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March 25, 2023

My routine in my old dear Versailles !!!

You know, well lived in Versailles, once in the royal City you never forget, this is grand, huge, love at first sight, and then more, The City does not get enough recognition induce by the central government ,but it has more then that other city.  I found me some nostalgic pictures again and they should be in my blog, It is my life’s history anyway, a road warrior globettroter of 81 countries, and many more cities all over the world ; living in 5, living/working in 4, I had enough fun to last me a lifetime, Now retired, things slow down but still looking for dear places, Let me tell you again about some of my routine in my old dear Versailles, Hope you enjoy it as I.

The Avenue de Saint Cloud (road D185) is in the Montreuil district bordering Notre-Dame district of Versailles(mine). Named after the town of Saint-Cloud (see post) whose avenue was the road to go to. At 33 Avenue de Saint Cloud corner with Avenue de l’Europe parking Indigo, convenient for those daring to enjoy the thrill of coming by car, is right next to the flower market or Marché aux fleurs (see post). It is a straight shot to the Château de Versailles , a grand avenue indeed worth to walk it ,all of it.

Versailles avenue Saint Cloud to palace

Right at the corner of Ave St Cloud and Ave de l’Europe ,there is a nice bus depot or terminal with many lines intersecting, The back building is the director of public finance or the local tax collector’s office, This is where my boys converge to take the bus to their school in Le Chesnay, The town merge with Rocquencourt to become today Le Chesnay-Rocquencourt, They took after me showing them the route ! The bus line 3 Le Chesnay-Rocquencourt – André Mignot Hospital – Reception ↔ Versailles – Satory ,the stop was at Hôpital A Mignot and then cross street to the school (see post)

Versailles ave de l'Europe bus stop Dir Dép des Fin Publi bldg

However, I still nostalgic of the old system so cool with letters! For the nostalgics like me the old network as compare to the new is as follow:  Bus A now line 3 . B is 1,2,3,5, C is 5, D is 6 and 14, E is 10 and 13, F is 10, G is 4, H is 2, F is 9 , K is 6, M is 9, N is 12, O is 8 P is 11, R are 1 ,6 ,13. S is 5, 7,9. U is 7 and W is 6 and X is 6. The new office for ticketing, information, maps you name , help if get lost in Versailles (what!) is at the new Agence Navigo Phébus Europe at 18 Avenue de l’Europe. Open Mondays to Fridays from 9h to 12h30 and 13h30 to 18h. Saturdays from 10h to 12h30 and 13h30 to 18h.  This office is right next to the Monoprix store near intersection with Avenue de Saint Cloud. The city bus info center is at the new name Agence Phébus les Ménages (old Espace Clients Phébus) located at 12 av. du Général  de Gaulle. Open Mondays to Fridays from 9h to 13h and 14h30 to 17h30; Saturdays, Sundays ,and Holidays is closed. The office is right across the train station RER C rive gauche-château near the Hôtel de Ville.

Le Chesnay hopital mignot bus stop for twins school bel air

The Phebus Versailles bus network on line 3

The city of Versailles on public transports

The greater Grand Parc agglo area of Versailles on public transports :

There you go folks, another wonderful post of my dear Versailles, a lot more than a Palace/museum I said. Again, hope you enjoy the post on my routine in my old dear Versailles as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

March 25, 2023

The Petite Ecurie of Versailles !!!

This is in my beloved former home of Versailles. Needless, to say more about this wonderful royal town of my belle France, just read the monuments that have proven essential in the history of France. I have written on the royal stables but needed to take the small out for a post of its own, worth it me think, Therefore ; let me tell you about the Petite Ecurie of Versailles !!!


The Petite Écurie is a monument located on Place d’Armes, opposite the palace/museum, between Avenue de Paris and Avenue de Sceaux. From 1683 to 1685, La Maréchalerie was built behind the Petite Écurie. This establishment completes the activities of two stables. It replaced the modest King’s stable, which then became the Queen’s stable. From 1935 to 1939, it was the barracks of the Air Force School, with Air Base 134 Versailles. Since 1969, it has housed the National School of Architecture of Versailles. Between 1970 and 1973, a gypsotheque, a collection of castings after the Antique from the Louve museum began to settle there. Since 1999, it has also housed the restoration workshops of the research and restoration center of the museums of France. In 2004, La Maréchalerie became a contemporary art center of the National School of Architecture of Versailles. It organizes several exhibitions a year.

The buildings are organized around five courtyards: the Great Court bordered by a semicircular colonnade and two symmetrical wings, the two middle courtyards framed at the rear, the two small side yards called “manure yards”, In the left wing, which gives side avenue de Paris there are the restoration workshops of the Ministry of Culture. In the right wing on the avenue de Sceaux side, there is the School of Architecture of Versailles.


The gallery of sculptures and moldings (gypsotheque) located in the Petite Ecurie of the Palace of Versailles. These spaces are open free of charge, every Saturday and Sunday, from 12h30 to 18h30. The collection of casts from the Louvre, that of the School of Fine Arts and that of the Institute of Art and Archeology which depends on the Sorbonne. There are very old pieces there which attest to Louis XIV’s taste for the antique.  Since 2012, the Petite Ecurie has presented to the public a gypsothèque containing a collection of about 5000 sculptures and casts according to the ancient times, especially Roman, since it was only in the 18C that archaeologists were interested in an advanced way to Greece. Under the direction of Louis XIV, Jean-Baptiste Colbert had indeed imposed on the residents of the Académie de France in Rome to copy old pieces so that they would serve as inspiration to the sculptors of Versailles.  The gypsothéque on the château de Versailles webpage :

The Petite Ecurie constituting with the Grande Ecurie (see post) the royal stables and completed in 1681. It now houses the National Higher School of Architecture of Versailles. Identical to the Grande Ecurie, under the former regime (monarchy) , it was under the orders of the first squire. The Petite Ecurie has the care of ordinary mounts, hitch horses and wagons as well as fancy vehicles, sleighs of gondolas. From 1683 to 1685, the blacksmith was built behind the small stable. This property complements the activities of two stables.. In 2004, the La Maréchalerie   (blacksmiting) became a center of contemporary art at the National Higher School of Architecture of Versailles. It organizes several exhibitions a year. In 1787, to make economies, the activities of the Petite Ecurie were abolished and attached to the Grande Ecurie. From 1935 to 1939, it was the barracks of the Air school, with the air Base 134 Versailles. Since 1969, it has been home to the National Higher School of Architecture of Versailles. Since 1999, it also houses the restoration workshops of the Center for Research and Restoration of the museums of France. The later is under renovation until 2025 with reduce hours and activities in Versailles.

The National Higher School of Architecture on the Maréchalerie

The Center for Research and Restoration of the museums of France ,see Versailles

Inside the Petite Ecurie, you have the huge gallery or Vestibule des sculptures des Fontaines du Labyrinthe,  keeping the sculptures from the 17C, 39 fountains, with 333 animals designs from the bosquet du laberinthe dating 1660-1677/ You have the history of the stories of Charles Perrault and Jean de La Fontaine, dedicated to the Grand Dauphin, Mme de Montespan, and the Duke of Burgundy (grandson of Louis XIV). Charles Perrault brings them to Versailles, as de La Fontaine was not favored due to his support for Nicolas Fouquet. A wonderful place to be !!

The official Château de Versailles on the Petite Ecurie :

There you go folks, another fascinating monument in my dear beautiful Versailles , you ought to spent more time here. This is part of the history of France and Europe, you must visit the Petite Ecurie of Versailles ; my royal and imperial City of my belle France!!! Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and  many cheers to all !!!

March 21, 2023

Some news from France , CCCLXXXIV

This is my latest from my belle France ; as we are into Spring, but with rainy days However, is that time again to tell you my latest rants about some news from France. An eventful post in my blog that I have enjoyed together with you for the last 12+ years , And for those non Roman CCCLXXXIV is 384 ! ,with another dandy round of news of my belle France , of course, chosen by me; there are many others. We have already enjoy our veranda as nicer weather has arrive ! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The National Assembly of France (house of reps) rejected, by nine votes, the motion of censure tabled following the triggering of article 49.3 by the government. This week is likely to be eventful, with a series of actions and rallies before a big Thursday March 23rd of mobilization at the call of the unions. The pension reform is adopted , However, after this tight vote, the calls to resign are multiplying for Borne. The Prime Minister must leave, believes Le Pen (RN) in particular. The Nupes (left) and the RN (right) have announced that they will seize the Constitutional Council. In vain as the 49.3 is constitutional and difficult to vote against it, However, this is a dictatorial article without the vote of the people nor the congress !

Neither worse nor better. The Parisian trash cans are still overflowing with over 7K tons of garbage on the streets. According to the City of Paris, the situation has not changed since the days before. « If Macron withdraws his reform, in four to five days, we empty the city of all its garbage » says a garbage collector, The situation is critical as even private firms hire to do the work has not done it as folks are on the streets protesting the above mentioned 49,3 that allow the President to passed laws without the before approval of Congress,

The rue Saint-Petersburg is a one-way street but remains “a bus highway”. The problem of bus traffic jams in this street crossed by 5 lines remains unresolved. The mayor has put this one-way axis in the north-south direction from April 2023, Yes huge trafic jams by taken away roads for cars and Paris still does not learn, folks are leaving,,,and not just for high prices.

