The Chapelle de Sainte Anne of Elven !!

Let me bring back some memories of my work. A while back, hard to remember dates, a collegue working in my dept told me he was from Elven? huh? He show me the map and told me there was nice things to see and a very good restaurant. Needless to say we as a family went and true to local knowledge it was nice. Later our CFO decided to have a party for the group and voilà the restaurant was chosen again, and again it was wonderful. But enough of the restaurant (see post) . I decided to stop by again and took new pictures to show you on the Chapelle de Sainte Anne !!

Elven Chapelle Sainte Anne front sep22

And the pretty  Chapelle of Sainte Anne built in 1902. Located 200 meters from St Alban’s Church. The Chapel dates from the beginning of the 20C ; built in neo-Gothic style, its remarkable gable dominates the Ker Anna district. The door is surmounted by an accolade with finial resting on pilasters with flowered pinnacles.  A Cornish bell tower soars into the sky, extended by an arrow confined to small gables and gargoyles. Inside, the stained-glass windows retrace the history of Sainte-Anne. The one in the choir presents the donors, in particular Monsieur de Charette as a pontifical zouave.


A “Cornish” steeple soars into the sky, extended by a spire confined with small gables and gargoyles. Inside, the stained glass windows retrace the history of Sainte-Anne. That of the choir presents the donors, in particular Monsieur de Charette as a pontifical Zouave. The stained glass window of the choir is original in its design and allows us to evoke some pages of our history. We see on one side the spire of the Church of St Alban, on the other the fortress of Largoët, a way of asserting that the scene takes place in Elven. In the background, on one side, the parishioners in traditional costume; on the other the clergy.

Elven Chapelle Sainte Anne side sep22

The city of Elven on its heritage with the above chapel :

There you go folks, feel better now to give credit to this wonderful monument in little pretty Elven near me just 44 km still in my beautiful Morbihan. Hope you enjoy the post on the Saint Anne Chapel as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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