Back to the Church Saint Maudez of Lanvaudan !

And I continue my road warrior rides into my beautiful Morbihan; this is glorious! I have other posts on Lanvaudan but this is a repeat visit with new pictures.  Lanvaudan is located in my beautiful Morbihan  department 56 , in my lovely region of Bretagne. The town is best known for its old rural habitat which has been largely preserved with its low freestone houses and thatched roofs.  There is no city / town hall as the town is less than 1K folks, the office locally is at 1, Place de la Mairie. Lanvaudan takes its name from its patron Saint Maudez or Maudan; it is literally Maudan territory.

The Church of Saint-Maudez or Saint-Mandé is at place Saint-Maudé. The parish church was built in 1642 and dedicated to Saint Maudez, a monk of the 5-6C. The first church was mentioned in the 14C. The first was destroyed and a second church was built in 1642. The Church is constructed in a refined way, formed of simples lines, on the basis of a Latin cross plane to a nave and flat bedside walls are built of granite and stone and the roof is covered with slate.

Lanvaudan Ch Saint Maudez front sep22

Lanvaudan Ch Saint Maudez front belltower sep22

The parish of Lanvaudan is mentioned, in 1387, in the titles of the chapter, with the same spelling as today ; it is a name which has not changed. The parish church, dedicated to Saint Mandé or Maudez , abbot of the 6C, was rebuilt in 1642, in the shape of a Latin cross. The secondary altars are under the invocation of the Blessed Virgin and Saint Roch. This is a simple country church, but all around it is very picturesque and architecturally stunning, Near by you will see a well of the old presbytery (17C), built into the wall of the old presbytery; the bread oven of the former presbytery; and an 18C cross, from the cemetery, has also been preserved.

Lanvaudan Ch Saint Maudez side entr sep22

Lanvaudan Ch Saint Maudez chevet back sep22

The town of Lanvaudan on its heritage:

The Lorient south Brittany tourist office on Lanvaudan:

There you go folks another dandy road warrior ride into inland Morbihan and more architecture and history beauties near me. Hope you enjoy this latest post on the Church of Saint Maudez of Lanvaudan as I !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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