The A86 road that goes around Paris on the south will be closed for the installation of a footbridge, The installation of this 70 meters long footbridge, which will allow pedestrians to reach the Louvresses sector from the city center, begins yesterday Monday March 20 2023. This will lead to the closure of the road four evenings in a row. At least Thursday evening March 23rd between the Villeneuve-la-Garenne/RD 7 exit and the junction to the A15. In steel, the structure is surprising with its tubular shapes, its 6 meters wide, its more than 4 meters high, its arches, its circular diagonals… Good, but will be jams I took the A15 and A86 several times.

Until June 15, the menu at Bleu Coupole 9éme arrondissement is designed by Joey Starr, now known for his militant passion for cooking, has teamed up with the executive chef of Printemps, Clément Blondeau, to put to music his favorite recipes from his Bistronomik guide, published at the end of 2022, Webpage :

The next Asterix is called “White Iris” and immerses the Gauls in full positive thought, In bookstores on October 26, 2023, the 40th album of Gallic adventures, scripted for the first time by Fabcaro, bears a name of flower, webpage :

After the drought of winter, Monet’s gardens are preparing to reopen their doors, Gray sky over Giverny (Eure 27). And yet, Jean-Marie Avisard The head gardener of Claude Monet’s gardens had never seen such a dry winter since his recruitment as an intern more than thirty-five years ago! “This is the first time that we have had to water our flowers during the winter. Webpage :

A great expo by Jean-Gabriel Barthélémy which explores in photos the three emblematic places that are Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Palace of Versailles and the city of La Courneuve. Light and architecture are at the heart of his work, presented in 80 giant shots, exhibited on the roof of the Grande Archeuntil June 30. The 35th floor of the Grande Arche in La Défense (Hauts-de-Seine 92) . In the vast room with its mahogany parquet floor, two huge photographs of Notre-Dame Cathedral stand proudly at the entrance, bearing witness to the grandeur of the past and the tragedy of the present. Go see it if you can, Webpage

A week before its national release, the first episode of the film “The Three Musketeers” by Martin Bourboulon, partly shot in the episcopal city and in the cathedral of Meaux, will be screened during two sessions at the Luxembourg Theater. Later will be released on Wednesday April 5 2023 in French cinemas. Two previews will be organized in the presence of the director at the Luxembourg Theater in Meaux, a week before, i.e. Wednesday, March 29 spectators will see on screen Vincent Cassel, Romain Duris, Eva Green, Pio Marmaï, Louis Garrel, Lyna Khoudri, Éric Ruf from the Comédie Française, and many other talented actors in the credits. A unique visual identity that we discover on the trailer, in which some of the images shot in Meaux appear. All this bodes well for a film with polished images. We will see it of course ! Webpage on the shots of Meaux !

And the trailer on youtube video with scenes of Meaux !!

Ryanair reaffirms its presence in the Oise (60) , the Irish low-cost airline, has decided to densify its activity at Paris-Beauvais airport. The main announcement is for the base it opened in December 2020, which will accommodate a third aircraft. “These are all Boeing 737 Gamechangers,” Ryanair said in a statement. These quieter and more environmentally friendly aircraft (-16% fuel and -40% noise emissions) will operate a total of 63 routes, including four new ones to Belfast (United Kingdom), Lanzarote (Spain), Cluj and Iasi (Romania). Good for the travelers but not for me tried and gone, and the locals claim too much noise lol !!!Webpage:

Léon and Claude Monet reunited at the Musée du Luxembourg Paris ;a beautiful exhibition looks back on the relationship between the famous painter and his older brother, a great collector of paint and manufacturer of synthetic pigments , After a youth of which we know next to nothing, he was a merchant in Rouen, then, from 1869, sales representative for the Basel company Geigy et Cie, specializing in chemical dyes. In 1872, he founded with industrialists from the Rouen region the Industrial Company of Rouen (SIR), In 1892, Geigy et Cie established a factory in Maromme, in the suburbs of Rouen, to circumvent customs duties between France and Switzerland, and Léon ruled it until the end of his life. That Monet’s brother was a master of artificial colors is intriguing. A hypothesis immediately comes to mind: would he have allowed his brother to have access to synthetic pigments produced by his chemists, whose luster is more intense than that of natural pigments, of mineral or vegetable origin? It is impossible to say, if only because it is extremely difficult to know with certainty whether such a color was produced by Geigy et Cie or by another company in the sector. Indeed, for now go see the exhibition, Webpage :

The Centre Pompidou has just signed a cultural engineering contract with the Al-Ula site, in northwestern Saudi Arabia. In addition, Beaubourg, which continues to expand abroad, should open a branch in Seoul in 2025. But the ambitions of the Center Pompidou abroad also target Asia. To be continued,,,,Stay tune, Webpage :

The fine delicatessens treat us to good products. The opportunity to find taste pearls that cannot be found anywhere else. Here are my favorite delicatessens in Paris.

Causses is a place where it is good to linger to unwind, choose good products, meet your neighbors and enjoy yourself. Find them at Causses Épicerie fine 55, rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette 9éme Open every day from 10h to 21h (Sundays to 13h) ,and Causses Épicerie fine 222, rue Saint-Martin 3éme Open Monday to Saturday from 10h to 21h webpage :

La Esquinita lives up to its name: it’s the spot around the corner that delights the whole neighborhood, with the added bonus of a taste trip to all regions of Mexico. La Esquinita Épicerie fine 36, rue de la Lune 2éme Open Monday to Saturday from 11h to 19h Webpage :

Huguette et Henri,it is the story of a Breton, Val, and a fervent South-West, Fab, great epicurean friends. Together, they have created a place where good products from their regions converge. When you enter, you have the impression of entering a spatio-temporal fault. Vintage decor, 60s music etc Huguette et Henri Épicerie fine 40, rue Sedaine 11éme Open Monday to Saturday from 10h30 to 20h,Sundays from 11h to 19h webpage :

Head for the Iberian Peninsula with this 100% Spanish delicatessen. It smells good of the sun, the sea air and the olive oil, no doubt, we are at La Vendimia d’Espagne. The ideal spot to find the must of small pleasures in cans or jars, La Vendimia d’Espagne Épicerie fine 2, rue Hégésippe-Moreau 18éme Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10h to 14h, and from 16h to 20h , webpage :

And let me tell you about some wonderful spots we have enjoyed over the years and plenty of articles in my blog. Here I go with Toulouse, La Baule (as I call it); and Guérande. Hope you enjoy them as I

How about listen to Nougaro, but not too much. Toulouse has changed a lot since the famous song dedicated to “his” city. Place du Capitole is still there, it remains a lung of the city, which has become pedestrian like the whole center. The adjacent areas, place Wilson, place Saint-Georges, rue d’Alsace-Lorraine, place Saint-Sernin, place Saint-Etienne, the quays of the Garonne, in other words the cardinal points of the heart of Toulouse are the kingdom of walkers, cyclists. Cars are barely tolerated there. The metro leads there from the extremes. The tram too. You will borrow them but moderately. Toulouse is best discovered and revealed on foot !! Its streets strewn with mansions erected in brick are sometimes reminiscent of Venice. On the outskirts, to the north with the Airbus factory, to the south with the Cité de l’Espace, Toulouse takes on its technological, modern, unique dimension. And Sud-Ouest obliges, you’re never far from a good bar or a table to discover!, The train hypothesis should be seriously considered since rue Bayard was renovated. Adjoining the Matabiau train station, (used it nice good) it allows you to reach the center (place Wilson, place Victor Hugo) in about fifteen minutes walk and if your suitcase does not have wheels or you do not want to walk, the metro leads to the same place. in five minutes, And something unique to see there now me think, the Momies, corps préser­vés, corps éternels on contemporary conservation techniques and raises ethical and deontological questions related to the conservation of human remains. A way of questioning humanity about its relationship to time, the search for eternity and death. Until July 2, 2023 . Muséum de Toulouse , 35 Allée Jules Guesde, Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10h to 18h. Webpage :

Take a ride south of me and historical Bretagne and look up in the heart of the Côte d’Amour, along a 9 km of sandy beach, the southern Breton, dares the most daring architectural pirouettes, without eroding, quite the contrary, the attachment of its visitors. Born Escoublac in the 9C, engulfed twice under the dunes, no doubt to counter fate, the village moved a few meters and in the 15C took the name of “Bôle”, marshy shore in patois, that is to say its attractions. In 1896, a new change of identity, when the first summer visitors arrived by train, Bôle became La Baule before, in 1962, reconnecting with its origins under the double surname La Baule-Escoublac. Today La Baule offers two faces, that of the Remblai, a promenade along the sea, colonized by rows of buildings, built during the last fifty years, Le Panorama, the Tour Saint Clair, the Waves of Pierre Doucet, evoking a succession of breaking waves, and that of the neighborhoods with incredible villas of all styles and from all periods of the Bois d’Amour. A big gap between the old and the modern, reserving some very nice surprises for the curious. On foot, by bike or on horseback, these three options add up. Note that galloping near the sea, at the limit between the Atlantic and the sand, and not in the water, is authorized at any time outside the summer season. In summer, the beach is only accessible to riders early in the morning before 9h and after 20h. You can rent a horse or take part in a ride organized by the Manège des Platanes (25, avenue Antoine Louis) To pedal, you borrow an electric two-wheeler (or not) made available by the city, or you rent it from Chaillou (213, avenue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny,) the tread, from Pornichet to Pouliguen, its 9 km of beach bordering the Atlantic Ocean. do take in the whole bay at a glance, you start from plage des Libraires beach to the east, at sunrise, then cross the grand plage of La Baule, plage Benoit beach adored by fishermen, where you can swim in all security. Arrived at Pouliguen we reach the quays of the port stuck in the heart of the city. You get lost in its streets lined with low houses from the 18-19C. We walk through its halls before walking to the lighthouse, without forgetting to admire the stalls overflowing with regional products (closed on Mondays).

