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November 29, 2022

Again ,Saint Guigner Church of Pluvigner !!!

There, I am back to showcase our main church in town, This is a must for us in town, we have been inside several times and past by it zillions times yet only briefly mentioned in a couple previous posts in my blog. And looking at my vault, found several older pictures not yet in the blog, so therefore, its time for me to tell you more about the  St Guigner Church of Pluvigner !!!

plu ch st guigner entr side apr13

plu ch st guigner altar c apr13

plu ch st guigner ceilings sep13

First, my town of Pluvigner (French) is Breton language by the name of Pleuwigner.  The name comes from the Breton PLOE meaning Parish and GUIGNER , the Saint; therefore, the Parish of St Guigner or Pleuwigner or Pluvigner ! Get it ! We do more than French here!!! All streets, names trafic circles are bilingual and the City/town hall newsletter as well.

Pluvigner had its patron saint as Saint Guigner, under whose name was placed its parish church. Hibernois of origin and son of a small king still peasant, this saint had embraced the Christian religion. Back in his homeland, he renounced the throne left vacant by the death of his father ,and he went to today’s Great Britain, to work there for the conversion of the Saxons who had invaded this country: Barely landed, circa 455 , he was put to death, with all his companions. Fleeing the Saxons, a band of Christians who lived in the neighborhood where these martyrs had plucked their palms; and taking with it the body of Saint Guigner, crossed the sea, and came to settle, in the territory of the ancient Vénètes (Celtic tribe who gave the name to our capital city Vannes or in Breton Gwened) in an almost deserted canton, and was distinguished from other similar bands, by taking the name of Plou de Guigner or parish of Guigner, from which came naturally, later, that of Pluvigner, given to the parish formed, by these emigrants,

The highlight of the town of Pluvigner, is the Saint Guigner Church , our main church. There was a chapel next door called the Notre Dame des Oties b 1426, touches the parish church and communicates with it through the sacristy.

plu ch st guigner front belltower apr21

plu ch st guigner belltower side ent apr21

Only the rather crude south door and the large bell tower in the style of the pseudo-classical Renaissance, with superimposed orders, have been preserved, which was built in 1781. The tower and the bell tower date from 1781. The stained glass windows, date from 1932-1933 and represent the events of the life of certain famous figures of the parish, such as Saint Guénaël, Saint Guigner and the penitent Kériolet. A lintel carries the group of the Crucifixion, composed of Christ surrounded by the Virgin and Saint John. The lectern rests on three griffin legs and at its top is an eagle perched on a terrestrial globe. The church contains the relics of Saint Guigner and houses a statue of Saint Guigner. The painting entitled “Assumption”, a work by Philippe, dates from 1770. The painting entitled “Donation du Rosaire”, a work by Charles Milcendeau, dates from around 1900.

plu ch st guigner organ nave apr21

plu ch st guigner baptismal font apr21

plu ch st guigner tresor left apr21

plu ch st guigner tresor right apr21

The City of Pluvigner bilingual on the St Guigner Church

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Pluvigner

There you go folks, my main church in town. Just enjoy it as we have come to do in our newer little corner of our world. This is the Saint Guigner Church of Pluvigner, in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne, and my belle France!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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November 28, 2022

My boy REX, our dog!!!

This is a memorable opportunity to talk again about my faithful companion, men best friend indeed, This is the saga of Rex, our dog, I like to update this older post on him and for him, He came into my life in a sad moment and he has been magical, I like to tell you a bit about Rex, the dog !!! Hope you enjoy it as I.

plu house patio barbecue Rex and his ball apr22

I always had dogs in my single life; and even as I was married back in 1990 with my Frenchie Martine. As we began to have kids, it was difficult to handle both and my previous dog was almost 12 yrs old and became a bit jealous been female and aggressive so my parents kept her until her last days and me went on without a dog for years.

plu Rex in terrace looking out going out feb22

As my boys became older, the need to have a dog grew , but my wife wanted none of it. Finally, we convince her as the boys also wanted a dog. She was very enthusiastic once the decision taken, and was the first one to go and buy him a bed ,and ball toys etc. We are customers of Maxi Zoo stores, and visited the ones in Séné, Vannes, and Auray. The closest store to us is in Auray but photo is from Séné. webpage :

sene maxi zoo for rex mar18

Unfortunately, for us, my Martine could only enjoyed Rex, our borador dog for 19 days before she went into the hospital and finally passed away last April 30th 2018 19h from cancer. We will missed her tremendously, and no words can describe my and the boys pain. However, we have Rex.

plu house Rex on guard duty at home apr22

Rex is our boy ,and her legacy with us. We love him very much, and he is very active and well behave. I have my three young men to help me out doing everything with me. Rex will go on as a memorial to Martine, and warm and happy moments we had. He will go to sea at Honfleur Normandie as her and us.

