The Chapelle Saint Adrien of St Barthélemy !

In my road warrior driving around my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of the lovely region of Bretagne in my belle France. There is so much to see I had said will take me a lifetime and won’t be enough.  I am back at Saint Barthélemy , and as usual saw something new I like to tell you about it. This is the Chapelle Saint Adrien ; and hope you enjoy the post as I.

St Barthélemy Chapelle St Adrien front oct22

The town of Saint-Barthélemy is located on the road D142 up from the D768 , that passes by me and is about 19 km from my house.

The Saint-Adrien Chapel was built at the end of the 15C by the Rohans, whose arms appear at the bedside of the chapel and on the door of the south wooded arm. There are the arms of the Rohans, owners of the lordship of Baud since the end of the 15C, here combined with those of the Baud family, to establish their legitimacy in this place. The date of 1565 read inside could correspond to several interventions such as the construction of the sacristy, the resumption of certain openings as well as the installation of stained glass windows: certain preserved fragments bear the arms of the Rimaisons, still present here at one time where the Rohan family disappeared. In 1937, the master window was removed as well as the glass roof of the south transept representing the scene of the Passion. The mullion of the south window was then redone on this occasion. The glass roof of the north transept deposited at an unknown date represented the Annunciation, that of the south nave represented the Trinity. The main altarpiece, removed since the beginning of the 20C, partly obscured the main window, the opening of which is partially blocked. In the 19C, a plaster vault hid the paneling until the 1970s when they were removed above the choir and redone on the nave.

St Barthélemy

St Barthélemy chapelle St Adrien side oct22

The Saint Adrien Chapel adopts a Latin cross plan with a very sunken flat apse, pierced by a large bay window decorated with flowers. The walls built in cut stone are plastered inside. The whole is covered with a paneling. A fireplace and a wooden staircase leading to the attic are fitted out in this sacristy. Each gable is confined by oblique sloped buttresses. A frame pinnacle surmounts the west gable.

St Barthélemy chapelle St Adrien back oct22

The Saint Adrien fountain covers one of the springs surrounding the chapel, a few meters away. Built at the end of the 15C, it is contemporary with the Church (see post). The knot of the cross is carved with heads, it supports the crosspiece carved on the obverse of Christ surrounded by the Virgin and Saint John, on the reverse of a Virgin and Child at whose feet the donor kneels.

St Barthélemy fontaine st adrien oct22

The town of St Barthélemy on the Chapel

The local Valley of the Blavet tourist office on the Chapel

There you go folks, a wonderful ride off the beaten path into deep Morbihan, what a pleasure it is always.  The sights are genuine, full of history and great architecture , it is what my idea of my belle France , beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne is all about. Hope you enjoy the Chapelle Saint Adrien of Saint Barthélemy as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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