Curiosities of Quimper !!!

One of my favorite cities in my lovely region of Bretagne. Of course, I have written several posts on it in my blog, but fell that more is needed, On my last visit this week gathered additional pictures for my blog, These are curiosities of Quimper, and I hope you enjoy them as I.

The Lycée Auguste Brizeux or high school at 6 rue Bourg-les-Bourgs in Quimper has a history linked to the development of female secondary education: Catholic first of all; secular, then, after the law of separation of Church and State and the appropriation by the city of the land and buildings of the institution of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart. The Sisters of the Sacred Heart, a congregation which devoted itself to the education of young girls, had settled in 1817 on the land of the Capuchin convent, sold as national property in 1791. The buildings in whose possession of the town were built between 1853 and 1866 , It became a high school (lycée) in 1920 and took the name of the poet Auguste Brizeux. During WWII, the school was successively a French and then a German military hospital The school took possession of the premises after the war, in premises which were not strictly speaking damaged, but which were at the same time dilapidated, and cramped, It is a huge property and now fully into a high school unisex !

Quimper Lycée Brizeux front 6 rue Bourg-les-Bourgs feb23

The Diocese of Quimper and Léon is a territorial circumscription of the Catholic Church in France, covering the department of Finistère (29). The diocese of Quimper was erected in the 5C by Saint Corentin, one of the seven founding saints of Brittany. Its territory, the Diocese of Cornwall, then corresponds to the country of Cornwall. Until the French revolution, it was one of the nine dioceses of historic Brittany. Leon was then an independent diocese. On November 29, 1801, the Breton dioceses were reorganized to correspond to departmental boundaries under the concordat regime (reconciliation after the revolution). The diocese of Cornouaille or Cornwall lost a significant part of its eastern part to the benefit of the diocese of Vannes and the new diocese of Saint-Brieuc and Tréguier, but on the other hand it was granted the diocese of Saint-Pol-de-Léon and part of the the former diocese of Tréguier, thus forming the current diocese. It was in 1853 that the diocese included the term Léon in its name, in reference to the diocese that it absorbed during the concordat. The denomination becomes that which is still in force today: the diocese of Quimper and Léon.  The official Parrish of Quimper et Léon :

The Théâtre de Cornouaille, (see post)  for the national scene is a more modern theater.  This is the theater of the city, with full activities in a wonderful location, next to parking tour d’Auvergne , and at the entrance to rue Saint Mathieu to inner city center. The theater front door is at Esplanade François Mitterrand.

Quimper theatre de Cornouaille front feb23

Quimper theatre de Cornouaille back feb23

And as we like to park by the rue Saint Mathieu to see the church and the theater first and then walk into City center, we or I saw a mangas store ! Oh well my sons are avid fans and they got in saw like and came out with over 100 euros of books and figurines lol ! Dad again help hehehe ! Well this was a find as they have their favorite store in Vannes which is also in Quimper and they visited as well, name Japanim, This one is Kokoro No Mangas right in 19 rue Saint Mathieu and a very friendly service finding all they missed ! So an address to note for future visits huh ! See my sons going in and inside store! Their Facebook page :

Quimper Kokoro no Manga rue saint mathieu feb23

Quimper Kokoro no Manga rue Saint Mathieu my boys feb23

Bar Des Amis at 18 Rue Astor ,Quimper, We decided to have a quick lunch here, They do the catering based on fresh and seasonal products, .Aperitif from 18h to…: Planches & Tapas, Breton beers on tap, selection of wines by the glass.Terrace with 50 seats, sunshine all day long. Outdoor concerts from April to October. This little old-fashioned bar, facing south, enjoys one of the best hours of sunshine in the city. It is located in a strategic location, across from the halles St François or covered market. It very regularly broadcasts the best European football and rugby matches. Very prompt friendly service we shall return, Their Facebook page:

The RestaurantGuru reviews on the Bar des Amis

Quimper le Bar des Amis front lunch feb23

Quimper le Bar des Amis terrace to halles lunch feb23

We skip the coffees here as we saw just across the wonderful Columbus Café we enjoyed so much in Vannes, so of course, we had our coffees here café mocha pour moi svp, A nice finish, the resto here is at 1 rue Astor, webpage :

Quimper Columbus Cafe 1 Rue Astor coffees feb23

The city of Quimper on its heritage

There you go folks , a very nice worthwhile City to visit me think, This is wonderful Quimper. You do well to visit it and enjoy the curiosities of Quimper post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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