plu Rex sleeps in canape feb21

As said, Rex is a borador, that is pure mix Border Collier and Labrador Retriever taken from a cattle/milk farm nearby in Moustoir Ac. He is now fully up to date on all his needs with the former Clinique Vétérinaire du Chêne in our town. Already 5 years old and 28 kg or about 62 lbs, The clinique vet now under new management and same friendly service name the Clinique Vétérinaire de Pluvigner (GASB) also with several locations, webpage :

Pluv clinique vet du Chenes front apr18

There you go folks, a nice memorable post on our dog Rex, we love so much. For all animal lovers out there , this is Rex , our dog !!!.  And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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November 27, 2022

Salon de la Gastronomie et Arts Culinaires of Vannes !!!

My fav event in the area of Vannes and they continue the tradition !!!  When, I moved to the beautiful Morbihan for work duties and stayed, we heard about it, but always too many to choose from , and went elsewhere, then in 2014 got the bugs and went in; surprise was nice ! We have gone ever since, skipping a year and the virus but always here, By now many producers are known and even have delivered home and freebies !!!  This year was no exception as the 2022 Salon de la Gastronomie et des Arts Culinaires was held again at the Chorus expo center in the Parc du Golfe of Vannes.

Vannes salon de vins chorus entrance nov22

The gastronomy and wine fair was/is held November 26-28 2022 from 10h to 19h Admission is 5€ but we get in free as producers send us invitations before the event every year, Again, more than 100 exposants from wines, cheeses, jellies butcher shop, cooking classes to pots and pans on display and ready to take home, Free parking. The expo center has a big entry pavilion call Hall B, and then on the left you enter into another huge pavilion, call Hall A. The first pavilion is for the organisers, the butcher shop, cooking classes , and some food outlets. The second pavilion is where the main wine exposants and additional food stands are located.

Vannes salon de vins cooking classes stand nov22

Vannes salon de vins salon stands nov22

Again, there were some missing from last year and some new ones but we stuck to our usual contacts, There were the EARL Cousseau Boireau  stand C33 of Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil , they purchase last year a secondary home near us in St Philibert !!, and have a gîte in Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil for rental up to 6 persons right on the property, More from the town of Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil :

Vannes salon de vins vignobles cousseau boireau st nic bourgueil owners nov22

The Château Tour Birol  Côtes de Bourg,stand E 61 Bordeaux region with delicious malbec reds!!! The owner Henri has grandaugher living in Michigan USA ! Reds Malbec !He still help by his son and his wife who does the delivery of my two cases home ! In a couple of weeks in time for Christmas ! One of the very few exposants not keeping inventory with them,you taste, you buy and they delivered later to you, More from the town of Samonac, :

Vannes salon de vins chateau tour birol henri owner nov22

Caves Rougebec, Vouvray stand B12 as you enter middle range second stand , We tasted at Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil and we saw them again here, Great bubblies of the Touraine ! See at the Loire Valley Wines webpage :

Before leaving we loaded on the La Fruitière De Colpo , from nearby Plumelin at stand B15 for delicious jellies of mango, sour orange, strawberries, granade, figs, and pears Williams ! Their webpage :

Vannes salon de vins La Fruitière De Colpo nov22

The Pelote Basque T15 as you enter bear left all the way back , We had our Basque cheeses brebis sheep female milk cheeses which are awesome nothing than from the source, We got the espelette pepper mix as well all with a discount for us and a nice cloth bag to keep them, Next to the stand there is the restaurant basque cuisine where we had our lunch of Axoa de veau a typical Basque dish prepared with mashed  vealonionstomatoes sauté and flavoured with red Espelette pepper. This dish was served on the days of fairs.Cold cuts of sausages and chorizo, and patê , a nice basque wine base sangria for apéritif and the whole meal wash down with Gorri red wine from the La Cave d’Irouléguy – AOP Irouléguy Ahh yes for dessert the Basque cake with cherries and cream for my boys, gateau basque ! All delicious in a friendly space sharing tables with another famlily, Their pelote basque webpage :

Vannes salon de vins pelote passion restaurant front table nov22

Vannes salon de vins pelote passion restaurant side table nov22

Vannes salon de vins pelote passion brebis cheeses nov22

We came to a new stand of Agerria-Daniel Dupuy from the Basque country of France, They do magic with foie gras, and different patês which we got an assortment of them ,great with the French baguette !!! webpage:

Vannes salon de vins Agerria basque pates stand nov22

Vannes salon de vins agerria basque pates canned nov22

The official organising of the Salon de la Gastronomie et Arts Culinaires of Vannes :

