The Chapelle of Lann Groez or the True Cross of Erdeven !

The town of Erdeven is located in my beautiful department of Morbihan,56 in my lovely region of Bretagne, and in my belle France. Located by the sea, Erdeven is a seaside resort with a coastline that is part of the Gâvres-Quiberon dune massif, running from the Fort de Penthièvre to the Petite mer de Gâvres, and is the longest dune massif in Brittany, cut only by the ria d ‘Etel. There are several posts on the town and this was a repeat visit with new pictures ,to the Chapelle of the True Cross of Erdeven, Hope you enjoy the post as I.

I have written before on it and this time was just passing by to have an updated picture for the memories of always in pretty Erdeven,

Erdeven Chapelle of Lann Groez or the True Cross front feb23
he Chapelle of Lann Groëz or the True Cross, Vrai Croix in French. It is also called the  Notre-Dame de Pitié or Chapel of the Congregation. The south door is built in basket handle. It is adorned with a cabbage brace topped with a floret. Two pilasters decorated with circles and diamonds surround it. Above: a shield and a phylactery carried by two angels. The Chapel of the True Cross dates from the middle of the 16C such as the south door. Its founders are not identified so the chapel stays pretty much undocumented.

The Chapel of the True Cross (16C) or Chapel of the Congregation also called in Breton Lann Groës Chapel (since 19C), built in the town of Erdeven and first mentioned in 1930.  As done most if not all the history and description on a previous post, will just briefly mention it here and post the newest picture of it,

There you go folks, a dandy nice historical Chapelle de la Vrai Croix  or True Cross on in Breton Lann Groëz in revisited Erdeven, Lots of construction in city center on all the streets adjacents.  Again, hope you enjoy the post on the re visit town of Erdeven as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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