Again, more on the Church Saint Mathieu of Quimper !!

Again, this is one of my favorite City in all of Bretagne ! This is a new visit with new text and pictures of the wonderful Church of St Mathieu in beautiful Quimper! Let me tell you again a bit more about it; and hope you enjoy it as I.

Quimper Ch Saint Mathieu front belltower feb23

Quimper Ch Saint Mathieu side entr feb23

The construction of the Saint-Mathieu Church dates from the middle of the 19C, replacing a 15C church whose foundations seem to have been preserved and which had itself replaced a 12C Romanesque church. It is in the form of a Latin cross with 5 nerfs, the choir has two side chapels opening onto the transept.

Quimper Ch Saint Mathieu nave to altar feb23

Quimper Ch Saint Mathieu organ back wall feb23

The interior of the Saint Mathieu Church houses a 17C master window from the previous church, a pulpit from 1897, a marble high altar with the statues of Sainte-Anne, Sainte-Marguerite, Saint-Joseph, Saint-Mathieu , St. Francis de Sales and St. Vincent de Paul.

In its stained glass windows you can see represented the Passion in ten scenes: Agony in the garden, Kiss of Judas, Appearance before Caiaphas, Flagellation, Crowning with thorns, Condemnation by Pilate, Carrying of the cross, Crucifixion, Entombment, Resurrection, all arranged in a large window. with five subdivisions, of which the Crucifixion alone occupies three over two-thirds of the height. A canopy decorated in Renaissance style dominates each scene. The Agony and the Kiss of Judas are modern The central panel of the Crucifixion has also been completely redone, in imitation of that of Tourc’h, which is identical in the other parts to that of Saint-Mathieu, which authorizes to consider the latter as currently conforming to its primitive state. In the upper bellows of the tympanum, the Eternal Father, in tiara and cope, blesses with his right hand and, with his left hand, supports the globe of the world. Below, the other bellows show instruments of the Passion and coats of arms.

For the general ordinance, the stained glass window of Saint-Mathieu dated 1539, and which recounts the whole life of the Savior since the entry into Jerusalem. Soldiers, at the foot of the cross, are arguing; knife in hand, and tear to shreds the garments of the Crucified. In Saint-Mathieu, the presence of canopies also gives more harmony and regularity to the composition. The Savior attracts more attention; he really comes across as the essential character. All in all, and despite the too many damages it has undergone, the stained glass window of Saint-Mathieu retains all its value.

Quimper Ch Saint Mathieu inside beam of glory Christ on Cross feb23

The city of Quimper tourist office on its heritage, see the “fiche inventaire de l’église Saint Mathieu” for more info in French on the church: -dhistory/

The city of Quimper on its heritage, other :

There you go folks another nice monument right at the beginning of a very old quant neighborhood of Saint Mathieu that takes you walking all the way to the Cathedral Saint Corentin. The area is full of nice shops and restaurants good for a detour as well. Hope you enjoy again more on the Church of Saint Mathieu in lovely Quimper.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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