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January 26, 2022

Some news from France, CCCLVI

Therefore, here I go with my regular series on some news from France. This has become my longest running regular series and I thank you all my readers and followers. The days are now wintery with temps in 32F or 0C gray well winter at least we have no snow!! Let me get off these news report for you and me. Hope you enjoy it as I.

From this Monday, January 24, 2022 the vaccination pass comes into force and replaces the health pass ! Here we go again folks!! Concretely, this means that presenting a negative test is no longer enough: it is now necessary to justify a complete vaccination schedule, i.e. one or two doses depending on the vaccine. , and its booster dose. And that concerns anyone over the age of 16; minors aged 12 to 15, for their part, remain with the simple health pass. This vaccine is now in force will be requested in all restaurants, bars and cafes, like its big health brother. But it will also be necessary to count on it to access all the leisure activities, from the cinema to the sports hall, as well as to transport, that is to say all the planes and the coaches and interregional trains, except in the event of compelling reason. We are forcibly taken all the shots and we are ready to go out! Even if the demonstration against the pass are gaining ground,

The travel site Tripadvisor (one I left long ago) has compiled its list of the world’s 10 best eating cities by compiling data shared by its users. Rome takes first place, followed by London then Paris. (this is no surprise as after it all is heavily influence by the readers there), Paris closes the top 3 with food critics who nevertheless praised the quality of the French products such as cheese! London has seduced the hearts of its travelers with its unmissable fish and chips, its Borough Market or the Hand and Flowers, the only two-Michelin-starred pub in England. Finally, Rome takes first place with its famous pizzas and authentic pasta recipes. The ranking with my experiences in black are 1. Rome, 2. London, 3. Paris, 4. Dubai, 5. Barcelona, ​​6. Madrid, 7. São Paulo, 8. New York, 9. Bangkok, and 10. Singapore.

Placed under the supervision of the Commission des Monuments Historiques, the museum covers the history of the arts from Antiquity to the Renaissance. Since 2015, the museum has been engaged in a vast modernization project: creation of a new reception building, accessibility and resumption of visitor routes which will allow, by 2022, to bring the museum into the 21st century. The Cluny Museum, the medieval world is reopening during Spring 2022 , 6, place Paul Painlevé 5éme, webpage:

This new wasteland is the work of Yes We Camp (the co-founding collective of Les Grands Voisins), Plateau Urbain, Ancoats, Coups deousses and Aurore who won a call for tenders. For the moment, it’s a vast wasteland in the Bercy-Charenton ZAC, but to make the place more fun and lively than ever, there could be biodiversity, bars, barbecues in a few months in self-service, an urban garden, yurts and culture, here you go… A great program in perspective! Stay on for more news! Wasteland Les Grands Voisins, 22, boulevard Poniatowski, 12éme, Nearest stop metro line 8 Porte de Charenton and Tramway T3a, More info contact webpage:

From this Monday, January 10, 2022, the Navigo pass is transformed into a cultural pass in more than 300 places in Paris. Using public transport offers you many advantages and discounts from this Monday ; among the addresses concerned are: 147 cinemas, 63 museums, 52 performance halls, 26 cultural centers and 12 festivals. To enjoy the benefits, your pass will simply be scanned at the entrance to the facility to verify its validity. Welcome gifts, preferential rates, invitations to openings and other discounts are yours! Webpage :

At the Maison de Balzac, the artists to the test of the “unknown masterpiece”, Disparate works, Picasso or Bernard Dufour in particular, illustrate the famous news of the writer, dialogue with him or refer to it. The unknown masterpiece is a news of Honoré de Balzac, whose first publication dates from 1831 and the final version of 1847. The protagonists are three painters: the imaginary Frenhofer, the real Pourbus (Frans Pourbus) and Poussin (Nicolas Poussin) as well as the friend of this one, the beautiful Gillette. The young Poussin visits his elder Frenhofer , which Balzac presents as a student of Mabuse , the Flemish Jan Mabuse, which is more often called Jan Gossaert and who died in 1532, webpage :

On January 21, 2002 was inaugurated a contemporary art center in the Tokyo Palace in Paris. Twenty years later, the pandemic questioned a once winning model, based on the rental of space and patronage. The building was built on the occasion of the 1937 World Expo. The Bureau of the President of the Palace of Tokyo only resembles that of a President of French Cultural Institution. Of course, the view of the sky of Paris gives a prestigious impression. And the folders to sign and to parapher pile up. But here there is nothing ceremonial that we find elsewhere. There is strictly not even a desktop, but a huge circular table that invites disorder and collective meetings. Palais of Tokyo, the largest center of contemporary art in Europe, needs help=visitors, webpage :

This is the impression that this new fashion season autumn-winter 2022-2023, which took place in Paris from 18 to 24 January: 59 of the 76 houses listed in the official calendar played caution with a video or presentations (appointments face-to-face between designer and professionals). Only 17 brands organized physical parades with guests. So again , a new way to see the Fashion Week in Paris ! There is more coming here ,Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode webpage :

The gardens of Luxembourg and the Tuileries offers are of real very popular bonuses, but are not determining factors to develop or stay in Saint-Germain-des-Pres. The Saint-Germain-des-Prés , quartier or neighbohood no 24 and on the 6éme arrondissement or district of Paris, is a very privileged area with its old buildings and its proximity to many and famous green spaces. Only nature at hand does not seem to be a criteria determining and staying in the neighborhood. Although they occupy a small square in the daily lives of its inhabitants, green spaces do not always ever in first place when it has to skip the footsteps and invest. Living here, you hope to have a beautiful view of the Seine, on Saint-Sulpice. You want a Haussmann building to see older. But you do not think about parks. squares, there are everywhere. Here you look for a certain way of life in a bourgeois district. But this “way of life” also has its disadvantages. Everything is expensive, the pharmacy at 61, rue de la Seine is the most expensive of all Paris ! Yes even in the most beautiful city in the world, you cannot have it all !!! The Paris tourist office walks in the neighborhood :

The future of Orlyval compromised after the extension of metro line 14 to the airport, the opening, in 2024, a direct connection between Paris and Orly (Val-de-Marne 94 ) will remove a lot of its interest , At this automatic shuttle that connects the airport to Antony Rer B Station (Hauts-de-Seine 92 ), already low frequented. Ile-de-France Mobilité has not yet decided on its future. From 2024, to go from Paris to Orly Airport , public transport users will have the choice. Either a direct trip by the prolonged line 14 at the price of a metro ticket. Either a correspondence route to Antony by RER B, then the Orlyval automatic shuttle at the price of 9.30 euros (the shuttle price, not included in the Pass Navigo) plus the ticket from RER … which will still choose option B, the longest and most expensive? Of not many huge price difference and time.

At the Château de Chantilly, the Logis wing was a beauty for reopening, In the old owner of the duke of Aumale, in the Oise (60) the winter closure made it possible to operate renovations, and to restore certain works, in tight calendar to allow the reopening, this coming Saturday January 29. And expectations are large for 2022. Despite a rise in attendance in 2021, the past year was more marked by news related to the financial management of the Institute of France, the owner of the castle, strongly criticized. Managers would now like to focus on the cultural aspect. During this winter break, the big operation was therefore the Cabinet de Giotto, which brings together Italian works of the 14C to the 17C. This is one of the seven enfilade pieces that make up the paint galleries of the Logis wing. After the renovation of the private apartments of the Duke of Aumale, whose 200 years of birth are celebrated, it is the great project that will occupy the teams until 2024. What to put a little light on this part of the castle, less known than others. Watteau, Géricault, Delacroix or Ingres, however, there are all masterpieces to be shown ! Webpage :

The Saudade Portuguese resto is recognised as the embassy of Portuguese gastronomy in France. Saudade (given for good deeds, health, and prosperity) offers a setting faithful to its country of origin. Wooden furniture, earthenware on the wall and especially large tables, we go there to listen to fado, a traditional local song imbued with… nostalgia Saudade, 34 rue des Bourdonnais, 1éme, webpage:

Have you fallen in love with Portuguese pastry? If gluttony is a sin, it is easily forgotten when entering the shop. Also perfect at lunchtime, we leave with a dish (bacalhau a bras, baked chicken and baby vegetables, octopus with potatoes and salad…), a pastel and a drink for 11€. Café Nata, 58, rue Richer 9éme, webpage:

Difficult to forget his passage as he marked the spirits. Mallory Gabsi, 23 at the time of Top Chef, had his audience languishing for nearly two years. In an interview with Sudinfo, the news broke: Mallory will soon open its first restaurant in the 17éme arrondissement of Paris near the Arc de Triomphe. Be alert webpage:

A journey through time, from the 80’s to today, a scenography punctuated by ghetto blasters, jukeboxes, disco balls or collector skates while free access vintage consoles will bring together all retrogaming enthusiasts… As for food, beware the eyes: we travel around the world , minus the jetlag , with Asian burgers from Little BaoBei or street version fish from Père & Fish, passing through the recipes (pizzas in mind) from Magna and its chef Julien Serri or the Japanese-inspired rolls from Kantine (Kumo). iconik
28bis, avenue d’Italie, 13éme, Opened by December 9, 2021, webpage:

