More of the Church Notre-Dame of Larmor-Baden !!

And I am in my road warrior mode again, getting back to normal life and enjoying travel again, I decided to come back and re visit some of the nice towns of my beautiful Morbihan which have been left unvisited for quite a while now, This is the case of the nice coastal pretty town of Larmor-Baden, I like to start by telling you a bit more on the wonderful Church Notre Dame, and hope you again enjoy the post as I

Larmor Baden ch Notre Dame front feb23

This is  pretty Larmor-Baden in the Gulf of Morbihan ! We started our morning going to City center and the Notre Dame Church. Then, many picturesques hilly streets and beautfiful home before reaching the harbor or port area.

The nice Church of Notre Dame of  Larmor-Baden!!  Blessed on July 29, 1880. It had as godmother of the bells, for the donation the Countess Dillon. Among the statues and paintings that adorn the Church, were donations or works of parishioners, the statue of Notre Dame of Larmor, in polychrome wood, holding a three-masts in her left hand and leaning with her right hand on a naval anchor and the other, a small painting watercolor depicting a brick-goëlette, the “Giralda”, offered by Captain Héno, in gratitude for being released safely, him and his crew, of a terrible storm in the North Atlantic in 1878.

Larmor Baden ch Notre Dame altar closeup feb23

A private chapel was built by the Volz family, who offered to sell it in 1857. The gift was rejected by the rector on the grounds that there was neither cemetery nor liturgical objects. The arrival of Napoleon III in Morbihan in 1858 led to solicit Empress Eugénie who acceded to their request. As soon as the decree was published in January 1860, the small chapel became a parish church and was dedicated to Eugénie. The bell was installed and blessed in 1887 and the interior fittings were done little by little with an acceleration after Larmor became a town in 1924.

In the shape of a completely symmetrical Latin cross and with its small bell tower, it has two sacristies and two interior chapels. The walls leading to the altar display, in addition to the Stations of the Cross, many statues.  Behind the modest altar, three pretty stained glass windows represent Saint-Joseph, Notre Dame de Larmor and Sainte Eugenie. The two chapels also house many statues. The church has several elements related to maritime life. Several paintings represent ships and a stained glass window describes sailors going to meet Christ. Also note a very beautiful ex-voto from 1931 representing the Stella Maris, a commercial three-master.

Larmor Baden ch Notre Dame back inside feb23

The diocese of Arradon on the Church Notre Dame of Larmor-Baden

The diocese of Vannes on the Church Notre Dame of Larmor-Baden

There you go folks, a wonderful coastal pretty town of Larmor-Baden with a nice Notre Dame Church worth the detour me think, Hope you enjoy the wonders of my beautiuful Morbihan. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels , good health,and many cheers to all !!

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