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March 20, 2020

Some news from France, CCXCXIII

And lets get back to some news from France. The world is on the move and we cannot stay away from it, even travel lovers who are most direct concern. We have covid19 or whatever you call it, and it is bad, hurting people all over. No need to give ranking who is more or less , and who is close or not, WE are all concern sooner or later. So lets get inside our homes, minimize outings , wash your hands often, do tele work like me and keep busy. I did my pressure cleaning outside my house and the garden bricks for example.

And lets help whenever we can volunteering in my town has started for the elderly and needy with a support team we are participating as on call basis. We can do it together, I know in France and Europe we had gone thru worse times and we overcame, we will this time too. Vive la France!!! Long live  a united Europe!! and as I am a believer, may God Bless you all!

Now the news from various sources in my belle France!

The French Senate gives green light to bill on state of health emergency. The Senate with a right-wing majority adopted on the night of Thursday to this Friday at first reading the bill allowing the establishment of a state of health emergency.  The text, voted by 252 votes in favor, 2 against and 90 abstentions, also authorizes the government to take measures to support businesses by ordinance and records the postponement of the second round of municipal elections “at the latest in June”.

In California USA finally placed in containment. The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, decides to place the entire state and its 40 million inhabitants in containment to strengthen the fight against the pandemic. The directive is one of the most stringent measures announced in the United States since the start of the health crisis.  Los Angeles residents placed in confinement. The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, ordered Thursday confinement of all the inhabitants of this metropolis of 4 million inhabitants, asking them to refrain from any unnecessary movement to stem the coronavirus pandemic. Good for California!!

The cases are increasing in the NBA. Two Los Angeles Lakers players infected with the new coronavirus on Thursday, three of the Philadelphia Sixers, one of the Boston Celtics and a member of the Denver Nuggets: cases are multiplying in the NBA, stopped for more than a week due to the pandemic. NBA in case you are visiting earth, is the National Basketball Association in the USA.

Visas suspended in the United States. The United States has suspended the issuance of all regular visas to all countries of the world, the US State Department announced. “As far as possible, embassies and consulates will continue to issue emergency visas,” they  said.

No containment for the whole of the United States. Donald Trump says he does not envisage confinement for the whole of the United States. Playing with fire as deaths mount.  Closure of the United States / Mexico border. US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo announces the closure of the US border with Mexico for “non-essential travel”. ah yes…

Reinforced measures in New York State. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has decreed a halt to all non-essential activities and a ban on all gatherings. NY NY!

Why mobile links sometimes leave something to be desired. From a technical point of view, telephone operators have “two points of vigilance”, the interconnection of networks and the traffic on submarine cables to the United States. Operators are strengthening interconnection capacities, which allow a subscriber of one network to reach the subscriber of another network. This explains the difficulties that some have encountered in recent days. This was running in some newspapers in the USA.

NASA suspends its lunar work. The American space agency announces to put a stop to the works of construction and test of the rocket and the ship of its manned mission Artemis on the Moon. This is due to the increasing number of people affected in its teams.

Half of Air Canada’s technically unemployed workforce. Air Canada will lay off more than 5,100 flight attendants, half of its workforce, according to a union source. The measure will affect approximately 3,600 flight attendants of the first Canadian airline and 1,549 members of its low-cost subsidiary Air Canada rouge, at least until April 30, specifies the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) in a communication news.

 The prohibition of any movement and gathering on the roads on the banks of the Seine, the lawns of the Esplanade des invalides and the Champ-de-Mars, from Friday and for the weekend. This is in Paris.

The Paris Stock Exchange opens on a 5.48% jump to 4,066.79 points. The Paris Bourse attacks the session of conquering mood (+ 5.48%) this Friday morning, partly reassured by the massive monetary measures adopted by several governments and central banks, in particular the European Central Bank, to face the impact of the coronavirus epidemic. Same trend in Frankfurt, London and Hong Kong. And it keeps going up in Paris but you know this is an up and down game!

SNCF traffic increasingly reduced. Only 15% of mainline trains this Friday, 25% TER and almost more connections abroad, indicates the SNCF. Traffic is 35% on the Transilien network of the Paris suburbs, according to the company. Abroad, the service was suspended to Germany, Italy and Spain. There are still 20% of Eurostar trains to London, 20% of Thalys trains to the Benelux, and, to Switzerland, a Paris-Geneva return trip and a Paris-Basel return trip. The offer is likely to be further reduced in the coming days.

Free transport for carers in the Grand Est. Caregivers will be able to borrow free from Saturday TER and intercity buses in the Grand Est region, announced the community, which wishes to facilitate their travel while Alsace pays a heavy price in the coronavirus epidemic

Orange awaits masks with great impatience. Orange, which had supplied stocks of masks to comply with the requisitions for healthcare staff is waiting with “great impatience” to receive new masks for these teams responsible for maintaining the networks, this Friday explains its CEO Stéphane Richard.

Call for volunteers in Ile-de-France hospitals. The regional health agency in Ile-de-France is launching an appeal to active or retired health workers to help healthcare establishments. This is going on all over France now!

Humane Society worries about many abandonments when shelters are already overcrowded. , OMG don’t be a monster, these loving animals need our help too, and they will be right with you, they do not get the virus so keep them in with you please. I have a loving dog Rex and he is part of my family no way he will be treated lesser.

The soldiers prepare the field hospital in Mulhouse. Preparations for the deployment of the military field hospital in Mulhouse are well under way. This morning, soldiers in lattice are on site to prepare the installation of 30 beds. The future hospital will be set up a few meters from the heliport, right next to the Emile-Muller hospital. Yes the Armed Forces are people too, great! The hospital has begun to be deploy and some patients are been transported to Toulon where there are more hospital military installations.

There are still 130,000 French people are stranded abroad. France must organize the return of some 130,000 nationals stranded abroad by the Covid-19 pandemic, said this Friday the French Minister of Foreign Affairs. They will need to find transport back to France, not an easy thing to do. French abroad have been exceptionally authorized to enter the Air France crisis center.

Already 18,000 reports since the start of confinement. According to a police source cited by BFMTV, since the start of the confinement on Tuesday noon, the police have carried out 225,000 checks for 18 reports. This is the control for people not to go out, some idiots do not understand still they need to stay home and go out as needed with a attestation de déplacement dérogatoire which can be obtain blue for individuals and red for professionals/entrprises from the Ministry of Interior webpage: Min Interior of France

The agents of the City of Paris will be able to issue fines. The law on the state of health emergency (under examination) should give the agents of the security service of the City the same powers as those of a “real” municipal police. Now now this is a bit hysterical.

President Macron of the French Republic: “The State is holding up”. Emmanuel Macron says a few words in front of the cameras before the defense council. “We have taken exceptional measures to absorb this first wave,” said the President of the Republic. The crisis is mobilizing all aspects of the life of the Nation ”. “The State is keen, we will be there in the long term,” he says, thanking his ministers for being there “morning, noon and night and overnight.”