There you go folks, a dandy indeed! This one in Vannes is one of the best me think, And after talking with the exposants I believe it even more. Wonderful choices to complement each other and a friendly ambiance, The very best of my belle France under one roof, can’t beat it anywhere ! Already looking forward to the next one, catch it , this is France at its best for the food, the ambiance the savoir faire and all of the above !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

November 27, 2022

Some news from France , CCCLXXVI

This is my latest from my belle France ; as we continue into the half way point of Fall season. Most said winter will be harsh and already by early December temperatures will be lower down to 3C ! However, is that time again to tell you my latest rants about some news from France. An eventful post in my blog that I have enjoyed together with you for the last 12 years (tomorrow!!) And for those non Roman CCCLXXVI is 376 ! ,with another dandy round of news of my belle France , of course, chosen by me; there are many others. We will be tidy and drinking a nice glass of wine, coming inside our dining room! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The surroundings of the Eiffel Tower may not be renovated in time for the Olympic Games, A court decision has weighed down the ambitions of the City of Paris. It confirms the prefecture of police in its refusal to authorize the development work of the Trocadéro and the Quai Branly. Yeah ! Keep Paris as is !!

Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, has decided to file a complaint for defamation against the Minister of Public Accounts. On France Inter this Wednesday, Gabriel Attal affirmed that a system “which comes under Ponzi” exists within the City/town hall of Paris. He notably returned to the derogation which the City has long benefited from: capitalized rents. A system that allows the city to claim decades of rent in advance from social landlords. An organization that falls under the “Ponzi” system, a fraudulent financial arrangement used in particular by Bernard Maddoff, one of the biggest crooks in history, in the eyes of Gabriel Attal. When the snakes rattle there is something underneath, Stay tune…..

Janvry Christmas market: the small village of Essonne dept 91 ready to welcome 100,000 visitors ! This town of 630 inhabitants is organizing the 25th edition of its famous Christmas market from today Friday. Magical decorations, merry-go-rounds and nativity scenes from around the world: for two weekends, the crowd is expected for this unmissable end-of-year event, which brings together 140 exhibitors. To accommodate everyone, several car parks are available, especially along the parc animalier (350 places) and the pré des vaches or meadow of the cows (about 70 places). The main street of Janvry will be entirely pedestrianized. But don’t worry, the city has thought of everything: three small trains will run in a loop to bring people who want it to the market. Janvry market, today Friday from 12h to 20h., Saturday and Sunday from 10h to 19h Same hours from December 2 to 4. Free entrance. Webpage :

The La Défense Christmas market sees its opening finally postponed, It was to open this past Wednesday but it will still be necessary to wait a little longer to stroll through the aisles, between the exhibitor huts of the Paris La Défense Christmas market (Hauts-de- Seine dept 92). The opening of the 27th edition of this event, long considered the biggest Christmas market in Île-de-France region, was postponed this past Wednesday due to a negative opinion from the safety commission. The inauguration scheduled for the next day Thursday, at 18h, is also postponed. It is said might open by November 28 next Monday, Webpage :

The Klin d’œil creative market is back for a special Christmas edition, right in the heart of the Halle du Carreau du Temple! The Klin d’œil team has already conquered the regulars of the Carreau du Temple with its creative, joyful and colorful market accompanied by numerous DIY workshops. For the end-of-year celebrations, the weekend of December 17 and 18, 70 creators take over the majestic Halle , At the heart of the market, a mulled wine, a photocall with Santa Claus and even a massage session await you for a warm moment in a Christmas atmosphere. And also, a concert, a swing ball and many other surprises! Klin d’œil market, Halle du Carreau du Temple, 2, rue Perrée 3éme Saturday December 17 from 11h to 21h30, Sunday December 18 from 11h to 19h, Free admission,Webpage :

It is on a journey through time, into words and into life itself that Laure Adler invites us in her “Heure bleue” on France Inter. On the occasion of exhibitions (including that of the National Library of France) and the rain of publications that accompany the hundred years of Proust’s disappearance, she devotes a remarkable series in four parts to the one she playfully calls ” Marcel” as if it was above all a question of dusting him off, of refusing to make him the author of an icy cathedral and an impracticable mountain except by initiates. To begin this series, it is Jean-Yves Tadié, the great biographer of Marcel Proust, who first recalls that he was a Jewish and homosexual man at the time of the Dreyfus affair, in a largely ruthless and anti-Semitic society. That when he won the Goncourt Prize in 1919, he received a ton of insults since many would have found it fashionable to reward a veteran of the Great War (WWI) instead. In the second episode, Laure Murat recounts how her life changed by reading Marcel Proust and confides that she left her aristocratic family, never to see them again. The historian and author, who teaches Proust at UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles), speaks of the consolation that Proust provides. The following two episodes give the floor to illustrator Stéphane Manel, who publishes a graphic novel adapted from the memories of Céleste Albaret (Monsieur Proust, 256 pages, governess and confidante of Proust, and Anne Simon, research director at the CNRS, while the essential Jean-Yves Tadié comes to close this joyful series. Webpage :