Leave La Baule towards Guérande by bike or as I by car,,,,. Another possible option is to take bus line 1 , near the SNCF train station. Only 7 km separate the beach from the medieval city, which can be reached on foot via the Porte Saint-Michel. Surrounded by massive ramparts in the 14C, during the war of succession in Brittany, opposing two relatives of Duke Jean III, The city retains its medieval character, but beware, it is a small Mont-Saint-Michel , very touristy on weekends and afternoons. The best is therefore to disembark there early in the morning (say 9h30) to circulate quietly on the ramparts. Half-timbered, granite and brick houses follow one another along the narrow cobbled streets. Sublime !!!

And now something unique usually do not put real estate stuff as not to do publicity but this one is unique me think, For those looking to live in Paris,(not me) how about an apartment on the banks of the Seine river with a view of the rooftops and monuments of Paris? This apt is located in the heart of Paris, on the Ile de la Cité, a stone’s throw from Place Dauphine and the former apartment of Simone Signoret and Yves Montand, with a breathtaking view of the Seine. The building for sale is located on quai des Orfèvres and has absolutely breathtaking views of the rooftops and the most beautiful monuments of Paris. From the Panthéon to the Arc de Triomphe via the Saint-Jacques tower, the most beautiful treasures of the city are visible from the terrace at the top. The 243 m2 building has a beautiful entrance, an office, but also a garage on the ground floor. An independent studio with living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom is then on the mezzanine. On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors are 3 independent apartments in T2, with living room, bedroom, separate kitchen and bathroom. Finally, the 4th and 5th floors are occupied by a completely renovated duplex with living room and American kitchen, 2 bedrooms, but also a dressing room and a bathroom. On the top floor, the terrace overlooks Paris and its rooftops and offers a view of the typical Parisian buildings on the quay opposite. It will therefore be necessary to pay the modest sum of 9,990,000€ for the whole thing, Ok go for it lol! Webpage:

There you go folks, another round of my some news from France coming to you freely by the road warrior travel guy . Hope you enjoy this post and do take care ,enjoy we are now in Spring, great,,, And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

March 21, 2023

My most private Versailles !!!

 I like to again tell you about Versailles, of course, never tired of telling you, for many reasons, It brings lots of family memories to me , this time will take you to my dear Versailles, very close to me, ! Have written so much on it in my blog, but decided to bring you closer to my neighborhood and my family, Hope you enjoy the post on my most private Versailles !!! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

You know the palace/museum so will skip telling you about, plenty on it in my blog, see posts, The city of Versailles once contacted a survey company do not recall the name, and found that 98% of the visitors to Versailles only come to the palace/museum; and the rest of Versailles?  You are missing the real history of the kingdom of France, part of what you come to see today anyway, There is plenty to see in the city on its own, nothing to do with things to see from Paris. This is my royal town, and my City for over 9 glorious years, Gorgeous Versailles always was and is and will be me think!

We first stop by very early ,the gorgeous wonderful lively Notre Dame market (see post) at the square crossing of rue de la Paroisse and rue du Maréchal Foch just a few hundreds meters from home, It was memorable for all of us ,and became regular customers ! The Marché de Notre Dame and Halles Notre Dame, the difference is the Marché is open air, fruits, veggies, etc alternating with a clothing market while the Halles are covered market dating from the domaine de Clagny c1665.,  As this is my old neighborhood!!! Notre Dame!!! We, then were able to easily walk to marvelous business of always, very friendly with lots of history tells for us.

Versailles marche Notre Dame to rue du mal foch 2010

These businesses we patronise while living there and then visiting later on, such as the Gibert & Joseph book store in rue de la Paroisse as well as my Nicolas wine store, the old favorite resto Le Boeuf à la Mode, and the old Cyrano cinema as well as some shops of the Rue de la Paroisse and Rue des Reservoirs.  The Rue du Maréchal Foch was one of my most frequented streets while living in Versailles, not far from home , So we patronised several businesses here as well as taken the Gare Rive-Droite train station to Gare Saint Lazare in Paris We went of course to the post office or La Poste at 47B Rue Du Marechal Foch. Our insurance needs (still do) from MMA ,18 Rue du Maréchal Foch, The eyeglasses place (still do) Optic 2000, 47, Rue du Maréchal Foch, opposite the train station Rive Droite, Our notaries for housing needs were 60 Foch Notaries, 60 rue du Maréchal Foch (they handle international needs as well) and the hangout for quick cheap meals and memories of older homes the Subway  at 35 Rue Du Marechal Foch, For wines ,the chain Nicolas, my favorite is at  50 rue de la Paroisse  For cheeses go to Fromagerie Le Gall ,in the marché Notre Dame building named Carré à la Marée.

Versailles rue du marechal Foch to subway jul11

The quartier or neighborhood of Notre-Dame  on the north axe of the palace and avenue de Paris with the mythical wonderful Notre Dame Church , the Royal one, as the baptisms and births of the prince of Versailles were done there, including that of  Philippe or Felipe , grandson of Louis XIV and himself king of Spain under Felipe V Bourbon dynasty that still rule in Spain today as Felipe VI, the parish Church of the Palace ; the first district to be built under king Louis XIV ; location also for  the théâtre Montansier  opened in 1777, right by rue des reservoirs the old aqueduct folly of Louis XIV; more on this theater that Marie-Antoinette love so much as well as the Musée Lambinet. The Hôtel du bailliage or bailif today antique shops galore , and the best shopping streets of  Versailles  such as the rue de la Paroisse,  rue Hoche (old rue Dauphine) and the rue du Maréchal-Foch, in addition to market heaven  place du Marché-Notre-Dame, surrounded by its four halles or covered markets.  To the north of the district you have the boulevard du Roi ,and the boulevard de la Reine, and the tranquil rue de l’Ermitage, along the sides of the palace.

The rue Hoche and the Place Hoche with a nice straight view to the castle or to the Notre Dame Church is marvelous as well as the great shopping street of rue de la Paroisse that passes by the Church.  Our home we just took a peek right around the Church into rue Sainte Geneviéve into the square behind the Church and into Rue Saint Lazare…! it’s magnificent Palace/museum was walking distance, wonderful memories of playing around the gardens even beyond the Grand Canal with my boys and having a lunch snack at Angelina in the Petit Trianon, after crossing the property for free by the Porte Saint Antoine memories that will never go away.



For chocolates try the real thing from a local chocolatier, Yves Thuriés Chocolatier, 37 rue de la Paroisse, near church collegiale de Notre Dame , I am giving away my poissonnerie or fish market L’Espadon, Halles Notre Dame, Carré à la Marée,  Boulangerie (Maison) Guinon at 60 rue de la Paroisse , doing it since 1802 and still the best, go for it when in town, Monoprix, 5 ave Georges Clémenceau (also a Monop by 27 Rue Carnot). Franprix, 5 rue Rameau near our Notre Dame Church For photos and we always need those we headed for Photo Station,  50 rue de la Paroisse. For clothing we shop sometimes at Damart as was my dear late wife Martine favorite at 43-45 rue de la Paroisse. I shop at Burton; 11 rue Georges Clemenceau.Mens clothing!  Haircuts at Jean Louis David when the family wanted as I did my own. 15 rue du maréchal Foch. Could not verify if still there but we did had at the Parly II shopping center in Le Chesnay-Rocquencourt. Pharmacies are many but my is at Pharmacie de la Place de Hoche, 6 Pl de Hoche. My BNP Paribas (still is) at 1 rue du Marechal Foch , If you have problems with your laptop or computer while there like we did the moment we landed go to the pros at  VART electronique will definitively help you. They are at 42 ave de Saint Cloud.

I took my parents to get and then renew their Titre de Séjour visiteur resident card as they would never learn French lol !! It was at the  Préfecture of Yvelines by the corner of Avenue de Paris, and Avenue de l’Europe. The RER C line links several stations in central Paris with the Versailles Rive Gauche-Château station, five minutes from the palace on foot. Trains also run from Paris Montparnasse to Versailles Chantiers and from Paris Saint Lazare to Versailles Rive-Droite (closest to me),each a ten-minute walk from the palace The historical road N10 is known here as the kings route as this is the traject king Louis XIV did to go from the palace of Versailles to the Fortress of the Louvre in Paris, today still can done starting at the palace up avenue de paris is the N10 by Boulogne-Billancourt it is the D910 same road along avenue de Versailles into Paris and the Louvre at rue de Rivoli.

Versailles gare rive droite front 2010

The city of Versailles on its history

The Versailles tourist office on the quartier Notre Dame neighborhood

There you go folks, a dandy small stories of my dear Versailles, as said, a lot more than the palace to be seen and enjoy. A nice town good for the whole family, heck it was great for my family with memories to last a lifetime. Do dare go outside the palace/museum you will be glad you did, This is my most private Versailles and again, hope you enjoy this post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all! !!!