Last but not least another great one fades away…Thierry Mugler or fashion as a total art, in the 1970s, the Creator had imposed a line exacerbating femininity, and had transformed his parades into disproportionate shows. Later, his perfume Angel had had a phenomenal success, (presented by Eva Mendes) opening the doors of haute couture. Producer of shows, choreographer, he died on January 23, at the age of 73 of natural causes in Paris. RIP. Webpage:

Great Update, wonderful France! Historical scoop. The National Assembly, the first chamber of the French Parliament, has approved tonight the bill that will allow the return to the heirs of their first owners of the works that have been, for years, the property of the Louvre Museum and other great national heritage institutions, that you can return them to the heirs of their owners. They were looted by the Nazis. Fifteen works, including a Klimt and a Chagall, will be the first to benefit from the bill, after its final approval. The concordant works of several independent historians discovered, five years ago, that more than 100,000 works of art, among which were approximately a thousand masterpieces by great creators (Monet, Degas, Picasso, among others), were transferred from France to Germany, between 1940 and 1945. But the global importance of the works stolen by the Nazis that today are part of the national heritage. And the identity of the heirs of the victims of Nazi looting is also unknown. After its final approval, the new Law will allow an unprecedented historical review and restitution to begin. Great news I know of many works of arts in the Louvre; as I am friend of the museum since 2004.

There you go folks, another some news from France, and just great fun. Paris, one told us is a mouvable feast,and I said needs to be expanded to France is a mouvable feast. Hope you enjoy the post and do stop by will you!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

January 18, 2022

The Tour d’Horloge of Dinan!

We walk into the gorgeous city old center with wooden houses from as far back as the 14C, and came up to see the tour d’Horloge. The Tour d’Horloge or belfry of Dinan, is a tower built at the end of the 15C, located rue de l’Horloge , For reference, Dinan is in the Côtes-d’Armor department 22 of the region of Bretagne. The tower is 45 meters high, which symbolizes the prosperity of the city. It still has the bell offered by the Duchess Anne de Bretagne and Queen of France.

I have look up this monument briefly mentioned in previous posts, and decided to do a separate post with older pictures as it merits me think. Hope you enjoy the post on the Belfry or Tour d’Horloge of Dinan!


Under the reign of Duke François II of Brittany, the council of notables decides on the construction of a building, to serve as a meeting room, except for the Great meetings which are held in the chapter house of the Jacobins convent , and conservation of archives, as well as a watchtower to prevent fires that are too frequent in the city.  It was Jehan II de Rosnyvinen, Lord of Vaucouleurs then governor of the city who laid the first stone in the rue de la Corduennerye. Twenty years later, in 1500 the Duchess Anne of Brittany ordered her representative, governor of the city: the viscount of Rohan, to install a presidial and granted by letters patent in 1507 permission to put a clock in the town’s tower, raising it to the rank of belfry, with the installation of a bell of which she is the godmother and Monsieur de Rohan the godfather. The bell  received the first name of Anne. It will ring from that day to the year 1906, when it will be melted down and remade identically with a new name: Duchess Anne. Dinan becomes after Rennes and Fougères, the third town in Brittany to have a belfry. The clock manufactured in 1498 was ordered by the town in 1505 and installed at the same time as the bell. It will be changed in 1657 and stopped in 1847. It will remain the seat of the town until the French revolution which will subsequently move according to local events, to settle in 1817 in place de l’Hospice.


The belfry, at the top of which we can see from its circular platform, a panoramic viewpoint over the city of Dinan, was opened to the public in 1932.The passage which links the rue de l’Horloge to the Place du Guesclin was opened in 1984. The clock still strikes every quarter of an hour, half an hour, and hour.  The base of the building has a square plan of 8 meters on each side and from the 4th floor (5th US) becomes octagonal. The tower is accessed by the spiral staircase of the turret adjoining the west facade which is itself surmounted by a half-peppered roof with cut sides and double slope.

This Tour d’Horloge contains five bells . A small bell dated 1823, Noguette, the smallest of the four bells installed under the headdress of the tower is a Gothic style. Françoise, the small quarter bell weighs 121 kg for 590 mm in diameter.  Jacqueline, the fat quarter bell weighs 154 kg for 640 mm in diameter. Duchesse Anne, ,the bell of the hours, remelted in 1905 as an almost identical copy of the bell of 1507, weighs 2.355 kg for 1.585 mm in diameter. It scores at once every hour. The three bells equipped with a ringing system give the exact time from 7h to 22h inclusive thanks to a radio-synchronized control panel on the time. 

The city of Dinan on the Clock tower

The Dinan Cap Fréhel tourist office on Dinan

There you go folks, another dandy monument in my lovely Bretagne and my belle France. Dinan is very nice indeed, and plenty to see, search in my blog for more of it. For now enjoy the Tour d’Horloge as we did.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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January 17, 2022

Wines news of France XIIII !!

This is a relatively new series I am doing as realise my blog was all about travels, sports but not about the food and wine we as a family enjoys so much. I am the wino in the group and have the last few years teaching my boys the art of wines, they are enthusiastically joining me! Proud of our traditions, and moving on in life. Therefore, here is my latest wines news of France!!

How do you know if a wine is good to drink? Well here are some tips from yours truly,
If a wine smells more of dust, cellar or floorcloth than fresh grapes, there is no doubt that it is corked. TCA (trichloroanisol), the molecule responsible for the famous “cork taste” interferes everywhere, from the cellar and contaminates the bottles. Only one solution: the sink. And do not keep it especially for a sauce, under penalty of making a double failure.
Yellow or even orange for a white wine, dull or brown for a red wine: as with fish, color can sometimes be a good indicator of freshness. A wine in great shape, even if it is a few years old, should be bright and with a clean complexion.
A mid-full or low-full bottle of wine is likely to lack freshness at best, in the worst case to be oxidized.
The cork is removed but there is a bad smell of mold and humidity. It’s a bad sign, but give the wine the benefit of the doubt and aerate it for a few minutes before writing a cross on it. If there is a cauliflower smell, it is probably a wine that has been altered by UV rays, a defect also called “light taste”.
You remove the lid, and there, bad surprise, the cork is damaged, oozing or on the contrary very dry, cracked. Worse: it crumbles as soon as you want to pierce it with your corkscrew. The specter of poor preservation then passes before your frightened eyes. Warning: in the case of an old bottle, the cork may be damaged, but the wine is sumptuous!

Keeping an open bottle of wine: Close it well, immediately after serving, If you have a pump to empty air the bottle, that’s ideal. Once the air is evacuated from the bottle, you will be able to keep it for two to three more days in the fridge. Place it in the refrigerator Cold preserves food, especially wine. Do not forget to take it out 30 minutes before serving so that it slowly rises to the desired temperature. Avoid any source of light, Recycle it into wine vinegar or in cooking,

So thinking of going into the wine trade ? I did it for a while but continue in finance later on after got two diplomas from France and Spain on wine connaisseur, Here is the trade,

Winemaker. He is a recognized agricultural craftsman in France. He differs from the winegrower, because he is a more complete worker. Indeed, the winemaker participates in all stages of the wine-growing activity, unlike the winegrower who is only present at the start of production. Generally, he is responsible for a plot of vines.
Oenology is the science of wine and therefore the oenologist is the expert. Like a sociologist or an economist, he/she will disseminate his science to make known and help understand his discipline.
The sommelier is the other wine professional and expert. He knows the name, the year and the glass to use for each bottle he/she opens.
The salesperson in wine is better. For anyone with a business background and a passion for this beverage, this is the perfect profession.
Closer to the average customer, the wine merchant is one of the people behind the events of your life: birthdays, retirement, parties, chill evenings…
Lawyer specializing in vine and wine law, Also called lawyer of the wine sector, he is the other expert in wine, but on the legislative aspect. This specialization implies that the lawyer likes or is interested in wine in general. Go for it!

The 2018 vintage is considered exceptional, especially in the prestigious Saint-Emilion appellation. Here are my favorites:
Château Fontenil, Fronsac, A carmine border underlines the black and opaque color of this pretty wine with a nose of raspberry and cherry. Ample, harmonious, the wine from the first sip immediately makes you want to come back with avidity. The lovely fruity, juicy, salivating acidity ardently compensates for the power and volume highlighted by fine, racy tannins. A delight.

Château Hostens- Picant Cuvée Lucullus 2018 Sainte Foy de Bordeaux , It offers itself to the eye in a dark cherry color, opaque with purple reflections. On the nose, warm, the fragrances of ripe and stewed black fruits prefigure the voluminous mouth, full of flesh and crunch, full-bodied, energized by a juicy, saline finish, relayed by cocoa notes after aeration. Decant it before enjoying it young.

