Again, the Church of St Gildas of Auray !!!

This was a small church in a small town dear to us ,a historical and architecturally stunning town in my beautiful Morbihan and in my lovely Bretagne. I have written several posts on Auray in my blog but need to tell you again on the Church of Saint Gildas of Auray !!!


I have a couple other posts on the church, but found me several pictures not in my blog yet and they should, Therefore, this is an additional post to showcase the pictures on the  magnificent Church of Saint Gildas, the main church of Auray.  It is a wonderful smallish church really but beautifully maintained and very active in town.


The Church of Saint Gildas houses a Laval stone and marble altarpiece from 1664, a 19C organ and baptismal font with carved canopy. From the 18C, it retains woodwork in the side chapels, and an elegant organ case. In the 20C, more precisely in the 1930s, the large windows of the transepts received stained glass windows evoking the life of Saint Gildas. It also has a resurrection tomb of Christ that was completely renovated and shown proudly upon entering the church on the left aisle. 

auray ch st gildas church apr18

In the 12C, the Duchess of Brittany Constance donated to the abbey of Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys land she owned in Auray. The monks set up a priory there, the chapel of which gradually became the parish church of the town. In a state of advanced dilapidation, the church was razed in 1620 to be replaced by the current church, completed in 1663.

The recumbent statue of Christ, originally installed in the Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre, adjoining the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, dates from the beginning of the 16C. Due to its age and polychromy, it is unique in Brittany. It was originally surrounded by human-sized characters. The whole thing certainly represented the descent from the Cross.

Auray ch st gildas tombeau de Christ aug12


Leaning against the apse of the choir, the main altarpiece bears witness to the 17C and the liturgy resulting from the Counter-Reformation. Monumental, with marble columns and freestone sculptures.The bell tower of the three-story square tower, however, was only completed in 1701. It dominates the entire town, and will serve as a model in the region.The organs were made in the 18C. The instrumental part was largely restored in the 19C 20C.


auray ch st gildas organ closeup dec19

Under the west porch, four terracotta statues of the evangelists welcome the visitor. Made in 1838, In 1877, they were replaced at the top of the bell tower by four freestone statues representing the prophets. The 19C was a source of renewal for the church. The baptismal font, confessionals and side altars date from this period.

auray ch st gildas statue ste barbe dec19

auray ch st gildas virgin marie statue dec19

There you go folks ,like I said a smallish Church but very nicely maintained, said beautiful. A must to visit while in the area and worth the detour. This is  the Church of Saint Gildas of Auray !!! 

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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