Curiosities of Kenascléden !

I am doing my best to introduce you to the off the beaten paths of my Brittany. Hope you are enjoying the ride as much as we do. This time the main topic is our wonderful  Kernascléden! The city center or Bourg here is located 13 km from Faouët, 11 km from Guémené-sur-Scorff and 29 km from Lorient, It is about 42 km from my house. These are new pictures and text but do see my other posts on the town. For now ,enjoy the curiosities of Kenascléden !

The Maison de la Chauve-Souris or house of bats opened in 2006, after many years, one of the largest colonies of Greater Horseshoe Bats in Brittany has taken up residence in the attic of the Church Notre Dame. Several hundred individuals gather there in summer to give birth to their only baby.The museum completely restored in 2019, the ecomuseum is divided into 9 rooms over an area of 400 m² of scenography. Accessible from the age of 3, each room has its own adapted modules, photos, illustrations, videos and even a unique immersive sound room! The route ends with the live observation of the Greater Horseshoe Bats via remote controllable cameras. The top floor opens onto the reconstruction of a real attic allowing you to play the apprentice chiropterologist, equipped with a flashlight in search of hidden bats.

Kernascleden maison de bats front sep22

Kernascleden maison de bats side sep22

The Puits or wells of Ti Er Mad, These wells, consist of two molded pillars resting on a wide coping and supporting a lintel, all in granite in Brittany ; but notice balls on the wells quite characteristic in Morbihan , According to tradition, the number of studs or balls on the top of the lintel indicates the number of families who were allowed to draw water from it. This right would initially correspond to those having allowed the well to be dug. In fact, few could afford a well.

Kernascleden fontaine by ch Notre Dame sep22

The Maison de la Chauve-souris:

The city of Kernascladen on the bats in the Notre Dame Church

There you go folks, again some wonderful town of off the beaten path of my beautiful Morbihan. We crossed the dept 56 and region of Brittany to show you not only France is the most visited country in the world, but Brittany is the third most visited region of France! Hope you enjoy this post on the Curiosities of Kernascléden as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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