The Abbey of Sainte-Anne de Kergonan of Plouharnel !!

And I am in my road warrior mode again, getting back to normal life and enjoying travel again, I decided to come back and re visit some of the nice towns of my beautiful Morbihan which have been left unvisited for quite a while now, This is the case of the nice historical town of Plouharnel, I like to tell you about another abbey in town (see other abbey post) , with new text and pictures on the Abbey of Sainte Anne de Kergonan of Plouharnel. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Plouharnel Abbey of Sainte Anne de Kergonan church front feb23

The Abbey of Sainte-Anne de Kergonan is a Benedictine Abbey and is part of the Solesmes congregation.The jewel of neo-roman art, the Abbey is built in grey granite. The monks ‘ Church was built in 1968 , and comprises a set of non-figurative stained glass.

Plouharnel Abbey of Sainte Anne de Kergonan church side feb23

Plouharnel Abbey of Sainte Anne de Kergonan front feb23

The Abbey of Sainte Anne de Kergonan little story  started in 1897  when  10 monks who came from Solesmes, under the guidance of dom Paulin Joumier are welcomed at Kergonan . In 1901 the religious buildings are not allowed (sep state and church ) and the monks leave for Belgium, In 1910 the Château de Kergonan, seat of the Sainte-Anne de Kergonan abbey, was put up for sale: the property comprises a vast building recently built in blue granite, having served as a monastery, with two floors, water on each floor , steam heating, courtyard, large pleasure park and vegetable garden; guard house, The property is turn into a school; in 1914 the community becomes autonomous; and the monks come back from exile in 1920.  In 1942, the monastery, close to the Atlantic Wall of WWII, and  is commandeered by the Nazis. The monks seek refuge in the Chartreuse of Brech (see post) . By 1943, the community settles at the castle of  Nétumières, near Vitré. By  1946, the monks come back from exile. In 1968 the construction of the abbey church is began.

Plouharnel Abbey of Sainte Anne de Kergonan inner courtyard feb23

Plouharnel Abbey of Sainte Anne de Kergonan inner courtyard fountain feb23

At the Abbey of Sainte-Anne de Kergonan, the monks’ day is punctuated as follows: The vigils, the first office which brings the community together in the church for a prayer of psalms and readings. The lauds, the great office of morning praise. After breakfast, grooming and cleaning, the monks continue their lectio divina ( divine reading) in the cell. The sung mass, introduced by the psalms of tierce. The sext office precedes the 13h meal in the refectory. Lunching in silence, the monks listen to a reading, then proceed directly to the office of none, followed by recreation. The afternoon is devoted to manual work for exterior maintenance, crafts… Vespers: great evening service to say thank you and Pardon God for the past day. Then, several times a week, the community meets to hear a spiritual teaching from the Father Abbot. After dinner (19h30), the Office of Compline is the prayer that brings the monks together before dark. The offices and the mass are sung in Gregorian, according to the tradition of the congregation of Solesmes.

Plouharnel Abbey of Sainte Anne de Kergonan monks service feb23

The crafts occupy an important place in the daily life of Benedictine monks. The monastery shop offers handicrafts ,apples, compotes, ceramics and earthenware, CDs of Gregorian chant made by the monks of Sainte-Anne, but also products from other monasteries and local crafts, A large section is dedicated to books. A few religious magazines and a large choice of postcards, prayer cards drawn by the monks, images and bookmarks are also created.

The recently renovated Saint Martin Hotel can accommodate people who wish to stay at the monastery for a few days for a retreat, a spiritual weekend in Morbihan or a spiritual break in Brittany. 15 rooms are available.

The official Abbey Sainte Anne de Kergonan

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on the abbeys of Plouharnel :

The city of Plouharnel on its heritage so the abbeys

There you go folks, a dandy monument so easy to visit peaceful , great architecture and history and lots of goodies to buy at the boutique too, Really worth the detour to see the Abbey of Sainte Anne de Kergonan of Plouharnel, Again,hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Really interesting place, I hadn’t heard about it before so that’s for sharing this information with us.

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