Amazon on Monsieur Proust book :

The charm of Dunkirk, sublimated by the Baron noir series, is not flashy From the port of port de grands vracs or large bulks, which sees the arrival of iron as well as exotic fruits, on the seafront of Malo-les -bains, the tourist spot of the city, the North Sea brings the city to life at the same time as it offers it a permanent spectacle. the Braek dyke is sublime from the first light of day. To the west of Dunkirk, after the port, this strip of land is covered with bitumen for more than 6 kms. The site, reputedly closed to the public despite its intense attendance, is spectacular: you have to imagine a kind of airstrip with holes in it, Dunkirk tourist office :

The private Canal Plus on the Baron Noir Series :

A Sausage Walk with lots of dachshunds to cuddle in the heart of Paris On Sunday December 4 2022 from 11h to 13h, for a Sunday walk between the Mirabeau and Alma bridges. The Paris Sausage Walk offers a solidarity axis and aims to collect donations for the association Teckels Sans Doux Foyer. To become a donor, all you have to do is buy bags, posters or badges available on site. The Assoc webpage :

The Paris living on the sausage walk :

Next spring, the Louis Vuitton Foundation will unveil a huge cross-exhibition dedicated to the “four-handed” creations of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol. A look back at one of the greatest friendships in contemporary art. Headliners: Basquiat and Warhol come together in a must-see exhibition. This unique exhibition offers you a rich and crossed journey between the two legends of contemporary art, to be discovered from next April 2023, Throughout this journey, you will discover more than 100 common paintings retracing the fruitful collaboration between the two artists . Basquiat x Warhol, Four Hands is the most important exhibition ever dedicated to this singular work. Following their meeting in 1982, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol developed a great bond and produced nearly 160 paintings together, almost daily! This intense collaboration will give birth to original works, some of which will even be among the greatest of their respective careers. Basquiat x Warhol – À quatre mains, Louis Vuitton Foundation, 8, avenue du Mahatma-Gandhi 16éme ,From April 5 to August 28, 2023, , webpage :

In the context of the global energy crisis,(brought on my incapable politicians we continue vote for!) Vincennes has decided not to install its traditional ephemeral ice rink this winter. To achieve significant energy savings in the face of rising gas and electricity prices, the town decided this year to replace it with a 600 m2 roller skate track. This “more sober” installation will be set up on the esplanade of the Hôtel de Ville for Christmas. The track will host 4 themed parties (Roaring Twenties, 50s, 80s and 2000s). Experienced riders will be able to evolve on the surface without constraint and the youngest will be able to learn in complete safety in an area which will be reserved for them, in the presence of a UCPA animator. Val de Marne dept 94 tourist office on the event :

It is at Port de la Gare, at the foot of the National Library of France, that Quai de la photo will open its doors in May 2023. Free exhibitions, a festive place to live and an integrated marina, this new multi-purpose structure has many surprises in store for you ! The floating art center will host temporary and permanent exhibitions with free access on an area of ​​more than 1000 m2. Something to delight photography enthusiasts who will discover both the big names in contemporary photography, but also many emerging French and foreign artists With its integrated marina, Quai de la photo will also offer excursions aboard small boats (100% electric of course). And if you are looking for an exceptional place to organize an event, the floating art center can even be privatized!Quai de la photo berges de Seine – rive gauche or Left Bank, Port de la Gare 13éme Free admission, Webpage :

Ouessant and Molène, the islands at the end of the world, the two islands planted off the high seas of Pointe Saint-Mathieu have a unique history and identity in this Iroise Sea subject to the excesses of the weather.

Molène, eyes in the sea, Leaving from Ouessant, it only takes 30 minutes to reach Molène by boat , A tour of the island on foot! (There are no cars). A short hike of 1h15 to take in the sea air. From the very quiet port, the path runs along the east and then south coast. Mounds of fresh seaweed cling to the shore. The potent smell appeals to gulls, which greedily dip their beaks. In front of the pyramidal landmark and up to Beg ar Loued (southern tip of the island), the sun in backlight iridescent the greenish blue sea. There are a few dry stone walls there that give this Breton island an air of Ireland… At the Pointe de Roëlen, a rock higher than the others, the island culminates at 26 meters , gives a view of Ouessant , the islets and the line of gray roofs of the village of Molène, surmounted by the spire of the Saint-Ronan Church. Head for the village, completing the tour by a ribine or path and the statue of Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Retour. What remains to be seen is the church, its English cemetery and the Drummond Castle museum. And then the frescoes of the Abri Roussin,or shelter ; the Calvary, the semaphore, the soda ovens, once used to burn seaweed. A whole small heritage witnessing a subsistence and mutual aid economy turned towards the ocean.