Pension reform abandoned? During his speech last Thursday, the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron announced a break from all the reforms undertaken. Interruption or total stop, the question arises at the top? I believe it will be an interruption while the virus crisis is on.

Social benefits paid automatically. Social benefits requiring regular declarations of resources to qualify for them, such as the RSA, the disabled adult allowance (AAH) or housing benefits, will be paid automatically to beneficiaries “incapacitated”, the government announced. This is in France, no need for forms if you were on these programs benefits will continue; Vive la France!

And are we will be getting mail? Six unions of La Poste claim in a letter to the Minister of Economy and CEO Philippe Wahl a “discussion about the missions that the La Poste group should carry out as a priority” during the coronavirus crisis, according to a press release.  The unions (CGT, CFDT, SUD, CFE-CGC, CFTC and Unsa) are alerting to the health and social situation within the La Poste group, where “security conditions are far from being maximum”, and note that ” the essential missions that La Poste and its subsidiaries must fulfill are very broad in concept ”.

The meetings of the Defense counsel starts. A Defense Council starts at the Ministry of the Interior, chaired by Emmanuel Macron, with Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and the main ministers concerned. This is sort of a control center to monitored the needs and actions needed as we advance.

In Nice, the mayor Christian Estrosi announces the closure of the Promenade des Anglais and all the city’s markets. Good measure too many people there anyway! And it gets tougher. A curfew at 20h (8 p.m.) in Nice. Christian Estrosi, the mayor (LR) of Nice, issued an order to impose a curfew in his city from this Friday evening.

No national curfew in France. “It is not a question of establishing a national curfew on the whole territory but of supporting local initiatives, such as that of the mayor of Nice” who has implemented a curfew in his city at 20 hours every evening, starting today, specifies Christophe Castaner, Interior Minister.

In Cannes, the Palais des Festivals opened to accommodate the homeless. This announcement is made on France Info the mayor of the city, David Lisnard. This decision is made “both to protect them, but also to protect any population from the spread of the virus,” he said. Good deal Cannoises!

An emergency fund for companies in Lyon. The metropolitan area of ​​Lyon has created an emergency fund of 100 million euros for companies affected by the containment measures, allowing in particular the payment of aid of 1,000 euros per month for certain self-employed. This is just a regional effort, nationwide it is 1500 euros per month.

After Mulhouse, the army in Ajaccio to evacuate patients. For the second time in a few days, the French army will be involved in the fight against the new coronavirus: after the evacuation by military aircraft of patients from Mulhouse, the navy will transfer this weekend patients from Corsica to the Riviera. The amphibious helicopter carrier (PHA) Tonnerre of the French Navy will go to Ajaccio this weekend for “the medical evacuation of patients with Covid-19” to establishments in Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, announces the prefecture of Corsica.

Creation of a buffer zone at the Saint-Etienne teaching hospital. The CHU of Saint-Etienne is preparing for a ramp-up of its capacity to receive patients with symptoms of coronavirus and has set up a “sorting center” near the emergency department.  This advanced medical center, in the form of a long canvas tunnel 18 meters long by 6 wide built from scratch within the grounds of the Hôpital Nord site in Saint-Priest-en-Jarez (Loire), has been fully disinfected. “It will be active in the coming days, depending on changing needs,” says the direction of the CHU.

The beaches of the Somme dept 80 Hauts de France are prohibited. The Somme prefecture has announced that it will prohibit access to the department’s beaches until March 31.

Several protective measures for public transport adopted in France. Public transport companies must disinfect their vehicles at least once a day, the climb from the front of buses is prohibited in principle and travelers must stand a meter from each other, according to a decree published in the Official Journal on Friday . Reinforced controls will be implemented this Friday and this weekend in Parisian stations. The Paris prefecture of police reminds in a press release that departures on holidays and weekends are not part of the cases covered by the certificate of derogatory travel.

New Caledonia closes its airport. All international flights to and from New Caledonia are suspended from midnight on Friday, the local government announced. Initially, the traffic was to stop gradually by Tuesday but the executive decided Friday late in the day to shorten the delay.

Back in America,we have the first three coronavirus deaths in Peru. The government reports a considerable increase in the number of cases for a total of 234 infected people across the country.

Rio de Janeiro ,Brazil closes its beaches and restaurants. The state of Rio de Janeiro announces that it will close its beaches, bars and restaurants for Saturday, for at least two weeks, in the face of the coronavirus epidemic. The decree published by Governor Wilson Witzel also provides for suspension of land, sea and air links with any other Brazilian state with at least one confirmed case of coronavirus, but the measure must be validated by the federal authorities.

Brazil prohibits entry to Europeans and Asians. These restrictions, valid for one month, apply to passengers on flights from the European Economic Area (European Union, United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland), China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and of Malaysia, who do not have residence in Brazil or a professional or family justification to return to the country, specifies a ministerial decree.

Argentina decrees the containment of the population. Argentine President Alberto Fernandez decrees “preventive and compulsory” containment of the population from this Friday until March 31 to fight against the coronavirus.  Argentina has 128 cases of coronavirus and three deaths.

In Europe,  Youtube suspends HD. With European networks suffering from slowdowns, YouTube is stopping playback of HD videos to relieve European networks. In the wake of Netflix, the platform reduces its impact on the Internet by passing its content to Standard version. No problems still see them  fine.

No lifting of confinement before April 13 in Austria. Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz announces that the week-long containment measures in the country, where travel is drastically limited, will be extended until April 13.

Cases are exploding in Belgium. The number of deaths jumped from 21 to 37, announce the Belgian authorities. The country records Friday 2,257 confirmed cases, against 1,795 identified the day before.

Oh my poor and resistant Spain passes the 1,000 dead mark. Spain is approaching 20,000 cases, announced this Friday the director of the health alert center Fernando Simon. The country has “1,002 deaths” and “nationally we have 19,980 cases, with an increase of 2,833 cases compared to yesterday (Thursday), an increase of 16.5%,” said Fernando Simon. The death toll has increased tenfold in seven days. It is second only to Italy in confronting this awful virus.

Arrival in the Czech Republic of a plane from China with a million masks. This plane landed this Friday in Prague. “The plane contains 1.1 million FFP2 masks that will be immediately distributed to hospitals and other places,” said Interior Minister Jan Hamacek at a televised press conference at Prague Airport . Prague acquired the equipment for around $ 3 million, he added. To be fully reported, China has done the same for Italy, Spain and France so far as well.

New restrictive measures expected in Italy. The Italian government is considering new restrictive measures which could be adopted quickly. “In the next 24 to 48 hours, new restrictions are possible,” announced Minister for Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia, citing, among other things, the possibility of suspending outdoor activities. The governors of the northern regions, the richest in Italy and the most affected by the epidemic with around 3,000 dead, are calling for even more closures and the deployment of the army to enforce these measures.

The most affected nation today, Italy .It is still the Milan region, Lombardy, where hospitals are overwhelmed, which pays the heaviest price, with 381 additional deaths (2,549 in total). In the country, nearly 6,000 additional cases have been detected, again a figure never reached before. Forza Italia!!!

