The former Saint-Jean church of Lusanger !

I am on my road warrior mode again, going to see my Bretagne old and new. This time went over into the old Brittany of the Loire Atlantique dept 44 in the new region of Pays de la Loire. I passed by it and voilà another nice surprise to see the church so we stop for a closer look and another dot in my France/World map.  Always amazing finds in my belle France. The town is about 133 km from my house. Let me tell you a bit about the former Saint Jean church of Lusanger !

Lusanger ch Saint Jean front oct22

The town of Lusanger is located about 60 km from Nantes ,and is a town of only 1058 inhabitants! The former Saint-Jean church was built between the 12C and 15C, it is located in the old town of Lusanger. The frescoes still visible today date from the 15C and the framework from the 16C. It is currently used as a barn. This church, abandoned in the middle of the 19C, is a rare example of rural religious architecture after modern reconstructions. Of medieval origin, it is distinguished by its 16C truss framework and its painted decorations (15C and 18C).

Lusanger ch Saint Jean side belltower oct22

It is now converted into a barn !! It trick me too !!  It is originally a simple chapel. The chapel would have been enlarged and erected as a parish church in the 16C. The frescoes date from the 15C. Inside, on the bedside wall remains a 17C  painting representing a canopy.  The wall on the side of the choir is pierced by a small trefoil window characteristic of the 12-13C. Until the French revolution, the parish of Lusanger was attached to that of Derval(see post).

Lusanger ch Saint Jean back oct22

Other things to see here with more time are

The Pierre du Hochu, also called Pierre de la Bergere, is a menhir.  The alignment of the Grée Galot, also called the alignment of the Cross of the White Stones or the alignment of the Elm from above, is a megalithic alignment.  The menhir du Tertre Gicquel, also called the Cohardais menhir.

The town of Lusanger

There you go folks, a dandy small town, this one passed by on the road D 775 in my best road warrior mode. We were on our road warrior mode so just saw what look like a church but now unused and went for a look before continue my ways on to other towns, see posts. Hope you enjoy this post on the former Saint Jean church as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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