A Table restaurant of Levallois-Perret !!

I was looking at my vault of pictures cd and external hard drive, and found me some memorable pictures did not had in my blog and they should, Afterall, my blog is my life’s history and need to have it for posterity and sons, I had a great time in my business dealings in Paris, good company ,great places, and wonderful food, This particular restaurant is now closed, but will have it for the memories of always or as we said to remember is to live again, Hope you enjoy the post as I

And I came to Levallois-Perret in the Hauts de Seine dept 92 of the Île de France region of my belle France, We came a couple times for business lunch at A Table restaurant, 43 Rue Baudin, It was good business, good friendship that over the years have proven good, still in touch, The history of the City was given to you in a previous post so will spare you my historical rant as usual,

levallois Perre A Table resto arriv feb16

The A Table restaurant was well located in one of the main business districts of the city, in place of La Villa, the A Table restaurant offered traditional French cuisine adapted to the tastes of the day. It was very close to Place Georges Pompidou,the happening place in town,

levallois perret A Table resto ardoise menu feb16

You could had chosen to take a seat in the chocolate-colored room or in the space furnished in orange and green. The walls were nicely decorated with black and white photos. Very elegant, It had a wonderful shaded terrace with 100 seats where we usually sat, There is a Picard frozen products grocery store there now, sadly,

levallois perret A Table resto entr feb16

Levallois-Perret occupies the right bank of the Seine river, the town is bordered   by Asnières-sur-Seine, Clichy, the 17éme arrondissement of Paris,   Neuilly-sur-Seine, and the Seine river, facing Courbevoie. The metro station that have taken each time there was the line 3 Pont Levallois-Bécon.

Levallois Perret rue anatole france by metro pont levallois becon jun18

The city of Levallois-Perret on its history :https://www.ville-levallois.fr/histoire-de-levallois/

The Hauts de Seine dept 92 tourist office for infohttps://destination.hauts-de-seine.fr/sites-et-monuments-92.html

There you go folks, another dandy trip memory lane in my eternal Paris and nearby towns.Levallois-Perret you are still close to Paris but more private quiet simple metro life at its best, Hope you enjoy this brief memory lane to A Table restaurant as I

And remember, happy travels , good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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