Bavaria , Germany, is the first regional state to order containment. “We are going to reduce the whole of public life to almost nothing,” announces the head of the Bavarian government, Markus Söder, the measure having to enter into force at 11 pm (midnight) and initially to last two weeks.

Reinforced measures in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom orders the closure of pubs, restaurants, cinemas and theaters. It’s about time ….!

EasyJet will maintain the majority of its fleet on the ground. The British airline EasyJet has announced that most of its fleet will remain on the ground from 24 March. The carrier will only maintain a few connections to certain destinations, mainly from the United Kingdom or to the country.

Reinforced measures in Switzerland. Switzerland has tightened its measures, banning gatherings of more than 5 people, but has ruled out any confinement – a measure adopted by other European countries – believing that it was “spectacle politics”. The government has also released an additional 32 billion Swiss francs (30.4 billion euros) to support the economy. An envelope of 10 billion Swiss francs had already been announced a week ago. Hard to tell the Swiss lol!

Back on the source:  Second day with zero new local cases in China. For the second consecutive day, China reports no new local coronavirus contamination this Friday, even though the number of imported cases, 39, reached a record.

And be careful Africa.  Gabon announces its first death. A first patient died in Gabon of the new coronavirus, the second in sub-Saharan Africa after Burkina Faso, said this Friday the spokesman of the cell for monitoring the epidemic in this country which has counted so far only three cases . The 50-year-old patient “died at 8:05 am as a result of complications from his diabetes and an acute respiratory distress syndrome,” said spokesman Dr. Guy Patrick Obiang Ndong.

More than 200 cases already in South Africa, authorities worry. A total of 202 people are infected in the country by Covid-19, against 150 the day before, said the Minister of Health Zweli Mkhize to the press in Bloomfontein (center). The authorities estimate that the disease could infect up to 60% of the country’s population of 56 million.

General confinement in Tunisia. Tunisian President Kais Saied has announced a general containment of the country, without specifying its date of entry into force or its duration, after having recorded an increase in the number of patients with coronavirus.

Jordan will impose a curfew from Saturday morning until further notice, the government spokesman said. The latter explained that this decision had been taken after “citizens’ failure to comply with the directives” asking them to leave their homes only in the event of an extreme emergency.

More than 10,000 deaths worldwide. At least 10,316 deaths worldwide are now totaled, according to a report established by AFP on Friday. More than 5000 of these deaths are in Europe. Since the count made the previous day at 19h (7:00 p.m.), there have been 490 new deaths. If you like to keep count, there is Worldometer/coronavirus site that maintains tallies worldwide here: Worldometers information on Coronavirus

The Euro carried over to 2021 will be called … again Euro-2020. The Euro football initially planned for next summer but postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic will officially keep its name of Euro-2020, announced UEFA.

Of course, these news will change and expand in the coming days, weeks, and I promise not to give count of the virus, enough to have it recorded. Let’s keep the spirits up . Best wishes for everybody!!

And remember, happy travels, YES, good health, we will pray together, and best wishes to all!! indeed as always by yours truly.



March 16, 2020

Another look at Honfleur!!!

Ok so will be just a typical tourist guide on this one. As have written many posts on one of my favorites cities of France, Honfleur in Normandy. It is , also, very sentimental for me and my family but already told you that several times so wont repeat. We do have booked for May 2020 again so will preview what they have there from their tourist office.


The privileged location of Honfleur offers an ideal place to stay in any season. The small maritime town invites you to discover its picturesque streets and old houses in the heart of a protected area of 37 hectares created in 1974.

The districts of Honfleur:

The Enclosure. The complex formed by the Vieux Bassin, the picturesque houses of the Quai Sainte-Catherine, the Lieutenancy and the Saint-Etienne Church is what first catches the visitor’s attention. It is in this district that the Greniers à Sel (17C), formerly warehouses for gabelle and fishing salt, are now located.

The Faubourg Sainte-Catherine. The Sainte-Catherine district is the former suburb of seafarers. Explore its alleys and notably visit the impressive Sainte-Catherine Church (15C and 16C). Witness to the work of the carpenters of the time, this building is unique: it is the largest church in France built of wood with a separate bell tower. This bell tower, built largely of wood, dates from the end of the 15C. Today it is an annex to the Eugène Boudin Museum, dedicated to religious art.

The Faubourg Saint-Léonard. The façade of the Saint-Léonard Church and the first span of its nave date from its reconstruction in the late 15C and early 16C. The beautiful flamboyant Gothic portal is topped by an elegant octagonal bell tower dating from 1760.

The Museums of Honfleur!

The Musée Eugéne Boudin. The museum, renovated in 2016, offers 1,200 m² of permanent exhibition divided into nine rooms, housed in a 19C chapel and two modern buildings, one of which is widely open to the landscape of the estuary and the Pont de Normandie. The museum exhibits and preserves more than 2,500 paintings, sculptures, drawings or engravings, 700 photographs on glass plates from the years 1880-1920, more than 1,000 objects, headdresses, costumes, and furniture, a collection of more than 100 tourist posters on Normandy between 1880 and 1950 and a set of old toys from the 19-20C. From the Katia Granoff room on the third floor, you can admire the changing skies of the estuary and watch the wonderful clouds of Boudin pass by.

The Maisons Satie .The Satie Houses are home to an original journey paying tribute to the musician and composer Erik Satie, born in these houses in 1866. With a very innovative concept, the Satie Houses offer everyone the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the musician’s work and spirit. Equipped with electronically controlled headphones, the visitor is guided through a succession of musical scenes to the rhythm of Erik Satie’s work. The scenography, combining sound, light, image and objects in a setting as whimsical and humorous as Erik Satie could be and involves the visitor in a visit that is both fun and informative.

The Musée d’Ethnographie . The Museum of Ethnography housed in the city’s former prison and in houses dating from the 16C, this museum presents reconstructions of Norman interiors: nine rooms with objects, costumes and old furniture.

The Musée de la Marine. Bordering the Vieux Bassin, Saint-Etienne Church, the oldest church in Honfleur (14C), houses the Maritime Museum, a true tribute to the city’s prestigious maritime past. In particular, you will be able to discover a collection of models of boats, objects, plans, wooden marine souvenirs and engravings.

Thanks to the “Museum Pass”, visit the four museums of Honfleur at a preferential rate. Available from the Tourist Office and museums!

The Jardin Retrouvé. The Retrouved Garden. As you walk along the pier and Boulevard Charles V, you will discover the Jardin Retrouvé, a public garden created in 1996. An ideal setting for enjoying a pleasant moment of relaxation. In particular, your children can enjoy a playground.

The Jardin du Tripot. This garden is a real invitation to stroll, a haven of tranquility in the heart of the historic center. During the renovation, vestiges of the old tanneries were brought up to date.

The Jardin des Personnalités or garden of Personalities.   Along the Promenade de la Jeté, you can discover the Garden of Personalities and these garden boats, at the center of which are the busts of actors of the historical and cultural heritage of Honfleur such as Eugène Boudin, Alphonse Allais, Charles Baudelaire, Claude Monet, Erik Satie ,etc etc.

