Going to Meaux, again !!!

It was time to see nostalgic places again for us. My sons convince me again to go to Disneyland Paris and we did. However, before and after , we stop by dear Meaux, Seine et Marne dept 77 of the Île de France region of my belle France, We did some Brie cheese shopping, visit family , and the cementery. I like to have this part of the trip apart for my own nostalgic moods. Hope you enjoy following me around, Thanks!

On our way taking the usual quick road off the A 4 into the A 140 to Meaux we went to the cementery first, We had the coordinates of the tombs from the City of Meaux, and were able to find them, These were the grandparents (Georges and Renée) of my dear late wife Martine who raise her after her father Pierre death in 1968 on same day November 17 later on my twin boys were born. We were able to find her father and my boys grandfather who they and I never met, I came first with my wife and now I bring my boys, important to know the line and traditions and good people always remembered. Needless to say it was an emotional encounter, worth the trip.

From here we went to the family stronghold in Chambry (see post) a small village north of Meaux on the Battle of the Marne trails of WWI. Here we were met by the sisters and brother of my dear Martine and stepfather who is the one I know as father figure. We had the typical apero and some sweets and many pictures. Some of the young ones cousins were already unrecognisable grown so fast, It was a nice moment as I had my father Elio on wheelchair and our dog Rex as well. Nice to take advantage of the trip to do all these important trips indeed.

Of course, I had to passed by the house at 36 rue Noefort, Meaux where I first met by what would be my hugely nice dear late wife Martine. They were doing renovations now, the house is in front of the gendarmerie residence hall ,the national army police of France.

Meaux house MF 36 rue noefort renovation sep22

On our way to Disneyland Paris we stop at Val d’Europe shopping center to go into the hypermarket Auchan for groceries as we had rented a bungalow house and could do cooking there, This was our favorite brand while living in Versailles but far from us now, We took advantage of been there to try it once again nice and big plenty of choices, We pack up for the bungalow at Ranch Davy Crockett, more to come on this,

Serris val d europe auchan porte de volga entr XF et NF sep22

Serris val d europe auchan parking RF sep22

Serris val d europe auchan wine drinks sep22

And on our way back we stop at one spot I was introduce back in 1990 and always come back here for more, Meaux is in Brie country, the original Brie cheese often imitated ,copied you name it but the original is from right here. The couple of places still making it traditionally one we always go is the Fromagerie Saint Faron near the museum of the great war (WWI) and the American Monument. Here you can buy the Brie in all sorts and the beer of Meaux as well as the Pommery mustard of Meaux famous by all chefs in the world. The spot to be with little time is this one !! Of course, we loaded up to bring back home.

Meaux fromagerie St Faron boutique sep22

Meaux fromagerie St Faron usine sep22

Meaux fromagerie St Faron boutique lobby sep22

Meaux fromagerie St Faron brie de meaux cheese quart sep22

Meaux real brie cheese sep22

There you go folks, another dandy trip to a wonderful area that always brings lots of good memories, As said, Meaux is special and will continue to be for me. Hope you enjoy this rather personal post as I. Thank you for reading it.

And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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