A leading player in Burgundy with the Bouchard Père & Fils houses, in Chablis with William Fèvre, in Champagne with Henriot, but also in Oregon (USA) with the Beaux Frères estate, the Maisons et Domaines Henriot group still wants to draw the quality of its wines towards the top . Today, we see a growing interest in vintage champagnes, rare champagnes. There are arguably more gourmet consumers than party consumers than before. A trend ? Yes ,webpage :

The sister of five-time Ballon d’Or winner (football/soccer) Cristiano Ronaldo is to launch her brand of Champagne. The cuvée called “The 777 Goals” developed specifically in honor of this football star, pays tribute to his brother who celebrated the 777th goal of his professional career in May 2021, This cuvée was produced by the Clément Victor Champagne house in Janvry, near Reims. It is made from a blend of equal parts Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the 2016 vintage. A very luxurious cuvée in a limited series numbered from 1 to 777, i.e. 777 bottles. The precious bottle delivered in its tin case is paid for at the golden price of 1777 euros…oh yeah !! webpage :

A visit, tasting or a wedding as one of my friends did a while back and now even better, The Château Marquis de Terme offers 2 rooms: the cellar room which can hold 150 people with a view of the barrels or the Parc room with 50 seats with its pretty light and view of the castle. Château Marquis de Terme en Margaux is a Grand Cru Classé 1855, located at 3 route de Rauzan – 33460 Margaux – Cantenac

More than 1,100 hectares in production, a wide range of wine which is sold both abroad and in France, substantial stocks of Armagnac, the eau-de-vie which is making a comeback… Despite the bad weather, the Domaine Tariquet estate is doing well. An up and coming wine n our house for apéritifs nice, Another success to the credit of the Grassa family, located two km from Eauze, in the Gers. The Tariquet range includes around ten white cuvées, two rosé cuvées, and one sparkling cuvée. Today, Tariquet has 1,125 ha in production, i.e. an average of 9 million bottles bottled each year (for a turnover of 35 million euros) without purchasing grapes outside. Webpage :

It all started with Auguste, the great-grandfather of Jean-Claude Mas. In 1892, he bought his first vineyard: 9 hectares of vines located not far from Saint-Pons-de-Mauchiens, in the heart of the Hérault department. He established, without knowing it, a line that would lead, nearly 110 years later, to the creation of Domaines Paul Mas. It took off really by 2000, on the 35 hectares developed the family estate. In 1992, Jean Claude met Giorgio Grai, one of the greatest Italian oenologists, who taught him the art of blending. A decisive encounter for what followed , From a trader, he moved on to a manipulative trader to master the entire production chain, then he started buying vineyards, The Domaines Paul Mas now represent 850 hectares in ownership, spread over 15 estates, 30% of which are organic. They extend from the Gard department to Perpignan, in the Pyrénées-Orientales. Added to this are 1,500 hectares of vineyards in partnership with winegrowers, In Montagnac he created On the Côté Mas, a large sales cellar, a gourmet restaurant and two comfortable suites, One of the wines I am following lately, very good value/quality wise, webpage :

Two great losses I have followed over the years have passed away RIP

Claude Taittinger died last Monday at the age of 94. Managing Director of the family business from 1960 to 2005, he was able through his vision to support the prodigious development of the brand internationally for nearly half a century. the son of Pierre Taittinger, founder of the House of Tattinger, webpage !

The death of Ricardo Bofill on Friday, January 14 2022 at the age of 82 following complications linked to Covid-19, has left the international community of architects in mourning. He was one of the first to bring design into the universe of great wines, by designing the underground cellar of Château Lafite Rothschild in 1987. The whole is an impressive sanctuary of 4000 m2 that can accommodate up to 2200 barrels. The tour de force is all the more remarkable in that the cellar was dug under the vines and not seen from the outside, Any “spectacular signature”, thus being part of the culture of discretion dear to Lafite Rothschild. Inaugurated in 1987, this cellar paved the way for many Bordeaux properties which have since called on other renowned architects to design and dress their technical installations. Webpage on Mr Bofill profile ;

webpage of Lafite Rothschild :

There you go folks, a wonderful page on the wines of France. Sorry and my condolences to the families of Mr Tattinger and Mr Bofil, knew the first one in person at a salon in Paris in the Palais Brongniart. Hope you enjoy the post, even better the wines with moderation; this is a tradition….

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

January 13, 2022

Some news from France, CCCLV 

Ande here I am back at you in my wonderful series now in its 355 edition or CCCLV roman numerals I use for it. Thanks for reading it since December 2010!!! My blog started in November 26 2010 woo that is a lot of years, and thanks for coming along with me in this adventure. It is that time to tell you about my some news from France again. And I have a long lineup in the new France of 2022!!

The building in which the Jean-Drouant hotel school is located, in the 17éme arrondissement of Paris, belongs to a trade union which manages a CFA (centres de formation d’apprentis  or apprenticeship training centers) of more than 700 students there. It plans to expand. To do this, the establishment providing training in hospitality and catering trades must leave its “historic” place, which it has occupied for more than eighty years. Is the Jean-Drouant high school for the hotel and catering trades, better known as the “hotel school of Paris” for more than eighty years, risk disappearing? In any case, the will have to move, leave his cradle on rue Médéric (17éme) to make way for the large “Médéric 2024” project, led by the owner of the building and manager of the hotel training center, It seems we will have one less historic building in Paris,,,My son graduated from a CFA in La Verriére, Yvelines dept 78, IF you want to see the school, here is direction on their webpage:

The plan to redesign the Eiffel Tower site has continued to generate ink and arouse criticism. Last month, the two guarantors of the national public debate commission submitted specific observations on the points to be reviewed, in particular green spaces, traffic, events or the heritage side. entire arteries would be blocked if cars could no longer circulate as they do today around the equestrian statue of Marshal Foch, Oh well more congestion coming to congested Paris if the mayor gets the way to continue cancelling roads to cars !!! Sadly, I know her ,and she is a native of Cadiz Spain !!! The works going no at the Eiffel webpage:

At the 121 Rue de Ménilmontant, the Pavillon Carré de Baudouin, a rare 18C country house, inspired by the villas of the Veneto with its triangular pediment supported by four columns, enjoys an exceptional character in Paris. A historic monument since 1928, today it is an emblematic cultural facility of the 20éme arrondissement. The Carré de Baudouin pavilion deserves further refurbishment. But the project is at the heart of a battle with the defenders of heritage, the architect of a first restoration, At the origin of the project of the participatory budget, and historians, trying to face off, Oh well another emblematic building going to haggle and hassels will see if it is kept ; to be continue, In French but this is what it is folks :

In the Bois de Boulogne, a ton of fish exfiltrated from the Lac Supérieur before the major works, Future works require that this body of water be emptied. Due to upcoming works, the fishing federations have recovered a ton of fish from the lake higher to transfer them to another body of water. More on the park from the mayor’s office of the 16éme arrondissement or district webpage :

The La Roche-Guyon distillery, in Val-d’Oise (95), was created by the descendants of the La Rochefoucauld family. Two recipes for this beverage made with plants are already on the market. The aromas of fourteen and even up to thirty plants and roots brought together in a translucent bottle. It is a subtle and surprising alcoholic drink that comes out of the outbuildings of the Château de La Roche-Guyon. Louis-Antoine de la Rochefoucauld set up the La Roche-Guyon distillery. He prepares a gin there which is available for the moment in two recipes, Monsieur and Madame, The Roche Guyon Distillerie webpage :

This past Monday January10 2022 , Disneyland Paris fans will find the famous parade that punctuated the daily life of the park before the health crisis. A form of return to normalcy two months before the park’s thirtieth anniversary celebrations, 2022 promises to be the year of rebirth at Disneyland Paris, after several months of forced sleep in 2020 and 2021. The Disney Stars on Parade is thus resuming service with seven tanks and two carriages had stopped wandering in the alleys of the first European amusement park The tanks carrying Mickey, Daisy, Peter Pan or even Woody or Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story franchise as well as a fire-breathing dragon , will roam the park again, surrounded by fifty costumed dancers. A stroll that will resume its usual route starting near the “It’s a small world” attraction, before going around Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Central Plaza, then down Main Street USA , Since January 3, the Disney show Illuminations, which had been back on December 21, is on hold and the Frozen show is being temporarily replaced with selfie points featuring characters from the franchise. Bars will continue to be open, but drinking while standing will be prohibited. These measures are currently in place for a period of three weeks, at the moment stay tune, Disneyland 30th Anniversary Celebration webpage :

Work on the Meaux (77) Majestic cinema, operated by UGC, was suspended because a building next to the theaters threatened to collapse. In September 2021, the mayor, Jean-François Copé, insisted that the site resume before March. It is still at a standstill … In the meantime, further expert reports must take place. It has been closed since October 2020, So sad to read this as it was my first cinema in France back in Sept 1990 as Meaux is the native town of my dear late wife Martine.