March 13, 2023

The Avenue de Paris of Versailles !!!

Back at you to update this older post on one of the most if not the most famous street of my dear Versailles, Again here is glorious and as said, Versailles is a lot more than the palace, The city is a treasure vault of historical, architectural wonders and the best way is to walk it; the city is not big, easily walkable. Therefore, let me tell you about the Avenue de Paris of Versailles !!! Hope you enjoy it as I.

We all cross it,  walk it ,and things to do , the grand the beautiful and the architecturally stunning if you look closely Avenue de Paris , The avenue is the old royal road that connected the palace of Versailles with the palace of the Louvre in Paris, In fact as you go by car as I, you come into Versailles on the Avenue de Paris and come into Paris on the Avenue de Versailles ; the now D910 or D10 road !! The Avenue de Paris was created in 1682, the central axis of the Trident set up by Jules Hardouin-Mansart (avenues of Sceaux, Paris, Saint Cloud). One of the widest avenues of France (97 meters). The avenue was planted with a double mail of elms then replaced by sycamore trees due to elm disease.

And yes it is walkable, worth the effort me think, you should try it, A wonderful sights of architecturally and historically stunning buildings along the way, Enjoy the Avenue de Paris of Versailles !!!

versailles avenue de paris to chateau mar13

The main things you can see, me think are :

At No. 1: Grande Ecurie (stables)  of the king.  Now houses the city’s Archives  open (Consultation room) from Tuesday to Friday from 14h to 17h45 amongst many others see other post.  The reason why it is shown in the Avenue de Paris, as the Petite Ecurie done to the Place d’Armes. N 2 bis: Old Porch (Pullman Hotel) remains of the artillery barracks created by Napoleon III (see the N of Napoleon on the entrance door and the Napoleonic Eagle on the entrance to the  Avenue du Général-de-Gaulle). The barracks was destroyed in 1988 to make way for the shopping district of the Les Ménages (where you can buy tickets for the Château). N  3: central Post Office building .  N ° 4 Hôtel de Ville  (city/town hall)  of Versailles, ( a must to visit you can) former hotel of the Princess of Conti (Marie-Anne de Bourbon, daughter of Louis XIV and the Marquise de Lavaliere), and then of the Grand masters of the castle. The lower part overlooking the avenue of General de Gaulle dates from the reign of Louis XIV and was the first city/town hall. The more imposing part, Neo Louis XIII style and overlooking the Avenue de Paris, dated 1897-1900. N  6: Carved portal of the Hotel des gendarmerie de la garde de Louis XV, built in 1737 , barracks until 1908 and current departmental department of Tax Services restored in 2014. Concentrate in its upper part, mainly around the bull’s eye, the carved decor is made up of military trophy falls (with armour and helmets of wars), garlands of flowers, fins and shells, whose finesse and richness make it a masterpiece of  rocaille stone art. It bears the motto of the gendarmes of the guard of the King: “Quo Jubet iratus Jupiter” or where Jupiter furiously orders.  N 11-13 Préfecture of Versailles (dept government of Yvelines). Succeeding in 1792 at the Vénerie (the King’s hunting kennel) and at the narrow rue des Reservoirs, the former hotel of the department, then prefecture in 1800,  was inaugurated in 1867. The prefecture was occupied in 1870 by the King of Prussia and his staff, then by Adolphe Thiers, Mac-Mahon and Jules Grevy as hotel of the Presidency of the French Republic until 1879. The prefecture and the Yvelines General Council have been occupying the premises since 1880.  N  15: School of Music founded by Emile Cousin in 1878 (then transferred to Rue de Jouvencel).  N 19: Police hotel in place of the old monumental stables of the Countess du Barry mistress of Louis XV, built in 1772, then owned by the Comte de Provence brother of Louis XVI , and himself later Louis XVIII . The buildings housed the lancers of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard who were killed in Waterloo, then the Montbauron barracks. They are now home to the police station. N  21: The old hotel of the Countess du Barry, built in 1751, and today Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Val d’Oise (95) and Yvelines(78) since 1937.


At N ° 22 the hotel Menus Plaisirs. This hotel was raised by Louis XV and occupied by the administration of the Menus-Plaisirs between 1739 and 1745. It housed the workshops of sets and the material of the Games and shows related to the festivities of the King and the court. A provisional room hosted the assembly of Notables in 1787-88, and finally the deputies summoned to the States General on May 5, 1789 by the King. It was in this room that the abolition of privileges and the declaration of Human and Citizen Rights were voted on. It was bought and demolished in 1800. The hotel became a cavalry barracks, then the technical services of the city were lodged from 1942 to 1988. Since 1987, it houses the Center of Baroque Music of Versailles which produces concerts and shows in France and abroad and brings together a research center and a singing school.  No. 28: Prison for women. It was installed in 1789 at the site of a former boarding school built in 1750. Then the state bought it in 1857 and enlarged the place in 1860.  N  31: Lycée Jean-de-la-Bruyère, (high school) named after the moralistic writer who died in Versailles in 1696. It was named in 1962.  N 38-40: Chamber of Notaries. Hotel of the time of Louis XVI.  N 63 Pavillon de Provence, former residence of Monsieur, brother of the king and king Louis XVIII was born here. From 1922 to 1940, the abode housed the eastern Normal School of Daughters of the Universal Israelite Alliance. From 1946 to 1962, it was taken over by the children’s relief work and welcomed Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986.  N 68: Convent of Solitude belonging to the Sisters of Notre-Dame du Cénacle. This building associated with an English park of the late 17C, reworked in the 19C, belonged to the Earl of Vergennes, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Louis XVI from 1775 to 1787.  N  70: Lycée Marie Curie, (high school) named after the French physicist and chemist, of Polish origin, who received twice the Nobel Prize for her research on radiation and radium in 1903 and 1911. N  73 Domaine de Madame Elizabeth.(see post) Owned by the community of Célestins monks, having been redeemed and built by the Prince and Princess of Rohan-Guéméné, then by Louis XVI, it was given as a gift to his sister who was later guillotined in 1792. Manufacture of watchmaking at the French revolution.  The Yvelines General Council bought it in 1983 as well as the Orangerie in 1997.  In 2016, the park designed in the English way before the revolution, allows to appreciate a remarkable collection of native and exotic forest species such as American oak, purple beech, lime tree, sycamore trees etc, a garden of aromatic plants and demonstrations of permaculture and a pet park. N  89 Reliefs above the door of the Vauban School, made in 1957; They represent Le Nôtre and Vauban. 

Versailles ave de Paris to Paris mars11

At N 90 bis: Old ponds where the stream of Madame Elisabeth’s English park was poured. Then replaced by a rose garden in the Truffaut nurseries, then by the residence of the Roseraie. At N 93: Robert de Montesquiou-Fezensac , one of the personalities of the Literary and Social Society of the late 19C, was a tenant from 1894. In particular, he received Marcel Proust and Sarah Bernhardt.  N  109-109 bis: Congregation of the Servant Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  N  111 Parc Chauchard with the picturesque and vast music pavilion of Madame, Countess of Provence, sister-in-law of Louis XVI and wife of Louis XVIII, built around 1780. This pavilion is associated with a small enclosed rectangular garden at the end of which is the statue of Alfred Chauchard. Madame’s park was cut in two in the French revolution, one that later became the Lycée Sainte-Geneviève (1913 high school), the other for several successive owners, including the last Alfred Chauchard, founder of the department stores of the Louvre in Paris, which was the place for his most deserving workers who became owners in 1902.  

In 1824, the city built, on the orders of the Marquis de la Londe, mayor of the 3rd arrondissement of Seine et Oise, pavilions to collect the grant, the Grille d’Octroi . Thus the avenue de Paris is equipped at the entrance to Versailles on either side of the central artery with two pavilions. Iron gates spanning the entire width of Avenue de Paris were also installed. These pavilions and gates made it possible to control the passage of goods and to tax them. The building on the left when coming from Paris contained the collection office while the building on the right was used to house the attendants. As the grant had become a tax that hampered the development of economic activity, the city decided to abolish it in February 1943 and replace it with the collection of local taxes. The buildings are therefore decommissioned and the gates removed. Finally, the crossroads was redeveloped in 1993 to make it safer, while the pavilions were saved and today form a symbolic entrance into the city. Around it you have the square or Place Louis XIV, and here finishes the Avenue de Paris on the edge of the town of Viroflay.

versailles avenue de paris porte d'octroi 2012

The Mayor’s office of the City of Versailles :

The Versailles tourist office on its heritage :

There you go folks, a little bit of my beloved Versailles, a town full of history of France and the world, that needs more personal and up close attention by you all. Like I said, Versailles is a lot more than the palace !! Again, hope you enjoy the post as I,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

March 13, 2023

Some streets of Versailles !!!

So in my ongoing efforts to bring you to Versailles more than the palace; let me update for you and me some streets of Versailles !!! The city is a treasure vault of historical, architectural wonders and the best way is to walk it; the city is not big, easily walkable. So, here are some of the streets I like the most,and see my other posts on them, Hope you enjoy it as I,

I will start with the Rue Colbert. Named after Jean-Baptiste Colbert who was one of the principal ministers of king Louis XIV . He developed the French colonial factories and companies. At  N 1: Hotel de Grammont until 1809.  N  5, Hotel de Villacerf, property at the end of the 19C of Prince Roland Bonaparte.  N 7 former Hotel of Choiseul, then of Villeroy, which housed in 1870-71 the Prussian minister of War and his services.  N 13: Current EDF, (electricity company in France) location of the former hotel of Aumont under the old regime and home of Charles-Frédéric Nepveu, architect of the château under Louis-Philippe, at the end of his life. One of the streets very close to the Castle across from the Royal Chapel.


