More sights of Saint Philibert !!!

I was looking at posts from this town and realised have several more pictures not in my blog yet. Therefore, this is new text and new older pictures to complement the several posts on the town of Saint Philibert in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely region of Bretagne and in my belle France. The town is  about 23 mins by car from my house.

I like to tell you a bit more on some of the sights of Saint Philibert even if previously mentioned in my blog these are new pictures on it. Hope you enjoy the post on the more sights of Saint Philibert as I.

st philibert littoral bay out la trinite sur mer jun17

Dedicated to sailors, the Chapelle de Saint-Philibert ; 4 Rue de la Chapelle ; plunges you into a magical world. At high tide as at low tide, the chapel watches over the neighboring fishermen and oyster farmers on the banks of the Ster river. Built in 1648 in the heart of the Bay of Quiberon, its architecture has evolved over time. In the 17C, imagine it looked like a fisherman’s house, on a rectangular plan with a simple central nave.



From the moment there were two fountains, the lower one from 1649 was name Fontaine aux Bêtes or Beast Fountain more especially intended for the cows who came to drink there; the top one is Fontaine à la Croix or the fountain at the cross. People came there to draw water for their table. This aedicula is the most imposing and dates from the 18C. It is surrounded by a wall which delimits the paved and sacred space of the source. It is a square-plan fountain with an upper part on a horizontal plateau surmounted by a pyramid ending in a cross.



The city of Saint Philibert on its heritage including the Chapel and Fountain

The  beach or plage de men er beleg is really nice ,secluded with nuts trees and good condominiums for rentals behind it. My favorite beach site plages tv on the plage de men er beleg


st philibert plage de men er beleg beach jun17

The best for us is the plage de Kernevest beach is a sandy beach very popular with families. 250 meters long, the left side is bordered by a pleasant pine forest and the right area is occupied by a sailing center. The beach is closed to animals from April 1 to September 30.My favorite beach site plages tv on the plage de Kernevest

st Philibert plage de kernevest arriving jun17


We come here and enjoy a galette and or nice pint of beer Penfold with the views of the pine forest. The Creperie de la Pointe, 14 rue de Trélian is perfect for this. No webpage but reviews in RestaurantGuru


The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Saint Philibert

The city of Saint Philibert on its beaches

There you go folks, a beautiful countryside by the sea, the real living, and nice views now and when the tourist leave even better! Again, hope you enjoy the more sights of Saint Philibert as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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