A re visit to the Church St Pierre et St Paul of Erdeven !!

The town of Erdeven is located in my beautiful department of Morbihan,56 in my lovely region of Bretagne, and in my belle France. Located by the sea, Erdeven is a seaside resort with a coastline that is part of the Gâvres-Quiberon dune massif, running from the Fort de Penthièvre to the Petite mer de Gâvres, and is the longest dune massif in Brittany, cut only by the ria d ‘Etel. There are several posts on the town and this was a new visit with new pictures ,on the Church St Pierre et St Paul of Erdeven, Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Erdeven ch St. Pierre et St. Paul entr side et belltower feb23

The Church of St Peter and St Paul  is a wonderful monument in City center and on my latest road warrior trip had to see it again even with constructions work on the roads all over, Therefore here is a bit more on the Church of St Peter and St Paul of Erdeven

Erdeven ch St. Pierre et St. Paul side entr et belltower feb23

The Church of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul recognized the lords of Keravéon as founders of the parish, was completely rebuilt in the 18C; its bell tower, all in granite, dates from 1755; the church was enlarged in 1832 by the addition of aisles on either side of the nave, The Latin cross church has been modified several times, notably in 1833 when it was enlarged by 2 side aisles. On the other hand, in the 1960s, the widening of the D 781 required trimming the apse and rebuilding the sacristy

Erdeven ch St. Pierre et St. Paul altar closeup feb23

Erdeven ch St. Pierre et St. Paul altar feb23

Inside, a stone staircase leaning against the wall separating the porch from the nave, corresponds to the rise of an old stately tribune. The sacristy adjoining the church, communicates with the transept through a recent door probably late 19C, At the back of the choir, a large cross leans against the wall between the statues of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. The monumental pulpit still in place is supported by a sculpted angel. Above the sacristy door, a coat of arms of the Thalhouët de Keravéon family, lords of Erdeven. A polychrome marble stoup is leaned against the first pillar of the south, The statue of the Virgin, in carved wood, dates from the 18C, it is a statue from the old altarpiece. The group of Seven Saints, in plaster, dates from the 20C and comes from the Chapel of the Seven Saints, restored in the 19C.

Erdeven ch St. Pierre et St. Paul back inside feb23

Erdeven ch St. Pierre et St. Paul portrait St Pierre feb23

Erdeven ch St. Pierre et St. Paul pulpit feb23

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on the church in Erdeven :https://www.baiedequiberon.bzh/a-voir-a-faire/culture-et-patrimoine/chapelles-et-eglises/eglise-st-pierre-et-st-paul

There you go folks, a dandy beautiful Church of St Peter and St Paul in re visited Erdeven, Again, hope you enjoy the post on the pretty town of Erdeven as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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