The Rue Georges Clemenceau is the old rue Saint-Pierre et du  Vermandois in 1684 until the kennel. There was a fountain there.  The name of the French politician , nicknamed “The Tiger” and the “Father of the Victory”, who was president of the Council from 1906 to 1909 and from 1917 to 1920.  The street extends through the place André-Mignot, former Place de la Vénérie-Royale , then the Tribunaux. At No. 5 and No. 7: Current Monoprix convenient dept store (many times shop here!) . At the entrance to the wonderful  passage Saint-Pierre at N 19: Former property of the Lambinet family, (Jean-François was mayor of Versailles in 1848) who gave his name to the museum of the same name and city of Versailles museum located on Avenue de la Reine. This disect the Avenue de Paris and the Avenue de Saint Cloud, and great for shopping at Monoprix! and the Post Office but as you can see nice buildings even here too.


And closer to home base, this is the Rue Carnot , the former Rue de la Pompe  (pump) name due to the water tower, built in 1665 to No. 7 house which fed at the beginning of the reign of Louis XIV the reservoir of the Cave of Tethys from the pond of Clagny. The pumping was done with a horse wagon ride.  It was later named after the President of the French Republic Sadi Carnot.  At  N  1: Carnot Elementary School. Former Hotel de Noailles, owned by the family of the Marquis de La Fayette’s wife who stayed there. Acquired by the city in 1867. N  2a  Neoclassical facade. Former property of Antoine Gibus, a hat maker ,from 1862 to 1870 (his name designates a top hat), then more recently René Aubert President of the Académie de Versailles.  No. 5: Stables of King Louis XIV in 1672, then of the Queen and the Dauphine; Prison in the French revolution, then barracks of the Queen’s Quarter and today Court of Appeal of Justice. N  6: Former hotel of the Duc de Bouillon,  N 10: Entrance of the stables of Monsieur, Duke of Orléans (brother of King Louis XIV).  N° 11: Facade of the Pavilion of the Springs (House of the caretakers) built in 1683 with drinking water reservoir for the city. The water was derived from the sources of the towns of Rocquencourt and Chesnay (today one town). N  12: Old hotel of Duras and Montmorency, then Bath spa Hotel.  N 40: Former Hôtel de la Roche or Royal Pavilion (family whose members were caretakers of the menagerie).  N 44: Former Café Amaury at the corner of the Avenue de Saint-Cloud, in 1789 place of meeting of the Breton Club (the third State) from where the Club des Jacobins of Paris came out. Picture from rue Carnot entering the passage antiques of the rue des Deux Portes !

Versailles rue Carnot to rue de deux portes 2013

Back closer to the castle and one of my favorite street that loved to walked many times is the Rue des Reservoirs . Created in 1672, the old street of the trough located at the entrance of the Rue de la Paroisse. The name of the reservoirs of the castle built in 1685 and now extinct due to the construction of the north wing of the castle. They were located above Madame de Pompadour’s hotel.  At  N  2-4: Hotel of the government (of the Governor of Versailles), former Hotel of Louvois built in 1672, renovated in 1778. Attributed to the Ministry of War in 1834. In 2015, rehabilitation of public offices in private housing.  N 6: Hôtel Ecquevilly  named after the captains of the Hunters of Saint-Germain.  N  7 Hotel of Reservoirs built  at the beginning of the 20C. It replaced the private mansion of Madame de Pompadour and the one in the king’s storage room. The aerial pump of water from the reservoirs was located before 1750 here. It was the Government Hotel from 1765 to 1789 before knowing several owners and being bought by the State in 1934 and assigned to the castle. N  8 former Hotel de Sérent rebuilt.  N 9-11 Hotel du Garde-Meuble de la Couronne (or wardrobe of the Crown) built in 1784 . It housed the prefecture of Seine-et-Oise from 1800 to 1867. Rehabilitation in 2015 in apartments of standing with underground parking. N  13 Théâtre Montansier, current Theater Municipal de Versailles, built in 1776 by Mademoiselle de Montansier, founder and director of numerous Parisian theatres (including those of the Palais-Royal and the Variétés).It was inaugurated in the presence of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette in 1777. It is distinguished by its entirely round room and its blue and gold decor.  N  16: Hotel of the family of the Trémoïlle (duke of Thouars) put on sale after the French revolution now not well kept. N 19: (at the intersection with the Rue de la Paroisse), building where Ferdinand de Lesseps was born in 1852.  N  22 Hôtel de Condé where lived and died Jean de La Bruyère  and was born General Gaspard Gourgaud, a memorialist of Napoleon. Now Seventh-day Adventist Church.  N  27: (at the intersection with the Boulevard de la Reine), a building where the painter Henri-Eugène le Sidaner lived .  N 36: Former Hotel Vatel, one of the best restaurants of Versailles in 1900, disappeared in the 1980’s. And these are just the main buildings I like !!


And this one is hotter still , very close to my home. And a must to walk by as it is close to the Castle but also the Notre Dame market! As well as the historical significant Notre Dame Church (back was my home area!). The Rue de la Paroisse; this one is the one I cross most often at home. Filled with the sandy lands of the summit of the Butte de Montbauron under Louis XIV. At  N 1: Location of the trough removed with the drying of the pond of Clagny from 1770, then land acquired by Soufflot architect of the Pantheon and now the Notre Dame market. N  7a: House of the lawyer Albert Joly in 1869.  N  11: Hotel Pièche from the beginning of the 18C with facade ornaments of the late 19C. Jean-Joseph Pièche was a musician from the King’s chamber. See the dogs seated and the garlands of flowers carved between the windows. He would have seen Rameau and Boucher pass. It was restored between the two wars. N  15 House with the sign of the royal mark in the 18C.  N  35: Notre-Dame Church created in 1686.  N  37-39-41 former House of the mission of Notre-Dame (1686); Order founded by Saint-Vincent-de-Paul.  N 43: Supposedly the house of Dionis surgeon of Louis XIV.  N 49: House of Félix de Tassy, surgeon of Louis XIV .N  53 Hotel de Bretagne, house of Guy Fagon, surgeon of Louis XIV (or the name of Saint-Côme patron of Surgeons, formerly attributed to this portion of street).  N 63: House at the Grande Fontaine, by the name of Fontaine, the public works contractor who resided there under Louis XIV.  N  79 building with the sign of the Rising Sun. Birth House of the poet Jean-François Ducis.  N  2 and 4 House of the caretakers built under Louis XVI.  At No. 4 lived Joseph-Adrien Le Roi, head of Clinic at the hospice and historian of the Streets of Versailles (1860).  N  6-6 bis 8-10  Hôtel de Saxena: stable of the Dauphine mother of Louis XVI, then Hôtel de Berry belonging to the Comte de Provence.(bro of Louis XVI and later king Louis XVIII) N  28: Restaurant of the Comte de Toulouse.  N  32 In 1811, owned by the wife of Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire , zoologist at the Natural History Museum.. No.14 or 15 Location of Madame de Maintenon charitable home, rebuilt in 1772. N  112, in 1734 Auberge Au roi Charlemagne  cabaret in Versailles. Again, some of the buildings I like while walking there,lots more a wonderful street.


There you go folks, a little bit of my beloved Versailles, a town full of history of France and the world, that needs more personal and up close attention by you all. Like I said, Versailles is a lot more than the palace !! Again, hope you enjoy the post as I,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

March 6, 2023

Some news from France , CCCLXXXIII

This is my latest from my belle France ; as we are imoving right along in Winter and the sun is out ! We can have 6 more weeks of winter due to the marmotte so they say, However, is that time again to tell you my latest rants about some news from France. An eventful post in my blog that I have enjoyed together with you for the last 12+ years , And for those non Roman CCCLXXXIII is 383 ! ,with another dandy round of news of my belle France , of course, chosen by me; there are many others. We will be tidy and drinking a nice glass of wine ! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The construction site of Notre-Dame: From Tuesday March 7 2023 , a new exhibition invites you to discover the restoration site and its trades. It’s free and for everyone. it offers a 300 square meter course in four stages. In the introduction, a room allows visitors to watch a new film of about fifteen minutes, which traces the fire and the history of the site since April 15, 2019. Further on, it is a large model which highlights restoration work, and in particular that of the framework. Finally, and above all, eight thematic islands are devoted to specific techniques and know-how. Finally, a large fresco presents all the trades mobilized on this extraordinary site. With the hope of arousing, among young people, some vocations. Notre-Dame de Paris: At the heart of the construction site”, at the House of construction and trades, forecourt of the cathedral (entrance opposite 6, rue de la Cité, 4éme. Until the reopening of the Cathedral. Tuesday to Sunday, 10h to 20h Free, without reservation. Webpage :

The treasures of Notre-Dame exhibited at the Cité de l’architecture de Paris Immense, 8 meters high, the photo captures you as soon as you enter the exhibition “Notre-Dame de Paris, from builders to restorers” at the Cité of architecture (16éme). Taken the day after the fire of April 15, 2019, it shows the scale of the tragedy, the collapsed vaults revealing the sky, the piles of charred debris from the frame and the spire strewn on the ground, and immediately immerses you in the heart of the matter the restoration of the most famous cathedral in the world: Webpage:

