The musée des passions et des ailes of Baden !!!

And I bring you back to Baden in my beautiful Morbihan in my lovely Bretagne of my belle France! This is home territory just south of me and very picturesque town of Baden by the Gulf of Morbihan.  I ride around it then walk around it and always something nice is seen. This is the case when I stepped into the Passions and Wings museum of Baden , the town is only 21 km south of me . I like to tell you more with new text using older pictures new to the blog on this wonderful museum. Hope you enjoy it as I.


The musée des passions et des ailes  or museum of passions and wings includes 4 permanent and 1 temporary exhibitions and is managed by the association of friends of the museum of Baden. It recounts the life of Joseph Le Brix, an aviation pioneer with numerous documents and personal objects retrace his life and his exploits. Also, it houses a collection of old toys and automatons, offers a collection of ship models. The whole consists of dolls, ceramic toys, paintings and automatons, among others. An exhibition on model ships . Nice cosy small interesting me think!


The Museum of Passions and Wings invites you to visit its collections and its exhibitions. A room Anne and Jean Farkas, collectors, restorers of works of art and manufacturers of automata. A room in honor of the child of the country, Joseph Le Brix aviator of all the exploits. The temporary exhibition room and a projection room with two films on his life as well as Anne and Jean Farkas. Ship model room, 30 large ships (Malry collection) which reflect the evolution of the navy from the 15C to the present day. It presents 77 accordions from 1840 to 1960 as well as the history of the brand “the Breton toy” born in Baden. designed in the workshops of Rohello Castle in Baden,  The Association of Friends of the Museum of Baden (Aamb, Morbihan) manages the Museum of Passions and Wings.


While in my Univ studies at ERAU in Florida I first heard of this man, now streets are name after him here. Let me tell you a bit about the men.

Joseph Le Brix was born on February 22, 1899 in Baden (Morbihan 56 ) and died on September 12, 1931 in Oufa, Ural region, Russia, wanting to go from Paris to Tokyo nonstop. Initially with the 5B2 squadron, he took part in the Rif War on a Farman F.60 Goliath until 1927, He was decorated with the War Cross of External Theaters of Operations and the Legion of Honor. He later team up with Dieudonné Costes, and succeeded, on a Bréguet 19, baptized Nungesser and Coli in honor of the two French airmen who disappeared in the North Atlantic aboard the l’Oiseau blanc or White Bird, the crossing of the South Atlantic between Saint-Louis (Sénégal) and Natal (Brazil) where they arrived on October 15, 1927. Then, they made a world tour with stopovers which they concluded on April 14, 1928. He then became a professor at the Higher School of Air Navigation at the Naval Academy in Brest, where he trained several naval aeronautics and air force executives.

In 1931, with René Mesmin and chief pilot Marcel Doret, he formed the crew of the Dewoitine D.33 Trait d’Union, financed by billionaire François Coty (of the perfum fame etc). In June, they broke the closed circuit distance record, well over 10,000 km. In the process, they will attempt the record in a straight line, a raid from Paris to Tokyo on July 12, 1931. Flying over Siberia, the engine freezes, Le Brix and Mesmin parachute, Doret lands the device in the trees, In the Trait d’Union plane he continues his adventure. On the morning of the 12th, as he flew over the Urals, the situation repeated itself: engine stalled, we had to evacuate. This time, Marcel Doret jumps first. It is presumed that René Mesmin having a problem with his parachute, Joseph Le Brix did not want to abandon his friend and both perished in the accident on the fire of the Trait d’Union. His national funeral took place at Notre-Dame de Paris on September 25, 1931. Lieutenant Le Brix rest in Baden, with his parents. His tomb is famous for the beauty of artistic achievement. RIP

The official passion and wings museum of Baden

The City of Baden on the museum

There you go folks, another wonderful escape in my beautiful  Morbihan , this is a wonderful historical small museum that is worth the detour me think. Hope you have enjoyed reading this post on the Passions and Wings Museum of Baden !!! as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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