The streets of Quimper !!!

One of my favorite cities in my lovely region of Bretagne. Of course, I have written several posts on it in my blog, but fell that more is needed, On my last visit this week gathered additional pictures for my blog, These are the streets of Quimper, and I hope you enjoy them as I.

The always a must Rue Kéreon right off the Place St Corentin and into old Quimper full of restos, shops, It has always been Quimper’s busiest shopping street. It owes its name to the guild of shoemakers and bootmakers who worked and sold leather. As a result, its charm of yesteryear has been partly preserved. Today the old dwellings are classified, protected and restored. A policy of encouraging the renovation of the facades makes it possible to rediscover the polychromy of the timber framings and to appreciate these witnesses of History.

Quimper Rue Kéréon maison en bois feb23

A charming little square lined with half-timbered houses and café terraces, Place Terre-au-Duc owes its name to its location. In the Middle Ages, it was in this part of the city belonging to the Duke of Cornwall that the secular center of the city was organized, as opposed to the episcopal city. It is in this part of the city that the court, the prison and the market of the Duke of Cornouaille were located. See houses at 2 and 19 Place Terre-au-Duc 16C.

Quimper Pl Terre au Duc feb23

Under the Old Regime (as monarchy is known today), the city ramparts bordered the river on the site of the current Quai du Steïr. We can still get a fairly precise idea of this route by taking as alignment the remains of the fortification of the rue du Pichery.

Quimper Quai du Steir feb23

The half-timbered house is more commonly called a house when it is on several levels. This construction technique existed from the High Middle Ages until the 19C. The wood, the beams and the frame are the main structure of the house. The plaster on the facade only served to give it a luxurious and modern appearance. These houses were large and family with a very large fireplace to heat the whole. The term “colombage” can be translated as “columns”. The rue Kéréon, or the rue Saint Mathieu offer us beautiful examples, See houses at 4, 7 and 8 Rue Saint-Mathieu from the 16C and 17C,same street as the Church Saint Mathieu, (see posts).

Quimper rue Saint Mathieu entr from parking feb23

Quimper rue Saint Mathieu maison en bois feb23

The city of Quimper on its heritage

There you go folks , a very nice worthwhile City to visit me think, This is wonderful Quimper. You do well to visit it and enjoy the streets of Quimper post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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