My personal life in France !!!

Upon arriving in France on August 23rd 2003, I was not really aware what the term expats meant and seek them out to I guess keep up with the nostalgia of lands now gone. These expats are it; their world turns around this nostalgia and comparing the two worlds. Not really good if you are planning to settle in a new country, culture etc. I guess not an expert on this sociological phenomenon, and coming from already a French family in Florida USA, making trips to France every year since 1990 not the typical expat per se. After all, I was French in 2000 before living permanently in France! Therefore, when came in to France I was a returning Frenchman !!

I met an American attorney from South Carolina in Paris who started a group of Expats calling it simply Expats Paris, I was one of the first members with sometimes just him and I or 4 folks meeting in Au Trappiste , 4 rue Saint Denis, always on Thursdays by 19h30, The last time I look this group now managed by new folks, has grown to over 8 thousands members !! Of course, I am no longer a member for several years since moving to the Morbihan breton dept 56. The meetup Expats Paris:

expats paris charlie birdy spring welcome drink mai2007

I have gone to Au Trappiste several times afterward ,even bringing visiting friends from the USA there, and the place is nice indeed, plenty in my blog on it, Just for reference the RestaurantGuru reviews on them :

Paris Au Trappiste aaro mtg PF Pipo 5apr10

Well, the expats are well and kicking all over Paris, never a dull moment, after all Paris is the melting pot of France and France is the melting pot of Europe! Back then ,it was estimated that one out of four Parisiens were foreigners or French not from Paris!! Online I was very busy on several travel sites over the years even from the 90’s ; some of the travel sites were Madridman (inactive), Cityvox (now yelp), Slow Travel (closed but members have setup independant group slow travel tours), Tripadvisor, Virtual Tourist (now part of Tripadvisor), Fodor’s, and Bottin Gourmand (as taster in France). I am no longer with any for reason of time and personal expressions that led me to start my blog, and away from forums. It is my intention to help readers enjoy the beauty of my surroundings and travels, and to help them enjoy their visits to these wonderful places more and better. As much in France all foreigners/expats etc is base in Paris as it is the only City that exist in France ,,,lol ! Everything French is outside of it, And of course, been far, not easy to stay active and do not want to be just a name on a list.

paris 7me resto VT first mtg

It all started back in November 26, 2010 !!! with the blog as Paris1972 because did visit from while living in Madrid for a brief two days and was an impact, and Versailles2003 because that is when came to live in France, permanently. It has been already 12 years of my blog, time flies when having fun ! Hope you enjoy reading it as I do. Thank you all for putting up with me all these years !!!

I came first to lived in France with my in-laws in Chambry Seine et Marne dept 77 of the Île de France region,for free of course ,a great beginning! Then, once the rest of my family came from USA in Dec 2003 we went on to purchase a home in Versailles by July 2004, while always working in Paris or Suresnes. While in Versailles, my mom Gladys passed away on December 27 2007 (RIP) For job reasons and the wish of my wife Martine , I took a job in the Morbihan breton dept 56 of the region of Bretagne to start on June 1st 2011. We rented an apartment in Brech for me to stay while started working and the family follow early 2012. We then proceeded to purchase a home in Pluvigner on July 13 2013 , and we have been here ever since, except my dear late wife Martine (RIP) who passed away from cancer on April 30 2018. We are still here and plan to remain here.

While in Versailles and working in Paris I came up to know and joined PAN or Paris Alumni Network, This is a group of mostly Franco-Americans who have graduated from American Universities ; later it was expanded to all those who graduated from American Universities even if not American, We did a lot of travel in Paris and France visiting nice monuments always with an inside touch as many of them were in tourism related businesses or univ professeurs at Paris IV and the Sorbonne,I met them visited their homes and had many American celebrations such as the 4th of July and Thanksgiving, It all ended when moved to Bretagne, I heard but did not participate, that PAN has merged or joined a group call AUC or American University Clubs de France, last address was 71 Rue de la Tombe Issoire 14éme, This info cannot be confirm, I search but could not find their old webpage.

Paris PAN paris alumni network

Paris AUC american universities club de france membership

I was, also a member of AARO or Association of American Residents Overseas, They were first base in the Mona Bismarck Foundation at Avenue de New York 16éme, later they move out as the MB became the American Center for the Arts exclusively. By this time I was out too due to moving to the Morbihan. This group is said to be a lobby group for defending the Americans abroad and even has a US Congress bipartisan group, They were helpful at first with their tax seminar with several Franco-American attorneys and tax experts who are base in Paris, They are very much active and with address at 4 rue de Chevreuse 6éme, their webpage :

Paris AARO brochure

Paris AARO membership

And briefly on job related beginning, I was a member of AFDCC or the Association of French Credit Managers and Advisors, and my dear late wife Martine was a member of AAWE or Association of American Women in Europe (new name), both base in Paris, I was also, the Director of Alumni Relations for my American University,(ERAU) in France with many engineers etc working now for EADS , Airbus, Eurocopter , Orange, etc, I had met fellow Alumni in Paris Au Trappiste and Toulouse J’Go restos, Also coordinated and reserve the prestigious Salons de l’Aero Club de France ,6 Rue Galilée for a dinner with many aviation enthusiasts from the world over during the Paris Air Show. The US Embassy in Paris publish a booklet call the Blue Book with helpful information and contacts for the American community in France.

Paris AFDCC directory

Paris AAWE assoc american wives of europeans

Paris Au Trappiste ERAU alumni brochure 2006

Toulouse ERAU alumni meeting J'Go resto pl Victor Hugo

Paris comite national pour la reconstruction des Tuileries

Paris ERAU paris air show 2007 dinner aviation club de France

PAris USA Embassy Blue Book of services to Americans

AFDCC webpage:

AAWE webpage:

ERAU alumni webpage:

The Salons de l’Aero-Club de France:

USA Embassy Paris assistance for Americans:

I was the Treasurer of the Comite Nacional pour la Reconstrution des Tuileries, (see post) Paris, the old palace that closed in the Louvre , destroyed during the commune de Paris and raze by the City in 1882, This was to re built it but unfortunately the funds were not there nor the times helpful. The project is dormant. The webpage:

There you go folks, a wonderful memorable lane I took to take you into my personal side a bit more in France. It has been a wonderful ride in all, as I believe the passing of my mom and wife could have been anywhere with dreadful sickness. Over all, we have beenn good and I see France is it ! Hope you enjoy the post and appreciate coming to know me a bit better. Thanks for all your support, comments, likes of the past and looking forward to continue in the future.

And remember, happy travels, good health, many cheers to all !!!

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