The new train station of Auray !!!

I knew all about the renovations, and have posted updates in my blog, but finally went in to see the new beautiful train station or Gare d’Auray. I like to give you a pictorial of what it looks like as have already plenty on connections, history, and older pictures in my blog on it. Therefore , this is new text and pictures on the Gare d’Auray ; bringing back many memorable trips from/to it over the years in my beautiful Morbihan. Hope you enjoy the post as I

As you know if anything from reading my previous posts , Auray train station  was my first train in the Morbihan dept 56 way back when I came into the area from  Versailles,  Yvelines dept 78 in 2011. I needed to go on business trips and this was the closest station to my first foothold in the area at Brec’h (rental apart) . Even moving to Pluvigner (own house) early on ,I still used the station for my trips to Paris, especially on TGV to Montparnasse. Also, using TER from here for connections in Redon, Le Mans, or Rennes or Nantes airport. Later on, there was plenty of parking and better schedules from Vannes train station (see posts) so moved there for my trips.

Auray gare entr ground floor dec22

Auray gare upper floor waiting room depart screen dec22

It will always be my first train station in the Morbihan. I have great memories here arriving late , missing trains as public transports in France goes, and having a break at the bar with a nice cold beer, Eventually, the first train ride into the region of Bretagne was a train from Paris Montparnasse to Rennes on a business trip while still living in Versailles, therefore, Rennes is my first train station in BretagneThe first train station in Auray or gare d’Auray was located in the district of la Gare of the city of Auray. It was commissioned in 1862, The new train station is on same location, The old station building will be preserved because of its historical and heritage value. Rehabilitated to accommodate catering for travelers and residents, it will contribute to the attractiveness of neighborhood life.

Auray gare front dec22

Auray gare former train station now for cultural events dec22

The Gare d’Auray train station is the first station in Brittany to have a digital twin thanks to “BIM” technology (Building Information Modeling). The project is thus modeled in 3D, With modern, spacious, bright architecture, it mixes glass, wood and metal, on two levels, with elevator/lifts on each platform, instead of a single underground one. It now has 250 parking spaces on Auray side and 250 on Brech side passing to them easy on the footbridge.

Auray gare from parking park dec22

The Passarelle or footbridge, located 7 meters above the ground, and 100 meters long is done quite nice and great views in addition to easy moving from Brech to Auray and additional parking spaces ,You have a good viewpoint to the Chartreuse ( see post) area. Plenty of space on the platforms waiting for trains too,nice.

Auray gare passerelle from Brech to Auray dec22

Auray gare wharfs platform trains dec22

There is now a great interurban bus station with 8 platforms for  BreizhGo  and TER  coaches , close to the passenger building and connections to the AurayBus network. The BreizhGo lines are 1,5,6,and 18 My boys have used quite a bit the no 1 and No 5 by here, There is network office inside the train station for your convenience, The station hosts counters that offer transport tickets for the train, coaches and boat for Belle-Ile. This is the first BreizhGo space of this type in Brittany !

Auray gare Breizhgo bus network office dec22

Auray gare bus terminal breizhgo buses dec22

There is a wonderful Avis rental car office inside, which I have used on business trips but on personal trip Europcar a few steps from the train station was better,fyi Europcar is just to the right coming out station roundabout left into 38 Rue Jean Jaures.

Auray gare Avis car rental office dec22

The SNCF Auray train station:

The TER Bretagne on the Auray bus/train station :

The Local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Auray :

There you go folks, a dandy modern train station just 14 km from my house, just enticing to try the trains again. Easy connection from Paris, even if now in retirement have not used it yet , at least visited this afternoon and it looks fabulous, Hope you have enjoy the post on the new beautiful train station or Gare d’Auray.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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