The start-up Dartagnans hopes to buy back the Château de Boulogne-la-Grasse (Oise 60) thanks to an online crowdfunding pot. Individuals can acquire part of the 19C building, erected by a wealthy Belgian, and thus become “co-lords”. The castle was built in reinforced concrete and mixes several influences, A great initiative I am in ! There are several of them in France to save these beautiful monuments of all time, Get involved !! Here is your chance, the official Dartagnans webpage :

The Beauvais airport expects at least 3 million passengers in 2022, While the airport is idling, after a year 2021 during which it has already received half as many visitors as expected, In 2019, the airport had welcomed 4 million passengers. This figure went down to 1.2 million in 2020, then to 2 million last year, due to the health crisis. Airport webpage:

The new terminus of metro line 4, the Bagneux – Lucie-Aubrac station, opens its doors tomorrow Thursday 13 January 2022 at noon (Paris time), The axis connecting Porte-de-Clignancourt (18éme) to Mairie-de-Montrouge (Hauts-de-Seine dept 92) is extended by 1.8 km. And two new stations are thus coming into service in the department: Barbara, in Montrouge, and Bagneux – Lucie-Aubrac, now the southern terminus of the line. In French read all about it here :

What are the favorite comics of the French in 2021 ? According to data released at the end of December by the National Publishing Union, sales have increased by 19% since 2019. The most prominent sector in this spectacular increase: comics or BD in French.

1,« Astérix et le Griffon », de Jean-Yves Ferri et Didier Conrad, (éditions Albert René) ; 1,547 million sold.

2 « Les aventures de Blake et Mortimer. Vol. 28 Le Dernier espadon », de Jean Van Hamme, Teun Berserik, Peter Van Dongen, from work of Edgar Pierre Jacobs (éditions Blake et Mortimer) ; 211 211 sold.

3« Mortelle Adèle. vol. 18. Toi, je te zut ! », de M. Tan (Bayard) ; 197 827 sold.

4« Goldorak » de Xavier Dorison, Denis Bajram and Brice Cossu (Kana) ; 189 505 sold.

5« Blacksad, vol. 6. Alors tout tombe (première partie) », from Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido (Dargaud) ; 157 656 sold.

6« Les Aventures de Vincent Lacoste au cinéma », from Riad Sattouf (Les livres du futur) ; 155 556 sold.

7« Mortelle Adèle. Show Bizarre », from Mr Tan (Bayard) ; 144 412 sold.

8« Spy X Family, Vol. 3 », from Tatsuya Endo (Kurokawa) ; 129 758 sold.

9« Le monde sans fin », from Christophe Blain and Jean-Marc Jancovici (Dargaud) ; 122 565 sold.

10« One Piece : édition originale », tome 97 (Glénat) – 122 101 sold.

The Nantes Art Museum compares 18C outfits and pictorial works, emphasizing the dialogue and reciprocal influence between painters and creators. A time that saw the desire to please and to appear to be exacerbated. Museum webpage :

Not far from the center of the Episcopal City, in Albi, a building from the 1930s has been converted into a guest house. This is worth telling you as we know the building from before and its previous owners, Now the new owners have done wonders to it, From the living room of the “Zen” suite, the majestic Sainte-Cécile Cathedral is revealed., The guest house has an area of ​​nearly 700 square meters and its location close to the city center, On the ground floor, the mosaic floors and woodwork with contemporary design pieces by Matière Grise, Inga Sempé or Constance Guisset, while that modern consoles and lightings stand side by side with marble fireplaces. The “Zen” suite is on the first floor (2nd US) , facing the grand staircase. From its living room, you can see the Sainte-Cécile Cathedral, a few hundred meters away. To reach the Episcopal City from the house, just cross the Tarn river by taking the Pont-Vieux bridge. The L’Autre Rives guest house, at 60 rue Cantepau , Albi. Official webpage :

Never seen before !!. Yves Saint Laurent at the Museums is an anniversary exhibition that takes place in six Parisian museums: the Center Pompidou, the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris, the Louvre Museum, the Musée d’Orsay, the Musée national Picasso-Paris and the Musée Yves Saint Laurent. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the fashion designer (couturier) first fashion show, everyone highlights the links the designer had with art and French public collections. The master indeed ! The museums showing the exhibition « Yves Saint Laurent at the museums »

Musée national Picasso-Paris – 3éme (from January 29 to April 15, 2022)
Center Pompidou – 4éme (from January 29 to May 15, 2022)
Museum of Modern Art – 16éme (from January 29 to May 15, 2022)
Louvre Museum – 1éme (from January 29 to May 15, 2022)
Musée d’Orsay – 7éme (from January 29 to May 15, 2022)
Yves Saint Laurent Museum – 16éme (from January 29 to September 18, 2022)

Info webpage :

A stone’s throw from Place d’Italie, a new Potterheads paradise has just opened! On the program, an escape game, first. « Le Défi des sorciers » or The Wizard’s Challenge, a real immersive experience, will make you put on a cape, ride a broom and go through trials, each more magical than the next. You’ll have to solve puzzles to escape and uncover the secret hidden in the Wizarding School! Le Défi des sorciers, 30 Av. D’Italie 13éme, I think have mentioned this before huh, Inside the shopping mall Italie Deux, Until March 6, 2022, Webpage :

After a first opening in Lyon in June 2020, a second food court is about to open in the heart of the new district of La Gaîté Montparnasse. On the program: 6,000 m2 and 15 restaurants bringing together tapas bar, trattoria, Syrian cuisine, sandwich shop, pastry shop, cocktail bar and grocery store, not to mention the large central bar and the terrace overlooking Avenue du Maine. The place will be punctuated by highlights such as food events, concerts and aperitifs throughout the year. you will be able to roam freely from kiosk to kiosk for lunch on the go or to take away, dinner with friends, have a drink with your colleagues or brunch with family Food Society Paris Gaîté, Les Ateliers Gaîté (new shopping mall) 68, avenue du Maine 14éme ,Opening spring 2022 ,Open 7 days a week from morning to evening, This should be awesome my old work neighborhood I will be there!me hope, Even the fabulous petit journal jazz will close with a new Jazz Cafe,!! official webpage :

La Poste du Louvre will reopen its doors to the public. And the least we can say is that this large building of 35,000 m2 nestled on rue Etienne-Marcel promises to be grandiose. will open to the public on January 18 2022, This is very much waited for as it was my post office when worked nearby ! See it soon, official webpage :

And city, one of my Yvelines (78) friends move to is Saint Etienne. I need to get there in my belle France , quite a territory to cover, trying my best lol !! The workers’ city finds color in the streets, the plates, the museums. With, of course, a preference for green, that of the Pilat massif . Imaginative at the Cité du design or on the Le Corbusier site, lover of the arts in the street or at the museum, gourmet in a chocolate factory or in the covered market, lover of the outdoors in the Pilat massif, The future is dreamed of in the vast 19C buildings of the National Arms Manufactory, which has become a “creative district” with an art and design school, fab labs, La Fabuleuse Cantine restaurant, and, above all, the Cité du design , open to the public, From April 6 to July 31, 2022 , the International Biennale will spill over into a city infused with design, from the silhouette of the tram to street furniture and hotel rooms. The avant-garde has never frightened this city which revered technical progress, exhibited at the Museum of Art and Industry. Evidenced by the Art Nouveau facades around the avenue de la Liberation or, in Firminy (13 km away), the modernist architecture of Le Corbusier with its “housing unit”, its cultural center, its swimming pool. and its stadium still alive. Failing to be consecrated, its church sings the possible beauty of concrete.The Comédie de Saint-Etienne, a theater founded in 1947 has become one of the first national drama centers in France. . It’s not just football in the city. Saint-Etienne (the most championships in France with 10), which has long combined the words “culture” and “popular”, offers plenty to occupy its weekend: if not at the Comédie de Saint-Etienne, the national drama center installed for four years in a magnificently restored old factory, or at Le Fil for a concert by the new Stéphanoise scene, it is on the hill of the Jardin des Plantes that it is good to go. There is the Opera, the only one in France with that of Paris to have integrated workshops for its costumes and sets (open to the public on certain Saturdays). Another jewel in its black setting, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art has the largest collection after the Center Pompidou, with nearly 20,000 works that feed exhibitions that are still relevant such as the “The Self-Taught Enigma until 3 April 2022. The St Etiénne tourist office:

The years 2020 and 2021 were marked by a drop in short work stoppages and an increase in long stoppages for employees exhausted by massive remote work. In 2021, 18% of teleworker stoppages are due to psychosocial risks against 13% for others. Teleworking increases the intensity of work. People do not take the breaks at home that they have in the office, illustrates Benoît Serre, deputy vice-president of the National Association of HRDs (ANDRH) and HRD France (human ressources director) of L’Oréal. In 2021, 65% of companies were thus affected by long shutdowns, largely linked to trauma, accidents and psychological disorders, details the annual barometer of mutualist Malakoff Humanis (mine!), carried out from 23 August to 24 September 2021 with 2 500 employees and managers of private sector companies. Multiple stops, also on the rise, affected 41% of employees. But of course, darling who would work in a cage ! Remember to tell that to Macron or yours !

