The Church Saint-Barthélemy of Saint Barthélemy !

In my road warrior driving around my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of the lovely region of Bretagne in my belle France. There is so much to see I had said will take me a lifetime and won’t be enough.  I am back at Saint Barthélemy for a second look with new pictures, Let me tell you more about the Church Saint Barthélemy. Hope you enjoy it as I.

St Barthélemy ch St Barthélemy front oct22

The town Saint-Barthélemy is located on the road D142 up from the D768 from my house in about 19 km. Old truce of Baud erected in town on July 17, 1867 . There is a nice looking modern Church Saint-Barthélemy 19-20C. In the shape of a Latin cross, it was built near the old chapel of Saint-Barthélemy which has become a parish church since 1871. The old chapel which dates from the 16C was demolished, and in 1891 gave way to an ordinary modern Gothic style chruch. It is a large nave ending in a semicircular apse. The current church was blessed on October 27, 1895. The bell tower was built in 1913.

St Barthélemy ch St Barthélemy belltower side oct22

St Barthélemy ch St Barthélemy side belltower oct22

The parish Church Saint-Barthélemy has a large single nave covered with paneling. The chevet in the apse, with canted sides, is flanked by two identical sacristies with a square plan covered in a pavilion. The bell tower is built in cut stone while the walls of the nave and the apse are coated. The first floor of the square tower is surmounted by a balustrade and flanked by two staircase turrets. Set back, the bell chamber supports the polygonal spire. The mission cross is made of granite cut stone and bears a cast iron Christ.

St Barthélemy ch St Barthélemy back oct22

There is no specific webpage on the church, pity so will give you the overall heritage things to see in Saint Barthélemy, Morbihan 56, Brittany, France!

The town of Saint Barthélemy on its heritage :

The Blavet valley tourist board on Saint Barthélemy

There you go folks, a wonderful ride off the beaten path into deep Morbihan, what a pleasure it is always.  The sights are genuine, full of history and great architecture , it is what my idea of my belle France , beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne is all about. Hope you enjoy the Church Saint Barthélemy in Saint Barthélemy as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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