The Church of St Peter and St Paul of Bignan !!

Let me take you inland Morbihan in a beautiful natural setting at Bignan near me.  This is a new post from improving an older post with new text, links and using older pictures. We first came here looking for a castle and we did found one,and came back for more . A different look at my lovely Bretagne and my belle France! Hope you enjoy the Church Saint Pierre et Saint Paul of Bignan as I.

bignan entering town to church st pierre et st paul aug18

The town of Bignan is very popular due to the Domaine (castle) of Kerguéhennec , sometimes dubbed the “Versailles Breton”,(see posts) is one of the most visited places in the town, and in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56,.  Sit back and enjoy another wonderful monument of Bignan with me.  The Church of St Peter and St Paul or église Saint Pierre et Saint Paul is located at the Place de la Chouannerie  in city center of Bignan. It was built in the 18C to replace a roman Church in ruins.


The first church in Bignan dates from the 15C, and was entirely restored between 1629 and 1631. Romanesque in style, it began to show signs of weakness in the middle of the 17C and accumulated makeshift works which increased its fragility. Eventually work was started with the first stone laid in 1787. Interrupted during the French revolution and the exile of Abbé Nemati, (who refuse to submit to constitution of the French Republic) , The work resumed in 1801.  Abbé Pierre Nemati was buried there when he died in 1804. New bells were melted for the church and received  them in 1807.

bignan church st pierre et st paul arriv aug18

These work ended with the laying of the vault in 1813. There remained the construction of the tower and the bell tower which began in 1823. But, for lack of money, the progress of the construction was slow, and in spite of the bells were erected in 1829, work stopped in 1834 and did not resume until 1854, thanks once again to the parishioners. The steeple was built between 1824 and 1857. The work finally ended around 1857, but with a more modest spire than expected. Unfortunately, it collapsed on the roof during a storm during the night of January 1, 1877.

bignan church st pierre et st paul back aug18

What we notice the most is the wooden ciborium with 4 columns located behind the altar. Rare in Breton churches, it surrounds a spectacular angel suspended above the altar, while the statues of Saint Joseph and Saint John the Baptist with angels hanging from above frame a Christ on the cross placed at the back. Square pillars separate the nave from the aisles.  To see in particular the various statues as well as the stained glass window made by the famous Laumonier dating from 1906 representing the return from exile of Abbé Noury as well as the tomb of the latter installed in 1905 by Abbé Buléon. A stained glass window, dated from 1625, represents the interrogation of Yves Nicolazic (on the apparitions of Sainte Anne (see posts on Sainte Anne d’Auray ) by the Bishop of Vannes that same year. The other stained glass windows date from 1933, the tallest being only figurative.

The town of Bignan on the church

The Morbihan Center tourist office on Kerguéhennec of Bignan

There you go folks, a bit of a detour and fall right into a very true history of France ,in just a small town in the Morbihan Breton, love it as a history buffs or lover or enthusiast or just plain history nuts. Remember the name, Bignan ,and of course it’s church, Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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