The Ponant islands on Molène :

The local Irose Brittany tourist office on Molène island :

On Yusin Beach, on the north coast, on a stormy day, the spectacle of waves crashing against the rocks of Ouessant Island is mesmerizing. At the Créac’h lighthouse, the show is also spellbinding. It is at the Ponte de Pern that the piece reaches its heights. Due west, the cape receives with mute self-sacrifice , it is used to it, all the anger accumulated by the ocean. Packets of water exploding on the rock, mush of shaggy foam, iodized explosions slapping the faces. Hypnotic! The charms of Lampaul in the capital there are rites: go buy Le Télégramme newspaper as soon as you see the plane from Brest arriving; have a coffee at the bar-tabac Ty Butun; look at the window of the Ouessant Image gallery, by photographer Dominique Baot, a tireless surveyor of the island; finish the day at the pub Ty Korn (the “Tyk”), justice of the peace for Ouessant evenings. How good it is then to be sheltered after dark when the raging ocean harasses the last inhabited land of western France !

The Ponant islands on Ouessant :

The Ouessant island tourist office :

At FC Versailles, the first on the bench with the Brazilian Cris, the former player of Olympique Lyonnais has been the new Versailles coach for a week. He will experience his baptism of fire on the bench this Friday, November 25 in Villefranche-sur-Saône on behalf of the 13th day of National league. On a grass half-pitch at the Porchefontaine stadium in Versailles (Yvelines 78), Welcome to Versailles !! webpage :

Three years separate the first from the second edition of the Grand Prix for the best Parisian pastry. The culinary event launched in 2019 was therefore back yesterday Thursday with twelve participants and a very specific theme: Parisian gardens. The prize was awarded to pastry chef Jordan Talbot for his piece “Autumn Wake”. who works at Maison Lucas Carton, located at 9, place de la Madeleine, in the 8éme arrondissement of Paris, On the podium, the works “Fleur de Miel”, by Hugo Spiesser-Ferrette (Christophe Michalak pastry shop) and ” L’Idylle” by Louise Riot (hotel-restaurant Molitor) came second and third respectively.

After the success of the first edition of Chez Monix last winter, the bistro welcomes you back to its chalet with gondola, fireplace, raclette, unlimited fondue and mulled wine of course! Discover a charming mountain village in the heart of a forest of fir trees, for an immersion in the atmosphere of skiing, just 10 minutes from the Porte Maillot. You can also board the barge of the Splash to enjoy a good seafood platter in the restaurant La mer à verre. And in addition, Chez Monix offers you to privatize your gondola to spend a privileged moment with your loved ones! Other venues at Là-Haut in Suresnes, Sapristi in Rueil Malmaison, Saperlipopette in Puteaux, Le Bistrot Pas Parisien in Colombes and Bistrot Top Chef in Suresnes offer you the flavors of the mountains just outside Paris! Chez Monix Port Van Gogh, Asnières-sur-Seine (Hauts de Seine 92) , Webpage :

There you go folks, another round of my some news from France coming to you freely by the road warrior travel guy . Hope you enjoy this post and do take the air of the Fall season with style in France better ,me think,,, And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

November 26, 2022

The Place du Poids Public of Vannes !!!

I am hugely surprise not written a post on this wonderful square of my dear Vannes! I had mentioned it in some post briefly, but really it needs a post of its own. Therefore, new text and older pictures not yet in my blog, here is my bit on the Place du Poids Public of Vannes !!! I must say right off the bat , my favorite square! 


The Place du Poids Public or public weight square.It is the former place du Poids du Roi, The name of this traditionally commercial square is linked to the verification of the weights and measures of goods which was carried out there. It was part of the new developments during the expansion of the city to the south at the end of the 14C. The half-timbered houses in the square bear witness to the first urbanization in the 15-16C. I will cite as an example No. 13, 17 and 19. The beautiful corner hotel in white stone makes a strong mark on the premises with its watchtower and classical architecture. it was enlarged and modified in the 17C. Under the influence of the arrival of the Parliament of Brittany in Vannes in 1675, many houses in the square were remodeled, probably for rental purposes. In the 19C, embellishment work focused on the southern slope with the construction of new buildings on the site of the mill and adjoining dwellings. Along with that of the Lices, this square is the site of a famous market which is held every Wednesday and Saturday of the week.  

