Curiosities of Larmor-Baden !!

And I am in my road warrior mode again, getting back to normal life and enjoying travel again, I decided to come back and re visit some of the nice towns of my beautiful Morbihan which have been left unvisited for quite a while now, This is the case of the nice coastal pretty town of Larmor-Baden, I like to expand on previous posts by adding some additional pictures in a post as curiosities of Larmor-Baden . Hope you enjoy the post as I

This is  pretty Larmor-Baden in the Gulf of Morbihan ! We started our morning going to City center and walk all over into its many picturesques hilly streets and beautfiful home before reaching the harbor or port area.

The cairn of Gavrinis is a megalithic monument located on the island of Gavrinis depending on the town of Larmor-Baden, It is located in the central part of the Gulf of Morbihan. The guided tour of the cairn is done by taking a boat from the hold of Pen Lannic in the port of Larmor-Baden. In addition to the discovery of an exceptional monument, the site offers visitors a unique panorama in the Gulf of Morbihan. Webpage:

Larmor Baden cairn gavrinis on island from port feb23

The Île Berder island, (private but you can walk around it in low tide) more commonly called Berder is a small island of 23 ha , It is long about 1,200 meters from north to south and 300 meters wide at most, the island culminates in its central part at 13 meters altitude, The southern tip of Berder Island is washed by a tidal current, the Mare current, which can reach 9 knots (nearly 17 km/h). It is the second strongest tidal current in Europe , A real island at high tide and a peninsula at low tide, Berder is connected by an 80 meters submersible causeway to Larmor-Baden. City webpage:

Larmor Baden low seas to ile Berder private feb23

The port of Larmor-Baden is the site of a landing stage for the Gulf of Morbihan , It faces the island of Berder to the east and the island of Gavrinis 550 meters to the south. The Port de Plaisance hold, which is located on the south pier, is a pier for passenger ships. The marina has a slipway. A crane is used to launch and dry pleasure boats. Very picturesque indeed ! city webpage:

Larmor Baden port capitainerie feb23

Larmor Baden port harbor feb23

The restaurant is closed for the winter, However, for the memories of always I drove by it, yes nostalgic , and many family ice creams and beers here over the years in the Morbihan ! La Voile blanche restaurant and Les Régates bar, at 15 rue de Pen Lannic , The reviews on RestaurantGuru :

Larmor Baden resto regates souvenirs of always feb23

The city of Larmor-Baden on things to see:

There you go folks, a wonderful coastal pretty town of Larmor-Baden, worth the detour me think, Hope you enjoy the wonders of my beautiuful Morbihan. A visit to quant small Larmor-Baden is very nice indeed.

And remember, happy travels , good health,and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Larmor-Baden, I’ve had this name in my head since a Laurent Voulzy song (Il roule). One day I’ll have to stop there.

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