The Chapels of Auray !!

This was a small post on the churches of Auray ,and I decided to split into churches and now chapels of Auray, The City is a historical and architecturally stunning little town in my beautiful Morbihan and in my lovely Bretagne. I have written several posts on Auray in my blog but need to tell you more about the Chapels of Auray !! Hope you enjoy it as I.

The former Chapelle du Saint-Esprit (Holy Spirit) built in 1286 , it is the last vestige of the commandery of the Order of the Holy Spirit of Montpellier. In the 14C, this convent and hospitable house of the Holy Spirit at Auray would have become one of the principals of France, with, under its authority, some fifty foundations. In 1762, Pope Clement XIII abolished the order of the Holy Spirit. The city installed the headquarters of the General Hospital, then, in 1790, a military hospital. The last Mass here was done in 1790 due to the French revolution, In 1831, it was acquired by the Ministry of War, which undertook work to house the soldiers. The chapel is totally disfigured. It will only regain its original appearance after restoration in 1994. It will take the name of Duguesclin Barracks. The present restitution allows this chapel to regain its original volumes: a single vessel with five bays and a flat bedside ; an unusual silhouette in Brittany. It is a site of many cultural presentation ,concerts, exhibits etc today. Located at Place du Four Mollet.

Auray chapelle st esprit front aug12


We wondered around in city center to past the tourist office on the former chapelle  de la Congregation The former  Chapel of the Congregation of men . Its full name is Chapel of the Brothers of the Congregation of Men of the Immaculate Conception . It’s dated from 1672. Only the front is original. Pious craftsmen gathered there to pray to the Virgin. Before going out, observe the Tribune and its central panel. You will see the Rapture of Saint Paul , a work performed around 1672-1678 by Antoine de Bray a Parisian decorator who adorned several halls of the parliament of Brittany in Rennes. It was restored in 1890, Today it welcomes the tourist office, at 20 rue du Lait.


The Chapelle du Pére Eternel,or Chapel of the Eternal Father.The Nuns Hospitallers of the Third Order of Saint-François settled in Auray in 1644. The city first offered them to settle on the southern moat of the old castle and then on the western moat where they built a convent in 1644. Their enclosure will eliminate César and Papegault streets, created in 1560. Hunted in 1792 during the French revolution, the convent and thus the Chapel are abandoned and serve different uses.Joseph-Marie Grignon, vicar general of the diocese of Vannes, acquired the buildings, courtyard garden and orchard, in 1807.  He acts in the name of Mrs. Molé de Champlâtreux who opens on September 8 a house of the Sisters of Charity of Saint-Louis, called the Eternal Father. The nuns devote themselves to the instruction of the girls and to the work of the retreats. Here in 1820 the priest of the Chistian instruction were given the order for God only and the rules  by the Vicary of Saint Brieuc and the priest of Auray Gabriel Deshayes. The interiors were renovated in the 20C, The Chapel contains a Prie-Dieu Louis XIV period; Paneling; Stalls sold, around 1890, by Mr. Deshayes, parish priest of Auray, to the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Saint-Louis and which came from the chapter house of the Charterhouse of ‘Auray; Liturgical enclosure; 8 stained glass windows with figures: Education of the Virgin, Education of Saint Louis by Blanche of Castile, Virgin of the Seven Sorrows, Sacred Heart , beautiful 18C carved panelling and stalls. Located at 2-16 Rue du Pére Eternel.


The Chapelle Sainte-Hélène , in the archives of the city of Auray, the hospital appears in 1609. Two prosecutors run it and must report on their management when they leave office. they are forbidden to receive strangers to the jurisdiction. The doctor, appointed by the city, must visit the hospitals free of charge twice a week. In 1651, the city made a deal with François Cosnier, architect, to rebuild the hospital. The building includes a room for men, one for women, a bakery, a kitchen, a lean-to, an attic. On November 17, 1794, the Augustines, nuns hospitallers of Vannes, signed a contract with the town of Auray to take care of the sick. Another building will be added. In 1904, a new hospital was built on the plans of the departmental architect Charrier. It will be replaced by the new hospital center on the Pratel site in 1970.(now part of the CHBA or Centre Hospitalier de Brocéliande Atlantique ,our area hospital, It is known in the course of history under four names: Chapel of Notre-Dame, name under which she was blessed; Chapel of the hospital, in reference to the Hôtel Dieu which it served; Chapel of the Augustines, name from the hospital nuns in charge of the sick; and Chapelle Sainte-Hélène, name given by the locals to their Chapel. This Chapel contains beautiful 18C carved stalls from the Chartreuse de Brec’h, a 19C altarpiece and woodwork. Open all year round ,daily from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 17h30, except Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. It holds a Pardon on August 21st at 18h each year. Located at 8 Rue Georges Clemenceau. Below pic side Hôtel Dieu and inside Chapelle Sainte Héléne.

auray chapelle st helene hotel dieu side jul13

Auray chapelle St Helene hotel dieu inside jul13

The Auray country heritage site detours d’art on the chapelle du Saint Esprit :

The City of Auray on its heritage see centre ville as a guide

There you go folks ,these are worth the detour while in town , very nicely maintained, said beautiful. Another wonderful monuments of historical Auray. Again, hope you enjoy the post on the Chapels of Auray as

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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