Back to the Church Notre Dame of Kernascléden !

I am doing my best to introduce you to the off the beaten paths of my Brittany. Hope you are enjoying the ride as much as we do. This time the main topic is our wonderful  Kernascléden! The city center or Bourg here is located 13 km from Faouët, 11 km from Guémené-sur-Scorff and 29 km from Lorient, It is about 42 km from my house. I am taking you back to the Church Notre Dame, again. See my previous post on it, and hope you enjoy the post as I.

Kernascleden ch Notre Dame front sep22

Kernascleden ch Notre Dame front belltower sep22

The Church of Notre Dame  is a granite church built in the style of the flamboyant Gothic, and you see on the outside, the beautiful flat bedside, the “men’s Porch” and the “ladies ‘ porch” each supporting a delicately serrated spoof of a shelter the statues of the once-polychrome Saints. The imposing church has been nicknamed “The Queen of the Breton Chapels”, a marvel of Gothic art.

Kernascleden ch Notre Dame belltower sep22

Kernascleden ch Notre Dame chapel jeanne d'arc sep22

The Church of Notre Dame is a high place of pilgrimage, and was built between 1420 and 1464, It will become parish church in 1908, It also has exceptional polychrome murals from the 3rd quarter of the 15C, produced by four groups of different artists, Bretons for the macabre dance and the spectacle of hell, of the French school for the musical angels and the life of Christ. The church of Kernascléden has all the riches of flamboyant Gothic architecture. To these are added, inside, the mural frescoes which constitute one of the examples of French art of the 15C such as under the vaults of the north brace: the Musician Angels and the Ascension; on the choir, scenes from the life of Mary and Jesus; and under the south transept, the Danse Macabre and the Representation of Hell.  Note in particular, in the porch of the apostles, the openwork foliage. Never had so much virtuosity been deployed to excavate a granite that was so rebellious with a chisel.

Kernascleden ch Notre Dame porch tympan entr sep22

Kernascleden ch Notre Dame nave to altar sep22

Kernascleden ch Notre Dame chapel saint sep22

Kernascleden ch Notre Dame chapel right sep22

Kernascleden ch Notre Dame chapel left sep22

The city of Kernascladen on the Notre Dame Church:

The Pays du Roi Morvan regional tourist office on the church:

There you go folks, again some wonderful town of off the beaten path of my beautiful Morbihan. We crossed the dept 56 and region of Brittany to show you not only France is the most visited country in the world, but Brittany is the third most visited region of France! Hope you enjoy the post on the Church Notre Dame of Kernascléden as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. such a beautiful place, the detail is fabulous, and it has survived such a long time! a wonderful church thank you for sharing, hope you have a lovely day!

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