The Plage or Beach. The town of Honfleur is classified as a seaside resort and has been awarded the Pavillon Bleu or Blue Flag since 2010. The beach is equipped with bathing cabins and showers. A paddling pool and games have been installed for children. For your safety, this beach is monitored in July and August. Provision of wheelchairs adapted for people with reduced mobility, free parking and sanitary facilities in the immediate vicinity. Fast food in summer season.

The Plateau de Grâce offers a magnificent panorama over the Seine estuary. There is also one of the oldest sanctuaries in the region built between 1600 and 1615: the Chapelle Notre Dame de Grâce or Our Lady of Grace . Mont-Joli overlooks the city and offers a splendid view of the Seine valley and the Pont de Normandie.

Around Honfleur:

Towards Beuzeville. Discover a rural area, from Berville-sur-Mer with its famous Esplanade de la Liberté to Saint Sulpice de Grimbouville with its medieval house, passing through Beuzeville and the magnificent stained glass windows of its Saint-Hélier Church.

Towards Trouville. Along the sea by Vasouy with its church, some parts of which date from the 12C. Pennedepie and its church partly built in the 12C, its hikes in the Bois du Breuil and its cider producers. Cricquebœuf and its 12C Saint-Martin Church.

Towards the Pont de Normandie. La Rivière Saint-Sauveur, a town with a renowned fruit production vocation.

The countryside towards Deauville. Passing by   Équemauville, this pleasant village overlooking Honfleur. Barneville-la-Bertran and its 17-18C castle (closed to visitors) and its church.

The countryside south of Honfleur. Ablon with its 18C castle (closed to visitors) and its 15C Saint-Pierre Church. Gonneville-sur-Honfleur and its 13C church (closed to visitors). Fourneville and its 12-13C church. Theilen-Auge and its 14-15C church. Genneville and its 13C church. Quetteville and its church having preserved some vestiges of the 11C.

All around a super visit awaits those willing enough to leave Paris and explore the movable feast of France and one of its pillars Normandy and at Honfleur.

Some of my favorite activities in Honfleur we enjoyed as a family over the years are!

From April 24 to 26: 9th Wine Fair .Come and discover the wine regions of France, represented by the 50 or so independent winegrowers present. Around tastings, the public is invited to share a convivial moment of exchanges on the profession and the terroir of these passionate men – Friday from 16h to 21h. Saturday from 10h. to 20h, Sunday from 10h to 18h at Greniers à Sel de Honfleur , free entry.

From April 18 & 19: Salon Passionnément Jardin. Come and share a friendly moment at the Jardin Public de Honfleur. The event brings together more than 70 professionals passionate about the world of the garden, gathered to provide advice, demonstrations and know-how to visitors – From 10h to 19h, 4€ per person, free -18 years old.

On Friday, May 8: 75th Anniversary of the Allied Victory over the occupier. Religious Office and ceremony at the War Memorial at 11h – Reception at the City/Town Hall . Commemorative ceremony of 8 May 1945, at 11h. at the Halle au Blé in Beuzeville.

159éme Fête des Marins (tops) Seafarer’s Festival May 30 to June 1 Pentecost weekend. There is an event not to be missed in Honfleur every year at Pentecost! Moment of sharing, moment of meditation, come and attend the Blessing of the Sea, the pilgrimage to the Chapelle Notre Dame de Grâce, or even the mass outdoors! Ask the tourist office for the detailed program

Saturday June 6: 76th Anniversary of the Allied Landings in Normandy and Tribute to the Civil and Military Victims of the Indochina War. Ceremony at the War Memorial and the Allied Stele at 11h – Reception at the City/Town Hall of Honfleur.

Some pdf files from the tourist office of Honfleur to help you plan your trip here and it is a must! You can click the links or copy paste to your browser.

Map of Honfleur:

Tourist guide of Honfleur:

Lodging guide of Honfleur:

Restaurant guide of Honfleur:

And of course the tourist office of Honfleur: Tourist office of Honfleur in English

There you go, feel free to search Honfleur in my blog and see the many features of this lovely town which as said is very dear to us and we visit every year, again May’20 booked!

Hope you enjoy the post and information helpful for visiting it is a must. And remember, happy travel, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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March 15, 2020

Hunting at Fontainebleau!

So let me bring you back to one of my fav castles, and the first ever visited in France many years ago. As family is nearby, i have gone several times and friend of the castle! This time will tell you about a special event as have many posts on the property and city already in my blog.

Of course, I will be talking about the Fontainebleau castle and the special event held for the hunters in honor of Saint Hubert, the patron saint of the hunters. This is a special event in an unfortunately complicated subject so not much publicity until its time. The time is Toussaints or All Saint’s Day in November or thereabout.

Every year in November you can participate in the blessing of the hunt or the Feast of Saint Hubert, patron saint of the hunters. It is wonderful indeed, and we have participated of course. You start with a Mass by 9h30 or so, at the cour Ovale ,and then by 11h or so the Vin d’Honneur or drink by the Porte Dorée, and then by 12h or so the depart for the hunting in the forest  near the Obelis k towards the lookout of Maintenon .



As said, Saint Hubert, patron Saint of hunters, reminds visitors each year that Fontainebleau was a hunting residence. The Galerie des Cerfs, the Chasse apartment and the Cour Ovale courtyard are open exceptionally for the occasion. Each year is a bit different but mostly is first in the morning a city tour of a team with horns. Later you enjoy a guided tour of the Galerie des Cerfs for free meet at the Cour Ovale; visit to the Chasses apartment again free from the Cour Ovale. A solemn beautiful Mass and blessing of nature is held at the Cour Ovale or Cour Mathurins with the presence of horses and dogs in the gardens. A presentation of falconry, concert of horns, pony ride and harnesses of horn blowers. The return of horses and dogs from hunting spreading all over the gardens and castle courtyards, and a cold cure at the Cour Ovale to end the festivities.



Just to remind you or tell you, that Fontainebleau is the cradle of horse racing in France and has carried a long continuos tradition despite the hardships of wars.  If you have time, I recommend to partake on another day a day at the races at the Hippodrome de Solle racecourse. The Hippodrome de la Solle is one of the oldest racecourses in France and hosts horserace meetings. Under the rein of king Louis XVI, the dukes of Artois and Chartres organised the first horse race at Fontainebleau in November 1776 in the presence of the king, who had come to hunt.

More info on the racecourse of Solle in French here: Official hippodrome de Solle at Fontainebleau

More information on the equestrian events and sights here are in the tourist office of Fontainebleau here: Tourist office of Fontainebleau on equestrian

For general information on visits to Fontainebleau stay alert and updated on the tourist office in English here: Tourist office of Fontainebleau

And of course, the official Fontainebleau castle in English: Official Fontainebleau castle


And there you , if you are into nature, horses, racing, history and great ambiance schedule a visit at this time, it is worth it me think. Enjoy the wonders of Fontainebleau, in dept 77 Seine-et-Marne, Ïle de France region!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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March 15, 2020

Some news from France, CCXCXII

Well its been a while and lots of news in France and all over! I like to keep it up to date so here are the latest rumblings from my belle France. Oh yes we are cloudy at 51F or 10C in my neck of the woods and 62F or 17C in Paris.

