The Church Saint André of Brech !!

This was mix in with other monuments and really should have a post of its own. This is the first town I lived when came to the beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of the lovely Bretagne in 2011. It is a town divided into many smaller villages or lieu-dit and the main town or bourg is where the church is, even thus I lived in Corn er Hoët (Breton, French would be Orée du Bois meaning edge of the woods). It really packs a lot of monuments with nice architecture and history for a small town, I was lucky to lived in it briefly. Therefore, let me tell you a bit more on the Church Saint André of Brech. Hope you enjoy the post as I.


However, I like to tell you a bit on the Church Saint André as the history of the town is in my other posts on Brech. The text is new with older pictures.


The Church of Saint André, it curiously has 24 capitouls from the 12C, and many stones to built it taken from the chartreuse or Cartusien monastery nearby. It has been extensively renovated and looking great now as I passed by often still today.

The Church of Saint André has a single nave, 5 bays, with side aisles. The arcades rest on square piers, while engaged columns receive their second scroll. The rest of the decor is neoclassical . It has a nice Table of the Rosary and Saint Anne teaching the Virgin . The church has kept its old environment with its small ossuary, a stone cross with under its triangular canopy, on one side Christ between the Virgin and Saint John and on the other a Pieta. Outside, the Calvary cross is decorated with scenes in relief.


The nave is one of the rarest 12C Romanesque naves in Morbihan. It is separated from the aisles by large semi-circular arch and arches with a double roller, which rest on columns set in heavy square pillars. The 24 capitals 12C are decorated in particular with animals and rough human figures. The large bay with a flamboyant network of the choir with a flat apse has been walled up.


In 1740, the side walls were rebuilt, the original transept and the bell tower demolished. In 1835, the new transept and the choir were dressed with the stalls and paneling 17C of the Chartreuse of Auray. The central painting of the large altarpiece in the choir shows a “Descent from the Cross” between the statues of Saint Andrew and Saint Peter. Above, a Holy Trinity in stucco.


The side altars are reduced to their wooden altarpiece decorated with paintings and statues. The paintings represent “Saint Anne teaching to read to Mary” and “The gift of the rosary to Saint Dominic and to Saint Catherine of Siena”. The bell tower was added in 1896 and is reminiscent of that of the Saint-Gildas d’Auray Church (see post). The semi-cylinder vault with visible frame of the nave was redone in 1988. The stained glass windows with medallions are dated from 1896.


The city of Brech on the Church Saint André:

There you go folks, another dandy in my beautiful Morbihan and sentimental Brech The locals write it Brec’h. Nowedays we passed by it every day , and the memories continue. Again, hope you enjoy the post on the Church Saint André of Brech,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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