The curiosities of Teillay !

I am on my road warrior mode again, going to see my Bretagne old and new. And passing towns not included in my original plan, decided to do a quick stop and get to know some of its monuments. This time stay in Bretagne and over the Ille et Vilaine dept 35 into the picturesque town of Teillay  Always amazing finds in my belle France. The town is about 137 km from my house (N24/D772). Let me tell you a bit about the curiosities of Teillay !!

The town of Teillay ,in the 12C, was region was under the domination of the noble families of Châteaubriant who had built the Château de Teillay at that time. A tradition says that Constance of Brittany, widow of Duke Geoffroy II and mother of Arthur I, in her disputes with Richard Coeur de Lion, received asylum there in 1196.

The church of Teillay, former truce of Ercé-en-Lamée and which became a parish in 1848, then depended on the former bishopric of Rennes. It was erected as a town in 1879.  The old church mentioned from the 13C had been rebuilt in the 15C. On its site, a new Notre-Dame-de-L’Assomption Church built in 1854, and blessed on June 15 1865 with the belltower built in 1869. This church was built on the site of an old chapel dedicated to Notre-Dame and built in 1221 by Geoffroy III, Baron de Châteaubriant. above the altar of Saint Catherine, was a quartered coat of arms, of which the 1st and 4th were broken, and the 2nd and 3rd azure with two sturgeons argent.

Teillay ch Notre Dame de l'assomption arriving oct22

Other things to see me think are the Mines De La Brutz which you can visit the park and museum of the iron mines in Rougé, Soulvache and Teillay. Less than 10km from Teillay, in the town of Soulvache. Also, the La Tombe à la fille is a small tomb located in the wood of Teillay, a certain Marie Martin aged 17 to 19 was killed here, Even if several versions of the reason for her murder exist, one of the most frequently encountered relates that she would have indicated to the Republicans of Bain-de-Bretagne the hiding place of a group of Chouans (or, in the opposite direction, that she would have on the contrary refused to indicate the hiding place of the Blues), The place is now venerated and pilgrims come to it with flowers still, The forest of Teilly cover an area of ​​2,252 hectares, including 630 in the town of Teillay, this forest is private. However, footpaths on the edge allow you to walk and go to the Tombe à la fille, Also, the Saint-Eustache chapel built between 1875-1880.

The town of Teillay on its history

The Ille et Vilaine dept 35 tourist office on the Forest of Teillay

There you go folks, a dandy of a town, this one was a nice surprise passing by it. We were on our road warrior mode so just saw the church and went for it. . Hope you enjoy this post on the curiosities of Teillay as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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