And last but not least as the saying goes, we are all curious to know what is the trendy first name of the moment (or the one, precisely, to avoid for a future toddler). Well imagine that that changes according to the cities, the official site of the City of Paris reveals the top 10 of the first names most allotted in 2021. For the girls, one finds Louise, Alma, Emma, ​​Adèle, Chloé, Anna , Olivia, Eva, Jeanne and Rose. On the boys’ side, the first names Gabriel, Adam, Louis, Raphaël, Arthur, Noah, Isaac, Joseph, Mohamed and Léon occupy the first ten places of the podium. For Nantes parents favored the first names Louise, Alice, Adèle, Rose, Jeanne, Juliette, Emma, ​​Alba, Agathe and Lou for their little girls, . Among boys, the first names Arthur, Léo, Raphaël, Gabriel, Lucas, Léon, Noah, Hugo, Jules and Malo were particularly popular, says 20 Minutes . In Toulouse, indicates France Bleu. For boys, the most common first names were Louis, Gabriel, Léo, Raphaël, Arhur, Adam, Jules, Noah, Lucas and Hugo. On the girls’ side, the first names Louise, Alice, Jade, Camille, Alva, Lina, Anna, Ambre, Emma, ​​Julia, Chloé, Mila and Léa. And of course, mine or my boys is not on these lists lol !

There you go folks, plenty to do and see in my belle France. Looking forward to more travels, pending more of the Loire and my Seine et Marne (77). Paris still pending….For 2022, best wishes and stay healthy for all and Happy New Year 2022 or Bonne Année, meilleurs voeux à tous!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

December 31, 2021

Happy New Year, Bonne Année, Feliz Año Nuevo, Feliz Ano Novo 2022!!!

This is probably will be my shortest post but with the most intense desire in me. I like to thanks all my readers, followers, posters, well wishers during 2021 for their kind following of my blog.

Happy New Year, Bonne Année, Feliz Año Nuevo, Feliz Ano Novo 2022!!! Some traditions I Like

Happy New Year 2022

In Italy, Lentils in a New Year’s dish serve the same function as the black-eyed peas in Hoppin’ John, with their round shape representing coins. And in the Philippines, it’s customary to eat 12 round fruits, one for every month, to ensure a year of abundance. The fruits usually take center stage at the table for the media noche or middle night or the midnight meal.

And in the Philippines, revelers don’t just try to eat circles — partygoers wear them, too. Polka dots are all the rage on December 31, increasing the chances for a fortunate new year.

New York City’s Times Square to watch the ball drop since 1907. And while the first one was just iron and wood, today you can watch a 12-foot, 11,875-pound geodesic sphere covered in 2,688 Waterford Crystal triangles and 32,256 LEDs make its descent, even from the warmth and comfort of your own home. Me saw it from 1974 to 1985!

Plymouth, Wisconsin hosts a Big Cheese Drop; Kennett Square, PA uses a giant mushroom, and New Orleans drops a fleur de lis (à la française).Brazil makes it easier too choose your New Year’s Eve outfit ,everyone wears white for good luck and peace. Also in Brazil, if you head to the beach, you can increase your luck by heading to the water and jumping over seven waves. You get one wish for each wave.

You might think that making resolutions for the new years is a relatively recent trend, historically speaking, but the tradition is very old, probably more than 4,000 years old, in fact. Historians believe Babylonians, one of the first cultures to actually celebrate the changing of the year made promises to pay debts or return borrowed objects. It’s a common superstition that opening the doors and windows will let the old year out, and the new year in unimpeded.

In Denmark, broken dishes are a good thing , people go around breaking dishware on the doorsteps of their friends and family.

Yes, exactly 12,one at each stroke of midnight. That’s what they do in Spain , pop one grape for every month of the New Year. If you fail to conscientiously finish your grapes by the time the clock stops chiming, you’ll face misfortune in the new year.

On New Year’s Eve, families in Greece hang bundles of onions above their doors as a means of inviting that prosperity into the home. It’s also said that, on New Year’s Day, parents wake up their children in the morning by gently bonking their kids on the head with the onions that were outside.

In Germany and Austria, there are a few different lucky symbols that you’d gift to friends and family to bring them good fortune. These include pigs, mushrooms, clovers and chimney sweeps.

Walloon and Flemish farmers in Belgium make sure everyone can get in on the festivities,  even the livestock. They rise early on January 1 to wish a “Happy New Year” to all the cows, horses, pigs, chickens and other farm animals. That way, they’ll have a good farming year.

Ireland’s most interesting tradition doesn’t involve eating. Instead, the Irish bang on the walls of their homes with Christmas bread. It’s said to chase any bad spirits out of the house to start the new year off with a clean slate.

In Colombia, people take empty suitcases and run around the block as fast as they can. It’s supposed to guarantee a year filled with travel.

In Japan, it’s traditional to eat “toshikoshi soba” a dish with long, buckwheat noodles that’s served hot or cold. The noodles symbolize longevity, and the hearty buckwheat plant represents resilience. In Japan, for ōmisoka, buddhist temple bells ring out 108 times as in the lead up to the new year. Each chime is supposed to root out a worldly passion, such as anger, suspicion or lust. The last toll comes at midnight.

In Turkey, pomegranates are symbols of abundance. Eating them is great, sure, but if you really want a good 2022, you’ll smash the fruit on your doorstep.

Singapore decorates its Singapore River with the wishing spheres containing the hopes and dreams of new year revelers.

In Ecuador, the bad parts of the old year or año viejo are turned into effigies and burned. People make sawdust-filled dummies out politicians, pop-culture figures and other characters, and then burn them at midnight as a sort of cleansing ritual. For extra good-luck points, participants try to jump over the flames 12 times, once for every month.

In Scotland, the Isle of Man and some other parts of Northern England, the “first footer,” as it was called, was extremely important. Tradition in those parts of the world states to select a man who is tall and dark (as a protection against Vikings), who would come with simple gifts of coal, salt, shortbread and whisky, representing the basic needs of heat, food and drink. Choosing wisely meant good luck for the upcoming year.

In my belle France we usually ring in the New Year with a huge feast, commonly know as le réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestre. The meal is full of traditional, decadent eats, including foie gras, oysters, lobster and escargot. And, Champagne is the drink of choice.

This is for the memories the New Year’s celebration from the Château de Chantilly awesome!!! Also, to thank you again for your loyal following as 2021 gave my blog 48 629 views ,23 487 visitors, 26 980 likes, 839 comments, and did 1 215 posts! Thank you all!!!!

Chantilly castle entr new year 2022 dec21

Some of the traditions not all. Hoping they are alright, you let me know ok. I just know for sure France , Spain, and the New York USA. Again

Happy New Year, Bonne Année, Feliz Año Nuevo, Feliz Ano Novo 2022!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

December 28, 2021

Some news from France, CCCLIV

And here we go again closing 2021 and hoping for the best in 2022. I like to first wish all my readers and followers a very Happy New Year and best wishes for 2022. There is lots going on in my belle France , and here are the latest of my series some news from France. Hope it can be useful for your planning.

Always there, Ile-de-France Mobilités and RATP will accompany you on the night of December 31, whether near your home or even a little further away. And yes, transport will run from 21h on December 31 and until 5h30 on January 1 2022.
Here are the lines that will run all night:
Line 1: Château de Vincennes, Nation, Gare de Lyon, Bastille, Châtelet, Concorde, Franklin-D-Roosevelt, George V, Charles de Gaulle-Étoile, Porte Maillot, Pont de Neuilly, Grande Arche de La Défense
Line 2: Nation, Père Lachaise, Belleville, Jaurès, La Chapelle, Anvers, Pigalle, Place de Clichy, Charles de Gaulle-Étoile, Porte Dauphine
Line 5:Place d’Italie, Quai de la râpée, Bastille, Oberkampf, Jacques Bonsergent, Gare du Nord, Gare de l’Est, Jaurès, Laumière, Porte de Pantin, Church of Pantin, Bobigny-Pablo Picasso
Line 6: Nation, Bercy, Place d’Italie, Denfert-Rochereau, Montparnasse, Cambronne, La Motte Picquet-Grenelle, Bir-Hakeim, Trocadéro, Boissière, Kléber, Charles de Gaulle-Étoile
Line 9:Montreuil town hall, Porte de Montreuil, Nation, Oberkampf, Grands Boulevards, Havre-Caumartin, Saint Augustin, Franklin-D-Roosevelt, Alma-Marceau, Trocadéro, La Muette, Porte de Saint-Cloud, Pont de Sèvres
Line 14: Olympiads, Library, Cour Saint-Émilion, Bercy, Gare de Lyon, Châtelet, Pyramides, Madeleine, Saint Lazare, Pont Cardinet, Porte de Clichy, Clichy-Saint-Ouen, Mairie de Saint-Ouen.
On the RER side, you can count on lines A, B, C and D. The noctiliens, for their part, will circulate exactly like a classic weekend night.

Due to the preparatory work for the extension of metro line 14 to Orly Airport and for the arrival of 8-car trains, traffic was interrupted on the entire line on a regular basis. From January 9, 2022, the line will be closed from 22h on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, until July 27, 2022. A replacement bus is available between Gare de Lyon and Olympiades. Saint-Ouen and Gare de Lyon, we invite you to take the connections.

