The oysters of Larmor-Baden !!

And I am in my road warrior mode again, getting back to normal life and enjoying travel again, I decided to come back and re visit some of the nice towns of my beautiful Morbihan which have been left unvisited for quite a while now, This is the case of the nice coastal pretty town of Larmor-Baden, I like to start by telling you about a delicacy second to none in my lovely Bretagne. This time ,the oysters of Larmor-Baden. Hope you enjoy the post as I

This is  pretty Larmor-Baden in the Gulf of Morbihan ! We started our morning going to City center , and we walked all over eventually going to thru its many picturesques hilly streets and beautfiful home before reaching the harbor or port area.

Oh well, we love the seafood, we know some cannot take it, so sad. We enjoy it very much near the coast in our beautiful Morbihan, the very best of France think me. I have written on the town of Larmor-Baden, but not much on its oysters which is a historical integral part of the town. So again, let me tell you more of this delicacy in the oysters of Larmor Baden !!

Larmor Baden oyster beddings on harbor feb23

Larmor Baden oyster beddings housing feb23

The first spat collection trials carried out on the initiative of Princess Baciocchi (niece of Napoléon I see post) ,and other entrepreneurs such as Arthur Dillon and the Duchess of Uzès, successive owners of Île Berder island. Larmor-Baden was around 1950 the second oyster farming center of the Gulf of Morbihan (after Locmariaquer see post), both for the collection of spat and the breeding of flat oysters, even if it has almost disappeared nowadays, decimated by several successive epidemics (a first in 1921; another more damaging in 1973 and especially that of 1978) , and replaced by Portuguese or Japanese cupped oysters.

Larmor Baden oyster beddings past harbor feb23

In the 1960s/1970s, there were at least 35 to 40 oyster farmers in Larmor-Baden, In 2007, there are still 12 farms, but the tonnage produced, given the evolution of techniques and equipment, is much greater (about 1,200 tons).

Larmor Baden oyster beddings Mahe fréres feb23

The city of Larmor Baden on its oyster producers

My favorite where we shop often when by the area is the Mahe fréres (bros)

The city of Larmor-Baden on other things to see :

There you go folks, a wonderful coastal pretty town of Larmor-Baden with a nice historic tradition of oyster producers with lovely tastings included; a must me think, Again, hope you enjoy the wonders of my beautiuful Morbihan. A visit to quant small Larmor-Baden is very nice indeed.

And remember, happy travels , good health,and many cheers to all !!

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  1. I always think oysters are overrated. I prefer a pot of moules with a side order of frites.

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