Shopping in Vannes , always memorable !!!

We were hanging around our area and of course, we needed to come to Vannes, this is the capital city of my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 in my lovely Bretagne,and in my belle France. This will always be a memorable trip for shopping in Vannes ; as we are sentimental and close family, Hope you enjoy the post as I

We could not come with my dear mom Gladys as she passed away in Versailles on December 27, 2007, We moved to the Morbihan , first at Brech (June 2011 )and then as now at Pluvigner in July 2013, Thereafter, we continue our shopping trips to Vannes and elsewhere even back to Versailles and Paris, My dear late wife Martine passed away at CHBA hospital of Vannes on April 30, 2018 and it was a very sad moment for us, our Frenchie mamie bleu was gone physically, Lately, I lost my dear Dad Elio on January 7 2023 at home and it was more soothing as he was 87 and lived a wonderful life with us, always taking him everywhere,

Now, is only me and my 3 young men that continue the route of life always together like Dumas’s three Muskeeteers , one for all and all for one !! We still enjoy going shopping in Vannes with memories flashing by. Today was 1C (34F) in the morning and now it is at 6C (43F). Winter is here to stay for a while.  This is one of the wonderful things we do here, going shopping in Vannes!!! We love the fact that we have such a great capital city not big not small just right, next to the Gulf of Morbihan and we live in a small quiet nice town just 27 km or  about 17 miles from it. Let me tell you of our latest escapades on shopping in Vannes!!! 

We went to the Carrefour shopping center and first hit the anchor store Carrefour for some papers , pillows ,etc This is the hypermarket Carrefour at Avenue de la Marne, There is a great underground parking here which is central to even go to outside stores.


Vannes Carrefour fruits jan23

Vannes Carrefour parking jan23

Of course, we visit our old by now friends staff at the Micromania video games store and said Hi ! My boys got their stuff as always and good to know all in the store know us well , Heck, the most popular customers in the store , even the store manager had lunch in our house ! Another favorite store of my dear late wife is Yves Rocher the famous French natural cosmetic firm base in La Gacilly (see post), The store is a fairly good size with all the trimming, We have come back just for the memories of always !

vannes micromania cc carrefour jul20

Vannes Carrefour stores yves rocher jan23

The whole shopping center or Centre Commercial Carrefour has many stores outside all around it including one of my wife’s favorite Damart, There is even construction of a new burger restaurant chain Holly’s going on.

Vannes Carrefour stores in front jan23

The Carrefour shopping center on its 67 stores :

There you go folks, many years of wonderful time and happier moments to remember forever. Thanks to all for following my blog all these years since November 26 2010, and yes some of you go that far back. My pleasure to partake the wonderful world of travel with you all. Hope my posts brings ideas and memorable moments to you too. Again, hope you enjoy the newest shopping in Vannes post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. I do like continental supermarkets. So different to ours in UK.

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