Chantilly, Pierrefonds, Compiègne… 2022, a record year for the châteaux of the Oise dept 60, historic attendance. At the Château de Chantilly , we do not hide our pleasure when discussing the number of visitors over the past year. And for good reason, in 2022, they are 525,000 to have crossed the gates of the monument bequeathed by the Duke of Aumale to the Institut de France. Webpage Oise tourisme :

Maincy, the first village in Île-de-France region to receive the « Petite Cité de caractère » or Small City of Character label The castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte, a 17C jewel, offers an additional cachet to this village of 1,858 inhabitants , Located 4 km from the center of Melun the famous Pont de Maincy bridge immortalized by the painter Cézanne, Maincy also hides nuggets like the Maison des Carmes which housed the Royal Tapestry Factory of Maincy before Colbert transferred it to Paris to the Gobelins, a drinking trough, a washhouse and a large fountain in the heart of the village, the medieval Church of Saint-Étienne… In fact, out of 1,019 hectares of surface area, Maincy has only urbanized 104 of them. The rest is divided between woods and agricultural land, in town center ,there is a brewery, a restaurant, a bakery, a grocery store, a hairdresser and a post office. Maincy Webpage:

The official Petite Cité de Caractére awaiting post of Maincy :

The collection of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Quimper, created by Breton artists of the 19-20C, including Gauguin, Boudin or Sérusier, will discover the land of the rising sun, Japan, on the occasion of a traveling exhibition on the theme Wind and Light. The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Quimper, inaugurated in 1872 following a donation made by Jean-Marie de Silguy (he bequeathed his entire collection, i.e. 1,200 paintings and drawings) has a magnificent private collection of works, focusing mainly on European painters from the 18-20C, including Breton artists linked to the Pont-Aven school. You can admire sketches by Rubens, paintings by Fragonard or François Boucher, Breton artists, Émile Bernard, Paul Gauguin, Paul Sérusier, Théophile Deyrolles or Eugène Louis Boudin, to name but a few. As part of a traveling exhibition on the theme “Wind and Light”, 63 paintings will therefore be loaned to Japanese museums in Tokyo, Fukushima, Shizuoka, Toyohashi and Hiroshima. The exhibition will present the chronology of painting in the production of Breton landscapes (from the 19-20C), from the last fire of naturalism, to pre-impressionism with the School of Pont-Aven, to the neo-impressionist, and to the “Black Band” to end with Fauvism and Art Deco. Japan is very fond of the works of the painters of the School of Pont-Aven, finding there many resonances with the art of Japanese prints. . Webpage :

On the Paris-Mantes line, trains have been cancelled… due to a lack of personnel on line J between Gare Saint-Lazare and the Yvelines (78) . About fifty drivers are missing on the entire Transilien network. Line J, which leaves in particular from Mantes-la-Jolie, is particularly affected, Just a tad but a problem all over the train lines sadly this line was taken by yours truly several times while living in the area.

Salon de l’agriculture or Agricultural show: at the time of the closing of the halls of the Porte de Versailles which recorded 615,204 visitors The record dates back to 2014, with more than 700,000 visitors. This is over but here for the record I could not go this year,: , Webpage :

The new temporary exhibition at the Val-d’Oise Archaeological Museum in Guiry-en-Vexin follows in the footsteps of Homo neanderthalensis, in the light of the most recent discoveries and local archaeological pieces. Indeed an interesting museum worth the detour, Webpage :

At the Musée de l’Orangerie, in Paris, an exhibition over ten years that transformed Matisse, Chez Matisse, it was later: it was at the age of 60, in 1929, that he abandoned his women to run the guilledou. We are not talking here about his wife, but about the models that, for fifteen years, living in Nice, he painted in eternal bayadères. Odalisques that modern critics agree to find syrupy at will and of which he himself said he was disgusted. He was saved by a doctor, Doctor Barnes, who had been collecting him for a long time, and by a strong journey, which led him to cross the Atlantic (by ocean liner), then by train in the United States, from New York to San Francisco. , until embarking for Tahiti. It is this story, and the fruitful years that followed, that tells the exhibition of the Musée de l’Orangerie, until May 29, 2023. Webpage :

Sad news of one of my all time favorite French singers, Long interviewed in the magazine “Seven to eight” on TF 1 this past Sunday evening, Florent Pagny, who thought he was in remission from his lung cancer, announces that he has undergone a biopsy because of a worrying lymph node. Florent Pagny, back to the wall , or in the face of recurring cancer, kept his freedom to speak, In January 2022, the historic coach of “The Voice”, even if he does not participate in the new edition, announced that he had to interrupt the tour of his 60th birthday after the diagnosis of a cancerous tumor in the lung. Since then, TF 1 journalist Audrey Crespo-Mara has met him three times, in June in Paris, in November in New York and then, one last time, in January in Patagonia, Argentina where he spent the winter in his other home, his wife’s country, I keep up with news and wish him and his family the best, I know the sad truth of it all, If want to know more of him in French:

His official webpage show up coming concerts but of course all pending and difficult to be on:

It has seen monarchs, heads of state and stars from all over the world: the Hôtel de Crillon is a luxury setting in the center of Paris, but also a place with a rich and diverse history. The Hôtel de Crillon shares its colonnaded façade erected in 1758 with its neighbors in the Place de la Concorde, the Automobile Club de France and the Hôtel de Coislin. The Blues celebrated their victories there in 1998 and 2000 football World Cups, greeting the crowd massed on the Place de la Concorde (8éme) from the balcony. Andy Warhol, Orson Welles and even Michael Jackson stayed there, John Travolta got married there in 1991, Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez came there, as did the K-pop group Black Pink recently. Here, again, was signed in 1919 the pact of the League of Nations, ancestor of the UN, Webpage:

The Seven Kings, an English pub with barber shop hidden in the heart of Courchevel ,An authentic English pub with vintage decor and a lively atmosphere. Owned by the Fahrenheit Seven Hotel and its managers, The Seven Kings plunges us into a so British universe both hushed and baroque where the scent of beer is added to that of leather Chesterfields and the wood of the walls, To sustain the thirst, the house offers a sharp selection of 7 English and Scottish draft beers, British gins and signature cocktails. From Thursday to Saturday evening, The Seven Kings raises the mercury by inviting an eclectic selection of DJs and performers (electro, rock, house and groovy) to ignite the address and melt the ice. If The Seven Kings also has a table football, the real originality is hidden in a small room adjacent to the bar: The Royal Barber Club, an authentic barber-shop which offers gentlemen an express treatment between two pints in a decor still once immersive at will. The Seven Kings, 114 rue du Marquis , Courchevel , From Tuesday to Sunday from 17h to 01h Webpage :

There you go folks, another round of my some news from France coming to you freely by the road warrior travel guy . Hope you enjoy this post and do take care as winter is winding down sofly , with no white in sight, great,,, And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

February 28, 2023

The parc de Sautour of Les Mureaux !

This is indeed a nice find ; looking at my vault and boxes od CD’s I found me a memorable family spot that need to have it in my blog, When we lived in Versailles, from 2003-2012 ; we came here for the festival ,but it was very crowded and skip it, However, we like the surrounding park and came back leisurely to walk around it on a Sunday afternoon later on, Gladly, let me tell you a bit about the Parc de Sautour of Les Mureaux ! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Les Mureaux parc de Sautour windmill c2011

The parc de Sautour is a public garden/park located in Les Mureaux in my former home of the Yvelines,department 78 of the region of Île de France, It is at the entrance to the town, near the ramp to the A13 motorway (Autoroute de Normandie) direction centre ville on the D43 road , and taking right on rue Salvador Allende, Its name comes from the proximity of an old banal mill.

Les Mureaux parc de Sautour to city c2011

The parc de Sautour covering an area of 15 hectares, was created in 1985 , from which the City had acquired the land in the 1970s and includes a pond with an area of 1.29 hectares fed by the brook of Orgeval, two artificial islands each measuring approximately 210 m2, a playground, a dovecote, a waterfall, a garden and a statue representing a swimmer. The artificial mound that dominates it dates from 1988; approximately 60 meters high, it is now the highest point in the town of Les Mureaux.

Les Mureaux parc de Sautour sports complex c2011

It is the only vestige of the leper room of the Countess, Agnès de Montfort, Countess of Meulan who, in the 12C, had founded a leper room; intended to isolate and care for lepers, it had been placed well away from its town, on the way to Fresnes (now Ecquevilly). which included a hospital, meadows, vineyards and a mill. These last buildings, in very poor condition, were razed in 1982.

