St Patern (see post), is the second most popular after the Cathedral and it is gorgeous as well. In a very quaint old city side full of shops and restos, where we ate too. The church is in the St Patern neightborhood and was name after the first bishop of Vannes in the 5C.  The church was destroyed by Norman invasion in the 10C,and rebuilt in 1723. To visit and walk around its neighborhood is a delight that I recommend.

We wandered all over the side streets,like Méné, pl des lices,de la Fontaine,de halles, Francis Decker, and the ramparts with the old castle ruins still visible plus a look at the entrance to the chateau de l’Hermine , 5 rue porte de poterne (see post). We did some shopping in the covered market by pl des lices, and visit la Belle Illoise, La Trinitaine , the ice cream gourmand Alain Chartier, Monoprix store in pl jacques le Brix, la huche à pains bakery, and a brief visit to the museum of history and archeology at Chateau Gaillard. (see post).

Got a nice shot of my regional government building or Préfecture du Morbihan, this is the official one, that is for govt employees and official functions, there is another one where the citizens go in for our daily routine as driver’s license,voting,etc. at pl de la République. .

Did I said, we ate, yes at the St Patern neighborhood and a wonderful find; Le Gavroche, (see post) a traditional French restaurant with terrrace in the back, with friendly Breton welcome of a brandy of rum and honey for free as a digestif! It is at 17 rue de la Fontaine, and we had steaks with cook vegetables, potatoes, grimbergen beers for five, coffee for five, and desserts from créme brulée to ice creams of many sorts all for 19 euros per person. 

Boys did go and shop at Empire Games  (now closed memories only) a sort of star wars scenes of games and figurines, t-shits etc. ; all chic and different by pl des lices; very nice friendly service. Another store Japanim is by 14 Bis Rue Emile Burgault  that offers lots of mangas, dvd, cups, etc of the japanese genre of games and movies. My son’s favorite !

We did our usual majestic drive by the porte de Poterne into the remparts to inner city that is always magical  going thru there.  And,of course see the old fortifications and the tour du Connétable majestic rising over the remparts gardens. (see post).

In Vannes ,we did our grocery shopping at E Leclerc with my sons and had a between meal meal at a nice cafeteria  we have seen and now was the time to try it. Le Vénélis cafeteria grill (this is closed and is now Flunch cafeteria which we have tried too)  is very friendly smiling staff, and great food at wonderful prices. We had boeuf bourguignone, spaghetti meatballs for some, and breast of duck for others, with a bottle of beaujolais nouveau red, bottle water Evian, sodas such as fanta and coca cola , desserts from natural fruits including kiwis, to passion fruit desserts, and coffee expresso for less than 18 euros per person.

In late afternoon we continue our walks passing by some of our favorite stores and streets such as 

La Belle Illoise, fish canning local ,wonderful; 31 place des lices, La Trinitaine, cookies biscuits ,breton sweets, deco, souvenirs,and fish canning too, glorious at 19 place des lices. Alain Chartier chocolatier and glacier ,ice creams gourmands, mâitre chocolatier de France at 25 place des lices, and also a school of cooking desserts. Monoprix, discount dept store at place Joseph le Brix. La Huche à Pains, the best bakery at 23 Place des Lices. 

And we move on for late dinner at Villa Valencia. 3 Rue Bienheureux Pierre René Rogues ,where I had my filet mignon pork in a wok oriental style, and the kids had their pizzas , a bottle of Charles Pain, Chinon red wine , banana splits desserts and coffee for 24 euros per person.

We went home but next day came back to Vannes so will put it together here. We stop by Le Port for lunch at one of our favorite places, A l’aise  Breizh Café on top of the Capitanerie du port (harbormaster). We had our mussels =moules with the local guimennée sausages and fries, with  kouign–amannbreton sweet with a ball of apple ice cream ,and banana splits, plus a bottle of muscadet from Sauvion, for less than 22 euros per person.

Again with the boys we needed to stop at Japanim, japanese cartoon,mangas the works from Japan, at 14 Bis Rue Emile Burgault for more mangas books! We passed by the quant nice covered market or marché couvert des lices at pl des lices. We did some tablecloths shopping at La Tapenalgue, 23 Rue des Halles , wonderful gifts of Brittany and foods items locally done. The store is in the old section very nice quant area to walk too, our favorite. Now own by Aux Mille Délices of Lorient. Even if now closed we stop by our favorite shopping store  Michel Loizeau was at pl Henri IV , the house dates from the 15C! Here we had our Breton winter clothing, bags ,umbrellas,and belts of the finest local quality. 

Through the meandering hilly cobblestone streets of old Vannes we love to walk it ,however, if feeling tired , we never but, dont forget the petit train, or little train that can take you past these places to get a general feel of the city if time is short, of course, walking is best.

