The Church of Saint Pierre aux Liens of Arzano !

I came back to tell you again about this church as was on my new road warrior adventure into my neighbor Finistére in my lovely Bretagne of my belle France! And on the road, passed again by Arzano, and would like to tell you again on the nice Church of Saint-Pierre-aux-LiensThe town of Arzano is 9 km from Quimperlé, 18 km from Lorient, 50 km from Quimper and 58 km from Vannes. It is 48 km from my house ! Hope you enjoy it as I.

Arzano Ch Saint Pierre aux Liens entr feb23

The Church Saint Peter of the Links was built in 1641 in the form of a Latin cross, without a side. It replaces another very ancient of the 11-12C and is the subject of important restorations and transformations in 1744 as evidenced by an inscription on the east gable, above the bull-eye that illuminates the high Altar. The bell tower was erected in 1778. It is an octagonal tower, capped in 1896 with a trunnion dome with a gallery in the east and west. On the façade there is a niche that housed a wooden statue of St. Peter. The bell tower has a small bell from 1704 and a larger one, installed in 1883 after construction of the interior structure still visible today.  The placates hosts a granite stele of the iron age (-800 to-700 BC) as well as a Pietà installed on the base, dated from 1761, of a single granite cross.  The church now houses several wooden statues from the 15C  to the 18C, and a high Altar from the end of the 17C.

Arzano Ch Saint Pierre aux Liens belltower front feb23

The choir encloses a 15C or 16C enfeu; The Church Saint Pierre aux Liens was rebuilt in 1641 then enlarged in 1744 (date on the apse) and 1776 (date on the tower). The pillared portal was put in place in 1844 (date given). The chapel of the baptismal font does not appear on the cadastre of 1811 and was probably added around 1850. The crowning of the western tower dates from 1869.

Arzano Ch Saint Pierre aux Liens side right feb23

The high altar is surmounted by a 17C altarpiece. The paneling of the choir dates from 1750. The altar in the north transept is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The altar in the south transept is dedicated to the Holy Rosary. Near the baptismal font is an altar dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. There are several ancient statues there such as the Holy Trinity, Our Lady of the Rosary, Sainte Anne, Saint John the Baptist, and Saint Sebastian. We see a stained glass window, representing the Holy Family. Two other modern stained glass windows representing Saint Peter and Saint Paul. The other stained glass windows which decorate the church represent the Holy Rosary (south transept), the Sacré-Coeur (north transept) , Saint Yves (nave, south side), and Saint Corentin (nave, north side),

Arzano Ch Saint Pierre aux Liens side belltower feb23

The Calvary of the church dates from 1761. The cross rests on a base forming an altar on which is a group of Pièta.

Arzano calvaire front church Saint Pierre aux Liens feb23

A bit of side history I like tell us that Jean de Vendôme sold by deed of February 2, 1382, to Charles de Rohan, lord of Guémené, the castle, the land and the châtellenie of Roche-Moysan with the mills, wood and everything that depended on it. The lordshipy remained in the hands of the Rohan family, a branch of Rohan-Guémené until the French revolution.

The town of Arzano on its presentation

The Parish of  Quimperlé on the Arzano church

The Quimperle Terre Océane local tourist office on Arzano :

There you go folks, another dandy in my lovely Bretagne. Glad passed by again to nice Arzano and tell you again about the Church St Peter of the Links. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels , good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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