The Church Saint Martin of St Martin sur Oust !

In my new road warrior trips in my beautiful Morbihan , I bring you back into these small picturesques towns on the off the beaten path. I like to tell you with new text and new pictures on the Church Saint Martin! I have written before on it with plenty of history and sights to see so will skip it this time. Hope you enjoy this new post on the Church Saint Martin of Saint Martin sur Oust ! The town is only 10 km from La Gacilly, 54 km from Vannes, and 81 km from my house.

St Martin sur Oust ch Saint Martin front oct22

The Church Saint Martin  has no documentation allows to know the oldest building that was the Church Saint-Martin-sur-Oust. Some vestiges allow to evoke the stages of its construction such as 15C, 16C.

St Martin sur Oust ch Saint Martin side right oct22

The Saint-Martin Church has a long history of renovations from the 15C to 1959, It was completely remodeled in 1853 , the bell tower and transept, then finally rebuilt in 1959, At the start of the 20C, all that remained of the 15C church was a third-point door with several covings and a radiating network window. The nave and the choir were remodeled in the 18C. The bell tower has three broken arched openings. On the facade, the fenestration is underlined by light stones. The gable, supported by two buttresses, is pierced by two oculi. The door and the stoup date from the 15C. The altarpiece dates from the 17C , it has a painting depicting a crucifixion in its center and the side niches house the statues of Saint John the Baptist and Saint Michael. There are some old wooden statues including a statue of Saint-Martin cutting his coat with his sword to give it to the poor.

St Martin sur Oust ch Saint Martin nave to altar oct22

St Martin sur Oust Ch Saint Martin altar oct22

The Saint Martin Church is done with a rectangular plan with transept arms barely protruding from the nave. The vault of the single nave is supported by ogival concrete arcades, resting on concrete posts. The lateral altars are today under the words of the Blessed Virgin, the Sacred Heart and St. Peter. The blessing of the new church took place on May 1st 1960.

St Martin sur Oust ch Saint Martin chapel Blessed Virgin closeup oct22

St Martin sur Oust Ch Saint Martin chapel St Pierre oct22

The city of Saint Martin sur Oust on its history/heritage:

There you go folks, another picturesque little town of Saint Martin sur Oust , right in the countryside of the Morbihan. Hope you enjoy this post with newer pictures of the Church Saint Martin as I. Do dare to come into the off the beaten path of my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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