Again, the Chapelle Sainte Barbe of Plouharnel !!

I like to take you again to areas where had wonderful experiences and great monuments, such as at  Plouharnel, It’s another gem in my beautiful Morbihan , and lovely Bretagne and in my belle France ! I like to tell you again with my latest road warrior pics and a tad of text on the historically nice Chapelle de Sainte Barbe of Plouharnel. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Plouharnel chapelle Sainte Barbe side feb23

For a long time, the village of Sainte-Barbe remained isolated from the rest of the Quiberon peninsula. About fifty families lived there in family clans comparable to the Welsh or Scottish clans. Divided into several districts, the village was then called Pen-er-Bloé, which means “the end of the parish” in Breton. Today, Sainte-Barbe is one of the rare villages on the coast to have preserved an old and homogeneous building from the 16C and 17C. The farmhouses communicate with each other by dry stone walls and narrow alleys while the fountains, ovens and washhouses recall the habits and customs of another time.

The Chapelle de Sainte Barbe  (Santa Barbara) which has a history of the Chouans rebels that were here camping with Gen Cadoudal back in 1795; they fought the French revolution. The bell tower has been famous since General Hoche (native of Versailles and revolutionary) established an observatory post there around 1795 during the Quiberon affair. In the choir, we discover the life and martyrdom of Saint Barbara

Plouharnel chapelle Sainte Barbe front feb23

Plouharnel chapelle Sainte Barbe back exterior feb23

The City of Plouharnel on its heritage so the chapel :

The Association of Friends of the Chapel Santa Barbara :

There you go folks, a nice town to visit with history all around you and a nice Chapelle de Sainte Barbe of Plouharnel. Again, hope you enjoy this post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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