Adaptation work on Metro line 4 and its stations is continuing. They require regular closings over the year 2022: Line closed in the evenings from 10h15, Monday to Thursday, from January 3 to June 30 inclusive; Line closed Sunday morning until noon, from January 9 to June 26 inclusive (except April 17, May 1 and 8, and June 5); Line closed all day on Sundays January 30, February 20, March 6, April 3 and May 15.

The blues of VTC drivers, who increasingly snub Paris. Traffic jams, forbidden bus lanes, drop in speed, weight of applications … The VTCs of Greater Paris point out the obstacles which increasingly complicate their working conditions. Between traffic changes and traffic jams, VTCs are avoiding the center of Paris more and more, such as rue Royale (8éme) .

Sales of Champagne increased by 40% compared to 2020, which leaves you speechless when you consider that the health crisis is far from over. Case shipments this year will be even larger than in 2019. The reason for the success can be found in foreign countries, where demand for Champagne has exploded since January 2021. Also famous brands and winegrowers, who export up to 80% of their production, are benefiting from the improvement, more than those who sell their bottles in France only. It should also be noted that carriers have increased their prices because of the Covid-19, which will affect the prices of champagne from January 1, 2022. Stay tune we got ours already great prices !!

The Château and the Grandes Ecuries of Chantilly, will be the setting for three shows during the end of the year celebrations. The equestrian show “Alana and the city of Opal” at the Grandes Écuries. A show written and directed by Virginie Bienaimé, especially for Christmas, telling the story of a young girl who wants to stand on her own feet and goes in search of the mythical Amazons. A creation which brings together around fifteen horses, their riders and riders, and which it is always possible to go and applaud at the Grandes Écuries until January 2 2022.

The viewers of France 2 TV will find the dome of the Grandes Écuries on the evening of December 31 for a New Year’s Eve hosted by Stéphane Bern, surrounded by an audience of celebrities. Clara Luciani, Pascal Obispo, Nolwenn Leroy ‚Zaz, Juliette Armanet, Bénabar, Gérard Lenorman, Julien Doré, Nicoletta, Garou, Tayc appear in the program, along with the Moulin Rouge, Lido and Paradis Latin troupes, and of course the equestrian company of the Grandes Écuries. An evening where we will not fail to evoke the famous Chantilly cream, by the presence of Mickaël Ejzenbaum, member of the Brotherhood of Whipping Knights . At midnight will be fired what will undoubtedly be the only fireworks display in France since the all pyrotechnic events have been banned to limit the circulation of Covid-19. That of the Château de Chantilly will not have an audience but will benefit from a soundtrack prepared by DJ Michaël Canitrot.

With the nightclub closure announced earlier this month, we need plans to at least have a good time on the last day of 2021! The wings of the Moulin Rouge and the great Féérie review will make your head spin. Extend the evening until the early hours: on December 31, the Bal du Moulin Rouge offers you a magical New Year’s Eve, the Féérie review and its 100 artists, 1,000 costumes with feathers, rhinestones and sequins, sets and breathtaking special effects … and of course, the giant aquarium. A parade of the greatest cabaret acts performed by internationally renowned artists. Le Moulin Rouge, 82 bd de Clichy 18éme.

The Lido is Paris, and Paris is the Lido! Located on the Champs-Élysées, this cabaret and its magazines are essentials of the City of Light Lido, 116 av des Champs-Élysées 8éme.

Lumières en Seine invites you to the national Domaine de Saint-Cloud for a magical night stroll on the outskirts of Paris. From the entrance to the Grille Clémenceau, Lumières en Seine promises to offer you a spectacular evening in an enchanting setting, along an immersive course of about two km, where the magic of the end of year celebrations mingle. year and the magic of winter. Lumiéres en Seine, 1 av de la Grille d’Honneur ,Saint-Cloud (Hauts de Seine 92)

Croisière Paris Seine La Marina offers lunch and dinner cruises on the Seine in the heart of the City of Light, panoramic boats, refined cuisine made from market products, warm and professional service … not to mention the passage in front of a illuminated Eiffel tower. So many elements brought together to give you a magical and unforgettable moment to start the year 2022. Paris Seine cruise La Marina Port Solférino, at the foot of the Musée d´Orsay 7éme.

The New Year’s concert at Saint-Germain des Prés Church, Come and listen to the Great New Year’s Concert, La Voix du Ciel, The 4 Seasons by Vivaldi, Meditation by Thaïs by Massenet, and great opera arias such as Mozart, Handel , Puccini, Verdi, Bellini … Great New Year’s Concert Saint-Germain des Prés Church 3 place Saint-Germain-des-Prés 6éme.

The Madeleine New Year’s concert. For those who will be in the fittest, this great concert will take place … on January 1, the day after a New Year’s Eve that may have been too wet. But don’t stop at nothing! Go listen to Les Valses de Strauss played by the Hélios orchestra, to start the year 2022 on a good note. New Year’s concert Madeleine Church, Place de la Madeleine 8éme.

The French are about to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Molière’s baptism. No less than nine plays by the playwright will be performed until next summer. Unpublished sets, made-to-measure costumes, paintings and furniture … For several weeks now, everyone has focused on the sets for the next Tartuffe or the Hypocrite.

Marcel Proust, a Parisian at the Carnavalet Museum, the author of “In Search of Lost Time” has spent most of his life in Paris. For the first time, an exhibition examines the close links between the city and the writer. examining the links between Marcel Proust and the city of Paris, where the writer was born and where he spent most of the fifty-one years of his existence. Marcel Proust, a Parisian novel is rich, very rich. Period photos, paintings, handwritten documents, advertising posters, furniture, fashion accessories .. A total of 280 pieces are on display, some of which have never been shown to the public, such as this touching photo of young Marcel at 15, his eyes already smoky and down on his lip. “We approached 35 institutions and 19 private lenders. But a third of the works also come from our collections, ”explains Valérie Guillaume, director of the Carnavalet Museum. The first part looks at the Paris where the author lived. From the apartment in Auteuil, where he was born, in 1871, to that in rue Hamelin, not far from the Arc de Triomphe, where he died, in 1922, the writer has never left the right bank of Paris. He knew seven homes, all located in the 16éme and 8éme arrondissements, where most of social life took place. Proust was fundamentally a Parisian !

It is the most visited amusement park in Europe! When many doubted the American instrution well…yankee doodle dandy! Before the health crisis, Disneyland Paris attracted 15 million visitors per year. While the vast majority of them, back since the park reopened in June 2021, are occasional visitors who come once or a few times a year, some are die-hard devotees for whom Disneyland Paris is a second home. We have been 3 times and already planning for early 2022 to back with the boys!!

The members of the Old Paris Commission, responsible for ensuring the proper architectural performance of Paris, looked into the future of the building that had housed the Tati sign for decades. There, on Boulevard Rochechouart (18éme), Immobel won the call for projects aimed at rethinking the historic 8,000 square meter store, abandoned by its historic owner. Housing, shops, offices, hotel accommodation and cultural space are on the program. We are increasingly seeing perfect alignments of buildings. But that’s not the story of Paris. And from a climatic point of view, these openings are important for the passage of air and light.Oh well now see Paris Bio lol!

In the chalet of the royal park of Nandy,Seine et Marne dept 77, Grand Paris Sud sees a cultural gem. Its construction dates back to the end of the 19C, 150 years after the creation of the 70-hectare park in which it is located. Imagined by Etienne-Michel Bouret, great financier of the reign of Louis XV, this park unfolded according to a regular grid, with the castle as central point, the destroyed, named royal pavilion after the stay of Louis XV for a hunt. Placed in the center of the park, on the remains of a masonry terrace-belvedere dating from the 18C garden, it sits on a prime location, very overhanging, which opens onto the vast panorama of the Seine valley. This will be worth saving thanks.

In Châtres, Seine et Marne dept 77; the medieval Church of Saint-Antonin built from a period estimated between 1180 and 1220, the church of Châtres has just been labeled Heritage of Regional Interest. The awarding of this label should help its future restoration, in particular that of its roof. It would house, under the altar of the Virgin Mary, the relics of Saint-Roch and Saint-Félix. The latter was a bishop of Nantes and a great figure of the Merovingian episcopate. The Saint-Antonin Church, in Châtres, could even be named after the second bishop of Meaux, who lived in the 2C or, according to other sources, 3C. There are a number of listed objects, including an 18C mahogany pulpit, brought back from the islands by a sailor, and a Cordoba leather painting from the same period. The sanctuary and the choir also display the characters of 13C architecture, with cross vault on ribs. As for the frame in the form of the hull of an overturned boat, it would have been built in the 16C. Its bell dates from 1782. It is baptized Antoinette and was blessed in 1789!