We decided to try a different eating place this time for dinner, and having passed by the pizzeria, we took the plunge into .It was a wonderful discovery as the service was fast and friendly, the food was excellent and with big portions, the place was full of local folks most with families. This Pizzeria Don Camillo at 20 rue du port, by the Le Port area across from the canal and the tourist office. We like it so much came back second time same week, once we like something ,we are very hard to let go, the couple owners are a delight and fun to speak with regulars of many years ,who even come to sample the wines that will be serve on the menu book! This time it was a chardonnay from the Languedoc area, but we stuck with our Rosé of the Côtes de Provence, les Diamantines of Domaine de l’Estan , very inexpensive and delicious rosé for about 11€ the bottle.  We had  pizzas in mediterrannée with chorizos, and goat cheese samplers, with cafe gourmand, the expresso coffee with four different small portions of sweet from tiramisu, mousse au chocolat, apple pie, and babba rhum cake, and the beforemention bottle of rose wine all for less than 19 euros per person!

And we came home again, as usual by now a regular routine in my Vannes from to Pluvigner. You will love it at Vannes,capital city of the Morbihan in my lovely Bretagne and my belle France. Hope you enjoy the walks!

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist office on Vannes:

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist office on Vannes:

The city of Vannes on tourism in English:

Now I feel better, all done and pretty , waiting for you to visit when possible of course. Vannes is worth it, one of the best jewels of Bretagne. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

January 16, 2021

Bretagne, Morbihan, roads and waterways transports bits and pieces….!

As the world turns, one needs to update links and refresh the older ones, this is the case of this post back from 2012. It is a must with transports, and even thus listed some in the individual cities’ posts, I like to update the general overview of them. Hoping you enjoy the transports bits and pieces of my Morbihan breton dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne.

One of the most difficult situation in Brittany, Bretagne, Breizh (Breton) is the minimum public transport service. The idea of moving about freely as in the Ïle de France region from where I came from here is unheard of, nothing like 10 minutes of intervals on buses,etc, here you get one every two hours; the summer a bit better as it is tourist season for the region, the winter is dead…Literally!

Trying to figure it out is tough, luckily I depend on my car, my boys a bit less, we tried to connect whereever they are as to from where I am coming from or a simple outing to city center Vannes for example can take all day to maximize the traject and shopping. So ,therefore, here are some bits and pieces of public transports in my new department of the Morbihan, dept 56.

Listing by main towns I have traveled already.

Auray, you have the connections with the Keolis Morbihan network on the new site mobibreizh on lines 1,1bis,5,6,and 16. webpage:

The above is the general site for the region of Bretagne on public transports for trains, buses, train buses, bikes, metro, tramway, cable , boats, car sharing, and school buses ways of transport. There is another site more regional by department serving the same, this is Breizhgo,

You can pay on the mini bus, then you have the city of Auray Auraybus, all year from monday to saturday, tickets sold on the buses as well, the city contracts out with Keolis Atlantique network here:

In summer you can take the train ride Tire Bouchon from Auray to Quiberon, a popular destination and already noted as my favorite spot. TER Bretagne you can buy tickets in all area train stations. Next the line will open June 21 ,2021! webpage:

You have car rentals at the gare from Avis, Europcar so far as the train station is on a big renovation project.  There are good parking at Athéna (by the centre culturel) rue Henri Dunant, Chapelle Saint -Esprit, rue des Féves, place Hulot,Place de Kériolet (my favorite just at city center side), place Notre Dame, place du loch, place raoul Dautry, rue du jeu de Paume, and Le Verger. 

There is a taxi stand by the train station, hospital CHBA, and Le Port. The best and most available is by the gare or train station, webpage:

The city of Beltz, Keolis in mobibreizh buses line 16,18, rent bicycles at les vélos de la ria, 19 rue des sports (behind the Super U grocery store)  webpage:

Belle-île-en-Mer, bus Taol Mor everyday from april to november 7th, four regular lines, main station embarcadere espace Charles de Gaulle, A quai de l’Yser. Several here me think the best are Cars Vert:

A loca scoot & Vélos 4 quai Bonnelle for bike and scooter rentals: webpage:

At Belle-île-en-Mer,Locmaria bikes at locmaria cycle, rue des Acadiens. webpage:

Brech, Keolis on mobibreizh bus line 5, info at as in Auray and into Vannes. This know very well, it was my kids school bus line for a couple of years here!

Carnac, Keolis (mobibreizh)  lines 1 and 18, site as in Auray. bus Carnavette, from center to beaches in summer july and august 7 days a week, free main at mayor’s office or Mairie, Place de la chapelle, or Carnac bourg.webpage:

Rent bicycles at A bicyclette, 93bis avenue des Druides, carnac plage. webpage:

Parking for your car available by Impasse des Korrigans, chemin du Tumulus, rue Paul Person, rue de Courdiec, Square Illertissen, Place Saint Fiacre, avenue du Rahic, La Poste, Port en Dro,Carnac plage (my spot). parking is free.

