Curiosities of Questembert !!!

I went back into my beautiful dept 56 of Morbihan in my lovely Bretagne to tell you again about an off the beaten path town and the wonderful sights of Questembert ! I have several posts on the town, but these are all new pictures on a new visit and therefore, here is the story. Hope you enjoy it as I.

The Hôtel de Ville is located at Place du Général de Gaulle and is a modern building with the plus that it has free parking in front which we used always !  At the gates of the coast and inland Brittany, the territory of Questembert Community enjoys a privileged geographical location. Located in the south-east of Morbihan, backed by the Landes de Lanvaux, it is only 20 km from the estuary of the Vilaine and the Gulf of Morbihan. Questembert Community is located east of Vannes, between the coastal area of the Gulf of Morbihan, the Vilaine, the Oust valley, and the back of the heights of the Landes de Lanvaux. The office for the community of towns of Questembert is at 8 Avenue de la Gare.

Questembert hotel de ville front sep22

The City of Questembert on its heritage

All year round, Questembert is transformed on Monday morning into a large open-air market. Les Halles, the squares and the neighboring streets welcome many tradesmen from 9h until about 13h with loads of food, clothing, accessories etc. . The market halls are located in the heart of the city and are a real haven for markets and other cultural events throughout the year such as concerts, parties, salons, fest-noz (Breton festivals) etc etc.

Questembert halles couverts side sep22

The current halles of Questembert are the largest built in Brittany at the time of Louis XIV. They cover 850 m² (54.50 m x 15.60 m), The building consists of a large saddle roof with gabled hips. With their central nave with 18 bays and simple aisles separated by wooden posts, these halles appear technically among the most sophisticated of the 17C. The volume of wood used (120 m3) is also the largest implemented at this time. The proliferation of structural parts of the building has guaranteed them an exceptional state of preservation over the centuries. The halles of Questembert were bought in 1845 by the city from their last noble owner, the De Larlan family, and has been the subject of several restoration campaigns, the most important of which took place in 2007.

Questembert halles couverts inside sep22

The City of Questembert on the markets :

The Chapelle Saint-Michel chapel is located in the cemetery of Questembert, by rue Lebrun and rue Malard, near a remarkable yew tree, several hundred years old. To the left of the chapel stands a historiated cross with panels dating from the 15C. In Pays Vannetais (local) one speaks of Cross banner, The Saint-Michel Chapel, which dates from 1440, is the oldest chapel in Questembert. It is said to have been built on the spot where Saint Vincent Ferrier, on his way to Vannes, had preached in 1418. It was restored at the beginning of the 21C. The Chapelle Saint Michel houses a series of polychrome wooden statues from the 16C, restored in 2006-2007, including that of Saint Mamert, carrying his entrails in his hands, Opposite the portal of the chapel is the tomb of Father René Mulot, who died in 1749. The monument, adorned with skulls and teardrops, is said to help young children walk. The yew which stands next to the tomb is several hundred years old: over 500 years old, it would be one of the oldest in Morbihan.

Questembert chapelle Saint Michel expo front sep22

The Association Arts and Culture Chapelle Saint-Michel is the result of the merger of the association Arts Passions Plaisirs with the association Les Amis de la Chapelle Saint-Michel. Its aim is to publicize and enhance the Saint-Michel Chapel by hosting exhibitions, concerts and other events. There was an expo on crafts when I walked in, Admission is free and open to all.

Questembert chapelle Saint Michel nave sep22

The official Assoc Arts et Culture Chapelle Saint Michel :

The Rochefort en Terre tourist office on the Chapelle Saint Michel

And we needed to eat so therefore, just walking by the Church Saint Pierre (see post) we notice a good ambiance at the Bar Brasserie Le Vincennes and voilà another nice encounter with foodies in my beautiful Morbihan and nice Questembert.

Questembert brasserie le Vincennes terrace sep22

Questembert brasserie le Vincennes terrace to church sep22

The Bar Brasserie Le Vincennes, located in the center of the city, 2 Place René Mulot opposite the magnificent Halles or covered market dating dating from the 16C, where events and markets take place Monday mornings and Wednesday evenings all year round.

Questembert brasserie le Vincennes the beers sep22

The RestaurantGuru reviews on Le Vincennes

The Rochefort en Terre tourist office on the Le Vincennes

There you go folks, now I feel better to give credit to this wonderful town where we sejour several times and friends live there who we see often while in Vannes. Questembert is a small country town that is worth a detour for the church, the halles, and its many chapels. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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