Covid 19 and the public transports: The TGV and Intercités trains traffic will drop by half, airport terminals will be closed. But public transport will be preserved. Tomorrow Monday the traffic of all trains will drop by 30%. From Tuesday, the SNCF will go to 50% for long distance trains, that is to say the Inoui, Ouigo and Intercités. And two TER out of three will be in circulation. Faced with the influx of holidaymakers forced to return as quickly as possible from the Alps or the Pyrenees following the announcement of the closure of all ski resorts, the SNCF has also planned to charter additional trains. Freight trains are maintained to ensure supplies, in particular food businesses which remain open. Monday in the Paris metro,will be normal in the RER and quasi-normal in buses and trams, it was said on Saturday from the RATP, which specifies that these forecasts could change after the new restrictions announced on Saturday evening by the Prime Minister.

If you wish to exchange or have your tickets refunded, the SNCF offers free exchange and reimbursement fees for your journeys with TGV INOUI, OUIGO, Intercités and TER in correspondence until 30 April inclusive. Your request for a free exchange or refund can be made up to the departure of your TGV INOUI and Intercités train, up to an hour and a half before the departure of your OUIGO. On the Internet, at an agency or at a station.

Air France: for any reservation made before March 31, you have until May 31 to postpone your departure date without charge (subject to availability at the same rate). The new trip must start before May 31. One downside: you have to take a ticket at the same price. If there are no more, you will have to pay the difference. If you wish to cancel the trip: if you have purchased, before March 31, a refundable ticket for a flight scheduled until May 31, you can cancel and request a refund. If you have purchased, before March 31, a refundable ticket with charges for a flight scheduled until May 31, the reimbursement charges are waived. In the case of a non-refundable ticket, purchased under the same conditions before March 31, you will be able to benefit from a credit valid for one year on Air France, KLM and partner airlines. If you have booked a trip, but have fallen ill and wish to cancel this trip. Is there a possibility of reimbursement? Visa Premier, Platinum and Infinite bank card insurance cover travel cancellations related to illnesses, noted by a doctor, which prevent travel and require appropriate care. You contracted the coronavirus while traveling abroad. Are you guaranteed? The medical assistance guarantees for cards including Visa Premier, Platinum and Infinite may, within the limits and according to the conditions provided for in the information notices, cover medical expenses incurred abroad.

Aéroports de Paris has decided to close part of the terminals and halls at Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly airports from Wednesday March 18 to deal with the coronavirus epidemic.

The French are voting this Sunday (today) for the first round of municipal elections. An election marked by the coronavirus crisis which risks encouraging abstention. There are 902,465 candidates, including 10 ministers, and 20,765 lists. The polling stations opened at 8h and there was a 18.43% participation at mid day countrywide. In Paris, the participation rate at noon was 12.61% against 13.73% in 2014. With 15.07% of participation in the Yvelines (dep 78) at noon for this municipal election, the health crisis effect seems to have had little effect on the desire of voters to go to the polls. This rate is indeed 1.5% lower than that of 2014 at the same time which was 16.57%. Of course voting was not cancelled by the Polititians! And I am not voting tant pis.

The closure took place 48 hours earlier than planned. The Disneyland Paris parks finally closed their doors on last Friday evening so as not to reopen them this Saturday morning, whereas they were initially supposed to remain open until Sunday evening. The closure until March 31 was decided by the park management, after the government ‘s decision to ban gatherings of more than 100 people. Disney Village hotels and shops remain open. The courtyard of the Château de Fontainebleau resonates strangely this Saturday morning. The rare tourists arrive drop by drop to visit this former home of the kings of France which will close on Monday due to the Coronavirus. Only the castle gardens, adjoining the main streets of the imperial city, will remain open.   Impossible to pay in coins and bills at the Eiffel Tower, at ticket offices as in its shops and restaurants: since Monday March 9, only payments by bank card are accepted. A similar decision was made last week at the Louvre. Also, same for the Château de Versailles and al.

By focusing on Google searches for Coronavirus, SEMrush concludes that the countries that seem the most worried are none other than the Americans with more than 160.8 million searches identified since January. In Europe the Germans are rather active on the subject with no less than 39,504,000 searches in two and a half months. While it could be understood that the countries which know the most cases are the most stressed, the study proves that this is not always the case … Less than 500 cases detected in the United Kingdom, but more than 26,400,000 “Coronavirus” searches done on Google!!. The top searches are the United States: 160,800,000, Germany: 39,504,000; Brazil: 32,304,000; Canada: 26,400,000, France: 26,400,000; India: 26,400,000; Italy: 26,400,000; United Kingdom: 26,400,000; Australia: 17,664,000; Mexico: 17,664,000 , and Spain: 14 480 00.

Enough of this , remember that the influenza flu has killed a lot more people and we hardly notice any news on it. See the Center for Desease Control in the USA here:

This is a site that counts the fatalities worldwide very well detail for all countries. Worldometers on Coronavirus

Update.France is going partial confinement as of tomorrow noon Tuesday March 17 2020. Only essentials grocery food shopping, medical visits/pharmacy, and essential workers can go out. There are fines of 68 euros that can go to 135 euros for all those not in compliance. We are ok, lucky to have the system that pays my salary at home and my family. We are bunker down loaded even gas up. So this is war, and we will win it.

Despite the disruption caused by the threat from Covid-19, the fashion parades will have kept their promises. Especially the one that Paris does every season to bring together the best of creation and demonstrate the power of the big names in French luxury. Starting with a remarkable collection of Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, the second evening. In a carpeted beige decor reminiscent of Yves Saint Laurent’s apartment, rue de Babylone. In bold colors, there was also talk about Hermès. In an equestrian register, the bright reds, royal blue, solar yellow and optical white came to punctuate beige and brown leathers and punctuate a luminous collection. On the side of falsely classic beauty, the public also feasted on Loewe and Valentino, where these projections of big bourgeois fashion crazy women reached new heights. For the Spanish brand owned by LVMH, Jonathan Anderson touches perfection with the choice of colors and luxurious materials, which he uses for lines, overlays, volumes not devoid of theatricality. Barely more sober, Pierpaolo Piccioli still succeeds, at Valentino, in impressing with his black dresses and coats, his large skirts and all his leathers of fatal beauty, enhanced with flawless accessories, from earrings to boots with large soles and divine pumps. Fashion power Paris!