On January 1, 2022 to celebrate the New Year and make your wildest dreams come true, the Topbun restaurant is offering its first 200 burgers free of charge after opening to the bravest. On the program, gourmet and completely decadent smash burgers largely inspired by the American brand Shake Shack, all 100% organic. Topbun 5 Rue Eugène Freyssinet 13éme January 1, 2022 at noon group Big Mamma webpage:

To finisht with a wonderful dish of grandma confection and redone plenty of times at home, eaten anywhere! The Tortilla in Spain is a thick and chewy omelet, often with potatoes, with or without onion. The purists only put potatoes, candied in hot oil, the creatives add grilled peppers, sautéed chard or roasted mushrooms. And even Chorizos lol! The Ingredients for 1 tortilla (4 to 6 people). 4 large fresh eggs, 1 kg of melting potatoes (Bintje type), vegetable oil or we use Olive oil virgin extra, 1 large sweet white onion, Salt, pepper to taste.
The preparation: Peel the washed potatoes and cut them into slices (about 5 mm thick). Liberally pour oil into a curved-sided skillet over medium heat. When the oil is hot, add the potatoes. When they are soft but without coloring (candied and not fried), remove them from the oil and drain them on paper towels or in a colander. Salt. Beat the eggs in a bowl, add the lukewarm potatoes and mix. Leave this preparation to stand for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, mince the onion and sauté in the remaining oil. Drain and add to the egg-potato mixture. Adjust the seasoning. Heat the pan (uncleaned) over medium heat, add a little oil if necessary and pour in the preparation. Sear, stirring constantly so that the tortilla does not stick. When the underside is golden brown, pour the excess oil into a container (or a second pan). Flip the omelet. Resume cooking the second side. Brown, making sure the tortilla keeps its soft interior. Finish by sliding the tortilla onto a platter. Serve hot, warm, or cold. We do it hot but for tapas or apéros can be cold. There you go Buen Provecho ::)

There you go folks, another dandy from my belle France. Hope you enjoy the post and again be safe enjoy the end of year or Año Viejo and best wishes for 2022 to all.

And remember, happy travels, good health , and many cheers to all!!!

December 28, 2021

Another time in Vannes !!

I cannot keep away for long from our capital city of Vannes of the beautiful Morbihan dept 56 in my lovely Bretagne. As said , have many posts on the city and it shows my interest for it, as it is rather off the beaten path in my belle France but really worth the detour, Gorgeous architecture and an interesting history ; I am in heaven ! Let me update for you and me this older post. As said written many posts on the sights below so search for them to read/see more ok.

We have come to Vannes so much that it feels like we live there ; well I worked for about 9 years just outside of it in an old castle of 1504 !! We were painting the basement/sous sol, and decided to take a break and come back to Vannes for a breather ! Always is and even more with my boys , and always with wonderful memories of my dear late Martine, memories hard to erase and each time here even more stronger feelings.

While In Vannes, we did our usual sightseeing and of course many errands for the house, We did a quick stop to Micromania at the Carrefour shopping center to get the latest gadgets in video games for the boys, and then hop over to FNAC for some reading and tech reviews before well we were hungry. That is my suggestion , and we went to a place been a couple times with colleagues from work , this time came with my boys to Le Tarmac in rue Ferdinand le Dressay on the other side of the pleasure boats marina canal that takes out to the Gulf of Morbihan and eventually to the Atlantic Ocean! This was just one time, we have come back several times more, see posts.  They have a terrace right on the sidewalk facing the canals, and then a streel level room and a very cozy first level or 2nd floor. The service is friendly and prompt, the prices very reasonable and the food is good. We had tapas dish of accras (codfish cake), with breaded shrimp ,crackers tortilla Mexican style with guacamole sauce for 8,50€ and hot dogs with fries for the boys, all with a bottle of Vigne Antique côte de Provence rosé 2016 wine all came about for 15€ per person!!. They have a Facebook page :


We had all day to do and why not do some walks in wonderful medieval Vannes all kept original no wars did anything to it. It is lovely to walk here. Of course, we come by car so easy , we park on free parking past the Place Gambetta up the rue Ferdinand le Dressay and you will see the parking lot on your right passing the Harbormaster, Plenty on street parking or pay underground parking at Le Port, We then take off on foot all over the city, it is easy to walk and very pleasant things to see. As I have written so much on it will not go into details here, just type in search Vannes and see all the posts going back to 2011 in my blog.


First, the canal on the pleasure boat marina is awesome, it says can hold up to 3000 boats and goes all the way to the Gulf of Morbihan  , and holds about 50 islands 24 of which inhabited. You have the tourist office and carrousel right by the canal as well as restaurants all around it on both sides.  


Walking past the wonderful Porte de Saint Vincent , a gate to old town along Rue Saint Vincent, a Saint from Valencia Spain who came here around 1400’s and his body rest in peace at the Cathedral of St Peter at Place Saint Pierre.  The street is full of shops even a Casino supermarket! This street takes you on the left to the Place du Poids Public and further into the Place des Lices, two lively architecturally nice squares in old town Vannes.  We do a lot of our shopping here, and the Saturday morning market is awesome. Just around the Place du Poids Public you have the rue de la Poissonnerie that leads you into the Halles aux Poissons or fish market.

Right in the corner of the two squares Poids Public and Lices you have the 17C Hôtel Francheville or Mynier recently completely renovated done in tufa style stone as the original. Up into the old town you have wonderful architecture, and the passing of the Cathedral St Peter as well as the fine arts museum La Cohue by place St Pierre and also a back entrance on lovely rue des Halles. This rue des Halles is wonderful plenty of stores and restos from buildings as far back as the 14C! By here you will find the archeological museum of Vannes house in the Chateau Gaillard and its magnificent tower at rue Noé.

You come into Place Valencia,name in honor of the before mention Saint born there, and also lived while in Vannes in the upper level of what is today the library La Procure.  There is a statue of the Saint in the wall. At the square are the famous statues of the two women right on the wall of the restaurant Villa Valencia. You can side step into the place Henri IV just before the place St Pierre where the Cathedral Saint Peter is located, here is wooden houses going back to the 14C and after, loaded with quaint stores and one great chocolatier de France ,Maison Georges Larnicol, Coming up to this latest square you have the rue Saint Salomon, another wonderful medieval street full of shops. Right next to the Cathedral there is rue des Chanoines with more wooden houses taking you to the ramparts of Vannes!

Ok so this was just an afternoon walk, there is a whole lot more here and we love it ; hoping you too will when visit my quant capital city of Vannes. Glad we came over to the Morbihan, we love it! You too if you take the time to come and into history, architecture, and good French/Breton foods.

The city of Vannes  on its heritage and history:

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist office on Vannes :

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist office on Vannes :

The Bretagne region tourist board on Vannes:

There you go folks, another dandy walking tour of my lovely capital city of Vannes. It goes without saying we will be back soon,,,,,,,,,,,,Hope it helps you come and enjoy this jewel of  the beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne as well as belle France as much as we do. And ,remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

December 28, 2021

The Place Henri IV of Vannes!!

So we love to walk a city and it shows in my blog. There is no better way to know a city, its architecture and history than to walk it. This is no difference in small , medium or large cities all over France and the world. I happened to love a square in my capital city of Vannes which we just go by even if nothing to shop or see. I like to bring a new text with older pictures on the Place Henri IV of Vannes!! 

The capital city of the Morbihan dept 56 , Vannes, alone has no less than 170 half-timbered houses. Colorful shacks with crazy charm that are concentrated around the squares and in the cobbled alleys of the old town. Popular and lively, Place Henri IV is the ideal starting point for exploring Vannes while learning about its history. The square is certainly one of the most beautiful views of the intramural area of Vannes, The houses here go back to the 14C thru the 17C.


Place Henri-IV is a square located in the inner city on the heights of the Mené hill. It communicates with the Place Saint-Pierre and the St Peter’s Cathedral,(see post)  and to the rue Saint-Salomon (see post) and to the rue des Chanoines and the rue Émile-Burgault. The square measures about 20 meters per side, or an area of ​​about 400 m2.  In the 18C, this square was called Mallièvre, a deformation of its original Breton name Men-Guevr, goat stone, After having been named Place du Département for a time during the revolutionary period, it was finally renamed to its current name during the 19C. A bird market took place in this square in the 1860s: sellers, called Pilorgets, mainly brought linnets and goldfinches.


Most of the houses in the Place Henri IV are listed as historic monuments of France. This is the case for houses located at no.1 (corner of Place Saint-Pierre), at no. 2 ( corner of Place Saint-Pierre), at no.5 (corner of rue Saint-Salomon),and at no.6 (corner of rue des Chanoines).


The city of Vannes on the Place Henri IV

Indeed a must to walk in Vannes, and worth the detour me think. Hope you enjoy these walks around my old capital city of Vannes. The idea of shopping and eating amongst these wonderful old half-timbered houses is superbe!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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December 20, 2021

Lanester, so near me!

I have just notice not written a post on this nice town near me. I have it mentioned in previous post , passing, but feel deserves a post of its own in my blog. I like to tell you a bit more on Lanester, so near me! Memories of old always nice to have in my blog!

Lanester is located in my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne, about 35 km from my house, It was created in 1909 by the dismemberment of that of Caudan, It is in Caudan, or rather Lann er Ster (moor of the river), on the left bank of the Scorff that the shipyards, too much to the narrow right bank, will install their infrastructure. The first building blocks were established in 1755-1757 but the site was not developed until the following century.

