Port Haliguen, part II !!

Let me take you back to this wonderful area of my beautiful Morbihan, We come here often and again found some pictures not in my blog that should be, me think, What I am talking about the Port Haliguen of Quiberon. This is ,therefore, new text and older pics new to the blog ; hope you enjoy it as I.

quiberon port haliguen arriving jul17

There is a nice lighthouse done in 1856 and the marina was done from 1968; with work still ongoing to enlarge it, The lighthouses are always a pretty sight, and the bigger one from 1856 or phare de Port Haliguen can be seen for 10 miles with a height of 12 meters and no more in operation. Two smaller red phares or lighthouses are on the causeway out to see; the one on the left has 11 miles vision at 8 meters high; the one on the right has 8 miles vision of a high of 7 meters. On the north dam, there is another lighthouse,this one green with a vision of 6 miles and  9 meters high.

Quiberon port haliguen and phare jun12

quiberon port haliguen harbor lighthouse jul11

quiberon port Haliguen lighthouse to ocean jul11

A very busy stopover because it is ideally located at the entrance to the bay of Quiberon, Port-Haliguen is only 5 km from La Teignouse, 19 km from Belle-Ile, 15 km from Crouesty, and 11 km from La Trinité sur Mer. On foot, the center of Quiberon and all its shops are a ten-minute walk away. Today the two new basins reclaimed from the sea, make Port Haliguen a major stopover for yachting in Morbihan.  The work ongoing includes the following : entrance to the West basin will be enlarged to make it easier to enter the marina and boat berths will be made larger. Access to the marina and its activities will be resized and parking spaces optimized so that there will be additional parking. The shops and services closest to the old harbour will be given a real architectural identity. The approach to Port Haliguen and the square will be redeveloped to make the site more convivial. There will be a pleasant walk along the quays. The quayside areas will be extended and walkers will enjoy a dedicated open space where they can look out to sea and watch boats.

You find all kinds of boats here from cruisers to dingy zodiac types, from motor to sails, combine, and catamarans. It is really a gorgeous spot to be in. We parked behind the Port Haliguen hotel right facing the harbor on a side street for free! Plenty of this type of parking if you come early. The hotel not stayed obviously but has very good reputation, I leave you with its webpage : https://en.hotel-port-haliguen.com/


The official Quiberon Port Haliguen port marinahttp://www.quiberon-port-haliguen.com/en/

The City of Quiberon on port Haliguenhttps://www.ville-quiberon.fr/port-haliguen-plaisance-et-activites-annexes/

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Port Haliguenhttps://www.baiedequiberon.co.uk/must-see-sites-in-Quiberon

There you go folks, another dandy spot in my beautiful Morbihan, and the wonderful Quiberon peninsulaPort Haliguen is kind of secluded nice and great for the whole family. Hope you enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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