Curiosities of Metz !!

I like to tell about my far road warrior trips and found me pictures not yet in my blog, which they should, The city of Metz is no different to this practice which is recommended to all. Walk it and enjoy it, let me tell you about some curiosities of Metz !!  The city of Metz is in the dept 57 of the Moselle in the new region of Grand Est of my belle France. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The Comfort Hotel Cecil Metz Gare offers easy access to the autoroute or highway A31. The city center is a 10-minute walk away, and the train station 700 meters away. The hotel is ,also , located 25 km from Metz-Nancy-Lorraine airport, and 150 meters from the Roi George bus stop. Many of Metz’s notable attractions, from the cathedral to the Pompidou Center (a regional branch of the famed Parisian Museum of Modern Art), are close to the hotel. In the neighborhood there are several restaurants, grocery stores, a pharmacy and a gas station. The info is from hotel site but this is the hotel we stayed when visited Metz and would stay there again.

The official Cecil Hotel

Metz cecil hotel rue pasteur mar11

The Ministere De La Defense hq is at 1 Rue Maréchal Lyautey , well not much to tell you here you know this is like a branch of the Defense dept and I just saw a beautiful sculptured wall to have me a picture voilà !!  The building is name the Ney or Engineering Barracks. The Engineering Barracks were built from 1841 to 1844. Its buildings form a “U” 170 meters long and 95 meters wide. In 1854, the brothers Antoine Husson and Francois-Desiré Husson, and Gustave Hennequin, sculpted the arms trophies in high relief, at the entrance to the barracks.

More info on the site Memories of Men on the Ney Caserne:

Metz min de la defense metz pedro remi xavier dec06

The Cathedral of Metz (see post) is the 3rd highest cathedral in France, with 42 meters in height, it is also the cathedral with the largest area of stained glass windows in France: 6,500m² of colored glass, having given it its nickname of “Lantern of God “. From place d’Armes and rue d’Estrées to rue Paul-Bezanson and rue Ambroise-Thomas is a vast square where it is at. This square was formed at the beginning of the last century, previously, it was the courtyard of the former bishopric or episcopal palace. A municipal decree of July 10, 1816 gave it the name of Place de la Cathédrale.

I will put the official Cathedral of Metz

Metz pl de la cathedrale pf dec06

Former water tower of the train station, which supplied water to the steam locomotives. Its base is in black stone which contrasts with the grey-yellow stone used for the train station and the upper part of the water tower. A balcony with balusters encircles the tower with the color transition, at the level of the quays and the current car park. The body is ribbed with reinforcing walls and the tank is perforated with small openings. The small windows and the relief vaults of the base hardly relieve the massive aspect of the work. There is now a big EFFIA parking car park there.

The EFFIA on the water tower parking

metz tour jean XXIII near train station mar11

Further info on Metz, you have the official Metz tourist office

And the city of Metz on its heritage :

There you go folks , a wonderful City to be fully enjoy it. You will love it at Metz, very quant, traditional, and yes very French indeed. Again, hope you have enjoy reading this post on the curiosities of Metz !!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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