Lanester is accessible by the national road N165. The city is served by the buses of the regional network BreizhGo (line 15, line 16 and line 17 (Lorient – Baud – Pontivy) which my boys have taken) , Lanester ,also is served by the CTRL bus network with plenty of lines fast frequencies, It has no train station as it uses Lorient train station which is accessible via the buses of the Lorient region transport company (CTRL).

This is not a tourist town, just very close to me and we go often to shop and eat in our daily routine, the Bonhomme bridge, which spans the Blavet river; and the market day is on Tuesdays from 9h to 12h30 at the Place Jean Maurice.

We have visited this area for shopping and eating out, but sometimes we do our big grocery shopping here in unique Lanester,when coming from the Finistére on our way home, The huge shopping here and it is covered and open air shopping spot; the covered shopping is the CC Deux Rivières with plenty of stores all around it,on a huge shopping area. This has change ownership and has a new name as G La Galerie Géant . The Centre Commercial or shopping center name G la Galerie  with now 75 stores including 5 restaurants, and is the biggest mall in the Morbihan ! We like visiting the Nocibé parfumerie store as well as Yves Rocher, Micromania for the boys , and Armand Thiery for all.  webpage:


The main thing above was shopping for groceries in the huge Hyper Géant Casino supermarket for some sundries and had our lunch in the nice quaint unique restaurant outside next to the parking.  The hypermarket is the main anchor store of the shopping center and also has its own webpage:

The restos are plenty here, from Courtepaille to Burger King, and our fav favorite Oncle Scott (see post), However, we like lighthearted lunches at the à la bonne heure ,(it has been sold new name Ô Restaurant , same concept).  All in bare pine wood outside and nicely done Inside with shade colors , great host, friendly folks who said good afternoon, and great concept. We had several menus here over the years all good price/quality ratio and great spot for families. Indeed ,nice family place , friendly , cosy, looking forward to the new version, Webpage :


lanester A la bonne heure resto inside-feb17

The center opens in 1969 as Rallye by 2001 Géant Casino came in, In 2009 the name was change by Centre commercial Les Deux Rivières , and finally in 2016 took the current name G la Galerie.

The city of Lanester on its history/heritage :

There you go folks a bit of personal errands in my beautiful Morbihan. This is my blog and I like to have it with the full history of my life and family’ life in it. Lanester may not be touristic but it sure packs a lot of family memories since in the area with my dear late wife Martine.  To remember is to live again!! Hope you enjoy this side off the beaten path post

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

December 16, 2021

La Vuelta de España 2022! Bike tour of Spain!

La Vuelta de España 2022! bike race. Something follow for more years that I like to count , La Vuelta!

I have been following the crescendo to the unveiling of the stages tonight and it has been a nice ride indeed. Hope you follow this post and ride along with me on TV ::)

The 2022 Vuelta will be held from August 19 to September 11, 2022 for the 77th edition ! The race will feature nine high finishes, of which at least five will be unprecedented in the history of the event. This Thursday December 16, at 19h30 (saw it live just now), Unipublic will present the route of La Vuelta 22. The Municipal Palace – IFEMA Madrid at Av. Capital de España, 7.

La Vuelta 22
will take off on the 19th of August with a team time trial through the streets of the Dutch city of Utrecht. The second stage will be held on the 20th of August between Hertogenbosch and Utrecht. On Sunday the 21st of August, the peloton will continue to ride through the North Brabant Region in a circuit stage, both commencing and concluding at Breda. The team presentation will take place on Thursday the 18th of August in the center of Utrecht. This act will inaugurate the Netherlands’s official La Vuelta departure. La Vuelta 22 will pass through 34 Dutch towns over three stages!!

There was talk of getting some of the stages by the Pico Jano in Cantabria or Tentudía, an ascent in Badajoz of 8.5 km at 4.8% would join another goal in Piornal so that Extremadura will once again be the protagonist of the race, as happened in the last edition . In fact, the Extremaduran community will be one of the ten that the peloton will cross in this edition that begins in the Netherlands, the only foreign soil that will set foot in 2022.

The Dutch start has already been presented, with an initial team time trial in the city of Utrecht, which, barring unforeseen events, will finally see its commitment to cycling rewarded for being the only city that has hosted the big three, as it was also the venue from the start of the 2015 Tour and was part of the initial stages of the 2010 Giro. Utrecht celebrates 900 years of its founding! too. Two other stages in the Netherlands, these in line, between Hertogenbosch and Utrecht, and the third with the start and finish line in Breda.

Euskadi will be the stage for three days and the three provinces will be the protagonists. The fourth stage would be entirely from Alava and will link Vitoria-Gasteiz, and Laguardia. The fifth, starting in Gipuzkoa in Irún and finishing in Bilbao, the capital of Biscay that in 2022 will be the goal of that day and departure of the next, which would take the peloton to Cantabria, to the goal of Pico Jano. Asturias, which would consist of two days and in which it is not ruled out that another of the unpublished high end of this edition is located. Collado Foncuaya has sounded, a port located in the council of Yernes and Tameza, which consists of almost six km at 8% on average and with ramps that reach 17%. Les Praeres or even Angliru are also shuffled in the local media as points keys to this edition. In addition, neighboring León will also have a day starting in Camargo and ending in Cistierna. Of the rest of the Vuelta 22, a stage between Elche and Alicante is taken for granted, and Andalusia again as the protagonist with stages in Granada and in the Sierra Bermeja of Malaga (the port of Los Reales). The Vuelta 22 will leave Sanlúcar de Barrameda 500 years after the exact day that Juan Sebastián Elcano set foot in Spain after taking the first trip around the world!

My dear Madrid will once again host the final stage of the Vuelta a España cycling race that celebrates its 87th anniversary in 2022 and the 77th edition. After 21 grueling days, the cyclists will arrive in the Spanish capital for the last stage. The El Pozo Factory will play a leading role in Alhama de Murcia in a stage that will be flat. It will, therefore, mean a special day for the oldest leader of Movistar. Alejandro Valverde ,La Bala or the Bullet! It will be 193 kilometers long and will be suitable for sprinters.

There will be a total of 6 flat stages and 2 flat stages with high end / 6 flat stages and 2 flat with high-altitude finals 11 medium and high mountain stages / 11 hilly and mountain stages 1 CRI & 1 CRE / 1 TTT & 1 ITT. Total 3,280.5 kms.

STAGE 1. CRE. An inaugural time trial somewhat longer than in recent editions. 23.3 km in Utrecht.
(STAGE 2) FLAT. A mostly flat stage Utrecht
(STAGE 3) FLAT. Completely flat day with guaranteed sprint arrival, Breda
(STAGE 4) HALF MOUNTAIN. Vitoria Gasteiz to LaGuardia .Stage with a predictable end to the sprint in a squad reduced by half. 15 km from the finish line, the Herrera pass is crowned, which leads to a descent to the end
(STAGE 5) HALF MOUNTAIN. Irun to Bilbao, Beautiful stage: five ports that will be colored with the Basque public.

Stage 6, Thursday, August 25: Bilbao-Ascent to Pico Jano, San Miguel de Aguayo, 180 km (mountain). Stage 7, Friday August 26: Camargo-Cistierna, 190.1 km (medium mountain).

Stage 8, Saturday August 27: Pola de Laviana-Collau Fancuaya. Yernes and Tameza, 154.5 km (mountain). Stage 9, Sunday August 28: Villaviciosa-Les Praeres (Nava), 175.5 km (mountain).

Stage 10, Tuesday, August 30: Elche-Alicante 31.1 km (Individual Time Trial)

Stage 11, Wednesday August 31: ElPozo Alimentación-Cabo de Gata, 193 km (flat)
Stage 12, Thursday, September 1: Salobreña-Peña Blancas. Estepona, 195.5 km (flat with a high end)
Stage 13, Friday September 2: Ronda-Montilla, 171 km (flat)
Stage 14, Saturday September 3: Montoro-Sierra de la Pandera, 160.3 km (mountain)
Stage 15, Sunday September 4: Martos-Sierra Nevada, 148, 1 km (mountain)
Stage 16, Tuesday, September 6: Sanlúcar de Barrameda-Tomares, 188.9 km (flat)
Stage 17, Wednesday September 7: Aracena-Tentudía Monastery, 160 km (flat with high end)
Stage 18, Thursday, September 8: Trujillo-Alto del Piornal, 191.7 km (Mountain)
Stage 19, Friday September 9: Talavera de la Reina-Talavera de la Reina, 132.7 km (medium mountain)
Stage 20, Saturday September 10: Moralzarzal-Puerto de Navacerrada, 175.5 km (mountain)
Stage 21, Sunday September 11: Las Rozas-Madrid, 100.5 km (flat)

I try to highlight my favorite runs from a visitor point of view if I could do that. A magical run for the whole world to enjoy it. You do not have to be a cyclist to enjoy this, just a lover of nature, sports, and plain beautiful scenary of my beloved Spain.

The official La Vuelta webpage:

There you go folks, enjoy once again La Vuelta 2022. Oh yes we are not there yet, but these even are planned ahead for all logistics ,and then some. So plan ahead and come to Spain, everything under the Sun!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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