vannes place du poids public sep21

Some of its half-timbered houses have been preserved, the others having been rebuilt in the 17-18C and at the end of the 19C. The Hôtel de Francheville,(see post) built in the 17C, strongly marks the transition between this square and that of Les Lices with its corner watchtower on a snout. The Place du Poids Public was modified during the construction of the hotels on rue Saint-Vincent at the end of the 17C. At least two of them had a Parisian-style courtyard, accessible by the Place du Poids Public, one of whose entrances has been preserved. The alignment plan of 1841 proposed an orthogonalization of the square by creating, on the place du moulin des Lices, a front of houses parallel to the north side, and in its southern part, a street linking it to the place de la Poissonnerie (where fish market is see post). This project was only partially realized in its southern part. The Moulin des Lices mill was destroyed in 1886, and the houses that replaced it encircle its plot.

vannes pl du poids public nicolas store dec19

The City of Vannes on the Place du Poids Public

There you go folks, feel better now, to show this gem of my capital city of Vannes. It is as said, a must to visit and you will be glad, the looks at it are awesome, full of wonderful architecture and history of this fine city. Hope you enjoy the post on the place du Poids Public and do visit it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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November 26, 2022

The Place des Lices of Vannes !!

I am hugely surprise not written a post on this wonderful square of my dear Vannes! I had mentioned it in some post briefly, but really it needs a post of its own. Therefore, new text and older pictures not yet in my blog, here is my bit on the Place des Lices of Vannes !!

vannes pl des Lices mar21

The Place des Lices is originally a former free space devoted to tournaments and other outdoor exercises that took place in the Middle Ages. The Lices, a term which was used to designate the field or the enclosed land surrounded by palisades, intended for these activities, recall this first use of the premises. This space was created in the 14C during the accession of Jean IV,(John) Duke of Brittany. The latter who wishes to make Vannes his administrative capital. Located at the foot of the first urban wall, this square is bordered to the east by the farmyard of the Hermine castle and various ducal buildings, coin workshop, kiln houses, tennis court, castle stables. It is surrounded by various constructions including the old Lices chapel, built around 1400-1425 with its cemetery. The area is bounded by half-timbered houses, and new ones were built in the 17C on the site of the old courtyard of the castle, which had become obsolete. The 19C alignments led to the demolition of the ducal chapel and the reworking of a number of old facades. At the same time, the square takes for vocation a market which is still held today every Wednesday and Saturday of the week. In 1912, the square was provided with a covered market for small producers, which in 2000 was replaced by a new covered market or halle (see post).

vannes pl des lices upward sep20

The Place des Lices, formerly Place de la Réunion, is the main public square in downtown Vannes . It hosts a bi-weekly market and is surrounded by shops. It is an elongated and sloping space, with an irregular plan, extending into the historic center of Vannes. It communicates to the north with the Cathedral St Pierre (see post) by rue de la Monnaie and to the south with the port by rue Saint-Vincent and porte Saint-Vincent (see post). It is also in direct contact with the Place du Poids Public and with the ramparts. The square is about 200 meters long, with an average width of 25 meters.

vannes pl des lices upper aug18

In the 3-4C, Vannes acquired fortifications to defend itself against the Germanic tribes. These walls formed a triangle, one of the points of which was located at the level of the current Place des Lices. In 1380, the Duke of Brittany Jean IV had a new enclosure built and a new castle built. The castle parade ground, which remained unbuilt, became the Place des Lices. The square takes its name from the many tournaments that took place there in the Middle Ages. In 1381, before Duke Jean, five French knights defeated five English knights there. In 1418, Saint Vincent Ferrier, who came from Valencia, Spain, came to preach on the Place des Lices and died in Vannes the following year. A bi-weekly public market is held here on Wednesdays and Saturdays and there is a covered market or halle 700 m2. Among the buildings on the square that are of architectural or heritage interest are the Hôtel de Francheville 17C (see post), remarkable for its watchtower, and the house at No. 11, which has a tower with a staircase notice.

vannes pl des lices noel dec19

The City of Vannes on the Place des Lices :

There you go folks, feel better now, to show this gem of my capital city of Vannes. It is as said, a must to visit and you will be glad, the looks at it are awesome, full of wonderful architecture and history of this fine city. Hope you enjoy the post on the place des Lices and do visit it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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November 26, 2022

The Place Saint Pierre of Vannes !!!

