Back to the Church Saint Alban of Elven !!

And continuing on my road warrior mode, came back again to familiar territory and great memories. You can read on my previous posts on Elven in my blog. We as a family went several times and always a nice experience. Let me tell you again a bit more onthe Church Saint Alban of Elven !!

Elven ch St Alban front belltower sep22

Elven ch St Alban belltower sep22

The town of Elven is ,of course in my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne just 15 km of Vannes on the axis Vannes-Rennes, road N166. It is ,also, about 39 km from my house. These are new pictures of today!  The current St Alban Church is a reflection of the history of Elven. It has been recently renovated (2020) completely, looking at it, I thought was another church ! My boys at above and below pics !!

Elven ch St Alban side back belltower sep22

Elven ch St Alban chevet back sep22

You have a beautiful simple Church Saint-Alban, rebuilt in the 17C and again in the 19C, it still hold the roman choir of the original Church, see the mechanical clock and replica in wood of the Church. The Church Saint-Alban, is dedicated to Alban de Verulamium, patron of Elven, referring to the martyrdom suffered by him in England in 303 while the founders of the city come from the other side of the channel, the patron Saint of the city. The Normans destroyed by fire the first wooden church. In 1121, a Romanesque church was rebuilt, again destroyed by a fire in 1525. A church of Gothic style was elevated, of which only today the Romanesque Choir remains. In 1536 is built a neo-Gothic nave and then, in 1642, a bell tower. In the 19C, the work suffering from the time was renovated, the nave and the transept were rebuilt. The bell tower is completed in 1877 and the Church will be consecrated in 1879.

Elven ch St Alban chapel baptismal font sep22

Elven ch St Alban altar wide sep22

Elven ch St Alban back wall sep22

Elven ch St Alban chapel sacre coeur sep22

Elven ch St Alban clock mechanism sep22

The city of Elven on its heritage with the St Alban Church

There you go folks, Elven carries memorable moments for me that just wanted to keep those memories.  Coming from Paris or Rennes, this should be an excellent rest stop.  Hope you enjoy the post on the St Alban Church as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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