Les Mureaux parc de Sautour lake c2011

There is a great event held here every year, the Festival International du Cirque des Mureaux at the parc du Sautour, 20th edition 2022 awaiting program for 2023.  More info on City of Les Mureaux :

The City of Les Mureaux on the ¨Parc de Sautour :

There you go folks, another dandy memorable spot in my belle France, As the saying goes, to remember is to live again, yes indeed, The parc de Sautour of Les Mureaux is a nice place during daytime as lately night time is not recommended, Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

February 25, 2023

Some news from France , CCCLXXXII

This is my latest from my belle France ; as we are imoving right along in Winter and the sun is out ! We can have 6 more weeks of winter due to the marmotte so they say, However, is that time again to tell you my latest rants about some news from France. An eventful post in my blog that I have enjoyed together with you for the last 12+ years , And for those non Roman CCCLXXXII is 382 ! ,with another dandy round of news of my belle France , of course, chosen by me; there are many others. We will be tidy and drinking a nice glass of wine ! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Thierry Hermès in Pont-Audemer, a little-known story that the city wants to resurrect, The founder of the eponymous brand spent a few years in the city, renowned for its leather work in the 19X, Over the two or three years spent by Thierry Hermès from 1921 in Pont-Audemer, the town still knows little. Born in 1801 in Germany where he trained in the leather trades, the future founder of the French luxury brand lived in the Normandy town to train there as an apprentice in the trade of saddler harness, that is that is to say to the manufacture of articles of saddlery. He will also then open a saddlery business in Paris, hence the famous horse-drawn carriage on the Hermès logo. At Pont-Audemer. the circuit dedicated to Thierry Hermès actually concerns above all the town and its leather work, the great specialty of Pont-Audemer since the Middle Ages. The town had its tanneries quarters, as evidenced by the few skin dryers still visible, with up to 80 tanneries in the 19C. Another story of little town fame in big town,,,, City webpage:

Opened in 2018, the AMI of Malesherbes, (printing museum) a town in the north of Loiret (45), which has, among other things, a collection of 1,000 printing machines, including 200 on display, obtained the Museum of France label on December 26, 2022. Today the museum includes 3000m² of permanent exhibition hall, a 500m² room for temporary exhibitions, a 500m² auditorium, with its collection of 80,000 art books and catalogs, and 2,000m² of reserve. Of the 1,000 printing machines the museum has, 200 are on display, from different eras. Visitors can also learn about the printing process using the old machines and tools, through hands-on workshops offered by the museum. Webpage :

On métro line 13, this coming Sunday 26 February 2023 going towards or from Asnières (Hauts-de-Seine 92), you will have to change trains and platforms at La Fourche station, in Paris (17éme) if you wish to continue your journey , Between 14h and 21h, all trains on line 13, without exception, will be in the direction of Saint-Denis University from Châtillon-Montrouge and vice versa, instead of every other train. With an average frequency of 2-3 minutes. If you want to continue your journey towards the Asnières-Gennevilliers branch, you will have to get off at La Fourche and change metro. The objective is to test on very limited slots a specific operating configuration by temporarily separating the Asnières Gennevilliers – Les Courtilles branch from the rest of the line. Users of the Asnières branch can always fall back on the automatic metro line 14, connecting to the Porte-de-Clichy station. Paris en marche lol !!

The Place Pigalle is getting a makeover for the 2024 Olympic Games. The goal? Make the fountain out of service attractive again, green the square and promote pedestrian access. If, fortunately, our favorite fountain will not disappear, it is a farewell to Place Pigalle as we have always known it. Another of my eternal Paris that will be gone thanks to local bad government, It will ideally be ready in March 2024. Webpage:

JM Video. In this video club in the 11éme arrondissement, one of the last in Île-de-France you can still come to share, compare points of view, feelings. Only here can you experience that. There were 8,000 of them in France at the beginning of the 2000s, before almost completely disappearing from the landscape. In the era of streaming platforms, a handful of video clubs survive thanks to a loyal and passionate clientele. For moviegoers, it was like a ritual. Slip the DVD into the player or a VHS tape into the VCR for the older ones sit down on your couch and watch a good movie in front of the TV screen, commercial-free. The Internet was still in its infancy and video-on-demand services had not been born. I still remember those good old days ! They are warriors !!!Webpage :

The Galeries Lafayette, Jeu-de-Paume: with the crisis of the Ohayon empire, Beauvais fears “a catastrophe”, While the group of businessman Michel Ohayon trembles, concern reigns, in Beauvais, about its local properties. The placement in safeguard procedure of the company belonging to Michel Ohayon makes employees fear the worst, This is in bankruptcy protection but only the propertiers under this man not the famous ones in Paris, In Versailles, the future of the Trianon Palace hangs on that of the businessman Michel Ohayon, The company that owns the establishment is in receivership, As for the famous 5 stars of Versailles, it could experience turbulent weeks. The splendid 200-room building has belonged since 2014 to the “Financière immobilière bordelaise”, 2 Cours de l’Intendance, Bordeaux, the businessman’s holding company, which was also placed in receivership on February 15, 2023, The group also holds the Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux, and the Sheraton de Roissy-CDG, The hotels continues as usual pending further events, to be continue,.Beware of crowd funding ,,,,

On April 2, 2023 nearly 50,000 runners will cross the streets of Paris over a distance of 42.195 km. Like every year, the route of the Paris marathon changes. A colorful and magnificent start on the most beautiful avenue in the world and a finish just a stone’s throw away, on Avenue Foch, (lol my street to enter Paris most of the time and the Arc!) the descent of the Champs-Elysées and a passage on the Concorde, direction the Opéra Garnier. A little further on, another opera awaits the peloton: the Opéra de la Bastille after a detour via rue de Rivoli, the Hôtel de ville and the Louvre museum. After the first 10 km of effort, the riders see the trees of the Bois de Vincennes which accompanied them for a while. when we see the Opéra Bastille and the square for the second time. Already 25 km in the legs but the hardest part is yet to come. First there is the Voie Georges-Pompidou route. Said ,hello from afar at Notre-Dame, at the Musée d’Orsay when the monument awaited and dreaded at the same time stands: the Eiffel Tower. It marks the passage of the 30th km, you have to cross it to reach the Bois de Boulogne, Roland-Garros and the Auteuil racecourse. Up to it everything is classic. It is from now that it changes the 2023 marathon leaves the Bois de Boulogne from the 38 km. It returns to the 16éme arrondissement faster than usual via La Muette and Trocadéro (gorgeous). On the banks of the Seine, they only have a few hundred meters to go to find them a little later, at the level of the 40th km, In front of the Trocadero, the hardest part is done. it is then a question of going up towards the place Victor-Hugo, the Porte Dauphine then the avenue Foch to get your medal of “finisher”, savor, have a massage and enjoy. With pride. Great on TV lol !! Webpage :

The furniture from the Château de Grignon sold off at auction: the Court of Auditors opens an investigation, As part of a contentious investigation formalized this past Wednesday morning,February 22 2023, this administrative court will shed light on the conditions under which the furniture of this Yvelines (78) castle was sold. The news was welcomed by the Sites et monuments association, which had revealed this “scandal”. In June 2022, during a sale organized on the site, the furniture of Grignon, French agronomy since Charles X (1826), has been literally sold off. This “monumental blunder” was revealed by Julien Lacaze, president of the Sites and Monuments association. He evoked pell-mell, this wooden console from 1780 priced at 40 euros, sold online at 2,250 euros and resold four months later at Drouot… for 13,000 euros. A set of twenty Louis XVI seats separated into four lots, put up for sale for 170 euros, sold for 6,240 euros when it was worth between 300,000 and 500,000 assoc webpage :

The Joan Mitchell Foundation forces LVMH to stop an advertising campaign, Louis Vuitton illegally uses three works by the American painter. The rights holders have put the luxury brand on notice, castigating its “contempt” for the rights of artists. The foundation webpage:

Yes ,rightfully so, all property is private and you need written permission to take it including pictures in my blog! See my blog pages on DMCA or webpage :

To wait until the reopening of the monument scheduled for December 2024, come and relive the construction of Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris, thanks to virtual reality, just under its forecourt. A 45-minute audio and visual stroll through the 800 years of history of this unique place, which will even allow you to discover places normally inaccessible! An experience not to be missed this winter. Eternelle Notre-Dame, 1, Parvis de Notre-Dame – Place Jean-Paul II 4éme, Until May 28, 2023 Webpage :

Get ready to travel through the years and eras at the City of History. Located under the Arche de La Défense, this new place dedicated to history has just opened its doors. On the program: a life-size immersive journey that sends back 1500 years, a giant chronological frieze to (re)discover the greatest moments in history and finally a sound and light show on Victor Hugo, in the heart of an ellipse in 360°. The Cité de l’Histoire, Under the Grande Arche de La Défense, 1, parvis de la Défense , Puteaux, Open Tuesday to Sunday Webpage :

Picasso and Prehistory at the Musée de l’Homme, As part of its Arts and Prehistory season, which traces the evolution of artistic and human creation since prehistory, the Musée de l’Homme has created Picasso and Prehistory. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Picasso’s death, the exhibition focuses on the relationship between the works of the Spanish artist and prehistoric art , Picasso and Prehistory Musée de l’Homme 17, place du Trocadéro 16éme to June 12, 2023 Webpage :

The 5 most beautiful castles of Auvergne, in my opinion, my father-in-law is from the region…….

