The Grand Frais of Vannes !!

We heard once of a new supermarket concept and went to check it out, wrote a post on it the Grand Frais at Cesson-Sevigné near Rennes as it is 1h30 from home. It was a nice experience but a bit far to do our essential food items, Now we heard it opened in Vannes, but now and then we skip going until this morning with my sons, The store is nice, good quality/prices and we will be back, Let me tell you about this store which is fast coming along all over France, Hope you enjoy the post on the Grand Frais of Vannes as I.

Vannes Grand Frais entr main feb23

The opening of the Grand Frais store of Vannes was done on Wednesday June 29, 2022 at 9h, They were build in the former Pataterie restaurant, near the Decathlon sporting goods store. An area we shop a lot but never try the grocery store !! . The store is located rue Gay Lussac, in the ZAC Parc Lann , The concept of this brand is around customers who will find a fruit and vegetable area, grocery stores from here and elsewhere, a cheese shop, a butcher and a fish shop. Also, attach to it and part of it is the bakery.


The Grand Frais store is prime on the quality fresh fruits and vegetables The grocery store makes it a point of honor to offer you high quality seasonal fruits and vegetables , Also, condiments, spices, sauces, cereals, pasta, rice… Your grocer Grand Frais offers a wide range of everyday products at the best value for money. Their specialists select for you the best of the French terroir. With care, their cheese makers choose the best cheeses (comté, blue, mozzarella, mont d’or, etc.) and their creamers, the tastiest dairy products (cream, milk, butter, etc.). At the Grand Frais Despi Le Boucher butcher’s shop, you will find a wide choice of fresh meats cut the same day by our butchers, using traditional craftsmanship. Beef, poultry, lamb… discover the meats of their French producers. Every day, Grand Frais fishmongers select the best seafood from French ports. Sea bream, bass, sardines, trout, prawns… fresh fish and seafood are sent directly to the store for your greatest pleasure. Indeed is a cooperative concern that makes this possible from thousands of suppliers all over France and abroad.

Vannes Grand Frais cheese section feb23

Vannes Grand Frais cashiers entr feb23

A bit of the history and concept of Grand Frais :

The story of this gazings start of mass distribution began in 1992. Faced with the poverty of the fresh departments of supermarkets, Denis Dumont had the idea of opening his own stores in the Lyon region. And the story goes met several who form sort of a cooperative of thousands of suppliers, For fruits and vegetables alone, there are no less than 350 references, twice those of an average hypermarket. Freshness also plays an essential role. Whether for fish or salads, most of the products, delivered 7 days a week, are fished or picked the day before and end up on the stalls the next day, Grand Frais has its own ripening room of over 13,000 square meters in the Drôme, 50 tonnes of peaches, plums, pears, mangoes, etc. pass through temperature and hygrometry-controlled rooms to only be delivered at the right time , The outside of the stores , the facade reproduces the Halles de Baltard, with a luminous banner promoting the latest arrivals or promotions. At the entrance, there is often a Marie Blachère bakery (yes in Vannes). Inside, the plan is almost always the same. Fruits and vegetables take up 40% of the space, in the center spots of warm light on the fruits to bring out their colors and bluishness on the fish, which reinforce the freshness, The feeling of freshness is further accentuated by the misters, called nebulizers, because the droplets are ultra-fine so as not to weigh down the salads. Grand Frais was the first to install them before everyone was inspired by them , Ditto for the fish in skinpack, a second skin plastic film that protects the goods. The butchers evolve of course in flesh and blood behind their counter. Finally, in self-service, a wealth of information appears on the label: seasonality, origin, cooking time, even recipe cards. Far from limiting the staff to a minimum, Grand Frais stands out for the number of salespeople present on the floor: three times more than in the fresh food departments of the others (indeed great service).

In barely thirty years, the founder of Grand Frais ,Denis Dumont and the brothers Léo and Patrick Bahadourian, in charge of the grocery departments, have accumulated a colossal fortune. Yes all base in Switzerland to pay down taxes and wealth estimated at over 203M euros, Worth it they deserve it great job !

The Grand Frais of Vannes!

There you go folks a bit of my every day life in my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne and in my belle France, One of life’s routine we sometimes skip while traveling or reading travel sites but a must to do in life, Again, hope you have enjoy this side post on the wonderful Grand Frais of Vannes !!

And remember, happy travels,good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Thank you ! It is good to know !

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  2. I’m so jealous – French supermarkets are so much nicer than Canadian supermarkets! 🥖 🍷 🧀

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