The Church St Pierre of Pleucadeuc !

Continuing in my road warrior mode in my beautiful Morbihan, I was on my way and passed by a new town ! Impressive coming into town on a local dept road and seeing this Church of St Pierre before my eyes. I needed to stop and take a look; therefore, here is my take on the Church of St Pierre of Pleucadeuc !

The town of Pleucadeuc is located in the beautiful department 56 of Morbihan in the lovely region of Bretagne. The name of the town comes from the Breton “Plou” and from “Cadoc”,or the parish of Cadoc. It is located 19 km from Ploërmel, 31 km from Vannes, 65 km from Rennes, 370 km from Paris! It is about 70 km from my house. Pleucadeuc is limited by Malestroit ,Saint-Marcel, Bohal, Molac, Pluherlin, Saint-Gravé and Saint-Congard.

What made me stop in town was the nice St Peter’s Church upon entering the town on the D 774 road, Let me tell you a bit about it, The Church of Saint Pierre build in 1887 in the neo Gothic style with 17C silversmithing,

Pleucadeuc ch front sep22

Pleucadeuc ch side entr sep22

Pleucadeuc ch side sep22

The Saint-Peter’s Church was modified between 1968 and 1980, The church, which dated from 1596, was demolished around 1880 and replaced in 1887 by an ordinary Gothic-style church, The new church, is also dedicated to Saint Peter and takes the form of a Latin cross. Its side altars are under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin and the Sacred Heart. Its style is from the 13C. The lower sides are decorated with small gables. See the statue of the Virgin and Child, dating from the 15C.

Pleucadeuc Ch St Pierre altar sep22

Pleucadeuc Ch St Pierre back wall sep22

Pleucadeuc Ch St Pierre chapel Christ resurrection sep22

Pleucadeuc Ch St Pierre chapel virgin et baptismal font sep22

Other insteresting things to see here me think are the Chapelle Saint-Barthélemy at Gorays: 15C fragments of 16C stained glass windows, and the Gare de Pleucadeuc, a former train station of the Questembert-Ploërmel line, now an access point to the Mauron-Questembert greenway.

A bit of history I like : In the year 837, a charter was signed in Pleucadeuc In Plebe Cadoci by a monk named Gias Cadoc or servant of Cadoc. Before the dismemberment of the parishes in the 12C, Pleucadeuc included the territory of Saint-Congard, and the southern part of the town of Malestroit, Following Ballon’s victory at Bains-sur-Oust in the year 845, Nominoë became king of Brittany and he has his home in Coët-Leu, today the town of Saint-Congard. In the Middle Ages, the châtellenie of Pleucadeuc depended on the county of Rochefort.

Unusual the information is from the church itself not much else and not on the town’s page. Anyway, worth the detour me think.

The town of Pleucadeuc basic info

There you go folks, another dandy find in my road warrior ways of my beautiful Morbihan. Never a dull moment finding gems to record in my blog. Hope you enjoy the nice Church St Pierre of Pleucadeuc !!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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