WordPress ,you and me 2022 !!!

Right off the bat, I thank you very much for reading my blog, Paris1972-Versailles2003. This blog kept me busy and has been uplifting and deeply appreciate all comments and likes over the years since 26 November 2010! There has been some old virtual friends gone and some new ones I see, all welcome and glad you made my day in time. I started on WordPress after advice from an American friend living in Madrid for over 30 years who told me it was easy to work for the non technical guy in me and it has been a blast ,in part thanks to you. Of course, as you know, will do this post in my black and white series, no pictures. Hope you enjoy it as I.

Many good well wishes for 2023.  It cannot be worse than 2022 so may all your hopes and dreams come true in good health. We stay home as in the last wishing you all a very very Happy New Year and best wishes to all. Another year goes by, and I am now on retirement or it is here pre retirement on a deal with my last employer, The sensations are weird, glad to finally make it and spent more time at home ,but also sad that my travels will be cut in half as no more business trips to far away lands. I was hoping to do more consulting work but the covid virus and my father illness kept me home.

I like to give out some statistics that nicely WordPress give us and I look at it every year at least. Again thank you all for your kind comments and likes, really appreciated.

As of 31 December, 2022 , I had records all over!!! first  54 851 views,  26 911 visits, 27 386 likes! ,and 793 comments (this came down). I had written 1 119 posts! Also, the most! And have so far 1 029 followers which has gone beyond my wildest expectations! Thank you again, I have deleted some who do not share or partake on the blog no need to follow just to look, Behold I have DCMA copyright warnings on all my pictures,(see page),

My Top 10 articles view for 2022 were:(many were surprises !! )

The Somport Pass/Tunnel

WordPress you and me, 2021 !!!

Windjammers Barefoot Cruise

Plaza de Toros of Aranjuez

My Personal Life in Perth Amboy NJ USA

The Ceilings of Versailles (palace)

Notre Dame Cathedral Update Dec21

Paris : Avenue of New York

Some streets of Versailles

The Greenbelts of Manila (mall/museums)

Top 10 countries followers were: (ok me think)

USA , France, UK; Belgium, Spain, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, India, and Finland.

My top search engines were: WordPress reader, Google search, Bing, WordPress Android App, Duckduckgo, Yahoo search, Facebook, Baidu, AOL, and Dockpile. There are a total of 6 pages on front page, 15 categories of posts and 15 tags with 7 favorite outside links in the blogroll . There are over 53 000 photos already here wow!!! 53,3% of memory space taken ! My best viewing day is Monday…. and the best time is 15h or 3 pm!! The best day viewed still is December 10, 2012! with 972 views!!! A record hard to beat ! There are about 7 steady commentators and ,you know who you are , and my wish is to have more comments, constructive comments that is.

My New Year 2023 is at home not so good, my father has become sick bedridden and on his last days so tell me the doctors. He is on what is call here HAD or hospital at home with a team of nurses that takes care of him until his last day, do not know when. He is 87 years old and saw the world with me always tagged him along ,so at least he lived a full life ,cannot say the same of my dear mom and wife who went out at 72 and 59. I will missed him as I missed the women of my life but life needs to go on for the boys and the good intentions they taught me.

There you go folks just for you, fully transparent as always. Hope you have enjoy the travel posts done with care and love to share with all and maybe helpful in your trips. Thank you ,again, my followers and do share with me your adventures , it has been a pleasure. Take care, best of luck, best wishes, stay safe !

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

6 Comments to “WordPress ,you and me 2022 !!!”

  1. Happy New Year Pedro! I wish your father comfort in his final days.

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  2. Happy New Year, Pedro! Happy blogging 😃

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  3. My thoughts are with you and your dad as we embrace this new year… Wishing you well for 2023.

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