Now in other subjects of travel related news in my belle France

The Poult farm, located on the D 30 road on the heights of the town of Poissy. The Desjouis family, owner of this farm, plans to set up a pole dedicated to horses and tourism there. Stables, a quarry, a hotel residence and a restaurant are among the main amenities. Of course, this is around the new training ground of the Paris St Germain football/soccer team that is been constructed, good idea to attract the visitors; more info here:

You read here before but finally the battle is over. The intricacies of French wine business. Thus, the National Institute of Origin and Quality (INAO) proposed to remove 64 towns from the Burgundy appellation. In three sectors in particular, the best known of which is Chablis. Barely ten days after the newspapers took possession of this attack on common sense, it was over. Last February 6, Christian Paly, the president of the wine branch of the INAO, announced to 450 winegrowers and elected Burgundians, mounted to demonstrate outside the headquarters, that no town in Burgundy would lose its name. Voilà, Chablis is it, cheers:J

And you know, the French drink fewer Bordeaux wines (and fewer wines overall). And the youngest often opt instead for a pint of beer (indeed seem more sociable for the aperitif here). This is all the more bitter, since despite its export successes, Bordeaux still sells for 56% in the French borders. The year 2019 has not escaped this decline. According to figures published last Tuesday March 10 by the CIVB, 130 million bottles have passed in France, down 10%. In terms of value, the drop is comparable (-9%), for a total turnover of 766 million euros. Even if, in 2019, the turnover achieved by Bordeaux wines for export remained almost stable, at 2 billion euros. One reason, the United States offered good prospects for growth. But they were stopped dead by the 25% Trump tax, which has hit all French wines since mid-October 2019. At the end of 2019, exports across the Atlantic fell by 18% in volume and 36% in value. In total, over the year as a whole, sales increased by 5% to 294 million euros. On the other hand, Bordeaux wines want to change their communication to change their image. The aim is to attract consumers who want to drink less and who are sensitive to the arguments of craft brewers

In an early morning, 200 bakers came to drop off their little nuggets. A first selection is then made; to compete, the baguette must be between 55 and 70 cm long and weigh between 250 and 300 grams. 157 baguettes were then selected in order to be tasted by the jurors. Rated on 4 criteria – appearance, crumb, smell, taste; two tours were necessary for the 13 members of the jury to set their sights on the perfect baguette. The title winner, in addition to winning a check for 4,000€ , could become for one year the official supplier of baguettes for the Élysée Palace if he so wishes. The winner was Taieb SAHAL Aux Saveurs by Pierre Demours 13, rue Pierre Demours – 17éme arrondissement . In 2nd position: Baptiste LEAUTE from L’essentiel Mouffetard in the 5éme, then Liman TIGANI from the Boulangerie Martyrs in the 9éme, Laurent DEMONCY from Au 140 in the 20éme, Anthony TEIXEIRA from Aux délices du Palais in the 14éme, Khemoussi MANSOUR from Aux Délices de Glacière in 13éme, Ahmed OUNISSI from Boulangerie Lorette in 13éme, Thierry GUYOT from Boulangerie Guyot in 5éme, Giovanni BIANCO from Giovanni boulangerie contemporaine in 16éme and finally in 10th place, Jérôme LEPARQ from Maison Leparq in the 15éme. Now , get your good baguettes in Paris!

And finally, another example of the Franco-American cooperation. Created in Brooklyn , NYC in 1961 by Reuben Matteus and his wife, the Häagen-Dazs appellation and its Swedish consonance were invented by the couple to evoke freshness and travel. In 1992, Häagen-Dazs therefore settled down in Paris to open its very first European store. The brand will also build its global production site in the region of Hauts-de-France, in the town of Tilloy-Les-Mofflaines. No wonder when we know that the region offers cows a particularly rich grass allowing them to produce a cream of a very high quality. Today, the famous ice cream is supplied with milk and cream from 450 farms located around the Tilloy-Les-Mofflaine factory to satisfy food lovers around the world. Not only are all the ingredients of natural origin, but the recipes do not require artificial coloring and flavor! Vanilla, for example, comes from Madagascar and all of the cocoa from West Africa. Reassuring. Indeed, our house favorite ice cream!

And there you go another day in my belle France and we move on, heck we overcame WWI and WWII this one should be easier. Vive la France! And the EU!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!



March 13, 2020

City hall and theater at Poissy!!

Well I am staying in Poissy lately! It is a nice town, Royal town of France as said many times over. I feel as off the beaten path definition goes this is it ,been to close to the most visited city in the world by UN-WTO standards ,it is me think left behind.

However, Poissy as the Yvelines dept 78 has a lot to offer sometimes mistakinly mixed as a thing to do from Paris, but is not Paris, another province/state /dept all together. This is Poissy with an unique building hosting at the same time the city hall government building and a theater!! Here is my take on them. Hope you enjoy the tour.

The City/Town Hall,at rue de la Gare, was a former Capuchin convent dating from 1620, transformed into a city/town hall-school in 1837. A new city/town hall inaugurated in December 1937 at Place de la République has the particularity of integrating a theatre room. Renovated in 1991, the room with exceptional acoustics hosts prestigious concerts and recordings. The decor in bas-relief of the facade, on the theme of music, work and theater, is by Ossip Zadkine.

Located in the city/town hall and called Salle Molière, the Poissy Theater was inaugurated on December 12, 1937, with “Faust” by Gounod by the troupe of the Théâtre National de l’Opéra de Paris. The originality of the new city hall was to contain this theater, the number of seats of which in 1937 was 1/8 of the population. Today, the Poissy Theater can accommodate around 1,000 spectators.

In 1991, after a complete rehabilitation, the Poissy theater became a room with a musical vocation constituting an exceptional tool welcoming artists of international renown. This set meets the requirements of listeners: acoustics, visibility, seat comfort, aesthetics.


The programming is up to what this room can promote; the loyal and numerous public fervently follows classical music concerts, operas, dance, theater, humor, circus and variety shows. The Salle Molière, known for its remarkable acoustics, is used regularly as a recording studio, offering classical music with large orchestras, plays and variety.

The city of Poissy on the theater in French here: City of Poissy on its city hall theater

Tourist office of Poissy on the theater in French here: Tourist office of Poissy on the theater

And there you have it another dandy monument in my beloved Yvelines and in my belle France. Never a dull moment around here with so much history, architecture and beautiful innovating monuments such as the Poissy theater and city hall. Enjoy it from Paris easy on the RER A and trains from Gare St Lazare, easy on the road A13 direction Rouen exit sortie 7.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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March 12, 2020

The market at Poissy!!

ok so let’s stay with Royal Poissy and my nostalgic Yvelines dept 78 of the Ïle de France region in my belle France. Again, written on Poissy many memorable moments living nearby but have not seen a post on its market! One of the livelist one in the area and we love it.  Therefore, here is my take on the market hall of Poissy.

Wait, a bit on the city of Poissy often overlook in an off the beaten path from influential Paris but worth the detour easy on the RER A and trains from Gare Saint Lazare.

Poissy has a long history. Chief town of Pincerais under the Merovingians, it subsequently became one of the oldest royal cities of Île-de-France, birthplace of the kings Louis IX and Philippe III, before being supplanted from the 15C by Saint-Germain-en-Laye. It is also one of the first towns by a charter granted in 1200 by Philippe-Auguste and an important religious city until the French revolution with the convents of the Dominicans, Capuchins and Ursulines. It is transformed in contemporary times into an industrial city marked since the beginning of the 20C by the automobile construction with successively the brands Grégoire, Matford, Ford France, Simca, Chrysler, Taller and PSA Peugeot Citroën as of today.