I am hugely surprise not written a post on this wonderful square of my dear Vannes! I had mentioned it in some post briefly, but really it needs a post of its own. Therefore, new text and older pictures not yet in my blog, here is my bit on the Place Saint Pierre of Vannes !!!

vannes pl st pierre cat right jul14

The Place Saint Pierre square has a few old houses adjoining La Cohue (fine arts museum), opposite the St Peter’s Cathedral (see posts). La Cohue designating the old partly Romanesque halls, remains dating from the 16C. The ground floor was occupied by the stalls of merchants, mostly butchers and the first floor reserved for courts of law. The Parliament of Brittany sat there when it was exiled to Vannes. In the last century, a theater occupied the first floor which now houses the museum. At No. 9 Place Saint Pierre is one of the oldest houses in the city, recognizable by its many small windows, testimonies of civil architecture from the beginning of the 15C.  Of course, the must visit in town is that here you have the Cathédrale Saint Pierre (see posts) or St Peter’s Cathedral built in the 13C-15-16C-19C.


This is of course a very old square located between the cathedral and the Cohue, bordered mainly by half-timbered houses and two important buildings facing each other and which give it the character of a square. In the ducal rentier of 1455-1458, it is called “placeix Saint Pere”. It is found referred to as a street on old city maps. It is joined to Place Henri IV (see post) by a narrow passage between two houses. The square is now clear of 3  houses which were attached to the west portal of the cathedral.

Vannes Pl St Pierre cor mar21

The house at 15 place Saint-Pierre 15C includes an undated elevation for the development of the attic, the framework of which shows a high room under the attic. The house is one of the rare examples of houses built almost entirely in half-timbered construction, visible here on three sides. It was subsequently the subject during the 4th quarter of the 20C of a restoration and very important works during its acquisition. by the city for the development of the Musée des Beaux Arts or Fine Arts Museum, also known as Cohue. The corbel brackets on the first floor are recent and of the polygonal base type with rings sculpted with faces, made after the one in place in the room on the ground floor. The base of the house retains two old corner posts.

vannes pl St Pierre maisons cat right dec19

The house at 2 place Saint-Pierre 16C is a wooden house with overhanging floors. Beautiful sculpted beam between the first and second floors. The second floor almost forms the bridge with that of the house at the other corner of the square.

The house at 7 place Saint-Pierre was built on the edge of the Cohue from which it is separated by an alley. Its facade framework shows that it has retained a first floor from the 15C. This one also shows the remains of the small windows that once ran along the facade. It shows alterations by its second Renaissance wall in the basement and an elevation in the 19C. The place is occupied in the rentier of the ducal domain in 1455.

This is a must to walk it while near or in Vannes, the place Saint Pierre is gorgeous and we always walk by it when in town; which is at least weekly. 

The City of Vannes on its heritage

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist office on Vannes :

There you go folks, feel better now, to show this gem of my capital city of Vannes. It is as said, a must to visit and you will be glad, the looks at it are awesome, full of wonderful architecture and history of this fine city. Hope you enjoy the post on the place Saint Pierre and do visit it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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November 25, 2022

The Grand Plage of Quiberon, part III

I have written posts on this great big beach near me, but as the season is unwind, let me remind you of what is best in summer here me think. If one day you are passing near me and head for the beaches, you will probably won’t need to contact me just go directly to the Grande Plage or big beach of Quiberon. We are there even in w inter time! 

This, of course,  is my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne and this is the Big Beach of Quiberon! Let me tell you a bit more on the Grande Plage of the town of Quiberon in the Presqu’ïle or peninsula of Quiberon!

Quiberon grande plage to gare june12

We come by car , D768 ,from its exit on the expressway N165, the best way to get here as it is a long peninsula. However, in summer there is the tire bouchon train from Auray, and bus no 1 of Keolis network from Auray train station. You can make connections to it from Vannes and even my little town of Pluvigner! I parked my car almost all the time at the practical and near Parking Varquez in city center except on market days which is held there or come after the market by 14h. There is also parking by the gare or train station Résistance or Butoir ,and a nice easy walk to it.

The Grande Plage is 900 meters of fine sand! This beach, in the heart of the resort, is accessible to all and has a parking for bicycles, a carpet and an armchair hipocampe for people with reduced mobility. In summer it offers a kids’ club and a beach bar. For your safety this beach is supervised in the summer and has a first aid station. Showers and toilets. We do enjoy the Grande plage or big beach, the center of it all here. It has kiddies areas, and grownups. Large beach with white sandy sands and wide enough to play games. This our favorite as it comes with easy parking, great eating/drinking places and very nice people. Can’t tell you enough. The Fischer beach bar is awesome right on the sand! and the front place Hoche has plenty to keep you for a day especially our favorite friendly owner l’Esplanade Café.

