The Chapelle Notre Dame du Prado of Guer !

I am on my road warrior mode again, going to see my Bretagne old and new. This time stayed in my beautiful Morbihan and in my lovely Bretagne and the went by outisde of town. This is Guer (see post) and passed by the Chapelle Notre Dame du Prado on my road warrior ways.  Always amazing finds in my belle France. The town is about 86 km from my house. ,Let me tell you a bit about the Chapelle Notre Dame du Prado !!

Guer is bordering the Paimpont forest, often identified as the mythical forest of Brocéliande, where the legend of Merlin the enchanter, the fairy Morgane and the fairy Viviane is woven. This I have seen, see posts.

The parish of Guer was born in the 7C at the instigation of Saint Malo and a Breton monastery. This parish was also part of the former bishopric of Alet-Saint-Malo, which was suppressed during the French revolution; it was more precisely located in the deanery of Porhoët. The Chapelle Notre Dame du Prado dependent on the manor of Tertre built in the first half or in the middle of the 18C for the parents of Louis Le Gall sieur du Tertre, according to an act of 1774. The chapel is from the 17C.

Guer chapelle Notre Dame D772 lieu dit Prado front oct22

The Notre Dame du Prado Chapel is on the exit of the town on the road to Maure de Bretagne, It is rectangular in shape, it has a four-pitched roof, surmounted by a small bell tower, surmounted by a hexagonal steeple. The interior is covered with a wooden vault, painted blue.

Guer chapelle Notre Dame D772 lieu dit Prado side oct22

In 1944, (WWII), the American and English planes chased by the Nazis got rid of their bombs. A wish was made to the Virgin by the inhabitants of Prado, Tessiac and Bois-Glé to restore the chapel, damaged, if all the inhabitants got away with it alive, which was the case. Done deal, nice story me think.

Other things to see here are

General de Gaulle created in 1945, on the Coëtquidan site in Guer, “a unique school for a united France”. The Schools of Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan, which I have passed by but hard to get an appt always no time by me, Also, the castle of Ville-Huë: 13C, 18-20C, The castle of Coëtbo, a manor house since the 15C, The Saint-Étienne Chapel, built in the Carolingian period with materials and perhaps part of the foundation dating from the Gallo-Roman era

The City of Guer on its heritage

There you go folks, a dandy of a town, this Guer, and I will be back eventually worth it. We were on our road warrior mode so just saw it passing by, and went on to other towns, see posts. Hope you enjoy this post on the Chapelle Notre Dame du Prado as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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