And let me tell you a bit on the space where the market is, full of activity the heart of Poissy, the Place de la République!

The cattle market was for a long time the economic heart of Poissy. This space is today the city center with the City/Town Hall, Place de la République and its shops. Reduced by the construction of the City/Town Hall and the building hosting in particular the cinema, now a theatre; the Place de la République presents the identity and origins of the city transposed onto the bronze reliefs carved in half-hollow. Inspired by the history of Poissy, these pools and the gardens form a pleasant landscape. Place de la République, linked to the renovation of the city center, is part of a complex comprising an underground car park, an apartment and office building with commercial facades, green spaces and amenities intended to create conviviality such as the market, the fountain without forgetting the theater, the municipal conservatory and the cinematographic complex.



And the covered market and flea market at Pl de la République! Poissy!!

The Poissy covered market or halle follows on from other earlier halles on the cattle market square. Today, it serves as a covered market three times a week. An unmissable event for gourmets!  From the 18C to the 20C, three halles succeed one another at this location. The market was then intended to protect the calves from bad weather and heat. The current halle was built between 1825 and 1832 . Its enlargement in 1852 by the city , using metal frameworks, precedes the construction of the halles of Paris by Victor Baltard.


The cattle market was abolished in 1867. However, the calf market continued under the hall until 1884. The covered market hall was later used for various events such as concerts, exhibitions, etc. After a complete restoration in 1999, the halle now hosts the covered market three times a week on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday morning.

You are invited to take advantage of the Poissy market on Place de la République. The opportunity to fill your baskets with good, fresh and quality products: Fruits and vegetables, cold meats, cheeses, flowers, sweets, cakes … A convivial moment without a doubt! Meet, share, colors, scents … Beautiful surprises await you!


Market hours: Tuesday and Friday: 8h30 to 12h30 Sunday: 8h30 to 13h. There is an outdoor market right there with extended hours and other goodies non food items such as a flea market. Very lively place especially on Sunday mornings.


The city of Poissy on the covered and flea market in French: Tourist office of Poissy on the markets

Hope you have enjoy the brief foodie historical architecture tour of my nostalgic Poissy, where not only visited but also many business meetings in the city over the years. Good souvenirs indeed. Enjoy the markets of Poissy

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

March 12, 2020

A castle and a park at Poissy!!

Well here you go or me go, or all go, this is a Royal town of France; birthplace of Saint Louis, king Louis IX, yet seems off the beaten path for many. So close to Paris even the RER A or trains from St Lazare takes you here easy. Yet few visits by folks perhaps too busy in Paris. France is a movable feast indeed, come on over.

Let me tell you about a small castle and a nice park, my family spent many days here for a walk close to the Seine river, and the market (more later), this is another town in which the Seine river passes by too! My little story of Poissy in the Yvelines dept 78 of the Ïle de France region of my belle France.

The Château de Villiers is located in Poissy, at 13 avenue du Bon Roi Saint-Louis in the area known as the Parc de Villard, west of Parc Meissonier (see below). It was built in Neo-Louis XIII style and the 1860s, and it served successively as a bourgeois residence for the Hély d’Oissel and Ségur families, where the wounded in the War of 1870 were cared for; then as a leisure center for the Kuhlmann Establishments in 1928 and finally, a municipal building own by the city of Poissy since 1976 hosting public or private events. The castle, closed to the public, is located in lush greenery, which hosts a mini farm. A nice walk around it thus and close to the Seine river and the peniche boats some of them are wonderful restaurants such as Restaurant l’Esturgeon since 1839!


The current Château de Villiers was built in the 1860s for Baron Léonce Hély d’Oissel master of requests to the Council of State, banker, mayor of Poissy and his son Frédéric Then he passed into the Ségur family, through the marriage of his daughter on July 2, 1877 in Paris, Thérèse Jeanne Augustine Hély d’Oissel with Pierre Marie Maurice Henry de Ségur, a historian Only the park is open to the public. It covers an area of 12 ha and has a small farm with animals. The castle and the outbuildings host events organized by the town of Poissy (exhibitions, ceremonies), and can be rented for private receptions, but the castle is not visited.

City of Poissy in French: City of Poissy on the Castle Villiers

Tourist office of Poissy in French: Tourist office of Poissy on the castle and mini farm

The Parc Meissonier is a public garden located next to the Château above. It owes its name to the painter Ernest Meissonier, mayor of the city in 1878, who however never owned it. He resided in a house located in the enclosure of the Abbey which adjoins this garden.

It is a landscaped garden of 12 hectares, with a large pond, many remarkable trees and a rose garden. It is close to the city center, runs along the avenue du Bon Roi Saint-Louis in the north, which gives the main entrance, (and also along the Seine river) and extends south to the avenue Blanche de Castille. Towards the city center it adjoins the Abbey enclosure and on the opposite side to the west, it adjoins the Parc Villard and the Château de Villiers (see above).


This garden is the former domain of the former Dominican Abbey which disappeared following the French revolution. It was owned by the painter Ernest Meissonier in the 19C. It was given to the city in 1952. In 1980, a statue of the painter, coming from the Louvre reserves and due to the sculptor Antonin Mercié, was installed at the entrance of the park overlooking the avenue du Bon Roi Saint-Louis. The oldest tree is a cedar from Lebanon, the plantation of which is estimated in 1740!

Both of these can be access by the D153 road coming into Poissy from the autoroute de Normandie ,A13 sortie or exit 7. Follow centre ville Poissy and you hit them, continue and end up at the Collegiale Church Notre Dame which have written before. We came here from Versailles to enjoy the park by the Seine river , festival by the Seine and also to eat on the peniche boats and restaurant as above. A nice way to combine a visit to the nice things to see in Poissy, see my previous posts on the city.

City of Poissy on its parks in French : City of Poissy on its parks

Tourist office of Poissy in French on the park: Tourist office of Poissy on parc Meissonier

So now you have it my little nostalgic Poissy by the Seine river in the Yvelines, a lovely town with many things to see too if you look search in my blog. Hope you have enjoy this bit of green away from Paris.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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March 11, 2020

Meaux, and a WWI Museum!!!

And I make a big swing and take you back to my sentimental Seine et Marne dept 77 of the Ïle de France region, and much nearer Disneyland Paris at Meaux. I have visited the museum a couple times and it is hightly recommended especially for those who have no time to reach the battlefields or cementeries themselves; this is a worthy alternative.

This is a wonderful town on the banks of the Marne river not far from Paris nor Disneyland. It is where all started for me in France as married a native, told many times in my posts. It is funny sometimes the places most dear to you are the least visited afterward.  Of course, not counting family visits which are different than visitors.

However, the main reason I came back this time as a visitor, if I can be there, is to see the museum of WWI history on the Marne . The museum of the Great War or Musée de la Grande Guerre.