Crac’h, Keolis (mobibreizh bus line 1 and 1bis . Ti’Bus  goes in summers to Crac’h, Locmariaquer,and Saint Philibert from monday to saturdays in july and august. Free. webpage:,218,1896.html

Erdeven, Keolis (mobibreizh) bus lines 16 and 18 . bike rentals at Taxi, Allez-y Taxi, Kerouriec.

Etel, Keolis (mobibreizh) bus lines 16 and 18. And bikes from the Les vélos de la ria,webpage:

Houat, island, bike rental Houat vélos, on the port . You can have your luggage and you transported to the house or port harbor by calling the mayor’s office or mairie at tel +33 (0) 2 97 30 68 04.

Locmariaquer, Keolis (mobibreizh) bus 1bis,. Bus local, Ti’Bus, goes from city center to campings and beaches of Locmariaquer, Crac’h, Saint Philibert, its free.  bike rentals, camping domaine résidentiel de Kerpenhir, 2 rue Henri Erzan. webpage: and Camping Lann-Brick; webpage:

Plouharnel, Keolis (mobibreizh) bus 1 and 18. bike rentals, tourist office in summer at rond-point de l’océan, and train station or gare de Plouharnel in summer months. Taxis:,taxi du dolmen, tel +33 (0) 2 97 52 40 40 and taxi de Plouharnel Kristof, tel +33 (0) 6 27 42 57 87. You find car parking by the train station and place de Gaulle;free.

Quiberon, Keolis (mobibreizh) bus 1 from Auray, also see the train Tire Bouchon from Auray in summer months. The local Quib’bus goes in city center to gare train station. webpage:

Best bike rentals at Cyclomar at 47 place Hoche near the Grand Plage or big beach: webpage:

Parking at Quiberon , big one at Le Sémaphore,route de Kernavest, entrance to Quiberon or Kerné, by the passenger boat terminal, route de Kerniscob,  also at Sizorn, 36 rue de Port maria (april to september), Hotel de la Mer, 8 quai de Houat, however my favorites are by Place Varquez and the gare or train station and then its 5 min walk to the beach and its free. For taxis well known Abaca taxis Quiberonnais et Saint Pierrois, 24 rue des Tritons , webpage:

Saint Philibert, Keolis (mobibreizh) bus lines 1 and 1bis. and local bus Ti’Bus see Locmariaquer, and Crac’h above.

Saint-Pierre Quiberon,  Keolis (mobibreizh) line 1 from Auray. bike rentals at train station or gare at Rue Georges Clémenceau.  Taxi Nevo, 22 avenue de Bretagne see above Quiberon.

Sainte-Anne d’Auray,  Keolis (mobibreizh)  lines 5 and 6, by Auray to Vannes etc.  taxi Guernevé,  34 Rue de Vannes (D19)  tel +33 (0) 2 97 57 56 56.

La Trinité-sur-Mer, Keolis (mobibreizh) bus lines 1 and 18.  local bus Trinibus, city center to beaches, harbor, villages in summer every day only .Free. webpage:

The parking at La Trinité sur Mer best along the port or behind the creperie la Goeland. others are at Place du Voulien, le Grand Pavois, La Vigie,Kervourden, Le Poulbert, Cours des Quais, Place de la Mairie (fees), parking du terre-plein des américains, last two in zone bleau , parking limited by time. Otherwise the rest are free. Taxi, tête de station, cours des quais facing the fishmarket, Les Taxi Trinitain, webpage:

The sea connection to outlaying islands are diverse, to the Belle-île-en-Mer, Houat,and Hoedic. See the Compagnie Océane and Navix leaving from Quiberon,Vannes, and Locmariaquer Port Navalo, la Turballe, Le Croisic from april to september.

Leaving from Locmariaquer towards the Golfe du Morbihan or Gulf of Morbihan, you have the passeur des îles to port Navalo and Ïle d’Arz from april to september. webpage:

And the L’Angélus to Ïle d’Houat from Locmariaquer at 9h30.webpage: 

Connection at Etel port to Plouhinec ,Le Magouër port with the le passeur, from june 1 to September 30th .webpage:

Also, departing from St Goustan port in Auray to le Bono ; le Passeur des Iles as above. webpage:

And this is leaving out the major town and capital city of Vannes, and the sub capital city of Lorient. As mentioned above the overall site for all transport in Bretagne now is  Mobibreizh. Have it on journey planner page. webpage:

And there you go a nice way to move about on the roads and waters of the Morbihan dept 56 of Bretagne in my belle France. Hope you enjoy the ride!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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