Quiberon grande plage kids games jun12

Quiberon grande plage kids albatros area aug12

The Grand Plage faces south facing Belle-Île and is protected from the winds. The Gare Maritime is at one end with ferries to the out islands such as Belle Île en Mer.  It is bounded to the east by the casino and to the west by the port of Port-Maria and the ferry terminal. See trawlers in clouds of gulls. Along an esplanade around the beach at the foot of buildings from the Belle Epoque. There are many bars and restaurants with lively terraces as well as ice cream parlors. We love it !!

quiberon grande plage jul11

Quiberon grande plage games jun12

The City of Quiberon and its beaches

The local Bay of Quiberon  tourist office on the Grande Plage :

My favorite beach site Plages TV on the Grande Plage:

There you go folks, a beautiful dandy of a beach in a nice town. The Grande Plage of Quiberon is all you need. The best in Quiberon in my opinion and been all over here by now. Hope you enjoy the post and come on over! 

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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November 25, 2022

Again Notre Dame of Arzon !!

Many times in this lovely town in the Rhuys peninsula and some posts on it but again found me older new pictures not yet in my blog and they should be me think. I have written on the wonderful Church Notre Dame de l’Assomption in the town of Arzon; and its time for  showcasing it again.  Hope you enjoy as I.

Arzon is a town located at the end of the presqu’île de Rhuys ( Rhuys peninsula), it is bordered to the north by the Gulf of Morbihan, south by the bay of Quiberon, western part of Mor Braz (the big sea by the Breton just before going out into the Atlantic ocean) , and to the east by the town of Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys (see post). The town of Arzon has two seaside resorts of very different characters: Port-Navalo (see post), dating from the early 20C (see post) , and Le Crouesty (see post).


The nice monument to see here is the Church Notre Dame de l’Assomption . The parish church of Arzon was completely remodeled in the 19C, but the site is, in fact, much older. Indeed, historically, the town of Locmaria (now the town center of Arzon) has developed around a priory, a small monastery dependent on the great abbey of Redon. The site consisted of a chapel, monks’ accommodation and a tithe barn. Only the latter survived, south of the current church.



The Church Notre-Dame de l’Assomption was restored in 1815. In 1848-1849, the bell tower was built (consolidated in 1890) and the nave was lengthened. The blessing of the two bells took place on June 5, 1855. It has been restored several times: the sanctuary (in 1880), the vault (in 1920). A complete renovation of the interior of the church took place in 1951. Note that from the beginning of the parish, there was a church in Locmaria. The local ceremonial of the Abbaye de Rhuys mentions the chapel of Saint-Sauveur until around 1500. A stained glass window, reminds pilgrims of the vow that 42 sailors from Arzon made to Sainte Anne in 1673 , during the battle of Schooneveldt which opposed on June 7, 1673 the Anglo-French fleet to the Dutch ships.The parish church has a model of a three-masted bark, a warship with stern and bow sculptures, where you can see a sailor boarding sword in hand. The deck and the ports have many guns.



The parish of Arzon on the Notre Dame of the Assumption Church:

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist office Arzon:

There you go foks, a bit more on the wonderful church of Arzon. Hope you enjoy the tour and Arzon in the Rhuys Peninsula of my beautiful Morbihan dept 56!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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November 25, 2022

More of Châteauneuf du Faou !!

The town of Châteauneuf-du-Faou is in department of Finistère 29 region of my lovely Bretagne. The town is bathed by the Aulne river, important Breton coastal river. I have written on the town and the churches before in my blog, but found me more pictures that I think should be in so therefore , here is a bit more on the Chapelle Notre Dame des Portes and the Church Saint Julien.

The Chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Portes combining Neo-Roman and Neo-Gothic styles  dates from 1892. The statue of Notre Dame (Our Lady) was crowned in 1894; the day before the coronation took place the procession of miracles, which took place traditionally every year and ended with an edifying spectacle; the feast of the coronation ended with fireworks and the illumination of the whole city, thirty parishes came with their crosses and their banners the chapel was restored in 1953. The pardon of Notre-Dame- des-Portes, which takes place every penultimate Sunday of August, remains very busy.




The Saint-Julien Church dates from the 18-19C. The current church includes a nave with six bays and a choir with a polygonal chevet. The bell tower with its dome and its lantern is from a previous church built in 1737, as well as many statues that adorn it such as those of St. Margaret, St. Michael, St. Maudez, Ste. Barbara, St. Pierre and a stone Pietà. A statuary group representing St. Anne and the Virgin and Child dates back to 1632. The church is adorned with murals by Paul Sérusier dated from 1914 to 1919 which represent the Annunciation, the Assumption, the Baptism of Christ, the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection.





The City of Châteauneuf du Faou on the churches

The Châteauneuf du Faou tourist office on its heritage

There you go another jewel in my off the beaten path trails of Bretagne, this one in pretty Finistére dept 29 and nice Chateauneuf du Faou, and its Churches! Hope you enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels , good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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