It is on the road we normally take route de Varennes to visit friends and family , but it is within Meaux city limits. There you see a huge American monument or Monument Americain, a gift of the people of the USA to France honoring the soldiers of the expeditionary force of Gen Pershing that after landing in now near me in St Nazaire march on towards the Marne to help the French as they have done to the USA in the war of Independence with Lafayette, Rochembau , and admiral Grasse. Gen Pershing cry “Lafayette we are here” upon landing. This monument is next to the museum.


And there it is , modern , grand beautiful , hard to imagine on these lands so much blood was shed. There is the museum or Musée de la Grande Guerre (Great War is what is call here WWI). It is an imposing building on a small hill square in nature, and loudspeakers tell you , you are in the middle of a battlefield as you approach the museum. You go in to the big lobby and go up one floor to get your ticket and start your journey. The street level is for the boutique and café services. You can go up to the top level terrace and get a view of the city of Meaux.



It tells the story of wars since 1870 so you can undertand the events leading to WWI.  You go around a thematic sequence showing the never forget theme, how was society at the time, school days , a divided Europe, the event to Sarajevo, the Marne in 1914, the trenches, Marne in 1918, victory and armistice peace ceremony; the illusions of the victory, and the re construction of the memories.



It shows the implication of hospital and school personnel in those days, the role of women, and the bringing together of about 35 nations at war.  In all you have machine guns, airplane, armored vehicle, bus troop transports, utensils, small arms and long rifles, canons 75 and 105 mm, etc etc you name it. It is interesting to note that the music played is associated with the times and many exhibits of now playing like family paintings and how to build musical instruments and the music of the time in the trenches. All greatly visually displayed and explained, wonderful.



There is program throughout the year on musical presentation and exhibitions.  Something educational and worth while for the whole family.  One event hopefully never repeated again. Of course, it can be a cheaper base for Disneyland Paris and a great week combination for sure. Hope you too pays hommage to the efforts of many and come here at least once, the Musée de la Grande Guerre or the Museum of World War I at historical Meaux.



As by now usual for me, some webpages to help you plan your trip here and it is a must me think

The city of Meaux on the museum in French: City of Meaux on the museum

Tourist office of the Pays de Meaux on the museum in English: Tourist office pays de Meaux on the museum

Official museum of World War I or Great War in English: official Museum of World War I

And even listed in the tourist office of Paris in English: Tourist office of Paris on the museum

And there you go something worth your time and money to get you out of Paris and into my belle France. A monument to the world and a must again to see me think, me encourage you, me recommended it.


the dead and wounded by nations 35 in all


Triomphant soldier as in life

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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March 10, 2020

How about bus 82 in Paris!!!

Well , I dare to post about the bus network in Paris and was well taken even if still largely unknown to many. Again, my favorite mode of transport is the car, but living in France, I have tried all types of public transports modes. For me if need to take one I do the bus and done even in other countries in Europe. Enough said

After seen so many bloggers write about Paris, I can only feel lucky to have worked in it, lived nearby, and be able to visit every month. Because ,Paris once bites you it’s an eternal love affairs. And I love my bus 82 as briefly mention in my other post on buses in Paris, the 82 has been my workhorse in the last few years.


Mainly because it has been my regular routine since living in the Morbihan Breton no 56. The circuit is almost the same each time ; I take the train ,TGV, this time from Vannes direction the wonderful gracious train station of Montparnasse in Paris, of course. I rather stay above ground and soak in the city. Why take the underground when you are in the most beautiful city in the world; Paris for enjoyment take the bus instead. It’s easy!


Right by bd Montparnasse in the place 18 juin 1940 square , you take the bus 82 across the street direction Hôpital Americain (in Neuilly sur Seine dept 92) and the way back its the Luxembourg (as is the jardin du luxembourg). The bus 82 schedule now is here : RATP bus 82 line in pdf file

You can find the bus 82 and any other line in various modes at RATP here: RATP transports schedules bus in English

It’s really a better deal than the tourist bus , a lot cheaper and you see it all!

I take it round trip and it was easy, nice with available seat and near to where I was going and coming; besides above ground the beautiful Paris . The ticket T on the bus is 2€ at counter or machine is 1,90€; cheaper if use it several times like i do buy the carnet of 10 for 16,90€ (or 1,69€ per ticket). Again , great deal.

The weather can be cold or hot, but no matter the bus has heating and AC all the way.  It is great to walk to the stops/arrêt and knowing the hourly schedule no need to wait much;  and take the ride by bus.  This bus 82 takes you into the Invalides, and pass you in front of St Louis Church, and then the monument to peace and the Eiffel just in front of you. You go behind the école militaire and into avenue de Suffren. Great!!!

You, also, past wonderful less known churches such as Saint Françis-Xavier Blvd des Invalides.  As well as one of my cinemas near my old office in rue d’Odessa in Montparnasse, the Gaumont Pathé. Official webpage here:Cinemas Pathe Gaumont at Montparnasse


Nearer my office  I eat at two of my favorite restos; La Terrace by 7 a wonderful restaurant in the Place de l’école Militaire, more here to read about it:  Restaurant La Terrace du 7


And a nostalgic one where I have taken many friends visitors as well as old VT friends to Paris on avenue de Suffren, the 7éme Vin resto; more in official webpage here: Restaurant 7éme Vin


The return by bus as well it took me right in front of another of my favorite restos Pizza Pino in bd Montparnasse with the tour Montparnasse in view.  Just well fed before taking my TGV train back home. More here and a great place upstairs to meet you friends ::)  Official Pizza Pino Montparnasse


Once back in Vannes train station, got around the station to reach my free parking and go home in 35 minutes, nice and easy. A great way to go to Paris, and I do it for a long time every month, now less maybe once in a couple of months or so. Hope you enjoy the bus and remember, 82 is tops!!! Just like Paris!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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March 10, 2020

And of course, more streets of Paris!

Oh well, done that did it in my blog, several posts on the sights and streets of my eternal Paris; we can never be too far away as we will always  have Paris. A Moveable Feast indeed!

Let me show some regular walking shots of my streets of Paris, again!

How about looking at the avenue des Champs-Elysées from the Arc de Triomphe street level!


Or the pretty carrousel at Avenue de Villiers!


And how about the view of the Orsay museum and Eiffel tower from across the Seine river!


Or the unique market on their way out; that is at the Place de la Bourse just in front of the opulent Palais de Brongniart!


Or the splendid view from the Seine pont de la Concorde towards the Pl de la Concorde and the Grande Roue! And at the time of rising waters in the Seine!


How about the place de la République and its grand restos and lively ambiance always guaranteed.


And a little away from the crowds at corner of Rue du Rocher and Rue de Madrid to Rue de Portalis into the Church of St Augustin!

paris rue de madrid from ave de rocher ch st augustin afar feb16

And always street parking for me has been easy need to tell you! this is Rue de Guynemer off the Jardin du Luxembourg! Enjoy it!!!


And why not finish it off with the grand Rue de Rivoli passing by the magnificent Louvre museum!


And just finish my book, lol! No need for many words , pictures are a thousand words and for Paris is all we need, well been there is better…. Enjoy the sights and hope to see you around my eternal Paris.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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