The monuments of Quimper !!!

One of my favorite cities in my lovely region of Bretagne. Of course, I have written several posts on it in my blog, but fell that more is needed, On my last visit this week gathered additional pictures for my blog, These are my favorite monuments of Quimper, and I hope you enjoy them as I.

The Cathedral Saint Corentin is a jewel of a monument in beautiful celtic Quimper. was built on the site of previous worship place of the 9C and 11C, its construction was decided in 1239 ,There is an unique chapel here call the Chapelle des Trois gouttes de sang or the Chapel of the Three Drops of Blood.

Quimper Cat Saint Corentin front feb23

Quimper Cat Saint Corentin side chapel gout de sang back feb23

We love the Musée Départemental Breton  (see post) or the Departemental Breton Museum on the local history of customs and the city lovely history, It covers archaeology, ethnology, antique furniture and costumes, prints, and earthenware in the former Episcopal palace.

Quimper mus departamentale breton front feb23

Right in City center Quimper is the inmense Cathedral St Corentin. Across the square take a peek at the fine arts museum or musée des beaux-arts. next to the Hôtel de Ville. (see posts).

Quimper mus beaux arts front feb23

The Halles St François opened in 1847.  on the site of the former Saint-François convent, this is the most famous market, and only covered market located in the heart of Quimper. The Halles Saint-François sadly, will be transferred 230 meters from their current site, to La Glacière. The new halles at La Glacière will be 1,500 m2. With 30 stalls on the ground floor with an area of 12 to 15 m2. For the record, the current building has a little more (34) but some are vacant. Always on the ground floor, there is a catering area planned ,Not before 2024 or maybe the end of 2025 to be finish, Indeed, the future halles will be built in place of 49 garages, which run along rue de la Providence. The City has already acquired 20. For the remaining 29, it intends to go through a declaration of public utility in order to speed up transactions with recalcitrant owners. But such a procedure can take several months or even years. It is a question of preserving the old framework, restoring it and transforming the square into a covered public space on the old spot, The official webpage:

Quimper halles covered market side feb23

Quimper halles covered market ceilings feb23

Quimper halles covered market stores feb23

There you go folks , a very nice worthwhile City to visit me think, This is wonderful Quimper. You do well to visit it and enjoy my favorite monuments of Quimper post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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