Again, Parc Goh Lanno of Pluvigner !!

his is ,me think ,the best sports complex in my beautiful Morbihan 56 , and just lucky to have it in my town. I have written several posts on Pluvigner, my town as why not write about your own town ! And of course, done a previous post on Parc Goh Lanno, but need to tell you more of it, Therefore, let me tell you again about the sports park complex of Goh Lanno !!



I actually went on a dog walk with my boys!! They usually do this task but on a humid cool day as is going on nowdays ,I decided to take the walk with them. It was very nice and my boy dog Rex, a mix border collier/labrador or Borador is just marvelous. We have it since he was 4 months old taken from a dairy farm nearby and it has been a joy. I had dogs always and finally convince my wife to have one, unfortunately for her my dear Martine passed away April 30 2018 due to cancer… and the dog means a lot to me now. Even more , it is a link with the glorious nice family past.Too bad not many writes about the town they live in but I do and plenty of posts in my blog under the town’s name or some news from Bretagne or Morbihan etc. It is a town with about 7,6 K folks very wide spread out in superficie. In fact , the brother of the former mayor told me it has the same surface as Marseille !!!



The Goh Lanno sports complex is huge and one of my son’s plays for the local team B and starter and already score several goals as no 9 ! so very happy for him. The park has been renovated with seated stands for 2000 folks, One football/soccer field is a training ground and jogging conditioning. There is a second artificial grass field for official games, and the main stands field with sports booth. On the main stadium there are changing rooms and showers as well. If you stop by ,we sure will take you here especially if it is a sports football /soccer game.


It is the part of town where you can meet other locals for sports , dog walking or city events activity like the National Day 14 July or the big brocante flea market (see post). It is very close to our house mind you so just a short walking distance. It also, host the local basketball and volleyball teams in the nice fieldhouse. The Rugby and Tennis parts are improved as well, and there is even a rugby clubhouse on site. The chapter here is associated with the Auray rugby club which one of my son’s tried it a while back with no luck.




For a recap, the facilities there in two halls green and blue were put into service between 1975-1984, this sports space is of the multisports hall type, it has a synthetic floor ,and has 100 seats in the grandstand. The development area is 1484 m2 on the main stadium, You can practice 9 sports activities at Complexe Sportif De Goh Lanno: handball, mini hand, beach handball, basketball , track running, other dances, karate, karate jutsu , goshin jutsu, kobudo, nihon tai-jutsu, taijitsu, nambudo, ninjutsu, nunchaku, …also, indoor hockey, field hockey, badminton, shuttlecock game , volleyball, beach volleyball, green volleyball, and tennis.

The city of Pluvigner on the parks and Goh Lanno

And we even have a tourist office right by the mayor’s office or City/town hall or mairie at Place Saint Michel:  Office de Tourisme de la Baie de Quiberon – Welcome of Pluvigner : Permanent information desk open from July 16 to August 24th  Tuesdays to Fridays from 9h30 – 12h and 14h – 17h30. Saturdays from 9h-12h. Tel +33 (0) 2 97 50 97 53, Email contact:

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Pluvigner :

There you go folks, a dandy in quiet quant friendly countryside town of Pluvigner but only 30 km from the beautiful beaches of Morbihan and the great Gulf of Morbihan, sublime, Therefore, if you are ready for the off the beaten path of my lovely Bretagne, then stop by and do let me know it ok. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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