Château d’Anjony (Cantal 15), the imposing beauty of 4 medieval towers, this military fortress has dominated the steep-sided valley of the Dora in Cantal since 1430. Its 35-meters keep is made up of 4 circular corner towers topped with pepper pot. It was built by Louis d’Anjony, companion of Joan of Arc, to whom King Charles VII had entrusted the mission of representing the royal authority. Located in the village of Tournemire, 25 km south of Salers, it can be visited from February to mid-November, webpage :

Château La Palice (Allier 03), architecture over the centuries Imagine a fortress, belonging for almost 600 years to the same family at the top of a small hill which dominates the Besbre valley. With feudal towers and curtain walls, Gothic chapel, Renaissance dwelling in pink bricks, outbuildings in the Bourbonnaise style. The interior contains treasures: tapestries, carved ceiling work of Italian craftsmen of the Renaissance, composed of compartments or “boxes” in the shape of diamonds with pendants enhanced with gold and colors. The park is freely accessible. Guided tours of the castle from Wednesday to Monday, from April 1 to November 1. The village of Lapalisse is easily accessible via the famous N 7 road. Webpage :

Château de Lespinasse (Haute Loire 43), the wisdom of a millennium pulley of the drawbridge, battlements, foundations of the old round tower of the 12C are still observable, as are the pipes of the Gallo-Roman villa Spinatia (the thorns) erected in 924. Most of the current building dates from the 15C, with the two circular surrounding towers joined by the main building. The ceremonial rooms can be visited, the furniture having also survived the ages, expanded over the generations by the various owners. The panorama opens onto the mountains of Cantal and Livradois.Webpage :

Château de Bourbon (Allier 03), the birth of a dynasty, On its rock which dominates the town of Bourbon-l’Archambault, the Château de Bourbon stretches its remains, including three towers and curtain walls. It is not so much the building itself that arouses interest, but the history of this stronghold. It saw the birth of the Capetian House of Bourbon which gave France mythical kings, including Henry IV and Louis XIV. This medieval stronghold symbolizes the power of a provincial lordship family which rose to the highest positions in France.Webpage :

Château d’Auzers (Cantal 15), A single family own it for 659 years ! Built between 1470 and 1510, Château d’Auzers consists of a large main building with three towers, walkways and watchtowers. Revamped in the 16C, it has passed through the centuries peacefully, remaining the property of the same family. In this living, inhabited, family residence, there remains a small marquetry table donated by Marie Antoinette, souvenirs from the Count of Chambord, an Empire bedroom gift from Napoleon, a superb oratory, paintings and a collection of toy soldiers. Open between Easter and All Saints. Webpage :

Every year for Saint Patrick’s Day, it’s the same refrain: where do we party? BAPBAP, its artisanal microbrewery, will have a meeting place on March 18 2023 in the heart of the 11éme arrondissement of Paris to party and wiggle in the middle of the vats of this atypical place of 1800 m2. The party will begin at 15h on Saturday at the foot of the vats and barrels on rue Saint-Maur, sheltered by a metal structure from the beginning of the 20C in an industrial decor. On the program, BAPBAP takes care of providing us with its delicious beers, each crazier than the other, against a backdrop of frenzied house DJ sets signed Cœur Fou, Mira Ló and Baz. Brasserie BAPBAP 79, rue Saint-Maur – 11éme, Meet on Saturday March 18, from 15h to 22h Webpage :

For this event get tickets webpage :

The Rooftop and tour Eiffel always go hand in hand when you want to impress someone. So if you’re out of ideas, we’ll give you a little help: it’s the 10éme Ciel (or Heaven) that you’ll have to go to on March 3rd 2023. The ephemeral rooftop with the most spectacular view of Paris 10ème Ciel , 22, rue Jean-Rey 15éme up to March 3, 2023 , Open daily from 18h to 01h (except Tuesdays), Webpage :

My 4 best restaurants where you can eat as much as you want in Paris, All you can eat !!!

Le P’tit Breton , Lovers of good wholemeal galettes and crêpes suzettes: Le P’tit Breton will delight you with a no limit formula. For 29.90€, you can stuff yourself with wholemeal pancakes and sugar crêpes until you’re no longer hungry, all accompanied by as many bowls of cider as you want. Le P’tit Breton 12, rue de Port-Mahon 2éme Webpage :

L’Atelier Saisonnier,Head for the two cherished addresses of the Atelier Saisonnier, which offer us their 100% homemade brunch all week long at all you can eat. Here you can put everything on fresh, seasonal products and small home-made dishes. L’Atelier Saisonnier 58, rue La Fayette 9éme and 15, rue de Charonne 11éme Webpage :

B.O.U.L.O.M. Wondering what B.O.U.L.O.M means? Boulangerie où l’on mange, or Bakery where you eat, quite simply. Born with the aim of cooking gourmet and generous dishes in a bread oven, B.O.U.L.O.M. invites us on a culinary journey in 3 stages. The entrance is through a bakery, where you can find a whole range of pastries, and breads made with a population of old organic wheat. And at the end of the corridor, the centerpiece of B.O.U.L.O.M, the restaurant, the all-you-can-eat buffet concept is revisited. B.O.U.L.O.M. 181, rue Ordener 18éme, Open daily from 8h to 23h Webpage :

Polichinelle, Christophe Michalak and Steve Burggrag join forces to open a restaurant where vegetables are king and seasonal cuisine, all offered as a buffet. This table promises us to be gourmet, local and vegetable! Large tables inside and a large terrace with a view of the Eiffel Tower. No meat, no fish, a 100% vegetarian restaurant,These two food lovers have teamed up with Jennifer Le Néchet, 2016 world cocktail champion, who will prepare cocktails based on French alcohol, fresh vegetables and herbs picked from the roof of the largest urban vegetable garden in France, Polichinelle 51/53, quai de Grenelle 15éme, Open every day Webpage :

There you go folks, another round of my some news from France coming to you freely by the road warrior travel guy . Hope you enjoy this post and do take care of winter but still not feld as much, and the white one, well has stay away from me , great,,, And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

February 10, 2023

Church of Notre Dame of Versailles !!! , part III

I like to come back to this marvel once again, as you can see from title have other posts on it, but it merits even more, After, all this was my church in town for 9 years as lived not far behind it, You have read enough! I found older new to the blog pictures and they should, especially on the Collegiate Church Notre Dame of Versailles ! This is it, Versailles is a lot more than the palace as said, Again, this is a must, the : history of FranceEurope, the World ! started here,,, Hope you enjoy this post as I.



The City of Versailles once had a parish church of Saint-Julien, located in the Old Versailles district. When the Notre-Dame district was created, it was decided to transfer it to the north of the Palace of Versailles, and a modest church was built, still under the patronage of Saint-Julien. But the installation of the court in Versailles in 1682 changed the status of this parish which became that of the king: indeed, all the inhabitants of the city then depended on a single parish, and the Royal Chapel was in its dependence.

Versailles ch coll Notre Dame dec18

The church of Saint-Julien was far too modest, and the construction of a new church was launched in 1684 on the plans of Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the famous architect of the Sun King. In a very sober classical style, the church was completed in record time (1686), and from then on served the inhabitants, but also the Court. The links of the king with the Notre-Dame Church are materialized by the parish registers, in which were recorded the baptismal, marriage and death certificates of the members of the royal family. This is how we find the death certificate of King Louis XIV or even the marriage certificate of the future Louis XVI with Marie-Antoinette, all scattered between acts relating to the humblest of parishioners…The stained glass windows embellish beautifully the side parts and the transept. The church is voluntarily not very high because the palace must dominate everything in the city.


Versailles ch coll notre dame chapel 2 mar13

On Monday, May 4, 1789 is an important day for the Church of Notre-Dame de Versailles. It is from there that the procession of the Blessed Sacrament leaves in the direction of the Saint-Louis Church with all the deputies for the high mass consecrating the opening of the States General. Under the French revolution, the church temporarily became the cathedral of the new diocese of Seine et Oise (old name for current Yvelines), then Temple of Reason, and was stripped of all its ornaments. Returned to worship in 1800, it was refurnished and thus found its stalls and its splendid altar painting commissioned by King Louis XIV from Michel II Corneille and dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin, the patronal feast of the kingdom. It also retains its original pulpit and its organ case, as well as a fine set of sculptures made by members of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture during the reign of Louis XIV, and paintings by painters of the King such as Jean Restout, Carle Van Loo, Louis de Boullogne, Joseph Suvée, Nicolas Brenet…etc, The choir has stained glass window of the Coronation of the Virgin, In accordance with the wishes of Louis XIII in 1638, the church being dedicated to Notre-Dame, the axial chapel (main chapel) is not dedicated to her. At Notre Dame Church of Versailles, the axial chapel is dedicated to the Sacred Heart.

Versailles ch coll notre dame nave mar13

The Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame  is officially at 2 rue Baillet Reviron ,but the main facade entrance is on Rue de la Paroisse corner with Rue Sainte-Geneviéve in the Notre-Dame district (mine!) and its facade facing the rue Hoche, formerly rue Dauphine,  leading to Place Hoche and eventually the Place d’Armes and the palace/museum of Versailles!! Easy walking from the palace ; go out past the equestrian statue of Louis XIV and turn left into avenue Rockefeller , continue past ave Saint Cloud ,continue into Place Hoche go around the square and the statue of Gen Hoche, and continue straight on Rue Hoche, until reaching Rue de la Paroisse, the church is facing you ! You can see it from the time you head on Ave Rockefeller really !

Versailles ch coll Notre Dame salle notre dame back of church aug12

The official parish of Notre Dame Church:

The Versailles tourist office on the Notre Dame Church: 

The City of Versailles on its heritage/history

There you go folks, a must when visiting Versailles as the history here very much relates to what you see at the Palace of Versailles ! After all, it was the royal church of the palace for many years! I was lucky to lived by here and see the Collegiate Church Notre Dame in all its splendor on Mass of notoriety attach to all its history. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

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