Again, the Church of Saint Saturnin of Sarzeau !!

This is another example of previous posts but plenty of more pictures to show you, It brings back many memorable travel times with the family to Sarzeau. This one is an add on post on the nice Church Saint Saturnin of Sarzeau in the wonderful Rhuys peninsula, See more in my other post on it . Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Sarzeau ch st saturnin centre ville jul11

In the 10C Sarzeau became the seat of the parish of Rhuys and at the beginning of the following century a large Romanesque church began to emerge. Its name Saint-Saturnin pays homage to the first bishop of Toulouse, evangelizer of Gaul who died as a martyr in the year 250. In the 16C, the church began to decay and the faithful began to desert it, then the roof fell collapsed in 1648. In 1670, construction began on a vast neo-classical church with a square tower without a spire. In 1883, an interesting restructuring took place by adding two rows of columns which consolidated the building while offering a superb nave with two side aisles. It was at this time that the stained glass window representing Joan of Arc with her most faithful lieutenant, the Constable de Richemont, originally from the town and whose church square bears his name. Nevertheless, it took until October 30, 2018 to replace the steeple after a long restructuring of the frame.


The Church of Saint-Saturnin bell tower was originally built in 1698-1700. In 1883, it was renovated to bring out the nudity of its interiors by dividing the nave by a double row of columns and vaulting the Church on crossed warheads. There is a modern stained glass windows recalling the arrival of the monk Saint Gildas in Rhuys as well


The Church of Saint Saturnin had in 1937 the 7 official copies of the “Seven Sacraments” made by Nicolas Poussin between 1636 and 1642. One is in private hands and the others are in American and English museums. An “official copy” was validated by Nicolas Poussin in his school and retouched or signed by him…. In 1952 it was found that there were only three left. And nowadays there is only “The Eucharist” and “The Order”…The statue of Sainte Thérèse of Lisieux has been a recent addition blessed on the occasion of the 2022 Ascension Day. My oldest son is below pic..


The side altars are adorned with two beautiful stone altarpieces from the beginning of the 18C: one, signed Gravay, is dated 1707 and represents the intercession of the Virgin, the other depicts the Adoration of the Sacred Heart. The “Souls in Purgatory”, in bas-relief, work by Guillaume Gravay, dates from 1707. The painting representing the baptism of Christ by Saint John the Baptist, work by Xavier de Langlais, dates from 1936.


The city of Sarzeau on its history/heritage:

The parrish of Sarzeau on the Church Saint Saturnin :

The local Gulf of Morbihan tourist board on Sarzeau

There you go folks, another nice small gem in a nice quant pretty town of the Rhuys peninsula of my beautiful Morbihan. The Church of St Saturnin is small but worth the detour for the magic of its city center in Sarzeau. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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