Retirement time in France!!!!

And as I have done a couple of post on the question of Retirement time in France, this is my third update on the subject. Hope you enjoy the brief post and help some to think about retirement in France from a French perspective! Here I go!

If you have read my blog you know that I was living in the USA as an American for 31 years! While there met a French women in Paris and became my wife while deciding to live with me in Florida USA, where we spent the last 13 years of my life there. We had 3 boys born in Florida! We did visits to France every year of our marriage there and in the course of this life became fluent in French and a citizen of France!

Eventually, my dear wife Martine asked me if we can come back for her to live in France and after falling deeply in love with the country and she, I decided to make the move in August 2003 I was here and she and the boys and my parents followed after selling our home there in December 2003! We came to live in the gorgeous faboulous great city of Versailles, Yvelines dept 78 of the Ïle de France region of by then already my belle France! And to boot I worked in Paris and she at Roissy CDG airport! While here I had the sad episode of losing my dear loving Mother Gladys! on December 27, 2007. My father stayed with me.

As my job required a lot of international travel and many times expats renditions of up to 3 months away from home, she asked me to slow down. Again, I could not say no to my mamie Bleu and found me a job in near Vannes, the Morbihan dept 56 of the lovely region of Bretagne. We end up purchasing a home in Pluvigner.  The area was superbe and we really enjoy the country side having spent many time in Vannes proper and traveling all over France and Europe by car, train, and plane! We both thought of retirement.

Unfortunately for me as life can never be easy, my dear loving wife Martine passed away on April 30 2018 while living in Pluvigner. She could not make it to retirement which we have thought either in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Versailles, Vannes or south of Madrid Spain where we had thought of even if not retired there to purchase a second home for vacations. All thrashed due to her passing.

I stayed with my 3 young men and Dad at home. And now thought about my retirement time, where? As everything that has passed and my Dad Elio sick with a cerebral infactus or AVC Cérébrale we take care of him at home and so far so good. My decision was to stay in Pluvigner as my boys have jobs and support locally so at this stage a move would have been more disrupting to us.

I negotiated with my boss CFO an early exit or early retirement or retraite anticipée that can be done here and just got the written approval!!!!!!! This in a few words is when your company feels that they can save on your salary more by paying you a lump sum and discharging you than continue to pay your salary for probably a lot longer… I had the best timing as when I go out effective March 1 2021 I already can ask for my retirement here!!! And I did lol!!! well will do as officially is from March 1st.

This will allow me more time on the blog lol!! more time with my boys, and Dad been able to help him more. We will continue to travel as already done it with the whole gang including our border collier/labrador (borador) dog Rex who is now 3 yrs + old. And my dog is very good already laying down next to me and follows me everywhere!! love him dearly and my dear late wife Martine gave him the name as it is a dog from an Austrian police serie with a german shepperd name Rex too, the series is name Inspector Rex or Rex chien flic in French or Kommissar Rex in German and Il commissario Rex in Italian.

Here are my previous two posts on Retirement in France from

February 12 , 2019:

December 31 ,2019:

And this will be my retirement town as current Pluvigner tourist info:

And this is our area tourist office, the Bay of Quiberon on Pluvigner

So after much thought and unfortunate events in our lives we end up deciding to stay put. Now waiting this pm for our delivery of farm produce from local farmers who deliver the goodies to us!!! The country kind of living in the real France as the saying goes. You are welcome to stop by or let me know if nearby for a get together of whatever! always nice to do me think. And of course, will continue with my blog posts and updates of older posts until possible again to travel. Stay safe

Thank you for reading me over the last over 10 years in my blog, really appreciated. It has been a pleasurable ride indeed. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!!

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  1. Early retirement with a lump sum is a great thing to negotiate. I did it ten years ago when I was 56. Retirement is the best job that I have ever had!

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  2. Of course it’s a great shame that you’re not going to enjoy retirement with your late wife but you still have plenty to look forward to and we’ll enjoy hearing all about it.

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  3. By the way folks, I am finally retired as of August 2021!! enjoying the new life with the boys and Dad. Plans on Madrid once the Bernabeu stadium is done for foreign travel per se, then plenty of side trips in my belle France! Thanks for reading my blog over the years since November 2010!!! Cheers


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